Philips AE 4200 User manual

Philips AE 4200 User manual
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es When selecting the world time, you rotate the world time selecting switch
until the name of the city you want to locate reaches the green segment
indicated as V TIME ZONE.
If that particular city 1s using summer time (time is advanced by one hour
during summer), rotate the world time selecting switch to the segment with
the indication ¥ SUMMER.
The summer time of this city IS now shown on the display.
e Pour sélectronner I'heure dans le monde, tournez le bouton de sélection de
l'heure dans le monde jusqu'à ce que le nom de la ville souhaitée atteigne le
segment vert indiqué par V TIME ZONE.
e Si cette ville est passée à l'heure d'été (en été l'horloge est avancée d'une
heure), tournez ce bouton jusqu'au segment indiquant V SUMMER.
L'heure d'été de la ville en question apparaît à présent sur l'afficheur.
e Zum Wahlen der Weltzeit den Wahlschalter drehen, bis der Nahme der
betreffenden Stadt dat mıt V TIME ZONE gekennzeichnete grüne Segment
e Falls ın dıeser Stadt die Sommerzent (in den Sommermonaten gegenüber der
Normalzeit um eine Stunde vorveriegte Zeit) gilt, diesen Schalter bis zu dem
mit V SUMMER gekennzeichneten Segment drehen.
Die Sommerzert dieser Stadt erscheint anschließend ım Display,
e Om de wereldtijd te kiezen, draait u de wereldtijd keuzeknop tot de naam van
de desbetreffende stad het groene segment bereikt dat aangegeven 1s als Y
e Indien voor deze stad de zomertijd geldt (in de zomermaanden wordt de klok
een uur vooruit gezet), draai deze knop dan tot aan het segment met de
indicatre V SUMMER.
De zomertjd van deze stad verschijnt nu op het display.
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2x 1.5 V
Philips sell this product subject to the understanding that if any defect in
manufacture or material shall appear in it within 12 months from the date
of consumer sale, the dealer from whom the product vas purchased vull
arrange for such defect to be rectified without charge, provided
1.Reasonable evidence 1s supplied that the product was purchased vath-
in 12 months prior to the date of claim
2. The defect 1s not due to use of the product for other than domestic
purposes, or on an incorrect voltage, or contrary to the Company's
operating instructions, or to accidental damage {whether in transit or
otherwise), misuse, neglect of ingxpert repair
Products sent for service should be adequately packed as no liability can
be accepted for damage or loss m transit, and name and address must be
Facts about free service
When service 15 required, apply to the dealer from whom the product was
purchased Should any difficulty be experienced in obtaming Service, e q
in the event of the dealer having ceased to trade, you are advised to con-
tact Philips Service
These statements do not affect the statutory rights of à consumer
If you have any questions which your dealer cannot answer, please wnte
to Philips Consumer Relations, =3 P.O. Box 298, 420 London Road,
CROYDON CR9 30R, or © (01) 689-2166 Consumer Advice.
Please retain this card Produce If service 1s required
This apparatus 15 made of high quality material and great care has been
taken 1n 1ts manufacture
Philips, therefore, give you a guarantee on parts against failures ansing
from faulty workmanship or material for 12 months after date of
purchase This guarantee 1s valid on the condition that this certificate 18
completed and signed immediately on delivery of the apparatus In case
of faiture ask your dealer for further information
if you have any questions which your dealer cannot answer, you may
apply to Philips Electrical (Ireland) Ltd., Service Department,
Newstead, Clonskeagh, DUBLIN 14, © 69 33 55.
