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C-2020 ZOOM.

As the name implies, it’s our latest example of

perfect vision.

The new Olympus C-2020 ZOOM stands as undeniable proof that filmless can leave you breathless. Housed in a titanium body, it's everything you’d ever want in a camera. An advanced 3x glass lens with a 2.11

megapixel resolution CCD. A wideview LCD panel that can be seen from any angle. And a staggering list of automatic and manual features that promise to take both novices and experts to a state of sheer photographic ecstasy.

The C-2020 ZOOM also has improved menus, B&W and color shooting modes, manual controls and external flash mode.

Plus, a Quick Time mode that lets you create your very own movie shorts. All in all, it’s a camera that has everything you need to take awesome pictures. Except the film.


digital camera

lets you take the shots.

This one lets you

call the shots.

With the

C-2020 ZOOM’s wide range of automatic and manual features, you’re always in complete control.

You can adjust white balance to embellish colors.

Magnify subject

Choose a larger aperture to soften the background and make the subject stand out. size using the digital telephoto feature. And even change the ISO setting and select from seven recording modes that include an uncompressed mode for the highest picture quality possible whether it’s for the Web or for making incredible prints. Like many of today’s top-notch film cameras, the C-2020

ZOOM lets you manually select f-stop or shutter speed. In the aperture priority mode choose an f-stop from f2.0 to f11.0 to alter your depth of field and the shutter speed is

Select aperture priority to adjust the f-stop displayed on the control panel. Choose shutter priority and do the same with shutter speed. Choose manual to control both aperture and shutter speed. The program setting picks the preferred f-stop and shutter speed automatically.

adjusted accordingly. In shutter priority select a shutter speed from onehalf to 1/800 sec. and the

C-2020 ZOOM

Sharpen the background to capture more details by selecting a smaller aperture. automatically specifies the proper f-stop.

In the manual mode you can set both the aperture and shutter speed for creative control. Manual shutter speed selections range from 16 sec. up to 1/800 sec. The options before you are practically infinite. And with each one, your vision will come through loud and clear.

A night out on the town while shooting with a 16 second shutter speed lets you create some truly dramatic photographs.

No matter

what your


, you’ll always find a feature that

matches perfectly.

It seems that whatever you’re feeling, this is the one digital camera that lets you express it. Take multiple shots of a snow-capped mountain range to create a true panorama.

Capture the subtle nuances of a flower using the macro mode. Or catch all the action at the Saturday soccer match with the sequence mode. You even have the power to do something many other digital cameras are not capable of.

Namely, making your own

QuickTime ™

Get just eight inches away using the macro shooting mode. That close enough for you?

movies. With

QuickTime Movie mode, you get 15 frames per second for up to 60 seconds at 160 x 120 resolution, and 15 seconds at a higher 320 x 240 resolution. It’s an exciting new feature

The digital/telephoto mode increases image size by 1.6x, 2.0x or

2.5x at any focal length.

Since everyone wants to direct anyway, the C-2020 ZOOM gives you the ability to create your own Quick Time motion JPEG with 320x240 resolution at 15 frames per second.

that’s ideal for Web applications. The C-2020

ZOOM also has a real talent for getting up close and personal. It can produce the 35mm equivalent of a 446mm lens. How? First, the optical zoom lens extends to the 35mm equivalent of 105mm.

Then the built-in digital/telephoto feature multiplies it by 2.5 to 262mm, while the optional 1.7x telephoto lens does the rest.

With all there is at your fingertips, there may be no better outlet for your creativity.

35mm (full wide)

105mm (full telephoto)

420mm (opt. 1.7x lens +

2x digital/telephoto)

Alter light.

Enhance color.

It’s the



of magic.

flash (or even flash off) for dramatic effects. Plus, there’s black board/white board, a B&W mode with 256 tonal range grey scale, and Sepia Tone mode featuring a warm style that’s perfect for creating old-fashioned looking photographs.

And for those of you thinking of turning professional, you can add an external flash or other lighting equipment, which is ideal for portrait photography or studio work.

Manual white balance settings let you compensate for different lighting conditions both indoors and out.

You know that strange green tint you sometimes get from interior shots? The white balance setting for fluorescent lighting gets rid of it.

