Panasonic WV-ASC970 Specification Sheet | Manualzz
IP Matrix Server Software
Version 9
IP Matrix Client Software
Version 9
Extension Software
WV-ASE901*/ WV-ASE231
(The pictures above are only for images.)
Easy and smooth integration from analog to IP system
Key Features: WV-ASC970
• Flexible system design: Analog, IP, and Hybrid analog/IP
• Up to 64 recorders, 1,024 monitors, and 2,048 cameras (in case
with encoder) can be registered.
• Displays live images by selecting the camera number
• Controls camera and camera preset, and Group Preset
• Displays live Tour Sequence images on a multi-screen segment display
• Displays live Group Sequence images on several multi-screen segment displays
• Controls the camera and monitor by users’ preset priority
• ON/OFF mode of the OSD on the selected monitor is possible.
• Sequence control: Tour Sequence (128 programs, 64 steps), Group Preset
(128 programs, 64 views), Group Sequence (128 programs, 64 steps)
• Panasonic camera control: Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Preset position call
and program (up to 256), Auto mode (SEQ, SORT, AUTO PAN, PATROL), AUX 1 ~ 2
• Flexible monitor control suitable for wall mounted monitors
• Up to 512 users can be registered.
• Up to 64 users can login to WV-ASC970 simultaneously.
• Panasonic Alarm control by recorder, camera, and encoder
• Up to 2,048 alarms and up to 1,024 event schedules can be handled.
• User management: User authentication
• Camera/Sequence/Monitor selection, Camera control and Recorder
control can be made with the optional system controller WV-CU950.
• Individual alarm reset and all alarm reset is possible with the system
controller WV-CU950 and WV-ASM970.
• Simultaneous multi-site operation of up to 64 satellite system using WV-ASC970
• Redundant function by switching the operation to the other
WV-ASC970 server in case of system failure
• Easy setup by i-PRO configuration software
Key Features: WV-ASM970
• Multi-Monitor option enables simultaneous use of Operation screen
and Monitor screen (1 / 4 / 7 / 9 / 10 / 13 / 16 split) on a dedicated
monitor. Two monitor operation is also available. Support 100 maps.
• Up to 30 ips/camera can be displayed in 16-split screen in H.264 1.5 Mbps mode
with VGA (depending on the camera, camera setup and PC performance).
• The tool customized to the other language is separately offered.
• Privacy zones can be set on WV-ASM970 Monitor Screen.(Except PTZ camera)
• Handle the DVR as a small switch node.
• Image resolution dynamically changes depending on the screen
mode: VGA for Quad screen, QVGA for 16-split screen, enabling
optimum network usage (depending on the camera mode).
• Easy search and playback with timeline function
• Simultaneous playback on 16-split screen display
• When an alarm occurs, the monitor changes into the map
automatically showing where the alarm happened.
• Up to 64 camera icons can be freely positioned on a map with alarm
status indicated by the color of the icons.
• Convert file format from n3r (proprietary format) to MP4
• 16:9 Full HD monitor support.
• Displays live images through WJ-ND400 and WJ-NV200.
Key Features: Extension Software WV-ASE901*
• Monitor the status of Fire Alarm System.
• Manually reset or acknowledge fire alarms and faults of Fire Alarm System.
• Search history of fire alarm, faults and interlocking of Fire Alarm System.
* WV-ASE901 is only sold in certain areas. Please contact the sales company for details.
