New Kudos Audio flagship Titan 808 loudspeaker

New Kudos Audio flagship Titan 808 loudspeaker
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January 2016
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New Kudos Audio flagship Titan 808 loudspeaker
with ground-breaking Linn Exakt technology
now shipping
Previewed at last year’s Bristol Show and officially launched at The National Audio
Show and Hi-Fi Show Live 2015, the long-awaited new Titan 808 flagship loudspeaker
from Kudos Audio is now shipping to audiophiles worldwide.
The Titan 808 has deliberately taken its time to come to market. Not only because of the
considerable investment in research and re-engineering, but also because Kudos were keen
test and refine prototypes extensively with a wide range of expert listeners.
“At Kudos, we use music as our primary tool in designing and assessing loudspeakers,” says
designer Derek Gilligan. During his many years as a live sound engineer, Gilligan discovered
that technical measurements, while extremely useful, don’t reflect everything that we
hear. “There’s no substitute for extensive critical listening in a variety of scenarios,” he says.
As the new flagship of the Kudos range, the mighty Titan 808 takes the place of the original
Titan 88, which acquired a fervent cult following among audiophiles in-the-know. But while the
two may share a name, the new Titan 808 is a completely unique design. From the ground
up, it has been engineered to be one of the fastest, clearest, most coherent and musically
engaging loudspeakers available.
Only the two isobaric bass drivers remain the same as those in the original T88. The midbass driver, tweeter and crossover have all been advanced and refined, while the all-new and
even more complex cabinet features a stunningly avant-garde design.
Industry-leading drive units
The Titan 808’s drive units are among the best in the world, crafted exclusively for Kudos by
renowned Norwegian specialists SEAS. The two companies have worked closely together to
further advance SEAS’ legendary Crescendo K2 fabric dome tweeter exclusively for Kudos.
An improved magnet system incorporating copper shorting rings, a completely new
resonance chamber and a new face plate profile all combine to deliver an even cleaner, faster Page | 2
and more musically detailed performance.
The mid/bass driver, also exclusive to the Titan 808, has been similarly reengineered to
further enhance its match with the new tweeter and hence to produce seamless integration
and response over the frequency range.
The twin bass drivers feature high quality hard paper cones, double-coated to ensure
excellent stiffness while retaining the natural damping properties of paper. A long voice coil
and injection-moulded alloy framework maximise the linear excursion of the drive cone.
The crossover connection
Kudos’ obsession with seamlessly matched drive units is driven by designer Derek Gilligan’s
firm belief that one of the keys to a truly musical performance from a loudspeaker is a
minimalist, low order crossover.
No expense has been spared in reworking the Titan 808’s crossover, which features even
higher-spec hand-matched Mundorf componentry, as well as now having the ability to be
completely by-passed in order to facilitate ‘Aktiv’ operation using Linn Exakt technology (more
on this below).
The 808’s minimal crossover is a two-and-a-half-way design, where the bass section in the
lower cabinet is rolled off early in the frequency range; the mid/bass driver and tweeter are
then operated as a two-way design. A slow roll-off from all the drivers ensures optimal
coherence though the crossover regions.
Complex cabinetry
Each speaker consists of an independent upper and lower cabinet, separated by precisionmachined spacers and a port resonance guide. The upper cabinet houses the tweeter and
mid/bass drive unit while the lower cabinet houses the two bass drivers. These are positioned
in an isobaric arrangement, where the second driver is placed internally back-to-back with the
first, designed to deliver a significantly improved bass response and minimise bass distortion.
By separating the cabinet into two parts, the higher and lower frequencies remain unaffected
by each other, preserving a remarkable clarity to the sound even at high volumes.
Considerable investment has been made in controlling panel resonance with a minimum of
damping. The cabinets are made from a combination of high-density fibreboard laminates of
different thicknesses. A triple laminate front baffle, profiled to improve dispersion, provides a
solid mounting platform for the drive units to further eliminate vibration.
Both cabinet sections are port-loaded into the gap between them and are controlled by the
port resonance guide. Venting the ports into a shared and controlled fixed boundary gap
reduces port resonance and minimises phase error, producing a beautifully natural and lifelike sound free from the usual issues associated with reflex designs.
The lower cabinet is attached to the plinth via a membrane to control energy transfer. The
plinth itself provides the best possible grounding interface with very high-density fibreboard
being combined with damping compound and a 5mm steel plate, into which precision-milled
stainless steel spikes are fitted.
Internal wiring from The Chord Company has been carefully selected for its high quality Page | 3
musicality and resistance to the effects of vibration. In addition, Chord Company cables link
the two cabinets, which are also fitted with WBT Nextgen binding posts to ensure a superb
Kudos & Linn Exakt
Kudos Audio have been working with industry leaders Linn to bring the incredible
performance of Linn Exakt to the Kudos range of loudspeakers. Launched by Linn in 2013,
Exakt is a ground-breaking technology that allows the loudspeaker to be an intelligent,
connected, software upgradeable product.
Exakt enables a wide range of performance- and personalisation-enhancing capabilities in
design, in manufacture and in-home. In a system using a Linn Exaktbox, the original
analogue crossover in the loudspeaker is bypassed and instead, the Exaktbox performs the
crossover digitally, while applying Linn’s Exakt technology to eliminate distortion, correct for
drive unit variation and optimise the loudspeakers’ performance for the room.
Kudos three top-of-range speakers, the Titan 808, Super 20 and Super 10 are all Linn Exaktenabled.
Technical specifications
Recommended power:
Nominal impedance:
Frequency range:
Mid bass driver:
Bass driver:
2.5-way isobaric bass reflex
25W – 300W
91dB / @1W / 1m
8 ohms
20 Hz – 30kHz “AIRR” (average in-room response)
SEAS–Kudos Crescendo K2 29mm fabric dome
SEAS–Kudos 220mm Nextel coated paper cone with 39mm
voice coil
SEAS–Kudos 220mm double coated hard paper cone with
39mm voice coil (x 2)
1115mm (h) x 275mm (w) x 370mm (d)
Tineo veneer (high gloss paint finishes available to special
Pricing and availability
The Titan 808 is available now priced at £21,250 per pair (including VAT).
About Kudos Audio
Kudos Audio’s award-winning loudspeakers have established themselves as some of the
best-sounding available, with each model setting a standard at its respective price point.
Why? Kudos takes an uncommon approach to loudspeaker design. In his earlier career as a
live sound engineer, designer Derek Gilligan discovered that traditional technical
measurements don’t reflect everything that we hear. While these measurements are useful Page | 4
for fault analysis, they don’t necessarily optimise a product’s musical abilities. This inspired
Derek to pursue an alternative methodology, using music as the primary tool in loudspeaker
design and assessment. This departure from traditional approaches takes confidence and a
wealth of experience, and contributes towards what makes Kudos different - as well as
making it one of the fastest-growing UK loudspeaker companies in recent years.
Derek and his team, based in Country Durham, work closely with some of Europe’s finest
suppliers to ensure that the best possible components, connections and craftsmanship are
brought together in the development of the Kudos range.
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