Importance of Understanding the Atmospheric

Importance of Understanding the Atmospheric
Multi-Gas - Plus................................... 86 - 90
Multi-Gas.............................................. 91 - 95
Single-Gas......................................... 96 - 100
Single-Gas Disposables................. 100 - 102
PID Single-Gas................................ 102 - 103
Specialty Detection...................................104
Radiation Detection..................................105
Fixed Systems................................. 106 - 107
Sampling Pumps & Tubes.............. 108 - 111
Testing Kits...................................... 111 - 112
Docking Stations............................. 112 - 114
Specialty Instruments..................... 115 - 118
Sound Level Meters........................ 119 - 120
Fit Tester....................................................120
No matter what type of
instruments are used to
check environmental gas
concentrations, regular
monitoring should be
performed because a
contaminant’s level of
combustibility or toxicity
might increase even if it
initially appears to be low
or non-existent. Oxygen
deficiency can occur unexpectedly.
Battery-powered and
direct-reading monitoring
instruments are classified
as two groups – Single-gas
and multiple-gas instruments, typically monitoring one or a combination
of the following atmospheric conditions:
• Oxygen deficiency or
• Presence of combustible gas
• Presence of certain toxic gases
displayed on either digital readout or an analog meter. Oxygen indicators are calibrated with uncontaminated fresh air containing a minimum
of 20.8 percent oxygen. With some models, an alarm is activated when
oxygen levels drop below 19.5 percent.
Some gases are heavier than air, and tend to collect at the bottom of a
confined space. Others are lighter, and are usually in higher concentrations near the top of the confined space. Still others are the same
molecular weight as air, so they can be found in varying concentrations
throughout the space. This is why test samples should be drawn at the
top, middle, and bottom of the space to pinpoint varying concentrations
of gases or vapors. These results will have a direct impact on the selection
of protective equipment necessary for the tasks in the area.
Combustible Gases
In order for combustion to occur, three elements must be present: fuel,
oxygen to support combustion and heat or source of ignition. This is
known as the fire triangle.
How Combustible Gas Monitors Work
When certain proportions of combustible vapors are mixed with air
and a source of ignition is present, an explosion can occur. The range of
concentrations over which this reaction can occur is called the explosive
range. This range includes all concentrations in which a flash will occur
or a flame will travel if the mixture is ignited. The lowest percentage at
which this can happen is the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL); the highest
percentage is the Upper Explosive Limit (UEL).
Most combustible instruments display gas concentrations as a percentage
of the LEL. Some models have gas readouts as a percentage by volume
and others display both percent of LEL and percent combustible gas by
volume. What’s the difference? For example, the LEL of methane (the
major component in natural gas) is 5 percent by volume, and the UEL is
15 percent by volume. If we slowly fill a room with methane, when the
concentration reaches 2.5 percent by volume, it is 50 percent of the LEL;
at 5 percent by volume it is 100 percent of the LEL. Between 5 and 15
percent by volume, a spark could set off an explosion.
Single-Gas Monitors for Oxygen Deficiency- Oxygen indicators measure
atmospheric concentrations of oxygen. Concentrations are generally measured over a range of 0 to 25 percent oxygen in air, with readings being
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Single-Gas Monitors for Combustible Gases- These instruments are
generally used to monitor hydrocarbon vapors. These instruments operate by the catalytic action of a heated platinum filament in contact with
combustible gases.
Single-Gas Monitors for Toxic Gases- Compact, battery-powered devices
can be used to measure levels of such gases as carbon monoxide (CO)
or hydrogen sulfide (H2S), depending on the model selected. Toxic gas
monitors use electrochemical cells. If the gas of interest enters the cell, the
reaction produces a current output proportional to the amount of gas in
the sample. With these instruments, audible and visible alarms sound if
the gas concentration exceeds a preset level. These devices are well suited
for use in confined spaces containing motors or engines, which generate
Multiple-Gas Monitors for Oxygen and Combustible Gas
In some cases it is necessary to determine oxygen and combustible gas levels simultaneously. Toxic gas and vapors which can be inhaled or absorbed
through the skin are frequently found in confined spaces. Pocketsize
monitors and larger handheld devices are used in the work area. These
should be designed to monitor continuously.
Photoionization Devices for Toxic Gases and Vapors- These instruments
use ultraviolet light to ionize molecules of chemical substances in a gaseous or vaporous state. Digital readouts allow the user to make immediate
determination of gas and vapor concentrations.
Detector Tube Sampling Systems- Quick evaluations of potential hazards that cannot otherwise be measured can be drawn through manually
operated detector tubes with use of a sampling pump. Most tubes are
made of glass, have break-off tips, and are filled with treated chemical
granules. They generally have a shelf life of 24 to 30 months.
Personal Sampling- Personal sampling is used to determine the concentration of airborne contaminants. Personal sampling pumps are devices
used to measure individual workers’ exposures and are typically lightweight, belt-mounted, battery-powered devices.
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Importance of Understanding
the Atmospheric Composition
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one stop for atmospheric monitoring equipment.
There are hundreds of instruments from a variety of manufacturers,
and we have cataloged a sampling of the top sellers in each category.
Whether you need a photoionization device for toxic gases and vapors
or an oxygen deficiency monitor, Mallory can help meet your needs and budget.
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Our comprehensive repair and service departments can calibrate and
maintain your investment, and rental units are also available.
When sending an instrument in for repair, photocopy the last page of our catalog and submit with your repair.
Orion G Multigas Detector
Orion® Multigas Detector
A low-cost, reliable, and easy-to-use portable instrument for detecting the
presence of O2, H2S, CO, and combustible gas. It will stand up to the
roughest handling in even the toughest environments.
Economy units come standard with sensors, battery of choice, calibration cap and protective boot. Industrial units
include economy features as well as internal
pump, 10’ sample line, 1’ probe and orange
cordura case. Deluxe units come with the
industrial features plus calibration kit and black
economy case.
Features: Assemble-to-Order Matrix for Orion®
Multigas Dectector
• One-button calibration
• Long-life battery
• Carbon-filled nylon case
• Tough, durable construction
• Built-in pump
• TIM® System compatibility
• Large, easy-to-read display
• Durable sensors
• Link™ Software compatibility
Orion, Economy 4-Gas Alkaline
Orion, Deluxe 4-Gas NiMH Orion, Deluxe 4-Gas Datalog NiMH
Orion, Industrial 4-Gas NiMH Price
The Orion G Multigas and Leak Detector is a four-gas,
multi-function portable detector featuring one-button
calibration, rugged construction with excellent resistance to dust and
water penetration and advanced
ergonomic design.
The Orion G Multigas and Leak
Detector detects combustible
gas leaks and O2, H2S and CO.
A flexible probe sensor makes
it ideal for gas-leak detection at
gas meters, bar holes, furnaces,
pipes, storage tanks and survey
sites. Other applications include
confined space monitoring and
carbon monoxide detection at
flues and furnaces.
Simple, intuitive two-button
operation allows for easy use
with gloved hands, and a large display with great contrast makes it easy to
read, even in low-light conditions. With its highly durable construction,
the Orion G Multigas and Leak Detector stands up to tough environments.
Other key features of the Orion G Multigas Leak Detector include:
• Multi-functional flexibility: indoor, outdoor and underground—perfect for appliances, flues and underground pipes
• Bar-hole probe filter designed to keep out water and dirt
• Intrinsically safe leak sensor
• Ergonomic design that fits snugly in hand
• Long-life NiMH or alkaline batteries (interchangeable)
• Fast response time
• Leak sensor available on flexible, gooseneck probe
• Internal pump, for convenient remote sampling
• Sensors that are easy to change
Call for pricing and availability
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The Sirius Multigas Detector provides users outstanding multifunctional
capabilities by integrating a high-performance PID (Photoionization
Detector) sensor into a 4-gas detector. Users are able to simultaneously
monitor for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with low vapor pressures
while measuring for combustible, toxic, and oxygen-deficient atmospheres
within one reliable, easy-to-use, durable unit. MSA’s
own proprietary PID sensor design provides users
with excellent PID performance including humidity
resistance, stable zero readings, and fast response and
clear times.
Approvals and Standards:
• UL, CSA (pending), ATEX (pending)
Hazards: • Combustible atmosphere
• Confined space
• Oxygen deficiency
• Toxic atmosphere IDLH
• Toxic atmosphere Non-IDLH
• Chemical, Domestic Preparedness, Fire Fighting, Gas Detection,
General Industry, Hazardous Materials, Oil and Gas, Spray Painting,
Telecommunications, Water/Wastewater
Priced from $2,995.00
MultiRAE Plus PGM-50
The MultiRAE can be configured
from a simple, inexpensive Oxygen/LEL monitor all the way to an
affordable five-gas monitor for total
protection in toxic environments. Easily
reconfigured and upgraded, MultiRAE’s
versatility allows it to replace a wide range of monitors, saving training
and maintenance costs. The MultiRAE can be quickly and easily changed
from a sophisticated technician instrument to a simple text or display-only
monitor. The same monitor can be used as personal monitor, a hand-held
sniffer, or area monitor for industrial hygiene work, emergency response
or confined space entry.
• Compact and lightweight for use in tight confined spaces
• Easy one-button calibration with auto-zero capability
• Runs on alkalines, NiCd batteries, or continuously when plugged into
charger or optional 12V automotive adapter
• Available as diffusion unit or with internal sample draw pump
• Internal pump provides quick response and remote sampling with 1012 hours of run time
• Programmable alarms can be changed on the MultiRAE or from
(Optional) easy to use Windows® software
• Internal memory holds response factors for 37 common LEL gases and
60 common VOCs (with ability to program custom factors)
Listed below are the most popular configurations, many other configurations are available.
MultiRAE Plus O2/LEL/H2S/CO/PID Kit $4,185.00
MultiRAE Plus O2/LEL/NH3/PH3/PID
FiveStar Alarm
Providing the flexibility to meet your gas detection needs, yet incredibly simple to use. The
durable, high-impact case makes it long-lasting, while the advanced ergonomic design and software reduce
worker load and simplify operation. This means less time spent training and less time out of service. Over its
life, the FiveStar Alarm’s ease of use, safety features,
Gas sensors available - you can order the
and long-term money savings combine to provide
FiveStar Alarm with sensors to detect:
the best in gas detection available today.
• Combustible gas (0–100% LEL or
0–5% methane)
Simplicity is obvious from the start:
The FiveStar Alarm saves money:
• Oxygen • Three well-marked, easy-to-use keys
• Unbeatable warranty and service
and up to three of the following gases:
• Display faces user
• Long-life combustible sensor
0–100 ppm
• Ammonia
• High levels of RFI protection
• One-button calibration saves training and gas
• Carbon monoxide 0–2000 ppm
• Flexible smart sensors
• 5-gas capability; one detector works as two
0–20 ppm
• Chlorine
• Weatherproof—IP54-rated
• Battery “gas gauge” reduces down time
• Chlorine Dioxide 0–5 ppm
Advanced features mean safer operation:
• 20-hour NiMH battery option means one • Hydrogen sulfide 0–500 ppm
• Limits on sensor zeroing
battery can do the job of two
0–100 ppm
• Nitric oxide
• Limits on one-button calibration
More gas detection capabilities are continually in• Nitrogen dioxide 0–100 ppm
• User acknowledges configuration changes
troduced. Call for availability of other gas detection
0–5 ppm
• Phosphine
• Data recording is standard
capabilities. Some configuration limitations apply.
0–100 ppm
• Sulfur dioxide
FiveStar Alarm
Kit Options
ck Case n Kit
d B C Ch ast C libra ulsec 0ft L ft Pr eath arryi alibra
10018002 Deluxe, 4-gas
10018003 Deluxe, 3-gas, CO •
10018004 Deluxe, 3-gas, H2S •
10018005 Industrial, 4-gas
10018006 Industrial, 3-gas, CO •
10018007 Industrial, 3-gas, H2S •
10018008 Economy, 4-gas
10018009 Economy, 3-gas
10018030 Economy, 3-gas H2S •
You have options! Either select from the most popular kit combinations or “Assemble-to-Order” call 1-800-MALLORY for MSA’s highly effective custom-ordering process.
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Sirius™ Multigas Detector
iTX Multigas Monitor
MX6 iBrid™ Multi-Gas Monitor
The World’s First Gas Monitor with a Color
• 1 to 6 gas monitor
• Full-color LCD display
• Up to 40 hours with extended runtime battery
• Simple, menu-driven navigation
• 25 available sensors
• Diffusion or internal pump operation
• DS2/iNet™ compatible
The MX6 iBrid™ is the new full featured multigas monitor from Industrial Scientific. The user-friendly design of the
MX6 features a full-color liquid crystal display and 5-way navigation
button to scroll through the menu-based operating system. Designed to
meet a variety of monitoring applications, the iBrid™ can be set up to
detect from 1 to 6 gases, including options for PID and infrared sensors
for combustible gases and Carbon Dioxide. Configured with an internal
sampling pump or for diffusion operation, the MX6 is ideal for applications from confined space entry to personal survey monitoring.
Confined space kit includes: monitor, motorized sampling pump/tubing, universal
charger, carrying case, belt clip, calibration gas/regulator/cup/tubing, wrist strap,
maintenance tool, manual, quick start guide, Training CD.
LEL, CO, H2S, O2, Li-Ion, Diffusion $1,760.00
LEL, H2S, O2, Li-Ion, Diffusion $1,510.00
LEL, CO, O2, Li-Ion, Diffusion
LEL, O2, Li-Ion, Diffusion
LEL, CO, H2S, O2, Alk, Diffusion $1,690.00
LEL, H2S, O2, Alk, Diffusion
LEL, CO, O2, Alk, Diffusion
LEL, O2, Alk, Diffusion
LEL, CO, H2S, O2, Li-Ion/ER, w/Pump $2,035.00
LEL, CO, H2S, O2, PID, Li-Ion/ER, w/Pump
LEL, CO, O2, CO2, Li-Ion/ER, w/Pump$2,180.00
Confined Space Kits
MX6KIT-K1230211 4-gas w/Pump
MX6KIT-K123R211 4-gas/PID w/Pump
Battery Charger/Datalink
Battery Charger, 12V $79.00
SP6 Motorized Sampling Pump Module $250.00
18106724-ABC* DS2 Instrument Docking Station $1,795.00
*Order with appropriate suffix.
A. Wireless Compact Flash (-0 None, -1 Installed +125.00 $USD)
B. iGas Reader (-0 None, -1 +45.00 $USD, -2 +90.00 $USD, -3 +135.00 $USD)
C. Power Cord (-0 (N.American Plug), -1 (UK Plug), -2 (European Plug), -3
(Australian Plug))
Supplied with monitor: universal charger, nylon carrying case, belt clip, calibration
cup/tubing, wrist strap, maintenance tool, manual, quick start guide, Training CD,
dust filter water stop (aspirated unit only).
The SentryRAE is the first “lunchbox” – sized,
portable, pumped monitor to combine a PID
and standard four gas confined space monitor in
one product that can run over 24 hour on either
rechargeable Lithium-ion or alkaline batteries.
• O2, LEL, PID and any two plug-in “smart”
toxic sensors: CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2,
• 0-2,000 ppm measurement of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with 0.1 ppm resolution
Phone: 800-MALLORY
• Monitors from one to six gases
• Simplified “Quick-Cal” feature
• 24-hour runtime with lithiumion batteries
• Datalogging capability standard
• Lifetime warranty
The iTX is the industry’s most versatile
portable gas detection instrument. Designed to
grow with you as your monitoring needs change,
the iTX can go from being a single-gas unit to a six-gas monitor, or anything in between. Featuring “smart” sensor technology, the iTX provides
simplified, single-button operation and calibration functions. A QuickCal feature quickly calibrates up to four sensors at once, saving time and
calibration gas costs.
The iTX features a backlit dot matrix LCD that simultaneously displays
all gases monitored, ultra-bright visual alarms, and a powerful 90 dB
audible alarm, all encased in a compact, rugged stainless steel housing to
provide maximum durability and RFI protection.
iTX, LEL, O2, H2S, CO, Li-ion $1,785.00
iTX, LEL, O2, CO, Li-ion
iTX, LEL, O2, H2S, Li-ion
iTX, LEL, O2, CO, NO, NO, Li-ion2 $2,210.00
iTX, LEL, O2, H2S, Cl2, ClO2, Li-ion $2,210.00
iTX, LEL, O2, H2S, SO2, ClO2, Li-ion$2,210.00
iTX, LEL, O2, H2S, SO2, Cl2, Li-ion $2,135.00
iTX, LEL, O2, NH3, H2S, SO2,
Cl2, Li-ion
DS2 Instrument Docking Station for iTX
iSP Motorized Sampling Pump
iTX Constant-Flow Hand Pump
iButton Programming Kit, 120 VAC $295.00
iButton Data Memory Cell w/Mounting Card $24.95
iButton Data Memory Cell
iTX Charger w/Datalogging Kit, 120 VAC
iTX Charger/Datalink, 120 VAC
iTX Single-Unit Compact Charger, 120 VAC
iTX Single-Unit Compact Charger, 12 VDC
6-Unit Charger w/Flying Leads and Cradle for iTX
iTX Leather Carrying Case $75.00
+ Ordering information –
A = Wireless Compact Flash (0-none, 1-installed +$125.00)
B = number of iGas Readers at $45.00 each
• Over 60 Correction Factors built into the SentryRAE memory and the
largest printed list of Correction Factors in the world (300+),RAE Systems offers the ability to accurately measure more ionizable chemicals
than any other PID!
• Drop-in battery
• Strong, built-in sampling pump
• Large key and easy-to-read display with backlight
• Store up to 80 hours of data
• Loud audible alarm and extra-bright light
• Rugged, weather-resistant housing
Fax: 360-577-4244
950 Series Multi-Gas
Easy to use, 3-button operation makes
the 950 series practical and dependable on the job. The ergonomically
designed, high-impact case will take the
wear of heavy use. The water resistant unit offers pump or diffusion air
sampling methods. Sensor Options:
oxygen, combustible, carbon monoxide,
hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, chlorine,
hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen, sulpher dioxide,
nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, chlorine dioxide,
phosphine, solid state-MOS for toxics.
• 5 Interchangeable Plug & Play Sensors
• Exchange sensors without calibration
• 103 - dB Alarm
• Large LCD display for easy reading
• Rechargeable or Alkaline battery operation
• Data-logging option
• Easy to change configuration
• Lifetime electronic warranty option
• 28+ hour run time
• Special Cal Gas Kit pricing when ordered with monitor
Standard equipment include: 16-ft tubing, Cal Hood, Software for Expanded Internal Settings, Manual.