Key Features: WV-ASE231
• Extension Software for Facial Recognition Analytics Platform (WV-ASF900)
• Face Matching / Face Search / People counting results display on WV-ASM970 screen
• i-VMD (Intelligent Video Motion Detection) tracking path display on WV-ASM970 screen
System Components
IP Matrix Server Software
IP Matrix Client Software
Ethernet System Controller
with 3D-Joystick & Jog/Shuttle
Basic System Connection Example
Analog Cameras
i-PRO SmartHD Cameras
Matrix Switcher
WJ-SX650 with
Video Encoder
L3 Switch
Network Disk Recorder
L3 Switch
Digital Disk Recorder
Server PC (WV-ASC970)
Switching HUB
Facial Recognition
Analytics Platform
Analog Monitor
Coaxial cable
Ethernet cable
HDMI cable
PC with
Admin Console
Ethernet System
Controller WV-CU950
PC with
WV-ASM970, WV-ASE231
* Download WV-ASM970 to client PC by connecting to WV-ASC970 server
Specifications: WV-ASC970
Specifications: WV-ASM970
Supported Supported Cameras
Supported Recorders
Supported Switchers
Supported Encoders
Supported Decoders
Supported Controller
Supported Application
Max. Recorder Registrations
Max. Monitor Registrations
Max. Camera Registrations
Supported System Type
Camera Control
(depends on the
Panasonic Analog cameras,
Panasonic i-PRO series Network cameras
WJ-NV200, WJ-ND400 series, WJ-ND300 series, WJ-ND200 series,
WJ-HD300 series*1, WJ-HD300A series, WJ-RT416 series,
WJ-HD616/716 series, WV-ASR500 Series
WJ-SX850, WJ-SX650EX
WJ-GXE500, WJ-GXE100,WJ-NT304, WJ-NT314, WJ-GXE900 (MPEG-2 Encoder)*2
WJ-GXD400, WJ-GXD900 (MPEG-2 Decoder)*2
WV-CU950, WV-ASM970
Facial Recognition Analytics Platform (WV-ASF900)*3
2,048 (In case with encoder), Analog and/or IP camera*4
Multicast/Unicast system
Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Brightness,
Preset position call and program (up to 256),
AUX 1 - 2, Back Focus, Super Dynamic On/Off
REC (only Digital Disk Recorder), Playback
Recorder Control
(depends on the recorder)
Sequence Control
Tour Sequence: 128 programs, 64 steps
Group Preset: 128 programs, 64 views
Group Sequence: 128 programs, 64 steps
Camera Title Display
On the WJ-GXD400 and Analog Monitor
Alarm Source
Panasonic alarm protocol by Recorder, Camera, Encoder,
RS232C, I/O Ethernet Converter
Alarm Control
Reset, Auto reset, Arm, Disarm, Ack, Auto ack, All reset
Alarm Display Mode
Sequence, Hold
Alarm Action
Camera spot, Tour sequence, Group sequence
Max. Number of Alarm 2,048
System Log
Operation, Alarm, Switching, Video loss
User Management
Registration: Up to 512 users, ID: 5 digit, Password: 5 digit,
User level: customize
Simultaneous Login Users Up to 64 (depends on network conditions)
Operator - Controller, Controller - Monitor,
Controller - Camera, Camera - Monitor
Security Method
User authentication, Controller authentication (MAC address)
Requires 2x PC, 2x WV-ASC970 server, and 1x RS-232C I/O
Time Synchronization
NTP (Server/Client)
GUI (Admin) Language English
Supported OS
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 server (x86)(English)
Requirement Required PC
CPU: Intel® Xeon® Processor 5140 (2.33 GHz) or faster,
RAM: 2 GB or more, Network: 2x 100/Gigabit or more,
HDD: 80 GB or more free drive space, CD-ROM, Port: 1x RS-232C
Microsoft® Windows® 8 Pro 32bit/64bit*5 (English/Chinese)
Supported OS
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional SP1 32bit/64bit*5 (English/Chinese)
Microsoft® Windows Vista® Business SP2 32bit/64bit*5 (English/Chinese)
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional SP3 32bit (English/Chinese)
Required PC
CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 3.0 GHz or faster
RAM: 512 MB or more
Network: 10/100 Mbps
HDD: 200 MB or more free drive space
Monitor: 32-bit colors, 1,024 x 720 resolution
Network Protocol
HTTP (IP address and port No.), FTP, UDP
Multicast/Unicast system
Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Preset position call
(up to 256), Auto Pan, AUX1-2
REC (only Digital Disk Recorder), Play, Rev Play, Pause, Stop,
FF, REW, Prev Image, Next Image, Goto Last, Goto Date
Display division pattern switch, Camera select switch,
Tour sequence, Group preset, Group sequence, Monitor lock
Event Search
Target: Recorder (Camera)
Search criteria: Time date, Event type
Multiscreen Mode
Spot / Quad (A-D) / 7 split / 9 split /10 split / 13 split / 16 split
Display Performance
30 ips x 16 screens at MPEG-4 2 Mbps*2
30 ips x 16 screens at H.264 1.5 Mbps with VGA*2
2 Monitors (Operation/Monitor)
Number of Maps
Up to 100 maps (JPEG or Bitmap), Link: 64 cameras/map
Image Download
Recorded images of up to 64 (in case with WJ-ND400) can be
downloaded. Manual download only. Viewer software can be
extracted from the main software.
