Nemesis N10 Student Bass Amplifier
Nemesis N10 Student Bass Amplifier
Congratulations on the purchase of your new light-weight NEMESIS N-10
Combo Amplifier system. All of us at Eden are totally committed to providing
you with the very best Bass Guitar systems in their class in the world.
Our goals are to offer you the outstanding performance quality of a top-notch,
professional Bass Amplification system at a reasonable price point, and to make
the NEMESIS N SERIES line such a great value that you really can't afford not
to own one.
The Nemesis Combo line is the result of our research and development in
combining high performance and compact size together with lightweight
construction and great value. It offers a great performance value for the Bass
student (and teacher) and the working Bass player alike. A skilled craftsman
needs good quality tools that won't let him down on the job and so does a good
Your Nemesis N-10 Combo has all the following features:
Power: 50 Watts (RMS) @ 4 Ohms
10” Eden-designed speaker
Frequency Response – 48Hz- 13KHz
AGC Compression
Three-band EQ
Kickback Cabinet design
Dimensions – 17.5 (h) x 14.5 (w) x 13 (d)
Weight – 27 lbs.
Your ears are your most important piece of
equipment. Unfortunately, they cannot be
replaced as easily as your other gear. Please take
the following warning seriously.
This product, when used in combination with
amplification and/or additional loudspeakers
may be capable of producing sound levels that
could cause permanent hearing loss. DO NOT
operate at high volume levels or at a level that is
uncomfortable. If you experience any discomfort
or ringing in the ears or suspect hearing loss, you
should consult an audiologist.
Thank you for your purchase of an Eden Bass
Guitar product. This unit has been designed and
constructed to give you years of trouble-free
Please take the time to review this manual and to
send in your warranty registration card.
Before turning on your Nemesis Combo, you need to do a few things first. If
your unit was shipped directly to you from a dealer, check carefully for hidden
freight damage before you attempt to operate the unit. If you find any damage,
notify your dealer and the freight line immediately. If you picked up your unit
from your dealer, it was probably set up and tested out already. Just in case, we
suggest that you go through the set up now.
Before you plug in your unit for the first time, please do the following things.
First, turn the power switch to the off position. Check the back of your unit for
the correct voltage notation for your county of operation.
Once you’ve ensured correct voltage, set the Gain control to Minimum (0). Set
the tone controls to center position (12:00 or 0). Next, plug in the power cord to
the AC inlet on the back of the unit. Use only a safe grounded receptacle for
proper operation at the correct voltage for your country. Double Check to
make certain your amplifier is set for the correct voltage in your country.
Once you’ve completed the steps above, you can plug in your Bass and turn on
the unit. Turn the volume up until you reach a comfortable sound level.
The Input Jack will accept most Bass Guitar output levels. If you have a dualbattery Bass with output in excess of +10dB, you will probably have to turn the
output of your Bass down to avoid clipping the input. The jacks will accept
most passive and active Basses.
The N-10 features a 3-band EQ section – Bass, Mid and Treble. When shaping
your sound, always begin with these controls set FLAT (12:00). Make changes
a little at a time. Too much EQ in any band can cause your sound to be muddy,
and that’s a Very Bad Thing.
This control regulates the first amplification stage and controls the gain of the
first stage in the overall system. The compressor automatically tracks the input
level and follows the gain. This is a fixed-threshold type compressor. You
control the compressor threshold by setting the gain higher or lower; depending
on how much compression effect you want. The compressor is also provided
with a bypass switch to defeat the compressor operation if desired. For most
instruments, you should set the control between 9:00 and 3:00 to match your
instrument and playing style to the amplifier.
This jack provides the output for headphones for practicing. If you switch off
the internal speaker, you can use your amplifier to rehearse with just the
headphones. It can also be used as an Aux. line level output to run additional
amplifiers. This output will function as the final master control and the
additional amplifiers will be slaved to it.
This indicates that both the D.C. power supplies are operating properly and the
amplifier is turned on.
The fuse for US operation is a 2.5 Amp. 5x20 MM slow-blow type fuse. In
Europe, use a 1.2 Amp or 1.6 Amp 240v slow-blow fuse and the appropriate
AC connector for your country. Make certain that your unit is set for the
correct voltage for your country.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The unit is set at the factory to operate at the
correct voltage for your country. It cannot be changed.
The Nemesis N Series Combos are primarily designed for personal practice.
Your unit is designed to be played hard and to hold up well. However, it is not
designed to replace, or to perform as loudly as, the more powerful Eden
separate systems. If you find you are pushing your amplifier so hard that you
are encountering thermal standby and shut down on more than a very
occasional basis, you are pushing the unit well above the intended operating
parameters and should consider stepping up to a bigger rig.
Start by setting the pre-amplifier tone controls to the flat position. Set the
Master volume control to 0. Set all the tone controls to 0. Plug in your Bass and
turn on your unit. Set the Gain control to around 10:00 and move the master up
to around 11:00, or to a comfortable listening level.
To sum things up, you will always have the best results creating a great bass
tone around the natural tone of your instrument. Use the minimum amount of
EQ required to get your sound.
It is recommended that you play for a few hours at low to medium volume
before you push your new Combo to the max. This will extend the life of the
speaker system.
Always use a correctly grounded receptacle for your Amplifier A.C. receptacle.
If your fuse should ever need replacement use only the same size and type that
came with your unit from the factory.
Your Nemesis N Series combo comes with a two-year warranty described in the
warranty section of the manual. If you have any questions about your unit, or
encounter any problems with your unit, please contact your local Dealer or
Distributor for assistance, or contact us directly by calling 1-847-949-0444; ask
for the Nemesis Customer Service.
The USM Service Dept. is open Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and
5:00 PM Central Time. U S Music Corp. is located at 444 East Courtland St.,
Mundelein, IL 60060 USA.
You can also contact us via the Internet at [email protected] Visit our
web sight at
International customers please contact your local Dealer or Distributor.
Learn More – If you’d like to learn more about your amplifier (or about our
company and its activities), we invite you to visit our website – There you’ll find articles to help you better understand our
products and the technical stuff some people find so interesting. You’ll also find
our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file, which is updated regularly.
While you’re there, check out our on-line forum. There you can meet hundreds
of other Edenites who’ll be glad to help you with any questions you may have
about our gear. Not to brag too much, but we think our forum is a Really Neat
Thing, filled with Really Neat People. We’re pretty sure you’ll think so, too.
Service – In the event of amplifier malfunction, or questions about your unit’s
operating features that aren’t answered in this manual or on our website, you
should contact your Dealer. Once you and your dealer have determined it’s
definitely a malfunction (and not an operator error) you must call our Customer
Service Department and obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization
(RMA). We WILL NOT accept any gear sent without an RMA, so save the
time and money by calling first, ok?
Please Note – International purchasers need to contact their local dealer or
distributor for warranty terms, conditions and service providers in their own
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