Item numbers listed are sold calibrated to Methane.
950-A100-MABCZ 950 A100 base with Alkaline battery and EX/OX/CO/HS sensors $1,895.00
950-A101-MABCZ 950 A100 base with Alkaline batter, pump
and EX/OX/CO/HS sensors $2,159.00
950-A111-MABCZ 950 A111 base with Alkaline battery, pump
data logging and EX/OX/CO/HS $2,240.00
950-R111-MABCQ 950 R111 with NiMH battery, pump data
logging and EX/OX/CO/HS/PID, 10.6 eV sensors (EX calibrated to Methane and PID to Isobutylene)
The X-AM 7000 can be fitted with three electrochemical and two infrared optical or catalytic sensors, and can simultaneously measure up to five
gases. A choice of over 25 sensors allows detection of more than 100 gases
and vapors. Not only dust and splash-proof, but also completely waterresistant with an ingress protection rate IP67. Water-repellent membranes
protect the sensors if they are dropped into water.
Rechargeable batteries offer a long battery life. The high-delivery pump
can draw in sample gas through a hose up to 150 ft / 45 meters in length.
Provides flexible gas monitoring with a wide range of sensor selection. All
sensors are intelligent and are recognized automatically by the instrument
(plug & play). The smart sensor technology allows different types of data
(gas identification, alarm functions, measurement data), to be stored in
the EEPROM inside the sensor. The sensors are pre-calibrated and easily
replaced by the customer. The Dräger X-am 7000 can accept catalytic
sensors and infrared sensors as well as the Draeger XS sensor series.
5-in-1 Gas Monitor with Pump
• Monitors LEL, O2, H2S, CO
• Monitors 100% Vol. Methane with TC
• Auto ranging display of % Vol. or %LEL
• Internal sample drawing pump with 40-feet
• Calibration reminder and lock out
• Ni-Cad or alkaline power source
• Battery pack recharges in 90 mins.
• Up to 600 hours of datalogging with alarm STEL and
TWA readouts
72-0281RKC 72-0271RKC 72-0251RKC
5 sensor, % Vol (HC), LEL, O2, CO, H2S with Ni-MH battery pack and 115VAC charger $1,475.00
4 gas, LEL, O2, CO, H2S with Ni-MH battery pack and 115VAC charger $1,325.00
3 gas, LEL, O2, CO with Ni-MH battery pack and 115VAC charger $1,225.00
4 gas, LEL, O2, CO, H2S with alkaline batteries $1,195.00
3 gas, LEL, O2, CO with alkaline batteries $1,095.00
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Draeger X-AM
7000 Multigas
When the instrument is in leak detection mode, a ppm bar graph appears
on the display, showing the changes in concentration in steps of 50 ppm.
The instrument generates ascending or descending tone frequencies
– similar to a Geiger counter – which reflect the detected gas concentration. In an alarm situation the Draeger X-AM 7000 automatically returns
to its normal operating mode.
UL approved as Class I, Div 1, Group A, B, C and D. It can be used in a
temperature range from -20 to +60 °C.
Ideal for monitoring waste/water, oil and gas, chemicals and offshore
Please call for pricing and availability on the
configuration you need.
Fax: 360-577-4244
The Cannonball3
One button gas detection with a
Introducing the ultimate in
confined Space Gas Detectors
The PhD5 monitors up to five
atmospheric hazards simultaneously:
oxygen, combustible gas and up to three
channels of toxic gas detection. The innovative new Duo-Tox two-channel CO/H2S
sensor to measure both carbon monoxide and
hydrogen sulfide when both hazards are present without cross interference.
The PhD5 has a rugged, metal-plated case, while allowing for easy onebutton keys and clear display making easier than ever to use. Can be ordered with or without the Touch-ID automatic memory download system.
The Touch-ID kit allows you to store user ID and location information
for the environment being monitored. Good recordkeeping at the touch
of a button is critical to your confined space program. The PhD5 can be
ordered in a variety of configurations.
The unit listed below comes equipped as follows: Complete Confined
Space Kit: Comes complete with foam-carrying case, calibration gas,
regulator, fittings and reference manual, quick reference card and training
video. Alkaline battery pack and set of 3 AA disposable batteries. Popular
configurations listed below.
54-24-30100A PhD5, with LEL O2 / CO sensors
54-24-30200A PhD5, with LEL O2 / H2S sensors
54-24-30102A PhD5, with LEL O2 / CO/ H2S sensors
54-24-31400A PhD5, with LEL O2 / Duo-Tox CO H2S sensors
54-24-31403A PhD5, with LEL O2 / SO2,
Duo-Tox CO/H2S sensors 54-27-0101 Motorized continuous sample pump 54-27-0802 Touch ID programming kit $1,307.00
The Cannonball3 is designed to
stand up to the harshest environmental conditions while delivering
The Cannonball3 can be configured to monitor oxygen, combustible gases and vapors and many
toxic gases. With Biosystems’
“Duo-Tox” sensor installed, the
Cannonball3 can simultaneously
detect up to 5 different gases. It is
also available in the PPM hydrocarbon
The Cannonball3 is housed in a durable impact-resistant case that is
completely sealed from the outside elements. Three different LED alarm
lights guarantee that visible alarms can be seen from any angle. The
graphics display is the largest in its class, making it easy to read from a
All procedures necessary for day-to-day operation, including fully
automatic calibration adjustment, are controlled through a single button.
Instrument configuration options and other higher functions are accessed
with the four navigation arrows on the top of the instrument.
Available in either rechargeable (NiMH) or disposable alkaline battery
versions. The NiMH version will provide at least 16 continuous hours of
operation even with the display back light continuously on. The Alkaline
version will provide at least 24 hours of continuous operation in similar
Standard Accessories: Each Cannonball3 detector is shipped complete
with probe assembly including 10 feet of tubing, reference manual, shoulder strap and probe and instrument filter replacement kits. Rechargeable
detectors include battery charger and internally-housed nickel metal
hydride (NiMH) battery pack.
54-34-31400A 54-34-31400N Rechargeable NiMH version
Disposable Alkaline version
LEL/O2/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S) Alkaline LEL/O2/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S) NiMH $2,725.00
Eagle™ One To Six Gas Portable Sample Drawing Monitor
The EAGLE is a powerful instrument that does more than offer standard confined space protection. The
EAGLE also provides detection combinations never before offered in a portable gas monitor featuring the
industry’s widest selection of high quality, long life and field proven sensors.
The EAGLE’s ergonomic design offers easy access to controls such as autocalibration, alarm silence, demand zero, peak hold and a wide variety of other features. Each channel has 2 alarm levels plus TWA and
STEL alarms for toxic channels. Alarm levels are adjustable and can be latching or self resetting.
Standard features on the EAGLE are not available on most other competitive units such as PPM/LEL hydrocarbon detection (5 ppm resolution) and a methane elimination switch for environmental applications.
For quick response and recovery, the EAGLE has a strong internal pump which can draw samples from
over 125 feet. The EAGLE will continuously operate for over 30 hours on alkaline batteries or 18 hours on
Ni-Cads. Many accessories such as long hoses, special probes, datalogging, continuous operation adapters,
remote alarms and strobes, dilution fittings, internal hydrophobic filter, etc, are available to help satisfy
almost any application. Rugged, weather resistant, easy to operate and maintain, the EAGLE is the industry’s answer to portable gas detection in many
applications, including land survey. The EAGLE can be provided with up to 6 gas sensors (4 Toxics maximum). Please specify gas combination when
Please call 800-MALLORY for the complete list of configurations and calibration kits.
Need replacement parts, we can supply those too!
Phone: 800-MALLORY
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Solaris™ Multigas Detector
Withstands rough handling
M40 Multi-gas
The Solaris Multigas Detector is an affordable,
durable, reliable, easy-to-use portable instrument
for detecting the presence of O2, H2S, CO and
combustible gas.
• One-button calibration
• Long-life battery
• Carbon-filled nylon case
• Built-in pump
• Tough construction and durable sensors
• TIM® System compatibility
• Link™ Software compatibility
4-gas instrument
3-gas (LEL, O2, CO)
3-gas (LEL, O2, H2S)
2-gas (LEL, O2)
Standard Kits (includes datalogging option)
4-gas instrument
3-gas (LEL, O2, CO)
3-gas (LEL, O2, H2S)
2-gas (LEL, O2)
Industrial Kits (includes calibration kit)
10049293 4-gas instrument
10049294 3-gas (LEL, O2, CO)
10049295 3-gas (LEL, O2, H2S)
Deluxe Kits (includes calibration kit, datalogging, and sampling pump)
4-gas instrument
3-gas (LEL, O2, CO)
3-gas (LEL, O2, H2S)
2-gas (LEL, O2)
Choose a world-class instrument that is durable
and provides the best value in its class. Detects
the presence of O2, H2S, CO and Combustible
gas with state-of-the-art engineering and quality.
Whether you need just the instrument or a
complete deluxe kit you can have it any way
you want. An Assemble-To-Order System is
available to configure the instrument just how
you need it. You can select from sensors,
power supply, datalogging, calibration accessories and more. We are listing some basic
standard choices below.
All kits include: configured, non-datalogging, UL/cUL approved Solaris Fire
instrument with charger, calibration cap assembly,
instruction card and manual, durable stowable red carrying
case and orange instrument case - at no additional cost.
Built with the durability and simplicity found in every Industrial
Scientific instrument, the M40 is a reliable, low-cost gas monitoring
solution for confined space or personal monitoring applications. The
M40’s rugged composite case is immune to RFI, and houses four discrete
sensors, a large LCD readout, and integral lithium-ion battery for up to
18 hours continuous runtime.
The M40 continuously monitors oxygen, combustible gases, carbon
monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide in any combination, activating bright
alarm light, 90-dB audible, and internal vibrating alarms when gas concentrations exceed the preset limits. Additional standard features include
Peak/Hold functions, STEL and TWA readings, a continuous loop
datalogger and ‘Quick-Cal’ calibration.
The M40 comes standard with a charger, nylon carrying case, cell-phone
belt clip and calibration cup with tubing. Available accessories include
SP40 motorized remote sampling pump, 12 VDC automobile charger,
M40 datalink and M-Cal Calibration Station.
Solaris® Fire Multigas Detector
• 1 to 4 gas monitoring
for O2, LEL, CO, H2S
• Standard vibrating,
90 dB audible and
ultrabright visual
• 18-hour runtime
with integral Liion battery pack
• Low, High, STEL,
and TWA useradjustable alarms
• Standard 75-hour
datalogging capability
• Two-year all-inclusive warranty
18105437-01111 18105437-01101 18105437-01110
18105437-11111 18105437-11100 M40-KIT-11111 M40-KIT-11101
M40 Monitor – LEL, O2, CO, H2S
M40 Monitor – LEL, O2, CO $545.00
M40 Monitor – LEL, O2, H2S $545.00
M40/SP40 – LEL, O2, CO, H2S
M40/SP40 – LEL, O2, CO
M40 Confined Space Kit w/pump LEL, O2, CO, H2S $1,150.00
M40 Confined Space Kit w/pump LEL, O2, CO
SP40 Motorized Sampling Pump
6-unit Charger
12 VDC Automobile Charger $49.00
M40 Datalink
Single-Unit M-Cal, M40 Bay $795.00
Single-Unit M-Cal, M40/SP40 Bay $795.00
10055775 Deluxe Kit (includes 4-gas instrument
sampling pump and econ-cal calibration kit) $1,544.00
10055773 Standard Kit (includes 4-gas instrument and sampling pump)
10055774 Standard Kit (includes 4-gas instrument
and econo-cal calibration kit) $1,215.00
10055772 Basic Kit – instrument only $915.00
10050976 Belt Clip Retractable Lanyard $47.00
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Fax: 360-577-4244
Great Service is just
a phone call away
1 -800-MALLORY
The typical confined space monitor measures
oxygen, combustibles, carbon monoxide, and
hydrogen sulfide. Will it keep you safe in
today’s industrial environment? No.
When doing confined space work today, you
need the added broadband protection of a PID.
The EntryRAE is a 4-gas monitor, plus photoionization detector (PID). Reliable, easy to
operate, and simple to calibrate, the EntryRAE
delivers added protection without added complexity. Combine a PID and a 4-gas monitor
and you have true protection from the unexpected.
• Reliable, self-cleaning VOC detector
• Also includes CO, H2S, LEL, and O2 sensors
• Simple to operate and easy to calibrate
• Data logging included - and automatic
• Bright red flashing LED alarms and loud audible alarms
• Up to 16 hours of continuous operation
• Charging cradle doubles as an external battery charger
• Powerful pump allows sample-draws up to 100 feet (30 meters)
• Low-flow pump alarm
Description Price
Standard sensor configurations pgm-3000
Unit only
Unit with CSK II
Call for more information on ordering and accessories
The QRAE II is a compact multi-gas detector for
H2S, CO, O2, and combustibles.
Key features include externally accessed battery
packs, a water-resistant case and state-of-the-art O2
sensor technology with extended life.
• One to four plug-in sensors (combustibles,
oxygen SPE O2™, hydrogen sulfide, carbon
• Diffusion mode, with optional manual sample
• Intuitive simple-to-operate two-button user interface
• Display can be flipped 180º with the push of a button for easy viewing
from belt or hand
• Multi-language support
• One-button calibration with auto-zero capability
• Loud 95dB audible alarm
• Bright red flashing visible alarm
• Vibration alarm
• Interchangeable drop-in Lithium-ion and alkaline battery packs
• Charging cradle doubles as an external battery charger
• Compatible with AutoRAE calibration station
• Optional Confined Space Entry Kit
Description Price
Phone: 800-MALLORY
The QRAE Plus is a full-featured, compact, one-to-four sensor
confined space gas detector. Its features include easy-to-change, externally
accessed battery packs (available in both
alkaline and rechargeable versions) and
water-resistant case design. The rechargeable, Lithium-ion battery
pack provides up to 20 hours of continuous operation. The QRAE Plus
includes 16,000 datalogging points of storage capacity for download to
PC compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP.
• One-to-four plug-in “smart” sensors: Combustible, Oxygen, Hydrogen
Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide
• Optional substance-specific toxic sensors: Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Nitric
Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Chlorine (Cl2), Hydrogen
Cyanide (HCN), Ammonia (NH3), Phosphine (PH3)
• Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack provides up to 20 hours (more
than 2 work shifts) of continuous operation
• Rugged housing withstands use in harsh environments with a waterand dust-resistant case and strong protective rubber boot
• Highly resistant to radio frequency and other electromagnetic interference
• Strong, built-in sample draw pump with optional collapsible sampleprobe
• Also available in diffusion configuration
• One-button calibration with auto-zero capability
• Loud audible alarm
• Bright visual alarm
• Interchangeable Lithium-ion and alkaline battery packs
• Confined space entry
• Waste water treatment plants
• Marine and off-shore oil wells
• Landfill operations
• Trenches, silos, railcars
• Coal mines
• Sewers and manholes, tunnels
• Refineries and petrochemical plants, including off-shore drilling and
plant shut downs
• Power plants
• Pulp and paper industry
• Steel mills
These are the most commonly purchased QRAE PLUS monitors, with a
universal charger and an international plug kit. For other configurations,
please ask us for a configurator chart.
Standard Sensor LEL/O2/H2S
LEL/O2/H2S Unit only Unit with Accessories kit (no gas or regulator)
Unit with Accessories and Calibration Kit
Standard Sensor LEL/O2/CO
Unit only
Unit with Accessories Kit (no gas or regulator)
Unit with Accessories and Calibration Kit
Standard Sensor LEL/O2/H2S/CO
Fax: 360-577-4244
Unit only
Unit with Accessories Kit (no gas or regulator)
Unit with Accessories and Calibration Kit
The QRAE is a dedicated
confined space entry
monitor with an internal
pump. Its durable,
rechargeable, standard
Lithium-ion batteries
provide a 12-hour day of
detecting combustibles, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide.
The extended duration Lithium-ion battery option provides up to 18
hours of continuous operation.
Key Features
• Reliable plug-in “smart” sensors: Combustible, Oxygen, Hydrogen
Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide
• Robust external casing for harsh environments, including a strong
protective rubber boot, water and dust resistance, rugged ABS plastic/
metal case, and protection from portable radio interference (RFI)
• Ease of use with one-hand operation; one-button calibration with auto
zero capability
• Strong built-in sample draw pump, with a flow rate at 150cc/min
and (optional) collapsible remote sampling probe, prevents liquid flow
into monitor, and its patented security mechanism warns of sample
tube crimping or blockage
• Option of Li-ion, alkaline, and automotive 12V adapter charger
• Field replaceable batteries
• Unit will run and charge simultaneously
• Large keys are operable even with three layers of gloves
• Loud audible alarm
• Bright visual alarm
• Standard 20,000 point (or 100 hours) datalogging storage capacity for
download to PC (compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP)
• Confined space entry
• Waste water treatment plants
• Marine and off-shore oil wells
• Landfill operations
• Trenches, silos, railcars
• Coal mines
• Cruise ships
• Sewers and manholes
740 Series
Speed, reliability, flexibility and affordability are what you’ll get.
• Precalibrated Sensor Pack switch and go in seconds, no more delays
• Sensor Tester, push-of-the button ease
• Li-Ion battery delivers up to hours of run time. (optional - 3 AAA
• Massive data logging capacity stores more than five months’ records
• Banshee Alarm is the loudest in the industry
• Rated Class 1, Division 1
Standard features include: rechargeable Li-ion battery. charger adapter,
internal vibrator, data logging, rugged alligator clip, infrared port, gas test
hood, and instruction manual.
Available with a variety of options: sensors for oxygen, carbon monoxide,
hydrogen sulfide and combustibles.
Item numbers listed are sold calibrated to Methane.
740 4-gas monitor with H2S, OX, CO, EX; alligator clip, rechargeable Li-ion battery, Universal power supply (100-240 VAC) Cal gas hood and tubing, quick start manual, CD manual
740 3-gas monitor with OX, CO, EX; alligator clip, rechargeable Li-ion battery, Universal power supply (100-240 VAC) Cal gas hood and tubing, quick start manual, CD manual
740 3-gas monitor with H2S, OX, EX; alligator clip, rechargeable Li-ion battery, Universal power supply (100-240 VAC) Cal gas hood and
tubing, quick start manual, CD manual $679.00
740 2-gas monitor with OX, EX; alligator clip, rechargeable Li-ion battery, Universal power supply (100-240 VAC) Cal gas hood and tubing, quick start manual, CD manual $655.00
Description-Model PGM-50Q
QRAE 4-gas, pump, datalogging, Li-ion battery,120V wall adapter $695.00
QRAE 4-gas, pump, datalogging, Li-ion battery,
120 wall adapter,Confined Space Kit
QRAE 4-gas, pump, datalogging, Li-ion battery,230V wall adapter $695.00
QRAE 4-gas, pump, datalogging, Li-ion battery,
230V wall adapter, Confined Space Kit
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QRAE- |MultiGas Monitors
RKI GX-2003 Multi Gas 5-in-1
RKI GX-2001
Multi Gas
4-in-1 Monitor
RKI is proud to introduce
the smallest and most
affordable 4-gas monitor in
the world, the GX-2001.
