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Indoor Air Quality Equipment
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Indoor Air Quality Equipment
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Zefon Bio-Pump Plus
The Zefon Bio-Pump Plus is a deluxe
portable, battery-powered pump
designed for use with Air-0-Cell and
Via-Cell sampling cassettes at a flow
rate of 15 L/min. Includes:
• Air-O-Cell & Via-Cell flow indicator
• Quick Charger
• 10 Air-O-Cell cassettes
• Carrying case
Product Number: 8706002
List Price: $729.00 USD
Buck BioAire IAQ Pump
The Buck Bioaerosol Sampling Pump
is compact, lightweight and specifically designed for sampling with
BioAire or
Air-O-Cell cassettes. The easy, fullcontrol keypad lets you decide on the
length of the retrieval with the touch
of a button. Attachable rotameter
allows for easy calibration. Both LED and audible alarm provide confirmation of end-of-sample or depleted battery.
• Select from 5-20 L/min
• Full-Control keypad for unattended time settings of
either 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes
• Easy Calibration
• 5 hours of continuous operation (at 15 L/min)
• Audible alarm to signal end of sample or low battery
• Comes with standard charger
• Optional Fast charger available
Product Number: 8706003 List Price: $579.00 USD
Buck BioSlide Sampling Pump
The BUCK BioSlide™ Model B1020
Sampling Pump is a compact, lightweight 10-20 LPM controlled flow
sampling pump for bioaerosol sampling. The easy, full-control keypad
lets you perform unattended time
programmed (1, 2, 5, or 10 minute)
samples, perform easy calibrations
without tools, or perform manual
timed sampling at the touch of a button. Includes:
• Calibrated Rotameter
• Accepts Impaction-Gel Slides or generic greased slides
• Five hour run time at 15 LPM
• Optional FastOne™ Charger
• End-of-cycle and Battery Levelaudible & visual alarms
• Tripod mount for area sampling
Product Number: 8706100 List Price: $699.00 USD
Designed specifically for IAQ sampling, this little pump packs a
lot of power. The E-Lite pump produces a high volume of vacuum airflow. Set the rotameter to the flow desired, and use this
pump for non-viable mold sampling cassettes, or viable mold
sampling impactors.
This pump is not recommended for use with any type of filter
cassettes due to the high backpressure levels.
• Adjustable rotameter flow control
• 3 L/min - 30 L/min
• 4 lbs
• 6 ft tubing
Product Number: 8706004 List Price: $169.00 USD
E-Lite Pump with Case
Product Number: 8706005 List Price: $199.00 USD
Zefon IAQ DC Powered
Sampling Pump
The IAQ DC Powered Sampling Pump is a battery powered portable
pump designed for IAQ sampling with low backpressure sampling
devices such as spore traps at flow rates from 2-20 L/min.
• Easy to use built-in timer
• Quick reset to 5 minute run time
• Runs approximately 2.5-3 hours
per battery charge
• HEPA filtered exhaust
• Telescoping sampling stand that extends to a height of 36"
• Weight - 18.8 lbs (8.5 kg) (incl. charger and sampling stand)
Product Number: 8704209 List Price: $649.00 USD
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C A L I B R AT I O N & A C C E S S O R I E S
TSI Primary Calibrator 4046
The TSI 4046 Primary Calibrator
is a portable, battery-operated
unit that is lightweight, easy to
use and accurate within 2% of
reading. Volumetric flow rate is
displayed continuously so
adjustments to pump flow can
be made in real-time.
• Provides continuous real-time volumetric flow rate readings
• Flow ranges 2.5 - 300 L/min
• Comes with a NIST traceable calibration certificate
Product Number: 8703916 List Price: $1090.00 USD
Pump Timer
Control up to 4 pumps with this countdown timer! Just plug in your pump(s)
to one of the four power outlets, set the
timer and press start. It's that easy!
Product Number: 8706900
List Price: $199.00 USD
Advanced Sampling
Tripod Stand
Compatible with Zefon Bio-Pump
Plus, Buck BioAire, Buck BioSlide
and all viable impactors.
Product Number: 8706902
List Price: $40.00 USD
Bio-Pump Car Charger
Product Number: 8706905
List Price: $69.00 USD
Bio-Pump Primary Calibrator
Use the Bio-Pump bubble tube as a
Primary Standard calibration unit.
Product Number: 8704200
List Price: $175.00 USD
Air-O-Cell Flow Indicator
Replacement flow Indicators for
Zefon Bio-Pump Plus.
