Owners Comment on Exchange Companies for Annual Comparison

Owners Comment on Exchange Companies for Annual Comparison
The Trusted Independent Voice of Vacation Ownership since 1991
Issue #112
Jul/Aug, 2010
Owners Comment on Exchange Companies for
Annual Comparison Chart Issue
In response to a request for comments about their experiences with the exchange companies,
many owners wrote to TimeSharing Today to express their satisfaction, vent their feelings or
just make their own comparisons. Here are the letters received.
“We own 12 weeks at seven different
resorts and can utilize 17 exchange weeks
per year with our lockout capabilities. We
exchange quite often and use Interval International most often. They are generally
easy to work with and try to accommodate
our requests if we can not locate suitable
exchanges on the II website.
“Platinum Interchange is probably
our second choice for third party exchanges because of the significant number
of resorts affiliated with them. They do
not charge a yearly membership fee which
is a positive factor.
“The concept of RedWeek exchanges
is a good one. I will seriously consider
utilizing them more in the future. One
negative for RedWeek is that the point
value for any resort unit at any given
time can vary significantly from one time
period to another.
1993 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 2009
In an email to RCI, TimeSharing Today asked: “Do you have any comment for
publication about why the number of exchanges has been dropping at RCI for the
past 4 years?” We received the following response from Julie Tenney, Vice President,
Corporate Communications at RCI.
“Our number of exchanges has declined in recent years due to recent trends
among timeshare vacation ownership developers to enroll members in private label
clubs whereby the members have the option to exchange within the club or through
RCI channels. Thanks for your inquiry and your continued interest in RCI.”
“We have also used DAE a few times
for exchanges.
“We belong to two regional timeshare
owners groups who publish directories of
members, resorts owned by members, and
the sale, rental and exchange preferences
for each member. If suitable exchanges
can be negotiated between members, this
is the best way to exchange as problem
resolution would be easier than through
a third party entity.
“I determined long ago that RCI was
not a suitable organization with which to
make exchanges, especially since they are
trying to convert everyone to points.
“Point values for any resort can be
changed arbitrarily by RCI with no recourse by the owners.
“We have used exchange services
at the various companies listed since the
early 1990’s.”
Mike Spillane
“With RCI, It was an ordeal to exchange into Summer months when we
had kids at home and had to travel on their
breaks. However, we now do Spring and
Fall vacations and can pretty much go as
we please. My main complaint was with
our timeshare salesperson who misrepresented virtually everything including
the ability to trade through RCI and get
whatever we want whenever we want.”
Jim Haas
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Page 3
A Perfect Storm?
Jul/Aug, 2010
Occasionally, a confluence of weather events may create a “perfect
storm.” Is the timeshare industry experiencing a confluence of events
that is creating its own “perfect storm?” And if so, how can we best
address the situation?
Many of the early timeshare buyers, who purchased in the 1970s and
1980s are now trying to sell their weeks because they have reached an
age where travel is difficult or they have lost a spouse and do not wish
to travel alone. Other owners are facing economic hardships and cannot
afford the rapidly rising maintenance fees and special assessments. In­
creasing delinquencies compound the problem of rising fees because the
paying owners must shoulder a greater share of the costs of running the
resort. And the early timeshare resorts are themselves aging, requiring
greater maintenance and replacement costs, frequently prompting special
assessments because of underfunded reserves.
Confronted with these and other reasons why owners desperate to
sell their weeks easily fall victim to resale scams, most resorts continue
to reject the offers of owners who want to surrender their weeks. Hav­
ing gotten value from their initial purchases by years of vacations, these
owners simply want to unburden themselves from the ongoing costs.
However, most resorts continue to reject deedbacks and pursue delinquent
accounts until they are forced to start foreclosure proceedings.
There’s got to be a better way. Certainly non-judicial foreclosures are a big step in the right direction.
Many states have adopted or are considering this streamlined procedure
which enables a resort to conduct a foreclosure of its maintenance fee
lien and re-acquire the week without court intervention, while provid­
ing ample protections for the unit owner who is finally ready to pay the
arrears. (See article on page 16.)
But why do matters have to go that far?
If an owner is delinquent, the resort can offer the owner an opportu­
nity to turn the week back to the resort with reasonable conditions. For
example, the resort could require that, as a condition for accepting back the
week, the delinquency be cured and the following year’s maintenance fee
be paid. The resort then has the week to rent or resell to a new owner.
One innovative suggestion is a right of occupancy granted to someone
who pays the maintenance fees and who can acquire ownership after a
specified number of years. (See letter on page 5.)
No one approach is going to cover all situations. There will always
be a need for a foreclosure procedure to deal with the owner who has
simply abandoned his or her obligations and all communication with the
resort. However, for the responsible, and sometimes desperate, owner
who needs to be done with the maintenance fee obligations and has no
need to recoup the investment after many years of timeshare vacations,
resorts need to re-think their policies concerning deeds offered back to
Perhaps this is a subject that the American Resort Development As­
sociation should put on the agenda for its next annual meeting.
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Page 4
Jul/Aug, 2010
Letters to the Editor
Political leanings:
Other views
We feel that we really have to repond
to Beverly Mumma’s letter in the May/
June issue that ”your subscribers are about
95% conservative Republicans.” Where
does she come up with this figure? Has
she done a survey of your subscribers?
We are lifelong Democrats and active
timesharers (we own four) and are fairly
certain that we represent more than 5%
of your readership. Moreover, we do not
(as she seems to) “view the state of our
country with alarm.”
Jan & Ralph Cohen
I’m shocked to think that 95% of
TimeSharing Today’s membership is
represented by the stereotypes mentioned
in this letter. It doesn’t speak well for the
membership!! TimeSharing Today should
be more discriminating in accepting subscriptions.
For the record: I’m not a Republican,
not all that well to do, not that old, and I
could take the letter as a slap in the face if
I were that sensitive. However the writer
has given enough information about themselves for me to know that there really is
no surprise in the comments they made;
just consider the source. Her letter was
from left field; I guess it’s her age.
Dennis F Murphy, Charlotte NC
I am writing in response to Beverly
Mumma’s letter in the May/Jun, 2010
edition. I strongly object to her assertion
that 95% of your readers are conservative
Republicans. I am a timesharer for about
3 decades and have been reading TST for
almost as long as you have existed. It is
about vacationing and the industry and not
politics (though I feel politics comes into
play more often than we acknowledge). I
and my friends are all liberal democrats.
Sharon Toth
Editor’s note: You are correct about
this magazine being about timeshare
vacations and the industry. Since this
political debate can go on indefinitely,
we will be publishing no more letters on
this subject.
Licensed brokers
What is written in the guest editorial
[by licensed brokers] sounds very good,
but unfortunately is not true, at least not
to our experience. We have dealt with a
licensed real estate broker of Century21
who not only took an advance fee of more
than $500 but, after that, never made the
effort to sell our Branson timeshare. The
only thing done was a listing on the Internet without any details as part of a long list
of timeshare units and the encouragement
“to make an offer.” We never once were
contacted and when we tried, we never
got through to the broker! We always had
been under the impression that Century21
was a reputable company! Needless to say,
our advance payment was gone.
Gisela Falkenberg, Athens, PA
Editor’s note: Your unfortunate
experience shows exactly the kind of
behavior that the new licensed timeshare
resale broker association is being formed
to combat.
RCI to the rescue
I just came back from a trip to Florida
where I stayed at Ft. Lauderdale Beach
Resort. We had a very large one bedroom
unit and were extremely satisfied with our
On the day we checked, in we met
another couple who complained that they
were only able to get a very small studio,
which was really the lockout unit for our
one bedroom unit. I asked them if they
had contacted both the front desk and RCI
to see if they could be upgraded. They told
me that they had asked the front desk but
didn’t understand why they should call
RCI. I explained to them that RCI has a
different inventory then the hotel. If for
example, someone canceled at the last
minute, RCI would have that room available but the hotel would not.
They called RCI and were told that
they would receive a call back within two
hours with an answer. The call came in
45 minutes and they were placed in a one
bedroom. This is another example of
what can be done if you understand the
RCI system.
Jerry Nisker, Orange, CA
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TimeSharing Today
Unwanted week:
The problem
There is a serious problem with
time-sharing as it exists today. It seems
that sales of timeshare weeks carry ownership contracts “in perpetuity.” Today
there is an amazingly large number of
timeshare owners who have reached an
age where they are not physically able
to use their weeks nor can they afford
to keep them.
This has brought about companies
which, for a price, will take title to these
unusable or unaffordable weeks. Doing
so lets the distressed timeshare owner
dispose of his/her weeks in a manner
that is not always advantageous to the
resort. These companies exist because of
the “in perpetuity” clauses in timeshare
I firmly believe this is a problem
that resort managers and developers
must begin to consider because the
problem can only continue to grow.
Richard S. Weir
Unwanted week:
The solution?
A recurring problem is the shareowner who no longer wants to use his
timeshare but can’t sell it. There is of
course that pesky maintenance fee.
I think there may be an easy winwin approach to the delinquent maintenance fee/sell problem. It is an adaptation of a successful approach that has
been used in city and county taxation
departments across the nation.
When a timeshare interval holder
has been delinquent on maintenance
fees for a few years, the interval is put
up for sale with these conditions:
The successful bidder gets the
use of the unit upon payment of the
bid and the current due fees.
At the end of a fixed period (say
7 years) of payment of maintenance
fees, the person who paid them
becomes the owner of the interval.
If before the end of the fixed
period, the original owner wants to
reclaim his interval he can purchase
it back by paying the bidder all of
Page 5
his expenses at an interest rate of
15% compounded annually.
The intervals would be made available to current owners first, and if not
sold, then made available to the general
public. A current owner could also opt
to join the plan.
Bob Wayland, Albuquerque, NM
Jul/Aug, 2010
points allows their use for stays at RCI
units, hotel, cruises, and a variety of
other uses. The borrowing or renting of
points and you can bank points which
are good for three years, are also part
of the program
The use of points at Wyndham is
extremely transparent. You know at all
times how many points you have and
when they expire. By Web or phone you
know which resorts have space available
during he next ten months, how many
points you need for each unit at each
resort for each day of use. Reservations
are instantly confirmed.
There is a lot of similarity between
Wyndham points and RCI points, which
isn’t surprising since they are owned by
the same company.
The Interval International system is
based on weeks. You use your unit or deposit it with II each year. You have two
years to use the deposited unit. Despite
what you may hear from those selling
points there are a lot of weeks based
resorts that are associated with II.
Ralph Kroehler
Wyndham points
There must be two different Wyndham’s because the description by Jeff
Bellin in the May/June issue of TimeSharing Today does not match the one
we are in.
We own at several different Wyndham properties and receive points for
those properties. The difference is that
we still have all of our deeds. There
has never been a request to hand over
the deeds. We still own the unit and
can reserve that specific unit/week each
year, which we have done in 2008,
2009, 2010 and for 2011 for some of
our resorts.
Additional features of Wyndham
• Are you angry about rapidly escalating maintenance fees and special assessments?
• Are you tired of getting less service for far more money?
• Are you exasperated by the lack of transparency of Starwood’s
• Are you aware of the loss of resale value because of high fees?
• Are you aware of the resale diminution as a result of the 400%
maintenance increase over the last 4 years?
We are Villa owners who want to prevent Starwood from making
more costly, expensive, and unnecessary changes without required
owner consent. We also want to revise the by-laws, which gives
Starwood complete control of the Board of owners’ association until
the very last unit is sold. To help achieve these goals, we have just
succeeded in electing two owner representatives to the Board. Starwood appoints the three other members, all of whom are paid by
Starwood. With whom do you think their loyalty belongs?
To stay informed of our efforts or to participate, log on to
or e-mail Gene Jaspan: [email protected]
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TimeSharing Today
Page 6
Ron’s Select Holidays
By Ronald G. Helms,
Centerville, OH
Marriott’s Manor Club
at Ford’s Colony,
Williamsburg, VA
A visit to Williamsburg following an
Interval International search will reveal
eight very nice properties. All properties
are cited as “premium” or “select” properties. It may be difficult to make a selection
that is less than congenial for your visit.
Williamsburg, like Orlando, seems
to have overdeveloped the timeshare
market, and the odds of an exchange
are excellent. We enjoy the sweltering
Southern summers at the beach with an
air-conditioned condo, but June, July, August, and September may not be the best
months to enjoy the historical museum of
Our family has exchanged nearly ten
times into Marriott’s Manor Club at Ford’s
Colony. We find the drive from Ohio to be
enjoyable, and sometimes we will fly into
the Richmond or Norfolk airport.
Marriott’s Manor Club at Ford’s
Colony is an older, but excellent, Marriott
property. The developers were mindful
of the architecture of Williamsburg, and
Marriott’s Manor Club at Ford’s Colony
certainly affords a couple or a family much
greater creature comforts than the various
Williamsburg inns of the 1700’s. Because
the developers linked the property to an
upscale golfing community, there is a
serenity that is almost bucolic.
Many Marriott properties provide
balconies and Marriott’s Manor Club at
Ford’s Colony provides a screened porch
with various garden, fairways, and water
views. Morning coffee on the porch may
be enjoyed during much of the year. We
recommend the two-bedroom /bathroom
units. The furniture is colonial elegance,
and includes state of the art media as well
as in-unit laundries. The Website photos
are accurate in portraying your holiday
experience at this property.
The reception area is very professional with timely check-in and advice concerning visiting Colonial Williamsburg as
well as other nearby activities. We have
often visited during the Christmas season,
and find the Colonial exterior and interior
home decorations to be inspirational. We
have adopted several of these colonial
decorations for our own home. The December temperature is around 50 degrees
and sometimes reaches 60 degrees.
The Internet provides several sites
for Williamsburg, and the site to visit is
http://www.history.org/. The town of Williamsburg provides several period dressed
docents, but will not often have as many
period docents as featured on this website.
Remember, Williamsburg is not another
trip to the “mouse.” I remind readers of
this because several docents receive the
question from unprepared tourists, “where
are the rides?”
A visit to Williamsburg requires some
reading preparation for the family. Williamsburg is an important gift to the nation. It is sometimes difficult to compete
with the gadgets of modern society, but if
parents are prepared to delve beyond the
superficial, Williamsburg is a splendid
family educational experience.
Jul/Aug, 2010
While the development of Williamsburg is due to an endowment from John D.
Rockefeller Jr. and others, operating expenses are dependent upon ticket sales.
Yes, a family may wander the streets
of Williamsburg at no fee, but an education will come at a relatively small price.
For dining in the 18th Century, visit
Christiana Campbell’s Tavern, Chowning’s Tavern, King’s Arms Tavern or
Shields Tavern.
The Williamsburg Inn may provide
a special dinner for a couple. And there
are some very nice restaurants that the
local population will select. We have
never been disappointed with dinner at
the Trellis.
No visit to Williamsburg is complete
without a visit to the Historic Triangle of
Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown.
The Historic Triangle gave birth to the
United States, and a huge nation grew
from a tiny place in Virginia. In that same
tiny place, Europeans, American Indians,
and Africans first lived together and became the seed of the American people.
The first permanent English settlers
sent by the Virginia Company of London
were at Jamestown. The ideas of revolution were fanned at Williamsburg. Independence was won in the final victory at
Representative self-government
started in the Historic Triangle, as did
civilian control of the military and the
right to private ownership of property. If
even any one of those concepts had been
missing, the United States would be a
completely different place. It might not
even be the United States.
Washington, D.C. is within an easy
driving distance, but my advice is to focus
for a week on the Historic Triangle. There
are two Jamestowns to explore. The first
Jamestown is still somewhat controversial
concerning the actual location.
Virginia restored a second recreation
of Jamestown for the 400th anniversary in
2007 with a guest appearance by President
Bush and Queen Elizabeth.
Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown are important to American history,
and Americans need to differentiate the
various time periods that each of these
locations represent.
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Page 7
Jul/Aug, 2010
Two Delightful Resorts in Arizona
By Susan Rainguet,Trinidad, CO
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we made an
easy 11 hour road trip from our home in southern Colorado
to Arizona. Destination: Four Seasons Troon Residence
Club in Scottsdale and Villas of Cave Creek in Cave
Creek. Of these two resorts, the first was wonderfully up
to expectation and the other was an unexpected bonus.
Somehow we had lucked into a II “getaway” week at
the Four Seasons Troon, and we own a villa at Villas of
Cave Creek.
From the minute we arrived at the Four Seasons,
we knew we were in for a treat. Check-in was friendly,
efficient, and because we had called earlier in the day to
request an early check-in, our villa was ready. Because it
Four Seasons
was “winter,” we had asked for a sunny unit and our villa
had early morning sun in one bedroom, late afternoon sun
snack bar. Probably most guests do miniin the other, and sun throughout the day
mal cooking in their villas, as wonderful
from the two balconies off the living room
restaurants are both on site and near by.
and one of the bedrooms. A small table
Although recent rains had made much
and four upholstered chairs were on each
of the hiking trail hard to navigate, navibalcony and the views from any window
gate it we did, and were rewarded with yet
were spectacular, especially at dawn and
another hike up Pinnacle Peak, a city park,
and with each step higher up in elevation,
The bedroom with the balcony was
the views were better.
the largest of the two and was a lock-off
Troon has beautiful grounds, pools,
with a small refrigerator, microwave,
giant whirlpool, fitness center, library,
dishes, gas fireplace, king bed, couch, and
pool table room, and shuttle to the highly
small table with two chairs. Both bedregarded Troon North golf courses. These
rooms had very spacious bathrooms with
things can be built, but great service is
oval tub & separate glassed-in shower.
hard to find. This is where Troon excels.
A cozy gas fireplace could be enjoyed
The very helpful concierge staff, gift shop
from two comfortable lounge chairs and a
staff, and the knowledgeable staff of the
couch in the living room and the adjoining
restaurants and bars were so consistent
dining area. The entire villa had very good
that it is obvious they are all well trained
lighting for both reading and atmosphere
and love their work.
with the exception of the kitchen, which
Special thanks to Timothy, the mancould have had more lighting.
ager of the Crescent Moon, for his exThe small but completely stocked
pertise in tequilas and other liquors, and
kitchen had recently been updated with
to John and Kevin, two of the concierge
stainless appliances and overlooked the
staff, for arranging tee times and running
living/dining areas from shutters over a
up special packages delivered to us at the
desk. Oh, and the daily full maid service
deserved generous tips!
Now we move on to Villas of Cave
Creek. This is a small, very friendly resort
of the Starwood family that we bought into
several years ago. Cave Creek is northwest
of Scottsdale and is a walkable small town
with a distinct western flavor.
As you walk into the resort’s large
courtyard, the first thing you see is a large
fountain. On one side of the courtyard is
a small fitness center and adjoining pool
table room and on the other side is the
lobby and check-in center, where the staff
is both helpful and friendly. Here you will
feel no pressure from timeshare sales staff,
as all villas are sold out and only available
for re-sale at a very reasonable price.
The resort itself is a different kind of
experience from the big box resorts. Each
villa is a two story; the upper level has a
second bedroom, bath, and another living
area. There is an enclosed patio entrance at
the front, and another enclosed patio with
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TimeSharing Today
private hot tub off the master bedroom on
the lower level. The cathedral ceiling living room has a fireplace, but artificial logs
must be purchased for a nominal price.
Two outdoor swimming pools, several gas BBQ units, and an outdoor gas
fireplace are in the center of the villas
and easily accessible from all of them.
We have been to a number of resorts
where parking is tight, but this is not one
of them.
In 2008, a complete interior renovation was done and we could hardly believe
our eyes. New appliances, furniture, carpets, draperies, mattresses and bedding,
plus. 32” LCD televisions with satellite, a
Bose stereo system, and wireless internet
for all units made such an improvement
that Villas of Cave Creek were recently
rated #2 in the Starwood Vacation Ownership family.
There is much to see and do in and
around Cave Creek including golf, shopping, restaurants, and hiking yet it is only
a 40 minute drive from the Phoenix Sky
Harbor airport. If you are looking for a
laid back place to go, I highly recommend
both the Villas of Cave Creek resort and
the town of Cave Creek.
Page 8
Know What You Want and
Know What You’re Getting
By Tom Williams
My wife and I love to go to Vegas
and almost always stay at the Jockey
Club. We bank our weeks to II and
then pick the Jockey Club for our trip
to Vegas. The last time we were there
in November, 2008, we decided to take
part in their timeshare presentation -bad choice.
Jul/Aug, 2010
When they asked us why
we were there, I told them
that we liked the Jockey
Club and wanted to maybe
buy so we can come back
every other year. We told
them that we were only interested in the Jockey Club. Our
vacation advisor said he had
the perfect package. He said
because of the new Center
City plaza going up around
the Jockey Club, it would be
hard to get in there through
Interval. Why we believed
him I do not know! This was through
the Starpoint Resort Group.
He ended up selling us a membership in GeoHoliday Club for 15,000
credits every even year for perpetuity.
Great! We can now go to the Jockey
Club every even year. Wrong!
It is 2010 and our first year we can
go to our Jockey Club. I called GeoHoliday to book our trip for sometime
in October 2010. I gave them our member number and asked what week was
available. They then proceeded to tell
me that we do not have enough points
to stay there. What?
To stay there, we would have to pay.
We did not know, nor were we told, that
the Jockey Club was 25,000 points to
stay, way more than the 15,000 points
we had bought.
Of course, if we wait until 30 days
before the start date, we could get a
discount. Ya, Right! I told them that we
bought exclusively to stay at the Jockey
Club and they sold us something we can
not use. We were misinformed or maybe
lied to. I just want what we asked for.
I’ve called and tried to get an answer
why we were sold a property we can not
use. They do have other places to go, but
we told them we are only interested in
the Jockey Club.
Finally, we booked four nights at
the Jockey Club because that is all our
15,000 points would allow. We do not
and will not pay any more fees. We hope
to just “bite the bullet,” lose money and
give it back to them. Do not know what
else to do. We have been taken!
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Page 9
Jul/Aug, 2010
FOCUS ON: Sandy Point Beach Club, Crown Point, Tobago
By Keith Walker
The trip was a compromise as there
was very little, if any, other choice for
exchange. I just do not understand trading power; the deposit was for one of the
most desirable exchange opportunities in
Aruba, although the deposit was made
close to the start date. However, it looked
like Tobago or nothing, so off we went to
the only timeshare on the island.
Internet searches had told us that
the island was laid back and the look of
the restaurants was rustic, so we did not
expect our usual Caribbean vacation. On
arrival, we were met by the resort vehicle
and taken promptly to the resort.
The trip and a walk about was enough
to convince me not to rent a car, which is
my usual practice. I don’t mind driving on
the left side, but the roads around Crown
Point appeared narrow and unforgiving.
