Supervision of jobs of removal, shifting, testing and commissioning

Supervision of jobs of removal, shifting, testing and commissioning


(A Government of India Undertaking)

Registered office: Priyadarshini, Eastern Express Highway, Sion, Mumbai-22.


PHONES: 022-25522300/2505/2508 GRAM: FERTILIZER,Fax no.-022-2552-2235,, Email:[email protected], CIN :L24110MH1978GOI020185


Supervision of jobs of removal, shifting, testing and commissioning of two new 1.5

MVA , 11/0.415KV Transformer (Make. M/s Telwane Power Equipment) in Suphala

Plant at RCF Ltd, Chembur





: 27/05/16

Important Dates

Last Date & Time of Submission of e-Tender

Date & Time of Opening of e-Tenders

: 03.06.2016

: 03.06.2016

up to 11.00 A.M

at 3.00 P.M

Website for Online bid Submission:



1) RCF Helpline Number: 022-25522760 (10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.)

2) Mr. A.K. Shrivastava (Tel:+91 22 2552 2300),

3) Mr. P.D.Gupta (Tel:+91 22 2552 2505),

4) Ms. Minati Patra (Tel:+91 22 2552 2505),

5) Email ID:

[email protected]

1 |

P a g e


This is a Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) for, “

Supervision of jobs of removal, shifting, testing and commissioning of two new 1.5 MVA , 11/0.415KV Transformer (Make.

M/s Telwane Power Equipment) in Suphala Plant at RCF Ltd, Chembur

from M

/s Telwane Power Equipment

on Proprietary basis.

1.01 e-Tendering Procedure : The procurement shall be carried out through submission of online tenders only. No offer in physical form will be accepted and any such offer if received by RCF will be out rightly rejected. Tender documents can be downloaded from our website or website of CPPP

. Final bids are to be submitted on website


The bidders should have a valid digital signature certificate (Class-II or Class-III) issued by any of the valid Certifying Authorities to participate in the online tender.

The bids shall be uploaded in 1 (one) Bid System in electronic form only through e-tendering system on website

1.02 Bids should be submitted as per following instructions only:

Packet: 1: Digitally Signed copy of “Process compliance statement” (Annexure-I) printed on bidder’s letter head with duly signed by appropriate authority.

Packet: 2: Digitally Signed copy of “Technical Bid” (Annexure-II).

Packet: 3: Digitally Signed copy of “HSE Requirement” (Annexure-III).

Packet: 4: Digitally Signed copy of “Commercial Terms & Conditions” (Annexure-IV).

Packet: 5: Digitally Signed copy of supporting documents against pre-qualification

criteria (Annexure-V)


Price Bid i.e. BOQ given with tender to be uploaded after filling all relevant information like Basic Price. The priced BOQ should be uploaded strictly as per the format available with the tender failing which the offer is liable for rejection (

renaming or changing format of BOQ sheet will not be accepted by system


Kindly quote your offer on blank fields in uploaded BOQ sheet. Please note that lowest bidder (L1) will be decided based on quoted amount shown at the end of BOQ sheet.

Vendor should quote prices in BOQ only, offers indicating rates anywhere else shall be

liable for rejection.


Documents required for verification of details submitted in Prequalification Criteria (Annex-II) to be submitted in your ‘My Space’ option as per instructions given below. Bidders can take help from RCF’s e-Procurement Helpdesk (022-25522760) in uploading of documents.

1. Banker Details: Scanned copy of dully filled ‘Banker Details’ form & scanned cheque to be uploaded in ‘Banker Details’ folder of My Space documents, this information is essential for payment transactions.

2 |

P a g e

2. Miscellaneous Docs: Please submit scanned copy of ‘PAN Card,Sales Tax Registration

Certificate (VAT/CST), Service Tax Registration Certificate & Company Registration Certificate as applicable. Please upload each scanned certificate in respective folder under ‘Certificate details’ of My Space Documents.

Modalities & Special instructions for e-Tendering:

The following steps noted below shall be the general methodology for carrying out the process of procurement through the route of e-tendering:

1. It is mandatory for tenderer to have a valid digital signature certificate issued by any of the valid

Certifying Authority approved by Government of India for participation in e-Tendering event at the time of submission of offer. The cost of digital signature will be borne by respective tenderer.