Product Number: 8704201
List Price: $40.00 USD
Bios Defender 510/520
Primary Calibrator
The Bios Defender is the next
generation Drycal DC-Lite dry flow
meter design that provides users
with a primary flow standard for
industrial hygiene, environmental
and laboratory applications.
• Integrated temperature sensors
and pressure transducers –
placed directly in the flow
stream for optimum
standardized results (Bios Defender 520)
• Navigation menu and a large, illuminated graphical display with
zoom feature, rated for extreme cold operation, down to -20° C
• Choose between flow units – mL, L, cc, or cfm
• Take individual readings, continuous hands-free readings, or set to
read in time intervals, anywhere from one minute up to sixty
minutes between readings
• Available in two models for application expansion – use the Bios
Defender 510 to calibrate personal air samplers and other
volumetric instruments, or the Bios Defender 520 "three-in-one"
to calibrate volumetric instruments, record ambient temperature
and pressure conditions for your audit trail, or calibrate devices in
mass flow
• Software – an integrated serial PC interface and software for
bullet-proof transfer of flow data to a text file, and automatic
recording and graphing of flow measurements. A software upgrade
is available for the creation of air sampler profiles, sampler
calibration data recording and storage, calibration report printing,
and other capabilities
510-H: Bios Defender 510 High Flow, 300 mL/min - 30 L/min
Product Number: 8704013 List Price: $1,350.00 USD
520-H: Bios Defender 520 High Flow, 300 mL/min - 30 L/min
Product Number: 8704016 List Price: $1,550.00 USD
Mini-BUCK M-30B
The Primary Flow miniBUCK Calibrator model
M-30B is an industry
first for day-to-day flow
verification and calibration of your microbial air
sampling pumps which
require 1/2" hoses to
minimize backpressure.
The mini-BUCK Calibrator model M-30B automatically displays averaged readings of volumetric flow and is NIST traceable with a display
accuracy of ± 0.5%.
• Instant readout of volumetric flow rate
• One button control for fast, easy one-hand operation
• Works at any altitude without correction, resistant to temperature
• Microprocessor controlled for fast, accurate, repeatable
• Rechargeable, replaceable battery with 8 hr continuous use rating
Product Number: 8704010 List Price: $970.00 USD
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The Air-O-Cell is a unique air sampling
cassette specifically designed for the
rapid collection of a wide range of airborne aerosols including mold spores,
pollen, insect parts, skin cell fragments,
fibers (e.g. asbestos, fiberglass, cellulose,
clothing fibers, ceramic fibers, etc.) and
inorganic particulates, ceramic fibers, fly
ash, copier toner, etc.). The Air-O-Cell® collects both viable and nonviable sample specimens.
10 Pk Product Number: 8715302 List Price: $55.00 USD
50 Pk Product Number: 8715301B List Price: $199.00 USD
Wall Adaptors Product Number: 8715900 List Price: $1.00 USD
Mold Snap
The Zefon Mold Snap is designed to
operate at a flow rate of 5 L/min for
optimal collection efficiency. Cassettes
should be stored at temperatures
between 50° - 80° F.
Individual Cassettes
Product Number: 8715304
1-9: $7.00 USD
10-30: $6.00 USD
31+: $5.00 USD
50 Pk Product Number: 8715304B List Price: $189.00 USD
PCR Analysis
Real-Time Q-PCR is a fast, accurate and
sensitive DNA-based analytical method for
identifying and quantifying molds to the
species level.
Individual Cassettes
Product Number: 8715309
List Price: $5.00
AGAR Plates - FREE to EMSL Customers, Call for Details
Product Number: 8714001
TSA with Blood
Product Number: 8714002
Product Number: 8714003
Product Number: 8714004
Product Number: 8714005
Product Number: 8714006
Product Number: 8714007
The Allergenco-D utilizes the very latest
technology to deliver the most uniform
slit sample trace in the industry and can
be read by any laboratory that currently
reads slit impactors.
Individual Cassettes
Product Number: 8715307
1-9: $7.00 USD 10-30: $6.00 USD 31+: $5.00 USD
50 Pk Product Number: 8715307B List Price: $249.00 USD
Wall Sampler 10 Pk
Product Number: 8715908 List Price: $10.00 USD
The Micro5 MicroCell is the first spore trap
impactor in the industry capable of both
personal and conventional area sampling.
