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Oricom AM880 User's Manual
Oricom AM880
Digital Answering System
With Caller ID
Keep this user guide for future reference
Always retain your proof of purchase in case of warranty
service and register your warranty on line at:www.oricom.com.au
1 Location of controls
1. Telephone Line Cable
12. 2 / 6 / TS Switch
2. Ans / Annc Only Switch
13. Power Jack
3. Call Back Button
14. Telephone Line Socket
4. Display
15. New Call LED
5. Erase Button
16. Review
6. Microphone
17. Speaker
7. Volume
18. Message LED
/ OGM Button
/ Time Check Button
9. Play / Pause Button
20. Memo / 2 Way Button
10. Menu Button
21. On / Off / Stop Button
11. Delete Button
22. Volume
The A-Tick symbol indicates that this product complies with all current Australian ACA standards.
Installing your Oricom AM880
Installing the optional backup battery (not included)
Before connecting your AM880 to the telephone network, the battery
should be fitted. Always use a new 9V alkaline block-type battery. The
battery is required for preventing loss data if there should be a mains
power failure.
Note: When
icon appears in the display, the battery needs to be
1. Make sure that the answering machine is not connected to the
telephone network.
2. The battery compartment is to be found on the underside of your
answering machine.
3. Open the battery compartment with a small screwdriver.
4. Connect the battery plug to the battery and place these in the battery
5. Close the battery compartment.
Connecting the telephone line
1. Connect the small plug of the telephone line supplied to the TEL.LINE
socket on the rear of the answering machine.
2. Plug the other end of the cable into your telephone wall socket.
Connecting mains (AC) power adaptor
Use only the mains adaptor supplied with this product. Incorrect adapter
polarity or voltage can seriously damage the AM880. Adaptor Model #:
9VDC300, Input: 240 VAC 50 Hz, Output: 9VDC 300mA
1. Plug the AC adaptor into mains power.
2. Plug the small plug end into the power socket on the rear of the
answering machine.
When powering up for the first time, your AM880 will need approx. 20
seconds to initialise all the functions. After the first initialisation, the
display will show LCD CONTRAST.
Setting up your AM880
Before you start using the AM880, you need to adjust basic settings
such as the date and time.
When the adaptor has been connected, the display will show LCD
CONTRAST. If LCD CONTRAST doesn’t appear, please adjust the
First press and hold the MENU button for approx. 3 seconds this will
allow you to adjust the following
1. Press CALL BACK button to confirm the LCD CONTRAST. The
current contrast level will be displayed.
2. Now you can use REVIEW or button to set the contrast level.
3. Press CALL BACK button. ENTER WEEK appears on the display.
4. Press CALL BACK button. The display will show SUNDAY and the
AM880 announces the weekday.
5. Press REVIEW or button to set the correct weekday.
6. Press CALL BACK button, the AM880 announces the weekday set
and the display then shows ENTER TIME.
7. Press CALL BACK button. The hour digits will blink and the AM880
announces the hour.
8. Press REVIEW or button to set the correct hour.
9. Press CALL BACK button, the minute digits will blink and the AM880
announces the minute.
10. Press the REVIEW or button to set the correct minute.
11. Press CALL BACK button to confirm. The AM880 announces the
time set and the display then shows ENTER DATE.
12. Press CALL BACK button. The month digits will blink.
13. Press REVIEW or button to set the correct month.
14. Press CALL BACK button, the day digits will blink.
15. Press REVIEW
button to set the correct day, then Press
CALL BACK button to confirm.
This procedure has now been completed - you should see all the current
data you entered on the display.
• Press the ERASE button to exit a menu at any time.
• To check the time and date, just press the
/ TIME CHECK button.
The AM880 will announce the current time.
• If there is a delay of 30 seconds between any of the steps, the
AM880 will revert to standby mode.
Turning the AM880 ON and OFF
To turn on the AM880, press ON/OFF/STOP button. The PLAY LED
illuminates and the AM880 is ready to answer calls.
To turn it off, press ON/OFF/STOP button. The play LED turns off.
Recording outgoing messages (OGM)
The AM880 has two prerecorded outgoing messages:
1. An outgoing message that says ‘Hello, please leave a message
after the tone’. If the ANS/ANNC ONLY switch is set to ANS, the
AM880 will play this message to your callers unless you record your
2. Announce-only outgoing message that says “No one is available to
take your call”. If the ANS/ANNC ONLY switch is set to ANNC ONLY,
the AM880 will play this message to your callers unless you record
your own.
To record your own OGM (up to 5 minutes in length):
1. To record an outgoing message, slide ANSN/ANNC ONLY switch
to ANS.
To record an announce-only outgoing message, slide ANS/ANNC
ONLY switch to ANNC ONLY.