Weighing only 6 ounces
and about the size of a
pager (2.8” H x 2.2” W
x 1.1” D), the GX-2001
simultaneously monitors
combustibles, oxygen, carbon
monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide.
The GX-2001 is armed with standard
features like autocalibration, datalogging,
rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, a unique
vibration alarm, STEL / TWA readings,
peak hold and auto backlighting at alarm on
large LCD display, and it even tells the time. All of
these controls and features are operated through 3 simple glow in the dark buttons. Utilizing either of the GX-2001’s chargers,
the standard charger or datalogging / charger station, it’s Ni-MH batteries
will fully recharge in 90 minutes. Also available is the datalogging software
program, which is Windows 95, 98, ME compatible.
The GX-2001 is also designed around the world’s smallest gas sensors.
Utilizing catalytic combustion, electrochemical and galvanic sensor technologies, each miniaturized sensor is manufactured with the same high
quality control that has made Riken sensors and instruments the most
reliable and long lasting monitoring devices in the industry.
• Simultaneous detection of 4 gases: LEL, O2, H2S, & CO
• Smallest 4-gas monitor on the market: 2.8” H x 2.2” W x 1.1” D, 6 oz
• Vibration alarm
• Alarm trend data
• Datalogging standard
• Autocalibration
• Ni-MH batteries recharge in 90 minutes
• Continuously operates for up to 18 hours
• Large LCD display screen
• Automatic backlighting at alarm
• High impact, RFI shielded body
• STEL and TWA readouts
• Peak hold readouts
• Continuously displays current time
• Intrinsically safe, CSA, C / US approved
• 2 year warranty
72-0233RKC 72-0231RKC 72-0232RKC 72-0233RK 4 gas, LEL / O2 / H2S / CO with belt clip, with 115VAC charger 3 gas, LEL / O2 / CO with belt clip, with 115VAC charger 3 gas, LEL / O2 / H2S with belt clip, with 115VAC charger 4 gas, LEL / O2 / H2S / CO with belt clip, no charger Price
Built around high-quality micro-sensor technology, the GX-2003 is RKIs smallest personal
5-in-1 gas monitor with a built in sample
pump. Weighing only 11 ounces, it has many
features, which set the GX-2003 apart from
the competition. For example, it can monitor
the standard confined space gases (LEL combustibles, Oxygen content, Carbon Monoxide,
and Hydrogen Sulfide), and it can also measure
100% volume Methane and dynamically
display either % LEL, or % volume with its
auto-ranging ability.
The GX-2003s large LCD display shows all gas readings, battery level,
current time, and will automatically backlight in alarm conditions. This
unit also has a special bar hole mode to facilitate locating underground
gas leaks. A high sensitivity leak check mode is also included, and provides
ppm level detection of gas leaks. A special variable frequency alarm helps
to pinpoint the leak without looking at the instrument display. Other
standard mode alarm types include vibration, visual, and audible alarms
that can be set to latching or non-latching. Controlled by a microprocessor, the GX-2003 continuously checks itself for sensor connections, low
battery, circuit trouble, low flow, and calibration errors. The GX-2003 can
interchangeably operate on either a Ni-MH battery pack or 3 AA alkaline
batteries. The batteries are simple to replace requiring no tools to access
the battery compartment. The Ni-MH battery pack can receive a charge
directly within the instrument or separately, allowing the unit to remain
in service.
Calibration intervals and reminders are user adjustable and can be set to
either go into alarm or to lock the user out of normal measurement mode
once a calibration period has expired. Calibrations can be performed
automatically or individually in single calibration mode. The GX-2003 is
also compatible with the economical SM-2003 single channel calibration
• Three operating modes: Normal, Bar Hole, and Leak Check
• Monitors LEL, and % volume methane, O2, and CO (optional H2S)
• Barhole mode tests for peak methane and oxygen levels
• Leak detect mode offers high sensitivity tests for ppm level natural gas
• 0 to 100% volume Methane
• Auto-ranging display of % volume and % LEL
• Internal sample drawing pump with up to 40’ range
• Vibration, visual, and audible alarms
• Automatic backlight during alarms
• Calibration reminder with lock out option
• Ni-MH or alkaline power source (interchangeable)
• Quick charge (complete charge in 90 minutes)
• Glove friendly glow in the dark buttons
• Alarm latching or non-latching
• High impact protective rubber boot
• Up to 600 hours of datalogging with alarm trends
• Autocalibration or single calibration
• TWA and STEL readings with lunch-break mode
• Intrinsically safe, CSA, C/US classified
• 2-year warranty
• Utilities, Personal monitoring, Confined space entry, Refineries and
petrochemical, Chemical plants, Hazardous material, Water and wastewater treatment, Fire services, Mining
Please call for pricing and information.
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Fax: 360-577-4244
Dräger XAM 3000 is an innovative 3- or 4-gas warning-device.
This small and lightweight instrument reliably monitors H2S,
CO, O2 and combustible gases
and vapors in ambient air.
A large display enables the easy
identification of the measured
values. The simple 3-button operation and an easy-to-use menu
ensure intuitive operation.
The pre-calibrated electrochemical sensors and the catalytic sensor are automatically recognized
and provide precise and reliable
measuring results.
In addition to a very loud
audible alarm and a bright visual alarm, a vibrating alarm is integrated in
the instrument.
A life signal assures full functionality of the instrument without a visual
check by the operator. Even if the peak value disappeared before it could
get registered, the Dräger XAM 3000 can recall all maximum values.
When using a defined gas mixture, the instrument can be calibrated by
pressing a single button.
An optional internal pump with 33 ft. (10 m) tubing is ideal for confined
space applications. A convenient pump adaptor makes is easy to switch
between pump and diffusion modes.
The X-AM 3000s compact design combined with it’s state-of-the-art
electronics, ensures that it is ideally suited for gas detection requirements
in all applications and industries.
Please call for the model and accessories you require.
Many combinations are available.
Biosystems introduces its smallest confined space detector — the MultiPro.™
The MultiPro offers real-time readings for
up to 4 gases, true one-button operation
(including calibration), and a built-in event
logger capable of storing information for 20
events including sensor type, max and average
readings, time and duration. It’s available with
either a Li-Ion or an Alkaline battery pack and
offers run times up to 22 hours. For remote sampling, both manual and motorized sample draw kits are available.
Standard Kit includes:
• Clothing clip, reference manual, and laminated quick reference card
• Rechargeable Li-Ion version includes charger, calibration adapter
• Training CD-ROM
Confined Space Kit includes:
All standard accessories, plus: standard sized (58 or 103 liter) cylinder of
all-in-one calibration gas, fixed flow regulator with gauge, foam-lined
waterproof carrying case
Value Kit includes:
All standard accessories, plus: compact sized (34 liter) cylinder of all-inone calibration gas, fixed flow regulator and foam-lined carrying case.
ask for quote. Many accessories and sensors, charging units and datalogging accessories are readily available.
Confined Value
MultiVision Confined Space
Gas Detector
The new standard in inexpensive and reliable
gas detection
The MultiVision offers up to four independent
sensors for the detection of oxygen, combustible gas, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. The instrument case is made of chromeplated ABS and is rated to IPX5 / IPX7 against
water ingress (immersible) and is rate for RFI
immunity to 40 V/m.
PhD Lite
Top-shelf performance!
The MultiVision offers run times of up to 20
hours in diffusion mode and up to 16 hours
when using the internal the pump and NiMH battery pack. Alkaline
battery packs yield run times of up to 16 hours in diffusion mode and up
to 12 hours with the internal pump on between battery changes.
A single button located on the left side of this compact and very weatherproof instrument controls all day-to-day instrument functions.
54-40-30100A 54-40-30102A
54-40-30102N Alkaline
LEL/O2/CO Alkaline LEL/O2/CO/H2S Alkaline LEL/O2/CO/H2S NiMH Phone: 800-MALLORY
This durable confined space gas detector will monitor up to four atmospheric
hazards simultaneously; oxygen, combustible gas, carbon monoxide and hydrogen
sulfide. Requires three AA Alkaline batteries
to power unit for nine hours. The rugged,
metal-plated case is designed to withstand
demanding environments. Single button controls necessary procedures, including calibration. Each unit is shipped with hand-aspirated
sample draw kit with 10’ of tubing, reference
manual, quick reference card, belt clip and three AA batteries.
54-23-301AV 54-23-302AV
PhD Lite,LEL/O2 sensors PhD Lite,LEL/O2/CO sensors
PhD Lite,LEL/O2/H2S sensors
PhD Lite,LEL/O2 dual channel H2S sensors
Fax: 360-577-4244
Draeger X-AM 3000
MultiPro™ Multi-Gas
GasBadge® Pro Dockable
Single-Gas Monitor
• Interchangeable “smart” sensors monitor oxygen or any one of many toxic
• One year datalogging capacity (minimum)
• Standard STEL and TWA
• Docking Station™ Compatible
• Minimum 2,600 hours continuous operation from replaceable CR2 Lithium
• PPM or % by volume readout
• Water resistant
• Lifetime warranty
Built to Industrial Scientific’s highest quality and reliability standards,
GasBadge® Pro provides a lifetime of gas hazard protection with more
features than any other single-gas monitor available. Interchangeable
“smart” sensors enable the GasBadge® Pro to be quickly adapted to monitor unsafe levels of oxygen or any one of the following toxic gases: carbon
monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine,
chlorine dioxide, phosphine, hydrogen cyandide and ammonia.
ALTAIR Pro Detector
Gas detectors that really stand out!
Innovative ALTAIR Pro toxic gas and oxygen detectors are based on the
design of the very popular ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector, but with added
features and functionality. These detectors accurately measure the gas
concentration or percent oxygen (depending on model) and display this
information on a large, clear, backlit LCD. The ALTAIR Pro Single-Gas
Detector features superior dust and water protection, excellent impact
resistance, great RFI performance, and an extremely effective alarm
system. Adjustable alarm set points are offered for LOW and HIGH levels
on all units. In addition, the toxic gas versions also have TWA and STEL
alarm points. A distinct alarm is indicated by two bright flashing LEDs,
a piercing audible alarm, a flashing notification on the LCD, and an
internal vibrating alarm, helping to ensure that no alarm condition will go
by unnoticed.
With current sensor options for CO, H2S or O2, the ALTAIR Pro SingleGas Detector will provide worry-free performance and stand up to the
roughest handling in even the toughest industrial environments. The
sensors and battery can easily be replaced to keep the unit performing
perfectly for years. Its rubberized armor housing and one-button operation provide the durability and simplicity you expect. The ALTAIR Pro
Single-Gas Detector is designed and built with MSA’s superior quality and
is part of the MSA STELLAR® Series, which features a varied selection of
single-gas and multigas instruments.
• Ease-of-use (1-button operation)
• Distinctive alarm system
• Alarm check, bump check, fresh air zero, and calibration made easy
• Easily-replaceable, commercially-available battery
• Replaceable sensors
• Built-in IR communication (event & data-logging)
• Rugged design
Please call for pricing and additional information.
Priced from $325.00
Phone: 800-MALLORY
GasBadge® Pro communicates directly via an infrared interface to optional accessories like the Docking Station™, Datalink, and infrared printer to
further simplify and automate calibration, function (bump) testing and
data downloading. Standard STEL and TWA readings, and datalogging
up to one year of survey data are featured along with an event-logger that
records the last 15 alarm events.
Housed in a rugged enclosure, the monitor is immune to RF, water
resistant and extremely durable. A protective concussion-proof overmold
protects the unit from extreme abuse in a wide variety of harsh industrial
environments. Its simple and intuitive four-button navigation allows easy
access to setup, operation and calibration functions. Lifetime warranty.
Description Price
GasBadge® Pro – Carbon Monoxide (CO) $375.00
GasBadge® Pro – Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) $375.00
GasBadge® Pro – Oxygen (O2)
GasBadge® Pro – Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) $525.00
GasBadge® Pro – Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) $525.00
GasBadge® Pro – Ammonia (NH3) $595.00
GasBadge® Pro – Chlorine (Cl2) $525.00
GasBadge® Pro – Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) $595.00
GasBadge® Pro – Phosphine (PH3)
GasBadge® Pro – Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
GasBadge® Pro Nylon Carrying Case $10.00
GasBadge® Pro 2-unit Nylon Carrying Case$15.00
18106302-AB+ GasBadge® Pro DS2 Docking Station™ $1795.00
GasBadge® Constant-Flow Hand Aspirated Pump $149.00
GasBadge® Neck Lanyard w/Safety Release$5.00
Replacement water/dust sensor barriers (5 count) $10.00
GasBadge® Datalink
Serial data thermal printer with infrared interface
+ Ordering information –
A = Wireless Compact Flash (0-none, 1-installed +$125.00)
B = number of iGas Readers at $45.00 each
Fax: 360-577-4244
It’s compact size; reliability, competitive price and flexibility with nine
detector options make the 450 a
smart choice.
• Built Tough - Rubber boot
absorbs everyday impact and protects internal components from
dust and water.
• Superior Warranty - Completely refined inside and out, the 450 Series
carries a standard two-year warranty on electronics and sensors CO,
H2S, OX, 1 year of toxic sensors
• Simple, Informative Display - High contrast numerical level display
and high intensity LED alarm warning indication and buzzer effectively alert impending gas dangers.
• Banshee Alarm System - The loudest in the industry at a screaming 85
dB for almost any work environment, plus a brilliant red warning light.
• Display -High contrast numerical level display and high intensity LED
alarm warning indication and alert buzzer
• Sensor Life -Up to 60 months, dependent upon sensor type
• RF Frequency Protection -Readings will not change by more than 5%
of full scale when placed no less than 2’ from a 5-Watt radio transmitting on a frequency of 30, 150, or 450 MHz
• Battery -18-24 months, non-alarming, lithium camera battery, included
• Special Features - Power “On/Off ” switch plus convenient dual zero
and span adjustment for calibration at alarm point for toxic gases or
20.9% for oxygen, optional vibrator
• Intrinsic Safety - Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D, CSA approved
• Size -3.65” L x 1.7” W x 1.1” H, Weighs -5.5 ounces
• Each monitor includes calibration adapter, tubing, manual and case.
450-455-104A 450-455-106
450 Series Oxygen Detector $365.00
450 Series Carbon Monoxide Detector $452.00
450 Series Chlorine Detector $635.00
450 Series Ammonia Detector $650.00
450 Series Hydrogen Cyanide Detector $635.00
455 Oxygen Detector w/Vibrator $422.00
455 Carbon Monoxide Detector w/Vibrator $509.00
455 Chlorine Detector w/Vibrator $685.00
455 Ammonia Detector w/Vibrator $699.00
455 Hydrogen Cyanide Detector w/Vibrator$685.00
The ToxiRAE II is a single-gas, personal
protection monitor that continuously displays
toxic gas concentrations. It costs just a little
more than disposable detectors, unlike typical
disposables that only display “remaining life”,
the ToxiRAE II is a full-featured gas monitor
providing continuous, digital display of the gas
concentration, STEL, TWA, and Peak values as
well as high, low, TWA, and STEL alarms.
A simple to use one-button product, the
ToxiRAE II is easy to calibrate. Use the pre-set
alarms, or modify the alarms to meet your
specific requirements. In contrast to disposables
that are turned on once and remain on until
their batteries expire, you decide when and
where to use your ToxiRAE II and you turn it
on and off accordingly.
• Large, easy-to-read continuous display of gas concentration in ppm
• Displays STEL, TWA, and Peak values
• Sensors available: H2S, CO, O2, NH3, Cl2, ClO2, HCN, NO, NO2,
PH3, SO2
• Field replaceable battery and sensor
• 2-Year warranty
• User adjustable high, low, STEL, and TWA alarms
• Varying audio alarm signals for different alarm conditions
Ideal for use in: Refineries, Oil and Gas, Contractors, Chemical, Pulp and
Paper plants, Fire Service and Industrial.
Carbon Monoxide 0-500ppm
Ammonia 0-50ppm
Chlorine 0-10pp
Hydrogen Cyanide 0-100ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide 0-100ppm
Carbon Monoxide 0-1999ppm
Oxygen 0-30%
Nitrogen Dioxide 0-20ppm
Please call for volume pricing and additional information.
Pac 5000 Single-Gas
Drager Pac 5000 is the innovative singlegas instrument for personal gas detection. It
provides reliable monitoring of ambient air and
gives a fast warning of harmful concentrations
of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and
oxygen. Using the concentration display and
event logger, the Drager Pac 5000 can be used
maintenance-free for over two years without replacing the sensor.
Phone: 800-MALLORY
CO 0 to 500 ppm 35 ppm 50 ppm
H2S 0 to 100 ppm 10 ppm 20 ppm
O2 0 to 25 Vol.-% 19.5 Vol.-% 23.5 Vol.-%
Fax: 360-577-4244
450 Series Single
Gas Portable Pocket
ToxiPro Gas Detector
110 Series XL
All the simplicity, reliability and ease-of-use of our
standard Shield but the Shield XL takes a step up
with extra precision and lifespan.
The Shield XL gives you more options to detect
more gases with the power of “continuous gas
reading.” You can measure at a lower parts-permillion resolution for situations that call for finer
gas readings. The XL also delivers security in the
choice of two methods of gas monitoring: Short
Term Exposure Limit (STEL) and Time Weighted
Average (TWA) exposure. Switch from one to the
other to adapt to different work situations.
The Shield XL features a replaceable battery and sensor to help reduce
total cost of ownership. Ten year warranty on electronics and 2 year warranty on the battery, CO and H2S sensor.
Item Description Price
110-495-101XL 110 Series XL Carbon Monoxide 110-495-102XL 110 Series XL Hydrogen Sulfide $255.00
ToxiPro is a fully serviceable, reusable gas detector with real-time
Peak, STEL, and TWA Readings, as well as a black box data recorder.
A full-featured datalogger is available as an upgrade for the Toxi Pro.