The Micro5 is proven to have an exceptionally uniform collection trace and is virtually
100% accurate for the entire fungal spore
range. (d50 is less than 1 micron!)
Individual Cassettes Product Number: 8715306
1-9: $7.00 USD 10-30: $6.00 USD 31+: $5.00 USD
50 Pk Product Number: 8715306B List Price: $249.00 USD
Allegro M2
The M2 is a patent-pending two-sided sampling cassette for easier and more efficient use in the field and in the laboratory. Each
cassette can be used to collect two different samples, two identical samples concurrently, or one sample while using the other side
as a control. The M2 cassette provides one-time preparation for
two samples, pre-printed marks on the collection side for standardized counting, and side-by-side comparison of the samples
under the microscope.
Individual Product Number: 8715312 List Price: $9.00 USD
50 Pk Product Number: 8715312B List Price: $195.00 USD
Other media available upon request, Call for Details
EMSL Carpet Sampling Kit
EMSL Micro-Vac carpet sampling kits are
designed for sample collection from carpets
and fabrics. Each kit includes: ten (10) 25 mm
sampling cassettes with a 1" section of tubing
with a 45° degree beveled end fitted to the
inlet port; ten (10) 10 cm x 10 cm templates;
10 sample ID labels and 10 zip style bags.
25mm Kit Product Number: 8715314 List Price: $24.99 USD
Allergen Sampler
The Allergen sampler can be used
with any vacuum cleaner utilizing a
circular hose. After sample process
is complete, replace both collection
caps and transport to laboratory for
Product Number: 8715600
List Price: $7.00 USD
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BUCK Bio-Culture Sampler
The BUCK Bio-Culture™ pump, provides a selectable,
continuous, constant sample flow rate and is simple to
operate. No tools are required. Its quiet operation allows
unobtrusive sampling in IAQ, medical, clean room, public
and residential building applications.
• Flow up to 120 L/min
• 380 holes - 1 mm diameter
• Timing routine of 1,2,5,10 minutes
Product Number: 8706010 List Price: $1,275.00 USD
EMSL VP-400 Single Stage
Microbial Sampler
The EMSL VP-400 is a single stage
bioaerosol impaction sampler for
the viable sampling of mold and
fungi. Made of aluminum, this
device consists of a top inlet
“cone”, a sampling head impactor
that contains over 400 precision drilled holes and a base
section for placement of the agar media. When air is drawn
in through the sampler, over 400 jets of air direct any airborne particles toward the surface of the agar plate.
Product Number: 8709001 List Price: $349.00 USD
EMSL VP-400 Basic Kit with E-Lite Pump
Everything you need to begin sampling for viable mold and
fungi. This kit utilizes the ultra quiet and light weight E-Lite
• EMSL VP-400 impactor
• E-Lite Pump
• Tripod sampling stand
• Adjustable flow meter
Product Number: 8709003
List Price: $459.00 USD
SAS 100
The SAS Super 100 air sampler is the top choice of the world's leading food and pharmaceutical companies. Featuring a powerful 100
liter per minute flow, the Super 100 is the perfect choice for your
demanding air sampling needs, whether it be in a hospital, clean
room, or other place of research.
• 7 hour battery life
• 100% sampling efficient head (down to 1 micron)
• Sampling can be programmed for immediate or
delayed start
• Computer software allows data to be reported
electronically and plotted
• NIST traceable certificate of calibration with all units
Product Number: 8709100 List Price: $5,400.00 USD
Mold Investigation Kits
Mold Sampling Kit - Basic with Air-O-Cell
Kit includes:
• 1 E-Lite pump with rotameter • 10 Air-O-Cell cassettes
• 10 Mold swabs
• 10 Tape samples
• Heavy-duty case with padding • 1 Sampling stand
• 6' Tubing
Product Number: 8706301 List Price: $325.00 USD
Mold Sampling Kit - Deluxe
Includes all the contents of the Basic Kit, plus:
• 10 carpet samples
Product Number: 8706302 List Price: $375.00 USD
Mold Sampling Kit - Ultra
Includes all the contents of the Basic Kit, plus:
• 10 carpet samples
• The VP-400
Product Number: 8706303 List Price: $799.00 USD
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Fluke TiR and TiR1 Thermal Imagers
Optimized for building envelope, restoration and remediation,
inspection and roofing applications. The new Fluke TiR1 and TiR
Thermal Imagers are the perfect imagers for building envelope,
restoration and remediation, inspection and roofing applications.