2. Offer against the NIT has to be submitted online on e-Tender website mentioned in the NIT with valid digital signature certificate.

3. Submission of on-line Bids / Offers electronically against E-tendering: All interested bidders are requested to register themselves on

with their digital signature certificate with the user ID for participation in the tender. Kindly refer

bidders manual kit

available on bidders section on above mentioned website for details procedure for bid submission or Bidders can take help of our Helpdesk Center (022-2552 2760) for registration and bid submission procedures.

4. Documents have to be submitted online only.

5. It is advised that the bidder uploads small sized documents (preferably up to 5 MB) at a time to facilitate in easy uploading into e-tendering site. Standard documents required for tenders can be uploaded in ‘My space’ facility in your account.

6. The offer which meets the NIT requirements, technically (including pre-qualification criteria) and commercially, shall be eligible for further consideration.


Please read following instructions before filling & submission of BOQ sheet.

Please note that e-procurement system accepts Microsoft Excel 97-2003 format only, any modification in file format or changing name of file will results into non-acceptance of your offer by e-Procurement


1. Kindly fill data in fields of ‘BOQ Sheet’ as per following Instruction only:

Bidders Name: Kindly put complete name of bidding firm/company

Basic Price: Kindly put the ‘Basic rate per unit’ e.g. Rs. 500 per Item in white cell in front of each item.

Taxes & Duties: Rates mentioned in the BOQ are excluding of Service Tax. Taxes as mentioned in Annexure-IV will be paid extra. All the duties, octroi, customs duty of any kind, fees etc. pertaining to this contract shall be entirely borne by the Contractor. The Contractor shall submit the tax invoice/ Bill showing tax elements separately. Income Tax shall be deducted at source from

Contractor’s bill as per Government rules.

Statutory Variation Clause: Any variation in statutory levies/taxes within the contract period shall be to

RCF’s account and beyond contract period to contractors account.

2. Please save your BOQ sheet (Price sheet) without changing name and format and upload

this completed BOQ sheet.

For any queries and help please contact RCF Helpdesk Number-022-25522760 or contacts given on first page of Tender document

3 |

P a g e


(Tenderers are required to print this on their company’s letter head and sign, stamp before uploading in

Packet-1 )

Process Compliance Form


M/s. RCF Ltd.

Attention :

Sub: Acceptance to the Process related Terms and Conditions for the e-Tendering

Dear Sir,

This has reference to the Terms & Conditions for e-Tendering mentioned in the tender No.:

ET -


We hereby confirm the following –

1) The undersigned is authorized representative of the company.

2) We have carefully gone through the NIT, Tender Documents and the Rules governing the etendering as well as this document.

3) We will honor the Bid submitted by us during the e-tendering.

4) We give undertaking that if any mistake occurs while submitting the bid from our side, we will honor the same.

5) We are aware that if RCF has to carry out e-tender again due to our mistake, RCF has the right to disqualify us for this tender.

6) We confirm that RCF shall not be liable & responsible in any manner whatsoever for my/our failure to access & submit offer on the e-tendering site due to loss of internet connectivity, electricity failure, virus attack, problems with the PC, digital signature certificate or any other unforeseen circumstances etc. .

With regards

Signature with company seal

Name –

Company / Organization –

Designation within Company / Organization –

E-mail Id:

Tel no:.

Mobile no. :

4 |

P a g e



(Note: Bidder has to confirm their acceptance in given sheet and for technical evaluation, this Annexure to be submitted in Packet-2 in e-Tender)

Scope of work for removal, shifting , installation ,testing and commission of two new,

1.5MVA,11KV/0.415KV Transformers in Suphala Plant

1. Complete supervision of following jobs of a) Loading and unloading of transformers at site. b) Shifting & Transportation of Transformers from PAP to Suphala plant c) Installation of transformer at Suphala Plant. d) Complete cable connection at HT side and Bus bar at LT side. e) Pre- Commissioning testing of Transformers.

RCF s Scope: a) Loading and unloading of transformers at site. b) Shifting & Transportation of Transformers from PAP to Suphala plant c) Installation of transformer at Suphala Plant. d) Complete cable at HT side and Bus bar connection at LT side. e) Pre- Commissioning testing of Transformers.