The C-2020 ZOOM puts so much power in your hands, it’s rather easy to get carried away. But the focus is always on you and what you need to make the most out of every photo opportunity. Because nothing can substitute for natural light, the C-2020 ZOOM enables you to use spot metering to isolate a subject and ensure proper exposure. You can even adjust exposure compensation and automatically bracket your shots +/- 2 EV steps in

1/3-step increments. But that’s just for openers. The C-2020 ZOOM also gives you use fill flash and red-eye reduction

The C-2020 ZOOM’s external flash operates independently via fully manual controls. The result? Greater control over flash direction and intensity.

Shooting in Black and White or Sepia Tone mode lets you create images that mimic old-fashioned, turn-of-the-century photographs.

It’s not a flashback from the sixties. It’s a cool trailing effect that’s created by using a slow shutter speed with second curtain flash sync.

This is

one camera

that really knows how to


the media.

You don’t need to remind an owner of a C-2020 ZOOM that there’s more than one way to download an image. Not only can you connect directly to your computer,

The removable, reusable

SmartMedia cards are smaller, yet hold much more than bulky floppy disks, for up to

82 images per 8 MB card.

but you also have many other options thanks to SmartMedia.

These removable, reusable memory cards download directly to the optional P-330 Instant Photo Printer, which also connects to your computer. Or simply insert a SmartMedia card into the optional FlashPath ™ floppy disk adapter, PCMCIA card reader or USB

Rather than cropping a single shot the way most film cameras do, the C-2020 ZOOM lets you stitch together multiple images to create a true panoramic photograph.

reader/writer to quickly and easily download images to a Mac or PC.

And since the C-2020

ZOOM and the P-330

Printer both connect to a TV, you can preview and print images right on the big screen – all in the comfort of your own living room. Of course, the C-2020 ZOOM also comes with easyto-use software to let you manipulate and enhance your images. After that, it’s up to you. Send your shots by e-mail.

Post them on the Internet. Or create personalized cards, calendars or multimedia presentations.

It’s a snap to download images into your laptop or desktop computer with the optional PCMCIA card reader, FlashPath adapter or USB reader/writer.



accessories with that?

In digital photography, as in fashion circles, it’s been said that accessories make the outfit. And with all that’s available with the C-2020 ZOOM, you’ll be stylin’ big-time.

When you add the optional P-330 Instant Photo Printer, you’ll be able to create high quality, dye-sublimation prints on a variety of paper in about two minutes. Or opt for the

B-28mm wide-angle or 150mm/1.45x, 180mm/1.7x telephoto lens, and watch the photographic possibilities grow.

For more downloading alternatives, there’s the optional

FlashPath ™ floppy disk adapter, USB reader/writer and

PCMCIA card reader. And you can also pick up additional or higher capacity SmartMedia cards as well as extra stock of long-lasting NiMH batteries to give yourself more versatility behind the camera.

Just contact your Olympus dealer or visit

www.olympus.com/digital for more information about these and other options and accessories available for the

C-2020 ZOOM.

Produce photo-quality prints at one, four or sixteen pictures to a sheet.

The USB reader/writer downloads images at sizzling speeds of up to 1 MB/sec. – over twice as fast as cameras with built-in USB ports.

At home, you can preview shots on your TV, then print them out in two minutes flat with the optional P-330 Instant Photo

Printer. Who says there’s nothing good on television?

A threaded barrel allows a variety of macro, wide-angle, telephoto lenses and filters to expand the

C-2020 ZOOM’s capabilities even further using the optional

Olympus CLA-1 adapter.

1 6 0 0 x 1 2 0 0 R E S O L U T I O N

A filmless camera

with an

astronomical IQ.

Mode dial

Shutter release/image lock button

Built-in, intelligent

5-mode flash

Remote control sensor

Optical viewfinder with dioptric correction for viewfinder sharpness


Meter button

Flash button

Menu/camera control buttons

OK/print button

Ruggedized, aluminum outer casing

Zoom lever, image inspection and multi-image review mode control

Aspherical glass lens with macro capabilities and threaded mount for optional accessory lenses

4 AA battery compartment

Fast and bright, f2.0 - f11.0,

35 -105 mm (35 mm equiv.) auto focus 3x optical zoom lens

PC Connector for external flash sync

1.8" Wide-View color LCD display for easy viewing with manual brightness control

LCD On/Off button

Menu button

Connection to NTSC

TV/VCR or computer

Infrared remote control (included)