The ToxiPro features one-button calibration. To make routine maintenance even easier, the ToxiPro can be used with the IQ Express Docking
Station – an automatic bump test and calibration station with built-in
• IP65/IP67 rated protection against water and dust
• Compact and rugged
• Over-molded boot
• One button operation
• Large backlit display
• Loud alarm
• Top & front mounted LED alarm light.
• Translucent case option for enhanced alarm
• Optional built-in vibrating alarm.
• Exceeds IEC 6100-4-3 for level 3 RFI immunity specifications.
Data storage and downloading
• Standard event logger stores latest 20 events, including sensor type, max reading, average reading, time and duration
• IrDA PC communication
• Standard black-box data recorder
• Datalogger upgrade optional
Batteriy life
• Replaceable Lithium battery - 9000 hours of operation
110 Series XLS
Sensors and calibration
• O2, CO, H2S, SO2, CO+, CO-H, Cl2, ClO2, NH3, NO2, PH3, HCN
• One-button automatic calibration
Take all the advances packed into the Shield XL
and add another big one: four different programmable alarm settings. The Shield XLS gives you
the flexibility to adjust the alarm to suit your specific needs in a variety of working environments.
Its combination of the STEL alarm, TWA alarm
and adjustable alarm settings you can change in
the field means the XLS helps you master your
environment in way other detectors just can’t.
Item Alarms
• Low, high, STEL and TWA audible and visible alarms
• Optional vibrating alarm
110-495-102XLS 110 Series XLS Hydrogen Sulfide $285.00
Standard accessories:
• Heavy-duty alligator clip
• Calibration adapter
• Reference manual and quick reference card
Value kit - All standard accessories, plus:
Compact-sized (34 liter) cylinder of calibration gas., fixed-flow regulator
and foam-lined carrying case.
Single Gas Monitors (01 Series)
2 preset adjustable alarm levels
Operates 16 hours on 2 AAA alkaline batteries
Low battery alarm
Alligator or belt clip available
Choose from: LEL, O2, H2S, CO
Vibration, visual and audible alarms
73-0044RK-01 73-0046RK-01 OX-01, 0-40% O2 with alkaline and alligator clip GP-01, 0-100% LEL with alkaline and alligator clip CO-01, 0-500 ppm with alkaline and alligator clip HS-01, 0-100 ppm with alkaline and alligator clip
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Fax: 360-577-4244
Oxygen –Standard kit
Carbon monoxide Standard kit
Carbon monoxide Value kit CO Plus Standard kit
CO Plus Value kit
CO Minus H, reduced sensitivity to H2
CO Minus H, reduced sensitivity to H2
Hydrogen sulfide Standard kit Hydrogen sulfide Value kit
Sulfur dioxide Standard kit
Sulfur dioxide Value kit
Ammonia NH3 Standard kit Ammonia NH3 Value kit
Chlorine Standard kit
Chlorine Value kit
Nitrogen dioxide Standard kit Nitrogen dioxide Value kit
Hydrogen cyanide Standard kit
Phosphine Standard kit
Phosphine Value kit
Toxi Vision EX SingleSensor Combustible
Gas Detector
The Toxi Vision is a durable, 3.5” x 2.5“
single-sensor gas detector that offers
consistent long-term protection and low
cost of ownership.
Features a rugged metal-plated case that
is immune to both RFI and the elements.
One-button operation keeps it simple. A
few minutes of training is all it takes to
ensure proper operation. The large liquid
crystal display can be easily seen from
several feet away. A manually-activated backlight ensures the visibility of
the readings even in low light conditions. An audible alarm and bright
LED alarm light warn users of dangerous conditions, while an optional
vibrating alarm is available for use in high-noise environments.
54-37-21 54-37-18 54-37-20 54-37-13 54-37-0N
Oxygen (O2)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
H2S Hydrogen Sulfide NH3 Ammonia Cl2 Chlorine
ClO2 Chlorine Dioxide
PH3 Phosphine Vibrating Alarm
This fully serviceable gas detector
features real-time gas reading, max
readings for the current operating
session, and customizable warning
and danger alarms to let you know
when combustible gas is present
The Toxi Vision EX is available in your
choice of Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable versions. The NiMH rechargeable version
includes a black box data recorder and an event logger as standard
equipment. The black box in the NiMH version can be upgraded to
a full-featured datalogger at any time after purchase. At this time, the
alkaline version is not available with any type of data recording system.
• One-button operation
• Large backlit display
• Loud alarm (92dBA @ 1 foot)
• Alkaline version is rated IPX5/IPX7 against water ingress and NiMH
version is rated IPX5
• RFI immunity to 40 V/m
• Top- and front-mounted bright LED
• Security beep (selectable via PC)
• Alkaline model runs up to 13 hours on 2 AA batteries
• NiMH model runs up to 15 hours between charges
• NiMH rechargeable version includes charger
Titan® Combustible
Gas Detector
• One-button automatic calibration
This single-gas instrument, used for detection of
flammable gases or vapors, is reliable, easy to use and
• One-button operation
• Strong, reliable construction
• Large, easy-to-read display
• Maximum alarms
• Power supply flexibility
• Durable sensor
Readout and alarms:
• Programmable warning and danger alarms (via PC)
• Current and max gas readings
• NiMH version comes with standard black box data recorder and event
• Alkaline version has no data recording options
Standard Accessory Kit includes:
• Belt clip, calibration adapter. reference manual, and quick reference
• Rechargeable NiMH version includes charger.
Prices starting at $550.00
LKD100 Combustible
Gas Leak Detector
• Low-cost leak detection of natural gas
• Pulsed-tone audible alarm and LED visual
The LKD100 is an ideal, low-cost monitoring solution for
fire and police workers that may encounter or check for natural
gas leaks during the course of their day. The LKD100 offers continuous detection of natural gas leaks and sounds an alarm when the combustible gas concentration exceeds the preset level of 500 ppm.
The unit fits comfortably in a shirt pocket or tool belt and the rechargeable version (charger included) provides up to 10 hours of continuous
monitoring. The alkaline version uses two AA batteries for up to 8 hours
of run time. UL approved for use in Class I, Div. 2 hazardous locations.
LKD100 Combustible Gas Leak Detector (Alkaline) LKD100 Combustible Gas Leak Detector (Rechargeable)
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Confined Space Complete Kit Includes:
• All standard accessories, plus
• Standard sized (103 liter) cylinder of calibration gas
• Fixed flow regulator
• Foam-lined waterproof hardshell carrying case
Value Kit Includes
All standard accessories, plus
• Compact sized (34 liter) cylinder of calibration gas
• Fixed flow regulator
• Foam-lined hardshell carrying case
Add suffix (K) for Value kit or (C) for Confined space kit
Value Kit Confined Kit
ToxiVisonEx w/ Alkaline batteries
ToxiVisionEX w/Recharge. NiMH
Options and replacement sensors available, please call for more information.
Fax: 360-577-4244
Toxi Vision Single
Sensor Gas Detector
Good Value Single Gas Monitor
The Pac III Monitor delivers the most
value of any single gas monitor available. The most sensors available, plus
the loudest audible alarm, the largest
display the easiest to use electronics,
and the smartest sensors. All of these
features are found in this small and
rugged gas monitor. Using DrägerSensor® technology, the Pac III is the
most versatile gas detection instrument because it can utilize any one
of Draeger’s 30+ intelligent sensors,
and quickly switch between them in
the field.
The Dräger-Sensors® provide fast and accurate response to hazardous gas
levels while the attention-getting alarms make sure you know the danger is
present. The Pac III provides the most sensing and alarming capabilities of
any single gas monitor in the industry today.
Rugged Housing
Many gas-monitoring applications are also environmentally challenging. It
is not uncommon to work in environments that are hot, cold, wet, dirty,
or affected by corrosive gases. These extreme working environments, such
as an offshore oil rig or an underground mine, put equipment to the test.
The Pac III was designed to handle these tough conditions in stride, and it
does! The metal plated ABS housing provides a lightweight package that is
easy to wear, but can take a beating in the field.
Regardless of accidental drops, unintentional bumps, or the occasional
submersion in water, the Pac III is still ready to measure gas and sound its
alarms. O-rings seal the housing from water or dust. The horn and sensor
compartments are sealed against the elements too. The Pac III is ready for
the most demanding applications.
Ideal for the protection of workers and contractors at chemical plants,
oil platforms, steel mills, mines and almost any other industrial working
UL, Classes I & II, Division 1 Group A-D, T6
Sensors Accepted:
H2S, CO, O2, CL2, NO2, NH3, HCN, NO, CO2, HF/HCL, H2,
H2O2, N2H4, H2SHC, CO-HC, PH3-HC, Organic Vapors, Hydrides,
Amines and Odor.
4530010 Pac III Standard $465.00
Pac III Hygiene (with datalogger) $565.00
Pac III Hygiene Kit (with down load kit) $1,025.00
Plus we offer all the accessories, like leather carry case and Computer hardware and
software kits. Sensors ordered separately, please call for available sensors.
ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector
More than two years of high performance!
The ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector featuring sensor options for carbon
monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen will operate for over two years.
This long lifespan, coupled with the unit’s high performance, results in
one of the most cost-effective monitors on the market. Advanced design
offers superior dust and water protection and high resistance to RFI. A
rubberized housing and one-button operation provide the durability and
ease of use users expect from MSA instruments. The triple-alarm system
featuring two bright LEDs, a piercing audible alarm, and a vibrating alarm
ensures that no alarm condition goes unnoticed.
The ALTAIR Detector automatically records the last 25 alarm and test
events. To read data or change alarm set points simply connect the unit to
an MSA infrared adapter using the built-in IR communication port.
Approvals & Standards
• US & Canada: Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C & D
• Europe: ATEX II 2G Eex ia IIC T4 -20ºC to +50ºC
• Australia: Ex ia IIC T4 -20ºC to +50ºC
• Chemical
• Construction
• Electric Utility
• Gas Detection
• General Industry
• Hazardous Materials
• Indoor Air Quality
• Manufacturing
• Nuclear
• Oil and Gas
• Water/Wastewater
• Leak Detection
• Oxygen Deficiency
• Toxic Atmosphere IDLH
• Toxic Atmosphere Non-IDLH
Please call for pricing and additional information.
Prices starting at $199.00
sells, rents and services, most brand name Gas Detection Devices.
Please contact our Customer Service or Repair Departments for more information.
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Fax: 360-577-4244
Pac 1000
Maintenance-free, two-year guarantee
Ideal for short-term projects such as shut
down activities
Equipped to display actual readings, peak
exposure level, life remaining, and two alarm
setpoints. Designed to be compact and lightweight, it can be easily slipped into a pocket,
or clipped to belt or hard hat.
• Rugged, compact size
• Two-year, maintenance-free protection
• Internal vibrator alarm
• Two alarm levels (other alarm points available from the factory)
• Peak reading
• Simple one button operation
Oxygen Shield
CO Shield H2S Shield $211.68
This maintenance-free instrument guarantees
the reliable monitoring of ambient air and provides a fast warning against harmful concentrations of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide,
or oxygen.
By using the status display and without replacing the battery or the sensor, the Dräger Pac
1000 can be used maintenance-free for over 100 days. This small, ergonomic instrument is equipped with an alligator clip in order to securely
fasten the unit to the user.
For individual configuration, calibration and adjustment of the bump test
mode, the instrument can be connected using the connecting cradle to a
PC with the installed software PAC Vision or CC-Vision. Several instruments can be configured and calibrated at the same time.
Pac 1000 for CO 30 pppm-60ppm
Pac 1000 for H2S 10 pppm-20ppm
Pac 1000 for 02
19 Vol-%
Leather Carry case Alarm Threshold
GasBadge® Plus Personal
Single-Gas Monitor
• 2-year continuous monitoring
• Low-cost O2, CO, H2S, SO2 or NO2
• PPM or % by volume readout
• Powerful audible alarm complemented by vibrating and visual alarms, standard
• User adjustable alarm and calibration gas
• Water resistant
• 2-year warranty
GasBadge® Plus is a two-year, maintenance-free, single gas monitor ideal
for personal protection from unsafe levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide,
hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen dioxide. The unit’s compact
size and light weight - 2.5 oz – (72 grams) allow it to be worn comfortably
with a variety of clip attachments, and the top-mounted sensor provides
continuous and unobstructed protection even when placed in a shirt
pocket. The rugged enclosure is extremely durable, and resistant to water
and radio frequency interference. A protective concussion-proof overmold
protects the unit from extreme abuse in a variety of harsh industrial
GasBadge® Plus – Carbon Monoxide (CO) $195.00
GasBadge® Plus – Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) $195.00
GasBadge® Plus – Oxygen (O2)
GasBadge® Plus – Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) $325.00
GasBadge® Plus – Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
GasBadge® Plus Nylon Carrying Case
GasBadge® Plus 2-unit Nylon Carrying Case $15.00
GasBadge® Constant-Flow Hand Pump
GasBadge® Neck Lanyard w/Safety Release $5.00
Replacement water/dust sensor barriers (5 ct.)$10.00
GasBadge® Datalink
Cal Plus™ Calibration Station
Cal Plus™ Calibration Station w/on-board printer
Serial data thermal printer with infrared interface
Serial data dot matrix printer, 120 VAC powered
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Pac 3000 Single-Gas Detector
Personal monitoring single-gas instrument
Ensures reliable monitoring of ambient air and fast
warnings against harmful concentrations of carbon
monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, and oxygen. Thanks
to its low-power status display, the Drager Pac
3000 can be used maintenance-free for over two
years without replacing the sensor. This small and ergonomic instrument
is covered with a rubber housing and meets the requirements of IP 65. An
alligator clip provides secure attachment of the unit to the wearer. Ease of
use is enhanced by the following features:
• Two-button operation
• Easy to change lithium battery
• Large, strongly backlit language-free display
CO 0 to 500 ppm 35 ppm 50 ppm
H2S 0 to 100 ppm 10 ppm 20 ppm
O2 0 to 25 Vol.-% 19.5 Vol.-% 23.5 Vol.-%
The Mighty-Tox is an inexpensive, rugged,
single-sensor, disposable gas detector that is
available for the detection of either hydrogen
sulfide (H2S) or carbon monoxide (CO).
Once the Mighty-Tox is activated, it monitors
continuously for a full 90-days. A built-in test
button lets you verify the unit is operating properly.
As the instrument reaches the end of its operational life,
a low-battery alarm begins to sound and then continues to sound once
per minute for the last seven days of operation. After the Mighty-Tox has
reached its end of service life simply throw it away.
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Fax: 360-577-4244
110 Series Single-Gas Monitors
Toxi3Ltd and ToxiLtd
Disposable Single-Gas
VX500 Photo Ionization Detector
• Ideal for arson investigation and HazMat
• Internal pump for remote sample
• 90 dB audible & LED alarm
The Toxi3Ltd and ToxiLtd are both low-cost,
full-featured, disposable single-gas monitors
with an operating life of two full years. The
ToxiLtd is available for the detection of your
choice of O2, CO, H2S or SO2.
Despite its low price and ease of use, the Toxi3Ltd
and ToxiLtd are sophisticated gas detectors rated to
IPX5/IPX7 against water ingress and even includes
an event logger as standard equipment. Choose from a
two - or three-year battery life.
• Compact and rugged
• IPX5/IPX7 rated protection against water
• Over-molded boot
• One button operation
• Large display
• Loud alarm
• Top & front mounted bright LED
• Available with built-in vibrating alarm
• Exceeds IEC 6100-4-3 for level 3 RFI immunity specifications
Data storage
• Automatic event logger (Latest 20 events, including sensor type, max
readings, average readings, time and duration)
• Displays service life remaining unless alarm condition is present
• During alarm condition, actual gas reading is shown
Battery Life
• ToxiLtd: Internal Lithium - 2 years of operation
• Toxi3Ltd: Internal Lithium - 3 years of operations
The VX500 PID uses a field-replaceable, plug-in detector and
10.6eV lamp to detect and
measure hazardous volatile
organic compounds (VOCs)
like toluene, xylene and vinyl
chloride at levels as low as 100
parts per billion (ppb). The VX500 has 100 response factors factory-loaded that enable the display reading to be tuned to a particular gas while
still providing easy access to the most commonly encountered hazards.
Features include one-button calibration with user-definable security code,
TWA and STEL readings with peak/hold memory, and a time-delay power button that prevents unintentional shut-off. The large LCD display
offers manual or automatic backlighting in darkness or alarm conditions.
The VX500 is compatible with ISC’s Docking Station, allowing complete
use of that system’s automatic calibration and record-keeping functions.
Choose rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for up to 18 hours of run time,
or three replaceable AA alkaline batteries for up to 7 hours of run time.
The VX500 is housed in an impact-resistant ABS composite case that
provides full EMI and RFI shielding.
VX500 PID Monitor w/10.6 eV Lamp (Li-ion)
VX500 PID Monitor w/10.6 eV Lamp (Alkaline)
Sensors and calibration
• O2, CO, H2S, or SO2
• One-button automatic calibration
Standard accessories:
• Heavy-duty alligator clip
• Calibration adapter.
• Reference manual and quick reference card
MiniRAE 2000
Value kit - All standard accessories, plus:
• Compact-sized (34 liter) cylinder of calibration gas
• Fixed-flow regulator
• Foam-lined carrying case
Toxi3Ltd Configuration
Carbon Monoxide Standard Kit
Carbon Monoxide Value Kit Hydrogen Sulfide Standard Kit
Hydrogen Sulfide Value Kit Price
ToxiLtd Configuration
Oxygen Standard Kit
Carbon Monoxide Standard Kit
Carbon Monoxide Value Kit Hydrogen Sulfide Standard Kit
Hydrogen Sulfide Value Kit Sulfur Dioxide Standard Kit 102
Phone: 800-MALLORY
The smallest pumped handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor on the market. Its Photoionization Detector’s (PID) extended range of 0-10,000 ppm
makes it an ideal instrument for applications from environmental site surveying to HazMat/Homeland Security.
• Measure more chemicals than with any other PID
• When a gas is selected from MiniRAE 2000’s library its
alarm points are automatically loaded into the meter.
Monitor Only includes:
• MiniRAE 2000 unit with 10.6 eV PID detector
• Nickel metal hydride batteries w/ charger
• Alkaline battery holder
• Protective Rubber boot
• Inlet probe and water trap
• Operation and maintenance manual
• Soft carry case
• Tool Kit
MiniRae w/datalogging Fax: 360-577-4244
Fits in a pocket for monitoring of worker exposure to Volatile Organic
Compounds (VOCs).