Important points_

1. Job completion period= 10 Days (5 days per transformer) from date of starting of job.

2. Job will be carried out round the clock including Sunday and Holidays

3. Party shall give 12 months guarantee for their supervision.

4. Payment will be made per day basis


5 |

P a g e




I Obligation to follow HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) system & regulations

General Security Instructions:

1. Contractor shall arrange necessary Gate Entry Passes in advance with all security formalities. Contractor workmen will follow the rules and regulations prevailing at RCF from time to time.


1. One hour training on work place safety shall be mandatory to each new contractor employee at Suraksha Bhavan. Gate passes of such employees shall be stamped as Safety trained employees. On the job trainings / pep talks shall be imparted before starting the job.

General Safety Instructions:

1. Contractor shall not carry out any work without valid Work Permit issued to him. All the conditions of the permit shall be understood & complied by him.

2. Work Permit shall be always available with contractor’s supervisor at worksite

3. Contractor shall arrange adequate supervisors. No job shall be carried out without supervision.

4. Tested & certified equipment, tools & tackles shall be used & submitted to RCF officials

5. Strict adherence to the Safety work permits for each hot, confined space, height job & other jobs taken by Plants & Services is must. The instructions written on it shall also be strictly followed at site by contractor employees.

6. For the critical jobs JSA shall be made & training shall be imparted to the workmen.

7. Contractor shall ensure that his employees understand the use of fire hydrants & extinguishers & emergency communication requirement,

8. Contractors whose Safety Records are not satisfactory shall be viewed seriously and necessary action (viz. Warning, monetary penalty, suspension/stoppage of work, cancellation of Registration/Contracts) shall be taken by RCF.

9. Contractor shall provide appropriate PPEs (Personnel Protective Equipment’s) to all workers such as safety shoes, safety helmet, safety goggle, double lanyard full body harness, dust masks, ear plugs ,face shields & other necessary PPEs as per BIS mentioned below,







IS: 2925 - 1984



IS: 47701 - 1968

IS: 6994 - 1973 [Part-I]

IS: 1989 - 1986 [Part-II]

IS: 5557 - 1969

IS: 6519 - 1971

IS: 11226 - 1985



IS: 5983 - 1978

IS: 9167 - 1979

10 IS: 3521 - 1983


Industrial Safety Helmets

Rubber Gloves for Electrical Purpose

Industrial Safety Gloves [Leather & Cotton Gloves]

Leather Safety Boots & Shoes

Industrial & Safety Rubber Knee Boots

Code of Practice for Selections, Care & Repair of Safety Footwear

Leather Safety Footwear Having Direct Molding Sole

Eye Protectors

Ear Protectors

Industrial Safety Belts & Harnesses

Safety precautions for compressed gas cylinders:

1. Identification of contents of industrial gas cylinders shall be as per IS – 4379. Valve fittings for compressed gas cylinders shall be as per IS -3224.

Gas cylinders shall be handled as per IS – 3870.

2. Oxy-acetylene sets/ Oxygen/ LPG cylinder sets to be used for pre-heating & cutting jobs shall be provided with IS 11106 specified regulators having double diaphragm pressure gauges & flash back arrestors. Gas cylinders shall be kept upright and secured firmly with chain.

Safety precautions during welding job:

1. Welding machine manual shall be available at site and rated capacity of machine shall be clearly visible. Earthing shall be returned back from job to welding machine

2. Personnel working shall wear Safety shoes, safety goggles, welding shield with safety helmet attached, cut resistance hand gloves & double lanyard full body harnesses with both the lifelines anchored (for height jo b) at different supports.

3. Contractor employee shall ensure that water hose or water filled bucket kept near work place.

4. Working personnel should clearly understand about hazards involved and safe working procedure to mitigate and prevent hazards.

6 |

P a g e

Safety precautions during Radiography:

1. Contractor shall ensure that radiography is conducted by competent radiographer. Radiographer shall carry radiographer’s license along with personal dosimeters (Chest & waist), Survey meters, lead apron, trefoil symbols and adequate PPE’s.

2. Contractor shall ensure cordon off tape is available with the radiographer.

3. During radiography person shall wear cotton hand gloves, safety shoes, safety helmet with chin strap and Safety goggle.

