ericsson-lg enterprise communications solutions

ericsson-lg enterprise communications solutions
Ericsson-LG Enterprise Communications Solutions
Ericsson-LG Enterprise, a joint venture between Ericsson and LG-Electronics, is a global leader in
providing innovative technology and business communications solutions.
Ericsson-LG Enterprise enables enterprises to boost revenue, reduce costs, enhance customer
service, and increase productivity.
With more than 40 years of experience, Ericsson-LG Enterprise recognizes and understands
customers concerns and requirements when selecting a communications solution.
As a reliable business partner, Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers customized solutions to small
and large enterprises with a portfolio ranging from cloud, IP PBX, UC, mobility, fixed network
infrastructure, voice, applications and data solutions.
Ericsson-LG Enterprise focuses on the following core values when delivering enterprise
communications solutions;
Ericsson-LG Enterprise meets customer’s needs for converged services including cloud, voice capabilities, applications suites, data networking and management tools.
Ericsson-LG Enterprise protects your investments through feature enhancements in your existing environment and the seamless migration to a converged IP world when it works best for your business.
Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers total solutions including management platforms for cloud, UC, mobility, hospitality, contact center and security which are designed to improve efficiency.
Future proofed Our R&D investment is focused on continuous technology leadership in IP
communications. The innovative technology enables easy expansion in either
features or system capabilities as your business needs change.
Ericsson-LG Enterprise ensures your competitiveness through delivering end-to-end
communications solutions that provide the answers for your business.
02 _ Enterprise Business
12 _ Ethernet Switches
06 _ Small and Home Office
14 _Applications
10 _ Cloud
Ethernet Switch Service Solution
23 _Phones
iPECS Platforms
The value of any solution to an enterprise must be tied to the quantifiable results
that can deliver to the organization. As an enterprise expands, these results
become apparent as their workforce becomes mobile, global, and dependent on
ease of communications and collaborations. For the business to perform and stay
competitive, enterprises need tools that interoperate well together, bring fast,
and well performed. With high quality interoperability, critical decision making can
be faster and more efficient in the work environment.
Pure IP Communications Platform
for Large Enterprise
Features and Benefits
Maximized scalability
To meet the enterprise needs, Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers the iPECS,
converged IP enterprise communications solutions, that delivers a complete
product lineup for unified communications including voice, data and applications
for small to large enterprises. iPECS platforms, including call servers and
gateways are at the heart of the iPECS solutions that have highly reliable hardware
and software. Experience a fully distributed IP architecture and rich set of features.
• Unlimited scalability by networking
multiple servers
• Support Max 30,000 users with 255 local survival branches;
• Support Max 254 tenants
• iPECS UCP call servers can be used as a local call server
Flexible network architecture
with reliability
• Support flexible and simple network design on All-IP based modular architecture
• Local survivability with a range of local
call servers
• Geographic redundancy for maximizing
service availability
• Multiple redundancy options including
Call Server/LAN/Control/Power unit
All-IP Enterprise Unified Communications Solution
iPECS-CM is an All-IP communications platform for medium and large
enterprises. It provides IP telephony, various multimedia, UC applications,
and mobility services over IP environment. Its innovative design
enables organizations to enjoy the most reliable, flexible and secured
communications. In addition, iPECS-CM’s IP architecture allows an easy
monitoring and managing remote platforms through web management
system and SNMP based network management system.
iPECS-CM employs a distributed architecture across an IP Network to
communicate transparently without geographic limitations. It makes all users
even at branch offices to use the same features that delivered by the central
call server. Also, it enables you to deploy a flexible network and configuration
to fit any business needs.
04 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
Beyond investment protection
• Keep using iPECS UCP gateway module, common applications and end points
• Support wide range of desktop phones from existing analog phones to high-
end IP phones; Video, IP/SIP, Wi-Fi, digital/analog phone, soft phone,
mobile phone client, etc.
• Communications cost reduction via
internal VoIP calls and operational cost reduction by easy to use centralized management
• Keep benefits of desktop phone features with MS Lync/SfB by using iPECS RCC Gateway solution
• An easy extension of the 3rd party services
A strong survivability for stable communication is provided by iPECS-CM
redundant call server which can against LAN/WAN failure or main office
call server failure. Geographic redundancy will guarantee a stability on your
business communication even in geographically dispersed environment.
Enterprise FMC for seamless
If you are consider deploying a UC solution, iPECS-CM will be the best
platform for you. The only thing that you need is a UC application, iPECS
UCS. It will brings increase of work efficiency through providing collaboration
features(Calls, IM, file sharing etc.) on your PC or mobile phone.
• Improve work efficiency and reduce communication cost
• Support advanced Mobile Extension set on iPECS-CM and iPECS UCS mobile client
Enterprise Business 05
iPECS eMG800
Unified Communications Platform
for UC&C and Mobility Solutions
Innovative Hybrid Platform
Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits
Embedded UC and telephony
Embedded UC and telephony
• iPECS UCS standard server is built
• iPECS UCS standard server is built
in iPECS eMG800
• iPECS UCS standard provides
various features such as Video,
Instant Message(IM), Audio
Conference, Visual Voice
Mail(VVM) etc.
• iPECS UCS standard provides
various features such as Video,
Instant Message(IM), Audio
Conference, Visual Voice
Mail(VVM) etc.