• All Fluke imagers come with IR-Fusion full Infrared with
MAX, MID, or MIN automatic blending; and Picture-in-Picture
with MAX, MID, or MIN automatic blending visual and IR
• 9.1 cm (3.6 in) diagonal landscape color VGA (640 x 480) LCD
• Temperature range and thermal sensitivity optimized for
building diagnostics applications
TiR Thermal Imager
Product Number: 8710009 List Price: $4,495.00 USD
TiR1 Thermal Imager
All above, including:
• Accuracy ± 2° C or 2% (whichever is greater)
• On-screen emissivity correction
• Thermal sensitivity: ≤ 0.07° C at 30° C
• Palettes: Ironbow, blue-red, high contrast, amber, hot metal, grey
• Voice annotation 60 seconds maximum recording time per image
Product Number: 8710010 List Price: $6,995.00 USD
Fluke TiR32 High-Resolution
320x240 Thermal Imager
The TiR32 allows user to adjust palette,
blending, level, span, IR-Fusion® mode,
emissivity, and reflected back- ground
temperature compensation, and transmission correction on a captured image
before it is stored. Delivers the clear, crisp
images needed to find problems fast.
• Temperature range -20 °C to +150 °C (-4 °F to +302 °F)
• Accuracy ± 2 °C or 2 % (at 25 °C nominal, whichever is greater)
• Sensitivity (NETD) ≤ 0.05 °C at 30 °C target temp. (50 mK)
• Optional telephoto and wide angle lenses available
• Two-bay ac battery charger (110 V ac to 220 V ac, 50/60 Hz)
(included), or in-imager charging. AC mains adapters included.
Optional 12 V automotive charging adapter.
Product Number: 8710017 List Price: $8,995.00 USD
FLIR b40 High-Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera
Built-in 0.6 Megapixel Digital Camera and Picture-In-Picture
function. Features:
• Lightweight (1.3 lbs), manual focus camera with 3.5" LCD
• Wide temperature range: -4°F to 248°F (-20°C to 120°C)
• Instant Imaging function with Insulation and Dew Point alarms
• Focal Plane Array detector with 120 x 120 pixels image
resolution (14,400 pixels)
• Built-in 0.6 Megapixel visible light digital camera with
LED lamps
• Fixed-size Picture-In-Picture (PIP) fusion function
• 0.1°C @ 25°C Thermal
• Thumbnail Image Gallery function allows quick search of
stored images
• MicroSD Card slot for image storage
(1GB = 1,000 JPEG images)
• Complete with 1GB microSD card, miniSD adaptor,
rechargeable battery, power supply, QuickReport™
software, USB cable, lens cap and carrying case.
Product Number: 8701006 List Price: $4,995.00 USD
FLIR b50 High-Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera
Built-in 2.3 Megapixel Digital Camera, Laser Pointer and
3-Step Picture-In-Picture function. All of the b40 features, plus:
• Focal Plane Array detector with 140 x 140 pixels image
resolution (19,600 pixels)
• Built-in 2.3 Megapixel visible light digital camera with
LED lamps
• 3-Step Picture-In-Picture (PIP) fusion function
• Built-in Laser LocalIR™ pointer
Product Number: 8701007 List Price: $5,995.00 USD
FLIR b60 High-Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera
The FLIR b60 thermal imager is jam-packed with all of the b40
and b50 features, plus:
• Focal Plane Array detector with 180 x 180
pixels image resolution (32,400 pixels)
• Scalable Picture-In-Picture (PIP) fusion function
• Laser Marker function, Auto Hot/Cold spot marker function
Product Number: 8701008 List Price: $7,995.00 USD
Order Now: 888-958-8170 or
Lighthouse 3-Channel
Particle Counter 3013
Offering 3 channels of simultaneous particle counting, the
HANDHELD 3013 displays particle count data on its easy to
read 2.7" (6.9 cm), 128x64
OLED screen. Its rechargeable
battery allows up to eight hours
of continual operation. Easily
download data via its USB port
using the Lighthouse Data Transfer Software, LMS XChange.
