Panasonic JS-925 Lite-ray Quick start guide

Panasonic JS-925 Lite-ray Quick start guide
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The POS Workstation
With Added Value
A Smart Choice For Your Business
Lite-ray was engineered with the expertise of
more than 30 years of POS industry experience
built on over a million installed Panasonic
POS workstations around the globe. It’s
the perfect balance of performance and
cost-efficiency with all the features you
need, for virtually any application. Like all of Panasonic’s business
solutions, Lite-ray was designed to create value and optimize your
return on investment.
Sturdy Construction For Tough Environments
Lite-ray’s design was based on Stingray, Panasonic’s industry-leading POS workstation.
Purpose-built with a fanless design featuring fewer moving parts, Lite-ray is durable and
reliable even in severe environments. It can withstand spills, static, dust, dirt, shock,
grease, extreme temperatures and humidity. Plus Lite-ray’s outstanding feature set and
available options make it a smart, sensible choice for POS applications.
Designed For Value And Efficiency
Lite-ray brings much of the functionality of higher-priced systems within reach,
even for small businesses. For example, its resistive touch panel is usable even
when gloves are worn.
To make it even easier for you to get up and running with your new system,
Lite-ray is widely available and can run virtually any software application.
Save even more with Lite-ray’s ultra low power consumption – part of
Panasonic’s Eco Ideas initiative to reduce power consumption and CO2
emissions through the design and manufacture of energy-efficient
products. Lite-ray has earned the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency’s prestigious ENERGY STAR qualification, designating
products that save money and protect the environment.
Open Platform Provides Versatility
With an open platform, Lite-ray runs virtually any software from any
industry. Its Intel® Atom™ Processor is purpose-built and poweroptimized to deliver more robust performance per watt. Lite-ray
supports MS Windows including both standard and embedded
platforms along with Linux.
A Wide Array Of Useful Features
Lite-ray also expands boundaries with its compact size and
all-in-one design, eliminating clutter, saving counter space
and providing an optimal appearance for installations
from restaurants to retail establishments. Plus these great
features and options:
• Rear Point-of-Purchase display (POP) saves counter
space and enables suggestive selling to help increase
• Storage options to support any POS configuration
include either one or two 2.5” HDD or Solid State Disks
(SSD) or a combination of both
• Dual backlight high resolution/high contrast 15”
antiglare LCD allows faster, more accurate order taking
• Adjustable LCD reduces glare to allow faster, more
accurate order taking in various lighting conditions
including sunlight, overhead light, etc.
• Second LCD port for 15” rear display option enables
graphical suggestive selling and order confirmation
• Optional rear-facing 2-line vacuum fluorescent display
confirms orders, improving order accuracy
• Optional integrated magnetic card reader (credit card
swipe) is mountable in two different positions to save
counter space
• Optional second HDD with RAID 0, 1 support provides
data protection and backup
• Optional internal uninterrupted power supply ensures
smooth system shutdown and recovery in the event of
sudden power loss
• Optional security features include fingerprint
reader/biometric for operator ID verification
• Compatible with ComputracePlus® software for asset
tracking and theft recovery
Lite-ray POS workstation users who wish to engage the ComputracePlus
functionality need only contact Absolute Software to purchase a copy of the
ComputracePlus software as well as pay a periodic monitoring fee.
Extreme Functionality Made Affordable.
Lite-ray delivers all the performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from Panasonic.
Plus it features an open platform that provides the flexibility to accommodate virtually any POS
software application from virtually any industry. Its compact size and all-in-one design deliver
an array of functionality usually only found in higher priced systems.
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