• iPECS UCS premium server
(External server) provides more
various features than standard
• iPECS UCS premium server
(External server) provides more
various features than standard
Seamless scalability
Seamless scalability
• Expansion of system capacity is
available by a simple license up to
Max 2,400 ports
• Basic capacity is 200 ports
• User can reduce initial and upfront investment cost
• User can reduce initial and upfront investment cost
• Expandable up to 1,200 ports by a simple system expansion
• Ability to expand with licenses as the business grows
Simple and flexible architecture
• T-NET(Transparent Networking) for local survivability and PSTN failover
Mobular All-IP architecture for
ultimate flexibility
• IT managers can easily manage a multi-
site business network
• Geographical call server redundancy
and power redundancy
Simple, Flexible and Cost-Effective Platform
iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s unified communications platform
designed to meet SME and enterprise communications needs. And there are
3 models for your business size.(UCP100, UCP600, UCP2400)
As the most compelling advantage, unified communications services are
embedded in iPECS UCP. Users can improve business efficiency and
productivity with embedded UC features including real-time voice, video and
presence enabled IM with messaging services(Visual Voice Mail and SMS
etc.) under a single user interface on multiple devices without the need of
an external server. Also, it is seamlessly expandable to provide advanced
collaboration services(File sending, application sharing and multi-party video
conference etc.) by simply adding an external server.
iPECS UCP provides multiple mobility solutions for internal and external
mobile workers. Through a wide range of mobility solutions, users can
improve productivity and decrease communication expenses. iPECS DECT
and Wi-Fi phones provide feature rich and reliable communications for
internal mobile workers. For external mobile workers, iPECS UCS mobile
client delivers the power of a desktop phones to smartphones or tablet PCs.
Also, Mobile Extension lets users place and receive business calls from their
smart phone.
Embedded VoIP channels are one of the great advantages with iPECS
UCP. In addition, iPECS UCP100/600 provide embedded VoIP relay(VoIP
Switching) to provide more cost-effective VoIP channels.
06 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
• T-NET(Transparent Networking) for local survivability and PSTN failover
• IT managers can easily manage a multi-
site business network
• Realizing a seamless and powerful
business communication
Improved business performance
• Various applications for user (iPECS IPCR, Attendant, NMS, Voice Mail, ClickCall and RCC Gateway for MS Lync/SfB)
• Interoperability with various 3rd party solutions in hospitality, healthcare and other vertical industries
• Users can set up an efficient
communications environment with
various applications
Embedded VoIP
• iPECS UCP 100/600 provides embedded VoIP Max 16/24 channels by license respectively
• Provides cost benefits on overall business communications for using VoIP channel
• VoIP switching supports out-band SIP, T-NET and remote device/client
Maximizing Cost and Communication Effectiveness
• Realizing a seamless and powerful
business communication
iPECS eMG800 is an optimized SME solution built with the common
challenges of SMEs in mind such as growth, flexible IP converged
capabilities, unified communications, ease of use, mobility, single
management, scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.
Improved business performance
Same as iPECS UCP, iPECS eMG800 also provides embedded unified
communications services. Users can improve business efficiency and
productivity with iPECS UCS built in standard or external premium server.
• Interoperability with various 3rd party solutions in hospitality, healthcare and other vertical industries
• Users can set up an efficient
communications environment with
various applications
iPECS eMG800 supports complete single network IP solutions with high
capacity embedded VoIP to protect your upfront investment. Also, it can
seamlessly migrate to an IP converged world as an innovative hybrid
To fulfill varying needs and requirements in the SME environments, iPECS
eMG800 provides a various range of applications and mobile clients.
Also, it offers interoperability with various 3rd party solutions in hospitality,
healthcare and other vertical industries.
• Various applications for user (iPECS IPCR, Attendant, NMS, Voice Mail, ClickCall and RCC Gateway for MS Lync/SfB)
Embedded VoIP
• Embedded VoIP Max 8 channels by license
• Provides cost benefits on overall business communications for using VoIP channel
iPECS eMG800 enables flexible and cost-effective multi-site
deployment, and it makes users can experience seamless and powerful
communications. Also, it can be fully networked in T-NET(Transparent
Networking) for local survivability and PSTN failover. Through flexible
T-NET features, IT managers can easily manage a multi-site architecture.
Enterprise Business 07
Smart and Efficient
New technologies in the realm of telephony bring communications advances that
influence changes in business. Traditional imperatives in the SOHO telephony
market are cost-effectiveness and ease of operation and maintenance; the latest
generation technologies provide both without requiring significant technical training
and support. Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides communications solutions that fit
the needs of small businesses to help accelerate business opportunities. And it will
provide a better customer satisfaction with sophisticated service options - while,
giving them full-control to manage the system for themselves. In the end, no matter
what size your business is, Ericsson-LG Enterprise delivers business critical
solutions that give you a competitive advantage.
IP/TDM Hybrid Communications Platform
As mobile offices increase, people need a more cost-effective and
efficient system. iPECS eMG80 is designed as simple expansion
architecture. Users can easily expand capacity as business grows.
iPECS eMG80 adopts VoIP technology running in optimized IP/TDM
hybrid switching platform. The ability to communicate seamlessly over
IP networks delivers advantages permitting SMEs to access efficiency
and productive applications in a simple and cost effective manner.
iPECS eMG80 is the perfect system for users who are looking for
a small and cost-effective system that also provides a mobility to
increase business productivity. Experience a feature rich and costeffective communications solution with iPECS eMG80.
Seamless expandability
Flexible multi-site deployment
• From 8~12 users to more than 100 users as business grows
• iPECS eMG80 enables flexible and cost-effective multi-site deployment as local/branch system
• Multi cabinet architecture
• Configure dynamic system with multiple types of KSU
Cost-effective embedded VoIP
• Advanced VoIP technology supports low cost SIP trunking,
on and off-premise mobility, remote connectivity and multisite networking to overcome geographical boundaries
• 2 channels are provided as built-in service for small sized
business customer
• Expandable up to 16 channels by a simple license
• Local survivability and PSTN back-up service(Fail-over)
Wide range of mobility
• Supports iPECS DECT and Wi-Fi phones for internal mobile
• iPECS UCS mobile client delivers the power of a desktop
phone to smart phones or tablet PCs for external mobile workers
• Mobile extension lets users place and receive business calls
from their smartphones
Embedded UC and telephony
• iPECS UCS standard server is built in iPECS eMG80
• iPECS UCS standard provides various features such as Video, Instant Message(IM), Audio Conference, Visual Voice Mail(VVM) etc.
