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FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
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and the new gear is plentiful. Welcome to day two of Summer NAMM
2016. It’s a great time to fill inventory voids for the fall as well as gear up
for the all-important holiday selling season. Here are just a few products
the UpBeat Daily crew saw on the show floor yesterday!
1. Brian and Scott Ball with the new Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass guitar and StingRay bass. 2. Levy’s Leathers
presents non-profit organization Guitars For Vets with a check for $10,000 at the Levy’s booth. One hundred
percent of the proceeds from the Levy’s G4V strap goes to Guitars For Vets. From left: Guitars For Vets’ Eric
Weinstein, Levy's Leathers' Bill McDaniel, Bernie Kampf, Levy's Leathers' Harvey Levy and Suzy McDaniel and
Guitars For Vets’ Patrick Nettesheim. 3. Boss’ Yoshiro Ikegami and Jay Wanamaker show off the Waza Craft
CE-2W Chorus Pedal made in honor of Boss’ 40th anniversary. 4. The Fishman crew will be highlighting its
new Greg Koch Gristle-Tone Signature pickups during the show. From left: Fishman’s Tom Ostrander, Kevin
White, Rayne Dupaul and Gary Lenaire. 5. D’Angelico’s Brenden Cohen shows off one of 18 EX-DCs designed
to commemorate this year’s Dead & Company tour, as well as D’Angelico strings made in partnership with
D’Addario. 6. Stomplight International’s Michael Ahern showcases the updated Stomplight Professional.
Breakfast Session Friday
Adapt, Change or Die:
No Holds Barred
Best In Show
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Sabian Relaunches Crescent
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IMS Adds Charactunes
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CAD Brings Back A77
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UBD June 24, 2016
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The All-in-One Axe
The Fusion Guitar combines an iPhone dock,
amplifier, battery and speakers, all built into
the body of the instrument. The Fusion Guitar
lets users bring the sounds of the electric guitar
anywhere without needing to plug in. The guitar
incorporates an Apple iPhone dock on top of the
body, letting users tailor the sound with amplifier
and effects simulation apps, stream tutorials or
backing tracks when practicing and even record
full songs. The guitar can pump out 94 decibels
of sound and lasts 12 hours on a single charge.
$ Fusion Guitar (facebook.com/fusionguitars/)
Summer NAMM 2016 kicked off with yesterday’s Retail Summit Breakfast Session,
which featured four retailers that are dominating the online space. “Lots of retailers are
leading the charge in a multichannel world,” said Joe Lamond, president and CEO of
NAMM and moderator of the panel. “They are making the Internet their own.”
Here is some of the advice the retailers gave on how they maintain a killer online presence:
Adam Levin, Chuck Levin`s Washington Music Center,
Wheaton, Maryland
“It took a lot of research building our new site, and it took a lot of work. The major
thing that made this happen is having a dedicated team to treat it like it’s another
department [of your store]. You have to invest in it.”
Mark Goff, Paige`s Music, Indianapolis
“We have a Director Spotlight twice a month. We fashioned it after NAMM’s Oral
History. We don’t do it for extra sales, we do it because we work with these band
directors. We’ll conduct a 30–60 minute interview, capture it and put it out online to
only our directors. It’s a targeted approach. What we’ve found is they are taking those
stories and sharing them.”
Sabian Revives
Sabian has relaunched Crescent Cymbals
— a series of traditionally-crafted instruments
that are thin, dark, complex and always musical. The new Sabian Crescent line includes
Stanton Moore, Hammertone and Elements
models, available for purchase exclusively from
Sabian Hand Select Dealers throughout the
United States. In addition to Crescent models,
Hand Select dealers offer a large selection of traditionally crafted, hand-hammered cymbals
from the Sabian HH line.
$ Sabian (sabian.com/crescent)
Brian Douglas, Cream City Music, Brookfield, Wisconsin
“Make sure your store has a consistent brand and image. This shows reliability and
commitment to your customer base.”
Ford Live at Roland
Guitarist Robben Ford will appear at the
Roland booth at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.
today to demonstrate the new Robben Ford Tone
Capsule, which brings his signature tone to Roland Blues Cube amplifiers. This user-installable
Tone Capsule changes the sound and response
characteristics of the original Blues Cube amps,
reproducing Ford’s creamy, blues lead tone.
Roland (rolandus.com)
David Kalt, Chicago Music Exchange & Reverb.com,
“We engage our customers in our brick-and-mortar stores. We have to engage them
the same way online.”
Todd Sharp Amplifiers has unveiled its
“The JOAT 30RT model is the next step
up in power — expanding on our highly successful 20RT design,” Sharp said. “I created
it for the player who wants a little more kick
and headroom that comes with the extra wattage. The JOAT 30 offers two optimized pairs
of 6V6s and EL84s, each with its own output
transformer which are then blended together at
the speaker output.”
Players Music Adds
Lizard Spit to Lineup
Players Music has been named the exclusive distributor for Lizard Spit instrument care
products. The company’s flagship product,
Lizard Spit Guitar Polish, is widely recommended by guitar makers worldwide. The
Lizard Spit V.I.P. Vintage Guitar Polish is
ideal for owners of older guitars and is formulated to nourish nitrocellulose lacquer
finishes. “With its eco-friendly and highperformance blends, the line is a perfect
complement to our own assortment of
popular instrument care products which
we supply under our own brand and for
various other sellers.”
$ Players Music (playersmusic.com)
Heritage Launches
New Limited Edition
Heritage Guitar’s new H-157W is manufactured at the company’s historic factory at
225 Parsons Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Like the Heritage H-157 model, the 157W
features a solid mahogany body and neck,
with multiple white and black binding around
the body top and back, and single white binding on the neck and headstock. The limited
edition, however, is also crafted using specifically chosen, premium Western Maple.
$ Heritage Guitars (heritageguitar.com)
Todd Sharp
Debuts 30RT
$ Todd Sharp Amplifiers
Fender, Harmonix
Extend Agreement
Nektar’s Impact GX49, GX61
Keyboards Boast Compact Design
Nektar has debuted two new USB MIDI
controller keyboards, the Impact GX49 and
GX61 Controller Keyboards. The Nektar
GX49 and GX61 feature a compact design
that is comfortable in front of a computer and
delivers powerful functionality. The Impact
GX49 and GX61 are dynamic and expressive
instruments, tailored for composition and performance with a computer music system, featuring a 49-note (four octave) or 61-note (five
octave) keyboard, pitch-bend wheel, modulation wheel and footswitch socket. Two multicolored octave buttons enable shifting the
keyboard range up or down -3/+4 octaves
with the LED colors changing to show the exact status, making Impact GX keyboards well
equipped to deliver a great workflow.
Dedicated transpose buttons shift the
keyboard range up to +/- 12 semi tones.
The buttons can quickly be repurposed to
change the Global MIDI Channel or send
Program messages. Additionally an assignable potentiometer provides control over
any MIDI parameter and by default controls
mixer volume.
$ Nektar Tech (nektartech.com)
Harmonix Music Systems has extended its
agreement with Fender Musical Instruments
Corporation (FMIC) to have the brand’s instruments featured in its popular music video
game series Rock Band until 2027.
“Rock Band is all about living out your
rock ’n’ roll fantasies, on stage, under the
lights, in front of a crowd,” said Steve Janiak,
Harmonix CEO. “For decades, Fender’s iconic designs and signature sound have made
them the guitar and amp of choice for many
of rock’s greatest stars. I’m thrilled that they’ll
continue to be a part of Rock Band well into
our next decade.”
