Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1 Catalogue

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1 Catalogue
Toughpad FZ-A1 accessories, software and services
make it the go-anywhere, do-anything tablet.
Toughpad FZ-A1
Panasonic and its partners design a wide assortment
of accessories, peripherals, software and world-class
services for data capture, connectivity and transport,
including readers, printers, adapters and docks for the
Toughpad™ FZ-A1. Tested and certified by Panasonic, they
allow you to expand and enhance Toughpad capabilities
across a broad spectrum of enterprise and government
solutions. From barcode and smartcard readers, to mobile
printers and docking stations, no tablet offers all the
rugged and flawless performance capabilities that enable
Android™-powered tablet with hardware encryption and
embedded enterprise-grade security and management
10.1" daylight-readable multi touch + digitizer
MIL-STD-810G, 4-foot drop and all weather IP65 dust
and water resistant design
Dedicated GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and optional 4G LTE
MircoSD card slot; Micro-USB and Micro HDMI ports
Wi-Fi hotspot router support
FIPS140-2 (Level 2) compliant for impenetrable
3-year warranty with business-class support
you take Toughpad anywhere you need to go.
Barcode Scanning and MSR Attachments
Secure attachment maintains the tablet’s rugged design and
ingress protection
Reads all ISO-standard barcode symbologies
Compatible with Toughmate® X-Strap and Havis docking
Ideal for POS/retail, field services, healthcare and public safety
Also available with a PCI 2x-complaint magnetic stripe reader
Three-track card reader (for ISO and AAMVA cards) for
credit cards, driver’s licenses and loyalty cards
Supports triple DES encryption and DUKPT key
2D barcode reader attachment with magnetic
stripe reader for FZ-A1
Vehicle and Cradle Solutions by Havis
Industrial-grade construction for rugged environments
Tilt-swivel device easily changes from portrait to landscape
Supports charging and connection to peripherals
Built with theft deterrence, longevity and stability in mind
Securely mounts on carts, walls, desktops and vehicles
Cradle with (2) USB, (1) Ethernet,
(1) Power Port
Cradle with (2) USB, (1) Ethernet,
(1) power port, (1) AC adapter
Cradle only — No charging or communication
Desktop stand
Productivity and Protection Solutions by Infocase
Toughmate cases are ideal for workers in the field
FZ-A1 X-Strap offers sturdy, ergonomic tablet grip
Hand and shoulder straps keep cases secure
Cases also fold to easel position for easy tablet display
FZ-A1 X-Strap compatible with select vehicle docking
Toughmate A1 X-Strap and shoulder strap
Toughmate A1 X-Strap and shoulder strap
(FZ-A1-BCR/MSR and FZ-A1-BCR compatible)
Toughmate A1 rotating hand strap with
shoulder strap
Toughmate always-on case with easel
position (ballisticnylon)
Toughmate A1 professional portfolio
Toughmate A1 neoprene sleeve
Toughmate MSR pouch for MagTek Bullet
Power Solutions by LIND
Rugged mobile adapter with highest degree of circuit
Robust design enables use in harsh mobile environments
Rugged aluminum case protects against shock and vibration
Timer protects your vehicle’s battery from over discharge
Timer protects equipment from low-voltage and
high-voltage damage
Smaller, more compact package for installation in tight areas
LIND car charger
LIND low-profile shut-down timer
Rugged Mobile Printers by Zebra
Rugged/lightweight receipt and mobile thermal printers
LCD for reading battery/network status
Ideal for law enforcement (e-citation), delivery of goods,
field services
Vehicle cradles for convenient, on-the-road operation
Quick and easy in-the-field payment processing
IP54-rated for harsh environments
Zebra 4" rugged printer RW 420 with mag
stripe reader. Additional Bluetooth® option
Zebra 4" rugged printer RW 420
with mag stripe reader. Includes a belt clip.
Additional Bluetooth® option recommended
ADP Dealer
Field Service
ADP Dealer Services provides integrated technology solutions to about
25,000 auto, truck, motorcycle, marine, recreational vehicle and heavy
equipment dealers throughout North America, Europe, the Middle
East, Africa, Asia Pacific and South America. It is represented in nearly
100 countries worldwide. ADP makes it easy for dealers to achieve
measurable results and drive additional profit in every area of the
operation with innovative solutions to tackle the toughest challenges. Its
integrated products and solutions provide accurate, real-time information
to make faster, better decisions for a dealership. Its products and
services enable you focus on finding and keeping customers for life.
ADP helps eliminate manual processes and streamline business so
you can drive more profit to your bottom line.
