Panasonic WJ-NVF20 Specification

Panasonic WJ-NVF20 Specification
Additional Business Intelligence Kit
Additional Business Intelligence Kit NVF20 is a license kit intended to
improve the usefulness of Network Disk Recorder WJ-NV200.
* To use this product, it is necessary to register the license (Registration Key) for Additional Business Intelligence Kit into the NV200 in use.
Key Features
• New statistical processing functions such as
"People counting" and "Face matching / Age & Gender judgment"
• The number of detected human faces can be displayed on a statistical chart separated by age & gender
for a single day or a specified time period.
• Age distribution groups are displayed by separate colors
• The statistical data can be saved as a CSV file on a SDHC/SD memory card or on a PC connected over
a network.
* CSV file: A file that can be edited using a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft® Office Excel®.
• Face matching function
WJ-NV200 with WJ-NVF20
The maximum number of persons to be registered
The maximum number of face images that can be used for face matching
Speed of face matching
4 faces / s *
Multi-Camera displays when face matching function is activated
* In case of face matching and statistical processing work simultaneously : ”2 faces / s”
System Benefits
Business intelligence added to the current (WJ-NV200) system with a small additional investment only
Improved identification and video analysis thanks to the high picture quality of the Panasonic products
• All TV pictures are simulated.
Printed in Japan (2A-074AL)
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