“We are pleased to continue our successful
relationship with Harmonix,” said Mark Van
Vleet, CLO & SVP business development of
$ Fender (fender.com)
UBD June 24, 2016
Acoustic Room
Recording King
Makes Getting
Affordable Tone EZ
Available in three body shapes, dreadnought, 000-12th fret, and 0, Recording
King’s EZ Tone Plus guitars include a solid
Engelmann spruce top, solid mahogany back
and sides, a thin-profile mahogany neck and
ultra-thin finish.
Also, Recording King is shipping the
EZ Tone Standard guitars — featuring solid
spruce tops, mahogany back and sides, and
the same thin-profile mahogany neck and
ultra-thin finish as the EZ Tone Plus series.
The EZ Tone On-The-Go mini-dreadnought
is also available, and includes a gig bag.
$ Recording King (recordingking.com)
Blueridge Teams
Up With John
From the Desert Rose Band to the Hellecasters to Elton John and Earl Scruggs,
John Jorgenson’s versatility, musicality and
technique know no limits.
Blueridge has announced its latest
collaboration with Jorgenson, in a longawaited Signature Model dreadnought
guitar. Almost a year in the making, this
guitar incorporates many of Jorgenson’s
favorite stylistic touches. Features,
such as rare solid Port Orford Cedar
from the Pacific Northwest for the top,
or the specifically engineered oversized soundhole — combined with
prewar-style forward shifted X-bracing
— makes for a responsive
guitar, with a powerful,
complex tone. Features
include the Dalmatian
tortoise binding of top
and back with matching pickguard, and the
intricately designed
peghead inlay featuring a Desert
theme comprised of rare
red, green, and
blue abalone.
$ Blueridge
Cordoba Adds
Exotic Options
Yamaha TransAcoustic
Recreates Live Experience
Yamaha has unveiled its TransAcoustic Guitar, a new concept in acoustic guitar
technology that recreates the experience of
playing in a rich, live room without needing
any external amplification or effects.
TransAcoustic technology expands the
capabilities, versatility and the sound of traditional musical instruments. Originally developed in the company’s acoustic piano division,
TransAcoustic technology is now available in
the Yamaha LL-TA handcrafted dreadnought
and LS-TA concert acoustic guitar.
In essence, TransAcoustic guitar technology lets the player add both reverb and
chorus to the natural sound of the instrument, emanating from the guitar itself,
without having to plug in external effects or
It accomplishes this feat through the
incorporation of an actuator inside the
guitar. When the player performs, the strings
cause the actuator to vibrate, which is then
conveyed to the guitar body and to the air
around the guitar, resulting in reverb and
chorus effects.
Three knobs located on the side of the
guitar provide easy adjustment of the level of
the effect, as well as a line out volume level
and an on/off control.
The two models are available in Vintage
Tint and Brown Sunburst finishes, with clear
pickguards and ebony fingerboards. They
each feature a solid Engelmann spruce top
that has been aged with Yamaha A.R.E. technology, as well as rosewood backs and sides,
which translates into a warm, yet powerful
vintage quality tone. The guitars’ five-ply
mahogany and rosewood necks are climate
resistant, and they stay intonated over time.
$ Yamaha (usa.yamaha.com)
Martin Expands Junior, Road Series
Martin has added a new model to its
Junior Series with the D Jr. 2 Sapele,
crafted with a sapele top, back and sides.
First introduced at The 2015 NAMM Show,
the D Jr. E (also available without electronics) has become a favorite amongst guitar
enthusiasts and popular singer/songwriters.
The new D Jr. 2 Sapele will be available
without electronics and the D Jr. 2E Sapele
will come equipped with Fishman Sonitone
Adding to its Road Series, Martin Guitar
has also introduced the DRSG, with Sitka
spruce top and Fishman Sonitone electronics, as well as seven new X Series Cutaway
models featuring Sonitone electronics, including three new dreadnought cutaways
(DCXAE Black, DCX1RAE and DCX1AE),
three GPC models (GPCXAE Black, GPCX1RAE and GPCX1AE) and the OMCXAE
$ Martin (martinguitar.com)
Cordoba has introduced the latest addition to the Cordoba Mini Series with
the Mini SM-CE. The Mini SM-CE clearly
stands out from other travel-sized guitars,
with its solid cedar top and spalted maple
back and sides accentuated by a padauk
rosette and binding. The solid cedar top
provides a warm tone that’s nicely complemented by the brightness of the spalted
maple, resulting in an instrument that really projects its voice. The Cordoba Mini
SM-CE also features a soft cutaway and
Cordoba 2Band pickup. The hallmark of
Cordoba's Mini guitars is the comfortable
feel and string spacing of a full-size guitar.
The Mini SM-CE also includes a thin Ushaped neck outlined with padauk binding.
$ Cordoba (cordobaguitars.com)
Vintage Honors
D-Day With
Based on a 1940s mandolin originally owned by a U.S.
Serviceman who fought at and
survived the D-Day Omaha Beach
landings during World War II, the Gordon Giltrap Vintage D-Day Mandolin has
been faithfully reproduced by Vintage
as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices
made over 70 years ago by servicemen
and women, and the importance of
musical instruments in raising morale
during wartime conflict.
Featuring a white ash body
with Nyatoh neck and Indonesian Rosewood fingerboard, the mandolin also
boasts aged hardware
and displays replicas of
some of the original hardcarved inscriptions made
by the owner and his fellow soldiers. Supplied with
a zero gravity carry case, the
D-Day Mandolin is the brainchild
of Gordon Giltrap, who was able to uncover
the story behind this remarkable instrument.
$ Vintage (jhs.co.uk)
UBD June 24, 2016
Faith Guitars Crafts New
Venus ‘Blood Moon’ Model
Faith Guitars has added a limited-edition
Venus “Blood Moon” electric-acoustic guitar
to its lineup.
The OM-style electro cutaway continues
the tradition of Faith Guitars by using innovative tonewoods for sonic variety and aesthetic impact.
The top, back and sides of the Venus Blood Moon are made from Javanese
high-figure trembesi. Tonally, it is similar in
timbre to a solid mahogany instrument, but
it benefits from a slightly more pronounced
treble response.
Once the select high-grade wood wanes,
this limited-edition model will withdraw
from the lineup.
MSRP: $1,399.
$ Faith Guitars (connollymusic.com)
Planet Waves
NS Micro Tuner
Won’t Mar Finish
Alfred Adds Three
Titles to ‘Easy’
Songbook Series
Alfred Music has added three compilation
songbooks to its “Alfred’s Easy” series: Love &
Romance for guitar, piano and ukulele.
For beginning musicians, “Alfred’s Easy”
series is the fast track to developing a repertoire of well-known and fun-to-play songs,
while more experienced players will find an
excellent resource of favorite songs. This series heralds the debut of the “Easy Hits” guitar TAB, ukulele TAB and piano arranging
formats, which provide melody, chords and
lyrics — plus any integral “hook” parts — to
songs spanning across the decades.
MSRP: $18.99–$19.99.
$ Alfred Music (alfred.com)
Two New Vintage Reissued Models
Blend Classic Looks, Modern Specs
Vintage has released two new models in its
Reissued series: the V72HFTB and V72FTB.
The V72 guitars bring a subtle blend of
classic looks with modern specification to
the Vintage electric range.