We later enjoyed a tour of parts of the
island and observed that the main roads
around Scarborough, once you got to
them, were better. The only purpose for
renting a car would be for transportation
for groceries and restaurants as well as
touring. However, taxis were available
and the resort had shuttles and a minimart.
We made a mistake of depending on
the minimart instead of a trip to the grocery store; we had hoped to use the resort
restaurant and local places. Unfortunately
the food at the resort restaurant was bland
and fell out of our favour quickly, except
for the BBQ rib night on Thursdays. Also,
the local restaurants and other hotels that
appeared on the internet map as close by
were not close by, owing to the resort not
having a rear entrance to the street where
there were other restaurants and hotels.
Obviously, they wanted you to use the
resort restaurant.
While exploring on a walk the first
full day, I discovered a restaurant which
appeared to be behind our resort but only
accessible by a long walk around the block
or by taxi. We commented about this to
other guests and found out that there was
a beach entrance -- a little hazardous at
night but worth the effort to get there.
This restaurant had bad internet reviews
and a guest at our resort said the waitress
was rude. They were all wrong: the food
and the wait staff were good. We ate there
several times.
Only one other time did we try a local
restaurant which had a good reputation
from the internet and from other resort
guests. If this was one of their best, it was
enough to make us take a pass on trying
other restaurants. One other eat-out was
at a street party in a nearby town (transportation provided by the resort) where
lots of BBQ goodies and veggies were
available from a host of vendors along
with an abundance of beer. This eat-out,
along with the restaurant next door, the
BBQ night at the resort and a lunch on
the bus tour were the redeeming factor
for food on the trip.
While on the subject of food, the
minimart was a disappointment from the
point of view of selection, although there
were some frozen items we might have
tried. We were amused by the hamburger
patties which required three on a bun to
make a decent hamburger along with some
bacon to dress them up. This was a long
way from our usual Caribbean fare but it
got us through the trip.
Our biggest annoyance was the
exchange rate on currency. At the time,
the exchange rate for a US$ was between
6.00 and 6.20 TT dollars. The resort only
gave you 5.50 TT for 1 US$. I queried
this along with some other exchange problems and finally get an answer in March
2009 from my December 2008 e-mail.
In the response, the resort indicated that
the difference “generates revenue for our
Club.” It also generates annoyance! The
minimart usually gave you 5.50 but I
think that early visits were at 5.00. This
prompted my visiting the kiosk at the
airport where the rate of exchange was
6.00 TT$ for 1 US$. The exchange was
further confused by charges made in USD
appearing in TT$.
The room assigned to us was one of
the best units for a view of the ocean. The
room was of old construction with gas
pipes exposed and an open beam ceiling.
One would expect this “cottage” style
ceiling to generate noise but either the
unit above was empty or the use of rugs
deterred noise. The bedroom was small
but adequate. There was also a bunk area
by the front door which only got used
for luggage storage but it would be good
for a family with children. A ramp was
on the patio for handicapped, which was
a thoughtful addition. It was a ground
floor unit for which were grateful due to
arthritis in my wife’s knees. A surprise
was finding that the TV channels included
City TV. Surely, we thought, this cannot
be the Toronto station of this name. It was
the Toronto City TV and was particularly
interesting to us, as we could watch the
results of a Canadian federal election.
The staff at the resort was very polite
and friendly and the resort is quiet and
Outer Banks
Timeshare Rentals
& Resales
Milepost 13.5 Nags Head
[email protected]
www.tstoday.com for back issues, message boards, Resale Value Tracker and much more
TimeSharing Today
restful. Coffee in the morning and afternoon tea is served at the “clubhouse.” The
tea reflects the number of guests from the
U.K. Although we would not hurry back
to this resort, the U.K. guests seem to
really enjoy it and many were repeat visitors. Tobago is very popular, with some
flights direct from the U.K. This avoids
the little hop-over flights from Trinidad
which land at the nearby airport (a source
of entertainment).
Swimming at this location is not
good and there are shuttles to a nearby
beach. We were happy with the pool that
was adjacent to the beach. There were
no washrooms at the lower level with the
beach, pool, clubhouse and restaurant,
which meant a climb up a set of stairs.
The upper level boasted three hot tubs,
two of which were near the deck of our
unit. We mad ample use of them. There
were also some charcoal BBQs for use by
guests but only once did I see one used.
I was told they are to be converted to gas
in the future and this may prove more
We enjoyed the island tour, especially
the lunch. The staff made it very enjoyable. Guests should be advised that it a
long and rough walk to the Argyll waterfall. However, swimming at the base of
the falls makes the trip worthwhile. My
wife gave up about half-way there and
waited there for the return.
In spite of shortcomings, we enjoyed
the vacation; but as I said earlier, we
would not hurry back. We met a nice
couple and spent time on the beach with
them and took the trip to the street party
with them. We all joined in the fun at
the Karaoke following the BBQ. It was
a great night of entertainment on the last
night of our vacation.
Page 10
Jul/Aug, 2010
The Wrong Club is
a “Strangler Fig”
By Douglas L. Wilcox
Board members, associations, managers, consultants and timeshare owners:
Be afraid!. Be very, very afraid - and
extremely cautious of a prize that appears
to be good and desirable, but is in fact
a “Strangler Fig” that will slowly creep
into your resort and association and live
off your goodwill and need for financial
support to the point of choking you out
of existence and living off your dead or
dying carcass.
The “stranger fig” I’m referring to
is the sinuous marketing organization
which converts your members’ timeshare
interval ownerships into a club membership while taking title to the owners’
intervals and becoming a member of your
The club concept is actually an excellent solution to the association’s financial
difficulties. Having a club pay the association for 100 or more intervals’ annual
maintenance fees is a godsend in difficult
times. They are normally very good
members and create excellent symbiotic
relationships. Having a club participate
in your association can be one of the best
relationships you can have. They are
generally financially sound.
Why the “Strangler Fig” Comparison? In the rain forests of the world, a
fantastic variety of plants exists and flourishes. However, there is also incredible
competition for nutrition and sunlight.
It’s very difficult for a new plant to take
root and grow, but the Strangler Fig has
evolved - even thrives - under such unde-
sirable conditions.
Unlike most trees, the Strangler Fig
grows downward from the canopy of its
host trees. It starts in a very innocent
manner, high above the forest floor where
a bird may deposit a seed in the branches
or leaves of another tree. This seed feeds
from the dust and water that collects in
these branches and crevices and sends
its roots downward. To gather nourishment, they snake down the trunk of the
host tree, sending out small rootlets along
the way.
When two root tips meet, they join
together. It may take several years for
the roots to grow all the way down to the
forest floor but the host tree doesn’t mind it’s not bothering it much. However, once
the Strangler Fig’s roots reach the ground,
they grow rapidly. They compete with
the host tree’s roots for nourishment. The
small roots that have wrapped themselves
around the host tree begin to grow and
become thicker from the increased nourishment. As they tighten around the host
tree they crush its bark and slow the flow
of the nourishing sap from the tree.
Eventually, the Strangler Fig grows
stronger and taller than its host tree, sending branches out to soak up the life-giving
sunshine, thereby robbing the host tree
of its share of the sunlight. Finally, the
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host tree dies from lack of sunlight, too
much root competition, and slow methodical strangulation. After a few years
the host tree rots and disappears, leaving
in its place the once small, unpretentious
Strangler Fig. A hollow center is all that
remains of the host tree.
Now, Strangler Figs are not all bad.
They provide wonderful protection and
food for the wildlife in the rainforest. But
still, they do kill their host tree, which
was doing the same thing before the fig
came along.
A marketing group selling club
memberships in your association can be
very beneficial. In the beginning they
can be small and unassuming. Yet if they
continue to grow without any control, you
may find they are choking the original
membership out of what they once had.
If you’re involved with a club concept in your association, there are ways
to know if they are good supporters or if
they have other self-serving interests. Are
they Strangler Figs or not? Keep in mind,
although you gave them your association
intervals for free so you could acquire
maintenance-paying intervals, they are
now selling these memberships for anywhere from $3,500 to $15,000 each.
You will know when a club concept
marketing company has grown too big
when you feel the slow strangulation of
your normal way of conducting business.
This strangling sensation reveals itself in
certain specific actions. Look out for the
following signs that “roots” are strangling
your association or relationship with the
club marketing organization:
 They break their promise to never,
ever participate in any board election in
your association
 They use their numerous votes to
ensure a board position to an employee of
their club or marketing group.
 They threaten the existing board
with taking over the whole board if the
board does not agree to keep selling or
giving them weeks for their club.
 They tell members of the association they are taking over the resort and
warn they had better convert to club
membership now or they will lose out
 They tell members and employees they will soon own the management
company that handles the association’s
Page 11
 They try to dictate to the on-site
staff and create unhappiness and dysfunction with resort procedures.
 They do not share their sales income with the association.
A very important detail to having a
club that owns a large number of intervals
in your association is the fact that if they
have financial problems themselves and
are unable to pay your fees, the impact
upon your budget is compounded by the
number of intervals they own.
The California Vacation Club recently notified three associations that it
was abandoning ownership in their associations. Hundreds of intervals in went
unpaid and the financial impact upon those
associations was devastating.
The board of directors for an association and/or its management company
can ensure that a relationship with a club
marketing organization is a well-balanced
and controllable one by establishing the
marketing firm’s approved procedures
and its limitations with a contract. You
need to plan ahead and ask yourself some
important questions:
1. Are you giving your weeks for
free or is there a purchase price; a release
2. When do they have to begin paying
maintenance fees?
3. How many intervals will you allow
them to sell/obtain?
4. Will they promise not to vote their
shares to get on the board?
5. Will you allow them to approach
members of the association to convert
their ownership in your resort to a club
6. How long will you permit them
to operate, and what are the renewal
Jul/Aug, 2010
Seek legal counsel experienced with
the club marketing process - one who
knows both the benefits and the dangers
of starting, maintaining and even ending
such a relationship.
Remember, although these club marketing companies are helping you resolve
a problem, they are benefiting financially
to the tune of hundreds of thousands of
dollars. Negotiate your best deal and
make your relationship with a club one
that is a “win-win,” not one which ends up
strangling your association and leaving it
with nothing but a hollow center.
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TimeSharing Today
Exchange Comments
(Continued from front page.)
“We currently use both II and Trading
Places to cover our various units. In the
past we had used RCI for about ten years,
but finally gave up on them. Toward the
end of our time with them we could never
find an exchange we wanted......... maybe
due to their rental of weeks policy.
“We’ve been with II for about 15
years now. We generally get very good
trades from them and have a Marriott unit
with a special desk at II. The service there
is exemplary.
“We’ve been with TPI for about
seven years now. Their service is very
good and the trades are also to destinations
that we want. We are quite successful in
finding good trades. Their web site is not
as user friendly as II’s, but we always get
good telephone response from them.”
Bob Mitchell
“We have used RCI Exchange service ever since purchasing our Fairfield
Timeshare unit in 1997. Unlike many
reports we have read in TimeSharing Today, we have found their service to be “as
Page 12
advertised” and found their agents to be
courteous and helpful in finding us what
we were looking for (when possible). We
find it hard to understand, however, why
the cost of making an exchange has more
than doubled since we first started to use
this service. I would appreciate an article
in TimeSharing Today by a representative
of RCI or another exchange company
explaining why an exchange should cost
anywhere near what we are being charged
for it.”
Paul Pallmeyer
“We use Interval International. Have
always had good results. At least for the
last ten years.”
J.C. Andrews, So. Bend, IN
“We have been members of RCI since
1994. They were pretty good until the
last few years when they started keeping
exchanges for “Extra Vacations”. Now it
is almost impossible to get an exchange.
I have talked with many timeshare owners
that agree. We are anxiously looking for
a new exchange company and will then
You are our business.
We excel at timeshare management, sales and rental. But long
term relationships with our owners, based on communication
and trust, are the foundation of our success.
If accountability, quality and cost containment are important
to you – call us. With over 20 years experience, chances are
we can help.
20 Executive Park Road
Hilton Head Island,
South Carolina 29928
888-433-4762 x-11113
[email protected]
Resort Management
Jul/Aug, 2010
cancel our membership. Do others do
points exchanges?”
K.J. Neff
“Although we have been members of
both RCI and II for many years, we do not
use them for exchange purposes anymore.
We used II exclusively for years due to the
fact that we could never find an exchange
through RCI. We now use Platinum
Interchange exclusively and have for approximately five years. Always get very
personal attention and we always know
what is available by clicking on to their
AWAY list.
“Because of our age and the fact
that we like to stay closer to home at this
time, we exchange to resorts in Southern
California. Although we have exchanged
to Hawaii and other areas through Platinum. We are still members of II and we
received good service through them; they
are a little slower in confirming exchanges
then Platinum.”
Alex and Elodia Martinez
“I have been a member of RCI for
30 years and have enjoyed more than
125 exchanges through them. I am also
a member of several other exchange
companies, but prefer RCI because their
Website is the most user friendly. I always
spacebank our units two years in advance
if we do not plan to use them. I am a regular visitor to RCI’s Website and have no
problems finding desirable trades. I have
not had to place a request or speak with
an advisor at RCI since they established
this excellent website.
Marilyn Rearick
“So, what’s the latest on RCI and the
court cases? T he preliminary results were
announced last summer, and I had hopes
that there would be a final resolution by
December, since my RCI dues were up for
renewal then. I thought that I might actually receive a check for $10 or so by now.
Well, no resolution so I didn’t renew.
“Strangely, I only received one piece
of correspondence regarding renewal.
Quite different from when I was doing
exchanges with them - every time I called
I was pitched for a special renewal bargain
rate for 3 years or 5 - whatever.
“As we all know, there are many
www.tstoday.com for back issues, message boards, Resale Value Tracker and much more
TimeSharing Today
other exchange alternatives, most of
whom will allow access to availability
lists before requiring your deposit
“I did keep last year’s RCI book - it’s
a good first reference regarding many
H.C. Jeffries
“San Francisco Exchange has been
my choice of exchange companies for
several years. This relationship is helped
by my contact person, Scarlet Gomez.
What I like is the fact she is a constant and
knows the type of exchanges I like. Only
one time was I placed in less than a 5 star,
and SFX was so concerned that they gave
me another week!
“Not only are their exchanges excellent but I also can choose how many
bonus weeks I want depending on when
I exchange. And a final note concerns
their “sell-offs” which get me to places I’d
never think of requesting. For personalized service no one can beat San Francisco
Durlynn Anema
“We have been timeshare owners for
twenty plus years, subscribe to TST and
love it. It is the only way to vacation. I read
the article in TST about exchange companies and wanted to let you know that we
have used RCI, II and Bluegreen.
“The best response that we have received has always been from II as we use
them more than the others and the fees are
a lot less than RCI. Bluegreen would come
in second as we do internal exchanges
with them, and RCI when we do use it,
(which is very seldom), is a last resort.
We really like II because it is very, very
seldom, if at all, that we do not get what
we ask for. A lot of the time we forget that
we have to use by a certain date, but we
always get something that we like, and it
is usually within driving distance, which
is a bonus in and of itself.”
Janet L & Plato Z Moore.
Page 13
we are considering buying our 5th time
Tom Alspaugh
“You requested the following information:
1. Which exchange company?
2. How long I have been using them?
Since 1991
3. What I like about RCI? NOTHING!
4. I like RCI up until the late 90’s
when their services started to deteriorate,
and now, it is absolutely disgraceful how
they operate, in my opinion.”
Jay R. Stoelting
“As an owner of nine timeshares, I
have had the unique ability to use many
of the exchange companies over the years.
In my opinion, the best customer service
is offered by VRIety Exchange (powered
by Trading Places), the best value is offered by VRIety Exhange and the best
exchange company overall would be a tie
between Interval International and VRIety
Jul/Aug, 2010
“RedWeek is up-and-coming and
if they are able to increase their inventory, their low cost and fair points-based
system may overtake the others. Having
the diversity of four exchange companies
makes vacationing anywhere possible.
Our road-trip this summer will include
one II short-stay, one RCI trade, and one
VRIety split-week trade in addition to
hotel/extended-stay reservations.
“The diversity of memberships has
offered options, but I do not plan to renew
my RCI membership when it expires next
year because of their drive to sell deposited units to travel agents; an exchange
company should be in the business of
exchanging units not selling then to outsiders. Here is my evaluation of each:
“RCI - Provides great travel options
when booked way in advance or last
minute. Customer service has improved
over the last few years. Unit upgrades
are common and do not incur fees. Ongoing saved searches are offered. R C I
has admitted that they sell deposited
weeks to travel agents resulting in reduced
inventory; much of the available inventory
“I use a number of exchange companies, but mostly RCI. It has seemed to
be getting more difficult to make trades.
Would you please re-run your comparison of timeshare exchange companies
and please post clear summaries of their
contractual rights and written policies
they have on using timeshare deposits for
rentals. This issue is making me pause, as
www.tstoday.com for back issues, message boards, Resale Value Tracker and much more
TimeSharing Today
Page 15
Jul/Aug, 2010
FOCUS ON: Orbit One Vacation Villas, Orlando, FL
By Jason Farlam, Clawson, MI
Adding an extra week to a long planned Christmas
2008 vacation was a last minute decision, so we took advantage of the RCI Points 45 days or less rule and checked
to see what they still had left. These late exchanges are as
little as 7500 points, so if anything’s still available, it’s a
good deal. Years ago I tried to buy a resale, sight unseen,
at Orbit One. Now I would see exactly what I had been
Located on US192 a few miles west of the I4 interchange, it is only about 10 minutes from Disney’s main gate.
It’s more or less the next door neighbor of the better known
Westgate resort. As we drove up to the resort, our hearts
sank. It appeared to have the architecture of a converted
1950’s motel and we dreaded what we would find next.
It was fine, even great maybe, once we
learned the resort had been build in 1983
The living room has two couches and
and was styled this way on purpose, as
simulated coral stone tables
kind of a unique retro-faux Jetson’s tribute
that held a large TV
to early space flight. (You remember the
Cable package is the
Jetson’s cartoon, I hope.) The resort is a
resorts lineup of
collection of 6 three story buildings named
fully screened
for space or spaceflight themes, with nice
a great place
landscaped grounds and all the facilities
of the units
needed to qualify for RCI’s Silver Crown
could be
status. It was our first trip to Venus.
The concierge desk offered tickets to
A comfortable king bed is framed by
the nearby attractions and info and coutwo
dressers that double as night tables
pon books for the ever growing Florida
bedroom also has a medium TV
Outlet Mall industry. They also offered
attached sunroom. The bedorganized trips, including to the nearby
second door to the screened
gambling cruises which some seemed to
attached ensuite bath room
enjoy. We stayed away from the compleis
a six by six Jacuzzi
mentary breakfast where they give you
bedroom has twin
eighty dollars: “it’s not a timeshare sales
The second bathpresentation.” Those who went said it was
a regular tub.
surprisingly short, low pressure and low
to keep up on
key for a timeshare sales presentation.
The unit interiors were newly renotwo
menvated and lovely: beautiful ceramic
tile throughout, with carpet only in the
has been remade as the Frank Kinkaid
bedrooms; all new cabinetry, doors and
disaster movie making attraction. You’re
trim and furniture. Jetson’s retro exteriors
part of an actual movie. Frank is played
meet today’s state of the art Gold Crown
by Christopher Walken in a special effect
interiors. The kitchen was fully equipped
that is so good you would swear he was
and had full service for eight, includthere. Simpsons fans will be blown away
ing eight each of six different styles of
by the new Simpsons themed ride that is a
glasses: wine, water, hot, juice, tumbler
simulator crossed with a roller coaster and
and plastic. There were plenty of pots
based on the famous cartoon show on Fox.
and microwave dishes to cook any meal.
There are enough “inside baseball” type
A nice glass topped dining room table
references to keep die hard fans happy
sat over a special pattern in the ceramic
but the ride stands alone and everyone
and was surrounded by eight solid wood
will enjoy it.
chairs with carved pineapple insignias, the
Although the economy was much in
symbol of hospitality.
the news in January 2009, things seemed
to be holding up pretty well in the Orlando
area, and the regular and outlet malls were
all busy. Restaurants were a little quieter
than sometimes, but still appeared to be
doing OK. After seeing historic aircraft
flying around for years, this was the first
time we discovered the local Warbird
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Page 16
Jul/Aug, 2010
Are Non-Judicial Foreclosures in Our Future?
Museum at the Kissimmee airport where
you can see the beautifully restored aircraft and even pay for the actual flight
The resort has all the amenities you
could possibly need, including tennis,
racquetball, basketball, volleyball, putting
green, exercise room and kids play area.
There’s even a car wash station where you
can remove the northern caked-on salt
scum from your car. There’s a spa and two
pools, so there’s always a water nearby.
We were thrilled on this cool January to
find the water wonderfully warm when we
came home to the resort the first night.
With a high level of quality and
style in the finishes and textures, its really hard to find anything to complain
about. I should say the 3 story buildings
are all walk ups, so be aware if stairs are
a problem. The ceramic floors, while
attractive, are a little worse at deadening
sound than the original carpet so you are
aware of those in the unit above. It wasn’t
a big deal, but could be if you were below
a tap dancing family with six small kids
running back and forth, dragging noise
making toys. Both bedrooms are carpeted
and quiet.
We had a great time and enjoyed the
resort. We recommend Orbit One Vacation Villas, especially for families with
children or teens.
In South Carolina we have been
foreclosing under the Non-Judicial Foreclosure Laws since 2003 and are very satisfied with the savings it provides for our
Homeowners Association. Currently we
can complete many of the foreclosures in
5 – 7 months and, because we can bypass
the Judge and the formal auction on the
Court House steps, we realize savings of
around $200 per foreclosure. While we
never like to foreclose, it good that we
have an affordable and quick method to
complete the process.
Any Owner in foreclosure can request
a hearing before the Judge should they
believe the debt is incorrect. While that
could cause them to have an actual judgment recorded against them should they
lose, they are completely entitled to their
day in Court. Because of this, it is very
important that every effort is being made
to serve notice during the process.
Now that we have this process under
our belt, we would encourage all states
to explore methods to simplify the foreclosure process for timesharing resorts in
their communities.
Paul D. Goodrich, Palmetto
Marketing, Myrtle Beach, SC
A number of states have either
passed non-judicial foreclosure legislation, (South Carolina, Maine, Arizona,
Illinois), or are currently in the process
of examining the benefits, such as Florida
and Massachusetts today.
As the timeshare industry matures,
many Association are finding foreclosure to be burdensome, expensive, and
sometimes near impossible. Non-judicial
foreclosure is never intended to take
something away from an owner, but to aid
an Association in a more streamlined and
economical process when owners simply
do not pay their maintenance fees over an
extended period of time.