Network Optimization
Circadence® has reinvented what is possible with WAN optimization,
business continuity and mobile accessibility for devices like the Panasonic
Toughpad. Thousands of Circadence customers in global businesses,
government agencies, and small- to medium-sized companies rely on
Circadence’s patented optimization technology to maximize performance
and reliability between locations every day. Independent tests prove that
the Circadence proprietary optimization platform is up to 50 times faster in
congested networks and provides patented application persistence for all
connections, including Wi-Fi, cellular and wired Internet.
Mobile Device Management
AirWatch provides a mobile security, device, application and content
management solution designed to simplify mobility. AirWatch’s highly
scalable, web-based solution provides a single, integrated, real-time
view of an entire fleet of devices. With AirWatch, IT can automate the
management and tracking of Toughpad™ tablets and other mobile
devices and reduce the cost and effort of device deployments.
CITRIX - XenClient
Virtual Services
Citrix offers a complete mobile solution with mobile device, application
and data management in a single, enterprise mobility product line
with Citrix CloudGateway,™ [email protected]™ and, most recently, with
the acquisition of Zenprise, a mobile device management solution.
CloudGateway offers a single control point to manage and securely
deliver native mobile apps, as well as Windows, Web and SaaS apps,
to any corporate or personal device. Citrix [email protected], offers complete
mobile app family built for business that includes Citrix ShareFile™ for
secure mobile data access; Citrix GoToMeeting® for easy, integrated
mobile collaboration; and Podio™ for social team collaboration, as well
as new Citrix @WorkMail™ and @WorkWeb™ apps for secure mobile
email and web access. Zenprise adds mobile device management,
offering first industry solution for managing mobile devices, apps and
data from a single, integrated enterprise mobility product line.
DragonForce by
Command and Control
DragonForce, by Drakontas, is a mobile team collaboration application
that provides command and control / shared situational awareness
capabilities for enterprise and public safety users.
DragonForce provides mission-critical team collaboration with an
integrated suite of information sharing tools. The capabilities provided
include: real-time personnel tracking on maps, collaborative whiteboards
and situation reports, instant messaging among individuals and
groups, and online storage and sharing of frequently used files, maps
and images. DragonForce can support any operation that requires
team coordination, information sharing and human/physical asset
tracking. Operational examples include: day-to-day policing, special
event and incident management, specialized team operations (SWAT,
HAZMAT, Search & Rescue), campus and critical infrastructure security,
maintenance and operations.
Hilton Software
In-Flight Navigation
Hilton Software’s WingX for the Toughpad tablet is the same awardwinning solution that provides aviation charts and navigation solutions
for general aviation, airline and military pilots. WingX’s proprietary
compression algorithms enable pilots to store and quickly view
thousands of aviation charts on the Toughpad tablet, thereby enhancing
safety. Airlines are also able to substantially reduce fuel costs by
eliminating the weight of the paper. WingX’s advanced technology
makes full use of the dual-core processor, graphics capabilities and
GPS receiver of the Toughpad tablet.
Post-Disaster Building Inspection
Geocove provides consulting services to businesses across a multitude
of industries, including government. Its vast experience designing,
customizing and implementing the Esri suite of GIS products enables it
to optimize solutions for Toughpad™ tablets.
InQuest Technologies
Enterprise Business Application
InQuest Technologies is redefining the boundaries of enterprise
software. InQuest’s flagship product, IQ: Enterprise,™ is a web-based
solution that allows companies to configure and deploy web-based
apps that are consumable on any device, including the Toughpad tablet
powered by Android,™ while retaining full IT control and governance
over access and data. IQ: Enterprise™ applications, “SmartApps,” can
be rapidly configured with no programming and can be consumed in
real time on any computer or mobile device in the field or office. In
addition InQuest Technologies offers a complete cloud-based delivery
model of IQ: Enterprise™ via™™ is the
only place where you can build, buy, sell and run enterprise mobile
applications in the cloud.
Forms Automation
Mi-Co is the market leader in mobile-electronic-forms software for devices
such as the new Panasonic Toughpad™ tablet. Mi-Co’s Mi-Forms software
enables businesses to capture any data (handwriting, voice, photos, GPS
coordinates, barcodes, etc.), on any device and send it anywhere (back-end
systems like ERPs, document management systems and more). With
experience since 1999 and customers such as Eli Lilly, AT&T, Sutter Health,
Children’s Hospital Boston, Newmont Mining and more, Mi-Co is the
intelligent choice for mobile-forms solutions for your Panasonic devices.
MiT Systems
Mobile Epiphany
Mobile Solutions for Sales,
Delivery & Merchandising.