Clock Display
On the GUI. Time: 12H/24H, Date: 5 formats
Alarm Control
Reset, All reset, Arm, Disarm, Ack, Auto ack
System Setup
Setup page in English, Chinese
GUI Language*3
English, Chinese
Supported OS
Microsoft® Windows® 8 Pro 32bit/64bit*4 (English and Chinese)
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional SP1 32bit/64bit*4 (English and Chinese)
Microsoft® Windows Vista® Business SP2 32bit/64bit*4 (English and Chinese)
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional SP3 32bit (English and Chinese)
Supported Browser
Windows® Internet Explorer® 10.0
Windows® Internet Explorer® 9.0
Windows® Internet Explorer® 8.0
Windows® Internet Explorer® 7.0 Service Pack 1
Windows® Internet Explorer® 6.0 Service Pack 3*5
Required PC
CPU: Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo 2.66 GHz or faster / Intel® CoreTM 2
Quad Q9650 or faster / Intel® CoreTM i7-920 or faster,
Memory: 2 GB or more /
3 GB or more (When operating H.264 images)
VRAM: 128 MB or more, compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
2 monitors with 1,280 x 1,024 pixels or more
Network Protocol
HTTP (IP address and port No.), FTP
Playback Control
Play, Rev Play, Pause, FF, REW, Prev Record, Next Record,
Prev Image, Next Image
Additional Functions
Alteration detection, Save as JPEG, Two times zoom, Print
WV-ASE901 Compatible Fire Alarm System Panasonic EBL512 Ver.1.1
Supported Server
Supported System Type
Camera Control
(depends on the camera)
Recorder Control
(depends on the recorder)
Monitor Control
*1 WV-ASC970 Version 2.0 or later
*2 In case with Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional (OS) and Intel® CoreTM i7-920 (CPU)
*3 Separately, the tool customized to the other language is offered.
*4 Operation in WOW64 (32-bit mode)
*5 Windows® XP is not supported in case of using the extension software WV-ASE231.
*1 In case of using WV-ASC970 with WJ-HD300 Series, consult your sales company first. *2 NTSC only
*3 Extension software WV-ASE231 is necessary.*4 Depends on system configuration *5 Operation in WOW64 (32-bit mode)
Flexible Alarm Action
Flexible alarm actions can be assigned for each alarm.
Up to 2,048 alarms can be handled.
Alarm action example
Network Disk Recorder
Preset Position 1
(Zoom in to Entrance 1)
Alarm actions include:
• Display alarm information on the designated monitor
• Display alarm images from the camera or start the sequence display
on the designated monitor
• Turn on the alarm indicator on all the system controllers and
Turn on
the alarm
Entrance 1
* The WV-ASC970 does not support any error notifications (such as "REMOVE") from digital disk
recorders or network disk recorders.
Trademarks and registered trademarks
– "Red Hat" is a trademark of Red Hat in the U.S. and other countries.
– Intel, Xeon and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation.
– "i-PRO SmartHD" logo is trademarks or registered trademarks of Panasonic Corporation.
– Safety Precaution: Carefully read the Important Information, Installation Guide and operating instructions before using this product.
– Panasonic cannot be responsible for the performance of the network and/or other manufacturers' products used on the network.
• All TV pictures are simulated.
• Weights and dimensions are approximate.
• Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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