/ OGM button and the AM880 beeps. The display
2. Press and hold
shows ‘OGM RECORDING’ and the counter starts counting up.
3. Speak clearly at a distance of about 15 cm (6 inches) from the
4. Release the
/ OGM button when you have finished speaking.
Your OGM will be played back automatically and the display shows
• To change your OGM, repeat steps 1-4 above.
• Each outgoing message can be recorded, played back, or deleted
• The maximum recording memory of your answering system is
approximately 50 minutes. The length of your message will reduce
the total recording time available for incoming calls. For example, a
20-second message will leave approximately 49 minutes and 40
seconds recording time.
• To check your OGM at any time, press and release the
• If you record your own message and subsequently decide to use
the prerecorded message, press
/ OGM button, then while your
own message is playing, press DELETE button.
Setting the number of rings
To control the duration before the AM880 answers a call, slide the switch
on the AM880’s rear side to the desired number of rings (2, 6, or TS).
TS (Toll Saver) – If you choose the Toll Saver option, and there are new
messages, the AM880 answers after two rings. Otherwise, the AM880
answers after six rings. This lets you avoid unnecessary charges when
calling by long distance to check your messages. If you hear more than
two rings, you know you can hang up because the AM880 has no new
Answering system operation
General operation
The maximum length for each incoming messages is 5 minutes. If the
caller speaks for longer, a signal tone sounds and the call will be cut off.
If there is a pause of more than 7 seconds during recording, the call is
automatically terminated with a signal tone. No more calls will be
answered if the memory capacity for new messages is exhausted and
the message MEMORY FULL will appear in the display. If memory is
full, the AM880 cannot record new messages until you delete the old
messages. See “Deleting Messages” section.
Using the announce-only feature
Your AM880’s announce-only feature lets you make an announcement
for the caller, then, it hangs up without letting the caller leave a message.
This is ideal for business use where you need to make an announcement
to callers but do not want to record messages.
To select announce-only mode, slide ANS/ANNC ONLY to ANNC ONLY.
When the AM880 receives a call, it plays the announce-only message
and sounds 3 beeps. If the remote code has not been entered within 16
seconds, the AM880 will hang up.
Note: You can use remote commands to perform all operations.
To turn off the announce-only feature, slide ANS/ANNC ONLY to ANS
on the back of the machine.
4.3 Recording a personal memo
A memo is a personal message that you record by directly on the AM880,
without calling in.
1. Press and hold MEMO/2 WAY button and the AM880 beeps. The
LCD shows ‘MEMO RECORDING’ and the counter starts counting
2. Speak clearly at a distance of about 15 cm (6 inches) from the
3. Release the MEMO/2 WAY button when you have finished speaking.
The MEMO icon will be lit on the LCD.
Playing messages
The Message LED flashes after the AM880 records new messages,
recorded memos, or two-way phone conversations.
1. To listen to all messages, memos, and two-way conversations, press
PLAY/PAUSE button. The AM880 plays each new message in
sequence and announces the date and time it was recorded.
2. During message playback:
/ OGM button to repeat the current message.
• Press
• Press and hold
/ OGM button for approx. 2 seconds to repeat
the previous message.
• Press
/ TIME CHECK button to skip forward to the next
• Press
/ TIME CHECK button several times in succession to
skip multiple messages.
• Press PLAY/PAUSE button to pause, press PLAY/PAUSE button
again to resume.
• To stop message playback, press ON/OFF/STOP button.
3. After playing all messages, the AM880 sounds a beep and then
returns to answer-ready mode. The Play LED lights solid and all
messages are saved.
To replay the messages, press PLAY/PAUSE button.
Adjust the speaker volume
The integral loudspeaker makes it possible to listen in to incoming calls
without speaking to the caller.
Press or button to adjust the speaker volume. If you do not want to
listen in to the incoming calls, set the volume right down by repeatedly
pressing the button.
Deleting messages
You can delete messages individually during playback, or all at once
after playback.
To delete an incoming message, memo, or two-way phone conversation
(after listening to it), press DELETE button during playback.
To delete all messages after playback, hold down DELETE button until
you hear a beep.
Note: You cannot delete the messages until you play them all back.
Screening calls
To screen your calls, let the AM880 answer. Listen to the caller’s message
through the AM880’s speaker. If you decide to answer the call, pick up
any phone connected to the same phone line as the AM880. The AM880
stops recording and resets to answer the next call.
Recording a 2-way phone conversation
You can record both sides of a conversation on any phone connected to
the same phone line as the AM880.
At any time during the conversation, press MEMO/2 WAY button. The
LCD shows ‘2-WAY RECORDING’ and the counter starts counting up to
indicate the AM880 is recording the call. Press MEMO/2 WAY button
again to stop recording.