• iPECS UCS premium server(External server) provides more various features than standard server
Simple Communications for SOHO
New technologies in telephony bring advancement in communications which
in turn influence changes in business from large sized enterprises to small
ones. ARIA SOHO is an offering, delivered on Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s
digital technologies, to address the needs of communications in small and
medium sized business.
• Simple and smart telephony system with plug and play functionality
• Affordable scale up to 48 extensions and empowering analog extensions
•Services to monitor and restrict outgoing traffic(as needed) in order for a manager
to control communications costs
• Easy hands on methods for maintenance and operation
08 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
Small and Home Office 09
Cloud Communication/
UC Service solution
Cloud solution which is also known as ‘Hosted’ or ‘Software as a Service’(SaaS)
is a highly popular way to adopt new business communication technologies. IP
telephony market is rapidly changing from purchasing, installing, and maintaining
hardware or application to subscribing a monthly service from cloud platforms.
Cloud platform has to be located in secure data centers, and a simple and
easy management system is needed for service providers to operate business
communications easily as End-to-End solution.
iPECS Cloud
iPECS Cloud
Features and Benefits
Smart Option to Own Your Communication Systems
Minimizing Entry Cost and Faster Implementation
• Easy to start a cloud business as initial setup cost is low for service provider
• Less management cost and efforts on sales business as multi-layered EMS is provided
To meet all needs of service providers and end-users, Ericsson-LG Enterprise
provides End-to-End cloud solution ‘iPECS Cloud’ including multi-layered web
based management tools(EMS). iPECS Cloud is a Best-In-Class UCaaS solution
accommodated to the cloud environment. iPECS Cloud contains Agility, Flexibility
and Simplicity on top of the proven technology of Ericsson-LG Enterprise, leading
in business communications. Equipped with a variety of end-points, applications
and features, iPECS Cloud could be your smart option for your communication
• Fast to implement cloud business for service provider : Installed base service and flexible service package
Flexible business model
• Create business or sales model
according to service provider’s
• Single-tier model for a total service provider or multi-tier model with distributor/reseller
Scalability for capacity and services
• Support up to 50,000 ports(2,560 tenants) and easily expandable as business grows
Minimizing Entry Cost and Faster Implementation : As End-to-End
solution, Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides initial setup and technical training
support for the centralized cloud solution including overall services such as
voice, video, data, collaboration features, management tools etc. And then
service provider can easily provide iPECS Cloud to end user with low upfront
cost and efforts. If iPECS resources are already installed on the end-user’s
site, iPECS Cloud will be the best solution to protect existing investment.
Also, integration with other branded IT resources is available through API.
Flexibility and Scalability : iPECS Cloud features outstanding flexibility
in deployment and can be deployed as a Public, Private or Hybrid cloud
solution. iPECS Cloud can be a great solution to service provider since
service provider can manage own business model however they want. With
high scalability, iPECS Cloud provides up to 50,000 ports and easily adapted
to future business growth. And IT manager can easily configure telephony
features depending on user’s needs through web based management tool.
Variety of Communication Feature : There are a variety of options
for business collaborations available. You may be looking for diverse
collaboration tools for your own business. Along with state-of-the-art feature/
functionalities, iPECS Cloud offers a wide range of portfolios including
telephony features, UC applications, voice, video, management tools etc.
With iPECS Cloud, you can easily get the experience of diverse high quality
collaboration tools whenever you need.
Easy Operation and Management : iPECS Cloud has a multi-layered
management tool which is web based GUI. For the iPECS Cloud business
partner, there is a backend portal and partners can easily configure and order
all services. Also, there is a Billing gateway for easy billing management by
the business partner. For the customer IT manager and end-user, a frontend
portal is provided. All customer’s resources can be configured in here. IT
Managers can divide features for assigning to the appropriate users for a
more efficient business environment. And end users can manage their own
phone configuration through the web browser wherever they are.
10 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
• Easily configure all services through web based management tool(EMS)
Reliability and Security
• Geo-redundancy/Local survivability for reliable and seamless multi-site communication
• Extension/Media/Trunk SBC are embedded for secure communication
• Auto call barring service
Variety of communication feature
• Supports auto attendant, voice mail, call recording, UC&Mobility solution
with iPECS UCE and iPECS Meetings, call center etc.
Wide range of voice product portfolio
• IP Phone : LIP-9000/8000E Series,
IP8800E Series and IP DECT
• Soft client : iPECS UCE, iPECS Meetings, iPECS RCC Gateway, Call recording and iPECS Attendant
Easy operation and management
• Web based management tool(EMS)
• Multi-layered web portal for Service Provider, Virtual Service Provider, Reseller, Customer Manager and Customer User
• Ordering, configuring and resource management
• Billing gateway for 3rd party billing service integration
Cloud Communication/uc service solution 11
Simpler and Smarter
Networking for the SME
Today, SMEs are facing more and more challenges with the growing
complexity of IT solutions from its limited budgets and resources, however,
they have to operate in the same business environment competing against
larger enterprises. With the vision to deliver an optimized solution to best
solve these challenges, iPECS Ethernet Switch families are designed to be
simpler to install and smarter to manage with high reliability. iPECS Ethernet
Switch can perfectly solve the needs from the varying environments and
challenges with less effort and lower investment now and in the future.
iPECS Ethernet Switches
iPECS ES-4500G Series L3 Stacking Switches
• 24 ports 10/100/1000 Base-T
• 4 ports Gigabit shared uplinks
• 2 ports 10 Gigabit XFP
• High availability
• IPv4 and IPv6 routing support
• 48 ports 10/100/1000 Base-T
• 4 ports Gigabit shared uplinks
• 2 ports 10 Gigabit XFP
• High availability
• IPv4 and IPv6 routing support
Easy to install
iPECS Ethernet Switches have plug and play capabilities such as Auto-negotiation of
speed and duplex mode, Auto-MDI/MDIX, at a glance intuitive status LEDs right on
top of the ports. And also its intuitive web user interface makes the installation and
administration much easier.