Proposed legislation takes time, legal
advise, drafting, and one-on-one involvement with legislators to demonstrate the
need for a non judicial alternative.
Owners of timeshare over the years
have voluntarily contributed to the Resort
Owners Coalition through ARDA by way
of paying the voluntary $3.00 or $5.00
each year with their maintenance fees.
The respective management companies
have sent those funds to ROC. It is with
these funds that owners have been able,
along with various ARDA state committee
members, to be the financial engine that
secured this beneficial owner legislation
in many states. ROC continues today to
add the legislation in more states.
Ken McKelvey, Defender Resorts
Non-judicial foreclosures carry both
pro and con possibilities.
The pro possibilities include a major
cost savings to the Associations having a
difficult time clearing title to delinquent
units in order to sell or lease. This has
always been troublesome and in certain
circumstances can tie the Association’s
hands for years, causing the other owners
to pick up the “bad debt” for non-paying
owners, increasing maintenance fees.
Non-judicial foreclosures will allow
the Association to regain control of the
unit to sell and “quickly” add another
paying owner, or even open a key rental
week for the Association whereby they
can recoup some or all of the loss. The key
word is “quickly.” It will also take many
of the units in foreclosure and bring them
back to a usable life.
On the other side, if acted upon too
quickly, the good (but sometimes late)
paying owners will be receiving a “default
letter” much too quickly and may decide
to let the unit go simply because they
were offended, possibly causing a glut of
units in a seasoned building. Also collections, if completed by the Association,
for a certain amount of time, can generate
additional income to the resort with late
fees added monthly, which I have seen
generate $19,000.00 to $35,000.00 for the
Association’s budget.
Dennis DiTinno, Liberte’ Mgmnt
www.tstoday.com for back issues, Resort Report Cards, articles on resorts and much more
TimeSharing Today
Page 17
Russ on
the Road
By Russ Hiner, Hialeah, FL
Sheraton Vistana
Orlando, FL
This is a very
large resort. There
are 9 named areas
with 10 to 41 multistory buildings in
each area. Many areas have lakes
nearby. The exception is the “Courts”
with its 27 buildings. I assume this caters
to tennis buffs, since there are 9 Clay and
4 Hartru Tennis courts very close by. Six
swimming pools, several fitness centers,
activities centers, ATM’s, and “Food &
Beverage Venues” are scattered about.
There is an upscale Deli/limited grocery
store featuring Boar’s Head products located in the middle of all of this. A KrispyKreme Donut and a Starbucks are inside
the store, as well as two (slow) computers
that are free for guests. One of the Food
courts has an A&W, a KFC and a Pizza
Hut. Another features Zimmies Sports
bar and Edy’s Ice Cream. An entrance to
Disney is about a mile away.
Security kiosks are at every entrance
to the resort, manned 24/7. You pass
through a gate to get to any part of the
resort except Check-in. Several brochures
and maps are given at the quick and easy
Check-in. Our unit was on the ground
floor of a three-story building (no elevators). We had parking at the door but
some other areas do not.
The front door to the unit is set back
into the building so the very large Kitchen
is to the right and behind you as you
enter the unit. There are all the desired
appliances, except the pans are limited
to a 1- and a 2-quart sauce pan and lid,
a stock pot and a large and small skillet,
which is really not enough to cook for the
8 people that the unit can sleep. However,
the dish/flatware service is adequate for
8. The glass topped stove was on one
side of the room; the refrigerator on the
other and the sink forms the bottom of
the “U.” There is a nice window-boxbay-window in front of the sink without
flowers or decoration (the view is of a few
of the parking spaces). There is so much
cabinet and drawer space that the glasses
were here but the dishes there, while the
knives are here, the special utensils there,
the flatware not near anything. Four can
lights are set in the ceiling. They and the
above-range lighting were OK. There are
two tall chairs at the short breakfast bar
that also serves as a pass-thru to the dining
area. A large (empty) wine storage rack
hangs over this bar. This is also the short
hall to the longer hall to the bedrooms.
Straight ahead is a bathroom, with a
long, well-lighted vanity top and a tub/
shower. The second bedroom is down the
hall to the right and there is a queen bed
and a double bed. The TV is on a dresser
but the only lamp is between the beds.
The master bedroom is down the hall to
Jul/Aug, 2010
the left a few steps. The king bed has a
large end table with a lamp, on each side.
Each table has two large drawers, which
are the only drawers for clothes. There is a
closet for hanging clothes. The TV sits on
a cabinet with shelves. There is a wicker
chair, an ottoman and a lamp sitting in
front of the glass slider to a screened patio.
The security on that door is limited to the
built in lock. In the master bath, the sink
is directly in front of the door. There is
a hot tub on the left. The toilet is behind
the door and there is also a large, half
concealed shower. The lighting is good.
It appears that all lamps have CFL’s, some
adequately bright, others not so.
The dining table with four chairs is
almost directly in front of the entrance
door. I used a wall switch to turn on the
lamp over the table but nothing happened.
I thought I had flipped the wrong switch,
so I looked outside to see if that light was
on. It was not, but when I turned back,
the dining table light was bright enough
to see. It just takes a while to get bright,
not bright enough to read or write by, but
enough to eat by. Just to the left of the door
is a small table that is a great place to put
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TimeSharing Today
Page 19
Ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.
New York, NY
Amenities and activities at resort: Exercise room, daily
maid service, bell hop, concierge, bar/lounge, breakfast
buffet, computers, elevators, dishwasher, coffee/cookies.
Amenities and activities nearby: Central Park, Lincoln
Center, Carnegie Hall, theaters, shopping, churches, river
cruises, tours, sightseeing, public transportation, museums,
restaurants, Times Square, live entertainment.
Unit: Furnishings: 8 .8
Cleanliness: 9.0
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 6.6
Maintenance: 8.9
Construction quality: 9.0
Amenities and activities: At resort: 4.9
Nearby: 10.0
Suitable for: Young children: 4.9
Pre-teens: 6.9
Seniors: 7.9
Teenagers: 7.5
Handicapped: 6.4
Resort: Restaurant facilities: NA
Convenience store: NA
Grounds and maintenance: 8.2
Security: 9.0
Staff: 8.2
General hospitality: 8.2
Exchange affiliation: II, RCI
Comments: In the heart of NYC. So many things to see
and do, too numerous to list. Elevators tend to be slow.
Jul/Aug, 2010
Report Card ratings for each resort are
averages based on a significant number
of reports received from readers.
Ocean City, MD
Amenities and activities at resort: Pool.
Amenities and activities nearby: Beach, boardwalk, golf,
restaurants, ocean, entertainment. miniature golf, shopping, fishing,
Unit: Furnishings: 6.4
Cleanliness: 7.5
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 7.2
Maintenance: 6.6
Construction quality: 6.6
Amenities and activities: At resort: 2.8
Nearby: 8.6
Suitable for: Young children: 6.1
Pre-teens: 6.1
Seniors: 8.4
Teenagers: 7.0
Handicapped: 5.7
Resort: Restaurant facilities: NA
Convenience store: NA
Grounds and maintenance: 6.2
Security: 4.8
Staff: 7.0
General hospitality: 7.3
Exchange affiliation: RCI
Comments: Pleasant oceanfront location. Resort is
small. Nothing to do at resort, but useful as a base to
travel from.
Scottsdale, AZ
McGaheysville, VA
Amenities and activities at resort: Pool, golf, spa, BBQ
areas, hot tub, outdoor fireplace, shuttle, tennis.
Amenities and activities at resort: Pools, exercise room,
gas grills, planned activities, golf, tennis, hiking, ski lifts,
boating, horseback riding, fishing, spa, tours, playground,
water park, entertainment, fireplace, hot tub, racquetball.
Amenities and activities nearby: Golf, hiking, biking, hot
air balloon rides, tours, shopping, deserts, casinos, dog and
horse tracks, movie theaters, restaurants.
Unit: Furnishings: 9.1
Cleanliness: 9.3
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 8.8
Maintenance: 9.4
Construction quality: 9.4
Amenities and activities: At resort: 8.3
Nearby: 8.9
Suitable for: Young children: 8.6
Pre-teens: 8.4
Seniors: 9.3
Teenagers: 8.6
Handicapped: 8.8
Resort: Restaurant facilities: 8.6
Convenience store: 8.4
Grounds and maintenance: 9.6
Security: 8.7
Staff: 8.3
General hospitality: 8.3
Exchange affiliation: II
Comments: Staff is attentive and makes guests feel welcome. Units are lovely and the lobby and facilities are topnotch! Use of Westin Hotel amenities a huge plus.
Amenities and activities nearby: Historical attractions,
farmers market, shopping, Washington D.C., wineries, skiing, Shenendoah National Park, restaurants.
Unit: Furnishings: 8.8
Cleanliness: 9.5
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 8.3
Maintenance: 9.5
Construction quality: 8.8
Amenities and activities: At resort: 10.0
Nearby: 9.5
Suitable for: Young children: 9.8
Pre-teens: 9.8
Seniors: 8.3
Teenagers: 9.5
Handicapped: 6.8
Resort: Restaurant facilities: 8.7
Convenience store: 7.0
Grounds and maintenance: 9.3
Security: 7.3
Staff: 9.3
General hospitality: 9.5
Exchange affiliation: RCI
Comments: Units are spacious, with laundry. Activities fee.
Car is needed. Resort is excellent for families with kids.
TimeSharing Today
Page 20
Ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.
Jul/Aug, 2010
Report Card ratings for each resort are
averages based on a significant number
of reports received from readers.
Molokai, HI
Escondido, CA
Amenities and activities at resort: Pool, hot tub, exercise
room, BBQ grills, tennis, ping-pong, golf.
Amenities and activities at resort: Golf, pools, rec rooms,
theater, exercise room, activities, hot tub, tennis, BBQ area,
video rentals, basketball.
Amenities and activities nearby: Beach, horseback riding, hiking, scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, golf,
restaurant, shopping, biking.
Unit: Furnishings: 8.0
Cleanliness: 7.5
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 8.6
Maintenance: 7.6
Construction quality: 6.9
Amenities and activities: At resort: 5.3
Nearby: 5.8
Suitable for: Young children: 4.7
Pre-teens: 5.2
Seniors: 7.4
Teenagers: 5.4
Handicapped: 4.5
Resort: Restaurant facilities: NA
Convenience store: NA
Grounds and maintenance: 8.7
Security: 7.6
Staff: 7.6
General hospitality: 7.4
Exchange affiliation: II
Comments: Little to do at resort except lay on beach and
relax. Resort is isolated, about 20 miles to “city.” Units
are clean and well maintained. DVD/VCR in unit. Car is
Amenities and activities nearby: Golf, restaurants, San
Diego Zoo, casinos, wineries, shopping, beaches, Balboa
Park, Sea World, Legoland, museums, Coronado Island.
Unit: Furnishings: 8.9
Cleanliness: 8.9
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 8.5
Maintenance: 9.1
Construction quality: 8.9
Amenities and activities: At resort: 9.5
Nearby: 9.3
Suitable for: Young children: 9.1
Pre-teens: 8.9
Seniors: 8.9
Teenagers: 8.6
Handicapped: 7.1
Resort: Restaurant facilities: 7.3
Convenience store: 7.5
Grounds and maintenance: 9.6
Security: 9.1
Staff: 8.5
General hospitality: 9.2
Exchange affiliation: RCI, II
Comments: Large resort. Spacious, well-equipped units
with washer/dryer. No elevators and many stairs. Car
recommended; much to see and do in the area.
Newport Coast, CA
Orlando, FL
Amenities and activities at resort: Daily activities, tours,
playground, putting green, fire pit, walking paths, pools, bar,
movie rentals, fitness center, BBQ grills, billiards.
Amenities and activities at resort: Pools, lazy river, bar,
hot tubs, live entertainment, karaoke, game room, exercise
equipment, miniature golf, pool table, playground.
Amenities and activities nearby: Disneyland, Knott’s Berry
Farm, fishing, shopping, Los Angeles, golf, beaches, hiking,
entertainment, restaurants, water skiing, whale watching.
Amenities and activities nearby: Disney World, Sea
World, Universal Studios, water parks, restaurants.
Unit: Furnishings: 9.3
Cleanliness: 9.5
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 9.4
Maintenance: 9.5
Construction quality: 9.5
Amenities and activities: At resort: 8.3
Nearby: 9.5
Suitable for: Young children: 7.5
Pre-teens: 7.4
Seniors: 7.8
Teenagers: 7.1
Handicapped: 6.9
Resort: Restaurant facilities: 6.0
Convenience store: 6.8
Grounds and maintenance: 9.3
Security: 8 .5
Staff: 8.2
General hospitality: 8.4
Exchange affiliation: II
Comments: Terrain is hilly for seniors/handicapped. Allinclusive resort. Difficult to exchange into. Beautiful grounds
and lovely views. In-unit laundry. Limited parking at units.
Unit: Furnishings: 8 .9
Cleanliness: 8.8
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 8.5
Maintenance: 8.9
Construction quality: 8.2
Amenities and activities: At resort: 8.8
Nearby: 9.8
Suitable for: Young children: 8.5
Pre-teens: 9.2
Seniors: 8.7
Teenagers: 8.7
Handicapped: 9.3
Resort: Restaurant facilities: 8.7
Convenience store: 8.0
Grounds and maintenance: 9.6
Security: 9.3
Staff: 9.4
General hospitality: 9.5
Exchange affiliation: RCI
Comments: Great resort for children, without the need
to go to Disney. Friendly staff. Convenient location to all
Orlando attractions.
TimeSharing Today
Page 21
Jul/Aug, 2010
Gurney’s owners score victory
A major victory for Gurney’s Resort and Spa timeshare owners has resulted from a
recent ruling in the Federal Court for the Southern district of New York. In a Complaint
filed on November 23, 2009 Linda Benjamin, a recently-elected member of the Board of
Directors had challenged the control exerted by heirs the resort’s founder, Nick Monte,
seeking damages and the ouster of other directors elected by the founder’s family. The
resort is organized as a cooperative with two classes of stock.
Plaintiff Linda Benjamin is the first director elected by the timeshare owner shareholders, even though the original offering plan provides that at least one director is to
be elected by those shareholders. Previously, all three members the Board of Directors
were elected by the Monte heirs.
The Complaint alleges that Monte heirs, through their control of Gurney’s board
of directors, have engaged in a course of conduct designed to keep the Monte heirs in
control of the resort by economically coercing Class A shareholders to surrender their
units, and thus their voting rights, while refusing to spread the burden of assessments
by selling unsold units.
In its ruling, the Court held that the timeshare owner shareholders are granted control
over the services for which they are liable. This presumably will enable director Linda
Benjamin to control resort expenses, which included generous salaries to the Monte
heirs, and have a major voice in any proposed special assessments.
Aspen Club project
The Aspen, Colorado City Council
has approved the Aspen Club and Spa’s
proposal to develop timeshares on its
The current owners of the Aspen
Club, who bought the property in 1996
and first proposed the expansion in 2005,
now have permission to construct about
90,000 additional square feet that includes
20 condominiums that will be sold as
timeshares, 14 affordable housing units
and an underground parking garage with
41 spaces. Most of the new development
will occur on the site’s lower bench where
tennis courts currently exist.
The proceeds from the sale of the
timeshares are intended to provide a reinvestment in club facilities. Current club
managing partner Michael Fox had told
the council on numerous occasions that
if the condos are not approved, the club
the country to assist them in being proactive in the timeshare resale industry.
2. Working with the general real estate community to educate them about the
secondary market for timeshares.
3. Speaking at timeshare owners
groups and educating the public about
the group, its goals and how owners can
protect themselves from shady practices.
Prospective new members who meet
its standards of ethical practices should
contact Tom Tubbs, Island Consulting
Realty. www.TimesharesToGo.com 800809-6020 or Judi Kozlowski, RE/MAX
Properties SW, Inc, www.TimeshareProfessionals.com, 800-541-4555 ext. 622.
C.A.R.E celebrates
25th anniversary
The Cooperative Association of
Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.) recently
celebrated its 25th anniversary and 50th
conference in New Orleans. What started
with a “meeting of the minds” back in 1984
will likely be closed and presumably sold
to a developer who would build homes on
the property.
While the club exists in a residential
area, its particular parcel is governed
under a “specially planned area” designation, which allows for the athletic club
use. Council officially amended the SPA
to allow the development of a timeshare
Brokers group grows
The Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association (LTRBA) has grown to
40 members and is now a legally formed
Not For Profit Corporation. In addition
to licensed brokers and agents, the group
has affiliate members such as management
companies and trade publications.
The LTRBA indicates that it is now
active in a number of areas:
1. Working with legislators around
www.tstoday.com for back issues, Resort Report Cards, articles on resorts and much more
TimeSharing Today
in Puerto Vallarta, became official when
Kathleen Gallardo invited her exchange
partners to a meeting in New Orleans in
1985 where C.A.R.E. became an official,
not for profit, trade association. From a
handful of timeshare resorts exchanging
vacation inventory among themselves
to satisfy unhappy owners, C.A.R.E has
now grown to include members from all
aspects of the vacation industry such as
resort developers, property management
companies, exchange companies, travel
clubs, and associate members such as
suppliers of products and services to the
vacation travel industry.
PA timeshare buyers
receive settlement
A Florida timeshare company will
refund Pennsylvanians who say they were
tricked into buying expensive vacations
they couldn’t take, says the state attorney
general’s office. The refund is part of a
settlement that ends a lawsuit filed in 2008
against Bluegreen Corp and its related
Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom
Corbett said in a statement that consumers
Page 22
complained they were “unable to use their
timeshare,” and that the company “made
false promises about when or where consumers could travel and situations where
timeshare purchasers did not receive extra
services or discounts that were promised
during the sales presentation.”
Bluegreen owns or manages more
than 45 resorts across the country including sites in New Orleans, Las Vegas,
Orlando and Branson, Mo.
Corbett said many of the complaints
filed with his office were from consumers
who spent $20,000 to $40,000 on vacation
packages. The state expects more than $1
million to be refunded. The settlement
also includes cash for those promised free
gifts, including gas cards, hotel stays and
airline tickets.
As part of the settlement, Bluegreen
Corp. agreed to “eliminate future confusion about consumer rights involving
timeshare purchases,” to alter the way free
gifts are advertised, and to comply with
the state’s Do Not Call law. Pennsylvania
has a five-day “cooling off” period during
which buyers can cancel a timeshare contract by notifying the seller in writing.
Hundreds of beautiful
member resorts in
over 75 countries
With Interval International, you’ll enjoy:
• Worldwide exchange privileges
• Flexibility of two exchange options
• Specially-priced Getaway vacations
• Golf Resort program
• Award-winning publications
• And so much more!
Jul/Aug, 2010
Wyndham Nashville
recovering from
Nearly $1 million worth of flood rehabilitation permits were issued recently
for Wyndham Nashville, the timeshare
resort just north of Opryland.
The resort canceled reservations
through July 1 to make repairs from the
flooding that occurred in Nashville during
May and isn’t making new reservations
until October, according to its Website.
Condos and a hotel
convert to timeshare
Wyndham Vacation Ownership recently negotiated a deal to start selling
units in Towers on the Grove, a 232-unit
oceanside condo in North Myrtle Beach,
S.C. The developer will provide financing,
while Wyndham will market and manage
the timeshare community as a Wyndham
timeshare resort.
This type of arrangement provides a
new option for developers and banks that
need to unload long-unsold condo units.
The collaboration between timeshare
companies and condo developers is not
new. A similar strategy occurred in the
early 1970s when there were a lot of unsold condominiums in a weak real estate
At Towers on the Grove, Wyndham
will have to deal with the owners of 45
units that have already been purchased
as conventional condominiums. According to the company, many of the existing
owners in the North Myrtle Beach building bought their units as vacation homes
and rent them out when they aren’t there,
so they shouldn’t mind the week-to-week
turnover of the timeshare units.
Proponents argue that condo-to-timeshare conversions are good for existing
residents stuck with units in half-empty
buildings with soaring upkeep costs. And
for the larger community, timeshare sales
bring in vacationers ready to spend money
in local businesses, according to ARDA
president Howard Nusbaum.
In Dubai, a tower that previously
housed the Angsana Dubai hotel has been
converted into the Emirates Vacation Club,
one of the first timeshares in Dubai.
Owners at the Emirates Vacation
Club pay US$100,000 (Dh367,200) for
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a 99-year lease on a two-bedroom apartment, allowing them to stay for up to four
weeks a year.
The Emirates Vacation Club, which
has stands at Dubai International Airport
and the Mall of the Emirates, attracts buyers to sales presentations by offering a free
two-night stay.
“Each owner buys one-13th of the
apartment,” said Ashraf el Zarqa, the chief
operating officer of Emirates Vacation
Club. It opened in February and offers
standard hotel services. The resort is affiliated with Interval International.
Emirates Vacation Club was set up
by a group of local investors in partnership with the owner of the building. The
four-star Angsana Dubai hotel closed in
October after an “amicable termination”
of the management contract.
Florida County owns
timeshare week
One of the owners at La Boca Casa,
became disgruntled with the condominium
management company in 2002 and filed
a deed giving his yearly one-week stay at
the resort to Palm Beach County.
The ownership change slipped past
officials at the county clerk’s office and
went unnoticed for years. Last spring,
representatives for La Boca Casa, trying to
recoup unpaid condominium assessments
for Unit 19, discovered that the delinquent
owner owing more than $4,000 happened
to be Palm Beach County.
The former timeshare owner, John
Golick of Durham, N.C., said that he
was surprised it took the county and the
La Boca Casa association so long to find
about the deed he filed in 2002.
Golick said rising association fees
prompted him to get rid of the timeshare
that he used to offer as a rental. Golick
said he tried to give the timeshare to the
association, but was turned down. He
said an attorney advised him to deed the
timeshare to a government agency.
Instead of holding onto the new found
public property, the County Commission
quietly agreed to sign over ownership of
the one-week timeshare to the La Boca
Casa owners association.
The market value of the timeshare
was about $2,500, well below what was
owed in overdue assessments.
Page 23
Jul/Aug, 2010
Travel Tips
Current and retired
police officers
I travel quite a bit so I book a lot
of hotels. One of the things I’ve found
helpful is that before you book anything
over the Internet or through a national 800
number, call the individual hotel and ask
if they will give a police officer (retired
or current) the government rate.
I just did that with a Hampton Inn and
they dropped their best rate from $109
plus tax to $88 plus tax. I did that quite a
bit last year during a two month trip across
country. About half of the hotels allowed
the discount. If they don’t, you haven’t
lost anything.
Some will ask for either a badge or
an ID card so it’s a good idea to have it
with you.