• 0.3 - 10 μm Size Range
• 0.1 CFM (2.83 L/min) Flow Rate
• View 3 Particle Sizes Simultaneously
• Meets JIS B 9921 and ISO 21501-4 Standards
• Built-in Tilt Stand and Real Time Data Display
• 1,000 sample Data Storage Memory & 100 Location Labels
• 50% Counting Efficiency per ISO 21501-4
• On Screen Data Buffer Viewing and Internal Audible Alarm
Product Number: 8710015 List Price: $1,975.00 USD
Lighthouse 6-Channel Particle Counter 3016 IAQ
Ergonomically designed and lightweight, the Lighthouse
HANDHELD 3016 IAQ is the newest, most advanced handheld particle counter on the market, featuring Mass
Concentration Mode that approximates density in μg / m3.
Offering 6 channels
of simultaneous particle counting, the HANDHELD 3016 IAQ
displays both cumulative and differential particle count data
as well as Temperature/Relative Humidity data on its easy to
read 3.8" (9.7 cm) touch screen. A removable battery maximizes the HANDHELD’s uptime. Data is easily downloaded
using the Lighthouse Data Transfer Software.
• 0.3 - 10 μm Size Range
• 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM) Flow Rate
• Approximate Mass Concentration in μg / m3
• Concentration Limit - 4,000,000/ft3
• Temperature/Relative Humidity Probe Included
• 200 User Defined Alphanumeric Location Label
• Internal Audible Alarm
• 2 Year Warranty
Product Number: 8710001 List Price: $3,395.00 USD
AEROTRAK Particle Counter
The AEROTRAK model 8220 is a lightweight,
handheld particle counter that operates on the
included lithium-ion battery or AC power. The
AEROTRAK™ model 8220 has a 0.1 CFM or
2.83 L/min flow rate and counts in 1 to 6 useradjustable bin sizes from 0.3 to 10 µm. Over
100,000 data sets can be stored and downloaded for analysis and reporting using the
included TrakPro™ Data Analysis Software.
• Data log info., stores over 100,000 data sets
• User-adjustable bin sizes
• Two-level location identification
• Includes TEMP/RH Probe
Product Number: 8703705 List Price: $3,595.00 USD
TSI IAQ-CALC™ 7545 Temperature,
Humidity CO and CO2 Meter
TSI's IAQ-CALC™ Meters are exceptional indoor air quality instruments for
investigating and monitoring building
air quality. Simultaneously measure
and data log multiple parameters to
monitor indoor air quality conditions.
• Measures temperature, humidity,
CO2 and CO
• Calculates: dew point, wet bulb t
emperature, absolute humidity,
humidity ratio and % outside air
Product Number: 8703701 List Price: $1,995.00 USD
TSI Q-TRAK Base w/Datalogging with IAQ Probe w/CO,
CO2, Temperature and RH
Product Numbers: 8703918 and 8703919
List Price: $2,790.00 USD
Fluke 975V AirMeter
The Fluke 975 AirMeter test tool raises indoor
air monitoring to the next level by combining
five powerful tools in one,
rugged and easy-to-use handheld device. The
Fluke 975 measures: temperature, velocity,
humidity, CO2 and CO.
• Simultaneously measures, logs, and
displays temperature, humidity, CO2,
and CO on a bright, backlit LCD display
• One-touch air flow and velocity with probe
• Wet bulb and dew point temperature
• % of outside air calculation
• Automatically compensates for barometric pressure changes
• Min/Max/Average on all measured and calculated readings
• Audible and visual threshold alarms
Product Number: 8703906 List Price: $2,500.00 USD
Order Now: 888-958-8170 or
Protimeter Surveymaster
The Surveymaster incorporates two modes
of operation - search and measure (noninvasive and pin type).
• 5" (127 mm) insulated deep wall probes
• Calcheck WME mode calibration check
• 2 spare pins
• Wood species calibration table
Product Number: 8703002
List Price: $479.00 USD
Protimeter Mini
This instrument uses measuring pins that
are small and sharp, which means measurements can be taken at the surface with
virtually no mark left behind.
• Extension pin probe
• Calibration check device
Product Number: 8703003
List Price: $199.00 USD
Tramax Moisture Encounter PLUS
The Moisture Encounter PLUS is a nondestructive overall building inspection
tool. Three ranges of sensitivity make it
suitable for various building materials
and applications.
• Deep signal penetration up to 1"
• Wide range of readings for wood of
5 to 30% and 0 to 100
comparative for all other materials
• Non-destructive moisture measurement
of wood, plaster, drywall, block, brick,
roofing and most materials found in the building envelope using
3 ranges of sensitivity and Hold Function
Product Number: 8703011
List Price: $385.00 USD
Delmhorst BD2100 w/Case
The Delmhorst BD-2100 provides a
digital moisture read-out using a
2-prong invasive technique.