The benefits given to the purchaser by this warranty are in addition to all
other rights and remedies, which, under the Trade Practices Act or other
Commonwealth or State lat, the purchaser or owner has in respect of
the product
The Philips product carries the following warranties
C-series HiFr-systems 12 months Compact Disc Players 12 months
Home Audio Systems 6 months Clock radios, portable radios, cassette
recorders, cassette players and radio recorders 90 days
Any defect in materials or workmanship occuring Within the specified
period from the date of delivery, wall be rectified free of charge by the
retaler from whom this product was purchased
Note Please retain your purchase docket to assist prompt service
Conditions of this warranty
1. All claims for warranty service must be made to the retailer from
whom this product vas purchased All teansport charges incurred 10
connection with warranty service or replacement Will be paid by the
2. These \varranties da not cover batteries and extend only to detects in
materials or workmanship cccurring under normal use of the product
where operated 1n accordance vith our mstructions
Philips Consumer Products Division, Technology Park, Figtree
Drive, Australia Centre, HOMEBUSH 2140, New South Wales
Thank-you for purchasing this quality Philips product The document you
are now reading 1s your guarantee card
Philips New Zealand Ltd guarantees this product against defective com-
ponents and faulty workmanship for a penod of 12 months Any defect in
matertals or workmanship accutring within 12 months from the date of
purchase subject to the following conditions vull be rectified free of
charge by the retailer from whom this product was purchased
1.The product must have been purchased in New Zealand, and this
guarantee card completed at time of purchase {thts 1s your proof of the
date of purchase)
2.The guarantee applies only to faults caused by defective components,
or faulty workmanship on the part of the manufacturer
3.The guarantee daes not cover failures caused by misuse, neglect,
normal wear and tear, accidental breakage, use on the incorrect
voltage, use contrary to operating instructions, oy unauthorised
modification to the product or repair by an unauthorised technician
чо = -
Cy MTL AF Tm dy
4.Reasonzble evidence {in the form of a sales dochet or completed
guarantee card) musi be supplied to indicate that the product vas
purchased no more than 12 months prior to the date of your claim
5.1n the event of a failure, Pilips shall be under no liabi! ty tor any myury
or any loss or damage caused to property or products other than the
product under guarantee
This guarantee does not prejudice your rights under common la: and
statute, ard 1s in addition to the normal responsibilities of the retailer
and Philips
How to claim.
Should your Philips product fait vathin the guarantee period please
return it to the retailer from whom it vias purchased In most cases the
fetailer vaill be able to satisfactorily repair 0° replace the procuet
However, should the retailer not ba able to conclude the matter satisfac-
tonly, or it you have other difficulties elaming under this guarantee,
please contact the Guarantee Controller, Philips New Zealand Ltd,
E3 PO. Box 1041, AUCKLAND - (09) 605-914
* Wat wordt gegarandeerd?
Philips Nedertand BV garandeert dat dit apparaat tosteloos wordt
hersteld indien - bij normaat particulier getruik vo‘gens de gebruit saan-
Wijzing - binnen 12 maanden na aankoopdatum fabricage- en/of
materraalfouten optreden
* Wie voert de garantie uit?
De 201g voor de utvoenng van de garantie berust oy de hardelaar die u
het apparaat verkocht heeft De handelaor Lan daarbij et entuee! een be-
roep doen ap een der Philips Service .estigingen
* Uw aankoopbon + de identificatiekaart
De identificatiehgart 1$ Uy: garantiebe=js U hunt allen een bernep
doen 0p de bovenomschreven garantie tegen a.erlegging .an de aan-
koopbon (factuur, tassaton of Lx itantie), in combinatie met de identifica
tie\aart, vaarop typenummer en serienummer jn .ermeld Vit de aan-
koopbon dienen duidelik de sant oopuatum en de naam van de handelaar
te bliken Mocht het nocodzalelik zyn deze documenten aan uw hande-
laar af te geven, den kunt y hem daan cor gen ontyangstt ev.ijs vragen
De garantie vervalt indien op de gencemde documenten (ets is veran-
derd, doorgehaald, verv1derd of onteesbaar gemaa\t De garantie Ler-
salt eveneens indien het typenummer enrof sernenummrer op het apparaat
1s .erarderd, doorgehaald, verde -d af onleesbaar qemaa't
* Hoe te handelen bij een storing?
Om onnodige kosten te voorkomen, raden мл) и aan bij storingen eerst
nauwkeurg de gebruiksaany:1zing te lezen Indien de ge 3ruisaan eng
daanin geen withomst biedt kunt u uw handelaar raadplegen en/ot hem
het apparaat ter reparatie aanbieden
e ...en bij problemen?