Advanced QoS(Quality of Service)
Prioritization of the data on the network is essential in order to ensure that mission
critical applications such as voice are delivered in a timely manner. iPECS Ethernet
Switches are able to classify packets into different priority queues and deliver each
packet in the priority queues using WRR(Weighted Round Robin) or SPQ(Strict
Priority Queuing) method.
Flexible PoE(Power over Ethernet)
iPECS Ethernet Switches are designed to support both 802.3af and 802.3at standard
POE. Therefore, SMEs can flexibly and cost-effectively connect standard and high
powered devices on a single PoE switch. In addition, the PoE control and monitoring
can be easily managed via the intuitive web user interface.(POE models only)*
Green ethernet
iPECS Ethernet Switches incorporate the latest green ethernet technology to help
you save energy costs. iPECS Ethernet Switches use either EEE(Energy Efficient
Ethernet) or are able to detect link status and cable length allowing each port to
dynamically configure providing maximum power efficiency.(Gigabit models only)*
Secure networking
iPECS Ethernet Switches support key security features like RADIUS authentication
and authorization as well as multi-layer filtering. Web management sessions can be
secured with HTTPS encryption.
iPECS ES-3000 Series L2 Managed Switches
• 24 ports 10/100 Base-TX
• 2 ports Gigabit combo uplinks
• 24 ports 10/100 Base-TX with PoE
• 2 ports Gigabit combo uplinks
• 24 ports 10/100/1000 Base-T
• 4 ports Gigabit shared uplinks
• 24 ports 10/100/1000 Base-T with PoE
• 4 ports Gigabit shared uplinks
• 48 ports 10/100/1000 Base-T
• 4 ports Gigabit uplinks
• 48 ports 10/100/1000 Base-T with PoE
• 4 ports Gigabit uplinks
iPECS ES-2000 Series L2 Advanced Switched
• 24 ports 10/100 Base-TX
• 2 ports Gigabit combo uplinks
• 24 ports 10/100/1000 Base-T
• 4 ports Gigabit shared uplinks
• 24 ports 10/100 Base-TX with PoE
• 2 ports Gigabit combo uplinks
• 24 ports 10/100/1000 Base-T with PoE
• 4 ports Gigabit shared uplinks
Smart management using iPECS UDM
Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers an unique management tool, the iPECS UDM(Unified
Device Manager), which enables the management of all iPECS product lines from
IP telephony to data networking via a single management interface. iPECS UDM
simplifies network administration and management through the use of a single
consistent and familiar interface.
• System/switch device registration using site profile
• Device parameters and inventory information
• Web admin interface
• Telnet/serial command line interface(iPECS ES-3000 Series only)
• Device/port information and traffic monitoring using SNMP
• Ping/traceroute test
• Windows layout control and excel report export
• Topology map display, edit and export
12 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
Ethernet SWITCHES 13
Empowering Business
Communications and
To enrich the business communications experience and empower collaboration,
applications are critical in addition to IP telephony platforms. Ericsson-LG
Enterprise provides a variety of software applications for business communications
and collaboration.
iPECS UCS(Unified Communications Solution) is designed for enterprise business
customers, Phontage is an IP based soft client that can fully replace a desktop
keyset. TAPI based office CTI application and PC based attendant console are
also available with all the platforms.
Unified Communications
Solution for Enhancing Business Performance
iPECS UCS is a powerful multimedia collaboration and productivity
enhancing application which is exclusively designed for small and medium
sized businesses. Users can experience powerful UC solution without
concerns over expenses thanks to a single server architecture. The rich
features, capability and the ability to integrate 3rd party solutions are wellsuited for small and medium sized customer’s UC environment.
* iPECS UCS features are different depend on standard and premium version.
Integrated Presence
• Instant decision on reachability by status color
• Save time and cost through real-time communications with people who are available for collaboration
• Integrated DND setting is available for both iPECS UCS client and desktop phone
at the same time
Instant Messaging, SMS and Note
• Various chatting mode(1:1, 1:N, Ad-hoc, Meet-me)
[ Desktop client for Win/Mac]
• Inviting others by drag and drop
• Packet encryption by AES
• Send and receive text message to other internal iPECS system or external SMS users
• Leave a note for offline iPECS UCS user
Audio Call & Conference
<Audio Call>
• Call popup : Display caller’s information based on CID
• MS Outlook popup : Display caller’s contact information in MS Outlook based on
• Call memo : Noting important information during a call
[ iOS ]
[ Android ]
<Audio Conference>
• Based on built-in audio conference system
• Easy conference building by graphical user interface and drag and drop
• Conference control features : Invite, Remove, Mute, Changing Master, Record
Video Call & Conference
• Build face to face conference at anytime, anywhere
• Maximum 9 party, 8 group video conference
• Video resolution : QCIF, CIF, VGA, 4CIF (704 x 480/576)
• Ad-hoc conference
• Meet-me conference and e-mail notification
• Application sharing during conference
• Remote monitoring, still shot
• Presentation mode (1:32)
• More effective and productive work with others
• File Send
• Program sharing
- Application : Sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawing in real time
- Desktop : Sharing desktop screen
• Web push : Sharing web page address
• Whiteboard : Sharing drawings and free-form text
14 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
iPECS ClickCall
Significant Change
in Your Office Communications
iPECS ClickCall is a smart application used to make communications
simpler and easier when working with a PC. All you need to do is drag
a telephone number from any Windows application such as a website,
Windows document or any application running on your PC. You don’t need
to memorize a phone number to make a call from a desktop phone. You can
even reduce the chances of delays or mistakes made by pressing buttons
when making a call in desktop phone.