Business Process Enhancement
In a rapidly evolving distribution technology environment comes
innovation from MiT Systems with the EzCloud Sales™ web ordering
app designed to provide retailers with the ability to conveniently and
easily place efficient orders anytime, anywhere. This cloud-based
solution is intuitive, cost-effective and runs on any of the leading
browsers optimized for either the 10.1 inch or 7 inch Toughpad™ tablets.
Users can control available shipping dates, credit limits, minimum order
thresholds etc., while displaying valuable data including new product
information, sales history and product discounts to create the most
efficient and timely orders. Gain real-time visibility into sales analysis to
better assist with forecasting and production schedules while providing
a higher level of customer satisfaction in the marketplace.
Mobile Epiphany’s suite of Rapid-Application-Configuration (RAC)
tools enables rapid deployment of your organizations unique business
processes into easy-to-use, blue-collar friendly mobile applications on
all Android™-powered devices by Panasonic. Common uses are assetfocused inspections, client-focused work orders, business-focused data
processes, geospatial asset and work tracking, capture of client billing
data and much more. Panasonic process analysts can discover your
processes in a quick discovery workshop and create your applications
for you, or your internal process experts can be trained in the use of
the highly visual, programming-free tools to create the applications
for themselves. Touch Inspect nearly eliminates the cost, risk and time
burden of the software development lifecycle, increasing ROI, reducing
true cost of ownership and finally bringing simplicity and power to your
mobile workforce on all Panasonic devices.
Text and Voice Input
Swype by Nuance is a four-in-one keyboard that understands you
and your business. Whether you swype, type, write, or speak —
Swype “learns” your input style so the more you use it, the smarter
it gets. Swype can also be customized with professional (and
even downloadable) linguistic models for your industry application
(healthcare, education, government, etc), improving the intelligence
and productivity of your Panasonic Toughpad.
Merchandising/Field Sales/
Since 1998, Quofore has focused exclusively on developing nextgeneration, world-class mobile solutions for consumer products
companies’ field sales, marketing, merchandising and direct store
delivery operations. Using our deep understanding of both enterpriselevel solutions and smart technologies, Quofore is a global business
solutions company that leverages its knowledge for our industry-leading
clients through technology and highly specialized thought leadership.
RBM Technologies
Founded in 2000, RBM helps some of the world’s largest retailers
lower costs and increase revenue by transforming the way they
manage in-store merchandising and marketing. RBM Technologies
provides retailers with a complete in-store campaign planning and
execution solution to help lower costs and increase revenue. We
transform how retailers manage their in-store marketing, providing
visibility at the store level, while centralizing the merchandising
process. RBM’s solutions take the guesswork out of campaign strategy,
execution and compliance, helping retailers to effectively and efficiently
manage programs across thousands of global store locations.
Reality Mobile
Video Collaboration
& Event-Monitoring
Mobile Device Management
Reality Mobile provides enterprise organizations and government
agencies with real-time mobile video, data visualization and
collaboration using mobile devices such as the Panasonic Toughpad.™
RealityVision gives users access to video, data, sensors and expertise
throughout their organization and around the world at the push of a
button. With a focus on meeting the enterprise need for strict security,
rigorous manageability, collaboration and real-time decision making,
RealityVision enables organizations to simultaneously share multiple
information flows in an instant.
SOTI Inc. is a trusted MDM solution solving the unique challenges
involved in managing, securing, supporting and tracking remote
mobile and desktop computing devices. SOTI’s global footprint of over
10,000 MDM deployments managing millions of devices is supported
by a network of 450 partners, across verticals such as education,
healthcare, retail, manufacturing, government, logistics and numerous
other industries. Panasonic Toughpad tablets are now compatible
with MobiControl, providing a seamless and secure management
experience for the enterprise.
Enterprise Mobility Solutions
For three decades, Stratix has simplified the complexity of mobile for
enterprise customers by delivering, supporting and managing their
mobile solutions. Stratix Mobile Field Service offers a unique businessrules-based engine that provides a flexible framework capable of
adapting to each customer’s unique environment. Our software helps
reduce repeat service calls, optimizes service routes, streamlines
work order processes and provides accurate customer information in
real time. Enable your business users to manage changing policies
in real time to enhance onsite capabilities, promote best practices
and improve customer service. Establish instant communication with
back-office CRM/ERP systems. Eliminate costly errors, improve SLA
response times and increase customer satisfaction. Deliver new rules
to optimize productivity, accountability and compliance. Easily deploy
geo requirements, performance metrics and proof of service.