B81) problemen amtrent de garantie-witveening hunt u zich in verbinding
stellen met Philips Nederland B.V,
Afdeling C , Antwoordnummer 500,
5600 VE EINDHOVEN (postzegel net nocio) ot @ 040-78 11 78.
Phihos-Gerate sind aus einv.andtreiem Naterial und mit aroler Sorgtalt
hergestellt worden Dieses Gerat wird Ihnen gute Dienste leisten sofern
es sachgemaß bedient und unterhalten wird
Trotz aller Sorgfalt ıst das Auftreten von fehlern nicht ganz auszuschlie-
Ren Im Falle eines Defektes wenden Sie sich bitte unter Varlage des Ein-
kaufsbeleges und des Geratepasses an das fachgeschaft in welchem Sıe
das Gerat erworben haben
Les appareıls Philips ont ete fabriques au moyen de materiau< de toute
première qualite et avec beaucoup de soins Cet appareil vous donners
encore plus de satisfaction si l'utilisation et | entretien sont suivis selon
le mode d'emploi
Malgré tous les sons apportes, l'apparition de defauts n'est pas e-clue
Dans ce cas, nous vous serons reconnaissants de bien vouloir vous
adresser d rectement chez votre vendeur Muni du passeport de l'appareil
ainst que de la facture s'y reportant
Gir apparecch Philips sono prodott con material) dí pama qualita e as-
semblati con la massima cura Essi Vi offriranno un attimo servizio, 10
cambio di un accurato uso e manutenzione
Malgrado tuttt г поз! sforzi. non e esciuso che possano avenite del
guast In caso di difetto Vi preghiamo di rivolgerYi al Vostro formtore
special:zzato, portando con Vor ¡| passaporto assieme al document
fé +
1 я
English —
(1) (- headphone/aerial socket
VOLUME - to switch the radio on/off and to adjust the
(3) TUNING = for locating the required station
(3) world time selecting switch —to select the world time
6) TIME - setting the time
ALARM - setting the alarm time
LOCK — switch to this position when any timing has
been adjusted
(6) MINUTE - to adjust the minutes
7) HOUR - to adjust the hour
(3) ALARM - to switch the alarm function on/off
(9) SNOQZE/»* ~ 4 minutes snooze functionfto illuminate
the display
to HOME - home time mn large figures 15 shown on the
upper part of the display World time in
small figures 1s shown on the lower part.
WORLD ~ world time in large figures 1s shown on the
upper part of the display Home time in
small figures 1s shown on the lower part.
The type number indication will be found at the back of the
set and the senal number in the battery compartment of
the radio
IF Г +5 ; = Main timer
. (current HOME time or WORLD time)
| SNZ = Snooze indicator
ic INE = Sub timer
Era (current HOME time or WORLD time)
ALARM = ALARM time or ALARM on indicator
Battery for the clock
* Insert 7 battery, type SR43 (or equivalent).
Batteries for the radio
* insert 2 batteries, Туре ВОЗ, ААА ог ОМА
* Remove the batteries if exhausted or when they are not
to be used agam for a long period
* Plug the wire aerial in the socket QT)
* Switch on the radio and set the volume using VOLUME
e Locate the required station using TUNING 3).
* The wire agria! must be unrolled and aimed for optimum
* Switch off the radio using VOLUME @)
Choose with the world time selecting switch (4) your
home city or a city with the same time
Set switch ©) to TIME.
Select the required time by pressing HOUR @ and
After selecting the time, set switch 6) back to LOCK
* Choose with the world time selecting switch @ the
name of any city with the same time zone as the place
you want to locate
The present time of this place 1s now shown on the
display as WORLD time. Your local ttme 1s shown on the
display as HOME time.
* Set switch ©) to ALARM position
The alarm time will be shown in the sub-timer of the
e Select the required alarm time by pressing HOUR @) and
e After selecting the alarm time, set switch © back to
Checking the alarm time
* Press HOUR 7) or MINUTE © (switch @ must be in
pos:tron LOCK),
The sub-timer will show the alarm time.
e Set the ALARM switch (8) to ON.
In the display the ALARM indication will be shown
When the time shown on the subtimer reaches the set
alarm time the buzzer will be activated
switching off temporarily
* Press SNOQZEF* button (9). With this button you can
switch off the buzzer temporarily. After 4 minutes the
buzzer will come on again. If you press the SNOOZE/:
button 6) again, the same thing will happen.
switching off permanently
* To switch off the buzzer permanently you press etther
the HOUR @) button or the MINUTE @ button or you
set switch 6) to ALARM and back to LOCK
* You may also switch off the buzzer by setting the
ALARM switch to OFF. If you want to be woken
agan the next day, then you must reset this switch to
if you fail to switch off the alarm yourself, then the alarm
call will always stop automatically after 1 mmute.
This set complies with the radio interference reguirements
of the European Community.