Safety precautions during Slag blasting:

1. During slag blasting job contractor employee shall wear full body protection suit/ leather jacket, air lined mask, dust mask, cut resistant hand gloves, ear plugs, safety shoes, safety helmet with chin strap, Safety goggle, Double lanyard full body Harness (If required for the assigned job).

Safety precautions during hydro jet cleaning:

1. During hydro jet cleaning person shall wear cut resistant suit, hand gloves, face shield, safety shoes, safety helmet with chin strap, safety goggle and

ELCB shall be provided if the work is at height.

Safety precautions while using electrical appliances:

1. Contractor shall ensure all electrical appliances have three pin end connections. All electrical hand tools shall have ELCBs. All electrical cables shall have sound & intact insulation & shall be free from joints.

2. Contractor shall ensure complete isolation of energy while working on MCC panel. While isolating energy electric arc suit shall be used.

3. Contractor shall ensure only flame-proof electrical fittings are used in hazardous areas as per instructions by Engineer-In-Charge designated by

RCFL for the job.

Safety precautions for working at height:

1. For height jobs, contractor employees shall wear safety helmet, safety shoes, safety goggle, cotton/cut resistance hand gloves & double lanyard full body harnesses with both the lifelines anchored at different supports. Scaffold shall be as per IS 4014-1:1967. Life line shall be provided as Standby arrangement.

Safety precautions for Confined space job:

1. Contractor shall ensure safe entry permit (if oxygen % is above 19.5%) is pasted at all the entry/exit points along with Class I permit before entering the vessel.

2. Contractor shall ensure that his employees know the hazards that may be faced during entry and ensure accurate count of authorized entrants in a register.

3. Contractor shall ensure that a person/watch dog remains near the entry space till the job/work is over.

4. Contractor shall ensure that cross ventilation, air hose and 24 volt lamp without cable joint are made available before entering vessel & shall ensure that rescue and other emergency services procedures are made and are taken care off. He shall also ensure that authorized entrants are using all necessary PPEs.

5. Contractor shall be aware of alternate light/power source arrangement in case of power failure.

Safety precautions for working at fragile roof:

1. Maintenance/ civil personnel should provide duck ladders/crawling boards. Working personnel should be clearly informed and instructed about hazards involved and safe working procedure to mitigate and prevent hazards.

2. Personnel working on roof should use necessary PPE’s such as safety helmet, safety shoes, safety goggle, cut resistance/cotton hand gloves & double lanyard full body harnesses with both the lifelines anchored at different supports.

3. Minimum number of employees should work on roof at a time.

Penalty for violation of safety rules at work place:

The contractor shall be penalized for any violation of safety rules by their workers/supervisors at workplace during execution of job. Monetary Penalty shall be imposed as per below list for safety violations. Repeated violations shall lead to suspension /stoppage of the work and cancellation of Work Order.

1. Person not wearing safety helmet during working as per job requirement: Rs.500/- per each person.

2. Person not wearing shoes during working as per job requirement: Rs. 500/- per each person.

3. Person not wearing Safety belt (double lanyard full body harness) during working as per the job requirement: Rs.1000/- per each person.

4. Person not wearing face shield during working as per the job requirement: Rs.500/- per each person.

5. Person working with lifting/lowering tools/tackles without valid test certificate: Rs. 2000/ - per tool/tackle.

6. Person working with electrical supply connection without appropriate plug-pin: Rs 1000/- per plug pin connection.

7. Working without a valid Safety Work Permit / PTW: Rs.2000/-.

7 |

P a g e


Contractors will have to submit a certificate of fitness in Form 6 in respect of workers to be engaged inside the factory and no person / contract labour shall be employed without a valid certificate of fitness. The contractors shall get the Pre-Employment Medical Examination of his workmen done from the below mentioned approved Doctor/Agency only:-.




Name ,Address


Dr.R.A. Chhoga ,Meena Medical Centre,Opp Sulbha School, Near Sahakar


Taakies,L-4,29/30,Brindavan, TilakNagar, Behind Shopper’s


Dr.Devendra B.Ingale ,Keshavsut Diagnostic Clinic,


4/1,ChandrodayHsg.Society,Opp. Meena Towers,Swastik Park ,


Dr.Prakash Panchal ,Jagatguru OHC Centre ,2,United Western Apartment,

V.S.Road, NearSiddhi Vinayak Temple,Prabhadevi,,Mumbai-400025




Certifying Surgeon

Certifying Surgeon,

Government of

Contact No.