Jerry Nicker, Orange, CA
Trip cancellation
Last year my wife and I began planning a trip to England and Scotland for
May of this year. As always, the moment
I made my first reservation I went on line
and began looking for the proper policy. I
have always used a specific product which
is sold by utravelpro.com Because this
trip involved using both my RCI points
and American Airline miles, I decided
to call and find out which of the many
products sold over that website would be
best for this situation.
In March of this year my wife was
told that she had breast cancer. As a result
of this news and with a letter from her doctor recommending the cancellation of our
trip, I filed a claim with the carrier.
We had several unusual situations:
first, the timeshare points rather than
money, second, the air miles that had to
be replaced in our accounts (each at a cost
of $150), British Rail tickets that were
purchased for us by a friend in England
and finally, a special car rental that had
a cancellation fee. Since the rail tickets
and the car rental were not in my name I
explained the situation in a letter to the
insurance company and included copies
of my correspondence with my friend in
In addition, I sent them a copy of my
annual maintenance fee for one of my
timeshares and did my own worksheet
for them calculating how I came up with
the amount I was requesting. I requested
reimbursement for both the trade fee
which was not refundable and the amount
of points that were not credited back to
my account.
I have today received a check in the
mail for the entire amount I was claiming,
which was just under $900.
I have several bits of advice for anyone who travels. First, always purchase
a travel policy which includes both trip
cancellation and repatriation coverage
in the event you or your traveling companion become sick or injured and need
to be transported back home. Second,
be certain to keep accurate records of all
expenses including correspondence and
credit card receipts. Although I never
really thought this would happen to us, I
always purchase this insurance; and I’m
sure glad that I did.
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TimeSharing Today
Page 24 TSToday Anywhere
Jul/Aug, 2010
Dave Hillam shows off his TimeSharing Today
magazine while on exchange to La Dorada in Spain.
Larry Smith of Carlinville, IL reads TimeSharing Today
while at Harbor Lights in Myrtle Beach where he and his wife
are Bluegreen Vacation Club members.
Susan Powell
of Riverview, FL
enjoys her TimeSharing Today during an exchange to
Scottsdale Links in
Scottsdale, AZ
Larry Koster escaped to Arizona from the cold in Iowa
with his TimeSharing Today magazine.
George and Dee Humfeld of Reston, VA show
off their magazine during a trip to Colonial
Williamsburg while on
an exchange to Wyndham Governor’s Green
Robert Burgener cools off with his magazine
in the pool at Emerald Bay-Pueblo Bonito in
www.tstoday.com for back issues, Resort Report Cards, articles on resorts and much more
TimeSharing Today
Page 26
Jul/Aug, 2010
Keeping the Resort Up
and the Fees Down - Part 2
Part 1 of this article appeared in the
May/Jun issue which is available online
at www.tstoday.com.
By Scott Riddle
Many timeshare resorts have been
“blind-sided” by some particular maintenance issue such as a storm, or unforeseen
expense(s) related to improper building
construction, or just the lack of budgeting properly for refurbishing the interior
aspects of the units. Over time, the owner
members have increasingly wanted to upgrade interior aspects of their timeshares.
Taking out laminate countertops and adding granite quickly comes to mind; DVD’s
and flat screen TV’s are others. Such
upgrades, now considered commonplace,
may not have been part of the maintenance
budget developed years ago when such
upgrades may not have even existed.
There are times when these issues
are beyond the control of the Board of
directors (BOD), and there are times when
the lack of experience of such members is
a contributing factor. Regardless of how
such maintenance problems occur, the
resort BOD is often forced to implement
a special assessment. Special assessments
are not well received by owner members
and often create a wave of owners who are
unwilling or unable to send in the required
funds. These owners often decide to sell
their timeshare, and not only do not pay
the special assessment; they do not pay
their annual maintenance fee either. Now
the resort is not only faced with a shortfall
of income for the special assessment, but
also a shortfall of income for maintaining
the resort.
When one owner member does not
pay his/her special assessment or annual
maintenance fee, guess who ultimately
gets to share in paying the bill?
The BOD and the owner members
should consider all alternatives before
putting a special assessment in place, particularly in these difficult financial times.
I recommend contacting professionals in
the industry to access their years of experience to determine if alternative pathways
are available. There are less demanding
methods of dealing with financial short-
falls than having to implement special
assessments on a re-occurring basis.
Your timeshare resort needs to consider every possible revenue stream to increase cash flow and thereby reduce your
maintenance fee. Many resorts, working
with professionals in the business, have
developed sales or resale programs to replace owners who have passed on, or have
decided to sell their timeshare. Timeshare
unit/weeks that do not have owners do
not contribute to the resorts income.
However, like every other timeshare unit/
week in your resort, that same timeshare
does demand maintenance. With the developer, and his effective sales staff long
gone, alternative methods for locating
new owners must be put in place. Every
timeshare unit/week (probably including
yours) will, sooner or later, find its way
to the resale market. Resort BOD’s that
don’t have a plan to deal with such unit/
weeks must develop a progressive alternative for dealing with resales.
In addition to resales programs,
several resorts offer rental programs to
“friends and families” of owner members and have realized success. For a
fee (which adds to the resorts annual
income), a friend or family member, who
is not an owner, can access the resort and
the use of the timeshare. Such renters
may become owners (and begin paying a
maintenance fee that was going unpaid),
or they may return for future vacations by
renting another timeshare. Such income
reduces the financial demands on all the
other owners. However, putting a rental
program in place may be an excessive
demand on the time and energy of resort
management. To implement such an idea,
it may be necessary to go outside the routine management team.
Your HOA, working with professionals in the business, can (and eventually
must) develop both resale and rental programs to increase resort revenue.
What else can you do to help in keeping your resort up and your fees down?
Get involved. The owner members on
the BOD, as noted above, are probably
over-worked (and definitely under compensated). If nothing else, send in your
www.tstoday.com for back issues, message boards, Special Reports and much more
TimeSharing Today
proxy vote every year and mark it so that
someone may vote for you. A certain
number of proxies must be received by
the BOD to hold a meeting to make decisions for your resort. A shortage of poorly
marked and signed proxy forms means
delaying the meeting and increasing the
expenses involved. If you can attend the
meeting, please do so. If you have additional time/energy/ideas and wish to help,
I feel certain your BOD can find a place
for your talents and time.
It has become apparent that timesharing, as we have known it, is in the process
of an irreversible change. During the past
35 years, timesharing has experienced a
positive growth in all but the past two
years. Resorts and their members need
to understand that the old way of service
and collections must change. Repossessed weeks are becoming a burden to
the current owners and placing a strain
on the HOA budget. The old methods of
collections and customer service have
become ineffective and can actually
cause permanent damage to the existing
member base.
Logically, there is not a single “silver
TSToday_May-Junead2010.indd 2
Page 27
bullet” program or software solution.
Successfully dealing with these future
challenges will include the use of several
small changes that can deliver a combined
savings return to the HOA budget. There
are companies with experienced timeshare
professionals, supported by emerging
technology, designed to assist the resort
HOA to maintain the highest possible percentage of happy owners. This “New” way
of doing business can be “Eco Green,” and
cost effective, generally requiring little or
no upfront expense to the resorts. It will
also rapidly become the standard for timeshare HOA’s that want to stay afloat and
close the communications gap between the
HOA and the owner members.
So, as an owner, let’s review what you
can do to assist your timeshare resort. To
keep your resort up and your fees down,
I believe:
1. Communication must be increased
between the BOD and the owners. You,
your BOD and all the other owners at
your resort are deeded in this together.
Without them your deed is useless, and
without you their ownership becomes
more expensive.
Jul/Aug, 2010
2. Methods must be found to help
your resort promote resales and rentals.
Every timeshare resort needs new owners
that will pay their share of the maintenance fees. Renters quite often become
owners, so refer your friends and family to
your resort for a getaway vacation.
3. Each owner needs to send in his/
her signed proxy vote so the BOD can
conduct business in a timely manner.
Delays cost you money.
4. Each owner should pay his/her
maintenance fee on time. Your resort
BOD does not want to add on a late fee,
or begin foreclosure against you.
5. Each owner needs to consider
getting involved. The more you learn
about your timeshare and its location,
the more you will enjoy your vacations
at your resort.
Scott Riddle is the owner of Trading Time www.tradingtime.net, the CEO
and Chairman of the Board of 1800MyCondo www.1800MyCondo.com and the
President of Resort Synergy Inc. www.
resortsynergy.com He can be reached
by calling 1-877-TTI-1000 or by email
at [email protected]
www.tstoday.com for back issues, Resort Report Cards, articles on resorts and much more
4/6/2010 1:46:18 PM
TimeSharing Today
Page 28
Jul/Aug, 2010
TimeSharing Today
Page 29
Jul/Aug, 2010
TimeSharing Today
Page 30
Jul/Aug, 2010
Comments on David Ramsey YouTube Video
David Ramsey, a talk show host on
financial matters, commented on a TV
show that timeshares are a terrible investment and are impossible to sell. The video
is available on YouTube at http://www.
Here are some comments about the
video from subscribers.
The value in timeshare is and always
has been in the use of the timeshare and
not as an investment. Even in a new car,
it costs more to purchase from the dealer
than the day after it is driven off the lot.
We have thousands of timeshare owners
who have successfully received huge
value from the use of their timeshare
week(s) for the last 30 years. We have also
had owners successfully sell and transfer
their timeshare weeks.
Some timeshare associations, such
as ours and not exclusively ours, have
stepped up to the challenge of assisting
with resales. We are working in conjunction with a licensed real estate broker
to provide resale services on-site. Additionally, there are instances where the
association will work with the owners to
take over the deed.
Owners must understand that every
association is different and the long range
consequences to the rest of the association
owners can vary. Remember, assessments
are spread among all owners, so fewer
owners means fewer people to share the
costs. A short term solution by associations simply taking over the deeds is not
an easy fix unless there is a program to
get that week into another dues paying
owner’s hands.
I would advise owners to be suspi-
cious of a person’s ulterior motives when
downplaying the value of timeshare.
Timeshare is and has been a terrific vacation avenue for families worldwide and
will continue despite efforts to mar the
image of the product by people whose true
intent may be to garner additional funds
from timeshare owners.
Cindy Thomas,
Stoneridge Resort Manager
Dave Ramsey is right on. Until the
industry gets a real market for buying and
selling timeshares, he is right.
We had 6 weeks (sold 2 last year in
a fire sale) and enjoyed the experience
over the last 25 years. But now that we
are retired and have two homes, we do
not need the 4 weeks and are unable to
sell them for anything reasonable. We of
course have to continue to pay the maintenance fees.
We recognize that timeshare is really
prepaid hotels and not an investment, but
if you can’t get rid of them at the end, the
hotel cost is very high!
David Cordes, Bonita Springs, Fl
We had our Marriott Desert Springs
week for sale for a year with an agent
in Palm Desert and they could not sell
it for $5000. So we put it up for sale in
TimeSharing Today with the last price
$2500, and we got many calls and sold
it for $2500. We had bought it resale for
$7,000 and used it very successfully for
trades for about 14 years, so we felt fine
with this sale. Thanks TS Today.
Myrna Plost
I listened to the ramblings of Dave
Ramsey. It is obvious that he does not really understand timesharing or he would
not have made such a blanket statement
condemning the industry.
There is no doubt that many people
bought and continue to buy timeshare
for the wrong reasons. Developers have
misrepresented properties, lied, cheated
and talked people into purchases that
were not right for them. I can safely say
that because I have experienced all of
this in various presentations. I do need
to add that my wife and I own multiple
timeshares and enjoy them very much.
We feel that they have been a good value
for us. People need to take a little more
time to make this decision on whether to
buy or not. Unfortunately, the last thing
that most timeshare sellers want to give
buyers is time to consider what they are
getting into.
We bought our first timeshare from a
developer; we were lied to and given false
information. We had however looked at
several properties before buying and, after
getting the price down to what we were
comfortable with, we purchased. We also
learned that the way to get the best buy
was in the resale market. Our additional
weeks were all bought that way and in a
property that we knew was well managed
and controlled by the owners.
Wayne Jertson
The most valid point made by Dave
Ramsey is that buying a timeshare in not
an investment and yet you hear it over and
over again about “protecting our investment.” I went to http://poipuowners.org/
at your suggestion and what do I find but
“ensuring the longevity of our investment“
and “preserve and protect our investment.” An investment is something that
earns you a return whereas a timeshare is
a prepayment on vacations. Granted, there
are owners who invest to rent out units, but
he majority of owners use their time.
I am amazed that more resorts do
not have facilities to facilitate the buy
and sell of units. How about holding
funds in escrow until the transaction is
Keith Walker
www.tstoday.com for back issues, message boards, Special Reports and much more
TimeSharing Today
I found the video to be not entirely accurate, but that’s to be expected of a sound
bite interview. Simple questions foster
simple answers. As anyone who reads
your publication knows, the timeshare
ownership debate is a complex topic that
cannot be addressed in a 2-minute spot.
To briefly address a few things:
Sales people do like to present timeshares as investments. Prospective buyers
need to understand the only thing they are
investing in is their leisure time.
How “easy” it is to get rid of a timeshare that is no longer wanted will vary.
Some resorts have successful resale programs in place. It is a problem that the
industry needs to address.
You are not prepaying for a hotel
room. You are paying to stay in a condo or
house, with a kitchen, living/dining areas,
private sleeping area(s), and enough room
to accommodate at least 4 people.
Get a rental? These can run more
than a timeshare in the long run; factor in
costs for 10 years or more and compare.
Unless you return to the same place,
renting a vacation home can be “like a
box of chocolates. You never know what
you’re gonna get”. How many private
rentals come with pools and other typical
timeshare amenities? How many have a
maintenance department? A staff that can
recommend what to see in the area? Some
rentals make you bring your own sheets
and towels. Some ads exclude mandatory
cleaning fees from the rental price, as
though expecting a clean unit was a “perk”
for which you shouldn’t mind paying an
extra $50 - $75.
8. For every disgruntled person who
gets in touch with Dave Ramsey, how
many satisfied owners don’t contact him?
Perhaps they actually like their timeshares
Page 31
and would buy them again.
I bought my first timeshare in 1991,
pre-construction, from the developer. I
found the presentation to fair and honest,
if a little optimistic about the realities
of exchanging. I do not recall feeling
pressured and have never regretted the
In 2009 I bought a second unit on
resale at the same resort where I bought
my first resale unit in 1997. I have taken
a number of different people there since
then, and all of them loved the place and
agree I made a good choice. The staff is
the best, and the place feels like home
when I am there.
I have never tried to sell a timeshare ;
I’m am still of an age when I am too busy
using my weeks.
Joan Burke, Baltimore, MD
Timeshare resorts need to provide a
way to give back to the resort a timeshare
that is paid off. Just the yearly $500 plus
maintenance fee is very difficult for owners to come up with, especially if on disability or social security. An older couple
at our church, they are in their 80’s, have
a timeshare that they would give away,
and even pay the closing costs. They can
no longer use it. Admittedly they said
they really enjoyed using it during their
younger years.
They have a fixed week. Week 6 at
Fairfield Glade, in Crossville, TN. They
attempted to give their deed back to the
resort, but were refused. They were told
to pay several thousand to get rid of it,
and I suspect it was more likely that they
were being pushed to a point system. In
the past, Some timeshares were sold as
“leases” for a set number of years, such as
20 years. That would have been the best
Jul/Aug, 2010
way to go looking back at this.
I would like to be able to sell or rent
my timeshare in the future. My San Diego one will list it for you, but they take
nearly 75% of the money for their fees.
I would rather see something more fair;
25% is better.
[email protected]
Dave is correct. The personal friends
of mine who have enjoyed timeshare for
many years now are finding themselves
overly burdened with fees that know no
ceiling, arriving with threats of ruined
credit which continue as long as it works,
to continue the thousands flowing to
varieties of management companies who
dream of ways to extort more money.
Fairfield required owners to pay
around $2000.00 just to “take it back”
while many resale companies are stealing
any amount of money they can get away
with taking because they are willing to lie
to owners and have them to believe their
little slice of vacation is worth any amount
of money. It’s worth nothing. Get over it.
Stop sending good money after bad.
Tina Danner in Fletcher, NC
Special Classified Ad Deal
MyResortNetwork.com is a website for timeshare owners that was built and is
owned by timeshare owners. It is one of the top ways to sell or rent your timeshare. It
is a very active website and your timeshare ad will be seen by thousands of vacationers
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your timeshare ad on MyResortNetwork.com will cost only $10 for a 6-month listing when you place a classified ad to run in TimeSharing Today. MyResortNetwork.
com is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an “A” rating and also has been
recommended by consumer reports recently.
Use the classified ad form on page 33 or place your ad at wwwtstoday.com to
take advantage of this special combination deal.
[email protected]
www.tstoday.com for back issues, Resort Report Cards, articles on resorts and much more
TimeSharing Today
Page 32
A Tale of Two Cities
By William F Kelly, Glastonbury, CT
I had the opportunity to stay at two
Florida upscale beach properties that are
as much the same (both TST 9.2 report
cards), as they are different.
Marriott Beach Place Towers,
Fort Lauderdale
This is a one building high rise, officially not on the beach. You must cross
a small two-lane, one-way street to access
the public beach. The bottom 3 floors of
Beach Place Towers are retail shops, pubs,
casual restaurants, including a Hooters,
and walk-ups, as well as a public indoor
parking garage.
Check in, the lobby, convenience
store/deli, small gym, outdoor pool, and
a children’s extensive activity center,
are all on the fifth floor, which creates a
major bottleneck at check-in with all new
vacationers bringing luggage and clogging
a small elevator foyer. There is only one
pool to accommodate the heavy resort
traffic. My other surprise was a $120
parking fee in that garage (you have no
other choice, unless you park many blocks
away, at your own risk).
I had called a few weeks prior to
arriving, to negotiate a nice unit, since
half the resort faces the Atlantic Ocean
Marriott Ocean Pointe,
PaIm Beach Shores
This very large property is
right on the beach on Singer Island
(despite the Palm Beach Shores
address). It is in five separate buildings, four are side by side, then a
privately owned condo (Marriott
unsuccessfully tried to buy it), and
a final 5th building - the Kingfisher.
There are 4 pools, plus a children’s
pool, a children’s playground, 3
whirlpool spas, large fitness center, ongoing live entertainment, and my favorite, 16
large trellis swings around the property.
I had the misfortune of being assigned
the “orphan” Kingfisher building where,
yes, I had a pool, whirlpool, pool bar and
a small gym, but no entertainment, or
interaction with 80% of the resort. If you
want quiet, you get quiet. On the beach
in front of the Kingfisher building is a
city owned building that was an eyesore.
Marriott management advised me they
offered to paint it at their expense, but
were denied. Now here, the rest of the
area is very pretty, but non-commercial.
One does need a car (no parking fee) to
eat, shop and enjoy the area.
Jul/Aug, 2010
and the other half is Intercoastal Waterway view. Hmmm, look at the ocean and
ships, or luxury homes and boats? My no
answer to “do you smoke?” would get
me the intercoastal side, since the ocean
side is “smoking.” But at check-in, I was
given the Atlantic side and told if I had
any cigarette odor, they’d move me. The
smell was not an issue, but as the week
marched on, the NOISE was!! Every bar
and pub has live entertainment that goes
all day and night. Even on the 11th floor
and to a music lover, it was unbearable.
If you’d like to get some sleep, insist on
the intercoastal side. You can view the
Atlantic when out at the pool level.
The area is truly great, very commercial, lots of shops, wonderful choices
for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The water
taxi is 2 blocks away. You could consider
foregoing a car, still enjoy the beach, eat
good and save the garage fee.
Many malls are around the area
and a GPS would help because several
small towns grouped in the same area
have “Palm,” “Beach,” and “Gardens”
in their names, which makes it very
And finally, only 57 miles separate these resorts, both venues were
very large 2 bedroom lock-off villas,
with top shelf furniture, bedding,
towels and unit amenities, including 3 TVs, 2 room safes, and a huge
whirlpool in the master bath area. I also
enjoyed finding a USA Today at my door
each morning.
One resort is in the middle of all
kinds of neon and activity, the other is
large and contained. I would revisit both
resorts without any hesitation. But now,
I know what I’m in for.
Timeshare Closings
Providing Professional Timeshare Closing Services Since 1996
JRA Services, Inc.
(954) 718-7076
www.tstoday.com for back issues, message boards, Special Reports and much more
TimeSharing Today
Page 33
Jul/Aug, 2010
ADVERTISING FORM Mail to: Ads, TimeSharing Today, 140 County Road, Suite 114. Tenafly, NJ 07670
Please Type or Print Neatly!!
Photocopy form for additional ads.
Fax to: 201/871-4305
Name: ________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________________________ State: __________ Zip: _______________
Telephone: Bus: (
)___________________________ Home: (
E-mail address: _______________________________________ Fax: (
FOLLOW EACH INSTRUCTION carefully and completely to avoid delays in your ad being run!
1. Where is resort located? ________________________ (State, Island or Country. For resorts in
Mexico, include city. For resorts in Florida, specify if in Atlantic Coast, Gulf Coast, Keys or Orlando area.)
2. Check ONE category only: _____AVAILABLE FOR SALE
3. Resort name and/or city/location should appear in the ad.
4. A phone number, e-mail and/or street address must be in your ad so people can contact you.
5. Avoid obscure abbreviations.
6. Three (3) line minimum. Two line ads are NOT accepted.
7. 34 characters per line allowed; include spaces and punctuation.
8. Print your ad copy neatly in the space below or on a separate sheet of paper.
Ads are typeset with proportional spacing; your actual ad may be less than the number of lines used in this form. TST reserves
the right to edit ad copy to conform to standard style and abbreviations used in TST. Rates are subject to change.
Ad rate starts at $10 per line and is discounted for multiple runs.
Using form below, select number of times ad is to run. Insert number of lines in parenthesis, multiply
number of lines by rate and enter amount due. (Note: We do not send tear sheets or copies of ads.)
One issue:
# of lines (
) x $10 = $.........
Two issues:
# of lines (
) x $16 = $.........
MyResortNetwork.com online ad - $10--$............
Three issues: # of lines (
) x $21 = $.........
RESALE DOCUMENT KIT- $25--$............
Four issues: # of lines (
) x $24 = $.........
Six issues:
) x $30 = $.........
# of lines (
RENTAL DOCUMENT KIT - $7.50--$............
BOTH DOCUMENT KITS - $30--$............
*Color option (add 12.5%)
Credit card #:______________________________ Exp: ______
TOTAL --$............
CHECK ENCLOSED (U.S. Funds only)
TimeSharing Today
Page 34
Jul/Aug, 2010
Please complete this Report Card after your visit to a resort OTHER THAN YOUR OWN. Reports
must be received within 6 months of your visit. You will receive a one-issue extension of your subscription for each completed Report Card. LIMIT: one per vacation per family, two Report Cards per year.
