RADION wireless Product Guide - Surveillance

RADION wireless Product Guide - Surveillance
RADION wireless Product Guide
RADION wireless provides the range, scalability, and exceptional battery life
to ensure reliable performance and superior quality.
Advanced diagnostics and multiple device enrollment options make installation and maintenance
simple and cost effective. With a complete line of peripherals, RADION provides the flexibility for virtually
any application requirement.
A Bosch exclusive
Superior range and reliability with 433 MHz band
RADION receivers seamlessly integrate a wide range of
RADION operates within the 433 MHz band, allowing for higher
transmitters into a wireless network with Bosch control panels.
transmission power and superior range compared to traditional
Using RADION with the latest generation of Bosch control panels
304 to 315 MHz systems. This frequency also offers superior
allows for increased flexibility during installation and advanced
penetration through building materials compared to 900 MHz
capabilities for system maintenance and troubleshooting.
systems, resulting in more reliable communications.
Ideal solutions for multiple applications
Easy installation and maintenance
RADION ensures superior range, reliability, and scalability for
When using the latest generation of Bosch control panels, multiple
many commercial applications, including:
enrollment methods may be utilized to suit the installation
E Banking: Customers can use portable pendants for teller and
manager panic transmission. Bill traps in the cash drawers will provide a simple, automatic report. Add a repeater to extend the range to locations where communication is difficult.
E Commercial/Industrial: Use of repeaters can cover large warehouses and factories without running wires. You can place the sensors and detectors where the customer needs them, not
just where you can get a wire!
E Retail: RADION transmitters can protect portable displays and retail “islands” such as jewelry and make-up kiosks within the store. You can also provide bill traps and panic pendants for additional protection for personnel.
E Residential: Utilizing RADION wireless eliminates the need to run wires to difficult locations such as high ceilings and second–floor hallways. The convenience of a keyfob to turn on or off your system simplifies operation. Bosch's pet friendly motion detectors allow pets to roam freely without sacrificing detection.
requirements, including automatic wireless registration, RFID
entry via any panel keypad, and remote RFID entry via Remote
Programming Software. This also facilitates service and upgrades,
allowing replacement or addition of devices remotely without
costly site visits.
Advanced diagnostic capabilities ensure system integrity. Signal
strength and margin for any device are available on demand from
a system keypad or remotely.
RADION wireless | Product Guide
Keyfobs and panic buttons
Two–button and four–button keyfobs enable you to turn on or off the system with the option to program custom functions. Portable and fixed-position
panic buttons feature one or two buttons to reduce false activations.
Wireless Keyfob, Two Button
Wireless Keyfob, Four Button
Portable Wireless Panic,
Single Button
Portable Wireless Panic, Two Button
Universal transmitters and door/window contacts
Universal Transmitters and Inertia Detectors monitor doors, windows, and other dry contacts. Door/Window Contacts are available in surface mount and
recessed models. RFUN-A
Universal Transmitter with
Magnetic Reed Switch
Surface Mount Door/Window Contact
with Reed Switch
Recessed Door/Window Contact
Motion detectors
RADION includes PIR, TriTech, as well as a PIR Curtain motion detectors, that incorporate industry-leading Bosch motion detector technology for superior catch
performance and reduced false alarms.
RADION PIR with Pet Immunity
up to 30lbs (13kg)
RADION PIR Curtain Pet Immunity
up to 30lbs (13kg)
RADION TriTech with Pet Immunity
up to 100 lbs (45kg)
Specialty transmitters
These transmitters can support special applications, including smoke and glass break detection, as well as high-security retail or banking applications.
Bill Trap Transmitter
Glass Break Detector Transmitter
Smoke Detector Transmitter
Receivers and repeaters
Receivers seamlessly integrate RADION platform transmitters into a wireless network with Bosch control panels, providing individual point
an­nunciation with trouble conditions for each transmitter, and support supervision of 504 wireless points, 1000 keyfobs, and eight repeaters.
The line-powered Repeater acts as a range expander, allowing the installation to scale from smaller residential sites to commercial buildings.
The on-board, state-of-the-art lithium polymer back-up battery provides extended uninterrupted operation.
RADION receiver SD
Wireless Repeater
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