! =
Tata lly
In Belge en Luxemburg gelden wisluitend de garantiebepalingen die in
het door uw handelaar verstrekte garantiebevyrs staan aangegeven
» Voor Belgie
Indten u na de aankoop van een of ander Philips apparaat problemen
heeft met byv de vvaarborg, de vverking, of het gebruik ervan, en indien
de verdeler die u deze apparaten verkocht heeft moeikheden ondervindt
om deze problemen op te lossen, stelt u zich dan telefonisch of schrifte-
lyk in verbinding met onze dienst "K/anten Kontakt’,
de Brouckereplein 2, 1000 - BRUSSEL - E: 02/211 91 11
Pour les conditions de garantie en Belgique et Luxembourg vevillez vous
reférer a la carte de garantie que ie revendeur doit vous remettre
* Pour la Belgique
S1 apres l'achat de l'un ou l'autre appareil Phihps vous avez des pra-
blemes concernant par exemple la garantie, le fonctronnement où l'utils-
sation de ces appareils et que le distributeur qui vous à vendu ces
appareils eprouve des difficultés pour les resoudre, prenez contact, soit
par téléphone, soit par ecrit avec notre service ‘Contact Clientèle’
Place de Brouckère 2, 1000 - BRUXELLES - © 02/211 91 11
Cet appareil a ete fabriqué avec le souci de vous donner entiere
satisfaction PHILIPS fournira gratuitement au vendeur les pieces deta-
chees necessaires a sa reparation pendant les periodes suivantes,
chacune prenant effet à compter de la date de vente
—6 mois pour les magnétophones a cassette portatifs, les recepteurs ra-
dio portatifs, les radiocassettes, les radio-reveils et les électrophones,
—12 mois pour les radiocassettes equipes de la fonction Compact Disc et
les baladeurs Compact Disc,
—12 mois pour les apparesis entrant dans la composition d'une chaîne
electro-acoustique, y compris les chaînes compactes statronnalres équi-
pés d'au moins deux sources sonores,
sauf st la détérioration résulte d'une cause etrangère a l'appareil ou du
non respect des prescriptions d'utilisation
Vous beneficierez en tout etat de cause des dispositions des art 1641 et
suivants du Code Civil relatifs à la garantie legale
Pour tout conseil ou intervention, adressez-vous a votre vendeur
Pour tout renseignement complementaire, vous pouvez vous adresser a la
succursale Phihps la plus proche
Soucieux d’ameliorer continuellement la qualite de nos produits, nous
nous reseryons le droit d'en modifier à tout moment les caractéristiques
PHILIPS Electronique Domestique - Société en nom collectif
RCS NANTERRE B 333 760 833
64, Rue Carnot -H3 B.P. 306 - 92 156 SURESNES Cedex
Informations Consommateurs: © (16-1) 64 80 54 54
Philips-Gerate sind Markenartikel, die mit grofSter Prazision nach modern-
sten Fertigungsmethoden und mit emem Hochstmal an Sorgfait herge-
stellt werden Das Gerat wırd Ihnen aute Dienste leisten, vorausgesetzt
daß Sıe es sachgemaß bedienen und unterhalten
Trotz aller Sorgfalt ıst das Auftreten von Fehlern nıcht auszuschließen Ihr
Partaer fur die Behebung derartıger Fehler 151 Ihr Fachhandler, bei dem
das Gerat erworben wurde Falls eın Reklamationsfall eintritt, wenden
Sie sich bitte unter Vorlage des Emkaufsbeleges und des Geratepasses
an Ihren Fachhandler
Questo apparecchio e stato realizzato con material dr prima qualita €
costruita con la massima cura La Philips comunque fornisce all acguiren-
te una Garanzia di buon funzionamento secondo le condiziont stabilite
dali ANIE
Tale Garanzia decorre dalla data di acquisto ed ha la durata dt 6 mesi.