Caller ID operation
The Caller ID (CID) is a service provided by your telephone company
(fees and charges may apply). When you subscribe to this service, the
telephone company sends the caller’s telephone number and the call’s
date and time. The AM880 receives and displays this information for
each call. This AM880 stores up to 64 Caller ID records, then replaces
the oldest Caller ID record with each new one.
Select country for AUS/NZ CID operation
Select AUS or NZ country mode using the switch
located inside the battery compartment.
Make sure that the answering machine is not
connected to the telephone network before
opening the battery compartment. When set to
NZ position, the AM880 will insert 0/00 when
using dial back feature from the CID log in
accordance with Telecom NZ requirements.
Receiving calls
During an incoming call, NEW appears and the New Call LED blinks
while the phone is ringing. The number of new and total calls appear.
The New Call LED blinks until all the new calls have been reviewed.
• If only the caller’s phone number is received, the caller’s phone
number with the call time and date appear.
• If an incorrect, invalid or incomplete signal is received, ‘LINE ERROR’
• If the name and number are unlisted, ‘PRIVATE’ appears with the
call time and date.
• If the name and number are not available, ‘UNAVAILABLE’ appears
with the call time and date.
If no key is pressed within several seconds, the LCD will return to standby
mode, and display the total call counter, new call counter, current time
and date.
Reviewing caller ID records
Each Caller ID record includes the time and date of the call, the call
number (determined by the order in which the calls are received), the
caller’s telephone number, and the caller’s name (if available).
button to review the latest number, or press
1. Press REVIEW
REVIEW button to review the oldest number.
After you view all the calls in memory, ‘END OF LIST’ appears and
the New Call LED turns off.
2. To view them again, press REVIEW or button.
Note: REPEAT appears if you receive more than one call from the same
Deleting caller ID records
Note: You must review all new calls before you can erase all calls.
Deleting a single record
1. Press REVIEW or button until you see the record you want to
2. Press ERASE button once. ‘ERASE?’ appears.
3. Hold down the ERASE button until ‘ERASED’ appears. The remaining
Caller ID records are renumbered automatically.
Deleting all records
1. After reviewing all new messages, press and hold ERASE button
until ‘ERASE ALL?’ appears.
2. Hold down the ERASE button until ‘ALL ERASED’ appears.
Backlit display
When you receive a call or press any key, the LCD will light up. It will
turn off after 10 seconds when no key is pressed.
Call back from the caller ID memory
1. Press REVIEW or button to find the Caller ID memory location
to be redialed.
2. Press CALL BACK button once to redial, the LCD shows ‘DIALING
...’ and the phone number to be dialed immediately. The LCD then
Note: If you pick up the handset before pressing the CALL BACK
button, ‘REPLACE HANDSET’ will appear. Replace the handset than
the number will be redialed and ‘PICK UP HANDSET’ will appear.
3. Pick up the handset on the telephone (not supplied) connected to
the same telephone line as the AM880 and carry on your call as
Remote operation
While you are away from your home or office, you can access your
AM880 at any time and check your messages.
1. Dial your phone number.
2. When your outgoing message is playing, enter your remote operation
security code (the security code label is located on the bottom of
the AM880).
3. Two beeps will confirm that the right code has been entered. Now
select one of the remote commands. If no key is pressed for approx.
10 seconds, the AM880 will hang up.
Playback new messages
Playback all recorded messages
When you press 1# to playback new messages, or
2# to play all messages, you can then press the
following keys to get these remote functions.
Delete current message and delete all message
after playback
Repeat previous messages
Stop playback
Skip current message
4. After all your messages have been played, you hear two short beeps.
You have 10 seconds to access the menu again, otherwise, the
AM880 disconnects automatically.
Remote Turn on/off the AM880
If you forget to turn your AM880 on, you can phone
in from a remote location to turn it on.
1. Call your telephone number.
2. The AM880 answers after 10 rings. After the
beep, enter your 3-digit security Code.
3. After the second beep, press 7# then hang up.
Subsequent messages will be recorded
Re-record an OGM
1. When you hear a beep, begin recording your new
OGM (up to 5 minutes).
2. When you have finished recording your new
OGM, press 5#.
The new OGM will playback to you.
3. Hang up the telephone.
Remote Record Memo
If you press 9# (to record memo):
1. When you hear a beep, begin recording your
2. When you have finished recording your memo
message, press 5#.
(press 5# to stop recording)
Remote Room monitoring
If you press 0# (to room monitoring):
1. The built-in microphone of your answering
machine will be switched on and you can then
listen in on the room.
2. Every 30 seconds you will hear a beep. If you
want to continue listening, press 0# again within
10 seconds. Otherwise the AM880 will hang up.