Three Scales allow for use on different
materials: Wood Scale, Gypsum Scale,
Reference Scale
• Averages up to 100 accumulated
• Set-point alerts you to when a
pre-selected MC is reached
Product Number: 8703005
List Price: $325.00 USD
Delmhorst BD-10 w/Case
The BD-10 moisture meter is perfect
for any building inspection or restoration job. The BD-10 gives clear accurate readings using built in wood
scale and a numerical reference scale
for measuring relative humidity in
non-wood materials.
• Popular analog readout
• 2 scales: Wood Scale and
Reference Scale
• Connector to attach external
Product Number: 8703027 List Price: $275.00 USD
Extech MO220 Wood Moisture Meter
Monitor moisture in wood either directly with the built-in
moisture pins or use remote hand-press probe on hard
surfaces. Designed in a rugged double molded housing construction and is pocket sized for one-handed operation.
• Memory contains 8 wood groups with calibrations for
approximately 170 species of wood
• Measurements can be taken using the pin or probe (included)
• Built-in calibration check
• Complete with remote hand-press moisture probe,Temp.
probe, protective cap, replacement pins, pouch case, and
two AAA batteries
Product Number: 8703068 List Price: $159.99 USD
Extech MO280
A non-invasive measurement tool to
monitor moisture in wood and other
building materials with virtually no
surface damage.
• Select from 10 wood types and
measurement ranges
• Measurement depth to 0.75"
(22mm) below the surface
• Automatic internal test and
• Complete with 9V battery and pouch case
Product Number: 8703067 List Price: $129.99 USD
Order Now: 888-958-8170 or
T E M P E R AT U R E & R H M E T E R S
USB Temperature Relative
Humidity Data Logger w/LCD
This standalone data logger measures and stores up to 16,379 relative humidity and 16,379 temperature readings. The user can easily
set up the logger and view downloaded data by plugging the
module into a PC's USB port and using the supplied software.
The user can cycle between the current temperature and
humidity, along with the max. and min. stored values for.
Includes software.
Product Number: 8702231 List Price: $97.00 USD
Testo PocketPro 610 Humidity and
Temperature Meter
The Testo PocketPro 610 Humidity and
emperature Meter (Hygrometer) is the perfect
tool for performing an analysis of difficult
comfort complaints.
• Long term stable humidity sensor
• 2.5 %RH accuracy with calibration certificate
• Units of Measure: % RH, wet bulb, dewpoint
• HOLD/MIN/MAX function
Product Number: 8702932
List Price: $185.00 USD
USB Temperature and Humidity
Data Logger
This data logger measures and
stores up to 16,382 relative humidity and 16,382 temperature readings.The user can easily set up the
logging rate and start-time, and download the stored data
by plugging the module straight into a PC's USB port and
running the purpose designed software.
Product Number: 8702225 List Price: $82.00 USD
Extech RH390
This Precision Psychrometer has the highest
2% RH accuracy with less than 30 second RH
response time. Simultaneous display
Humidity/Temperature, Humidity/Dew Point
and Humidity/Wet Bulb.
• Data Hold and Min/Max functions
• Complete with carrying case and 9V battery
Product Number: 8703554
List Price: $179.99 USD
Humidity Temperature Pen
Compact, digital hygro-thermometer.
• Simultaneous display temp. (°C & °F)
and relative humidity
• Max/min and data hold
• Built-in self calibration utility allows
for field calibrations using optional
relative humidity calibration bottles
• Includes meter with pocket clip and
3 V lithium battery
Product Number: 8703553
List Price: $55.00 USD
Extech RH490
Our Precision Hygro-Thermometer has the
highest 2% RH accuracy with Grains per
Pound (GPP) and Grams per Kilogram (g/kg)
measurement. Simultaneous display of:
Humidity or GPP (g/kg) plus Temperature,
Humidity or GPP (g/kg) plus Dew Point, and
Humidity or GPP (g/kg) plus Wet Bulb
• Data Hold and Min/Max functions
• Less than 30 second RH response time
• Complete with carrying case and 9V battery
Product Number: 8707012
List Price: $319.00 USD
Humidity Temperature Pen with Calibration Standards
Product Number: 8703551 List Price: $99.00 USD
Fluke 971
Temperature Humidity Meter
Quickly take accurate humidity and
temperature readings in the air.