• Rechargeable Ni-Cd
battery provides up to
10 hours of continuous
• Keys easily accessible even
with gloves
• Large easy-to-read backlight display
• Easily changeable PID lamp and sensor
• Varying audio alarm signals for different alarm conditions
• Factory preset and user programmable alarms
• Protects from interference by portable radios (RFI)
Includes: Calibration adapter with tubing, protective rubber boot with
integral belt clip, operation and maintenance manual, alkaline adapter for
2 AAA batteries and Ni-Cd battery and charger.
ToxiRAE Monitor
ToxiRAE Monitor w/datalogging
ppbRAE Plus
Volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor
The rugged ppbRAE Plus is the most sensitive handheld volatile organic
compound (VOC) monitor in the world. Its Photoionization Detector
(PID) provides true parts-per-billion (ppb) detection for applications from
indoor air quality (IAQ) to HazMat/Homeland Security.
UltraRAE Monitor
The UltraRAE is a quick, spot-check monitor typically used by occupational health, safety, and environmental personnel. The combination filter
tube and Photoionization Detector (PID) removes the disadvantages associated with colorimetric tubes and gas chromatographs. The UltraRAE
has the advantage of providing a fast, continuous reading and datalogging of concentrations of Benzene, Methylene Chloride, or Butadiene.
Applications include tank entry pre-screening during refinery and plant
maintenance, hazardous material response, marine spill response, and
refinery down-stream monitoring.
Monitor only includes:
• UltraRAE monitor, Model PGM-7200
• Rubber boot with belt clip
• Rechargeable NiMH battery w/charger
• Alkaline battery adapter
• Total VOC tube
• 10 - RAESEP bar-coded benzene pre-tubes
• ProRAE Suite Software for datalogging, computer cable
• Manual and soft leather case
Monitor kit includes:
• UltraRAE monitor, Model PGM7200
• Rubber boot with belt clip
• Rechargeable NiMH battery w/charger
• Alkaline battery adapter
Calibration kit includes:
• 5-ppm benzene calibration gas (34L cylinder), Tedlar
bag, 3-liter/minute regulator
• Hard transport case with precut foam
• Lamp cleaning kit and tools
• Total VOC tube
• 10 RAE-SEP bar-coded benzene pre-tubes
• ProRAE Suite Software for datalogging, computer cable
• Manual and soft leather case
Key Features:
• New extended range from 1 ppb to 2,000 ppm
• Proven PID technology: The patented dual-channel 3D sensor provides
a 3-second response time and sets a new standard for resistance to
moisture and dirt, while the superbright 10.6eV lamp provides extra
sensitivity for low ppb measurements.
• Exclusive zeroing tube assures repeatability at low-level measurements
with a disposable VOC zeroing tube
• Patented self-cleaning lamp and sensor minimize the need for maintenance and calibration
• The ppbRAE Plus lamp and sensor can be taken apart in seconds for
easy maintenance without any tools
• Measure more chemicals than with any other PID: with over 100 Correction Factors built into the ppbRAE Plus’s memory and the largest
printed list of Correction Factors in the world (300+), RAE Systems
offers the ability to accurately measure more ionizable chemicals than
any other PID. When a gas is selected from the ppbRAE Plus’s library,
its alarms points are automatically loaded into the meter
• Drop-in battery: when work schedules require putting in more hours
than the 10 hours supplied by the standard NiMH battery, the drop-in
alkaline pack supplied with every ppbRAE Plus lets you finish the job
• Stores up to 267 hours of data at one-minute intervals for downloading
to PC (with the datalogging option)
HazMat/Homeland Security, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene and
Safety, Environmental
UltraRae Monitor
Monitor w/Accessories Kit
Monitor w/Accessories & Calibration Kit $5,100.00
Phone: 800-MALLORY
The ppbRAE Plus detector can be made wireless with the use of
RAELink2. This allows real-time monitoring information from the detector to be integrated into an existing AreaRAE system. A wireless RF (radio
frequency) modem allows detectors equipped with Firmware version 1.20
or higher to communicate and transmit readings and other information
on a real-time basis with an AreaRAE base controller located up to 2 miles
ppbRAE Plus PGM-7240 with Universal charger
ppbRAE PLUS PGM-7240 with Accessory and Calibration Kit
Fax: 360-577-4244
ToxiRAE Personal PID
HAZMATCAD Plus Chemical Agent Detector
Detects both chemical warfare agents and selected toxic industrial chemicals (TICs). Both units are ruggedly constructed, compact and lightweight. They are also extremely easy to use, requiring no prior training.
A single key press begins automatic sampling and analysis. Audible and
visual alarm messages provide clear and simple alarm condition display.
Offers self-diagnostic check during rapid warm-up,
alphanumeric display with LED alarms and 8-12 hour
operation with rechargeable lithium ion batteries.
Vapor diffusion check source verifies system performance. The inlet design protects against dust and
particulates. Kits include a battery charger, belt clip,
two Sony long-life lithium ion rechargeable batteries,
a waterproof carrying case, vapor check source and
operating manual.
Used to detect these hazards:
• Combustible atmosphere
• Confined space
• Oxygen deficiency
• Toxic atmosphere IDLH
• Toxic atmosphere Non-IDLH
Call for Pricing and Availability
Portable, Wireless, Chemical Warfare Agent
Detection Systems
Small enough to use as a personal detector, a
monitor for surveying contaminated areas or a
fixed installation detector.
ChemRAE is the latest in state-of-the art handheld Chemical Warfare Agent detection and
identification systems. The ChemRAE uses proven
Open Loop Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)
technology for enhanced selectivity and sensitivity.
It is designed to detect Chemical Warfare Agents
and toxic industrial chemicals.
Draeger CMS Analyzer
Accurate gas measurements are made easier
with the Draeger CMS. This new generation
spot-check detection device is literally as easy
as 1-2-3 to operate. Simply insert one of the
55 chemical-specific CMS Chips into the
Analyzer and follow the instructions on the
display as to when to move the slide switch.
TWA levels are typically analyzed in 1-2
minutes. Upon completion of this process,
the concentration is indicated on the LCD
• Easy to use
• Digital display of results
• On-board data-recorder
• UL, CSA, and MSHA approved
• No gas calibration required
• Accuracies up to +/- 4%
6405300 8317700 4055711 4055976 4056455 CMS Analyzer Set with Data Recorder: Includes Analyzer, 4 AA Alkaline Batteries and 3mm Allen Wrench $1,729.00
CMS Analyzer with Remote System $2,295.00
CMS Emergency Response Kit Includes Analyzer Set, Remote System, Bar Probe, 10 Chips and Carrying Case
(includes the following chips: Ammonia 10.0-150 ppm,
Carbon Dioxide 1,000-25,000 ppm, Carbon Monoxide 5.0-150 ppm $3,585.00
CMS Emergency Response Kit without Chips Includes Analyzer Set, Remote System, Bar Probe and Carrying Case
CMS Indoor Air Quality Kit: Includes Analyzer Set, 4 Chips and Nylon Transport Case (includes the following chips: Carbon Dioxide 200-3000 ppm, Carbon Monoxide 5.0-150 ppm, Formaldehyde 0.20-5.0 ppm and Ozone 25.0-1000 ppb)
HazMat Kits for identifying unknown chemicals
Can be used as a stand-alone portable monitor or integrated into an
AreaRAE network by using a RAELink2 modem. Integration into an Area
RAE network allows you to add CWA to existing complement of RAE
Systems portable gas monitors. Weighs less than 2 lbs, can be powered by
a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack or AA batteries. Clear and simple
user interface can be operated with one hand. ChemRAE stores agent
alarm information for retrieval at a later time to provide historical log of
events. ChemRAE has no consumables and does not require expendable
desiccant cartridges. Designed for low life cycle and operating costs.
Ideal for First Responders, HazMat Management, and Fixed and VehicleMounted CWA monitoring.
Please call for information on ordering and accessories.
Deluxe HazMat Kit contains the following: Gastec Model GV-100 Pump Kit
(GV-100-S-TR), Gastec Detector Tube
Handbook, hard shell carrying case, 5
meter extension hose with rubber shroud
tube holder, 2 light sticks, Decision Chart
I, Irritant Smoke Tube Kit (9500), M8 Detection Paper (1-0 Tests), tweezers, Ammonia tubes (3L), Benzene tubes
(121S),l Carbon monoxide tubes (1LA), Chlorine tubes (8LA), Ethyl
acetate tubes (141L), Hydrogen cyanide tubes (12L), Hydrogen sulfide
tubes (4LL), Hydrocarbons (low class) tubes (103), Hydrocarbons (high
class) tubes (105), Petroleum naphtha tubes (106), Polytec I tubes (Qualitative Test) (107), Stoddard Solvent tubes (128), Sulfur dioxide tubes
(5LB). Note: Each kit contains 1 box of each type of Gastec tube listed in
description. Most boxes contain 10 tubes unless otherwise noted.
Deluxe HazMat kit
Complete kits starting at $9,000.00
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Fax: 360-577-4244
The GammaRAE II is a rapid detector of y-ray (gamma) sources.
It is the only personal radiation
detector with a loud audible
alarm; big, bright flashing LEDs;
and a vibration alarm. The GammaRAE II contains a sensitive
Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator for excellent search capability and
fast response, and works well in
applications from law enforcement to HazMat teams and fire
• Prominent visible, audible and
vibration alarms
Description Price
Gamma RAE II Kit includes, belt clip & batteries
NeutronRAE II
GammaRAE II Responder
The GammaRAE II Responder is two instruments in one: it has the rapid response of a
detector and the accurate dose measurement of a
dosimeter. It is designed specifically to meet the
needs of first responders.
This instrument contains two separate sensors.
The Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator provides a
fast, two-second response to radiological threats,
while the energy-compensated PIN diode provides
high dose rate range coverage and accurate dose measurements.
The GammaRAE II Responder accumulates accurate total dose. Stored
dosage data can be cumulative or reset for each use period. It alerts the
wearer with a loud audible alarm; big, bright flashing LEDs; and a built-in
vibration alarm. For stealth operations, law enforcement personnel can
disable each alarm individually.
• Immersible (IP67) design makes for reliable operation in wet environments and easy decontamination. IS certification permits operation in
potentially flammable/explosive environments.
• Sensitive CsI scintillator for excellent search capability and fast response
• Energy-compensated PIN diode sensor for high dose rate range and
accurate dosimeter capabilities
• Prominent visible, audible and vibration alarms
• Immersible in water for easy decontamination
• Top-mounted reversible display
• Continuous digital readout in µR/h (µR/em/h) or in µSv/h (µSieverts/
h) and cps (counts per second)
• Two operation keys, simple intuitive programming
• Two AA Alkaline batteries last up to 500 hours
• Large, 30,000-point datalog capacity, downloaded via cable-free Bluetooth® connection
• Alerts First Responders to radioactive threats
• Accurately measures accumulated dose to the wearer
• Customs and border patrols
• Ideal for: Law enforcement; Security officers in nuclear power facilities,
banks, government laboratories and medical facilities; Military; Government agencies; HazMat teams; Fire Departments
Description 047-0501-000
GammaRAE II Responder
Phone: 800-MALLORY
NeutronRAE II is the first personal radiation detector to provide rapid detection of both gamma
(Y) ray and neutron sources even in potentially
flammable environments. Certified intrinsically
safe and water-immersible for chemical decontamination purposes, the NeutronRAE II can be
safely used in more environments than any other
personal gamma and neutron radiation detector.
The NeutronRAE II is designed for use in rough
environments. It is immersible (IP67) in water
for easy decontamination, and it”s concussionproof case provides shock protection if the detector is dropped. The two-button operation is designed for use even in Level
A protection suits with two layers of gloves.
The NeutronRAE II features fast response time for both the neutron and
gamma radiation. Alarm modes can be set to operate in “Search Mode”
based on local background radiation levels or “Safety Mode” providing
high and low alarm levels based on absolute dose rates.
• Detects neutrons from weapons-grade Plutonium (239Pu)
• Sensitive CsI and LiI scintillators for excellent search capability and fast
• Prominent visible, audible and vibration alarms
• Immersible in water for easy decontamination
• Top-mounted reversible display
• Continuous digital readout in µR/h (µR/em/h), µSv/h (µSieverts/h),
and cps (counts per second) for gamma; cps (counts per second) for
neutron radiation
• Dust and shock resistant
• Two AA Alkaline batteries last up to 600 hours
• Automatic background level referencing on start-up and upon user
• Passes drop test from 59” (1.5m) to hard concrete
• Low EMI interference from cell phones and portable radios
• Programmable search and high/low safety alarms
Used by: First responders to radioactive threats, Fire Departments,
HazMat teams, Military and government.
Kit Includes:
• NeurtonRAEII
• Belt clip and wrist strap
• 2 AA alkaline batteries
• Operation and maintenance manual
• ProRAE Studio Radiation software
Neutron RAE II Pager Kit
Fax: 360-577-4244
• Water-resistant for easy decontamination
• Top-mounted reversible display
• Continuous digital readout in µR/h (µRem/
h) and cps (counts per second). Optional
readout in µSv/h (µSieverts/h)
• Fast < 0.5-second response
• Two operation keys, simple programming
• Calibrated for life
• Two AA Alkaline batteries last up to 800 hours
• Automatic background level referencing on
start-up and upon user demand
• Low EMI interference from cell phones and
portable radio
SafeTOX Gas Monitor
The SafeTOX Gas Monitor is used in a
variety of industrial applications. Easy
to install and operate; just apply power
to the SafeTOX Gas Monitor and it is
ready for operation. SafeTOX Monitor
can be applied in any indoor and outdoor application where there is a threat
of the build-up of combustible gases,
the presence of toxic gases, or oxygen
deficiency. Designed for maximum
performance and reliability.
• Housed in a rugged, metal enclosure
designed for NEMA 4X
• Designed with the sensor mounted
external to the enclosure, it is easily
replaced by simply unscrewing the sensor housing and removing the
plug-in sensor
• Factory calibrated, making them ready for installation and immediate
• Uniquely designed to eliminate all potentiometers, or any other type of
internal adjustment
• Shipped with a unique Sensorgard which protects the sensor from dirt,
water, while allowing gas to penetrate into the unit. The Sensorgard also
acts as a baffle in windy environments.
Standard features include:
• Large, 1.75, four-digit LED display
• Three levels of alarm
• Large LED alarm indicators
• Internal relay contacts for FAULT, CAUTION, WARNING and
• A normally-energized fault relay provides a contact output for any
condition that would not be considered NORMAL
• Failsafe fault relay output
• Diagnostics that appear on the display
• Audible alarm
• 4-20 mA output
Description Price
10062825 10062829 10062842 10062846
Carbon Monoxide 0-500 PPM
Oxygen 0-25%
Hydrogen Sulfide 0-100 PPM Chlorine 0-5 PPM
Combustible gas 0-100% LEL - Solvents
iTrans™ Fixed-Point
Gas Monitor
The iTrans Fixed-Point Gas Monitor
offers maximum flexibility, superior
performance and lower installation
costs by providing one or two points
of detection from a single head.
The iTrans employs “smart” sensor
technology to monitor a specific
environment for a combination
of any two gases. “Smart” sensors
feature automatic sensor recognition, zero and cal fault protection and access code security. Each unit is
a microprocessor-controlled transmitter that can operate independently,
or multiple units can be configured into a multipoint system capable of
accommodating more than 200 transmitters in RS485 bus configuration.
Each unit can transmit a 4-20mA signal or ModBus RTU digital output
to any control device or PLC. Units equipped with optional onboard relays can operate as stand-alone monitors, activating alarms, horns or fans.
They can also shut down a system without needing to be hardwired back
to a central control. A relay deactivation feature prevents accidental alarm
activation during calibration. Other features include a bright dual-channel split-screen LED display, programmable alarms, and onboard sensor
life indicators. Approvals: NRTL/c, Class I, Divisions 1, 2, Groups B, C,
D; CSA, Class I, Divisions 1, 2, Groups B, C, D; CENELEC (ATEX),
EEx d IIB H2 T5. See below for common configurations, call for others.
Single-Gas Monitors
iTrans H2S (0-500 ppm)
iTrans H2S (0-500 ppm), w/On-Board Relays
iTrans CO (0-999 ppm)
iTrans CO (0-999 ppm), w/On-Board Relays
iTrans O2 (0-30%) $695.00
iTrans O2 (0-30%), w/On-Board Relays
iTrans, LEL (0-100%) Pentane Cal. $695.00
iTrans, LEL (0-100%) Pentane Cal., w/On-Board Relays
iTrans, LEL (0-100%)/O2 (0-30%) $990.00
iTrans, LEL (0-100%)/O2 (0-30%), w/On-Board Relays
iTrans, LEL (0-100%)/H2S (0-500 ppm)
iTrans, LEL (0-100%)/H2S (0-500 ppm), w/On-Board Relays
while a 120 VAC power supply option is available for convenient plug-in
Industry proven performance
monitoring applications. Configure your AirAware to match your needs,
combined with a new, low-proadding options. The AirAware is covered by a one-year warranty
file design makes the Industrial
Scientific AirAware a logical choice
for those critical areas that require
continuous monitoring but not the environmental protection of an
68100056-11100 CO control w/ audio alarm $509.00
explosion-proof enclosure. Providing discrete monitoring and enhanced
68100056-11300 CO control/transmit w/ audio alarm $539.00
aesthetics for more commercial or institutional settings, the AirAware
68100056-31010 NH3 monitor w/ power supply, audio alarm$689.00
Series is the ideal solution for reliable, low-cost, fixed-point monitoring.
68100056-31100 NH3 control w/ audio alarm $739.00
The AirAware can be configured to operate as a monitor with local LED
display, a controller with on-board relay switching capability, a transmitter
68100056-31300 NH3 control/transmit w/ audio alarm $769.00
with 4-20mA or Modbus RTU outputs, or as a transmitter with on68100056-71010 CI2 monitor w/ power supply, audio alarm$489.00
board relays. Each configuration is designed to meet your specific indoor
68100056-71100 CI2 control w/ audio alarm $539.00
monitoring needs. Every AirAware is equipped with electrochemical
68100056-71300 CI2 control/transmit w/ audio alarm $569.00
sensing technology, dual alarm LEDs, a digital display providing real-time
68100056-A1010 O2 monitor w/ power supply, audio alarm $459.00
readings, push-button operation and a NEMA 4 type enclosure. When
68100056-A1100 O2 control w/ audio alarm $509.00
alarm conditions are met, low/high alarm visual indicators alert users to
68100056-A1300 O2 control/transmit w/ audio alarm $539.00
gas hazards. Standard operating power is 12-24 VDC for the AirAware,
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Fax: 360-577-4244
S Series Diffusion
The Beacon 110 is a powerful,
low cost fixed system controller
for one point of gas detection.