Mail the completed report to :
Report Card Editor, TimeSharing Today, 140 County Road, Suite 114, Tenafly, NJ 07670.
Name of resort: _________________________________________________________________
Location: _____________________________________ Date visited:(Month, Year)____________
What amenities and activities at resort?: _____________________________________________
Amenities and activities nearby?: ___________________________________________________
Excellent10-9; Above Average- 8-7; Average-6-5; Below average-4-3; Bad-2-1; Not available - NA
Unit furnishings: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Cleanliness: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Kitchen inventory/appliances: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Maintenance: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Quality of construction: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Amenities and activities at resort: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Nearby: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Suitable for young children: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
For pre-teens: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
For teenagers: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
For seniors: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
For handicapped: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Resort restaurant: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 NA (Not a gourmet rating, but value, service, cleanliness, decor)
Convenience store: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 NA
Resort grounds and maintenance: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Security: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Staff: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
General hospitality: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
OVERALL RATING OF RESORT: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Comments: ____________________________________________________________________
I certify that I am not an owner at this resort. Please extend my subscription by one issue.
Name and full address of subscriber (Please print):
TimeSharing Today
Page 35
Jul/Aug, 2010
Owners Groups and Associations
BOD Association
There is interest in having ownercontrolled Boards of Directors establish
an association that will serve as an information source for all Board related issues
and provide workshops for new Board
members. Since owner Board members
are likely volunteers with different backgrounds, they need to learn many things
related to resort management, contracts
pitfalls, financial controls, owner and
employee relations, etc., so that they can
function effectively as representatives of
timeshare owners.
Timesharing had developed into
many variations since its introduction
decades ago with accompanying derivative services, so that Directors need to be
well informed. An Association of ownercontrolled Boards of Directors will fill
this need. Any qualified Board member
who is interested in forming this association should email TimeSharing Today at
[email protected], Subject: Association
of Board Members.
Florida Timeshare Owners
Our next Group Meeting will be held
on Sunday, July 25, 2010, at 1:00PM, in
the Venetian Room of the Pelican Pointe
Golf & Country Club, Venice, FL.
The Guest Speakers will be Mr. Tom
Tubbs, Island Consulting, representing
the newly organized Licensed Timeshare
Brokers Assn., and Ms. Lisa Ann Schreier,
Director, Timeshare Insights, and author
of “Timeshare Vacations For Dummies”.
Also, a General Discussion, allowing
Members to present their timeshare topics of interest or concern for round-table
discussion by the membership-at-large,
will be conducted.
Topics already on the agenda are:
-How to rent out your timeshare
-Florida Law re: BOD elections
-Pet-friendly Timeshares in Florida
-Non-Judicial Timeshare
Foreclosures in Florida
Any Timeshare owner who would like
to meet with other Timeshare owners to
share experiences and information should
consider membership in the Group.
Members may participate in our
Group’s Internal Exchange/Rental/Purchase and Sales Program.
Advance seating reservations are
required for Members, beginning on June
1st., 2010. Non-Members may attend if
seating is available, and will be subject to
a door charge.
Further information can be obtained
by contacting Frank Debar, Group Coordinator, at (941) 351-1384, or email at
[email protected]
National Timeshare Owners
First I want to thank all of the timeshare owners who have recently joined
NTOA. We really appreciate your support. We are the only consumer protection
association looking out for the timeshare
owner with all of our services.
We have been conducting educational
meetings around the country for hundreds
of our members who have found them
to be very informative, especially with
recognized timeshare experts including
TimeSharing Today, American Resort
Development Association, Tricom Management Company, Trading Places,
Platinum Interchange and several more.
I want to thank all of our members for
their participation and testimonials. We
pride ourselves on answering all members
questions at the meetings.
Presently, we are working on our Fall
and Winter schedule which includes:
Milwaukee, WI - Sep 19,2010
Orlando, FL Jan 30, 2011
Baltimore, MD - Apr 10, 2011
Cherry Hill, NJ - Date to be set
Hartford,CT Date to be set
Anaheim, CA Date To be set
If you wish to start an owners group
in your area please contact us at 410-5360064 for details.
If you have not joined NTOA as of
yet, we need your support by joining to receive all the benefits, and by your support
it gives NTOA more clout when it comes
to getting your issues heard by developers
and management companies, especially
home owners associations.
To learn more, visit us on our web
site www.nationaltimeshareownersassoc.
com , e-mail us [email protected] or call
410-536-0064 with your name, address
and phone number.
Home of the
& Vacation Gallery
www.tstoday.com for back issues, message boards, Special Reports and much more
TimeSharing Today
Page 36
Jul/Aug, 2010
More Owners Speak Out
of Owners
is no legitimate reason for a
resort. When asked where they obtained
timeshare management company to refuse
requests for owners lists from owners, or
even more importantly, owners organizations.
Case in point. We are owners at Hanalei Bay, where the owners have successfully concluded a prolonged legal battle
with Celebrity Resorts over management
of the resort. Celebrity, as well as Quintus,
the previous manager/developer, consistently stonewalled owners request for
ownership lists, even though the original
documents stated that such lists could be
obtained. Both management companies
claimed that there were “privacy issues”
that prohibited giving registered owners,
including property owners board members, such lists. However, during the past
year of fights between the owners and
Celebrity, owners have been continually
had phone contacts with timeshare resale
companies trying to take advantage of
owners discontent with the status of the
our names and phone numbers, the resale
agents said they were public record obtained from tax assessors files. So, that
destroys the management company’s
claim that they can’t distribute such lists
because of privacy issues.
Jon and Janet Nowlin
In Florida, it is currently illegal to
provide timeshare owner’s lists to anyone; however the statute does provide
the owners a method, through the Board,
of communicating the wishes of a certain
percentage of owners to all the owners.
Owners lists not only provide 1,000s
of names, but names with one common
thread: they purchased a timeshare unit.
That is enough to start a whole new host of
contacts, sales and …. scams. So whether
it is a timeshare resort owners list or a list
of all the members of any organization, I
don’t believe it should be made public for
any reason except those outlined in the
Rules of the organization.
With that said, communicating among
owners is not a difficult thing. Recently
Liberte’ Management took over management of a resort that was sold in a tax
sale and had very little information about
owners. At that time, two things happened, A blog started and one owner told
another about it, and they told two more
owners, and so on and so forth, until 100s
of owners were blogging. The second
way is to develop a homeowners’ website. They are very inexpensive; you can
choose from several on the internet and
they have a public page and an owner’s
private section where an owner must sign
in to gain access. Here all the actions of the
resort can be displayed “For Owners and
Members Only” and can include minutes,
documents, suggestions, insurance information, rental deals for the owners etc.
So let’s keep the lists off the street, I
already receive enough junk mail.
Dennis F. DiTinno, CEO
Liberte Management Group,
I agree with making owner contact
information available so that owners can
discuss issues affecting their ownership
interests. At the same time, protecting
owner privacy is critical so that third parties cannot access that information for
their own commercial purposes, much
like it seems Marriott and the other big
time share organizations do in trying to
sell timeshare and other products.
Organizations like Marriott Vacation
Club International together with “friendly
Boards” fight against this with all their
means, as it would undermine their ability
to control every aspect of owner’s rights
and interests. In Aruba, Marriott has intimidated owners who sought to contact
www.tstoday.com for back issues, message boards, Special Reports and much more
TimeSharing Today
other owners and has even reportedly
undermined owners’ exercising their voting rights by casting its owner shares to
overturn owner votes rejecting Marriott’s
favored candidates. Perhaps, it is time for
the Federal Trade Commission to examine
Marriott’s practices as well as that of other
timeshare organizations as they appear
to operate with little if any Government
scrutiny or internal governance in taking
actions that adversely affect owner interests and values.
Kenneth P. Berkowitz, Esq.
Several issues are involved 1. Is this timeshare property related to a specific property or to a group
of properties or is this a “travel club”?
Completely different set of concepts about
“owners” applies.
2. Where is the property located?
Even within the US, the laws of
each state are quire different regarding
timeshares, and if the interval is outside
the US, good luck trying to find out the
rules in other countries.
3. Are the intervals deeded or rightto-use?
A right-to-use owner has no ownership interest in the actual property; he/
she is simply paying rent. So why would
I want a list of renters?
4. Who “runs” the property? Is it the
developer’s corporation/subsidiary which
is responsible to its shareholders, not the
interval owners, or are the owners running
it through an elected Board of Directors
likely consisting of fellow interval owners (like a condominium homeowners
association) who hire someone to manage
the property?
Getting a list of fellow owners from
the Board of Directors at Club Tahoe or
Lawai Beach Resort is a completely different situation from dealing with David
Seigel (Westgate Resorts) or a Worldmark/
Hilton/Grupo Maya, etc. corporation.
Hank Jeffries
Page 37
not believe that the board, as well as Marriott, has been up front with the owners
regarding the financial data including the
reserves and both have, in my estimation,
colluded against the owners to railroad
their agenda down our throats. These are
what necessitates the reason for having a
list of owners available to everyone. Marriott and the current board have spent our
money on lawyers to prevent the owners
from gaining access to a list of owners of
the timeshare, which I think is important
with all that has been going on at the
Ronald P. Rubin,
I actually became very concerned
about my name and info being given out
to another owner in my timeshare (Aruba
OceanClub). The more I checked into the
matter, the more I realized how much the
Board of the Aruba Ocean Club was not
informing the owners and how untransparent the board members (and maybe
Marriott) are. What are they hiding?
There are many questions that need
to be answered! I believe that there are a
number of things that have been concealed
from timeshare owners. I intend to find
Jul/Aug, 2010
Timeshare Resale Division
The Smartest and Easiest way to Buy
or Sell your Timeshare.
Our team has over 30 years of combined
Real Estate experience.
(800)541-5666 ext 325
(407)352-5800 x 325 Fax (407)393-5788
I think it is very important that this
be done so that information can be shared
with each and every owner. At my home
resort, the Marriott Aruba Ocean Club, I
do not think that the Board of Directors
has been transparent enough regarding the
increased maintenance fees and assessments that have been placed on each of
the owners in the last several years. I do
www.tstoday.com for back issues, Resort Report Cards, articles on resorts and much more
TimeSharing Today
out the truth.
Were owners misled when they purchased their units, was there any deception. If I don’t get transparency and honest
answers, I will pursue to any extent the
law allows me (hopefully I will get others
to join in my pursuit of the truth).
Dr. Stephen Sachs
As a timeshare owner in Aruba at the
Marriott Ocean Club we’ve been “hit”
with very large assessments this past two
years. Way too much money, and I would
like to see “owner lists” made available
to owners so we can communicate with
each other about these issues. At the
Ocean Club, this issue is being fought by
the existing board (and I think Marriott,
also). As a matter of fact, the issues is
becoming a legal battle which will cost
owners more money.
I love going to Aruba with 5 or 6 other
families who also purchased at the Marriott. However, the assessments are more
than I bargained for. I’m concerned that
the assessments will continue and I’d like
to have the ability to do something about
them, along with other owners.
Page 38
Robert Murphy
We favor access to owners by other
owners since it will keep proper governance on the management. Surely there
are ways to limit the use of the list for
proper purposes only.
The Aruba Ocean Club is having
a difficult time with Marriott regarding
this issue. It arises because of inordinate
assessments allegedly caused by poor
management and oversight. But the
owners are not being allowed to have a
discourse because Marriott is keeping
the list secret. A very interesting tactic
by Marriott, since there are many other
Marriott timeshare projects where the list
is open to other owners.
[email protected]
Should owners have access to the list
of other owners at their resort? I believe
they should if there is adequate safety and
good reason to do so. For example, if there
is widespread feeling among the timeshare
owners at the resort that the management
and/or the Board are not being transparent when they levy assessments and/or
increase maintenance fees dramatically,
Maximum credits.
Minimum confusion.
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original (pre TravelShare) WorldMark Credits for your dollar.
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B E S T P R O D U C T. B E S T S E RV I C E . B E S T P R I C E S .
Jul/Aug, 2010
then a group of timeshareshare owners
should be able to petition the Board or
management for access to the owners’
list. Ideally the group should be allowed
to prepare a letter outlining their concerns
and have it mailed to the the total list of
owners by the Board at the group’s expense. This way the list cannot get into
the hands of others who could use it for
unauthorized solicitations.
Len Ennis
Without giving the associations the
right to communicate with other owners,
without being filtered through the Board
of Directors, is the creation of dictatorships. We must have transparency! Let us
unite in demanding that lists of owners be
available to all owners. Let us not worry
about these list being exposed to others.
This is a scare tactic used by those in
power (the boards).
The membership must have the opportunity to voice their concerns amongst
themselves in order to issue our joint
concerns to the Board.
We absolutely need the list of owners
with their addresses so all owners can be
informed of all views before they cast
their votes.
Eugene Boccieri
I think it would be of value for owners to be able to contact other owners in a
timeshare. Maybe only the owners who
wanted to offer their information would
Tom Urban
Just as homeowners should know
who their neighbors are; timeshare owners
should be able to know who their fellow
owners are. Information can be shared
on password protected web sites so “the
world” doesn’t have access (like who
else cares).
By making owners lists unavailable,
and forcing owners into lawsuits, developers and management companies are using
their size and resources to intimidate, and
to prevent owners from doing anything
about bad management. Owners who believe their resorts are well managed probably don’t care, but it’s a big deal when
developers put hand-picked candidates
on boards of directors and then put their
corporate interests ahead of the owners.
[email protected]
www.tstoday.com for back issues, message boards, Special Reports and much more
TimeSharing Today
Page 39
TimeShare Classified
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Starts on
RCI’s week #1 starts on the first Saturday
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weeks on a Friday or Sunday. Check with
the resort to confirm check-in dates.
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Page 41
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2 red floating wks, 35 thru 50, 2BR/2ba,
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front. Wk 50, high season. Great trading
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Side Silver Weeks. 2 BR with Lock-out
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Each week priced to sell at $17,500. Will
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2600sq ft, Wk 28- July10, Wk 32- Aug7,
rare find, RCI-5*,$2999/wk, Den 414/6178800
Gulf Coast
------------------------------------------------------SIESTA SANDS BCH RESORT- Siesta
Key, 1BR/2ba, Red Wks 22,23,24, deeded,
on bch, $1000/wk OBO 320/589-3476 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SURF CLUB- MARCO ISLAND- Rm
605, wk 8 (Presidents wk), Magnificent.
[email protected] or 631/7376200
Page 42
Gulf Coast
------------------------------------------------------LONGBOAT KEY- WHITE SANDS- wk
17, 2BR/2ba town house, slps 6, 2 pools.
Adj to Sarasota-Bradenton. $6000.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARCO IS CHARTER CLUB #602- wks
7 & 8, 2BR/2ba on bch. $15,000 OBO for
both. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S CRYSTAL SHORES- Marco
Island. 3BR/3ba Penthouse Units (only 2
on property), Pres Wk & Wk 13. Priced well
below Marriott. Motivated Seller. 317/8730555 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------JAMAICAN ON THE GULF- 2BR/2ba, wk
48, Treasure Island, Gulf front, end unit, top
floor, balcony. $5000. 248/628-9082
------------------------------------------------------EAGLE’S NEST- Marco Island, oceanfront,
overlooks pool, 1BR/2ba, wk 37, $5999.
[email protected] 937/554-6912
------------------------------------------------------COMMODORE BEACH CLUB, Wk 28 &
29, 1BR/1ba, Madeira Bch, $5500, [email protected] 813/933-3504
------------------------------------------------------EAGLES NEST- Marco Island, 2BR/2ba,
Flex wk 1-4/17-51, 5 mi beach. $7000.
508/765-5667 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LIMETREE LIDO KEY ISLE- Sarasota,
II, on bch, Xmas, wk 51, slps 5, 1BR,
walk to shops, walk to Ritz Carlton, 4
stars. $2000 incl closing cost. 561/3618429 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LONGBOAT KEY-WHITE SANDS- wk 17.
2BR/2ba townhouse, slps 6. 2 pools. Adj
to Sarasota Bradenton. $6000. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KEY WEST:
The Banyan Resort
Luxury and charm
In the heart of Old Town.
Resales starting at only $4000.
Large inventory available.
Call: Amy Lachat Lynch, Banyan Realty.
Email: [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KEY LARGO. Anchorage Resort. Week 7
(President’s week). One BR, slps 4. Resort
has own marina. Great fishing and scuba
diving/snorkeling. Deeded RCI. Must sell.
$16,500. 201/768-7124
------------------------------------------------------KEY WEST GALLEON RESORT-Wk 13
Spring Break 2Br, 2Ba Slp 6 $23,000 636677-3278 or [email protected]
Orlando Area
------------------------------------------------------NEAR DISNEY- FLORIDA VACATION
VILLAS- 2BR/2ba, fixed, Red, wk 13,
slps 6. $4000. [email protected] or
Jul/Aug, 2010
Orlando Area
------------------------------------------------------NEAR DISNEY. Florida Vacation Villas,
Presidents Week 7. 2BR, Sleeps 6,
Pool, tennis, playground, W/D in unit. Asking $4500. Email to [email protected]
or call 201-362-8151.
------------------------------------------------------Save 60-80% off Retail – Buy direct and
save thousands off worldwide timeshares. Great prices, great value and no
presentations! Over 500 properties in
stock every day. Inventory changes daily.
Call for today’s list or ask for our free
timeshare magazine – 1-800-676-6290.
------------------------------------------------------DISNEY VACATION CLUB resales,
all resort locations typically available.
Significant savings! Call DVC By Resale
toll free 1-800-844-4099 or visit www.
DVCbyResale.com for current listings.
Shontell C Crawford, Lic. Real Estate
Broker email: [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE LAKES- 5*, Wk 22, even,
2BR/2ba, Lake front, Top exchange, all
parks close. $2000 OBO. 843/457-4869
------------------------------------------------------SAVE 40 to 70% off Hilton Grand Vacation
Club units. I am an Accredited Buyers Representative and will be happy to represent
you in the purchase of a Hilton unit. No
Buyer’s fee. If you would like to be put on
my Best Buy list send an email to [email protected]
JudiKoz.com. You may call me at 1-800541-5666 ext 622 or my cell at 407-9210000. My website is www.JudiKoz.com.
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S ROYAL PALMS-2BR/2ba,
deeded floating red week. Orlando World
Center owner priviledges. Just minutes to
Disney’s front gate. $6,100.00. 631/2673337 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE LAKE East Village- Fixed Wk
5, 2BR/2ba, slp 8, Gold Crown, on golf
course, near Disney. $3000. 270/473-0751
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S SABAL PALMS. 2 BR for
prime weeks 7-17, 24-33 & 50-52 for just
$2495! Licensed Broker. BBB A+ Rating.
Our almost famous 1 year Satisfaction
Guarantee! 800-809-6020 or [email protected]
aol.com www.TimeSharesToGo.com
------------------------------------------------------STAR ISLAND RESORT- wk 42, 3BR
lockout. $3000 OBO. L Taylor:
------------------------------------------------------PARKWAY INTERNATIONAL. Wk 19.
2BR/2ba. Deeded. 2 miles from Disney.
Asking $2000. Contact:
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------STAR ISLAND- Fixed Wk 25, summer
vac-annual, near Disney, 3BR/2ba, slps
8, balcony overlooks pond & pool. $3500
[email protected]
TimeSharing Today
Orlando Area
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT HARBOUR LAKE in Orlando,
FL, Platinum, 2BR/2ba, Floating wk,
$4495, 269/753-1921
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT GRANDE VISTA- 2BR lockoff.
Platinum+ deeded golf, pools, restaurants,
minutes from all parks. $9150. [email protected]
aol.com or 631/345-9558
-----------------------------------------------------KISSIMMEE- PARKWAY International,
2BR/2ba, slps 6, Fixed Red Wk 7. full Ktch,
Make offer, 917/880-9918
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S GRAND VISTA, 3BR/3ba,
slps 12, Platinum Lock-off option,
$25,000, motivated seller, email:
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE LAKE COUNTRY CLUB, Kissimmee, $900 to $1500, Call: 800/767-9366
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ORANGE LAKE COUNTRY CLUB,
Kissimmee, $900, 2BR/ 2ba units,
Email:[email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------CYPRESS POINTE GRANDVILLAS, Lake
Buena Vista, $1750, 313/204-4205 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE TOWN CENTER, Kissimmee, $19,999, Wk 7, lockout, 2BR or 2
Wk. 551/265-3240
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT GRANDE VISTA, Orlando,
WK 26, 3BR/3ba, $34,500, 614/793-8612
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HOUSES AT SUMMER BAY- Disney, Own
house: 3BR, garage, own pool. $2995.
[email protected] 410/987-8787.
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT GRAND VISTA- #1 resort in
Orlando, 2BR, Platinum season, motivated seller, Lock off, Fl Club, $21,000
OBO. Garry Rupp: 614/436-1678 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LAGO VISTA AT Buenaventure Lakes,
Kissimmee, 2BR/2ba, Wk 6. $2000,
[email protected] 301/330-9625
------------------------------------------------------LIFETIME OF VACATIONS at Grand Lake
Resort, Kissimmee, 1BR, $1995, 410/5449946 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE VACATION VILLAS, Wk 8 &
9, end unit, 2BR with loft, slps 8-10, $6000/
wk, $11,000 both. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CYPRESS POINTEL, 3BR/3ba, L/O, remodeled units, Diamond wk; $3000 OBO;
[email protected]
Page 43
Orlando Area
------------------------------------------------------80% OFF! WESGATE LAKES- 3br/3ba,
lockoff. Lakefront! 5* resort, float/EOY,
Odd (wk 5). $4200. [email protected]
or 503/371-4174
------------------------------------------------------WESTGATE VILLAS- 3BR lock-out, deluxe timeshare next to DisneyWorld. Odd
yr use. II affiliate. All resort amenities, 5
star unit, wk 4. Great location for Daytona
race. Every other yr maint fee prox $900.
Cash price $5000. 714/345-3520 Fax:
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT GRAND VISTA, #1 resort in
Orlando, 2BR, Plat season, motivated
seller, Lock off, Fl Club, $21,000 OBO.
614/436-1678 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CELEBRATION WORLD RESORT- Close
to Disney World entrance. Beautiful quiet
location. 717/838-3329
------------------------------------------------------VACATION VILLAGE AT PARKWAY, Kissimmee, $20, [email protected]
Save 60-80% off Retail – Buy direct and
save thousands off worldwide timeshares. Great prices, great value and no
presentations! Over 500 properties in
stock every day. Inventory changes daily.
Call for today’s list or ask for our free
timeshare magazine – 1-800-676-6290.