The Reissued series V72HFTB features an
American alder chambered body matched to
a one-piece hard maple neck. Its modern
bridge design with through-body stringing
gives sustain and superb tone that is captured through the Wilkinson WHHB double
coil pickups, with tight low-frequency response and crisp highs.
Using the same woods and materials,
the Reissued Series V72FTB is fitted with a
Wilkinson WDG mini double-coil pickup at
the neck position.
$ Vintage (fretking-vintage.com)
Planet Waves by D’Addario has introduced the NS Micro Soundhole Tuner to its
line of instrument accessories.
Designed for acoustic guitar, ukulele
and other acoustic instruments, the chromatic NS Micro Soundhole Tuner remains
concealed within the instrument’s soundhole for discreet tuning. A non-marring
universal mounting clip allows stress-free
Featuring a calibration range of A435–
A455, the NS Micro Soundhole Tuner’s
highly sensitive piezo transducer senses vibrations directly from the soundboard for
fast and accurate tuning response. A bright
multi-color display allows easy viewing in
any environment. MSRP: $39.95.
$ D’Addario (daddario.com)
UBD June 24, 2016
Martin Updates
Acoustics, Expands
Retro String Line
Boss Highlights
More Than 60
Boss is showcasing its line of premium
music accessories. The assortment includes
cables, picks, straps and care products.
Boss cables are engineered to preserve
tone without contamination or interference.
Oxygen-free copper core wire translate nuances, while specially designed connectors
ensure precise sound reproduction.
Boss premium picks feature clean, polished edges that provide easy control and
consistent tone. The picks come in bags of
12 or 72, and are offered in American celluloid and Delrin materials.
Boss instrument straps boast American
leather and offer a super-soft feel and lasting durability for a lifetime of use. The straps
are available in a number of different designs
and widths to suit the style and comfort
needs of all types of players.
$ Boss (bossus.com)
Ernie Ball James Valentine
Model Available for Pre-Order
Ernie Ball Music Man has announced
that the Valentine is available for pre-order.
Crafted in Ernie Ball Music Man’s San
Luis Obispo, California, factory with support
from the engineering team at Ernie Ball Music Man, the Valentine was created using the
company’s unique design process.
The Valentine features a slab ash body,
two Ernie Ball Music Man-designed pickups with active preamp, silent circuit and
three-way custom wired lever switch, coil
tap with 20 db boost, hardtail bridge with
vintage bent steel saddles, 25 ½-inch scale,
oil- and wax-rubbed roasted maple neck
with 10-inch radius fingerboard, 22 stainless
steel frets and an oversized four-over-two
headstock with compensated nut designed
for tuning stability.
$ Ernie Ball Music Man (ernieball.com;
Levy’s Leathers Offers Veg-Tan Guitar Strap
Levy’s Leathers has introduced
the Ryder, a veg-tan guitar strap.
The Ryder features a 1-inch piece of
natural, untreated veg-tan leather and
a brown veg-tan leather pad with suede
backing and orange-thread decoration.
The properties of untreated veg-tan
are such that a variety of naturally occurring phenomena will affect the coloring as
the strap ages, creating a patina not possible
with treated and dyed leather. The naturally
occurring oils in a person’s hands will give
subtle nuances to the shading as well,
creating a unique look to every strap.
The pad is 2 inches wide and is adjustable from 38 to 52 inches.
$ Levy’s Leathers
Martin Guitar has enhanced its new
17 Series with Matrix VT Enhance
acoustic amplification by Fishman. The updated models include 00L-17E Black Smoke,
000-17E Whiskey Sunset and 0017SE Black Smoke.
Martin’s 00-18 is an updated
version of the 00-18V. It’s combination of the short 24.9-inch scale with
a modified low oval neck shape and
the high-performance taper allows for
faster action.
A solid-wood, Grand Performance
cutaway model, the GPC-15ME is
crafted with mahogany for the scallopbraced top, back and sides.
Martin’s Retro Strings line
now includes Extra Light,
Medium and 12-String
sets. Retro Strings are
the original nickel
acoustic string and offer a proprietary solid
nickel alloy blend wrap
wire that brings out
the natural timbre of the guitar’s
modified gauging
makes the strings
easier to play.
$ Martin Guitar
UBD June 24, 2016
Dave Smith Instruments Ships OB-6 Analog Synth
Fishman Rolls Out
Greg Koch ‘GristleTone’ Pickups
Fishman is shipping the Fluence Greg Koch
“Gristle-Tone” Signature series pickup set.
Fluence pickups incorporate two unique
voices that Telecaster player Koch had been
searching for across multiple instruments.
The result of Koch’s collaboration with Fishman has produced the ideal direct replacement pickups for Telecaster guitars in terms
of tonal variations and versatility, from the
open and airy chicken-pickin’ White-Guard
voice to the fat and punchy Black-Guard
tones of the second voice.
$ Fishman (fishman.com)
The OB-6 is a six-voice analog synthesizer with discrete VCOs and filters developed
by Dave Smith Instruments in collaboration
with Tom Oberheim.
With a sound engine inspired by Oberheim’s original SEM (the core of his acclaimed
four-voice and eight-voice synthesizers), the
new instrument is designed to provide true,
vintage SEM tone with the stability and flexibility of modern technology.
“It’s been great fun working with Tom to
create this synth,” said Dave Smith, founder
of Dave Smith Instruments “People are going to be blown away by how awesome the
OB-6 sounds.”
Oberheim added, “The classic, unmistakable SEM tone is all there. It’s big and bold,
and it’s going to turn a lot of heads.”
The OB-6 features two discrete voltagecontrolled oscillators (plus sub-oscillator)
per voice, with continuously variable waveshapes (sawtooth and variable-width pulse,
with triangle on oscillator 2). There is a classic SEM-inspired state-variable filter (lowpass, high-pass, band-pass and notch) per
voice. Voltage-controlled amplifiers complete the all-analog signal path.
The OB-6 boasts X-Mod, with filter envelope and oscillator 2 as modulation sources
(with bi-polar control). Destinations include
oscillator 1 frequency, oscillator 1 shape, oscillator 1 pulse width, filter cutoff and filter
mode. The knob-per-function front panel puts
virtually all parameters at a user’s fingertips.
Toggling on the Manual switch enables live
panel mode, in which the OB-6 switches to
the current settings of its knobs and switches.
A dual effects section provides studioquality reverbs, delays (including standard
and BBD), chorus and faithful recreations
of Oberheim’s phase shifter and ring modulator. The effects are digital, with 24-bit,
48kHz resolution, but a true bypass maintains a full analog signal path. Additionally,
the OB-6 features a multimode arpeggiator
and a polyphonic step sequencer with up to
64 steps (and up to six notes per step) plus
rests. It allows polyphonic keyboard input
and can sync to external MIDI clock.
$ Dave Smith Instruments
Guild Designs Travel-Sized Jumbo Junior
Guild now offers its classic jumbo shape
in an affordable smaller size.
Whether on the couch, in the studio or
on the go, the Jumbo Junior’s compact design lets players have a Guild by their side at
all times. Featuring a solid Sitka spruce top
and the choice of an arched mahogany or
maple back, the Jumbo Junior offers Guild’s
classic aesthetic for those who love the look
of a jumbo, but may not love the size. Top it
off with Guild’s AP-1 pickup, and a deluxe
padded gig bag, and the Jumbo Junior is
ready to go.