M.D.(Bom),A.F.I.H.,D.I.M., 25226567

L.L.M. (M) 9869005451

24361861 ,(M) 9870341805

Timings:Mondayto Saturday

9.30 A.M to 1.30 P.M.6.30 P.M. to 9.00 p.m.






Dr.Abhay Narayankar ,Prism Diagnostic Centre ,& Polyclinic 105,1st

M.B.B.S., A.F.I.H.

Floor,Mohamadi House,Near Anjuman Highschool,Kurla(W), Mumbai-


Dr.Milind Sardesai, ,Shanti Niketan,Ground Floor,8th Road ,Near Ahobila

M.B.B.S., A.F.I.H.

Math,Near DiamondGarden,Chembur, Mumbai- 400 074 (Industrial Health




Saturday & Sunday,10 AM to 1PM 4PM to 8 PM, Contact: Dr. Vasant Sardesai–

For Appointments (M)9833128952


Dr. D.G. Pandit ,Gurukrupa Hospital & Polyclinic ,OHC, Govardhan Dham,

Certifying Surgeon

Khopat, Thane (W)- 400 601

Dr. Pradeep V. Mahajan ,R-831, T.T.C. , Thane Belapur Road Navi Mumbai Certifying Surgeon

25346446/25404263 ,Dr.D.G. Pandit

(M)9821121261 ,Dr.KiranPandit


27691981/27691679 ,(M)9867220015


It is mandatory that character and antecedents verification must be made of each and every contractor worker prior to giving permission to enter RCF premises. Contractors shall submit a certificate of character and antecedents for each workers to be engaged inside the factory and no person / contract labour shall be employed without a valid character certificate and antecedents. The character and antecedents form duly filled and authenticated through police station shall be submitted to CISF for giving permission to enter RCF premises.


8 |

P a g e


(To be verified by concerned SHO/OIC/IIC of police station)

(To be filled in duplicate)

(To be filled by individual)

Police Station :-----------------------------------------------------





Self attested pass port size photo

(To be filled by individual)








Fathers Name


Place of Birth

Colour of Skin





04. Date of Birth :-------------

06. Height in Cm :-------------

:------------- b) Eye :------------- c) Hair :-------------

Two visible Identification Marks :


11. i) ------------------------------------------------ ii) -----------------------------------------------

Nationality :------------------------------------- 10.

Full permanent Address with Pin Code :

Religion :----------------------




Phone No.:----------------------------- Mobile No. :--------------------------

I am residing in the present address for the last ------------------ years. I solemnly hereby declare that above permission furnished by me is true to the best of my


Full Signature/Thumb

Impression with name of individual


I hereby declare that Shri ------------------------------ whose particulars are given above is engaged /propose to be engaged in my establishment against work order

No. ---------------------------------- dt. -------------------. The information furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge.

(Signature of Contractor with Seal)

Party shall carry out Police verification & medical test of all the persons who will be carrying out job at RCF site. Party will not get permission to

start the job unless & Until this procedure is followed by them.


The Contractor shall comply with all Central, State & Municipal Laws and Rules and legislation in force from time to time and shall be solely responsible to comply with all obligations and payments there under.

Contractor shall submit all the relevant documents showing compliance of all the relevant Acts, Laws, Rules and legislation’s as and when intimated by RCF.

Contractor shall comply with all the Central, State & Municipal Laws & Rules and shall be solely responsible for complying with the provisions of the

Contract Labour (Regulations & Abolition) Act 1970 relating to working hours, rest intervals, weekly offs, holidays, overtime as mentioned in Wages

Act, applicable including the ESI Act. The payment of Wages Act 1936, Employees Provident Fund Act 1952. The Minimum Wages Act 1940,

Factories Act1949, Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923 or any other applicable legislation and the Municipal Bye-Laws or other Statutory Rules &

Regulations whatsoever in force, in so far as these are applicable . Any obligations, financial or otherwise, imposed under any statutory enactment;

Rules & Regulation there under shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor.

Irrespective of the no. of Workers employed, contractor shall ensure the compliance of PF & ESI to all the Workers. If the work entails employing more than 19 contract Workers, the Contractor should obtain a License from Competent Authority as per provisions of Contract Labour (Regulations

& Abolition) Act 1970.