Soft Clients
IP based Soft Phone
Soft clients turn your PC and laptop into a complete IP terminal with many
additional features. These are ideal for users who communicate frequently,
manage multiple calls, set up ad-hoc conferencing, and need to be highly
available. The solutions provide users with anytime, anywhere access to
unified communications capabilities including voice call,
audio conference, corporate directories, and communications logs.
• Click to call from any selectable number in Windows application
- Easy dialing of selectable number from Windows applications
- Show dialed call log up to 10
Phontage is a multimedia communications tool that integrates the extensive
iPECS voice communications capabilities with communications aware
applications on your PC or laptop. Phontage’s user friendly interface enriches
your communications experience and eases access to contact databases.
- Exit/Setup only through the icon in Windows tray
- Setup dialing information
- Multi language support
[ iPECS ClickCall ]
iPECS RCC Gateway
for MS Lync/SfB
Easy and Simple Remote
Call Control Solution
• Call control client without voice module
• Easy installation : Simple call client without dedicated server
Through iPECS RCC(Remote Call Control) Gateway solution, users can
easily handle outgoing/incoming calls with a simple click on MS Lync/
SfB(Skype for Business). iPECS RCC Gateway solution for integration with
MS Lync/SfB consists of ‘RCC Gateway’ and ‘RCCV Client’. For flexible
deploying on various office environments, iPECS RCC Gateway provides
various scenarios. It provides two types of user scenario. Users can do
remote control of iPECS desk phones with ‘RCC mode’ and SIP voice
communication with ‘VC mode’. iPECS RCC Gateway solution is available in
Cloud Service solution as well as on premise solution.
iPECS RCC Gateway configuration
• Linkage with both desktop phone and MS Lync/SfB Client presence
• Desktop phone control in iPECS RCCV Client
[ Phontage ]
Powerful communications tool
• All the features of an IP multi button desktop phone
• Link to users desktop phone with simultaneous ring
• Phone book, Call log, Scheduled dial, SMS, Video call and application
sharing features
Simple personal contact management
• Personal phone book with links to users’ PIM(Personal Information Manager)
such as Microsoft Outlook, GoldMine, and ACT!
• Synchronizing the DB with Microsoft Outlook contacts and scheduler for simple data management
Variety of client types
• MS Plus CAL(Client Access License) to be replaced by the iPECS RCC Gateway
solution in two concepts
• Available in several versions(Basic and Deluxe)
• Basic : Powerful tool for users with intense communications needs
• Deluxe : Users who need one-on-one multimedia collaboration
iPECS RCCV Client user interface
User friendly interface
• On installation of the iPECS RCCV client, it will be shown and positioned underneath of MS Lync/SfB Client
• Always on top call assistant and smart system tray
• Audio tuning wizard and wireless hook-switch integration
• When right click on MS Lync/SfB contact list, “Make Call(s)” menu will be shown
Enhancing the communication experience
• The station number will be displayed as shown in the “desktop phone” number assigned by the Active Directory
iPECS RCCV Client features
• ‘RCC Mode’ for desktop phone call control solution : MS Lync/SfB with iPECS
RCCV Client and desktop phone
- Remote call control for iPECS desktop phones in iPECS RCCV Client
• With links to your contact manager simply dial by name
• Register Phontage with desktop phone and seamlessly switch voice from PC
by just lifting the desktop phone handset
• With incoming calls, Phontage delivers a popup with details from your contact manager
• Scheduled dialing adds to the power of Phontage as a personal assistant
- Desktop phone status updated to MS Lync/SfB presence
[ iPECS RCC Gateway ]
• ‘VC Mode’ for SIP voice communication solution : MS Lync/SfB with iPECS
RCCV Client
- iPECS RCCV Client as a SIP extension
- No iPECS RCC Gateway needed
- MS Lync/SfB calls for MS Lync/SfB clients
- iPECS RCCV Client soft phone status updated to MS Lync/SfB presence
16 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
Attendant Console
Operator and
Information Solutions
Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides PC based software attendant consoles
that integrate telephony with external call data and workforce information.
The applications simplify call handling and meet evolving communications
requirements. As the operator consoles for Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s
communications systems, iPECS Attendant gives highly efficient telephony
connections for attendants, receptionists and secretaries.
Contact Center
Intelligent Multi-Channel IP
Contact Center Solution
iPECS Attendant
iPECS CCS is a multi-channel contact center solutions package for SME.
Its multiple channels in comprehensive all in one solution provide seamless
connections for your smart customer services.
iPECS Attendant is the IP based attendant console with soft phone function,
hotel features and an improved user interface. Based on the iPECS
platforms that integrated with iPECS Attendant, the supported features
are various for quick and easy call handling.
Best suite for small and medium sized contact center
Embedded IP soft phone functions
• Cost effective bundles for basic contact center with iPECS platforms
• Various call features without an external desktop phone
• Flexible add-on and optional modules for additional functionality
• High quality voice communications using a PC or laptop
[ iPECS Attendant Office Version ]
Easy to use interface
[ iPECS CCS Dashboard ]
• Well organized user interface and customizable display for individual attendant
• Quick and easy call handling with simple click or drag and drop
• Managing telephone, e-mails, voice mail, fax, SMS, web call back, call back in
queue, web chat and social networking
• Desktop phone and status presence based call routing
• iPECS UCS presence information display
• Different rules for each media or channel
• Busy Lamp Field(BLF) and status information display
• Virtual server support for multi functional servers
• Shortcut keys for frequently used functions
• Agent use the iPECS CCS Desk agent for multimedia call handling
• Pre-selected and customized station status message setting
Next generation customer contact
• Station setting modification: Station name, COS, Temporary COS,
• Attendant status change : Day, Night, On demand, Weekend, Auto ring, Forward
Simple directory and database management
• Local phone book import and export
• Database and system component back up to the local hard disk drive
• Multiple local database interface
• Embedded CRM interface for major CRM solutions
• iPECS CCS enables you to provide smart customer service enabling customers to
communicate any way they choose
• Intuitive display icons: Monitoring window, Queue window and tool bar
attendant cancel, music selection
• Easy installation and operation with intuitive and simple functions
Multi-channel all in one solution
• Wait time and priority based call handling with caller information
[ iPECS Attendant Hotel Version ]
Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers contact center solution that covers from
small to medium business with two types of products. iPECS CCS(Contact
Center Suite) is a professional multi-channel IP contact center solution best
integrated with iPECS platforms. And iPECS Report Plus is designed for
simple contact center with embedded ACD in call server.