$ Guild Guitars (guildguitars.com)
Direct Sound
Supports NIHL
Prevention Clinics
Direct Sound, maker of Extreme Isolation
Headphones for recording and live performance, has announced co-sponsorship of upcoming educational clinics and camps held by
several of its artist endorsees, including Rich
Redmond, Ed Roscetti and Paul Gilbert.
The clinics and camps will feature technique and playing tips by the artists, while
including education on prevention of NoiseInduced Hearing Loss (NIHL), a growing
problem among musicians in today’s live music and digital studio environments.
Drummers Redmond and Roscetti will be
teaming up to present a series of interactive
live streaming seminars entitled “Drums and
Percussion for Everyone.” The clinic focuses
on exploration of drum set and percussion
based on a wide variety of cultural influences
and musical styles.
Guitarist Gilbert will host his third “Great
Guitar Escape” July 25–29 in Cambria, California. The curriculum features music theory classes, followed by style or technique
i Direct Sound (extremeheadphones.com)
UBD June 24, 2016
Saga Upgrades
Kentucky KM-505
A-Model Mandolin
Sabian Education Network Hosts
Chicago Panel Discussion
IMS Technologies
Adds Bulldog, Cat
to Charactune Line
IMS Technologies has introduced the latest additions to its Charactune family: bulldog and cat clip-on instrument tuners.
Both models have presets for chromatic (virtually any instrument), guitar, bass,
violin and ukulele tuning and work great
with fretted, string, woodwind and brass
The bulldogs come in blue, brown, red
and yellow. The cats come in blue, green,
red and yellow.
A portion of the proceeds from each sale
will go to a fund to directly help cancer patients and their families.
MSRP: $19.99.
$ IMS Technologies (imstechnologies.net)
On May 3, the Sabian Education Network (SEN) hosted its latest panel discussion
event for drum teachers at Vic’s Drum Shop
in the Music Garage in Chicago.
With SEN director Joe Bergamini moderating, attendees listened to Victor Salazar
(formerly of Vic’s Drum Shop) discuss promotion and marketing your teaching business, Rich Stitzel (Chicago drummer and
educator) focus on finding purpose as a
teacher and Meg Thomas (Chicago percussionist, drummer and educator) explain how
to customize lessons for each student.
A highlight of the event was having drum
legend Billy Cobham on the panel. Cobham
discussed his upcoming Art of the Rhythm
Section Retreat (coming up in August in
Mesa, Arizona) and various aspects of performing and teaching. After the event, as
the educators networked, Cobham mingled
with the attendees. Drum teacher Scott Paeth
of Chicago won the giveaway prize, a Sabian
AAX 21-inch Stage Ride.
i Sabian (sabian.com)
On-Stage Thinks Inside the Box
On-Stage was thinking “inside the box”
when the company launched its new line of
direct boxes.
Five new models include both passive and active models, suitable for any
application: the DB500 Passive DI Box, the
DB1000 and DB1100 Active DI Boxes, the
DB1050 Passive Multi-Media DI Box and
the DB2050 Active Multi-Media DI Box.
$ On-Stage (on-stage.com)
The master luthiers at Kentucky Mandolins have revised
the KM-505 Artist A-Model
mandolin with a new design
that harkens back to the 1920s
and the golden age of instrument design.
The carved V-shaped neck of
figured maple, which joins the body
at the 14th fret, is comfortable to play
and allows easy access to the upper
frets. The A-grade ebony fretboard has
a modern extension with 22 smooth,
low nickel-silver frets to enhance
In addition to the instrument’s
overall vintage appearance, eyes will
immediately be drawn to the original pearl inlay design on the peghead, where white, green and exotic
red mother-of-pearl are combined in a flower motif. The
solid high-altitude alpine
spruce top and highly
flamed maple back
and sides are handcarved and graduated and bound with
elegant black-andwhite purfling on the
top and bottom edges.
An amber burst lacquer
finish covers the entire
$ Saga (sagamusic.com)
UBD June 24, 2016
Pearl Expands
Crystal Beat Acrylic
Drums Series
Pearl has expanded its seamless Acrylic
Crystal Beat drums to include single-headed Concert Toms. Available in 6- to 16-inch
sizes, these molded melodic toms in Ultra
Clear finish create an versatile expansion to
any drum set.
“Single-headed toms were a big part of
Pearl’s product offering in the late ’70s,” said
Jerry Goldenson, Pearl Corporation’s VP of
sales. “With drier, staccato tonality back in
the current musical landscape, Crystal Beat
Concert Toms deliver an exceptional tonal
and visual statement.”
In addition to standard single-headed
toms, Crystal Beat’s tonal pallet has been expanded to include Ultra Clear 6-inch Acrylic
Rocket Toms. These tubular drums are available individually in four depths for extended
tonal power and melodic voicing.
$ Pearl (pearldrum.com)
Reverend Rolls Out Two New Colors for
Reeves Gabrels Signature Spacehawk
To celebrate The Cure’s first North American Tour since 2008, and its first with guitarist Reeves Gabrels, Reverend has released
two new colors of the Reverend Reeves Gabrels Signature Spacehawk.
The new model, Reverend’s second signature model with Reeves, is now available in
Purple Burst and Metallic Alpine, both with
black pickguards.
The sealed semi-hollow body is equipped
with a Railhammer Alnico Grande pickup in
the bridge position and a Railhammer Hyper Vintage Pickup in the neck position. The
guitar’s 24 ¾-inch scale three-piece korina
neck is topped with a rosewood fretboard.
$ Reverend Guitars (reverendguitars.com)
Singular Sound’s
Beatbuddy Adds
‘Sobriety Function’
Singular Sound, maker of the BeatBuddy pedal-controlled drum machine, has announced that users will now be able to control the sobriety level of their drum machines.
“People keep telling us that playing with
the BeatBuddy is just like playing with a real
drummer,” said David Packouz, CEO of
Singular Sound. “We thought, ‘Why not? If
we’re going to do this, we might as well go
all the way.’”
The “sobriety function” is part of a larger
update to the BeatBuddy that adds several
new features requested by the BeatBuddy fan
base, such as hands-free folder navigation
and extensive new MIDI controls.
$ Singular Sound (mybeatbuddy.com)
Fret-King’s John Etheridge Artist Guitar
Boasts ‘Authenticity, Definition, Power’
Fret-King has released the Fret-King
Black Label Elise John Etheridge artist
guitar, designed in conjunction with the
renowned jazz/rock guitarist.
Carved from a solid mahogany blank,
the Elise body has acoustically tuned
chambers, a full-length center block
and a double carved solid maple cap
to create a vibrant semi-acoustic body.
This, combined with the Fret-King
long-tenon neck joint mated precisely to the body under the neck pickup,
maximizes the retention and transmission of the Elise’s fundamental acoustic
Two Wilkinson WVC double coil pickups give the Elise the authenticity, definition and power required for everything
from mellow jazz to full-bore blues.
Finished in a natural amber with pinstripe binding, the JE features a 22-fret
ebony fingerboard with block mother-of-pearl inlays.
$ Fret-King (fretking-vintage.com)
UBD June 24, 2016
Riversong Bass
With Graduated
Scale Wins MIPA
Ernie Ball Rolls
Out CradleTune
Ernie Ball has unveiled the CradleTune.
Designed to work for guitar, bass, ukulele
and more, the easy-to-read CradleTune utilizes a clip-on tuner and tripod to provide an
integrated, portable solution.