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S MAUI -ALL PHASES1 & 2 BR units. Starting @ $ 5,500.
Contact Syed Sarmad, Hawaii Broker.
Specialist in all HI properties
& name brand resorts.
---------------------------------------------------WESTIN KA’ANAPALI BOTH PHASES- 1 & 2 BR units. Starting @
$6,500. Contact Syed Sarmad, Hawaii
Broker. Specialist in all HI properties &
all name brand resorts.
------------------------------------------------------MAUI SCHOONER RESORT- Beautiful
Ocean front Centrally located. Air conditioning. Floating wk, 2BR/2ba. $4888 Fee
Simple. [email protected] or 253/2652627
------------------------------------------------------EXPERIENCE UNSPOILED HAWAII
On the beautiful West End of Molokai
Best Price in Hawaii for fee-simple deed
Annual Float / $2600 1-bdrm,
$3600 2-bdrm. [email protected]
Premium Exchange Property / II
Jul/Aug, 2010
SAVE 40 to 70% off Hilton Grand Vacation
Club units. I am an Accredited Buyers Representative and will be happy to represent
you in the purchase of a Hilton unit. No
Buyer’s fee. If you would like to be put on
my Best Buy list send an email to [email protected]
JudiKoz.com. You may call me at 1-800541-5666 ext 622 or my cell at 407-9210000. My website is www.JudiKoz.com.
------------------------------------------------------MAUI LEA @ MAUI HILL- Kihei area, lg
2BR/2ba. RCI GC, 2wks. Jan 24 & Jan
31, every yr. $8500 ea. 517/287-5839 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MAUI SCHOONER … Assn. & owner resales. 1 to 3 bedroom; some every other
year. Call Judy toll-free 888-412-9961 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------This Wyndham Resort offers wonderful
delights to all. Visit http://www.wyndham.
com/hotels/KOAML/main.wnt to see all
that could be yours! Call 866.327.2707
or email [email protected]
for details! $12900 obo (1 Bd)
------------------------------------------------------HAWAIIAN PRINCESS AT MAKAHA …
Limited number of assn. & owner resales.
Call Penny Dumont 808-497-3052 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KAHANA FALLS RESORT … Limited
number of assn. & owner resales. Floor
plans to match your family’s needs - great
pricing! Call Judy toll-free 888-412-9961
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KAHANA FALLS RESORT-1BR/2ba, unit
Lockoff floating every even yr. $2000.
718/718-5571 [email protected] .
Motivated seller
------------------------------------------------------PANIOLO GREENS- Gold Crown, annual
float wk. 2BR/2ba, $2000 obo. 2010 maint
pd. [email protected] or 309/234-5921
------------------------------------------------------KONA COAST II- on golf course, ocean
view, Gold Crown resort, 1BR/2ba. $6400.
------------------------------------------------------KONA COAST II- 1BR/2ba, Remodeled.
Winter - float, deeded. $5500. 509/8600781 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------BALIHAI VILLAS, KAUAI, newer unit,
#1024, deeded, 1 yr, floating. 2 master
BR, baths. Slps 6. $7950. 828/252-2208
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SANDS OF KAHANA, Lahaina, Maui, even
years; 1BR; $2500, [email protected]
net or 408/391-6776
------------------------------------------------------DIAMOND RESORTS Maui- 1BR, EY usage, 8500 pts in 2011, 10,750 pts in 2010.
562/619-4137 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KAHANA FALLS, Maui, Christmas Week!
2BR L/O $9995,
[email protected]
TimeSharing Today
HONO KOA BEACHFRONT on Maui1 wk, flt 2BR, $5500. Ka’Eo Kai @
PrinceVille- HUGE Penthouse unit 1 wk,
flt, 2BR lockoff, $10,000. Ke Nani Kaiunspoiled Molokai, 2 wks, flt, 4 plexes w/
lots land, $3500/ea. Kona Billfisher- walk
to town, fixed, 11/15-12/13, 1BR, view
harbor, quiet/friendly, cathedral ceilings,
A/C & hted pool, $12,500 total for all 4
wks. 360/385-4216 Tim. Will split fees.
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT MAUI OCEAN CLUB, Lahaina,
Maui, 2BR/3ba, $25,000, 386/761-1415
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PONO HAI RESORT, Kauai, $5000,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM KAUAI BCH VILLAS, 2 2BR/2ba, Deeded, Floating, Oceanfront
condos. 1 wk per yr and the other 1 wk
EOY. Both for $22,500. Ken 773/835-1401
or [email protected] .
------------------------------------------------------KAHANA BEACH RESORT: Oceanfront resort on MAUI. Prime floating
1 bedroom, 2 bath deeded units.
$6250+. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541
or [email protected]
---------------------------------------------------SANDS OF KAHANA: Oceanfront
resort on MAUI. Prime floating 1 and 3
bedroom deeded units. $3800+.
Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
--------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT MAUI OCEAN CLUB:
Oceanfront resort in Kaanapali on MAUI.
Prime floating 1 bedroom OCEANFRONT PLATINUM ANNUAL deeded
units. $20,000. Contact Tony: (714)8414541 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT KO O’LINA BEACH CLUB
Platinum 2/2 w/Lockout $23,900
Fixed Week 52 For XMAS in Hawaii
See us at www.htr4timeshare.com
Hotel Timeshare Resales 800/808-5651
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT MAUI OCEAN CLUB –
Lahaina and Napili Villas – 3 BDRM
Platinum 3/3 Steal at $47,900
Fixed Week 48 - OCEANFRONT
See us at www.htr4timeshare.com
Hotel Timeshare Resales 800/808-5651
------------------------------------------------------KAHANA FALLS-Maui, 2BR/2ba fixed wk
32 or 33. EOY Even, Ocean View.$1450,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTIN KAANAPALI Ocean Resort Villas,
Lahaina, Maui, $15,000, 360/656-6035
[email protected]
Page 44
Maui, $7500, Wk# 32, 1BR/1ba, 310/2288754 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KONA COAST RESORT, Kona, 1BR, 5
wks, Winter, $5500/wk. 907/322-1522
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TUITION SALE! PAHIO KE’O KAI- Kauai,
2BR/2ba. Huge lanai, golf/ocean views.
Float/EOY-Odd. Reserve ’11 now! $3600
OBO. [email protected] or 503/3714174
------------------------------------------------------LAWAI BEACH RESORT- Alli bld, Kauai,
2 wk/yr, incl 2011 maint fee pd, 2BR/2ba.
$8000 or both for $15,000. 541/350-6235
[email protected] or 541/350-6235
------------------------------------------------------MAUI SCHOONER- Maui ocean front,
air, 2BR/2ba, deeded, yrly float wk.
Sell 1 or 2 wks @ $5000 ea. Pd $28K for
2 wks. Bill: 408/253-4000 or
[email protected] (owner)
------------------------------------------------------OCEAN FRONT, 1BR/1BA, 820 sq ft villa.
Avail odd yrs. Next avail 2011. Newly remodeled. Asking $25,000 OBO. 818/6091611 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL ALOHA VAC CLUB- Waikiki area,
99 yrs annual float, 1BR/1ba, full kitchen.
$1850. [email protected]
Park City, KY. Deeded wk 14, 1BR, trades
for 2BR with RCI, minutes to Mammoth
Cave. $1200 obo. 386/451-7161
Wyndham points per year-only $2495! Licensed Broker. BBB A+ Rating. Our almost
famous 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee!
800-809-6020 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------FAIRFIELD NEW ORLEANS at Avenue
Plaza, New Orleans, $15,200, 707/4592365 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------AVENUE PLAZA- New Orleans, Garden
District, 2111 St Charles Ave, deeded,
1BR/1ba, slps 4, kit, float wk, $613 ann
maint. A Steal at $4400 + $715 closing.
[email protected] or 713/7292897
Next ad deadline: August 10
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in this issue or
visit: www.tstoday.com
We’re Always Open
Jul/Aug, 2010
No Developers, No Tours, No Pressure
Multi-Resort – Oceanfront To Bayside
Deeded-All Seasons
Studio to Two Bedrooms
Some weeks include up to 24 bonus
nights. Spring and Fall Red weeks
As low as $ 2996
Two bedroom Summer Red Weeks
As Low as $ 6495
Defender Realty 800-799-0798
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------OCEAN CITY:
$950.00 to $5900.00.
2 Bedroom, 2 bath
Ketch Real Estate Co, II, Inc.
Email: [email protected]
Web: octimeshare.com
VACATION VILLAGE in the Berkshires,
Hancock, $14500, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CAPE WINDS RESORT, Hyannis, wk 13,
2BR/2ba, $500, [email protected]
Cape Cod!
------------------------------------------------------CAPE COD HOLIDAY ESTATES, Mashpee, Wk 16, 2BR/2BA, $3950, [email protected] 703/264-7789
------------------------------------------------------HOLIDAY VACATION- W Yarmouth, wk
22, slps 4, kit. $4000. 508/765-5667 or
[email protected]
HARBOR COVE - Harbor Springs, MI.
2 bedroom 2 bath units. White & blue
weeks. Rock bottom prices. Beach,
two pools, (one indoor) near skiing &
casinos. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE INN AT ST IVES- Stanwood, MI
$7000, Week #35,1BR/1ba, slps 6.
[email protected]
Season, Annual usage- RCI. $430 maint
fee annual. 2BR/2ba, Slps 6-7. $6500
OBO. [email protected] or 913/7447529
------------------------------------------------------W E S T G AT E B R A N S O N W O O D S 2BR/2ba Lockoff, Float wks 1-52, 5 Star
II, Full Kitchen, Jacuzzi Tub, $3500 OBO,
[email protected]
TimeSharing Today
L/O Unit, Gold Wk E-Yr, Save 80%, Sacrifice, $2750. Den: 414/617-8800
------------------------------------------------------BRANSON SURREY Grand Crowne- Free
giveaway, 3BR/2-1/2ba, slps 12, MF pd ’10,
float, white, lock-out. 281/398-8255
------------------------------------------------------ESCAPES! TO Stonebridge Village,
Reeds Spring, W-42 Slps 8, yearly $4999,
425/228-0435 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------GRAND CROWNE RESORTS Branson,
Float, 3BR/5ba, $9500, 573/772-9106
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------GRAND REGENCY RESORT at Thousand
Hills, Branson, $6500, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PALACE VIEW- 3BR lockout, 3ba, floating wk, odd years, slps 10, $15,000 OBO.
Save 60-80% off Retail – Buy direct and
save thousands off worldwide timeshares. Great prices, great value and no
presentations! Over 500 properties in
stock every day. Inventory changes daily.
Call for today’s list or ask for our free
timeshare magazine – 1-800-676-6290.
------------------------------------------------------POLO TOWERS: On the Strip in Las
Vegas. ALLTowers 1,2,& 3 at the Polo
Towers. Prime floating and fixed, 1 and
2 bedroom deeded VILLAS and SUITES.
$2500+. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
---------------------------------------------------RIDGE TAHOE RESORT: Lake Tahoe.
Prime floating WINTER/SUMMER
deeded units in all buildings (Plaza,
Terrace, Cascade, Tower, & Naegle).
$2500+. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------1BR UNIT AT GRANDVIEW Resort Las
Vegas. Annual on wk 16. Just take over
balance owing. 253/265-0010
------------------------------------------------------SAVE 40 to 70% off Hilton Grand Vacation
Club units. I am an Accredited Buyers Representative and will be happy to represent
you in the purchase of a Hilton unit. No
Buyer’s fee. If you would like to be put on
my Best Buy list send an email to [email protected]
JudiKoz.com. You may call me at 1-800541-5666 ext 622 or my cell at 407-9210000. My website is www.JudiKoz.com.
Page 45
POLO TOWERS- VILLA: On the Vegas Strip. 2BR, slps 6 & deeded. Red
Wk. $4000. Alicia 401/413-8199 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------JOCKEY CLUB- 2BR/2ba, spa, on strip.
Week 3/10. $23,800. 818/458-9017 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM GRAND DESERT- Las
Vegas. 460,000 points, deeded property, free shuttle/easy walking to strip.
Contact Shiloe: 800/737-2324 ext 223
or email: [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TAHITI VILLAGE- LAS VEGAS strip,1BR
annual, can split for 2 wks yr, Bora bora
was $20K, now $4999. 414/617-8800
------------------------------------------------------POLO TOWERS-LLas Vegas-1 BR, wk #46
$500. 2BR/2ba, wk #39 $1000. 724/4836070 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HYAT HIGH SIERRA LODGE.
Platinum 2/2 $23,900. Fixed Week 26 Enjoy 4th of July in Lake Tahoe
See us at www.htr4timeshare.com
Hotel Timeshare Resales 800/808-5651
------------------------------------------------------JOCKEY CLUB ON STRIP- prime wk in
Sept, 1BR/1ba. $5000. 973/207-8779 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------DESERT OASIS. Las Vegas; so much
to offer! Have units to fit every need!
866.327.2707 or [email protected] will get the details you have
been looking for in a Vegas Retreat!
------------------------------------------------------TAHITI VILLAGE- LAS VEGAS- New.
on the strip. 2BR/2ba, slps 6,,float. Concierge, Lazy river, shuttle, restaurant
nearby. $15,900. [email protected]
or 858/278-3863
------------------------------------------------------JOCKEY CLUB- 2BR/2BA, $4000, slps 6,
wk 36, next to Bellagio on strip. 850/9397583 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CLIFFS AT PEACE CANYON, Las
Vegas. 1wk, 2BR, RCI 61,500 pts per yr,
73,600 available now. 785/286-2292
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------www.thelodgeatkc.com - Maintenance approx $114 quarterly. $1800 OBO. 909/5965008 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LAS VEGAS- POLO TOWERS. On the
strip! 2BR lock-off, deeded, 10th week.
Beautifully renovated 2009. $23,000 U.S.
OBO. 204/888-8867 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------POLO TOWERS- 2BR lockoff, on strip, wk
26, deeded. 2010 vac avail. $3000 OBO.
805/498-8362 or 573-8362
------------------------------------------------------PLANET HOLLYWOOD TOWERS by
Westgate, Las Vegas. 4/bedroom, $59,000,
ref. to myresortnetwork.com for more
details. [email protected] or
Jul/Aug, 2010
Westgate- Las Vegas, $28,500, 972/7575995 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TAHITI VILLAGE, Las Vegas, any week
every year. 1BR/1ba, $17,000, 406/2402864 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SKI HEAVENLY VALLEY, winter week,
2BR/2ba, 2blk from Lift & Lodge, $539 call
------------------------------------------------------WORLDMARK AT SPENCER STREET,
Las Vegas, 11,000 pts, $25500, 253/7375444 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------FAIRFIELD GRAND DESERT, Las Vegas,154,000 Annual Points. $15,000 OBO,
[email protected] 831/210-3908
------------------------------------------------------MONARCH GRAND Vacations Resort- Las
Vegas, Penthouse, 576 points, $9000.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LAKE TAHOE RIDGE SIERRA- float wk,
2BR/2ba, slps 6, washer/dryer, $1000, II
membership, 307/234-8568
------------------------------------------------------GRANDVIEW RESORT- Las Vegas, Wk
52, 2BR, annual. Asking $30,000 OBO.
[email protected] or 419/289-8143
------------------------------------------------------THE CARRIAGE HOUSE, an RCI Silver
Crown resort in Las Vegas, located
1 block off the “strip” has a limited
number of deeded weeks for sale starting
at $567. Price includes the 2010 week
and all closing costs. Contact Yvonne
Brown at 1-800-221-2301 ext. 101 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------RIDGE TAHOE NAGEL- 2BR unit. Annual
Prime Summer float, July 4th wk booked
for 2011. Priced to sell at $3500. 407/8975313 or [email protected]
Red Wk # 29, slps 4, $6750,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------POLLARD BROOK RESORT- Lincoln,
wk 6, 2BR/2ba, $6999, Great ski week.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------EASTERN SLOPE INN, North Conway, $14,000, [email protected]
Studio, marina view, floating week (travel
red), across the street from boardwalk,
pool, gym, game room, etc., 6 person max,
yearly maintenance $465.14, $4,999. Paul
Siegert [email protected] or (212)
TimeSharing Today
906, slps 4, ann flt wk. $11,500 OBO.
973/377-7929 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------FLAGSHIP RESORT- efficiency , slps
6. Asking $11,000. Contract is by yearly.
215/396-6741 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------BRIGANTINE INN, BeachFront, near Atlantic City; 1BR & kit., wk 35, Red; maint.
& taxes less $670/yr; best offer. Jack
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT FAIRWAY VILLAS at Seaview,
Gallaway Township, floating wk, 2BR/2ba,
$22,500, [email protected]
MANHATTAN CLUB NYC- Contract #237,
1BR/2ba, part kitchen, ideal location,
floating, annual use, steal at $7500. Bob
303/918-3344 or 303/298-1047
------------------------------------------------------THE MANHATTAN CLUB- New York,
$34,000, 1BR/2ba, Split 7 days into
3Weekends. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE MANHATTAN CLUB, New York, Full
Flex, 1BR/2ba, Slps 5, $9800, [email protected]
astui.com 540/324-4257
------------------------------------------------------VILLA ROMA in Catskill mountains- 2BR/2
ba, wk 24, All inclusive available. $2500.
John 917/207-4800
ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C. Oceanfront Resorts. Homeowners Association Closeouts and resales. Deeded weeks. Blue
start at $200.00, white start at $500, Red
start at $900. 1,2,3 BR.
Timeshare OutletDeanna Hull Realty. Rentals avail.
------------------------------------------------------OUTER BANKS, NC- All resorts and
homeowner assn resales. 1, 2, 3, & 4
BR condos. Deeded wks.
------------------------------------------------------CHETOLA- BLOWING ROCK NC- 2BR/
ba, Aug Wk, 32, Platinum RCI, Sacrifice$4999- Rare Find. DEN: 414/617-8800
Do you know other timeshare
owners? Tell them about
TimeSharing Today.
We value your support.
Page 46
deals on Association & developer weeks
in 4 Seasons At Beech, Beech Mountain.
Great natural, scenic area. Near Blue
Ridge Pkwy and other great attractions
[email protected] or call: 828/
NEWPORT: I rent out PRIME 1 and
2 bedroom units at the SCHOONER
LANDING RESORT overlooking the
ocean on a daily and/or weekly basis
for $150+ per day. Contact Tony for
details at (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
week, studio, bi-ennial. Best offer at fair
price. Great for exchanges. Casino close
by. Jim: 201/384-6062
------------------------------------------------------RIVER VILLAGE/SHAWNEE on Delaware- Wk 43, Peak Leaves, $2000 OBO.
------------------------------------------------------FAIRWAY VILLAGE- Shawnee on Delaware: wks 34 & 35, $400 for both OBO,
deeded, sold together slps 8, 2BR/2ba,
walk to golf rec area with i/o pool 5 min
away. 239/262-8022
1-16/44-51, 2BR/2ba, kit. $7000. 508/7655667 or [email protected]
Save 60-80% off Retail – Buy direct and
save thousands off worldwide timeshares. Great prices, great value and no
presentations! Over 500 properties in
stock every day. Inventory changes daily.
Call for today’s list or ask for our free
timeshare magazine – 1-800-676-6290.
------------------------------------------------------MYRTLE BEACH. Timeshare Foreclosures. No Developers, No Tours, No
Pressure. Multi Resorts. Oceanfront
to Golf Course. Deeded- All Seasons
-Studio to 3 BR. Some weeks include
20 bonus nights - Red Weeks As low
as $2195. Defender Realty
[email protected]
Jul/Aug, 2010
37, 2BR, golf/tennis pkg, Gold Crown,
bch 1 blk. Reduced to $6200. 715/3869672
------------------------------------------------------OCEANFRONT, 2BR/2ba, Deeded Wk 14,
New Renovated. $1500 + closing. 843/6023605 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CLUB REGENCY AT REGENCY TOWERS- Myrtle Bch Beautiful 2,3 BR condos,
deeded wks. From $500. HRA Realty
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S BARONY BCH- Hilton Head,
5-Star, 2BR/2ba, ocean-side, Bronze wk,
$5500. 419/841-7154 or 419/283-9932
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT- HILTON HEAD- Harbor Point.
2BR, 5* II, Red wks 44 or 45, rare find.
$2999 each. DEN 414/617-8800
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S BARONY BCH CLUB
Oceanfront Resort Hilton Head, Oceanview, 2BR/2ba (slps 8). Highly motivated
seller. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------2 TOP RATED SOLD OUT oceanfront
Grand Ocean Marriotts. Slps 8, gold
season, oceanview. $22,000 ea.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------NORTH MYRTLE BCH TIMESHARE2BR/2ba, slps 6, pool, beachfront. Owner
selling: Wk15- $1900; Wk45- $1500 or
$2900 for both. 864/646-8177. View at
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT SUNSET POINTE, Hilton
Head Island, $2900, 404/351-1731 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT SURF WATCH- Hilton Head
Island, 5-star Oceanfront Resort, Vacation
Club ownership, Gold season, 3BR/3ba,
garden view villa, slps 12. 2010 ocupancy,
$19.900- well below current Marriott price.
Motivated seller. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT- HILTON HEAD- Harbor Point2BR, red wk #34, $5000. 407/908-1125
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HHI South Carolina ISLAND LINKS. Tri Annual Ownership Available this year!!!
MOTIVATED SELLER NO reasonable offer
refused. E-Mail [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD 5-star ocean-front Marriott
SurfWatch. 3 pools(1 indoor), 3BD/3BA
slps 12. July 9-16 confirmed wk. Motivated.
540-230-4277, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT GRANDE OCEAN- Hilton Head, Ocean Front, Silver Season,
2BR/2ba, $8000, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD ISLAND Marriott Resort,
Direct Ocean Front, Vacation Ownership
Wks, Prime Season, 2BR/2ba. Motivated
Sellers. Ph:843/422-1672 Fax:610/7930859
TimeSharing Today
desirable red wk #23,1BR, ground floor
unit w/in 2 min walk to ocean beaches.
$2500 OBO. 401/529-2451
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD- Marriott Surf Watch & Marriott Baroney. Most Desirous Properties!
Get in at a fraction of the current listed
prices. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT MONARCH at Sea Pines Resort- Hilton Head Island, $8000, 978/4568367 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT BARONY BCH- O/F Resort,
2BR/2ba, slps 6, Silver. $10,000/unit.
[email protected] or 828/894-2017
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT HILTON HEAD ISLAND- 5-star
resort, 3BR/3ba, garden view, silver season, motivated seller, closing cost paid.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT SUNSET POINT- Hilton Head,
sport season, fltg wk, $2950+closing. 2BR.