Per aver dintto alla Garanzia e necessario che questo certificato riportr
datr di Nodeilo e Matricola delrapparecchio, la data dí acquisto ed il
timbro del nvenditore, 2noltre per tutti gl. apparecchi per 1 quali & prevista
la ricevuta fiscale' [o altro documento di consegnaj tl documento stesso
dovrá essere conservato con questo certificato a certificazitone della data
In caso di necessitá 1l prodotto dovra essere fatto регуепие al Centro di
Assistenza pi vici no | cur recapito e pubblicato sught elenchi telefonici
della zona di residenza alla voce Philips
Per questo apparecchio Philips offre un Abbonamento all'Assistenza Tec-
nica Per informaztoni nvolgers: ar Centri di Assistenza o al servizio Con-
sumator Philips
Philips S.p.A., Viale le Fulvio Testi 327, 20162 MILANO
D 1678-20026
In Osterreich ist die Gevvahrierstung fur Vertrage zvascren Handler und
Kaufer gesetzlich geregelt Zur Geltendmachung des Gewahrleistungsan-
spruches dient der Kaufpeleg
Die Osterreichische Philips Industrie GmbH unterstutzt die Gewahrler-
stungsverp lichtung lhres Handlers tur Neugerate, die der Handel uber
die Osterre chische Prilips Industre GmbH bzvz Horny Vertiebsgmbh be-
zogen hat, Jadurch, daß fur den Kaufer mnerhalb von 6 R.ionaten ab Ver-
kaufsdatum Funktronsmange! tFabrikatrons- oder Matericifehter) in einer
unserer Service-Filialen kostenlos, dh ohne Verrechnung von Arbeitszeit
und Material, behoben werden
Schaden, die durch auñere Emflusse, unsachgema3e Behandlung oder
unsachgemaGen Fremdeingniff entstanden sind, sowie Gehausetehler
oder Glasbruch, sind von dieser Zusage ausgeschlossen
Philips Zentrale Kundeninformation:
—1101 WIEN, Triesterstrafe 64, © 0222-60101-DW 1620 oder 1563
—6020 INNSBRUCK, Klostergasse 4, © 05222-74694
—9020 KLAGENFURT, Villacher StraBe 161, © 0463-22397-DW 94
Philips Service-Organisation:
— 1232 WIEN, Ketzergasse 120, © 0222-8662-0
A Philips Portuguesa, SA, assegura aa comprador deste aparelho garan-
tia contra qualquer defeito de material ou fabrico, pelo prazo de 6 meses,
contado a %artir da data de aquisicao As agulhas de fonocaptores nao
tem qualquer garantia
A Pmiips Portuguesa, SA, anula a garantia ao aparelho desde que se veri-
fique ser a deficiéncia motivada por acidente, utilizagao correcta, cau-
sas externas, 0u nos casos em que apresente vestigios ce ter s:da viola-
do, ajustado ou reparado por entidade náo autorizada Tambem sera con-
siderada nula a garantia se este certificado apresentar resuras ou altera-
Á Philips Portuguesa, SA, obriga-se a prestar a garantia referida somente
nos seus Servicos Tecnicos 9u nos Corcessionarios de Servico autoriza-
dos As despesas e riscos de transporte de e para as oficinas serao
sempre da responsabilidade do comprador
Nota Para que 0 aparelho seja assistido ao abrigo da varantia, e indis-
pensável que seja apresentado este certificado, de. .damente preench do
e autenticado, por vendedor autorizado, aquande da sua dquisigao
Se sobre esta garantra necessitar alqum esclarecimento que o vendedor
nao the possa dar, deve dingir-sea
Philips Portuguesa, SA,
— Outurela - Carnaxide - 2795 LINDA A VELHA -x 418 00 71/9
— R. Eng. Ezequiel de Campos, 182 - 4100 PORTO - “Ex 67 26 13
De er nu ejer af et apparat, ис honstruktion er baseret pa erfaring 09
lang tds forskamg
Philips garanterer for kvaliteten, og hvert 1ed t fabnkationen er underkas-
tet stadig kontrol Alle henvendelser om fejl under gara tien shal rettes
til den fornandier, der har udieveret og underskreret garantibeviset,
hvorpa de gætdende garantibestemmelser tilige er anfort Garantien er
kun geeldende 1 kobstandet
De er na e er av et apparat som er basert pa lang tds forskning oq erfa-
Philips garanterer for kvaliteten, men hvis en feil Sulie oppsta bes De ta
kontakt med den forhandler som har utle.ert og garanti-
beviset Garantien gjelder kun 1 kiopstandet hvor de gjeldende garanti-
bestemmelser ma folges
Huis De trenger ytterligere opplysninger vtover de forrandieren kan gl
Dem, kan De henvende Dem tt Norsk A/S Philips, Avd. Audio/Video,
Sandstuveien 70, OSLO 6 - E 02 - 68 02 00
Garanti lamnas pa denna Phihpsapparat 1 entighet med dan garantiforbin-
delse som tilfnandahalles av aterforsaljaren | garantiforbindelsen ges
anvismngar om rexlamation Garantin galler endast 1 intopsiandet
Taman tuotieen rakenne on pitkaaikaisen, kokemuksella tehdyn tuthimus-
tyon tulos Jatkuvan er: tuotantovaiherssa tehtavan laatutarkkaiun vuoksi
Philips takaa tuotteensa laadun
Tarkemma” tredot takuuehdorsta saat Pailips-myjalta tar alla olevasta
Oy Philips AB, Sinikalliontie 3, 02630 ESPOO - (358-0)-50261
E-3 Oy Philips AB, Р.О. Box 75, 02631 ESPOO
ew wm WE =
pre — о =
— — A Ed Bin rs — WER EC Ps —
lr A AV UE “Sy vag
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