It is microprocessor controlled,
versatile, simple to install and operate, and
priced to be the industry’s best value single gas detection controller. It
is capable of accepting RKI sensors directly for LEL level combustibles,
Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide, or Carbon Monoxide. The Beacon 110 can
also accept any 4-20 mA transmitter (2 or 3 wire, 24 VDC). Sensors can
be mounted directly at the Beacon 110 housing, or can be wired remote
from the controller.
The 10 amp rated relays are strong enough to directly power external
alarms and horns. The digital display has backlighting and simultaneous
readout of the gas type and concentration.
The Beacon 110 is also housed in a NEMA 4X rated case for a weather
tight seal. This case design complies with lock out / tag out standards
and can be fully secured. An external reset switch allows the alarm to be
silenced from outside of the controller housing. Ships complete with a
wall mounting kit for easy installation.
Petrochemical plants, refineries, water & wastewater treatment, pulp &
paper mills
Please call for pricing and configuration.
Prices starting at $850.00
Many assembly and direct connect sensors are available
with or without a junction box (J-Box).
Beacon 800
Eight Channel
Wall Mount Controller
The Beacon™ 800 is a simplified, versatile, low cost fixed system controller for
one to eight points of gas detection. It is
microprocessor controlled and is capable
of accepting up to 8 separate 4-20 mA
sensor transmitters, which can be either
2 or 3 wire. The Beacon™ 800 can
be powered by either 24 VDC or 115 VAC. It is simple to operate and
comes complete with a wall mount installation kit.
The 2 large digital displays have backlighting and easily identify both
the gas type and the gas concentration for all 8 channels simultaneously.
The Beacon™ 800 is also housed in a NEMA 4X rated case for a weather
tight seal. This case design complies with the new lock out / tag out
standard and can be fully secured. An external reset switch allows alarms
to be silenced from outside the controller housing. The bottom mounted
wiring hubs allow for easy wiring.
With 10 amp rated relays, the Beacon™ 800 can be wired directly to a
variety of devices like alarm horns, buzzers, or lights. This eliminates the
need for costly external relays from the controller to devices.
Prices starting at $1,995.00
Please call for ordering assistance. Please specify the following components, Controller, detector assemblies (up to
8) and any options desired such as heavy-duty relay board
or individual recorder output board. As always, we offer all
the replacement parts and accessories. Need factory startup or training, please call for quote.
Phone: 800-MALLORY
The RKI “S” series gas sensor/
transmitters are highly reliable and
very cost effective basic 4-20 mA
transmitters for detection of common gas hazards. The “S” series transmitters are available for LEL, Oxygen, H2S, CO, or for
0 - 500 ppm Hydrocarbon detection (for various fuels or solvents).
The electronics are encased inside a potted package to avoid damage
from mechanical abuse or corrosion, and the amplifier is installed inside
an explosion-proof enclosure. Sensors for LEL, H2S, CO, and ppm HC
are explosion-proof with flame arrestors. The Oxygen sensor utilizes an
internal I.S. barrier; so all-5 versions are designed for use in hazardous
The only tools required to calibrate the “S” series are a voltmeter, screwdriver, and cal gas. The zero and calibration functions are performed by
adjusting potentiometers on the amplifiers. The amplifier has test jacks
for connection of a voltmeter for calibration purposes, and the sensor
response is viewed on the voltmeter as a 100mV to 500mV signal. One
person can perform Field calibration easily and quickly.
Please call for pricing and configuration.
M2 Series
Stand Alone Explosion
Proof Transmitter -
This state-of-the-art transmitter that can
operate as an independent, stand-alone
system or as part of a system connected
with an analog or digital signal to virtually any
controller, PLC, or DCS. The M2 series detects LEL
combustibles, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, or carbon monoxide. It utilizes a magnetic wand technique for performing non-intrusive
calibration. The M2 provides an automatic zero drift correction features,
which results in more stable readings and reduces the need for adjustments due to sensor aging.
The M2 housing does not need to be opened for zeroing or calibration,
making it unnecessary to declassify the area for routine maintenance.
Internal push buttons can also be used if the housing is opened. It is
designed so that one person can perform a complete field calibration. The
stainless steel flame arrestor that covers the sensor (LEL, H2S, CO, or XP
Oxygen) is water repellent with a special patented water resistant coating.
The M2 provides a 4-20 mA output in addition to a Modbus digital
output. It also has two levels of alarm with relays, plus a fail alarm with a
relay. A digital display of the gas concentration, as well as alarm and status
lights can be viewed through the front window.
Industry Applications
• Petrochemical plants
• Refineries
• Offshore drilling platforms
• Water & wastewater treatment plants
• Pulp & paper mills
• Gas, telephone, & electric utilities
• Parking garages
• Manufacturing facilities
• Automotive
Please call for pricing and configuration.
Prices starting at $950.00
Pricing includes the sensor and explosion proof housing.
Fax: 360-577-4244
Beacon 110 Single
Channel Wall
Mount Controller
Escort™ ELF
Sampling Pump
The patented Escort ELF Sampling Pump
can be used for personal and area sampling.
An internal secondary standard calibrates
the pump continuously and needs to be
checked against a primary standard only
once a month (or every 200 hours for coal
mine dust sampling). The state-of-the-art
electronic laminar flow sensor, consisting of a laminar flow element and
pressure sensor, provides constant flow (volume) control, with +/- 2.5%
regulation of flow rate (from 1 to 3 lpm) and automatic compensation for
changes in battery voltage, temperature, altitude and sample load.
Approvals and Standards:
Escort ELF Sampling Pumps are UL approved as intrinsically safe for use
in hazardous locations—Class I, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Groups E,
F, and G; and Class III, Division I locations. NIOSH certified for coal
mine dust sampling (TC-74-030). MSHA certified as intrinsically safe for
underground use (Approval No. 2G-3924-1)
Nuisance Odor, Particulate and Dust, Toxic Atmosphere Non-IDLH,
Welding, Chemical, Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas, Sand Blasting,
Sanding & Grinding, Spray Painting
805559 805560 711400 Escort ELF Pump with flow faul indicator, 110V single-unit charger, Gemini Twin Port Sampler, and standard packaging $1,079.00
Escort ELF Pump with flow faul indicator, 110V charger, sampling line and standard packaging $881.00
Escort LC Pump with 110V single-unit charger, sampling line and standard packaging $626.00
MSA sampling pump accessories and
air sampling equipment allow monitoring of many different contaminants
in various applications. Sampling
pump accessories can be used in personal and area sampling for a wide variety of airborne contaminants such as asbestos fibers, toxic gases, vapors,
particulates, mists and fumes.
Accessories for MSA sampling pumps include filter cassettes, filter media,
a cyclone assembly, preweighed filter cassettes, filter holder assemblies, impingers, the [email protected] Twin-Port Sampler, sorbent tubes and calibrators.
Please ask a Mallory Customer Service staff
for pricing information.
Phone: 800-MALLORY
The accuro gas detector pump is a manually operated
bellows pump that draws a calibrated 100 milliliter
sample through the short-term Dräger-Tubes.
• One-Hand Operation
• Very Low Maintenance
• End-of-Stroke Indicator
• Built-in automatic Stroke Counter
Hard side kit
Soft side kit
Accuro 2000 Battery Powered Gas
Detector Pump
Drager’s battery powered gas detector pump that is
used in combination with the Accuro pump allowing
“hands-free” operation of the Dräger-Tube System.
• Programmable Stroke Count
• One-Button Operation
• Very Low Maintenance
• Up to 2000 stroke operation
• Lightweight (> 5 lbs / 2.4 kg)
Hard side kit
Dräger Tubes
An established method for measuring
and detecting contaminants in the soil,
water and air. The Dräger-Tube method of
measurement is used for investigating soil
pollution, for investigating liquid samples,
and for air analysis.
More than 500 substances can be detected and measured using the
Dräger-Tube system. Typical applications include the monitoring of workplace air, emission measurements, quality control, process control, and
monitoring of compressed air for breathing apparatus, as well as environmental and hazardous substance detection applications. Sold 10 per box.
ELF Personal Sampling
Pump Accessories
Accuro Gas Detector Pump
6406010 6406020 6406030 6406070 6406080 6406090 6406100 6406110 6406140 6406250 6406260 6406310 6406320 6406400 6406450 6728071 8101831 Ch23501 Ch25601 Chlorine 0.20 - 10.0 ppm
Ammonia 10.0 - 150 ppm Benzene 0.20 - 10.0 ppm Carbon Dioxide 1,000 - 25,000 ppm Carbon Monoxide 5.0 - 150ppm Hydrochloric Acid 1.0 - 25.0 ppm Hydrogen Cyanide 2.0 - 50.0 ppm Sulfur Dioxide 0.40 - 10.0 ppm Hydrochloric Acid 20.0 - 500 ppm Toluene 10.0 - 300 ppm Xylene 10.0 - 300 ppm Propane 100 - 2,000 ppm Trichloroethylene 5.0 - 100 ppm Phosphine 0.10 - 2.5 ppm Water Vapor 0.40 - 10.0 Mg/l Benzene 5/b 5 - 50 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide 1/d 1 - 200 ppm Carbon Dioxide 0.1%/a 0.1- 6 Vol.% Carbon Monoxide 5/c 5 - 700 ppm Fax: 360-577-4244
RAE Systems’ large
selection of Colorimetric
Gas Detection Tubes
offer quick, on-the-spot
measurements of many gases and vapors at low cost. The tubes are easy to
read with a sharp, clear color change and provide accuracy with no need
for calibration.
An asterisk (*) in the list below indicates boxes containing 5 colorimetric
tubes and 5 pre-tubes, for a total of 5 measurements. Standard boxes
without the asterisk have 10 tubes.
Many other Specialty Tubes available.
Acetone (C3H6O) Amines (RNH2) Ammonia (NH3) Benzene (C6H6) Butane (C4H10) Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Chlorine (Cl2) Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Diesel Fuel & Jet Fuel Ethanol (C2H6O) Formaldehyde (CH2O) Gasoline (CnHm) Hydrocarbons (HC) Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
10-111-40 0.1 - 2%
0.5 - 10 ppmv
1 - 30 ppmv
5 - 100 ppmv
0 - 260 ppmv
25 - 500 ppmv
1 - 15% 10-101-01*
0.5 - 10 ppmv selective
10-101-10* 5 - 40 ppmv selective
10-101-20 5 - 100 ppmv
25 - 1400 ppmv
300 - 5000 ppmv
0.05 - 1%
0.25 - 3%
1 - 20%
5 - 40%
10-102-18 5 - 100 ppmv selective
5 - 100 ppmv
20 - 500 ppmv
0.2 - 4%
0.5 - 8 ppmv
5 - 100 ppmv
0.25 - 15 ppmv
0.5 - 25 ppmv
100 - 2000 ppmv
0.1 - 5 ppmv
10-138-30 30 - 1000 ppmv
50 - 1000 ppmv
10-108-09 1 - 20 ppmv
1 - 20 ppmv w/desiccant
10-108-22 20 - 500 ppmv w/desiccant
2.5 - 60 ppmv
0.5 - 20 ppmv
10-103-04 0.2 - 3 ppmv
0.2 - 3 ppmv w/desiccant
1 - 7 ppmv
2.5 - 60 ppmv
10 - 120 ppmv
25 - 250 ppmv
50 - 800 ppmv
100 - 2000 ppmv
0.1 - 2%
2 - 40%
Standard Range
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Standard Range
MEK - Methyl Ethyl Ketone (C4H8O) 10-113-20 Mercaptans (RSH) 10-129-20
Methyl Bromide (CH3Br) 10-131-10
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) 10-117-10 Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) 10-109-20*
Ozone (O3)
Phenol (C6H6O)
Phosphine (PH3) 10-116-10
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 10-107-20
10-107-25 10-107-30 10-107-40
Toluene (C7H8) 10-114-20
Trichloroethylene (C2HCl3) 10-119-20*
Vinyl Chloride (C2H3Cl) 10-128-10*
Water Vapor (H2O) 10-120-20
10-120-40 Xylene (C8H10)
10/tubes/box $30.00
0.02 - 0.6%
5 - 120 ppmv
1 - 18 ppmv
0.5 - 30 ppmv
1 - 50 ppmv
0.05 - 0.6 ppmv
1 - 25 ppmv
5 - 50 ppmv
25 - 500 ppmv
50 - 1000 ppmv
2 - 30 ppmv
5 - 100 ppmv
100 - 1800 ppmv
200 - 4000 ppmv
0.2 - 5%
10 - 300 ppmv
5 - 100 ppmv
1 - 20 ppmv
2 - 10 lbs/MMCF
6 - 40 lbs/MMCF
0.05 - 1.0 mg/L
1 - 18 mg/L
10 - 200 ppmv
10 bxs. $270.00
RAE Piston
Hand Pump
RAE Systems’
Hand Pump is for
use with the Rae line of Gas Detection Tubes. The Hand Pump, along
with the Tubes, offers quick, on-the-spot measurements of many gases
and vapors at low cost without the need for calibration.
• Solid metal construction with RAE Systems’ exclusive lifetime warranty
• Springless piston design for accurate 50 and 100 cc volumes
• Tube tip breaker and glass tip holder
• Clear end-of-flow indicator
• Tapered inlet design avoids leaks with different diameter tubes
• Simple stroke counter
• Additional accessories include remote sampling hoses with 15’ (5 m) or
35’ (11 m) lengths
Tubes sold separately.
Piston Hand pump
Fax: 360-577-4244
Gas Detection
Detector Tubes
Whether for a routine inspection or a HazMat emergency, you
can count on Nextteq’s complete
line of Gastec Detector Tubes to
precisely identify and measure
gases and vapors—over 600 applications. The list below shows the tubes most generally used in the Pulp
and paper industry. Many more are available, so please ask if you don’t see
what you need. Available in boxes of 10 tubes, items marked with (*) are
sold with 5 detector tubes and 5 pre-tubes.
Gastec Gas Sampling Pump Kit
with Thermal Ring
Packed with features, the Gastec
Gas Sampling Pump is the
only pump you need
for measuring gas and
vapor concentrations
quickly and accurately.
Small, lightweight, and rugged, this pump is perfectly
calibrated, displays ambient temperature, and includes
a lifetime warranty. It is simple, always ready, and
intrinsically safe. The Gastec Detector Tube and Pump
System has been designed specifically with the end user in mind to allow
for ease of use without compromising safety.
Weighing only 8 ounces, the intrinsically safe pump can easily be
transported to any test site. The pump body is contoured and covered
with a soft elastomer for a comfortable, secure grip. The exterior of the
pump is composed of a durable and non-corrosive plastic and synthetic
rubber compound, effectively eliminating any risk of sparks should the
pump system be accidentally be dropped into an explosive environment.
The pump incorporates a built-in detector tube tip breaker with a durable
diamond cutting edge. Discarded tips are deposited in a storage bin for
easy disposal.
The fail-safe handle can be locked into two positions: the full stroke
position for a sample volume of 100 ml or the half stroke position for
a sample volume of 50 ml. Both positions are marked by means of an
unambiguous red line thereby eliminating the chance of taking an incomplete pump stroke. The flow finish indicator in the handle ensures precise
sampling volumes. The small diameter of the pump piston allows it to be
pulled out with less effort than many competitors’ pumps.
Gas Sampling Pump Complete (Gastec Gas Sampling Pump with Thermal Ring and Carrying Case; includes spare parts kit (1 lubricant and 3 rubber tube holders with filter), Gastec DetectorTube Handbook, and Accessories brochure) REPLACES GV-100-S
GV-100-S-TR with One-Hand Adapter $338.00
Gastec Gas Sampling Economy Pump (Does not include Gastec Detector Tube Handbook or Flow Finish Indicator; Full 100 ml pump strokes only) $129.00
Phone: 800-MALLORY
91 91L 91LL
91M 185
12H 12L
12M 32
71H 124
10 5H
Acetaldehyde Acrylonitrile Ammonia
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide
Chlorine Dioxide
Hydrazine Hydrogen Cyanide
Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen Sulfide
Methyl Mercaptan
Nitric Oxides Sulfur Dioxide
Sulfuric Acid
5-750 ppm
1-20 ppm
2.5-100 ppm
2-360 ppm*
5-100 ppm
.5-78 ppm
2.5-200 ppm
10-1000 ppm
100-4000 ppm
300-5000 ppm
2.5-2000 ppm
1-30 ppm
5-50 ppm
5-600 ppm
0.1-10% 1-50%
25-1000 ppm
0.16-16 ppm
0.025-2 ppm
0.025-1.2 ppm
0.1-10 pm
2-100 ppm*
0.1-40 ppm
0.05-1 ppm
8-6400 ppm
0.05-2 ppm
0.36-120 ppm
0.2-7 ppm
17-2400 ppm
0.5-10 ppm
0.25-120 ppm
1-240 ppm
0.1-4 ppm
0.5-12 ppm
1-40 ppm
12.5-500 ppm
0.25-140 ppm
20-2700 ppm
10-1500 ppm
2.5-200 ppm
1.25-200 ppm
0.5-5 mg/m3
Fax: 360-577-4244
Solution Detector Tubes
Direct-reading tubes use
diffusion to obtain fast,
accurate measurement of air
contaminants. No need for
motorized or hand pumps,
charts, or laboratory analysis
to determine results. Each
hermetically sealed glass tube contains a reagent sensitive to a specific gas
or vapor. The reagent is contained in a fine-grain absorbing media.
To use, snap off the marked “easy break” end of a tube and insert in tube
holder. The gas or vapor to be measured immediately enters the tube and
reacts with the absorbing media to produce a quantitative color stain.
Gas concentration is shown by the length of stain, and the measurement
is precisely indicated on a single calibration scale printed on each tube.
Simply divide that number by the number of hours exposed to obtain a
time-weighted average (TWA) concentration. The diffusion process offers
a clean, clear line of demarcation.
May be used for sampling periods ranging from 30 minutes to 48 hours,
allowing continued sampling with the same tube even if overtime is
required (avoiding added costs or potential sampling error).
Lightweight tube holder clips easily to clothing for breathing zone measurements without the need for sampling pumps. Serves as an all-in-one
tube tip breaker and holder, minimizing the amount of equipment necessary to perform a test. Pack of three holders.
Dosimeter Tubes
Gastec Dosimeter Tubes provide simple, pre-calibrated, direct-read TWA
(time-weighted average) monitoring of airborne chemicals. Whether for
personnel or area monitoring, Gastec provides users with 3 times more
applications than competitive dosimeter tube systems. Sold 10 per box.