• Backlit dual display of humidity
and temperature
• 99 record storage capacity
• Quick-response capacitance sensor
w/twist-open protective cover
• Temperature range from -4° to 140° F
• Measures dew point and wet bulb
• Relative humidity from 5 to 95%
Product Number: 8703707
List Price: $179.00 USD
Extech RHT20 Humidity/Temperature
Records up to 16,000 readings for each
parameter. Datalogs 16,000 Humidity and
16,000 Temperature readings with a user
programmable sample rate.
• USB interface for easy setup and
data download
• Selectable data sampling rate: 1
second to 24 hours
• Complete with 3.6V Lithium battery,
mounting bracket with combination
lock, and Windows® 2000, XP, and
Vista compatible analysis software
Product Number: 8707011
List Price: $129.99 USD
Order Now: 888-958-8170 or
Extech BR200 Video Borescope
3.5" Color TFT LCD Wireless Monitor with a memory card for
capturing images (JPEG) or video (AVI) for viewing on your PC.
Captured video with date/time stamp can be played back on the
wireless monitor or on any monitor with a video input jack.
• 17mm (0.66") Shaft diameter
• Camera Pixels: 712 x 486 (NTSC)/704 x 576 (PAL)
• Video Resolution 960 x 240 (avi format)
• 39" (1m) flexible gooseneck retains configured shape
• Mini water-proof (IP67) camera for high resolution viewing
Product Number: 8707007 List Price: $300.00 USD
Extech BR250 Video Borescope
9mm camera diameter and 3.5" Color TFT LCD Wireless Monitor
with a 2GB microSD memory card (included) for capturing images
(JPEG) or video (AVI) for viewing on your PC.
• 9mm diameter camera head with 36" (0.9m) flexible gooseneck
• Mini water-proof (IP67) 9mm camera head for high-res. viewing
• Optional BR200-EXT extension cable available for increasing
viewing depth; 19mm diameter connector and 38" (0.96m)
cable length; max. 2 extension cables can be connected.
Product Number: 8707010 List Price: $349.00 USD
Testo 318V Video Borescope
Testo’s 318V is a premier digital
inspection scope with video output.
This handy tool is ideal for examining hard-to-reach areas normally
hidden from sight. The 2.5" full color
LCD screen provides crystal-clear
video from the miniature imaging
sensor at the tip of the 42" watertight shaft. The bright,white LED
light combined with the autofocus
and sensitivity of the camera allows you to view objects as close
as 3/8". The ergonomic design and magnetic back allows for
convenient operation.
• Sharp image color camera with autosensitivity and focus
• 2.5" high resolution color LCD display (320 x 240)
• Smallest diameter shaft (0.42")
• Composite video output jack (RCA)
• Capture image on any standard recording device
• Clip-on mirror for 90° viewing
• Clip-on magnet to retrieve objects up to 1/4 pound
Product Number: 8709021 List Price: $249.00 USD
Extech 700HD
Differential Pressure Monitor
11 selectable units. Low Range/High
Resolution Gauge or Differential Pressure.
• Three models to choose from:
HD700 (±2psi range)
HD750 (±5psi range)
HD755 (±0.5psi range)
• 11 selectable units of measure
• Max/Min/Avg recording & Relative
time stamp
• Data Hold and Auto power off functions
• Large LCD display with backlighting
• Zero function for offset correction or measurement
• Built-in USB (software and cable included)
• Includes Windows® compatible software with cable,
9 V battery, two connection hoses, 100V-240 V switching,
AC Adaptor, and case.
Product Number: 8703032 List Price: $179.99 USD
Testo PocketPro 510 Differential
Pressure Manometer
The Testo PocketPro Differential Pressure
Manometer can be used to perform diagnostic tests such as Total External Pressure
(TESP) and differential pressure, plus duct
velocities and manifold pressures.