[ iPECS CCS Desk ]
• Enable consistent cross channel communications
• Social Network Solution supports most popular medias(Twitter and Facebook)
• Multimedia outbound Tele-Marketing
• CRM integration for better service for customers and business integration
• Expert contact levering Unified Communications Solutions increase productivity
and improve customer service by providing first contact resolution
• Support MS Outlook integration
Web based reporting tool
• Phone book management : Register, Edit, Delete, 17 database fields,
Dynamic search, Sort, Filter
• Real-time monitoring and historical reports on a range of call accounting, billing,
call analysis, etc.
More productivity enhancement features
• Integrating with voice recording or CRM/Database in the contact center to show
comprehensive reports
• Dialing options : Keypad dialing, click to call from the phone book, • Business intelligent Dash Board
station icon, log view and speed dial
iPECS CCS consists of basic package and modularized options
for special functions
• Video call, Conferencing, Call recording, Text messaging, E-mail notice, Paging,
Emergency call monitoring, etc.
• Multiple attendants’ monitoring and superb statistical reporting of all calls
Hospitality features
• Check in/out, wake up call, room status, room cut off, hotel reservation part-time of room charge calculation, add additional service charge option etc.
• Wake-up call management: Multiple wake-up, group set, optional set
• iPECS Attendant Hotel for basic PMS functionality
- Check-out billing service, Custom billing format
- System Information update in real-time(PMS DB sync)
- DND service, message service
- Room class(COS) setting, Room change and automatic change of COS when • Basic package
CCS Q : Multi channel inbound CC
CCS Desk : Agent’s desktop software
CCS Report : Monitoring and report
• Optional modules
CCS Call : Multimedia outbound CC
CCS Chat : Web chat and instant messaging clients
CCS Social : Social networking with Twitter and Facebook
CCS IVR : Interactive voice response
CCS Record : Voice recording
CCS SMS : SMS server(TBD)
CCS Survey : Survey for customer service measurement
CCS Coach : Coach for agent training
check out
18 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
iPECS Report Plus
iPECS Report Plus business reporting module delivers historic and current
information on business communications, supporting better analysis and
decision making.
IP Call Recording Solution
Service and performance monitoring
In today’s fast moving, service oriented environment, providing customer service and
managing resources efficiently are key objectives. iPECS Report Plus provides an
intuitive tool to monitor customer service and the operational performance of your
business. You can easily check and analyze if your level of service and staffing are
adequate, resulting in better business planning.
[ Agent Statistics and Web Client ]
[ ACD Dashboard and Reporting Display ]
iPECS IPCR(IP Call Recording) is a call recording and monitoring solution
tightly integrated with iPECS platforms optimized for small and medium
sized offices and contact centers. iPECS IPCR is designed as a simple
and cost- effective solution, while it delivers powerful value added features.
iPECS IPCR can meet the needs of robust call recording to ensure regulatory
compliance and quality management.
Real-time monitoring and recording single server for all terminals
• Automatic call recording and on-demand recording
•No additional hardware or cabling required
• IP, digital and SLT extension recording
Business intelligence dashboard
• Graphical agent status monitoring : Idle, log in/out and busy
iPECS Report Plus provides business intelligence dashboard, real-time dashboard
screen and threshold alerting service that is user configurable. Whether you need
telephone call accounting statistics, or contact center real-time information for a
wallboard, iPECS Report Plus dashboard has the answer. User configurable interface
that lets you control what you want to see. You can design your own business
intelligence center and then create thresholds and targets. It gives you complete
control on how you are alerted when those targets are reached.
• Live agent call monitoring with a click of mouse
• On-demand recording of the entire call, simply press call recording button
any time during the call
• Voice packet encryption and call recording at the same time
• Remote maintenance and automatic alarming
Remote call recording
Embedded ACD and ACD Report
• Record calls to remote branch, home office and road warriors
iPECS Report Plus gathers ACD information from the call servers embedded ACD.
As ACD information is embedded, every call is distributed automatically based on call
information. The key feature of embedded ACD is agent monitoring and reporting.
Managers can get agent’s status, break time, number of calls etc. Statistics of agent’s
activity are provided with a diverse report format. Managers can get a report from the
web and also through the dashboard. Efficient monitoring and fast decision making are
possible utilizing the ACD information provided to managers through the dashboard.
• Conversations are saved in a central or remote servers
• Remote packet trans-coding and relay via VOIM
• Multiple codec selection depending on network condition(G.723/G.729)
• Up to 10 systems register and record to a single iPECS IPCR server
Search and play recording
• Web based search and play
Agent Web Client
• Keyword search : Period, hour, agent, DIC and incoming/outgoing
Agent Web Client is web based tools for agent reporting and performance review.
Users can easily login/out without inputting a code using a desktop phone. After a one
time login, a user can connect his/her desktop phone to the contact center system.
Once a user is logged into the system, the presence is integrated between the Agent
Web Client and the desktop phone. Managers can easily monitor real-time ACD agent
statuses and history. Agent statistics are provided as a ticker-tape, pie and bar chart.