[email protected] or 215/669-4591
------------------------------------------------------SOUTH BEACH RESORT, Myrtle Beach,
Summer, 2BR/2ba, $16,500, 336/258-2106
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LONGTIME MARRIOTT OWNERS
Highly motivated to sell 3 prime wks on
Hilton Head well below Marriott prices.
Barony Beach platinum oceanfront and
2 Surf Watch 3BR gold wks.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD MARRIOTT Barony Beach.
2BR/2ba, slps 8. Silver Wk. Motiv- ated,
must sell ASAP. Seller pays closing costs!
440/572-2931 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HHI ISLAND LINKS- Tri Annual Ownership, Available this year! Motivated
Seller. NO reasonable offer refused.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HILTON HEAD ISLAND. Marriott Resort.
Direct Ocean Front. Vacation Ownership
Wks. Prime Season 2BR/2 bath. Motivated
Sellers. Call: 843/422-1672; Fax:610/7930859
GATLINBURG- MOUNTAIN LOFT- Penthouse, 2 units, lockout, slps 8, Deeded
Red Wk 20. $2000. 513/779-3350 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MTN LOFT GATLINBURG- 1BR, deeded,
slps 4, wk 30, II dues pd to 2012, 2009
mf 268. $8000. [email protected] or
C:334/614-3332 H:334/297-4033
Page 47
Governor’s Crossing, Sevierville, $19,995,
2BR/2ba, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------OAKMONT RESORT, Pigeon Forge, 2BR,
6 persons. Nov 5-12. $2000, 859/4984549 or [email protected] .
------------------------------------------------------SUNRISE RIDGE RESORT, Pigeon Forge,
1BR with “float”. $3000, 864/682-7718.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CROWN PARK RESORT, Gatlinburg,TN,
54,000 points, odd year, $11,000 NEG,
[email protected] 225/636-0105
------------------------------------------------------HIAWATHA MANOR WEST at Lake Tansi,
Crossville, $5, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------GREAT SMOKEY MTNS- 5* Flex wk 11,
unit 714L, bld 67, deed, updated 11/09,
priced for fast sale, $1800 OBO. [email protected] or 928/776-7420
near San Antonio, Red wk 42, 2BR/2ba,
deeded, only $2500, 2010 fees pd, annual
use, seller pays closing. 972/562-7649
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------STD-ROYAL B&TC- San Padre, 19,600
pts, MF pd ap $3500. 734/421-1805 Bob
Dew [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SILVERLEAF’S HOLLY LAKE RANCH,
Big Sandy, $21,995, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------S PADRE ISL ROYAL BCH & Tennis- 3 mo
float, 1BR, deeded, $4800. 248/363-2031
or [email protected]
resales, fixed, deeded ownership.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PARK HOTEL … HOA resales - fixed,
deeded ownership. Call Jesse toll-free
800-365-1048 ext. 7662 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PARK REGENCY … Assn. resales deeded ownership. Call Jesse toll-free
800-365-1048 ext. 7662 or
[email protected] .
------------------------------------------------------WOLF CREEK VILLAGE- Eden, UT. Wk
49, beautiful area, great skiing, 1BR/4
Giveaway Price! $500 incl closing costs.
Must sell. 760/602-8453
Jul/Aug, 2010
MARRIOTT MOUNTAINSIDE, Park City2BR/2ba, hike in summer, ski in December. $4500 OBO. 309/241-3041 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT MOUNTAINSIDE
Platinum 2/2 w/Lockout $27,500
SKI Weeks 1-6, 8-15, 48-50
See us at www.htr4timeshare.com
Hotel Timeshare Resales 800/808-5651
26, 3BR/2ba, $17,500, 508/315-5434
[email protected]
WILLIAMSBURG PLANTATION- Jamestown Unit, slps 12, yellow wk 2, Tri-yearly.
$4000 NEG. 410/960-7669
------------------------------------------------------PRESIDENTIAL VILLAS @ Chancellorsville- 2BR, slps 6, $500. In the Heart of
Civil War History. Fun for the whole family.
Joe: 702/683-5997
------------------------------------------------------WILLIAMSBURG POWHATAN- biannual
Red Wk 23, 4BR/4ba Lockout (slps 12)
or use 2BR/2ba every yr. $775 + closing.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MASSANUTTEN- SVOA 3BR/3ba, lockout, occ 10, wk 9- ski, wk 24- sun, deeded,
$6000 ea, maint $590 per wk. 856/2356148 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------BEACH QUARTERS at the Clarion Resort,
Virginia Beach, $15,000, [email protected]
or 716/778-9308
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM OLD TOWN- 532,000 pts,
Check WyndhamResorts.com for details.
$5320(10%cost) today and $4000 OBO in
Oct. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT MANOR CLUB- Platinum
wk, 2BR/2ba, slps 7, special golf pkgs,
sold out resort, motivated sellers, substantially below list.$17,000
Dennis [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------POWHATTAN RESORT- Williamsburg.
Red wk 26, deeded C & D units- each
has 2BR/2ba, slps 12, lockout. Trades
as 2 wks. $6000. Maint fee due Jan.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ATRIUM RESORT, Virginia Bch, 2BR
lockout, wk 21, $3200, 540/898-8275 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT VILLAS AT FORD’S
COLONY in Williamsburg. Beautiful Resort, Plat Wk. Free golf when using your
wk. Reduced price to only $19,500.
[email protected]
TimeSharing Today
SHORES- Studio, floating. $300,
Deeded. 1BR, Blue wk, $300, Deeded.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WAPATO POINT. Lake Chelan. 4 Wks.
Waterfront Condo unit is a 1BR/2ba Split
Level. This throws off 132,500 RCI pts. Or
occupy & create pts. Gold Crown. $2500!
Owner 509/448- 9592 [email protected]
THE RUSHES. Gold Crown Resort. On
Kangaroo Lake. 1,000 ft of shore, plus
100 acre nature preserve. In the heart of
scenic Door County. Very limited number
of resale weeks available. Contact:
Tom Moeller, Starr Realty. 800/661-8555
Email: [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------EAGLE RIVER. Lake Forest Resort
& Club. Where woods & water meet!
Attractive prices, many amenities. II
Resort. Deeded fixed weeks. All 2 BR,
2 bath, sleeps 6. On 28 lake chain, rec.
area w/golf, fitness center w/pool, boat,
fish, hike, bike, snowmobile or X-C
ski. 4 forests nearby. Wi Travel Green
Certified, Call Marcy:
715/479-2455 x204 or
visit us at www.lakeforestresort.com
-----------------------------------------------------EAGLE RIVER, Lake Forest Resort on
chain of lakes, deeded wks 22,23, (2)
$1800-$3900. 309/820-8177
IN LAST ISSUE you read about it, now own
the beautiful Island Seas. 1BR,1ba, even
yrs, starts in 2010. $9500 OBO. 830/2146193 or 830/214-0149
-----------------------------------------------------CLUB LAND’OR- A Land’Or International Resort , Nassau, Bahamas, $100,
[email protected]
2BR/2ba, week 36,
[email protected]
Be sure to keep your contact information current and your
subscription active.
Page 48
MOUNTAINSIDE LODGE, Whistler B.C.1BR/2ba, E/O yr even yr, Floating Spr/Fall,
fireplace, jacuzzi. Asking $3000 & closing.
Contact Ellen at 207/453-7521
-----------------------------------------------------BANFF ROCKY MOUNTAIN RESORT,
Banff, Alberta, $3995,or rent $800. July
4wk. [email protected] 425/3699716
-----------------------------------------------------ELKHORN AT FALCON CREST, Canmore,
Alberta. $4000 (RCI points). [email protected]
hotmail.com 403/440-1634
-----------------------------------------------------CLUB INTRAWEST-WHISTLER, Whistler,
British Columbia, $17,850, mGreat deal!
[email protected] or 714/846-3542.
-----------------------------------------------------HARBOUR INN & RESORT CLUB- studio
units. Wk 4, $600 CND. Wk 23, $1500
CND. [email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------WHISKI JACK at Whistler Creek, Whistler,
British Columbia, $4000, 250/372-0972 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------RADIUM VALLEY VACATION RESORT,
Radium BC, Red Wk52, 3BR/2ba, $12,000,
[email protected] 250/392-4129
------------------------------------------------------RENAISSANCE ARUBA BCH RESORTWks 4,5,6,From 2011. Jerry 845/246-3227
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ARUBA DIVI DUTCH VILLAGE- Wk 11,
studio, non mandatory maint fees, full
excelaration, 18 wks left, new renovations,
ground floor. $4800. 631/298-4456
------------------------------------------------------OCCIDENTAL GRAND ARUBA- Jr Suite,
Red float wk, even yrs. $4900 NEG.
518/456-1149 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT ARUBA SURF CLUB- ocean
view, $12,500 includes lawyer & closing
costs, Gold Season 2010 maintenance
paid. [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------RENAISSANCE BEACH RESORT- Wk 6,
1BR, slps4. $5000. [email protected]
or 561/738-7943
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT SURF CLUB- $23,900. Wk
#14 (Plat Plus), 3BR/3ba. 443/722-3907
or [email protected]
Cayman Islands
------------------------------------------------------MORRITT’S TORTUGA CLUB. 1 BR
poolside unit for floating weeks 1-50. Only
$99! Licensed Broker. BBB A+ Rating. Our
almost famous 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee! 800-809-6020 or [email protected]
Jul/Aug, 2010
Cayman Islands
------------------------------------------------------RARE FIXED WK 52!! New Seaside building- solid concrete. Oceanfront. For a slice
of paradise contact [email protected]
for more information. Will consider rental.
------------------------------------------------------REEF RESORT- 2BR/2BA, slps 6, lock off,
ocean view, Wk 48 (often Thanksgiving wk)
$12,000. 631/656-8155
------------------------------------------------------7 MILE BEACH RESORT- 2BR/2ba, full
kit, pool, bch, exc, scuba diving, newly
renovated, 2 floating wks. Asking $15,000.
St. Maarten
------------------------------------------------------Save 60-80% off Retail – Buy direct and
save thousands off worldwide timeshares. Great prices, great value and no
presentations! Over 500 properties in
stock every day. Inventory changes daily.
Call for today’s list or ask for our free
timeshare magazine – 1-800-676-6290.
------------------------------------------------------PELICAN RESORT- WK 49, Red Wk, First
wk in December. 2BR w/ King size beds,
spectacular views, great location, Unit
D-10, Sat-Sat, slps 6. Must sell. $4000 a
steal. [email protected] or 203/2067305
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL PALM. 5 Star and Gold Crown
rated 2 bedroom oceanfront unit for super
prime weeks 8 and/or 9 at only $2495
each! Licensed Broker. BBB A+ Rating.
800-809-6020 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ST MAARTEN, WK 5/6, #7207, Flamingo,
view/pool/sea,Best Offer by 5/31. Req pics
fr [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE ATRIUM at Simpson Bay, WK 50,
1BR, ocean front corner unit, lovely views,
walk to food and casinos, $4700, 336/7658312
------------------------------------------------------ST MAARTEN, The Atrium, Simpons
Bay. 1BR corner unit, ocean front. Wk 50.
$4800. 336/765-8312
------------------------------------------------------OYSTER BAY BEACH RESORT- Studios
@ $10,800- low cost upgrades. 704/8466151 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PELICAN RESORT- Wk 51 (Xmas), B
Bldg, Unit B322, Great ocean views. $4300
or rent $825/wk. 352/408-6698
------------------------------------------------------DIVI LITTLE BAY-Wk 8, Unit 615, Feb. 1926, 2011. Bldg B6 near Seabreeze pool and
cafe, 1BR-slps 4,balcony w/ocean view,
totally refurbished, 2 flat-screen TVs, full
kit/bath, 24 wks, $8900. 203/288-2977 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------Subscribe - Place ads- Order
Resale/Rental Document kits at
TimeSharing Today
Virgin Islands
------------------------------------------------------BLUEBEARDS CASTLE- USVI, overlooking harbor where cruise ships dock. Studio,
slps 4, Wk 24, $1500. 919/291-1683 or
[email protected] or
THE OCEAN HIDEAWAY Resort and SpaBeachfront Hotel & 2BR units starting at
$1995 for 5 years/5 weeks INCLUDING
Maintenance! $99/wk offer for 2. See web
site:www.TheOceanHideaway.com Email:
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE OCEAN HIDEAWAY Resort and
Spa- 12BR/12.5 baths & Caretakers
houses, pool,Oceanfront, Tennis, Wi-Fi,
Furnished. Income!! $1,500,000. TheOceanHideaway.Com 954/993-5635
1BR/1ba, annual usage, wk 45. Kitchen,
pool, bch nearby. $3000. Usage starts
2011. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MAYAN PALACE ACAPULCO. 2BR/2ba.
Annual/red/float. All costs/RCI membership
included. $5995. 913/306-4055
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR FLAMINGOS.
1BR/2ba. Annual/winter/float. Transfer/
closing fees incl. $3995. 913/306-4055
Cabo San Lucas
------------------------------------------------------Save 60-80% off Retail – Buy direct and
save thousands off worldwide timeshares. Great prices, great value and no
presentations! Over 500 properties in
stock every day. Inventory changes daily.
Call for today’s list or ask for our free
timeshare magazine – 1-800-676-6290.
------------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO SUNSET BCH- Pres
unit, 2BR/2ba, kit, lr, slps 8. RCI Gold Cr
w/90+ yrs usage in even yrs. All units
ocean view. Original price $15,000, will
sell for $9000. Rod: 970/247-1579 or
[email protected]
Page 49
Cabo San Lucas
------------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO at Montecristo Estates,
Cabo San Lucas, $49,900, [email protected]
gmail.com, April wks annually to 2107
------------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO Rose Spa & Resort,
Cabo San Lucas, 20 yrs remain $6500,
[email protected] 951/453-0966
------------------------------------------------------Prime units at all PUEBLO BONITO
PALMAR and UVC/VILLA GROUP RESORTS. Studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom
prime floating & fixed units starting at
$500+. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
---------------------------------------------------I specialize in ALL PUEBLO BONITO
RESORTS in Cabo San Lucas. I have
an extensive inventory of Prime units/
weeks in all unit sizes with prices starting
at $1,700+. Contact Tony: (714)8414541 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SOLMAR BEACH CLUB RESORT, Cabo
San Lucas,1BR/2ba, $539, 360/391-1890
or [email protected]n.net
------------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO SUNSET BEACH
1BR, Red Week. 25 Yr. Jr 6 Yr. $2500.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------Save 60-80% off Retail – Buy direct and
save thousands off worldwide timeshares. Great prices, great value and no
presentations! Over 500 properties in
stock every day. Inventory changes daily.
Call for today’s list or ask for our free
timeshare magazine – 1-800-676-6290.
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL MAYAN- WK 14, usually Easter,
ocean/pool view, villa L743. $11,500.
Email: [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL ISLANDER- Wk 44, ocean
view, 2BR/2ba l/o, full residual 2023.
$7500 OBO. [email protected]
or 508/385-5011
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL SANDS, WEEK 26- Spacious
ocean-view lockout unit slps 6-8; incredible on/off-site amenities; Royal Sands
now selling this wk for $28,000; our price
$19,900. 973/464-4710
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL SUNSET- Annual float wk. All inclusive, 2BR/2ba, $2500 obo. 2010 maint
paid. [email protected] 309/234-5921
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL ISLANDER- WK 24. Ocean view,
#4372, 2BR/2ba, w/ lock-off. Full residual
rights. $9750. [email protected] or
Jul/Aug, 2010
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL CANCUN- Lagoon view, “C” unit,
2BR/2ba, slps 6. Wks 48 & 49. 27 years
left. Asking $12,000 for both. Email: [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL ISLANDER- wk 22, $7500. Ocean
view, 2br/2ba/lockoff. 845/338-5241 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL ISLANDER- Wk 18, #4713,
Beachfront, 1st Floor, Corner, $5000.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL CARIBBEAN- wks 38 & 39,
2BR/2ba, 5 star, sell $4995 ea, rent $895
ea. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MAYAN PALACE- Lovely villa, Golf.
$10,000. [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL SUNSET, 2+2 wks perptl ownrshp.
$95,000 OBO includes Adm Yacht Club,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------Save 60-80% off Retail – Buy direct and
save thousands off worldwide timeshares. Great prices, great value and no
presentations! Over 500 properties in
stock every day. Inventory changes daily.
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timeshare magazine – 1-800-676-6290.
Nuevo Mazatlan
------------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO RESORT at Emerald
Bay, Nuevo Mazatlan, Jr Suite, Bi Ann,
$4500, [email protected]
Nuevo Vallarta
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR FLAMINGOS:
Prime floating Studio, 1 and 2 bedroom
$1500+. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL HACIENDAS- Wks 1 thru 5, Biennial, All 5 wks in C313; $ 23,900 each, pkg
deal. [email protected] or 315/3632512
------------------------------------------------------PARADISE VILLAGE Beach ResortBeautiful ocean resort & spa. 12,480
pts annually, $633 maint, floating wks.
Pts can be used for several wks of studio or 3BR penthouse, II, 5 star, daily
maid. $12,000. [email protected] or
TimeSharing Today
Puerto Vallarta
------------------------------------------------------Save 60-80% off Retail – Buy direct and
save thousands off worldwide timeshares. Great prices, great value and no
presentations! Over 500 properties in
stock every day. Inventory changes daily.
Call for today’s list or ask for our free
timeshare magazine – 1-800-676-6290.
------------------------------------------------------HUGE 3BR/3BA OCEAN FRONT unit in
Buganvilias Resort. Two sided wraparound
deck. Marble baths, slps 8. 5 yrs left on
contract. Wk 17 fixed. $4000 US firm.
------------------------------------------------------LINDO MAR RESORT… Resales – We
Have Motivated Sellers! Perpetuity membership in Gold Crown® Resort. 1 &
2 bedrooms. All units ocean front. Call
Jesse toll-free 800-365-1048 ext. 7662 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WK 50, UNIT 06-306 AT LOS TULES. 9 yrs
left on the contract. It is on RCI so you can
look it up there. Magnificent and well kept
up. Numerous pools and a beautiful bch.
Near the airport. On bus line also. 3BR/4ba,
penthouse, 2nd & 3rd floor. $3500 plus current maint fee of $1100. Illness forces sale.
203/799-9328 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR: Prime floating
and fixed WINTER/SUMMER Studio,
1, & 2 bedroom units. $500+.
Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
Mexico-Multiple Locations
-----------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR- 3 locations,
1BR, floating wk, slps 4. $10,000.
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------GRAND MAYAN VACATION CLUB, various locations; $10,500, 209/386-754 or
[email protected]
CLUB MARBELLA- Wk 33, unit 14, Spain,
$9000, Red wk. [email protected] or
814/761-7091, 814/765-9008. 2BR/1.5ba
Thailand, $10,000,
[email protected]
+977-1-4428374 (Nepal)
Page 50
WorldMark Resales
Premier Reseller of WorldMarktheclub
Dozens of Contracts, Thousands of
Satisfied Clients
Timeshare Liquidation Service, LLC
------------------------------------------------------SAVE 40 to 70% off Hilton Grand Vacation
Club units. I am an Accredited Buyers Representative and will be happy to represent
you in the purchase of a Hilton unit. No
Buyer’s fee. If you would like to be put on
my Best Buy list send an email to [email protected]
JudiKoz.com. You may call me at 1-800541-5666 ext 622 or my cell at 407-9210000. My website is www.JudiKoz.com.
------------------------------------------------------$3999 BEST VALUE 175 annual pts + 419
bkd pts, VI Resorts, Priced to sell. Premier
multi-resorts, maint fees pd thru 2010.
------------------------------------------------------FOR SALE or RENT: Flexibility to travel
when and where you want. Our SVC
Points can make this happen.
details: 866/327-2707 or [email protected]
--------------------------------------------------INCREDIBALE DEAL! Visit www.starwoodvacationownership.com/villas_of_
cave_creek/welcome.jsp to see what
these deeds can offer the discerning
vacationer. Call 866/327-2707 or email
[email protected] for details. $1500 obo gives you the world now
and forever!
---------------------------------------------------DIAMOND VACATIONS: Looking for
flexibility and control? Our Diamond
points offer this and much more. Call
866/327-2707 or email us at [email protected]
byebyetimeshare.com for details. Your
vacation dreams just became realities!
--------------------------------------------------PERENNIALVACATION CLUBVacation Club. Mountains to the ocean; this
ownership offers it all. 3 bdrm, 3 ba unit
to use or bank and trade. Email sales@
byebyetimeshare.com or call 866/3272707 for details. $6500 obo.
------------------------------------------------------SHELL VACATIONS CLUB- West 3750
Pts/yr, fee simple title, orig $19,500, accept highest bid, main fees $1140/yr, 6800
pts available. Jerri: [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------UNUSED MARRIOTT WKS selloff by
owner II exchange 1000.00/week plus wk
51/52 in lauderdale/by/the/sea fla.$1400/
wk e-mail [email protected] call 1-800268-9235
------------------------------------------------------For Sale - Vacation International Points.
70 points for only $70.00. Contract till
2025. Contact: [email protected]
Jul/Aug, 2010
HAVASU: Prime 1 and 2 bedroom
suites. $100+ per day. Contact
Tony for details at (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LONDON BRIDGE RESORT, Lake Havasu, Labor Day Weekend 9/3-9/7. 2BR
Suite, View, Slps 8, $1200. Call Bob for details 760/447-9163 [email protected]
Club Aviara, Carlsbad. 1 BR Standalone
or 2 BR lockoff. Platinum or Gold Reservations available/requestable. 7 nights
Starting from $1495 - $3995 Contact
Viccie at TRIWEST 800/423-6377
------------------------------------------------------VILLAS ON THE GREENS at the Welk
Resort, Escondido. 1 BR or 2 BR. Rental
Inventory available/requestable Wks 1-52
Seven nights Starting from $699 - $1599
Contact TRIWEST at 800/423-6377
------------------------------------------------------HARBORTOWN POINT Marina Resort
and Club, Ventura. Mariner-Studio / Voyager-1BR / Islander-1BR lockoff. Prime
or High Reservations available/requestable. 7 nights Starting from $399 - $995.
Contact TRIWEST at 800/423-6377
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT DESERT SPRINGS VILLAS
I & II, Palm Desert, $1995, 310/415-0196
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT NEWPORT COAST VILLAS,
Newport Coast, $2200, [email protected]
com or 310/415-0196
-----------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT DESERT SPRINGS VILLAS I
& II, Palm Desert, $1500, [email protected]
aol.com or 312/833-1220
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM OCEANSIDE Pier Resort,
Oceanside, $1595, [email protected]
or 908/575-0444
------------------------------------------------------TAHOE BEACH & SKI CLUB, South Lake
Tahoe, $900, [email protected] or
530/672-8123. Wks 28,29,32,33.
