Literature Searching for Researchers
Literature Searching for Researchers
Learning and Information Services
 An introduction to literature searching
 Some useful information
 You have a go at constructing a comprehensive
search strategy for your topic - plenty of time for
 Where to get further help
Your learning centre experience
 Have you had an induction with a librarian?
 Have you seen your subject librarian individually?
 What do you want to learn today?
Researcher Subject Guide
 Library Gateway
 More options and services
 Help for researchers
Tips for searching a database
 Include alternative words and abbreviations and
join them together with OR
 Asterisk * acts as truncation, so dent* pulls up
dentist and dentists and dental
 Phrase searching sometimes requires "speech
marks". Depends on the database used.
Using a controlled vocabulary
 Referred to as Thesaurus terms
 Searched in addition to the article title and abstract
 Can often be discovered when browsing search
results or sometimes searched for directly.
 Available in some databases only, for example
PubMed but not Web of Science. Not used in
databases in all subject areas.
My topic
 Student satisfaction ratings for online courses
online course*
AND student satisfaction
AND university
Think or other ways of expressing these concepts.
Look for clues in your results.
I'm going to search for articles in Scopus.
Use alternate terms
Adding alternate terms to the search retrieves
more articles.
Screen image of search
"Or" means I don't mind which term my articles contain
"And" means my articles must contain a word from each row
Keeping up to date
 Databases search alerts will let you know when
a new article is published in your topic area.
 Set up journal contents page alerts on the
journal home page.
 RSS feeds or Twitter to keep up to date with
professional bodies, associations, funding
Activity: exploring databases
20 minutes
 Search for information on your topic
 Record your search:
your search terms
synonyms and alternate words
how you limited your search (eg date, language)
Tip: use the SHU Links button to see whether
SHU subscribes to the article. NB. if not in stock
order through the Document Supply Service.
SHU Harvard Referencing
Definitive referencing guide on the Library
Reference Management
• We've shown you how to find articles
• Now you need to manage them!
• Come along to our Reference Management
Help is available on the Library Gateway - see
the RefWorks tab in "Help on Referencing".
Sources of help
 Your LIS subject adviser (staff can click here for names,
otherwise please contact us)
[email protected]
0114 225 3333
The researcher's guide:
The subject guide for your subject
Visit the learning centre Helpdesk
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