3. To end room monitoring, hang up the telephone
or press 5# if you want to use other remote
To Retrieve Messages when Recording Memory is Full
1. When the message capacity is full, the AM880 will answer your call
after 10 rings and announces “MEMORY IS FULL”.
2. Enter your 3-digit security code within 10 seconds.
3. Follow the remote message playback procedure. After all messages
have been played back, delete ones or all of them to create more
memory space.
Notes for operation in New Zealand
The grant of a Telepermit for any item of terminal equipment indicates
only that Telecom has accepted that the item complies with minimum
conditions for connection to its network. It indicates no endorsement of
the product by Telecom, nor does it provide any sort of warranty. Above
all, it provides no assurance that any item will work correctly in all respects
with another item of Telepermitted equipment of a different make or
model, nor does it imply that any product is compatible with all of
Telecom’s network services.
Telepermitted equipment only may be connected to the auxiliary
telephone port. The auxiliary telephone port is not specifically designed
for 3-wire-connected equipment, 3-wire-connected equipment might not
respond to incoming ringing when attached to this port.
All persons using this device for recording telephone conversations shall
comply with New Zealand law. This requires that at least one party to
the conversation is to be aware that it is being recorded. In addition, the
Principles enumerated in the Privacy Act 1993 shall be complied with in
respect to the nature of the personal information collected, the purpose
for its collection, how it is used and what is disclosed to any other party.
Customers using another company’s toll service
Some customers use another company’s toll service and have their line
setup so that their chosen carries access code is automatically inserted
by the Telecom exchange. If you use such a service, your local calls will
also be passed to the other carrier and should you dial automatically
from the caller display memory a toll charge may be incurred.
If you recognize the telephone number on the list as a local non-cellular
number, then manually dial the 7-digit telephone number without the
area code digit. This will avoid the incurring of a toll charge for a local
This AM880 will only work in conjunction with a tone signalling (DTMF)
telephone, but some telephones may not be compatible. Since noise or
speech from the telephone can upset dialling from this AM880, errors
may result if the devices are used together in other than quiet conditions.
Where it is necessary to dial prefix digits, such as a Caller Display
override code (“0196” or “0197”), this AM880 will have to be used in
conjunction with an associated tone signalling (DTMF) telephone.
Note that some telephones are NOT compatible with this AM880 and
errors may result if the two devices are used together in other than quiet
conditions. The Telecom Faults Service is NOT to be called should such
problems arise. In such cases, it is recommended that the prefix and
wanted number are dialled manually.
This product may require additional adaptors to allow connection to the
telephone line.
Temperature and ambient conditions
The telephone answering system is designed for indoor use (temperature
range of -10 °C to 50 °C). Do not install the system in areas where there
is the risk of an explosion, excessive exposure to smoke, dust, vibrations,
chemicals, moisture, and heat. The AM880 must not be installed in damp
locations such as a bathroom or laundry, do not expose the AM880 to
direct sunlight.
Cleaning and care
The surface of the case can be cleaned with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth.
Never use cleaning agents, particularly aggressive solvents. Apart from
occasional cleaning of the case, no other care is necessary. The rubber
feet of the base station are not resistant to all cleaning agents. The
telephone feet do not normally leave any marks on the surface. However,
on account of the multitude of varnishes and surface finishes used,
surface marks caused by the feet of the AM880 cannot be ruled out.
If you feel this product is not working correctly please consult the user
guide and ensure that you are using the product in accordance with the
Remove all extra telephone equipment and connect only this product
directly to the telephone socket.
If the fault is still present, connect another telephone (if available) to the
telephone socket. The results will show you whether the fault lies with
this product or with the telephone line. If this product is working correctly
the fault is on the telephone line. Please contact your network operator
for assistance
In the case of technical problems with this product please consult our
website for further information or send us an email for a prompt response
to your enquiry.
Warranty information
This product is covered by a 12 month warranty against defective
workmanship or parts, effective from the date of purchase.
The warranty does not extend to damage caused by misuse, negligence,
excessive voltage, faults on the telephone line or lightning. This warranty
in no way affects your statutory rights. Full details of the warranty are
contained in the enclosed warranty card.
Technical support
In the unlikely event of a fault during this period, please consult our
website for assistance or send us an email for a prompt response to
your enquiry. If the product is then found to be faulty you will be asked to
return it directly to us with a copy of the purchase receipt.
For further information about the Oricom range of products please visit
our website.
New Zealand
Oricom International Pty Ltd
ABN 46 086 116 369
Locked bag 658
South Windsor, NSW 2756
Atlas Gentech (NZ) Ltd,
Private Bag 14927,
Customer support
Customer Support
Email: support@oricom.com.au
Web: www.oricom.com.au
Fax: (02) 4574 8898
Ph: 1300 889 785
Fax (09) 5742722
Ph: 0900 50025 (Toll Call)
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