The tuner attaches to the tripod acting
as the fixture, which holds the guitar at the
headstock. The tripod pivots for multiple
angles of setup to accommodate different instrument types and sizes. The tuner can also
be quickly detached from the tripod for use
as a clip-on practice tuner. The sturdy tripod
folds up for a compact, durable design that
easily fits into a gig bag or instrument case.
The CradleTune is powered by a three-volt
lithium battery (included).
“The CradleTune is the latest addition to
our extensive line of accessories that we unveiled at The NAMM Show in January,” said
Brian Ball, president of Ernie Ball. “We continue our commitment to our retail partners
by giving them a comprehensive line of accessories that will help contribute to their
bottom line.”
$ Ernie Ball (ernieball.com)
Line 6 Spotlights Helix
Guitar Processors
Line 6 presented the next-generation Helix guitar processor family to one of the largest MI audiences in the world at this year’s
Winter NAMM. Attendees were offered a
chance to get hands-on with the Helix and
Helix Rack guitar processors, as well as the
Helix Rack Control foot controller.
Helix features 12 touch-sensing footswitches, each with a multi-color LED ring
and dedicated graphic display, plus a large
color LCD and a hands-free editing mode. It
has professional MIDI and hardware control
capabilities and four assignable effects loops.
$ Line 6 (line6.com)
Sondpex KoolMax Integrates Bluetooth
Audio System With 40-quart Cooler
Sondpex is showcasing the KoolMax
40-quart cooler with a 350-watt wireless
sound system.
The KoolMax’s extra-large cooler can hold
48 cans or 28 beer bottles, and its advanced
insulation technology keeps ice frozen for up
to three days. The KoolMax can stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled
device within a range of 30 feet.
$ Sondpex (sondpex.com)
Journalists from more
than 100 dedicated special interest music magazines from all over the
world were called upon to
nominate and vote for the best
musical instruments and audio
equipment of 2015/2016 in
the 38 categories of the prestigious MIPA/PIPA Musikmesse/
Prolight + Sound International
Press Awards.
Mike Miltimore and the
team at Riversong Guitars have
announced that the Riversong
Graduated Long Scale Bass has
received the MIPA 2016 Award in
the Acoustic Bass Guitar category.
The Long Scale
Bass features graduated
scale fan frets, Chillakwian maple back and
sides, Sitka spruce top,
walnut fretboard and
bridge and dual carbon
fiber rods. It is a wellbalanced, big, warmsounding instrument
in a multi-color metallic over a traditional burst by master finisher Masayuki
$ Riversong
UBD June 24, 2016
Park Revisits the ’60s With the 50LDT
Park has introduced the 50LTD, based on
the Park 50s made in the 1960s.
The Park 50LTD is a recreation of the 50watt plexi British two-channel, four-input
amp used by many artists on stage and on
recordings throughout the 1960s and 1970s.
In order to be faithful to the originals, the
Park 50LTD incorporates hard-to-find stock
vintage parts (NOS) such as Iskra, Piher and
Allen Bradley resistors and Phillips Mustard
and Lemco capacitors affixed to a Paxolin
board with split-top turrets. This new version offers an additional push-pull switch on
Channel 1 for more aggressive Lead. A Merrin clone output transformer and “Winged C”
EL34s top things off. Only 20 Park 50LTDs
will be built in New York by Mitch Colby.
$ Park (parkamplifiers.com)
Hal Leonard Rolls
Out Volume 6 for
‘Real Book’ Series
Hal Leonard’s The Real Book Volume 6 includes a new collection of 400 jazz tunes and
jazzy arrangements of pop and show standards with no duplication of titles from earlier volumes.
Since the 1970s, The Real Book has been
the go-to reference for gigging jazz musicians. Hal Leonard publishes completely legal editions of the originals, as well as many
new volumes to carry on the tradition to new
generations of players while paying royalties to the songwriters behind these classic
Volume 6 features work of the jazz giants
of the last 40 years, including Chick Corea,
Tadd Dameron, Nat Adderley, Miles Davis,
Vince Guaraldi and a variety of newer artists.
Song highlights include “But Not For Me,”
“Cute,” “Embraceable You,” “Emily,” “Good
Bait,” “Laura,” “Lester Leaps In,” and more.
$ Hal Leonard (halleonard.com)
Arriba Cases Adds Newly Designed
Truss Bags, Covers for DJs On the Go
Arriba Cases has introduced newly designed truss bags and stretch covers for standard metric truss.
The new bags and covers accommodate
the three most popular sizes of truss used by
mobile DJs today: F34 square (290mm) in
1.5-meter, 2-meter and 2.5-meter lengths.
CAD Audio Brings
Back Classic A77
CAD Audio has reissued the classic A77
vocal microphone originally introduced by
Astatic in 1959.
The A77 is a large-diaphragm, side-address dynamic microphone that has been
updated with a PowerGap high gauss magnet and a TrueFlex diaphragm.
In addition to its retro appearance, the
A77 delivers a high-powered, articulate sound
that cuts through the mix in any live situation.
CAD also has introduced the A77r mic to
bring the vintage ribbon sound of the past to
a range of modern vocal situations.
$ CAD Audio (cadaudio.com)
“These new bags and covers offer great
profit margins for our valuable dealers,” said
Scott Davies, director.
The new stretch covers come in two versions: one with zippers, the other a simple
stretch cover.
$ Arriba (arribacases.com)
UBD June 24, 2016
UBD June 24, 2016
Boss Waza
Amp Features
Tube Logic
Boss has announced the availability of
the Waza Amp and companion speaker cabinets. The 150-watt Waza amp head comes
standard with high-gain tone. Driven by Tube
Logic, the amp provides four independent
channels, custom voicing options via two
Tone Capsules, and many other advanced
features. One Tone Capsule is built into the
Waza Amp Head that features the legendary brown sound, and there’s a user port for
adding an optional second Tone Capsule for
future expansion.
The Japanese term “Waza” embodies the
highest level of art and technique, achieved
only through years of tireless dedication
to one’s craft. The Waza amp and cabinet
proudly carry this Waza name and symbol
to represent the pinnacle of BOSS’ technical knowledge, design wisdom and master
$ Boss (bossus.com)
3rd Power Offers
Hand-built CSR Amp
3rd Power has unveiled the Citizen Gain
CSR to its line of amplifiers, hand-built in
the company’s East Nashville, Tennessee,
shop. During the development of the Citizen
Gain CSR, 3RD Power pulled various design
elements together from its flagship Dual
Citizen and Citizen Gain amps as a starting point. The goal was multi-layered: create
a true American-voiced clean channel with
enough headroom to serve as a pedal-platform and pair that with the scorching British
tone capabilities of the Citizen Gain on
channel two and deliver it in a package that
features versatile foot-controllable channel
switching. With the new Citizen Gain CSR,
these distinctive American and British voices
can be utilized on demand. With the company’s proprietary HybridMASTER volume
management circuitry, the entire sonic experience can be had at whatever volume level is
right for the room.
$ 3rd Power (3rdpower.com)
Supro Rolls Out
Black Magick
Supro has unveiled Black Magick, a recreation of one of rock music’s holy-grail amplifiers. This all-tube, high-gain blues machine
harkens back to the dimensions, cosmetics
and circuitry of the Supro amps from 1959,
just like the one loaned by Jimmy Page to
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. In
tribute to this legendary and extensively modified Supro combo, the manufacturer has used
the cabinet dimensions from a ’59 Supro 2
by 10-inch speaker, replaced the baffle with a
1 by 12-inch, and armed this 25-watt combo
with a custom, British voiced speaker that was
specially developed for the Black Magick amp.