Through client statistics, a manger can easily manage an agent group for business
• Directory search : Group or agent selection
• Built in media player : Play, stop, pause, marking and speed control
• Server status and memory monitoring
Distributed recording
• Flexible deployment without limiting functionality
• Traffic balancing and employing through local iPECS IPCR servers
• Local traffic saved in local servers : Regional agents and local conversation
• Support server redundancy for local survivability
• Proprietary protocol between the call server and reporting server instead of TAPI
• Up to 10 iPECS IPCR servers register and record calls from a single call server
• Automatic scheduling of reports to print, e-mail or file(PDF, Excel)
• Call distribution based on built-in ACD functionalities of call server
• Saving and displaying call traffic and ACD data
• Real-time information display about every call including agent status and action
• Personal statistics for agent reporting and performance review
• Agent Control by supervisor in Agent Web Client
• Over 80 powerful reports for system performance, service levels, grades of service
and agent/team evaluation
• Powerful carrier tariff interface - resulting in enterprise grade reporting
• Accesses anywhere - use dashboard in the company or remote office
• Wallboard and alert management
• Simple for user to configure and create multiple dashboard screens
20 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
Intuitive display of statistics
• Usage statistics graphs : Table, bar chart and line graph
• External calls, internal calls and average talking time
• Hourly, daily, monthly, yearly data and per agent data
• Web display and excel file downloadable
• User base access level management
Conference recording
• From 3 up to 32 party conference recording
• Mixing multi party conversation paths into one path via MCIM
• Any iPECS IPCR registered participants can save the conference
Multi-Site Management Tool
iPECS NMS(Network Management Solution) is a powerful tool for managing
fault information, monitoring real-time status, maintaining call statistics and
databases of multiple iPECS platforms and switches. iPECS NMS is a web
based application enabling communications managers to access iPECS
NMS via Internet Explorer from any PC. It employs standard SNMP (Simple
Network Management Protocol) to identify and “trap” events should a
problem occur.
Business Communications
To an end user, the telephone that sits on the desk is the system. It is the critical
interface that determines how easy it is to use the system, and in turn, how
productive, effective and satisfied they can be. That’s why Ericsson-LG Enterprise
offers a wide range of user friendly business portfolio to fit any business.
Ericsson-LG Enterprise IP phones support a comprehensive suite of telephony
features and applications with solutions designed to meet varying communications
needs from small to large environments.
Fault management and real-time system monitoring
• Monitoring registered systems in real-time to deliver fault and alarm event statistics
• Automatic e-mail alerts defined as critical by the system manager
• Network topology diagram as tree or circle format including zooming and exporting
System information management
• A list of the resources and components for all registered systems including call
servers, gateways, terminals, soft phones, and software associated with systems
and components
Various traffic statistics
• Easily analyzing the traffic data to determine under or over usage of resources and usage trends to adjust system configuration
• Detailed and summary data for call accounting and cost allocation
Switch information management
• Real-time CPU and memory utilization
• Switch and port related information and configuration
22 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
IP Phones
Enjoy the wide selection of system IP phones from entry level to professional
business phones. LIP-9000 series designed to best fit the users’ business needs
and Ericsson-LG Enterprise proprietary protocol provides fully integrated
system features just like a conventional feature rich PBX solution.
Simple installation and maintenance are designed into the phones. Managers
and administrators can access the system via the web admin from any
remote location. The intuitive user interface helps manage sophisticated
feature configuration and easy maintenance routines.
Professional Gigabit IP Phone with Color graphic LCD
• 8
line color graphic with backlit(480x272)
programmable feature keys with 3 color LED
• 2 Gigabit LAN port (10/100/1000 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
• 36(12x3page)
Enhanced Touch Screen IP Video Phone
LIP-9071 is a high-end IP video phone with diverse UC features. iPECS
platforms are integrated with LIP-9071 to support the iPECS UC solution and
NFC tagging is provided for easy access to smart office solutions. This highend video phone supports HD quality video and voice communications.
LIP-9071 will give you a more effective work environment.
Professional Gigabit IP Phone
• 8
line gray scale graphic with backlit(320x144)
programmable feature keys with 3 color LED
• 2 Gigabit LAN port (10/100/1000 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
• 36(12x3page)
Mid Range Gigabit IP Phone
6 line gray scale graphic with backlit(320x112)
24(8x3page) programmable feature keys with 3 color LED
• 2 Gigabit LAN port (10/100/1000 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
• 7
inch LCD with touch screen
video call
• 3 way audio conference
• MCID through XML service
• Built in camera
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi dongle support
• Built in HDMI interface
•NFC tagging support
• 3rd party Android applications
• HD
Standard Gigabit IP Phone
Software Menu and Application
• Home
• Clock
24 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
• Station
• Call
4 line gray scale graphic with backlit(320x80)
10 programmable feature keys with 3 color LED
• 2 Gigabit LAN port (10/100/1000 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
Simple Functionality for a Basic Level IP Phone
3 line gray scale graphic with backlit(320x48)
5 programmable feature keys with 3 color LED
• 2 LAN port (10/100 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
Featured Entry Level Gigabit IP Phone
DSS keys
12(3 color LED)
24(3 color LED)
12(2 pages, 3 color LED)
48(3 color LED)
SIP : 2 / IPKTS* : 4
DSS connection
* IPKTS : 4 connection is supported only in following conditions. (System - Unified 2.1 or higher, IP Phone - 1.0Fh version or higher, DSS - ECO B20160177)
4 line gray scale graphic with backlit(128x64)
8 programmable feature keys with 3 color LED
• 2 Gigabit LAN port (10/100/1000 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
(Bluetooth Dongle)
Featured Entry Level IP Phone
4 line gray scale graphic with backlit(128x64)
8 programmable feature keys with 3 color LED
• 2 LAN port (10/100 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
Bluetooth V2.1+EDR
Compatible with Plantronics and Jabra*
Speaker phone or handset calls
on smart phone and headset
Package of EHSA & foot stand
* Compatible Model : Plantronics CS500 Series, SAVI 700 Series / Jabra Pro 920 Series, Pro 9400 Series
Wi-Fi Phone
Entry Level IP Phone
2 line gray graphic with backlit(128x32)
• 4 programmable feature keys with 3 color LED
• 2 LAN port (10/100 Base-T)
• Narrow Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
26 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
(Electronic Hook Switch Adaptor)
WIT-400HE offers secure mobility connecting to iPECS platforms. By using iPECS
protocol, it guarantees rich features and better communications quality.
