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LiSA s
The LiSA S is a compact bi-amp 3 way line array system design for high definition
and powerfull performance.
Key Features
✓ The horizontal stability is one of his
greatest strenghts as can be seen from
the horizontal beam graph.
✓ The perfect time alignment makes the
reproduction extremely faithful, that
makes the response of the system similar
to an hi-fi.
✓ The Low and Medium frequency drivers
are customized to make the system
unique, and to optimize performaces.
✓ The neodynium horn loaded ribbon
driver, makes the response of the high
frequency range detailed and listenable
without any compromise in terms of
sound pressure.
✓ Processed at 96 kHz with floating point
DSP installed inside the Powersoft K
DSP series amplifiers and controll with
Armonia Pro Audio Suite™ software.
✓ The audio path between source and
amplifiers is digitally via AES/EBU cable
with analogue backup.
System Specifications
Frequency Response (±3 dB)
Nominal Impedace
70 Hz - 18 kHz
8Ω (LF/MF) + 14Ω (HF)
LF 98 dB - HF 107 dB
Maximum Peak SPL @ 1m
131 dB
System’s Acoustic Principle
Low Frequency transmission line - High
Frequency ribbon transducer
2x Neodymium 8”, 2,5”VC
4x Neodymium 4”, 1.5” VC
1x Neodymium Ribbon Compact Driver
Input Connections
Input Wiring
Neutrik Speakon NL8 x 2
LF&MF = Pin 3+/-; HF = Pin 4+/-
Continuous AES Pink Noise Power
Program Power
LF&MF 500 Watt - HF 100 Watt
LF&MF 1000 Watt - HF 500 Watt
Physical Dimension
627 mm
279,8 mm
534,7 mm
Enclosure Material
15 mm and 18 mm reinforced playwood
High Resistence polyurea coating
Suspension System
Front & Back Suspension
Net Weight
High Strenght Steel with 8 mm Pin
32,4 Kg
LF MF Impedance
HF Impedance
Horizontal Beam
Vertical Beam
Time Allign
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