The preamp found in the Black Magick
features two channels wired in parallel, with
independent volume controls and a single,
shared tone control. The vintage-correct
front-end topology of the original 1959 Supro
combos has been streamlined in the Black
Magick, with automatic linking of channels
1 and 2 when using only the first input jack.
This amp’s traditional, cathode-biased “ClassA” power section uses 6973 tubes to achieve
the midrange grind and dynamics that define
the Supro sound.
$ Supro (suprousa.com)
Todd Sharp Makes
NAMM Debut
Todd Sharp Amplifiers has announced
that they will be exhibiting for the first time
at Summer NAMM 2016. Launched in Feb.
2016 by renowned guitar player Todd Sharp,
the amp company is already generating Alist clientele and rave reviews. Sharp will be
present at the booth throughout the expo and
provide exclusive offers on his flagship model
the JOAT 20RT and his newest model the
JOAT 30RT for attendees.
The high-end, hand-wired vacuum tube
amps are the first of their kind from Sharp,
who has 40-plus years performing from
studios to stadiums. He has played with numerous artists, including Hall & Oates, Rod
Stewart, Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie,
Mick Fleetwood and Bob Welch, Delbert
McClinton, Carlene Carter and many more.
Through his years of performing experience
Sharp had yet to find the perfect amp, so he
decided to build one.
Early admirers of the brand include Vince
Gill, Steve Wariner, Mick Fleetwood as well as
John Oates, who is using the JOAT 20RT on
his national tour with Daryl Hall. Todd Sharp
Amps recently moved their headquarters to
the Berry Hill neighborhood of Nashville.
$ Todd Sharp Amps (toddsharpamps.com)
Peavey Piranha
Has Bite
Line 6 Adds 30-watt AMPLIFi
Line 6 has introduced the AMPLIFi 30, a
compact stereo modeling guitar amp that delivers the award-winning AMPLIFi experience
in a convenient tabletop package. Featuring
30 watts of power, a unique 4-way Bluetooth-enabled stereo speaker configuration,
and a groundbreaking mobile app, AMPLIFi
30 makes it easier for guitarists to practice,
play and record.
With this new release, the AMPLIFi family now includes five different models —
including three amps, a floor version, and a
desktop unit — so guitarists can pick the one
that suits their needs.
“The AMPLIFi family brings something
completely unprecedented to the guitar amp
category by combining an app-enabled workflow, Bluetooth streaming, and unlimited access to great tones via the cloud,” said Marcus
Ryle, co-founder and president, Line 6. “Now
AMPLIFi 30 delivers the innovative AMPLIFi
experience in a more affordable and streamlined package. It’s the perfect compact amp for
modern guitarists who want to have more fun
when they practice, play and record.”
$ Line 6 (line6.com)
Peavey’s 6505 Piranha micro head is the
newest addition to the 6505 series of amplifiers. Powerful and portable, the 6505 Piranha follows in the footsteps of the 6505 MH
mini head by packing high-gain tones into
an even smaller, 20-watt power amp head.
Small enough to use in a bedroom but powerful enough for the studio, the new 6505
Piranha harnesses the full gain and tone of
the 6505 series.
The 6505 Piranha adds a few tricks of its
own, including a bright switch along with a
unique “scoop” control to achieve a wide array of tones with few controls. Additional features include the 20-watt (RMS) Solid State
power amp, one 16 ohm speaker output, aux
input, 12AX7 preamp tube, and tooled metal
$ Peavey (peavey.com)
UBD June 24, 2016
All sessions are held at the NAMM Idea Center, booth 463, unless otherwise noted.
All TEC Tracks sessions will be held at booth 263.
3 P.M.
Boost Back-to-School
(and End-of-Year) Lesson Sign-ups
The back-to-school season and end of year
are your biggest opportunities for increasing
music lesson sign-ups. Do you have a plan
to make the most of it? Here, music lessons
guru and Music Inc. magazine columnist Pete
Gamber will give you an easy-to-implement
road map for getting more sign-ups in your
lesson program. Gamber has more than 35
years of experience in managing a lesson program and teaches 90 private students a week.
Start planning now for this make-or-break
3 P.M.
Nashville’s studio “A Team”— the best session players in the business — talk about
how to become a top session player, get the
gig, create on the spot and keep the gig. This
lively discussion will be led by “American
Idol” producer David Huff, a musician, producer, songwriter, programmer and engineer
known for his work with Rascal Flatts, Kenny
Chesney and Taylor Swift.
have become woven into the fabric of modern pop culture. Don’t miss this enlightening
discussion about creative ways to incorporate
video acquisition, broadcast and streaming
into your live shows and recording sessions.
Moderated by noted author Bill Gibson, this
session highlights the experiences of three
world-class industry professionals, including
Grammy-winning engineer/producer and studio designer Chuck Ainlay.
6 P.M.
Top 100 Dealer Awards
Music City Center,Davidson Ballroom
The Top 100 Dealer Awards will spotlight the
industry’s best music product retailers, share
their strategies for success and crown the
2016 “Dealer of the Year.” Awards will be
handed out in other categories as well, including “Best Store Design,” “Best Marketing and
Sales Promotion,” “Best Online Engagement”
and “Best Emerging Dealer – Rookie of the
3:30 P.M.
Secrets to Retail Longevity
8:30–9:30 A.M.
Sam Ash Music remains one of the longestrunning family music retail operations, with
92 years in business and 45 locations. Join
father-and-son team Sammy and Ben Ash to
hear their insight on longevity in music retail
and family business. They’ll discuss how they
each generation can teach the other, tips for
working in a family music business and how
they’ve made it past nine decades.
Frank Alkyer, Music Inc. and UpBeat
Daily magazines, and guests
Best in Show
Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
Join Frank Alkyer and a panel of music retail
insiders as they reveal their top picks from
this year’s Summer NAMM in less than 60
minutes. These are the products and services
you’ll want to see before you leave the show.
Get a jumpstart on the holiday selling season,
starting now.
4 P.M.
NAMM YP Presents
Larry Morton of Hal Leonard
Join NAMM Young Professionals (NAMM
YP) for its keynote address by Larry Morton,
president of Hal Leonard and former NAMM
chairman. Morton will discuss the critical role
mentors have played in his professional life,
along with why he places high importance on
connecting and mentoring the next generation
of music industry professionals. This special
double session will also include a Q&A and
social hour to follow for networking and building connections.
4:00 P.M.
Who says you can’t write songs on a DAW?
This must-attend session by audio industry
guru Craig Anderton covers how to make a
computer work for you, not against you, during the songwriting and recording process —
from lyrics to song structure to a workflow that
maximizes the opportunities for inspiration.
Find out how to not only get into a creative
zone with a computer but also how to stay
5 P.M.
Expectations of high-quality video content
10 A.M.
This opening mixer hosted by Doug DeAngelis
of A3E will bring together Nashville’s music
tech and music industry and will feature special interviews with Justin Evans, the founder
of LANDR, and Facundo Martin Diaz, the
CEO and co-founder of VRTIFY. LANDR uses
cutting-edge artificial intelligence to drive an
adaptive mastering engine that “listens” and
uses micro-genre detection to make subtle
frame-by-frame adjustments based on the
unique properties of the song. VRTIFY is technology that gives music lovers a way to pair
their music with custom-created virtual environments or immerse themselves in the front
row of a live concert.