Hydrogen Cyanide
Hydrogen Chloride
Methyl Ethyl Ketone
1,3 Butadiene
Hydrogen Fluoride
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide
Other tubes are available.
100-25000 ppm
2-500 ppm
1-200 ppm
3-300 ppm
3-150 ppm
1-100 ppm
5-1500 ppm
2-600 ppm
1.3-200 ppm
1-100 ppm
1.04-2000 ppm
0.4-400 ppm
0.08-100 ppm
Tube Breaker
The Tube Breaker Deluxe offers a detector tube tip breaker with a durable
diamond cutting edge. Discarded tips are deposited directly into a builtin storage bin, preventing glass fragments from scattering and improving
safety. It holds up to 260 broken tips.
Small and durable, the Tube Breaker Deluxe easily fits in the gas sampling
pump carrying case or in your pocket.
Tube Breaker
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Gastec Solution Detector Tubes provide
fast, economical, on-the-spot detection of
trace chemicals in liquids. Tubes are available to detect a variety of chemicals with
broad measuring ranges.
The tubes are easy to use and do not require
mixing, pumps, calibration, equipment, or
accessories. Simply place a tube in a container with the target solution. Results are
available in moments. Sold 10 per box.
Sulfide Ion-solution
Sulfide Ion-solution
Sulfide Ion-solution
Sulfide Ion-solution
Free Residual Chlorine
Chromium (VI) Ion
Iron Ion-solution
Copper Ion-solution
1-100 ppm
10-1000 ppm
0.5-20 ppm
2-300 ppm
0.1-10 mg
1-20 mg/l
0.5-50 mg/l
5-50 mg/l
1-20 mg/l
3-20 mg/l
5-50 mg/l
Field Soil Test
Equipment and
Soil Detector
The Gastec Field Soil
Test Equipment makes
analyzing ground
contaminants fast and
convenient. Plumes
can be easily and quickly delineated from leaking underground tanks or
chemical spills. The items ready to use anytime, anywhere— no extra
equipment, lab analysis, or testing is necessary.
The rugged Boring Pole enables you to create sampling holes up to 33 1⁄2
inches (80 cm) deep. Plumes can be easily and quickly delineated from
leaking underground tanks or chemical spills.
Gastec Gas Sampling Pump Kit With thermal ring, carry case, 3 rubber Tube holders with filters, lubricant, Gas Detector tube handbook $270.00
Soil Sampling Extension Probe
Boring Pole
Soil Replacement Detector Tubes
Sold 10 per box.
Carbon tetrachloride
2.5-120 ppm
0.5-60 ppm
0.375-6 ppm
30-2000 ppm
0.5-75 ppm
5-600 ppm
2-250 ppm
5-100 ppm
Fax: 360-577-4244
Gastec Dosimeter
Tubes and Tube
Testing kits • Docking stations – INSTRUMENTS
Water Analysis
Gastec Water Analysis
Kits provide precise, onthe-spot measurement of
chlorinated hydrocarbons
using headspace analysis.
The kits are available to
detect trichloroethylene,
tetrachloroethylene and
Each kit includes a Gastec
Gas Sampling Pump and a
box of 10 Gastec tubes, plus a sampling bottle, plastic beaker, thermometer, instructions and carrying case. For replacement tubes, order Water
Analysis Detector Tubes. Sold 10 per box.
Trichloroethylene Kit
Tetrachloroethylene Kit
Trichloroethane Kit
Replacement Water Analysis Detector Tubes (10 per box)
1.1.1 Trichloroethane
Test System
For use with Solaris®, Sirius®
and Orion® Instruments
The Galaxy Automated Test System works
without the touch of a single button. Simply
place the instrument in the test stand and
the system performs the test automatically;
no user intervention is required. The Galaxy
System is completely standalone; it does not
require a computer or network interface for
any mode of operation.
For the fully featured version of Galaxy Automated Test System, an optional network interface is available for either wired (Ethernet) or wireless
(802.11b) networks. The Galaxy interface for data retrieval and reporting
is extremely easy to use. Any web navigator can be used to access the data
of a network-enabled Galaxy Automated Test System. Calibration and
bump check records, due date for instrument calibration, and the ability
to email MSA directly for support are just a few of the capabilities of this
Very Low Total Cost of Ownership
The Galaxy Automated Test System will help lower the overall total cost of
ownership of your MSA gas detection instruments. With the automated
record-keeping capabilities that are available with each Galaxy Test Stand,
there’s no need to keep hand-written records of an instrument’s calibration
Ideal for:
• Domestic preparedness
• Fire fighting
• Gas detection
• Hazardous materials
Clandestine Lab Kits
A complete kit ready to go for Law
Enforcement or Hazmat teams.
Contains Gastec Model GV-100
Pump Kit (GV-100S-TR) with
Thermal Ring, Gastec Detector
Tube Handbook, Hard Shell Carrying Case, Acid gases tubers (80),
Ammonia tubes (3L), Hydrogen
chloride tubes (14L), Phosgene
tubes (16) and Phosphine tubes (7L). Note, kit contains one box of each
type of Gastec tubes listed in description. Each box contains 10 tubes.
50140000 Clandestine Lab Kit
Replacement tubes (10 per box)
Acid Gases
Hydrogen chloride SEI
1-80 ppm
0.5-78 ppm
0.2-76 ppm
0.05-20 ppm
0.15-5 ppm
Phone: 800-MALLORY
• Combustible atmosphere
• Confined space
• Leak detection
• Oxygen deficiency
• Toxic atmosphere IDLH
• Toxic atmosphere Non-IDLH
Multiple System Interconnectivity
Solaris Kit
Sirius Kit
Orion Kit
Basic Standalone Kit
Basic System
Standard Standalone Kit (includes Regulator)
Standard System
Please call for pricing and list of all the other
model numbers and options available.
Fax: 360-577-4244
• Automatic instrument
calibration, recordkeeping, diagnostics
and recharging
• Autonomous, standalone Instrument
Docking Stations
• Network up to 100 IDS units through Ethernet cable or wireless connection
• Graphical user interface to monitor facility-wide network
• Multi-lingual display
• Utilizes a central database for storage of instrument data
The DS2 minimizes customer time required to manage post-purchase
responsibilities and reduces liability. The next generation of automated
calibration, record-keeping, diagnostics and recharging, the DS2 Docking Station™ features two-way communication with a Docking Station
Server that manages up to 100 IDSs through Ethernet or wireless connections. Freestanding, self-contained IDSs, each with a multi-lingual LCD
display, status LEDs, and an audible alarm, allow plant-wide distribution
for autonomous operation, or up to 5 IDSs can be grouped together
to share calibration gas cylinders. Stores instrument data in a central
18105551-AB+ DS2 iTX Instrument Docking Station $1,795.00
18106302-AB+ DS2 GasBadge Pro Docking Station
18105544-AB+ DS2 T82 Instrument Docking Station $1,795.00
18105569-AB+ DS2 VX500 Instrument Docking Station $1,795.00
+ Ordering information: A = Wireless Compact Flash (0-none, 1-installed
+$125.00) B = number of iGas Readers at $45.00 each
NOTE: Calibration gas and regulator not included.
Cal Plus™
Calibration System
• Stand-alone operation –
no PC required
• Simple, push button
calibration or function
(bump) testing
• Immediate report
• Built-in printer option
• Multilingual LCD display
• Wall mountable (wallmounted gas cylinder holder
With the new Cal Plus™ Calibration Station, calibrating and bump
testing the GasBadge™ Plus monitor has never been easier or more cost
effective. The Cal Plus™ features simple, two-button operation allowing the user to quickly and easily calibrate or function (bump) test the
instrument. The large LCD display and the LED indicators then show
whether or not the instrument passed or failed the desired function.
A PC is not required to operate this stand-alone system, making the unit
extremely portable and flexible. When used with a PC, Cal Plus™ software generates calibration and bump test reports that are automatically
downloaded via a standard USB connection. The unit also downloads
alarm events and instrument details, allowing the user to quickly and easily configure instrument preferences.
The Cal Plus™ is available with a built-in dot-matrix printer that automatically prints calibration and bump test reports. The reports provide
permanent documentation of instrument serial numbers, pass/fail indications, bump test readings, and full span readings for the GasBadge® Plus.
NOTE: Calibration gas and regulator not included.
M-Cal Calibration Station
Simple, push-button operation
Function (bump) testing
Battery recharging
Stand-alone operation…no PC
• Automatic documentation via PC or
printer interface
• Compatible with M40 software version
4.0 and higher
The M-Cal Calibration Station is capable
of calibrating, function (bump) testing, and
charging the M40 instrument as well as the
M40/SP40 instrument pump combination.
Available in single- and six-unit versions, the
M-Cal can be ordered in any configuration of bays for M40 or M40/SP40
combinations. A serial connector provides simple connection to a serial
data printer for hard-copy printout of each calibration and bump test.
Battery-powered kits allow the M•Cal to be portable in remote areas.
Cal Plus™ Calibration Station $795.00
Cal Plus™ Calibration Station w/on-board printer $1,095.00
Serial data thermal printer with infrared interface $395.00
Serial data dot matrix printer, 120 VAC powered $395.00
Calibration Gas – Carbon Monoxide, 100 ppm, 103L
Calibration Gas – Hydrogen Sulfide, 25 ppm, 58L
Calibration Gas – Nitrogen Dioxide, 5 ppm, 58L
Calibration Gas – Sulfur Dioxide, 5 ppm, 58L
Wall mounted gas cylinder holder
Demand Flow Regulator
NOTE: Calibration gas and regulator not included.
Single-Unit M-Cal, M40 Bay $795.00
Single-Unit M-Cal, M40/SP40 Bay $795.00
Six-Unit M-Cal w/power cord $1595.00
NOTE: The 0 is for NA plug which will be the case. Add below the line after the
final part number. A = # of M40 Bays (0-6), B = # of M40/SP40 Bays (0-6)
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Fax: 360-577-4244
DS2 Docking
Biosystems IQ Express Docking Station
An auto-calibration; bump
test and charging system for
RAE Systems gas monitors.
AutoRAE cradles are available
for the QRAE, QRAE Plus,
MultiRAE Plus, EntryRAE
and MiniRAE 2000.
Press the button once for a bump test, twice for calibration, and walk
away. A few minutes later, easy-to-read LEDs inform you of the status of
the gas monitor’s sensors. If the monitor fails the bump test, the system
automatically performs a calibration.
Simple to operate, this PC-free version is highly portable. Consisting of
one controller plus cradles, the system accommodates up to 10 cradles.
It is easy to add cradles when the job demands it, and it is easy to add
controllers, expanding one system into several systems.
• Automatic calibration
• Automatic bump test
• Automatic charging
• PC-free, pushbutton easy
• Monitors always calibrated and charged
• Increases user confidence and safety
Available in a variety of configurations.
Please call 1-800-mallory for pricing and
ordering assistance.
MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station
The MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station is an automatic calibration
station and data download center for the MultiPro gas detector. Just drop
the detector into the dock and the MultiPro IQ Express does the rest.
The MultiPro IQ Express is a fully automated bump test station that
performs up to eight critical tests every time an instrument is placed in the
dock. If an instrument fails the bump test, the MultiPro IQ Express will
automatically initiate a full span calibration without further intervention
from the user.
Automated tests:
• Automatic instrument identification
• Automatic battery test
• Automatic alarm tests
• Automatic bump test
• Automatic calibration (if necessary)
• Automatic record keeping
• Automatic ready/fault indication
The ToxiPro/Ltd
IQ Express Docking Station is
an automatic
and data
for the
and ToxiLtd single- sensor gas detectors. Just drop the
detector(s) into the IQ Express
and the IQ Express does the rest in as little
as 20 seconds†. The IQ Express is a fully automated bump test
station that performs up to eight critical tests every time an instrument is
placed in the dock. If an instrument fails the bump test, the IQ Express
will automatically initiate a full span calibration without further intervention from the user. Total processing time with a full span calibration is
still under one minute†. O2, CO and H2S models; Other sensor types may
take longer.
Standard versions of the IQ Express dock are capable of processing
ToxiPro and ToxiLtd instruments containing: O2, CO, H2S and SO2. Enhanced versions of the IQ Express Dock are capable of processing ToxiPro
and ToxiLtd instruments with all of the sensors listed above plus ToxiPro
instruments with Cl2, NO2, NH3, HCN and PH3 sensors.
Automated Tests:
• Automatic Instrument Identification
• Automatic Battery Test
• Automatic Alarm Tests
• Automatic Bump Test
• Automatic Calibration (if necessary)
• Automatic Record Keeping
• Automatic Ready/Fault Indication
Configuration Options:
• Docks can operate as independent calibration stations.
• Docks can be connected to a PC via USB
• Docks can be connected to a PC via Network
PC Control:
• Connect the dock to PC via USB Port or Network for enhanced control over calibrations and data acquisition.
Efficient and economical:
• Bump test in less than 20 seconds
• Calibration in less than 1 minute
All IQ Express Docks include PC software, installation discs and instruction manuals.
Configuration options:
• Docks can operate as independent
calibration stations
• Connect docks to a PC via USB
Description Price
IQ Express Docking Station
PC control:
• Connect the dock to PC via USB Port for
enhanced control over calibrations and data acquisition
• Ethernet-ready system also available
All MultiPro IQ Express Docks include PC software, installation discs and
instruction manuals.
IQ Express Docking Station IQ Express Docking Station with
Ethernet ready system 114
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Standard version
Enhanced version
Standard version, Ethernet ready Enhanced version, Ethernet ready IQ Express Mounting Bracket
IQ Express Powered Mounting Bracket
Fax: 360-577-4244
Dräger E-Cal is the revolutionized cost-saving instrument system, which automatically operates customized
calibrations for all portable
Dräger gas detection instruments. The new instrument management standard: Automatically calibrates
and checks up to 10 instruments simultaneously, controls up to twelve
different gases, provides maximum efficiency and functionality, includes
automatic data management (calibration history), incorporates modern
and modular design, automatically reads instruments’ datalogger, automatically loads instruments’ charges, is compatible with Multiwarn II,
MiniWarn and Pac III.
Dräger E-Cal: MasterStation
The MasterStation is the control center of the Dräger E-Cal system. It
supports up to 10 instrument modules at once and is available in 2 different versions. The MasterStation 6 controls a maximum of six different
gases, the MasterStation 12 up to twelve.
The MasterStations are computer controlled and ensure that any testing
and calibration is carried out fast, efficient and with the utmost degree of
The control center can communicate bidirectional and simultaneously
supports different instrument types. This means the number of configuration possibilities of Dräger E-Cal is almost infinite.
Dräger E-Cal Module
The instrument module
establishes the communication
between the gas detection device and the MasterStation/PC.
It automatically detects when
an instrument is put in and
reports this event to the control
software CC-Vision Dräger
The instrument module controls the gas supply so that an
adequate gas flow to the instrument is always ensured.
The test or calibration result
is displayed as well. Moreover,
the instrument module can also be used in combination with the regular
instrument wall plug charger to recharge the unit. Following instrument
modules are available:
• MultiWarn II
• MiniWarn
• Pac III
• Pac Ex 2
Every instrument module can be operated manually and independent
of the MasterStation and utilized as an economic alternative for simple
instrument bump tests.
Dräger E-Cal: Module Adapter
The optional module adapter enables the direct control of a single
instrument module via the PC without using a MasterStation. This way
it allows Dräger E-Cal to be used as an economic station for testing and
calibration incl. automatic documentation of the test results for single
HazRAE is a hazardous
materials decision support
application for chemical,
biological, and WMD
assessments that runs
on handheld, wireless
devices. It was developed
to address the unique
needs of first responders determining
unknown hazards.
The HazRAE
database contains
more than 91,000
chemical, biological warfare, and
bioterror agents,
trade names, and
improvised explosive devices. Materials
can be retrieved using traditional search identifiers such as name or
UN number, but when no standard identifiers are present or known
(particularly a concern when responding to terrorism), HazRAE is able to
identify unknown chemicals using observable physical characteristics and
signs and symptoms observed in victims.
HazRAE includes integrated response information for more chemical
agents (TICs, TIMs, CW agents), biological agents (bio-weapon and bioterror agents), and improvised explosive devices than all the other legacy
systems combined!
HazRAE provides Improvised Explosive Device (IED) standoff distances
and an evacuation calculator. The application includes a database of two
times more explosives than other systems.
Key Features:
• Identify a broad range of agents via observed physical properties such as
medical signs and symptoms
• Identify chemical reactions through HazRAE by virtually mixing agents
and modeling their chemical reactions
• Five times more biological agents than any other mobile system
• Integrated Correction Factors for RAE Systems 9.8 eV, 10.6 eV, and
11.7 eV PIDs found in MultiRAE Plus, MiniRAE 2000, and ppbRAE
• Specific emergency life support/first aid for chemical and biological
Description Price
Neck Lanyard Kit
Belt clip for case
Please call for information and pricing on software and
Combo kits - many configurations are available for the HazRAE systems.
Please Call for pricing and additional Information.
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Fax: 360-577-4244
INSTRUMENTS – Specialty Instruments
Management Specialty Instruments – INSTRUMENTS
AreaRAE Gamma
The AreaRAE Gamma is a combination toxic gas
and gamma radiation detector equipped with a
wireless RF (radio frequency) modem that allows
the unit to communicate with and transmit
sensor and GPS readings on a real-time basis to
a remotely located base controller located up to
2 miles away.
In stand-alone operation, the AreaRAE Gamma
is a rugged, weatherproof, one-to-five sensor
portable monitor that can run up to 24 hours
on either rechargeable Lithium-ion or optional
alkaline batteries. It is also the first “lunchbox”
type multi-sensor instrument able to include a
gamma radiation sensor for measurement of gamma radiation, a photoionization detector (PID) for parts-per-million measurement of volatile
organic compounds (VOCs), and an LEL combustible gas sensor, oxygen
sensor, and selectable electrochemical toxic sensor.
The RF modem allows real-time data transmissions with a base controller
located up to two miles (3.2 km) away from the AreaRAE Gamma detector. A personal computer can be used as the base station. The standard
ProRAE Remote software used to control AreaRAE Gamma systems is
capable of monitoring the input of up to 32 remotely-located monitors.
