Panasonic KV-S2028C Specification

Panasonic KV-S2028C Specification
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¢ Reliable Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection
o Full Color Duplex Scanning
¢ High Durability and Reliable Paper Handling
* Advanced Image Enhancement Technology
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¢ Reliable Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection
The KV-S2028C’s double-feed prevention roller employs an ultrasonic sensor that
detects the double feeding of originals during
scanning. This innovative design prevents
double feeding, and has been proven effective
even when the documents being scanned
contain a mix of paper of different weights or
thickness. Thanks to double-feed prevention,
optimum reliability is assured even when
scanning high-volume documents.
Ultrasonic Sensor
Scanning Area
* High Durability and Reliable 596 Handling
Despite a compact desktop design, the
KV-S2028C features a rugged, high durability ¡— —
design and reliable paper handling. With a
3-million page scanning capability that’s at the
top of its class, this versatile high-speed scanner — о
provides the extra performance required for
heavy scanning demands, easily handling a wide -
range of paper weights from 13.3 lbs. to 33.9
los. (60 to 127 g/m”).
Versatile applications
Automatic Binary / Color Distinction Blank Page Removal
Thanks to Auto Color/Monochrome Blank pages are automatically deleted
Distinction, you can mix color and during scanning to keep the scanned file
monochrome (B/W) originals at the same size to a minimum. This allows you to scan
time for greater efficiency and reduced a batch of documents that include blank
data storage. pages without the need to eliminate them
during a pre-sorting process.
Image data
Image data
Auto Color Cropping / De-Skew
Documents of various sizes can be
scanned without individual paper size
settings. Auto Color Cropping crops the
scanned image ==
Dynamic Threshold
With the Dynamic Threshold function, the
background density is automatically detected
section by section and the scan setting
(brightness control) is automatically adjusted
to its actual = ` ини dès for clearer results as well as OCR accuracy.
size while Auto ET
skewing. Li
Hole Removal Documents _|
The Hole Removal function automatically —
eliminates punch hole marks from the
scanned images. You don't have to cover
them up with tape beforehand.
Panasonic Communications Company of North America
One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094
With duplex color scanning capability and high-reliability paper
handling, the Panasonic KV-S2028C brings true efficiency to
your document management.
KV-S2028C Specifications
Scanning Method
CIS (Contact-type color image sensor) Front and back sides
Black background (Black sensor roller)
Scanning Speed*’ Binary 200 dpi Simplex 23 ppm
(Letter, Portrait) Duplex 42 ipm
Color 150 dpi Simplex 10 ppm
Duplex 18 ipm
Resolution 100 - 600 dpi (10 dpi step)
Optical 600 dpi (Main and Sub scanning direction)
Output Binary mode, Gray Scale mode (4/8 bit), 24 bit color
Image Control Image Emphasis 5 steps (Smooth, None, Low, Medium, High), Error Diffusion,
Dynamic Threshold, Noise Reduction, Moire Reduction, Color Matching, De-skew,
Blank Page Removal, Automatic Binary / Color Distinction, Hole Removal
Patch Code Detection (Kodak-2, Kodak-3, Kodak-T by image filter of ISIS
driver) Separation Sheet Detection, Barcode Detection (by image filter of ISIS
driver), Length Control
Documents*? Feeding size 2.0" x 2.8" (50.8 x 70 mm) to 8.5" x 25" (216 x 635 mm)
Other Functions
Weight Single paper feeding: 10.7 to 33.9 Ibs. (40 to 127 g/m?)
Continuous paper feeding: 13.3 to 33.9 Ibs. (50 to 127 g/m?)
Note: 1 Ib=3.75 g/m”
Thickness Single paper feeding: 2.0 to 5.9 mils (0.05 to 0.15 mm)
Continuous paper feeding: 2.36 to 5.9 mils (0.06 to 0.15 mm)
Note: 1 mil=1/1000 in.
Ultrasonic double-feed detection
USB 2.0
100 sheets: 20 Ibs. (75 g/m?)
120 sheets: 17 lbs. (64 g/m?)
13.5" x 19.2" x 10.6" (343 x 487 x 269 mm) when tray is extended
13.5" x 11.7" x 9.4" (343 x 296 x 239 mm) when tray is stored
19.0 lbs. (8.6 kg)
AC 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz
Scanning 37 W
Standby Mode 13 W
Sleep Mode 3.5W
Temperature: 59°F - 86°F (15°C - 30°C)
Humidity: 30% - 80% RH (No dewdrop)
Temperature: 32°F - 95°F (0°C - 35°C)
Humidity: 10% - 80% RH (No dewdrop)
Automatic Detection
Feed Tray Capacity
External Dimensions**
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
Operating Environment
Storage Environment
Accessories Power Cord, Roller Cleaning Paper (3 pieces), CD-ROM: (Device Driver, RTIV
Capture Software, ISIS Driver Software, TWAIN Driver Software, User Utility, Quick
Scan Pro (DEMO), PIE Manual, RTIV Manual, Warranty Card, Operating Instructions
Manual, User Utility Manual), Shading Paper, USB Cable, Installation Guide
Consumables / Options KV-SS023: White Roller Kit
KV-SS024: Roller Exchange Kit (with Black sensor roller)
KV-SS025: Roller Exchange Kit (with White sensor roller)
KV-SS03: Roller Cleaning Paper
*1 The scanning speed depends on the test environment. The Scanning speeds may differ depending on the
host computer, operating environment, or application.
*2 “Weight in pounds” of paper represents the weight of 500 sheets (17 x 22 inches/432 x 559 mm).
*3 Dimensions and weight are approximate.
certification marks are registered US marks.
RTIVTM is a trademark of Matsushita
Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
MultiStream™, ISIS® and ISIS-Certified™
are trademarks of Pixel Translations, a
division of EMC Corporation.
All other brand or product names are the
property of their respective holders.
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Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
As an ENERGYSTAR® partner, Panasonic has determined that this
ENEE product meets the ENERGYSTAR? guidelines for energy efficiency.
KV-S2028C SS-06/07
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