10:30 A.M.
Social Media Strategies for
Your Music Career
Join Mark Wilder of Wilder2 for proven strategies and tactics that you can implement easily
to improve your odds. Covering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and more,
this session will leave you with real-world
examples of how you can use these powerful
tools to advance your career.
Larry Morton, president of Hal Leonard and former NAMM
chairman, with the 2015 "Dealer of the Year" winner, Musical
Innovations' Tracy Leenman.
11 A.M.
DIY Marketing for Musicians
(Double Session)
The promotional landscape for musicians
changes at lightning speed. In this session
presented by Guitar World magazine, Laura B.
Whitmore, music industry marketing pro and
owner of Mad Sun Marketing, will share insight and tips on getting the most out of your
marketing and PR efforts — and how you can
achieve success on your own.
11 A.M.
What’s behind the mainstream pop success of
the new generation of country artists like Kelsea Ballerini, Florida Georgia Line and Taylor
Swift? In this session led by Doug DeAngelis
of A3E, meet the writers, producers, and record executives behind the back-to-back No.
1 hits of Kelsea Ballerini, including: Forest
Glen Whitehead, writer and producer; Jason
Massey, co-producer; Jonathan Roye, mixer;
and Doug Johnson, black river entertainment.
This masterclass session will showcase the
technology and production techniques of Kelsea’s chart-topping debut album, “The First
Time,” and explore how hip-hop, urban pop
and alternative rock are propelling millennial
country artists to new heights on the radio
and at the box office.
12 P.M.
Into the Sound Hole: Insights From
Top Guitar Builders (Double Session)
In this session presented by Guitar Aficionado
magazine, get a behind-the-scenes look as top
guitar builders share insight into the guitarbuilding process. This expert panel will discuss
what to look for when you purchase a guitar,
trends, pitfalls, insider anecdotes and more.
1 P.M.
The Targeted Hit Songwriter:
Increasing Your Odds of Getting Cuts
(Double Session)
What can songwriters do to increase their
odds of getting cuts? The answer: targeted
songwriting. Join award-winning songwriter
Thornton Cline and his panel of hit Nashville
songwriters, who will give you tips for writing
efficiently and upping your odds of getting
2 P.M.
The Pedal Summit (Double Session)
“The Pedal Summit” returns to Summer
NAMM for an encore presentation. Vintage
King Audio has found an eclectic group of the
most creative minds in the music industry,
and they’ll share their effects pedal design
strategies, philosophies and secrets.
2 P.M.
The future of Music Row is data. While the
music industry struggles to invent and reinvent the monetization of recorded music,
technology to self-produce music is saturating the playing field with content. Join Doug
DeAngelis of A3E as he moderates this panel
of music technology experts — including Sam
Brooker of Remix Hits, Stephen Brady of Big
Machine, Chris McMurtry of Dart Music, and
Betsy McHugh of Hurdl — which will explore
ways to celebrate the democratization of
music through new methods of metadata organization and business intelligence that will
reward the creators of great content and foster
new opportunities for the professional musician to prosper in the years ahead.
3 P.M.
Songwriting Tips From Nashville Pros
(Double Session)
Hosted by Guitar World magazine, this panel
of top hit Nashville songwriters will explore
songwriting techniques, tips and more. Topics include the power of the co-write, getting
your foot in the door as a songwriter, how to
anticipate the next big shift, demoing and the
craft of songwriting. Singer/songwriter and
owner of Mad Sun Marketing Laura Whitmore
will moderate.
3 P.M.
While amp modeling has been available for
many years, the ability to digitally capture
the tone of your own personal amplifier collection and create a high-quality library of
your own personal studio gear is brandnew to most. This panel of leaders in the
field of modeling technology — including
Marcus Ryle of Line 6, multi-platinum producer Michael Wagener, and Dan Boatman
of IK Multimedia — will discuss the best
techniques to model your own instrument
collection, and explore the future of physical modeling hardware, software and mobile
UBD June 24, 2016
Voodoo Lab’s Dingbat
Boasts Light Weight
Voodoo Lab has introduced the Dingbat
series of guitar pedalboards.
All Dingbat models are made in Sonoma County, California, from American
6061T6 aluminum for high strength and
light weight. Every Dingbat features integrated mounting with included brackets for the
company’s industry-standard Pedal Power
power supplies, so assembly requires only a
The pedalboards come in three sizes —
small, medium and large — and include adhesive-backed velcro for pedal mounting.
$ Voodoo Lab (voodoolab.com)
Source Audio
Launches Neuro for
Android Devices
Source Audio has released the Android
version of its Neuro Mobile App.
The Neuro Mobile App is a free download available at the Google Play Store for
Android and The App Store for iOS. Neuro unlocks the full potential of Source Audio
One series pedals, giving musicians access to
a vast library of additional effect engines and
a detailed effects editing interface.
Source Audio’s One series of effects
pedals currently includes the Vertigo Tremolo, Gemini Chorus, Lunar Phaser, Mercury
Flanger and Nemesis Delay.
$ Source Audio (sourceaudio.net)
The MIDI Association Offers Free MIDI
1.0 Specifications at No Charge
The MIDI Association, the global community of people who work, play and create with MIDI, is offering the MIDI 1.0
specifications for download at no charge to
their members at midi.org. Until now, the
300-plus-page document has only been
available at a charge of $60 to cover the cost
of printing and shipping.
To access the specifications, go to midi.
org and register for free as member of the
MIDI Association. Members get access not
only to the downloadable specifications, but
a wealth of member-only premium content,
including a wide range of information on
how to get the most out of MIDI.
i The MIDI Association (midi.org)
Prism Sound Callia
DAC Brings Studio
Sound Home
Prism Sound has launched Callia, a PCMand DSD-capable DAC, pre-amplifier and
headphone amp, to bring the top sound quality from the professional recording studio into
the home environment. Callia is a compact
unit for use in no-compromise, high-quality
home audio systems. It offers inherent flexibility with an array of high-resolution inputs,
including USB, coaxial RCA phono and S/
PDIF OPTICAL-equipped digital devices. For
analog audio outputs, Callia offers balanced
XLR as well as unbalanced RCA phono connectors. The output volume can be set via the
volume control in order to use the Callia as a
pre-amp straight into a power amp, or optionally fixed for use with combos.
$ Prism Sound (prismsound.com)
UBD June 24, 2016
Gretsch Gets Honorary Degree
Palatino Delivers
the Full Package
Palatino’s full-featured Genoa Violin Outfit is a prosumer violin kit at a price point ideal for teachers or students who are ready to
move to the next level.
The Genoa violin outfit (VN-650) starts
with a high-quality Genoa violin, assembled
with a hand-carved spruce top and handcarved figured maple back and sides for
classic violin tone and beautiful aesthetics.
The strong, high-density ebony fingerboard
is comfortable, free from buzz, and won't
wear down over time. Ebony pegs with a
Parisian eye are well-fitted to the headstock
scroll to keep the violin in tune. The fine-tuner tailpiece allows for further minute tuning
Also included in the outfit is a Palatino octagonal stick bow that is stiffer than a round
bow, but still maintains the ideal amount of
elasticity for a quick response.
The full suspension oblong case has a deluxe blue-velvet interior with a blanket, four
bow holders and even a hygrometer so players can make sure the humidity surrounding
the instrument is optimal. With a shoulder rest
and rosin included, the Genoa is ready to play
from the moment players open up the case.