RDK (Rapid Deployment Kit)
System Package
Key Features:
• Up to four gas sensors (PID, LEL, O2 and selectable toxic gas)
• One radiation sensor (Gamma)
• Loud buzzer and large, extra-bright warning light
• Real-time wireless data transmission with built-in RF modem
• View real-time sensor data and alarm status at headquarters or command center
• License free, ISM band RF transmission with communication range up
to 2 miles
• Fully hardware and software compatible with standard AreaRAE 5-gas
monitoring system
• Standard AreaRAE is factory upgradeable to AreaRAE Gamma
• Rugged, weatherproof housing (IP55)
• Built-in sampling pump
• Interchangeable Li-ion or alkaline battery pack
The AreaRAE monitors can be rapidly deployed and re-deployed in situations that require a quick and adaptable response. They can be arranged
in a perimeter to detect chemical hazards and to monitor the environmental safety of a large public event. The units help response teams gain
control over potentially perilous situations by assessing the environment
and determining the geographic disbursement of hazardous gases and
chemicals. Housed in a military-grade self-contained case, the RDK is easy
to transport and easy to deploy.
Call for more information on ordering and accessories
The Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) is designed for quick assessment
and management of gaseous threats. The kit includes four wireless 5-gas,
AreaRAE monitors with in-case charging as well as the Host Controller
for monitoring from a command center up to two miles away. The system
can scale up to 32 AreaRAEs with the addition of Detector Kits, each containing 4 AreaRAEs. The RDK offers first responders and environmental
managers all the detection tools they need in two rugged carrying cases.
The RDK also provides protection in the monitoring of environmental
remediation, oil, gas platforms, petrochemical applications, and refineries. The AreaRAE can detect gaseous VOCs, LEL, O2, H2S, and CO and
offers datalogging for event documentation.
The LifeShirt was created to meet the
needs of first responders, HazMat workers, firefighters, industrial cleanup crews,
and homeland security. The LifeShirt is a
durable, lightweight chest strap embedded
with sensors that continuously collect life
sign information. Breath rate, heart rate,
activity, posture and skin temperature are
all monitored by the sensors in the strap.
The LifeShirt with the RAELink2 Modem*,
easily integrates into an AreaRAE Wireless
Network for real-time remote monitoring and data collection at a remote
command center, where a commander can simultaneously monitor multiple team members. All of the collected data is stored and can be used for
post-event analysis.
The RDK is available with two additional options:
• Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) option: Includes the ability to track
and display readings from up to 32 remotely located detectors on a
GPS map
• Gamma Radiation option: A Gamma radiation sensor replaces one of
the toxic gas sensors on the AreaRAE units (see the AreaRAE Gamma
product description for more details)
An “RDK System Package” contains the following:
• RDK Detector Kit - contains 4 AreaRAEs, spare batteries, and calibration kit, with in-case charging
• RDK Host Controller Kit - contains laptop, host controller with preloaded ProRAE Remote Software, and host controller RF modem, all
wired to operate in-case
Plese call for volume pricing and additional information.
*All components sold separately.
Description Price
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Fax: 360-577-4244
Releases of toxic materials present first responders with an immediate
challenge – determining what actions need to be taken to protect nearby
populations. They must answer a number of
• Where is the toxic plume headed, and in
what concentration?
• What areas need to be evacuated?
• Who should shelter in place?
• What roads should be closed?
• How do we prioritize actions with limited
resources available?
Industry leaders RAE Systems, SAFER
Systems and Coastal Environmental Systems
have teamed to create PlumeRAE - a unique,
turn-key solution that allows rapid monitoring and assessment of situations involving the
release of hazardous substances. PlumeRAE
gives first responders information to make
crucial decisions.
Plume Measurement:
• GPS-equipped AreaRAE wireless monitors placed in strategic locations
measure the levels of critical toxic chemicals and communicate their
measurements to a ProRAE Remote Base Station
• ProRAE Remote, running on a standard laptop computer, feeds this
information to the Plume Measurement Software that is running on the
same PC
• Weather data transmitted by a Coastal Environmental Systems
WEATHERPAK® completes the information package needed for
• The Plume Measurement Software, developed by SAFER Systems,
integrates the information and shows users a picture of the toxic plume,
the speed at which it is spreading, and the concentration of the toxic
Decision Support:
PlumeRAE gives first responders the information they need along with
decision support so that they can answer critical questions and take immediate, effective action. First Responders can:
• Track and validate plume impact
• Employ intelligent placement tactics for safely locating responders
• Evaluate the toxicological effect on responders and the community
• Create emergency response strategy
• Understand how long the event will persist
• Save the event for post-event analysis
Please call for information on ordering and accessories.
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Industrial Scientific combines the ground-breaking, two-way communication technology of its DS2 Docking Station™ with the capabilities of
the Internet to offer iNet — a completely automated and comprehensive
gas monitor management solution. In addition to providing all the Docking Station functions of automated calibration, recharging, instrument
diagnostics and record-keeping, iNet remotely monitors the condition
of the instrument fleet and automatically handles any necessary service
requirements based on the service plan selected.
iNet Exchange™ Program - If a malfunction is detected, a ready-touse replacement exchange instrument will be delivered by 5 p.m. the next
business day. Customer returns failed instrument in pre-paid shipping
iNet Parts™ Program - If a malfunction is detected, Replacement
part(s) will be delivered by 5 p.m. the next business day. Customer
installs part(s) to restore equipment to proper working condition.
iNet Exchange™ and iNet Parts™ Programs - includes:
• Continuous monitoring of your instrument fleet via the Internet
- Industrial Scientific monitors and automatically initiates any service
requirement — no action required by you to initiate service
• Providing weekly instrument status reports covering:
• Days since last calibration
• Overdue calibrations
• Sensors with marginal span reserves
• Age of sensors
• Missing instruments
• Continuous monitoring of calibration gas cylinder pressure
• Automatic notification of an instrument malfunction
• If a malfunction is detected, replacement part(s) are delivered by 5
p.m. the next business day. Customer then installs part(s) to restore
equipment to proper working condition.
• All repair parts and freight are included
• Asset tracking by serial number
• Secure off-site storage of your data
• Additionally, iNet Parts™ Program includes the following start-up
and commissioning services:
• Installation and setup of the Docking Stations™, Server and Instruments as well as system testing and training
• Travel expenses
• Freight
iNet Monitoring Service™ Program - Offered as a stand-alone
option to the complete gas monitor management capabilities of iNet.
An annual subscription to this service, gives you a weekly e-mail status
report on the condition of your instrument fleet. Utilizing the automated
calibration, recharging, instrument diagnostics and record-keeping functions of the DS2 Docking Station™, Industrial Scientific will monitor for
low, empty or expired calibration gas, marginal or failed sensors, and days
since last calibration. If a problem is detected between weekly reports, you
will receive an immediate report to notify you of the problem. Payments
can be made on an annual or monthly basis. Call 800-MALLORY to
order or for more information.
Fax: 360-577-4244
INSTRUMENTS – Specialty Instruments
iNet Instrument Network™
Specialty Instruments – INSTRUMENTS
Biosystems CO
Response Kit
Biosystems CO Response Kit is
the complete and accurate solution
for both residential and workplace
carbon monoxide calls. Use the
ToxiVision or ToxiPro CO monitor to check the atmosphere, and
then leave a ToxiTube dosimeter
tube behind to continue monitoring for CO for the next 24 hours.
• Residential and workplace carbon monoxide calls
• Built with the fire service in mind
• Everything you need to calibrate and operate the ToxiVision
• 10 ToxiTube dosimeter tubes that can be left behind to continue monitoring for an additional 24 hours.
54-37-01RK 54-37-01 54-38-11 54-9036 ToxiVision CO Responder Kit
ToxiVision CO Gas Detector
Replacement 10-Pack ToxiTubes $69.00
Replacement 34-liter cylinder CO Cal Gas $75.00
Confined Space Kits
These Confined Space Kits contain all the tools necessary to test
the atmosphere prior to entering
a confined space, assuring safe
entry. Confined Space Kits come in
economy, deluxe and professional
versions. All kits include a charger,
training video and carrying case.
Your choice of monitor determines
the additional accessories that are
included in each kit. Economy kits
include constant flow hand pump. Deluxe and Professional kits include
motorized sampling pumps. Professional kits include calibration equipment. The iTX Professional and VX500 kits include the charger/datalink
with datalogging software. All kits come housed in a durable, easy-totransport carrying case. See below for kit contents and ordering information. The E, P, D in the item number denotes Economy, Professional or
Deluxe Kit.
Economy iTX
LEL, O2, H2S, CO, Li-ion, 120V
LEL, O2, CO/H2S, Li-ion, 120
LEL, O2, CO, Li-ion, 120V LEL, O2, H2S, Li-ion, 120V LEL, O2, Li-ion, 120V $2,105.00
iTX-Kit-P11014 LEL, O2, H2S, CO, Li-ion, 120V $3,265.00
Professional iTX
Deluxe iTX –
iTX-Kit-D11014 LEL, O2, H2S, CO, Li-ion, 120V iTX-Kit-D11100 LEL, O2, CO, Li-ion, 120V iTX-Kit-D11400 LEL, O2, H2S, Li-ion, 120V iTX-Kit-D11000 LEL, O2, Li-ion, 120V $2,910.00
Portable Air Filtration
System for
Biosystems TravelPanel 50MP
is a portable air filtration system
designed to provide Grade-D
breathing air for 1 to 4 workers
using supplied-air respirators. The
TravelPanel 50MP can supply 50
cubic feet per minute of purified air, and regulates the outlet
pressure to comply with NIOSH
requirements for your respirator.
Designed to purify compressed breathing air, the Biosystems TravelPanel
50MP removes water, oil, and particulates as small as 0.01 microns,
organic substances and odors.
The built-in MultiPro™ gas detector automatically monitors outlet air
for CO (carbon monoxide) contamination. If the TravelPanel 50MP is
equipped with the optional O2 sensor, it will also monitor the level of oxygen in the supplied air. When the levels of CO or O2 surpass the pre-set
alarm levels, the alarm will be sounded to notify users that a potentially
unsafe condition exists. The MultiPro in the TravelPanel 50MP offers a
blackbox data recorder, calibration reminder, and one-button calibration
as standard features.
The TravelPanel 50MP is portable and requires no AC power to operate.
Output pressure is adjustable to the respirator manufacturer’s recommendations. As a precaution, the outlet pressure is automatically limited to
125psi, the NIOSH maximum.
• Rugged, durable, lightweight and portable
• 58 cm x 41 cm x 23 cm
• 23” x 16” x 9”
• 25 lbs.
TravelPanel 50MP sample configurations are shown below.
Please call for pricing and more options. Full array of accessories available.
TravelPanel 50MP, MultiPro with CO sensor only, no additional alarm options, rechargeable battery,
Schraeder outlet fittings, no secondary options, Yellow Case
TravelPanel 50MP, MultiPro with CO and O2 sensors, no additional alarm options, rechargeable battery, Hansen outlet fittings, MultiPro Datalogger Upgrade, Yellow Case $2,060.00
TravelPanel 50MP, MultiPro with CO and O2 sensors, with LED Strobe Light, Locking Stabilizer Bars, with Low Pressure Alarm option, rechargeable battery, Hansen outlet fittings, MultiPro Datalogger Upgrade and Dustcovers,
Black Case
Deluxe VX500 –
VX-Kit-D106 10.6 Lamp, Li-ion, 120V 118
Phone: 800-MALLORY
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Sound Level Meters
Monitor Worker Heat Stress
Designed to track heat stress on
workers. This is an easy way to
monitor the environment by checking exposure levels and how hot it
feels when humidity is combined with
the actual temperature.
• Digital up/down timer displays
temperature, humidity, and heat index
• User settable heat index alarm
• Stopwatch/chronograph mode with
1/100-second resolution
• Fastest/slowest/average lap recall
• 99-lap counter with 30-lap/split memory
• 10-hour countdown timer with audible beeper warning for the last 5
• Programmable alarm
• Calendar mode displays day, month, and date
Humidity/Thermometer stopwatch
Extech sound meters include all the features/functions needed for basic
noise level surveys or to meet the requirements for OSHA compliance,
community noise ordinances, or machine noise evaluation. All
Extech instruments can be purchased factory-calibrated with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to
N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards
Digital Sound Level Meter
• Analog bar graph with 50 dB range updates
every 40 ms
• ±2 dB accuracy with 0.1 dB resolution
• A+C weighting
• AC analog output
• Record max/min values over time
• Utilizes 0.5” (12.7 mm) electret condenser
• 40 to 130 dB measuring range
Digital Sound Level Meter
Digital Sound Level Meter w/certificate
Sound Level Alert with Alarm
Built-in LEDs alert user when sound level is
too high or too low.
Ideal for hospitals, auditoriums, schools and
other areas where there is a need for being
alerted when sound level reaches a set point.
• Bright LEDs (red flashing or green) alert
user when sound level is too high or too low
- LEDs can be read from 100 ft (30 m)
• Continuous monitoring of sound level
• Wall, desk or tripod mount with optional 15ft (5 m) microphone
extension cable for remote monitoring
• User settable high or low limit (30 to 130 dB) with output to drive
external relay module
• Meets ANSI Type 2 and EN 60651 accuracy specs - compliant to
• Green housing w/110V adapt
Sound Level Alert
Sound Level Meter with
Backlit Display
Two-range meter with backlit LCD display. Comes complete
with microphone, wind screen and 9V battery.
• High accuracy meets ANSI and IEC 651 Type 2 standards
• High and low measuring ranges
• Low: 35 to 100 dB
• High: 65 to 130 dB
• Data Hold and Max Hold functions
Type 2 Sound Level Meter
Type 2 Sound Level Meter w/certificate
16,000-point Datalogging Sound Level Meter
Type 2 meter with datalogging memory for 16,000 records plus PC interface and software
• High accuracy meets ANSI and IEC
651 Type 2 standards
• Large LCD with fast 50 segment
bargraph display
• Stored data can be transferred to a
PC via RS-232 interface
• Real time and date are logged with
data; Max Hold function
• Tripod mount is ideal for field use
Sound Level Meter with
PC Interface
Big backlit display, PC interface and background sound
• High accuracy meets ANSI & IEC 651 Type 2 standards
• Background noise absorber for machine noise measurements, filters ambient noise
• RS-232 interface for capturing data directly to a PC
• Large display with backlighting and analog bargraph
• Min/max
• Analog AC/DC outputs for connection to a recorder
• Tripod mount is ideal for field use
Sound Level Meter
Phone: 800-MALLORY
Type 2 Sound Level Meter w/datalogging/PC interface
Type 2 Sound Level Meter w/certificate w/datalogging/PC interface
Fax: 360-577-4244
INSTRUMENTS – sound level meters
sound level meters • Fit Tester – INSTRUMENTS
OHD Fit Tester 3000
The OHD FitTester 3000 is the fastest and most accurate method of quantitative fit testing
on the planet. With ease of use, speed of testing, and proven accuracy, why would you trust anything else?
Compatible with the following respirator brands, adapter fittings are required in some cases.
AO Safety
Avon Protection
Bullard/Sabre Cairns Draeger
Interspiro ISI
Lab Safety
Life Air
Moldex North
RSI Scott
Survivair US Safety
US Military
How does a Fit Tester Work?
The OHD FitTester 3000 operates on the principle of Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP). Negative pressure
created inside air purifying respirators during inhalation is the driving force that causes air contaminants to
leak into the respirators. Contaminant leakage paths result from such things as poor facepiece-to-face seals,
dirty inhalation valves, or faulty cartridge gaskets. CNP fit test technology is designed to directly measure
air leakage into respirators by creating and maintaining the same driving force that causes contaminant leakage.
Please call for additional
information and pricing
The Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Domestic Preparedness has selected the OHD FitTester 3000 as the instrument to use for training respirator fit testing in the US. This group consists of law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS, public works, EMA and all first line defenders who
respond to public dangers dealing with WMD, chemical, biological, radiological devices.
OHD/Cirrus Sound Level
doseBadge Personal
Noise Dosimeter
These meters are ideal for Noise at Work
Assessments, Noise Control, and Environmental Measurements
The doseBadge is the unique way to
measure occupational and industrial noise exposure. Different from
traditional noise dosimeters, the
doseBadge has no cables or buttons,
and is controlled via an infrared link
from the RC:110A Reader unit.
The new 110A doseBadge adds new functions and features as compared
to the former 100B Badge. These new features allow the doseBadge to
be used to comply with a range of measurement guidelines and standards including ISO, OSHA & OSHA HC, US DOE, ACGIH and US
• Small and lightweight
• No cables or controls-reduces the risk of damage, misuse or tampering
• Simple operation provides effective measurements
• doseBadge controlled via infrared from the (included) RC:110A Reader
• Rechargeable NiMH battery power for the doseBadge
• Time History Data Logging
doseBadge dosimeter
Cirrus Safety Manager’s Kit
Everything you need for noise measuring in
one package. The kit includes doseBadges to
measure individual noise exposure, a Cirrus 700
Series Type II sound level meter, calibrator, and
software, all in one convenient carrying case.
The doseBadge dosimeter is wireless, tamperproof, and simple to operate. The unobtrusive
dosimeter stores up to 16 hours of readings.
Now available in an intrinsically safe version. This Safety Manager’s Kit
was designed specifically with safety professional in mind. Many other kits
are available, please ask.
SMK2 Safety Manager’s Noise Measurement Kit with CK:720B & CK:110A/2 120
Phone: 800-MALLORY
The need for simple, accurate noise measurements for both industrial and environmental use produces a requirement for a
robust measurement tool. Instruments that
can be used quickly and easily while providing information accurately and
precisely can be supplied to users to allow regular periodic or continuous
recording of information.
• Integrating Averaging Sound Level Meter, with Leq, LEPd (LEX8h),
Sound Level, Lmax, Lmin, LCPeak, Ln’s and Frequency Analysis
• Data logging of measured parameters
• Large measurement memory
• Up to 1,300 measurements and 8 days of time history
• Large graphical display
• New tactile keypad
• Menu driven operation
• Advanced configuration options from the Deaf Defier3 software
• New Deaf Defier3 Windows software
• Outdoor measurement kits available
• Optional 1:1 and 1:3 octave band filters
• IEC 61672-1:2003 Class 1 or Class 2 Group X
• IEC 60651 & IEC 60804
• The CR:250 series of instruments is available in two versions: The
CR:251B conforms to the requirements of Type 1 of IEC 60651, while
the CR:252B conforms to the requirements of Type 2.
• The main physical difference between the units is in the microphone
and preamplifier assembly. The CR:251B is supplied with a removable preamplifier as standard; allows the instrument to be used with
extension cables. The AC and DC outputs allow the CR:250 series to
be used as a front end for additional measurements systems and data
recording applications. The CR:252B and CR: 251B can be supplied as
complete measurement kits
Contact Mallory today
for a complete list
of available units.
Fax: 360-577-4244
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