C-2020 ZOOM Filmless Digital Camera Specifications

Memory Storage

File Format

Recording Modes

SSFDC Smart Media 3.3 volt 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 & 64 MB


1600 x 1200 pixels (SHQ uncompressed); 1600 x 1200 – (SHQ min.

comp.); 1600 x 1200 – (HQ std. comp.); 1024 x 768 – (SQ std.);

1024 x 768 – (SQ high); 640 x 480 – (SQ std.); 640 x 480 – (SQ high)

C-2020 ZOOM 8 MB (Incl.) 16 MB 32 MB

Recording Mode SmartMedia SmartMedia SmartMedia

# of Images # of Images # of Images

VGA Standard SQ 32 images

Low Compression (640 x 480)

VGA Standard 82 images

High Compressed (640 x 480)

64 images

(640 x 480)

164 images

(640 x 480)

128 images

(640 x 480)

328 images

(640 x 480)

XGA Standard 13 images 26 images

Low Compression (1024 x 768) (1024 x 768)

XGA Standard 38 images 76 images

High Compressed (1024 x 768) (1024 x 768)

High Quality 16 images 32 images

52 images

(1024 x 768)

156 images

(1024 x 768)

64 images

(1600 x 1200) (1600 x 1200) (1600 x 1200)

Super High Quality 5 images 10 images 20 images

(1600 x 1200) (1600 x 1200) (1600 x 1200)

Super High Quality 1 images

Uncompressed (1600 x 1200)

2 images

(1600 x 1200)

5 images

(1600 x 1200)

File Type


















Exposure Controls

Fast Olympus f2.0 – f11.0 aspherical glass lens system with

35 – 105 mm equivalency. Accessory lenses available require

CLA-1, step-up ring and collar.

Wide: f2.0 – f11.0, Tele: f2.8 – f11.0


Shutter Speeds 1/2 - 1/800 sec. (automatic), 16 - 1/800 sec. (manual)


Focus Range

Quick Focus Settings

TTL auto focus detection system with focus lock or manual focus

8 in. – ∞

Manual at 8 in. and

Light Metering System TTL light metering system digital matrix ESP light metering and spot metering

Electronic TTL and optical view-finder with dioptric corrector and autofocus indicator, flash indicator and autofocus marks

Aperture preferred AE, Shutter preferred AE, Program AE, and Manual

Exposure Compensation +/- 2 steps in 1/3 step increments and auto-bracketing

Speed Range Selectable ISO 100, 200, 400


Remote Control (Incl.)

Electronic Flash

Electronic self-timer with 12 sec. delay

Infrared remote control unit with 2 sec. delay on self-timer

Built-in intelligent flash system with full auto, forced on, fill-in, red-eye reduction and forced off modes; 2-mode slow synchronization on first and second curtains and external flash mode

Working Range 8 in. – 13 ft.

PC Flash Sync Connector Operates external flash and lighting equipment

Battery Check

White Balance

Digital Telephoto

Sequence Shooting

Displayed on LCD

Full auto TTL/Manual (sunlight, overcast, tungsten light, fluorescent light)

1.6x, 2x or 2.5x (selectable at any focal length)

Up to 45 images at 2 shots/sec., resolution dependent (VGA/45,

XGA/30,1600 x 1200/5)

Panorama Mode With Olympus SmartMedia only (locks exposure for perfect panorama)

LCD Monitor 1.8" Wide-View LCD with manual brightness adjustment

Image Inspection Mode Variable: 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x

Remote Control Features Infrared, controls exposure compensation, tele/wide ratios, shutter release, image review mode, image inspection mode, image lock


Power Source

Body Type



Accessories (Optional)

AC adapter, computer (RS-232C), NTSC video output, PC flash sync

4 AA NiMH batteries (included with charger), Alkaline or Lithium

Ruggedized, lightweight aluminum components

4.2 in. (W) x 2.9 in. (H) x 2.6 in. (D)

10.7 oz. (without batteries and SmartMedia Card)

• FlashPath ™ floppy disk adapter • PCMCIA adapter

• Olympus P-330 Instant Photo Printer • Leather carrying case

• Telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses • AC Adapter

• 55 mm filters • CLA-1 collar & 43-55 mm step-up ring

• C-2000 ZOOM accessory kit • USB reader/writer

Focus On Life


Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer. SmartMedia is a trademark of Toshiba America Inc. All other brand and product names mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies. ©1999 Olympus America Inc. D946


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