$ Palatino (palatinousa.com)
Vol. 64 No. 6 | Summer NAMM | Friday, June 24, 2016
Kevin Maher
Frank Alkyer
Katie Kailus
David Ball
Ed Enright
Billy Heschl
Pete Fenech, Ritche Deraney
Žaneta Cuntová, Mira Radulova
Kevin R. Maher
Evelyn Oakes
102 N. Haven Road, Elmhurst, IL 60126
630-941-2030 | f: 630-941-3210
Maher Publications: DownBeat, Music Inc., UpBeat Daily.
UpBeat Daily is the official NAMM show publication, published four times annually for The NAMM Show and three
times annually for Summer NAMM. Music Inc., the business magazine for progressive music product retailers, is
published 11 times annually.
Fred W. Gretsch, fourth-generation leader
of the Gretsch Company, was presented with
an honorary doctor of music degree from Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois, during
the school’s spring commencement in May.
Gretsch, who is an Elmhurst alumnus,
his wife and business partner Dinah, and the
Gretsch Foundation have been generous supporters of the college and its Department of
Music. That support has funded a variety of
scholarships, as well as the state-of-the-art
Sylvia and William Gretsch Recording Studio
(established in 1987 to honor Fred’s parents).
In 1993 the Gretsch Electric Guitar Ensemble became a regular element of the music program, and in 2015 arrangements were
made for the music department’s ensembles
to perform exclusively on Gretsch drum
Keeps Hands Dry
Fred Gretsch is flanked by Elmhurst College
Interim President Larry Braskamp (left) and Music
Department Chair Peter Griffin.
kits. Gretsch has also been a major supporter
of the annual Elmhurst College High School
Invitational Jazz Festival.
$ Gretsch Company (blog.gretsch.com)
CooperGroove, a performance drumstick
manufacturer, is making it’s first appearance
at NAMM after launching in October 2015.
Made from American hickory, the drumsticks
have a grooved handle design, which lets air
get between the skin and the wood and help
keep drummers hands dry.
CooperGroove’s customers have noticed
an improvement in grip and sensory feedback
and a decrease in hand cramps and tingling.
$ CooperGroove (coopergroove.com)
UBD June 24, 2016
FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
All sessions are held at the NAMM Idea Center, booth 463, unless otherwise noted.
All TEC Tracks sessions will be held at booth 263.
A 2015 Summer NAMM Idea Center session.
The 2015 Summer NAMM Show floor.
11 A.M.
Websites: Your Big Questions Answered
business to the next level.
Gordon O’Hara of Retail Up leads an expert
panel of independent music retailers: Joerg
Hermsen of Schmitt Music, Whitney Cash of A
& G Central Music and David Hall of Hartland
Music. They’ll weigh in on everything from
mobile to search, product data to promotions,
boutique stores to online merchandising, databases to hosting.
12 P.M.
8:30–9:30 A.M.
Adapt, Change or Die:
No-Holds-Barred Marketing
Jeffrey Hayzlett, marketing and
business guru, television host and
best-selling author
Music City Center, Davidson Ballroom
Strap in and hold on as marketing guru Jeffrey Hayzlett delivers a bold, no-nonsense
approach to driving change. Hayzlett, a bestselling author and the primetime television
host of C-Suite and Executive Perspectives,
will look at how to get results with online and
social marketing. He’ll lead you through the
necessary components to create an effective
social media strategy, then guide you through
10 A.M.
The solo performer has become a force to be
reckoned with in the modern-day live music
scene. Limited only by how much gear we can
fit in a car, audio artists are being transformed
by loopers, multi-effects processors, sampling
and live computer applications. In this presentation, one-woman band Tiffany Christopher
will show some simple but potent loop techniques and the use of instruments, vocals and
even silence within this setting.
10:30 A.M.
Instagram and Facebook:
What Works for Me
Join Sarah Jones of Gruhn Guitars and Tim
Spicer of Spicer's Music while John Mlynszak
of Noteflight moderates a discussion on best
social media marketing practices and proven
tips. See real-world examples of what’s working for them on Instagram and Facebook, and
discover what it means for you.
11 A.M.
Join this distinguished panel — which includes Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell, Jimmy Johnson, Matt Ross Spang and Jeff Balding — as
they take a look at the classic techniques and
trends that seem to find their way back into
what’s new.
11:30 A.M.
Strategies for Keeping Your Lesson
Program Relevant
Here, Menzie Pittman of Contemporary Music
Center will walk you through how he’s updated
(and continues to update) his program for
the next decade — and delivers a complete
experience that differentiates him from the
competition. He will discuss his program from
360 degrees, touching upon everything from
promoting lessons to new classes to upgraded
student performance opportunities.
12 P.M.
Mindful Marketing: From Google to
Branding Strategy (Double Session)
In this special double session, Mike Ross,
senior vice president of marketing for Sweetwater, will dive into the essentials of mindful
marketing. He’ll discuss proven branding tips
and pointers for better establishing your position in the marketplace. He will also look at
effective advertising platforms, ranging from
Google to print ads. Discover marketing tactics
that you should never ignore, and take your
Want to get the lowdown — and hear the
outrageous stories — of how Nashville became the country music recording capital of
the world? Join Nashville music legend Tony
Brown and his special friends, studio engineering extraordinaires Steve Marcantonio and
Chuck Ainley, for some deep wisdom, important studio history lessons and a few stories
you’ll soon be passing along to your friends in
the biz.
1 P.M.
Creative Holiday Promotions That Bring
in More Cash
Join Lauren Haas Amanfoh of Royalton Music
Center, Tom Folenta of Website Wizard, and
Todd and DeDe Heid of Heid Music as Bob
Popyk moderates a lively panel discussion that
looks at how to put your holiday promotions
on steroids and create more customers, more
sales and more cash in the fourth quarter and
1 P.M.
Mark Frink and John Mills will lead this panel
to discuss how multi-track recordings of live
shows made directly from individual console
preamps are affordable assets that can provide several benefits. In addition to post-show
mix-down as live albums, playing them back
through the same console also helps engineers
fine-tune their console file and provide a virtual
sound check for hearing today’s sound system
and room using yesterday’s show.
1:30 P.M.
Store Design Tips to Improve the
Customer Experience
Hartland Music’s store design has been tailored
to deliver the ultimate customer experience.
Take a virtual tour of the company’s showroom
with Ellen McDonald, Hartland’s president, and
walk away with new ideas to upgrade your own
store design.
2 P.M.
The 5 Habits of Highly Profitable
Repair Shops
In this session, Scott Mandeville of Tim's Music will show you how to turn your repair shop
into the profit center it can be. He’ll reveal the
five habits of highly profitable repair shops to
help you direct your talent and resources in
the right direction. Summer repair craziness is
in full swing, so now’s the time to implement
these ideas.
2 P.M.
Discover techniques for evaluating and controlling the acoustics of your worship environment in this exclusive TEC Tracks session.
Auralex founder Eric Smith shares some of
the methodology that he’s honed over the last
nearly 40 years of treating houses of worship
for maximum intelligibility and affordability.
2:30 P.M.
Finding the Hidden Profits in
Your Business
Join Lori Supinie of Senseney Music and
discover the hidden profits within your music
store. She’ll give you ideas for drilling down
into your POS system to determine what inventory is profitable and unprofitable, how to
identify niches that your competition is overlooking, best practices for bundling products
and tips for making the most of your store’s
services, including lessons and repair.
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