------------------------------------------------------BEAUTIFUL San Francisco location
(www.powellplacesf.com) can be yours
9/24 to 10/1. I Bedroom Carnelian unit;
sleeps 4. $1300 obo. Call 866/3272707 or email [email protected]
com for details
TimeSharing Today
BIG BEAR LAKE: Prime 1 and 2 bedroom units at LAGONITA LODGE and
SNOW LAKE LODGE. $150+ per day.
Contact Tony for details at (714)8414541 or [email protected]
---------------------------------------------------LAGUNA BEACH: I rent out PRIME units
on a daily and/or weekly basis at LAGUNA SHORES RESORT for $150+ per
day. Contact Tony for details at (714)8414541 or [email protected]
---------------------------------------------------NEWPORT BEACH: I rent out PRIME
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath units on a daily and/
or weekly basis at MARRIOTT’S NEWPORT COAST RESORT for $200+ per
day. Contact Tony for details at (714)8414541 or [email protected]
---------------------------------------------------OCEANSIDE: I rent PRIME units on
a daily and/or weekly basis at BLUE
WHALE RESORT for $150+ per day.
Contact Tony for details at (714)8414541 or [email protected]reTony.com
--------------------------------------------------LAKE TAHOE: RIDGE TAHOE RESORT. I rent out Prime 1 and 2 bedroom
units in all buildings on a daily and/
or weekly basis for $100+. Contact
Tony: (714)841-4541 or [email protected]
--------------------------------------------------SAN FRANCISCO: INN AT THE OPERA
FISHERMAN’S WHARF. Prime 1 abd 2
bedroom uni’ts on a daily and/or weekly
basis at $150+ per day. Contact Tony
for details at (714)841-4541 or Email:
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT DESERT SPGS II- Wk 52,
12/24-12/31. Have desert Xmas.Slps 8.
951/734-0545. $1995. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------NOB HILL INN, San Francisco, $1200,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT NEWPORT Coast Villas, Newport Coast, $2200, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM HARBOUR LIGHTS, San
Diego, Floating wk, $1500 weekly. Email:
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------FOUR SEASONS Residence Club Aviara, North San Diego, Carlsbad, $2500,
972/393-4891 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------Keep up with important news.
TimeSharing is the trusted resource and
advocate for the owner.
What affects one owneraffects all owners.
Keep your subscription active!
Page 51
4BR unit in Gold Crown resort. June 1724, $1900/wk. D Turriff: 920/217-7524 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTIN RIVERFRONT Mountain Villas
(Beaver Creek)- Avon, $4995, wk 52,
2BR/2ba, (wk 51 avail) [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VA L D O R O M O U N TA I N L O D G E ,
Breckenridge,2BR/2ba, Ski Wk, $1500,
[email protected] 870/827-6635
------------------------------------------------------SHERATON’S MTN VISTA, Avon, Thanksgiving, Premium 1BR + Kitchen, $1700.
[email protected]
Atlantic Coast
------------------------------------------------------DEERFIELD BEACH. Emerald Seas. 1 BR,
ba, kit. Oceanfront resort, beautiful beach,
pool. Wk 51. $650. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT VILLAS DORAL- Miami,
Luxury, 2BR, golfer’s paradise, wks 31
& 32, $1100/wk OBO, sell $5000 OBO.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM OCEAN WALK, Daytona
Beach, $1095, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT BEACH PLACE, Fort Lauderdale, 2BR, $2400 or 1BR, $1600. [email protected] 616/350-5113
Gulf Coast
-----------------------------------------------------RESORT SIXTY-SIX- Holmes Beach,
Week # 13, 1BR/1ba, $1000, Email; [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SANIBEL BEACH CLUB- Sanibel Island,
Unit is on the Gulf. $1100, 812/480-3560.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SUNSET COVE RESORT & SUITES,
Marco Island, $2400, 419/734-3242 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SUNSET COVE RESORT & SUITES ,
Marco Island, Wk 18, 3BR/3ba $2500,
[email protected] or 301/865-0891
------------------------------------------------------VIA ROMA BEACH RESORT, Bradenton
Beach, wk 6, 1BR, $800, oceanfront, [email protected] 484/889-6772
------------------------------------------------------COCONUT MALLORY Resort and Marina,
Key West, $1350, 2BR/2ba, slps 8, [email protected] 703/731-4401
------------------------------------------------------THE GALLEON RESORT, Key West,
Week 33, 2BR/2ba, 6/4, $1950, Email:
[email protected]
Jul/Aug, 2010
Orlando Area
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT CYPRESS HARBOUR,
Orlando, $600,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SPECIAL RATE- 50% OFF Limited TimeNear Disney: $590 a wk (+ tax), M.D.
Services, Inc., 3BR/2ba (slps 8). 1-800949-2744 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------STAR ISLAND RESORT, Kissimmee, FL.
Starting at $595 1BR, Min. from Disney
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM BONNET CREEK RESORT,
Lake Buena Vista, $2500, 912/598-7367
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM BONNET CREEK RESORT,
Lake Buena Vista, $1095, 908/575-0444
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MYSTIC DUNES RESORT and Golf Club,
Kissimmee, $900, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------DISNEY’S BEACH CLUB VILLAS, Lake
Buena Vista, $2600, 347/435-1868 or
[email protected]
ALPINE CREST/Resort Club of Helen,
$800, [email protected] 678/6664301
Experience unspoiled Hawaii on the
beautiful West End of the Friendly Isle!
1 & 2 bedroom suites. Pool, Jacuzzi,
tennis, beach. 2010 & 2011 weeks
available. From $750/week.
Call: 800/490-9042
------------------------------------------------------LAWAI BEACH RESORT- Poipu, Kauai.
1 & 2 BR condos available for 2010 &
2011. Prices starting at $1000 per week.
------------------------------------------------------WAIKIKI, IMPERIAL HAWAII (see website)- 1BR/2ba, sl 6. 2 wks anytime 2010,
$1750. [email protected] 520/749-4793
------------------------------------------------------HONOLULU KUHIO Banyan Club- eff kit,
slps 4, $625/wk, 2 wks $1200, any wk
2010, bch, rest, city bus @ DR. 732/8499094
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM AT WAIKIKI Beach Walk, Honolulu, Oahu, $1595, [email protected]
net or 908/575-0444
TimeSharing Today
KAANAPALI BEACH Vacation Resort ,
Maui, $2399, [email protected] or
415/407-2091. Mahalo!
------------------------------------------------------WESTIN KAANAPALI Ocean Resort Villas
Lahaina, Maui,$3300 1BR. 2300 studio
Oceanfront. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------KAHANA BEACH VACATION CLUB: 1
bedroom, 2 bath, Oceanfront, corner,
end unit located directly on the Sandy,
Safe, Swimmable, Rock-Free Beach of
Kahana on Maui. $1500 weekly. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or [email protected]
---------------------------------------------------SANDS OF KAHANA: 1 and 3 bedroom units on the beach at this fine
oceanfront resort on Maui. $1,050+
weekly. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541
or [email protected]
---------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S MAUI OCEAN CLUB: 1
bedroom, 2 bath, OCEANFRONT suites.
$2,500+ weekly. Contact Tony: (714)8414541 or [email protected]
--------------------------------------------------MAUI RENTALS: PRIME units at
ISLE Resorts from $1050+ weekly.
Contact Tony for details at (714)8414541 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT KO OLINA BCH CLUB, Kapolei Oahu, 2BR/2ba, OV/pool view, $2500+.
[email protected] 949/357-9572
------------------------------------------------------WESTIN KAANAPALI Ocean Resort Villas
Lahaina, Maui, $4200, Call: 408/888-8601
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM KONA HAWAIIAN RESORT,
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, $1195, 908/575-0444
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTIN KAANAPALI Ocean Resort Villas North, Lahaina, Maui, $4900, Email
[email protected] 61-3-98246959
------------------------------------------------------MAUI’S KA’ANAPALI Beach Club- 1BR,
7 days, $1200, August 2010,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SANDS OF KAHANA, Maui, 3BR/2ba,
ocean view, Thanksgiving wk, $1950,
650/329-8980, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ONE NAPILI WAY. Maui. 3BR/2ba. 10/2/10
reserved. Other wks possibe. $1500/wk.
------------------------------------------------------KONA COAST II- 2BR, slps 6, 1 or 2
float wks Jan-April 2011. $1100/wk. Rich:
505/292-2058 or [email protected]
Page 52
Maui, Floating wk, $1200,
[email protected]
Two units, both 1BR, slps 4, with dock.
Wk 25 6/18/10-6/25/10- $895. Wk 29
7/16/10-7/23/10- $950. 626/304-9047
or 626/688-1005 (cell)
THE QUARTERS- Ocean City, $675,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM VACATION RESORTS at National Harbor, Fort Washington, MD. $895,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------COCONUT MALLORIE RESORT, Ocean
City, 09/03-9/10/10, slp4,1ba. $900,
843/379-5423 or [email protected],
CLUB AT CAPE COD. Wk 40-10/2-9/10.
1BR/ba, slps 4. Short stroll to beach. $750.
401/207-9915.Will sell.
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM BENTLEY BROOK, Hancock,
$1095, [email protected] 908/5750444
------------------------------------------------------PONDS @ FOXHOLLOW, Labor Day 9/39/10. 2BR, kit, LR. [email protected]
516-946-8532 rent/buy $975
HARBOR COVE – Harbor Springs. Rent
Wk 53, 12/31/10 to 01/07/11. Sleeps 6, 2
bath. Indoor pool & hot tub. Cross country
skiing on site. Near downhill skiing & casinos. $750 per wk. [email protected]
Glacier, MT, wk 25, 2BR/2ba, $1750,
[email protected] 815/675-2516
Vegas, 2BR/2ba, slps 8, $2700, 773/5504232 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------TAHITI VILLAGE RESORT, Las Vegas,
Floating wk, $1500,
[email protected]
Jul/Aug, 2010
POLO TOWERS. On The Strip in Las
Vegas. ALL Towers at the Polo Towers.
Prime 1 and 2 bedroom SUITES and
VILLAS. $100+ per day. Contact Tony:
( 714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
---------------------------------------------------LAKE TAHOE: RIDGE TAHOE
RESORT. I rent out Prime 1 and 2
bedroom units in all buildings on a
daily and/or weekly basis for $100+.
Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
City, $240, [email protected] or
Watch Beach Club. Great time of the year
Sept19 to 26, 2010. 1BR, slps 4. Big Discount on rental $1100 for week. 516/5419123 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THANKSGIVING WEEK 2010 at The Manhattan Club, New York! 7 nights: $1950.
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MANHATTAN CLUB, New York, Best time
of year! 12/26 - 12/30, $1200, 727/8713083 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THE MANHATTAN CLUB RESORT, New
York, $1400, Floating week,
annrodrig[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------THANKSGIVING WEEK 2010 at The Manhattan Club, New York! 7 nights: $1950.
[email protected]
2, & 3 BR condos. Oceanfront/oceanside. Duck to Hatteras. 252/441-2134.
------------------------------------------------------NORTH CAROLINA MOUNTAINS - Great
deals on Association & developer weeks
in 4 Seasons At Beech, Beech Mountain.
Great natural, scenic area. Near Blue
Ridge Pkwy and other great attractions
Ph: 828- 387-4211 or [email protected]
1 and 2 bedroom units at the SCHOONER LANDING RESORT overlooking
the ocean on a daily and/or weekly
basis for $150+ per day. Contact Tony
for details at (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
TimeSharing Today
Newport, 2BR dlx unit, slps 6, 12/19-12/26
$975. [email protected],
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM LONG WHARF RESORT,
Newport RI, Wk 33, 2BR/2ba, $1200,
[email protected] 732/741-4452
MYRTLE BEACH- Beautiful 2,3 BR condos. Oceanfront Disney prefer resort. From
$779wk. 800/965-3499
------------------------------------------------------FAIRFIELD SEAWATCH PLANTATION,
Myrtle Beach, $1295, 908/575-0444 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT BARONY BEACH CLUB, Hilton Head Island, $1295, 908/575-0444 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VACATION PROPERTY FOR RENT- Located on Hilton Head Island, Marriott’s Surf
Watch Resort. 3BR/3ba, slps 12, ocean
view, special golf, tennis packages. Gold
season. Substantially lower than Marriott’s rate. [email protected] or
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM OCEAN BOULEVARD- 2BR
deluxe unit w/ocean view, 7/2-7/9. Celebrate the 4th of July. $1500. [email protected]
com or 302/438-0042
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT OCEAN WATCH VILLAS,
Grande Dunes, Myrtle Beach, May15-22,
Awesome !$950, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------SHORE CREST VACATION VILLAS I,
North Myrtle Beach,SC, $1400, 731/2851874 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------OCEAN PALMS RESORT at Port Royal,
Hilton Head Island, $11,195, 908/575-0444
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT OCEAN WATCH VILLAS at
Grande Dunes, Myrtle Beach, 7/18-7/25,
$2100, [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CORAL RESORTS- 3BR, slps 8; 2BR,
slps 6, pool, golf, bch, activities, $1500$1800. Pick your wk based on availability.
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT OCEAN WATCH Villas at
Grande Dunes, Myrtle Beach, $1990,
[email protected] 502/3499182
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT’S SURFWATCH RESORT,
Hilton Head Island, 2BR/2ba, slps 8.
Thanksgiving Wk 47 Nov 20-27, 2010.
Substantially below normal rental rate.
[email protected]
Page 53 ****************************
40, 10/2-10/9, Villages, 3BR/2.5ba, $950,
slps 8. [email protected] or
T R E E TO PS RESORT- Gatlinburg,
2BR/2ba, slps 6, $600, 11/28 - 12/5.
434/846-5193 or [email protected]
Place, $1175, 2BR lockout, 703/314-7816
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA,
Alexandria VA, Starting at $1295, seasons
vary. [email protected],
------------------------------------------------------WILLIAMSBURG PLANTATION, Williamsburg, $2200, [email protected],
410/997-0887, cell 210/632-3763
JACKSON HOLE TOWNCENTER- Wk 2833, Grand Teton/Yellowstone area. Owner:
248/549-6032 or 248/376-3849
Island, Bahamas, 3BR, $7500, 260/3730700 or [email protected]
WORLDMARK CANMORE-BANFF, Canmore, Alberta, $1295, 908/575-0444 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT ARUBA SURF CLUB- $1500,
[email protected], 5 Star 1BR/1ba,
Memorial Day Weekend
------------------------------------------------------LA CABANA BCH & RACQUET CLUB2BR/2ba, bch view, kit-dn rms, 345E,
$1200, wk 42, 10-26. Ann 816/452-4409
------------------------------------------------------MARRIOTT ARUBA SURF CLUB, $1500,
5 Star, 1BR/1ba, Memorial Day Weekend.
[email protected],
Cayman Islands
------------------------------------------------------GRAND CAYMAN- 4/9/11 thru 4/30/11,
2BR/2ba condo, 7 Mile Beach Resort (nex
to Marriott)- $1200/wk or $3000 all three.
Minutes from downtown Georgetown.
Jul/Aug, 2010
Cayman Islands
------------------------------------------------------7 MILE BEACH RESORT, $1200,
[email protected]
St. Maarten
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL PALM- 2BR/2BA, WKS 48, 49, Flr
4, slps 6, wks flexible. $1600/each. Email:
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ROYAL PALM, Sint Maarten, Penthouse,
2BR/2ba, Wi-Fi, $1500 & up. 631/584-3484
or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------ST MAARTEN ROYAL ISLANDER- wks
3,5,8. $1400/wk. 1BR, full kitchen. 860/4649984 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------BEACH CLUB, $900,
[email protected]
Virgin Islands
------------------------------------------------------WESTIN ST JOHN Resort Villas, 3BR/3ba,
pool villa, 05/14-05/21/2011. $3500,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WYNDHAM ELYSIAN BCH RESORT,
St. Thomas, $795, Call:908/575-0444 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------WESTIN RESORT-St John, USVI,
2BR/3ba, slps 6, Hillside Villa, 2/21-2/27/11
and 3/5-3/21/11. Call:860/985-9364 or
[email protected]
MEXICO - Cabo San Lucas
Prime units at all PUEBLO BONITO
RESORTS. Studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units are all available. $700+
weekly. Contact Tony: (714)841-4541
or [email protected]
---------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO RESORTS: PRIME
suites at ALL Pueblo Bonito Resorts
from $875+ weekly. Contact
Tony: (714)841-4541 or [email protected]
---------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL ARCO RESORT: PRIME
suites from $875+ weekly. Contact
Tony: (714)841-4541 or at
[email protected]
--------------------------------------------------PLAYA GRANDE RESORT: 1 Bedroom, 2 Bath Master Suite available
for $1,400/week. Contact
Tony at (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
--------------------------------------------------CASA DORADA AT MEDANO BEACH:
1 Bedroom, 1 Bath available from
6/18/10 to 6/25/10 for $1,050/week.
Contact Tony at (714)841-4541 or at
[email protected]
TimeSharing Today
Cabo San Lucas
------------------------------------------------------HACIENDA DEL MAR RESORT- wk
avail thru yr end. $770 Gold Crown, golf.
952/953-0286 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL ARCO,2BR, full kitchen,11/26-12/04. $1500, 509/662-2027 or
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO RESORT Los Cabos,
Luxury 1 BR, 1/24/11-1/31/11 only. $1000,
509/662-2027 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HACIENDA DEL MAR RESORT, Cabo San
Lucas, $5000, 3BR/3ba, week 7, Email:
[email protected] 603/352-1330
------------------------------------------------------CABO VILLAS BEACH RESORT, Cabo
San Lucas, $700 ,1BR, 4 pers, 705/2687556 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------CABO VILLAS BEACH RESORT, Cabo
San Lucas, $1645, [email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO Montecristo Estates3000 sq ft house, 3MB/4ba, slps 8, hot
tub, pool, 9 days, Thanksgiving wk, ocean
views. [email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------ROYAL SANDS, CANCUN, WK 48,
Luxury 2BR corner unit, overlooking
Caribbean Sea. $1400 OBO,
sell $18,000 OBO. 416/201-9208
[email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------ROYAL SANDS- WK 3, D5910, slps 6, ph/
ov/pv, maid daily. $1800. Irene: 630/9649064 or [email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------THE WESTIN LAGUNAMAR OCEAN
RESORT-Wk 48, 11/27-12/4/10. Lg, exclusive 2BR lockoff villa; slps 8; ocean,
pool views. $2100. [email protected]
or Sheri 414/906-1144
-----------------------------------------------------TEMPTATION RESORT SPA, Cancun, 8
Wks All Year, Studio, $300, 301/249-4141
or [email protected]
-----------------------------------------------------TEMPTATION RESORT SPA, Cancun,
+ 7 other Resorts, Floating weeks, $500,
[email protected] 705/429-3761
------------------------------------------------------MAYAN PALACE- Large 2BR/2ba, slps 6,
Thanksgiving Wk Nov 20-27. $400 OBO.
[email protected] or 952/9378645
------------------------------------------------------PUEBLO BONITO RESORT, Mazatlan,
$645, [email protected] or 480/8303886
Page 54 ****************************
------------------------------------------------------EL MORO TOWER el Cid at Mazatlan,
Mazatlan, $795, [email protected]
Nuevo Vallarta
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR FLAMINGOS:
Prime floating 1 & 2 BR, WINTER &
SUMMER. $875+ weekly.
Contact Tony: (714)841-4541 or
[email protected]
Puerto Vallarta
------------------------------------------------------LAS PALMAS BY THE SEA- 1BR/2ba, on
beach, will rent to cover maint fees. $795.
510/658-9530 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LAS PALMAS BY THE SEA- 1BR/2ba, on
beach, will rent to cover maint fees. $795.
510/658-9530 [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR: Prime Oceanfront
Resort. $700+ weekly. Tony: (714)8414541 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------LOS TULES- 3BR/3BA, slps 6 comfortably.
2nd story- overlooks bch, pool, restaurant.
Lg unit, wks 45 & 46, $900/wk. 805/5282793 or [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------BAHIA DEL SOL Bch Resort- fully equipped
studio, slps 4, bch-front, near Paradise
Village, golf, access to downtown. Wk of
Nov27 and/or wk of Dec4, $400/wk. [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------VILLA DEL PALMAR Bch Resort, bus/
walk to downtown. 1BR fully equipped,
slps 6, bch, spa, pools, gym, grocery,
laundry, etc. 1 wk from Jan 8 for only
$600. [email protected]
Riviera Maya
-----------------------------------------------------MAYAN PALACE RIVIERA MAYA, or sister
resorts in Mexico; $1000, [email protected]
com 719/390-6729 (owner)
------------------------------------------------------MAYAN PALACE
Riviera Maya, $950,
[email protected]
------------------------------------------------------HACIENDA TRES RIOS, Riviera Maya,
haciendatresrios.com/ $1000, [email protected]
teewayne.com 919/362-5020
------------------------------------------------------MAYAN PALACE, Riviera Maya, $1000,
[email protected]
Multiple Locations-Mexico
------------------------------------------------------MAYAN PALACE (Mexico)- multiple locations, 2 wks avail, $950/wk, 505/881-2861
or [email protected]
Jul/Aug, 2010
TAHITI, MOOREA- Bayview suite at Club
Bali Hai, 7 nights for $1500. 808/6350377
Any location. $700/wk + fees. Contact
[email protected] for details.
WANT TO BUY: Water’s Edge Resort,
Westbrook, CT. Spring or Fall week. Prefer
slp 6. email [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------PERM TRADE/FIXED WK 42 Sanibel
Bch Clb 1st fl, 2BR/2ba, on bch for like @
Hilton Head. [email protected] or
No Up Front Fees
SINCE 1991
------------------------------------------------------NEED A CLOSING AGENT?
Prominent Florida attorney
with over 20 years experience.
Call the office of Jeffrey C. Sweet & ask
for Mekissa or Lori for more info on
transferring title on your Florida property.
Call 386/677-3431 Fax: 386/677-8284
Email: [email protected]
------------------------------------------------------Trying to sell your timeshare? We can
866/327-2707 or email us at [email protected]
byebyetimeshare.com. Visit our website
at www.byebyetimeshare.com. You will
be glad you did!
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next vacation? Look no further, BYEBYE
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TimeSharing Today Suite 114, 140 County Rd., Tenafly, NJ 07670
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If the # above your name on the label is 112,
you need to renew your subscription now.
Renew at www.tstoday.com or
Clip and Mail this EZ Renewal coupon with
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12 issues for $29 (US$33 outside U.S.)
24 issues for $47 (US$53 outside U.S.)
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Working for you, one exchange at a time
Because one size
doesn’t fit all
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Complete Online Access 24/7
Domestic exchanges for only $125.00
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