2 inch TFT color LCD
iPECS protocol based system terminal
• 802.11 b/g compatible
802.11e for WLAN QoS
• Standby 50hrs/Talking 3hrs
G.722 wideband voice codec
PTT, SMS, volume control
• 3 way conference, system hold,
call back, linked pair and more
system call features
Digital Phones
GDC-800H, GDC-500H and GDC-480H are excellent choices for a business
DECT solution.
LDP-9200 series are Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s digital desktop phones that bring the
functionality to the desktop with display based interfaces, call log, self labeling keys,
and simplified administration. Also, Ericsson-LG Enterprise digital desktop phones
meet the diverse requirements for features, reliability, ease of use, and productivity
as well as ergonomic user friendly design.
Business DECT Solution
Feature rich 2 inch full color LCD
Polyphonic ringtone
• 25 call list storage capacity
• 100/200 phonebook(Local/Central)
• Emergency key
Duplex speaker phone
Headset jack(3.5mm)
• 16 languages
• Voice encoding : G.711/G.722
• Standby 180hrs/Talking 16hrs
• Base
station for GDC-800
simultaneous calls,
300m RF distance
• Scalable from 1 to 40 bases in a zone
• 8
8 line graphic LCD
with backlit(320x144)
• 24(12x2pages) programmable feature keys with Dual LED
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• Support button kit and EHSA
• Software
Upgrade Over
The Air-sync(SUOTA)
• IP security TLS, sRTP
(Call data, System data, DECT data)
3 line graphic LCD
with backlit(192x36)
• 24 programmable feature keys with Dual LED
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• Support button kit and EHSA
3 line 24 character LCD
24 programmable feature keys with Dual LED
• Narrow Band Speaker phone
• Support button kit and EHSA
2 line 24 character LCD
8 programmable feature keys with Dual LED
• Narrow Band Speaker phone
• No support button kit and EHSA
Professional DECT repeater with
extended call
• Up to 6 repeaters per base station
Up to 3 repeaters in daisy chain
Range(Open/Building) :
Up to 300/50m
• Ruggedized
design for advanced
• Feature rich 2 inch full color LCD
• Bluetooth headset support
• Serial port for software upgrade and
direct charging
• Different
ring tone up to 9
Speaker phone
• Scanning 5 base stations as
candidates for handover
• Standby 100hrs/Talking 10hrs
• 2.5mm ear mic jack
design for advanced
rich 2 inch full color LCD
• Serial port for software upgrade and
direct charging
• Different ring tone up to 9
• Feature
Speaker phone
• Scanning 5 base stations as
candidates for handover
• Standby 100hrs/Talking 10hrs
• 2.5mm ear mic jack
DSS keys
12(3 color LED)
24(3 color LED)
48(3 color LED)
DSS connection
Up to 2
(Electronic Hook Switch Adaptor)
Compatible with
Plantronics and Jabra*
Package of EHSA and foot stand
* Compatible Model : Plantronics CS500 Series, SAVI 700 Series / Jabra Pro 920 Series, Pro 9400 Series
• Ruggedized
The LKA series contains a set of user friendly features and secure connection to
Ericsson-LG Enterprise PBXs.
Single Line Telephones
Base station for GDC-500H, GDC-480H • 6 simultaneous calls, 300m RF distance
3 LED indicators
• 16
• 16
• OHD(On
• Speaker
digits, 3 line LCD
Hook Dial)
• Ring lamp/Direct memory(3)
28 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
digits, 3 line LCD
• Ring lamp/Direct memory(3)
Simple SLT
3 memory buttons
• Redial/Volume control
Standard SIP
To exploit the advantages of IP telephony to its fullest, you need the right desktop
phones. Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers the broadest array of IP8800E series
ranging from a basic entry level IP phone that lets you enjoy the benefits of IP
telephony in its simplest form to the highly sophisticated needs of executives and
global communicators. Ericsson-LG Enterprise SIP phones are cost effective,
simple to install and easy to use with future proof technology.
Basic IP Phone
5 line graphic LCD(140x48)
programmable feature keys
• 2 LAN port (10/100 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• 8
Color Screen IP Phone
• 4.3
inch wide color graphic with backlit(480x272)
• 5 programmable feature keys
• 2 Gigabit LAN port (10/100/1000 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
Entry Level IP Phone
2 line graphic LCD(128x32)
programmable feature keys
• 2 LAN port (10/100 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)*
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• 4
* PoE(802.3af) : IP8802 only
IP Phone for Executives
9 line graphic LCD with backlit(240x144)
programmable feature keys
• 2 Gigabit LAN port (10/100/1000 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
• 10
IP Phone for Professional Call Handling Position
4 line graphic LCD with backlit(240x56)
programmable feature keys
• 2 Gigabit LAN port (10/100/1000 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
• 24
DSS keys
12(3 color LED)
12(3 color LED)
48(3 color LED)
DSS connection
Up to 2
Up to 2
Up to 4
(Bluetooth Dongle)
Bluetooth V2.1+EDR
Speaker phone or handset calls
on smart phone and headset
Standard IP Phone
3 line graphic LCD with backlit(240x42)
programmable feature keys
• 2 Gigabit LAN port (10/100/1000 Base-T)
• Wide Band Speaker phone
• PoE(802.3af)
• LLDP-MED/802.1x security support
• Open VPN support
• 12
30 Ericsson-LG Enterprise
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