As a member of the VISTA Plus Family, the VIA-30PSE
offers all the features your customers desire along with
quick and easy installation. The VIA-30PSE is a simple,
yet versatile, control panel that provides effective
protection of life and property while supporting unique,
easy to use end-user interfaces.
Dependable features to meet your most demanding installations:
30 wireless zones, two hardwired zones
Supported eight additional hardwired
zones (22 wireless zones remain)
Seven user codes
Compatible with ADEMCO’s 5800 series
of wireless remotes
Support’s 4286 VIP Phone Module
Supports up to four relays
False alarm reduction features
Paging capabilities
Control Panel
End users will appreciate the easy to use convenience and control features of
the VIA-30PSE:
Single-button control of system from
wireless devices:
– 5804 - Four-button programmable
wireless key
– 5804BD - Bidirectional button
programmable wireless key with status
Single or dual-button wireless personal
– 5802MN
– 5802MN2
Home control features activate lights,
appliances, garage doors and numerous
other devices
The Vista Interactive Phone Module (4286
VIP) gives the end-user control of the
system from any touchtone phone; and
responds in clear English, with over a 100
word vocabulary
Full English display keypads for clear
understanding of system status and
zone locations
Openings, closings, alarm and trouble
messages can be sent directly to a pager,
allowing system status to be confirmed;
parents can use this feature to verify that
their children have arrived home
• Aux power 12VDC, 500mA max
• 16.5VAC/25VA transformer
• Alarm output 12VDC, 2.0 Amps max
• For UL installations, combined Aux and alarm
output cannot exceed 600mA
Output Control
• Supports one relay board (part no. 4204)
for four relays.
• Two hardwired zones
— Selectable response: 10msec.,
350msec, 750msec
— 16 zone types to choose from
— Programmable swinger suppression
Hardwired Expansion Devices
• 4219 - eight hardwired zones - 16mA
• 4204 up to four relays - 15mA standby
(each active relay draws an additional
• 4229 - 8 hardwired zones and two relays 36mA
• Keypads
— 6139 custom English (required for
programming) - 100mA
— 6128 fixed English LCD - 85mA/40mA
• Voice module 4285VIP - 160mA
• Four wire smoke detectors
• Keyswitch device - 4146 keyswitch
Wireless Receiver Systems
• 5800 Series
— 5881L up to eight zones - 50mA
— 5881M up to 16 zones - 50mA
— 5881H up to 30 zones - 50mA
• All Receivers Support
— Diversity reception with two antennae
— Remote mounting for best location
— Unique supervision and low battery
indications by point
• 5800 Series
— Three volt Duracell lithium batteries
— One mile range
— Tamper standard
Agency Listings
• UL Residential Fire & Burglary and CFM
• Touchtone or pulse
• Formats supported
— ADEMCO Contact ID
— ADEMCO 4+2 Express
— ADEMCO low speed
— Sescoa/Radionics
• 3+1, 4+1 and 4+2 reporting
• Reporting capabilities
— Split
— Dual
— Split/Dual pager
— Pager
• Low battery reports 11.2-11.6VDC
• Up to four digit PABX code supported
• True dial tone detection
• Double pole line seizure
• AC loss and restoral reporting supported
165 Eileen Way, Syosset, NY 11791
Copyright ©2002 Pittway Corporation
Part No.
L/VIS30PSE/D Rev. 5/02
Control Panel
ADEMCO is an ISO9001 Registered
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