9 |

P a g e


Contractor shall register with the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner & ESI Office and obtain Provident Fund No. & ESI No. and deposit the PF

& ESI contributions with the Authorities.

Contractor shall comply with applicable Environment regulation in force and also the Systems and Procedures in the Factory related to Environment.

All liabilities or Legal aspects of Contractor’s labour lies with the Contractor himself.


Contractor shall pay to his Workers as per the minimum Wages Act and Rules and Regulations there under. Contractor will ensure payment of

Minimum Wages as applicable or the wages, as applicable, is paid to the Workers and will also ensure that the monthly wages are duly witnessed by the representative of the Principal Employer. Contractor, while submitting monthly PF & ESI challans will also give a certification that the

Contractor has deposited the payment in respect of PF & ESI contribution in respect of the contract labour engaged at RCF site under reference Work

Order. Wages shall be paid by the Contractor to the Workmen directly in the presence of Company’s authorized representative as provided in the

Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act 1970 and officials put his initial to witness the payment.

Contractor shall make monthly payment of Wages to contract labour in presence of RCF’s authorized representative, on or before 10th of every month, during the normal working hours only



10 |

P a g e

Commercial Terms & Conditions



BIDDER’S NAME: ……………………………………………………………………………………

NOTE: Please note that any blank field left in the preceding confirmation box will be treated as

‘Agreed’ only for offer evaluation.





You shall quote as per BOQ



(Please put √ in front of your confirmation or delete which is not applicable )

□ Agreed

□ Disagreed







Your Offer shall be valid and firm for at least 120 days from the date of bid opening.


The job shall be completed within 10 days (5 days for each transformer) once it is started for the transformer.

PAYMENT TERMS: Payment shall be made within 30 days from the date of submission of bills to EES dept. after completion of job, after deduction of income tax and as per actual quantum of work executed .

□ Agreed

□ Disagreed

□ Agreed

□ Disagreed

□ Agreed

□ Disagreed


In case of delay in completion of the job beyond the stipulated time

□ Agreed period, LD shall be levied @ 1% per day or part there of subject to a

□ Disagreed maximum of 10% of the basic work order value.

Guarantee: Party should stand guarantee for the supervision for one year from the date of job completion.

□ Agreed

□ Disagreed



□ Agreed

WORK ORDER VALIDITY: The work order shall be valid for a period of One Year.

□ Disagreed

Whether The Party is Registered under Micro/Small/Medium

Enterprises Act 2006 (Please Furnish The Proof)

□ Yes

□ No


Whether the Proprietor of “MSME” Enterprise is from SC/ST

Category (Please Attach Cast Certificate Issued By Competent

Authority) [See Annexure-A]

□ Yes

□ No

11 |

P a g e


TAXES & DUTIES- Taxes as indicated below shall be paid extra

Taxes: 1)Service Tax :@14.5 % for item no 1.01 of BOQ or as applicable shall be paid extra



RCF will issue Smart ID card for swapping at the RCF gate.

Contractor/vendor should submit the smart Card after completion of their job/ card validity .A penalty of Rs. 900 shall be imposed if smart card is not returned in time.

RCF being ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 certified company, all the required relevant safety rules, norms, procedure shall be followed strictly. All workmen shall use PPEs like shoes, gloves, helmets, safety belts etc. & shall be arranged by the Contractor

□ Agreed

□ Disagreed




12 |

P a g e

Pre-qualification Details (to be submitted in packet 5 ) ANNEXURE – V

Please fill the details in front of each criteria mentioned below and upload this Annexure in packet

5 . Please upload signed & stamped copies of supporting documents in packet 5. Incomplete form or non-submission of documents to verify details may results into rejection of your offer, no communication shall be done for submission of documents)



Pre-qualification Criteria

VAT Registration No : (VAT No) :


VAT No is in the Name of :

Address of Firm as per VAT no :

Service tax Registration No : (S. T. No) :


ST No is in the Name of :

Address of Firm as per ST no :

PAN No :


PAN No is in the Name of :

Address of Firm as per PAN no :

4 Provident Fund Registration No : (PF No) :

5 Employee State Insurance Corporation Registration No (ESIC No)

13 |

P a g e


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