• Temperature compensation
• Magnetic back for hands-free use
• Easily select from 10 units of measure (hPa, mbar, Pa,
mmH2O, mmHg, inH2O, inHg, psi)
• Display in Pascal optional over entire measurement range
• Accuracy: ±0.01 "H20 (0 to 0.12 "H20) /
±0.02 "H20 (0.13 to 0.4 "H20)
• Flow velocity measurement with Pitot tube
(not included w/meter)
• Air density compensation
Product Number: 8702934 List Price: $165.00 USD
Fluke 922 Airflow
Meter/Micromanometer Kit
• Powerful meter provides
differential and static pressure,
air velocity and flow readings
• 99 point data storage capacity
• Colored hoses help proper
interpretation of readings
• Resolution down to 0.001 in H2O
• Easy to use without sacrificing performance
• Bright, backlit display for clear viewing in all environments
• User-defined duct shape and size for maximum airflow accuracy
• Min/Max/Average/Hold functions for easy data analysis
Includes: Fluke 922 Airflow Meter; 12 inch pitot tube; Two Rubber
Hoses; TPak Magnetic Strip; TPak Strap, 9 inches; TPak Latch Tab;
Four AA Batteries 1.5 V Alkaline; Users Manual; Hard Carrying Case
Product Number: 8703913 List Price: $525.00 USD
Order Now: 888-958-8170 or
QRAE Four Gas Monitor
LEL, H2S, CO, O2
The QRAE is a dedicated
confined space entry monitor
with an internal pump. Its
durable, rechargeable, standard
Lithium-ion batteries provide
a 12 hour day of detecting
combustibles, oxygen,
hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide.
• Robust external casing
• Bright visual alarm and loud audible alarm
• Strong built-in sample draw pump
• Large keys for easy operation
• Option of Lithium-ion, alkaline & automotive 12 V charger
Includes Calibration Gases.
Product Number: 8703602
List Price: $950.00 USD
Fluke CO-220 Carbon Monoxide Meter
The Fluke CO-220 Carbon Monoxide Meter
makes it easy to take quick and accurate
measurements of CO levels with a single
compact instrument.
• Large LCD displays CO levels from
0 to 1000 ppm
• Beeper triggers with increasing
frequency as CO levels rise
• MAX Hold function stores and displays
the maximum CO level
• Automatic sensor zeroing and self-test sequence upon
• CO level beeper can be silenced if desired
• Typical three year sensor life; one year calibration cycle
Product Number: 8703709
List Price: $279.00 USD
TSI 7515 CO2 Meter
TSI's Model 7515 IAQ-CALC Meter is a
cost-effective CO2 meter for investigating
and monitoring building air quality and
checking ventilation. The sampling function records multiple point measurements,
and an optional portable printer provides
hard copy documentation.
• Indoor air quality monitor with low-drift
NDIR CO2 sensor
• Easy use, accurate/reliable CO2 meter
• Two-line display shows air quality parameters
• Verify building HVAC system
Product Number: 8703600
List Price: $475.00 USD
MiniRAE Lite
The rugged MiniRAE 2000 is the smallest pumped
handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor
on the market. Its Photoionization Detector’s (PID)
extended range of 0-10,000 ppm makes it an ideal
instrument for applications from environmental site
surveying to HazMat/homeland security.
• Proven PID technology
• Big display for easy overview of concentration
• Easy access to lamp and sensor in seconds
without tools
• Field-interchangeable battery pack quickly without tools
• 3-year 10.6 eV lamp warranty
Product Number: 8703815 List Price: $1,899.00 USD
MiniRAE Lite PID Kit
Kit Includes:.
• Hard transport case with pre-cut foam
• 5 Porous metal filters and O-rings
• Organic vapor zeroing kit
• Gas outlet port adapter and tubing
• 100 ppm isobutylene calibration gas, 34L
• Calibration regulator & flow controller
Product Number: 8703814 List Price: $2,949.00 USD
MiniRae 3000
The MiniRAE 3000 is the most advanced handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) on the
market. Its Photoionization Detector’s (PID)
extended range of 0 to 15,000 ppm makes it an
ideal instrument for applications from industrial
hygiene, to leak and hazmat detection.
• Humidity compensation with inbuilt humidity
and temperature sensors
• 3 second response time
• Inbuilt full RAE Systems 350 compounds
correction factors list
Product Number: 8703809 List Price: $3,825.00 USD
ppbRAE 3000
The ppbRAE 3000 is the most advanced handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) on the
market. Its Photoionization Detector’s (PID)
extended range of 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm makes
it an ideal instrument for applications from
HazMat/homeland security, industrial hygiene, to
indoor air quality and military applications.
• Extended range up to 10,000 ppm
• Humidity compensation with inbuilt humidity
and temperature sensors
• 3 second response time
• Inbuilt full RAE Systems 350 compounds
correction factors list
Product Number: 8703801 List Price: $6,325.00 USD
200 Route 130 North
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
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Air-O-Cell Pricing
Per Box (50 Pack)
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