Field Maintenance/Work Order
Ventureforth, Inc. is an Oracle Certified Partner that works exclusively
with Oracle. Founded in 1995, Ventureforth (ranked in the Inc.
5000 in 2008, 2009 and 2010) is a global leader in mobilizing the
workforce. By combining industry-leading technology solutions and
best practices, our mobile computing solutions deliver real-world,
quantifiable value. Our customers span every industry, from multinational corporations to mid-sized businesses, spanning the globe.
Whether you’re connected or disconnected, you will be able to
perform your work orders, receive parts, physically inventory your
assets and many other transactions using your rugged laptop or
tablet. The vMobile suite of applications works with the Oracle suite
of business applications. Ventureforth uses Oracle middleware,
database and Syclo Agentry — the Gartner leading Mobile Enterprise
Application Platform (MEAP). Its solutions run on all popular platforms
and devices and comply with the strictest security requirements.
Managed IT Services
Tier-1 help-desk services, providing tablet
hardware and operating system support
Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm. In-depth
troubleshooting or access is coordinated
through local deskside support resources.
Tier-2 services, providing tablet hardware
and operating system support Monday-Friday
9 am to 5 pm. Remote troubleshooting tools
are utilized. This service provides resources
to assist Level-1 support resolve technical
problems and investigating elevated problems
by confirming problem validity and seeking
known solutions for more complex issues.
This is suitable for locations where there are
no local deskside technicians available for
advanced troubleshooting.
Network Monitoring and Management
services include alert/alarm monitoring,
device operating system patch management,
and performance reporting. These functions
provide effective problem diagnostics and
statistical gathering of traffic to enable more
efficient administration and network tuning.
Frontline Consulting
Frontline consulting service is a project management-driven service that assigns Panasonic technology consultants to ensure a successful product
deployment. The consultants specialize in every phase of your deployment, including:
IT Management Technologies
Network & Wireless Technologies
Software Development
Field Engineering
The Panasonic Consultant Service team will follow your deployment through every phase of the information technology lifecycle, which includes planning,
engineering, validation, deployment and post-deployment wrap up.
Deployment, Maintenance and Support
Panasonic offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help roll out, install, support and monitor your technology.
Deployment Services
Project Management Services
Frontline deployment service
Frontline deployment service (less than 150 units)CF-S09TFMDSVC
Project / logistics management (per Day)
Project / logistics management (per Unit)
Extended Warranty & Protection Plus Service Programs
Extended Warranty*
This warranty enables your organization to extend the 3-year standard
warranty coverage that comes with every Panasonic Toughpad™
computer to either 4 or 5 years depending on budget needs. A
separate battery warranty program is available under the Extended
Warranty Battery Replacement program.
Protection Plus*
This warranty adds an additional layer of protection that enhances the
standard warranty coverage by protecting against accidental physical
damage that occurs during regular use of a Toughpad computer. This
warranty program may be purchased for the 3-year warranty period or
for 1 or 2 additional years beyond the standard warranty period.
1 Additional Year FZ-SVCTPEXT1Y
2 Additional Years FZ-SVCTPEXT2Y
Extended Battery Warranty
This warranty enables your organization to extend the 1-year standard
battery warranty coverage that comes with every Panasonic Toughpad
computer to either 2, 3, 4 or 5 years depending on budget needs.
1 Additional Year 2 Additional Years 3 Additional Years 4 Additional Years FZ-SVCTPBXW1Y
Hot Swap Program**
This service minimizes user downtime by shipping customer-owned
Toughpad devices for next -business-day delivery directly to your
organization’s users from our National Service Center to replace the
Toughpad that needs to be sent in for repair. This program may be
purchased for the 3-year warranty period or for 1 or 2 additional years
beyond the standard warranty period.
*Does not include battery replacement beyond the tablet 1-year battery warranty. If battery XW is not purchased, all battery replacements after 1 year from purchase are considered out of warranty and chargeable.
**Customer purchases the swap pool units. Spare unit quantity based on user hours and environment and should be minimum of 4% of installed units. Drive imaging included in SKU pricing. Replacement unit is shipped the same day if the call is received before 3 PM ET.
Talk to Panasonic about your mobile computing needs
Equipping your mobile workforce with tablets and accessories that meet your requirements and
performance objectives requires planning and flawless execution. Panasonic — and its partners
through its worldwide resources, acquisition and testing capabilities — is able to offer a high
degree of full compatibility and performance. By bundling the best-matched, performancecertified components, we can offer cost advantages and economies of scale, in addition to
warranties you won’t find anywhere else.
Executive Office:
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We invite you to find out more about why Panasonic can best meet and exceed your mobile computing
requirements. Please contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-662-3537.
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