Philips AJ 3015/04 User manual

Philips AJ 3015/04 User manual
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Al 3015 Clock Radio
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Declaración de conformidad con normas
El que suscribe, en nombre y representación de:
Philips H.K. Ltd. Consumer Electronics Factory
declara, bajo su propia responsabilidad, que el
equipo: Clock radio
fabricado por: Consumer Electronics Factory
en: Far East
marca: PHILIPS
modelos: AJ 3015
objeto de esta declaración, cumple con la normativa
siguiente: Reglamento sobre Perturbaciones Ra-
dioeléctricas, Real Decreto 138/1989, Anexo
V.Hecho en: Hong Kong, 01-07-1993
Nombre: K.B. Wong
Función: Product Safety Officer
México NOM
Es necesario que lea cuidadosamente su
instructivo de manejo
No abrir, riesgo de choque eléctrico
Verifique que el voltaje de ali
sea el requerido para su aparato
Para evitar el riesgo de choque eléctrico, no quite la tapa.
En caso de requerir servicio, dirijase al personal calificado.
TIME SET @)- —,
ALARM - \ \N,
,----- <P VOLTAGE
(1) HOUR button - for setting the hours
(2) TIME SET switch:
— TIME - for setting the time
— RUN - normal position
— ALARM - for setting the alarmtime
@ MIN button - for setting the minutes
(® ALARM RESET button - to switch off the alarm
for 24 hours
@ RADIO ON button - to switch on radio function
© ALARM switch:
- RADIO - for waking up by radio
- BUZZER - for waking up by buzzer and radio
— OFF - alarm off
(» TUNING dial - for locating the required station
BAND switch - for selecting wavebands
(9) VOLUME control - for adjusting the volume
— To switch off alarm temporarily
— To switch off the radio
ay Clock display with ALARM- and PM- indicator
(2 VOLTAGE selector (not on all versions)
The clock radio is suitable for connection to a 220-
230 V / 50 Hz power supply (for Great Britain 240 V /
50 Hz). If the set is equipped with a VOLTAGE se-
lector, set this selector to the local mains voltage.
As soon as the power plug 1s put into the wall
outlet, the numbers on the display will start to flash.
This means that you must set the correct time.
To disconnect the set from the mains completely,
withdraw the mains plug from the wall outlet.
Important notes for users in the U.K.:
Mains plug
Tris acpsratus 1s fitte 3 vorh an eeproved mou'ded 13 Ámp ova
To chance a fuse in-ttrs t, pe of plug proceedas fo"o.s
1 Remove fuze co.erard fuse
2 Fiore fusevinchshou'd te 3 8BS1362 5 AMP ASTA or
251 approved typ:
3 Refit the fuse co. ег
It the fitted plug is not suiteb'e tor your sect et outlets, it
rhou'd te cutort and an spprograte plug fitted in its place
If tne mains plug contains ¢ fuse, this shou'd have à va'ue of 5
A lf 2 plug vathout a fuse 13 used, the fuse at the oaistrbuton
tard should not be greater than 5 A
Tne severed o'vg must te disposed off to avo da poss ble
ches! pszacd shou'dit te nesrtedinto s 13 Ascoetelss.nrare
How to connect a plug
Tao vares in the mains lesd are co'oured in accordance with
the fol' code blue = neutral (IN), brown = he tE)
25 these co'ours may rot correscana vath the colour marairgs
Centfyna the termirals in your plug, proceed as follows
1 Connectthe b'ue «ire to the terminal marked N or co'oLred
oque or bach
2 Connect the bro to the term nal marred Lor
coloured bron Cr red
3 Donotconrect ether vare tC the earth terminal in the pus,
Mmásixed E or! a” co'oured areen e” green-and-y eliowy
Before rep'scra the pluo cover make селат that the cord
arip 15 c'amped over the sheath of the lead - not simpy
the Lo ares
If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician
You may use this clock radio simply as a radio.
e Set the TIME SET switch O) to RUN.
* Press RADIO ON button © to switch the radio on.
After 59 minutes the radio will be switched off
e Select the waveband using the BAND switch (5).
e Locate the required transmitter using the
TUNING dial 7).
e Set the volume using the VOLUME switch (9).
You can switch off the radio before the slumbertime
(59 minutes) has elapsed:
* Press the RADIO OFF button (0.
Clock display
The clock indicates the time on the display. In case
of 12-hour clock system, the PM-indicator will hght
up {on=PM, off=AM). The ALARM indicator lights
up when you switch on the alarm.
The luminous intensity of the display figures can
be adjusted with the BRIGHTNESS HIGH/LOW
switch (3.
Adjusting the time
e Set the TIME SET switch @) to TIME
e Set the correct time using the MINUTE @) and
HOUR ©) buttons.
e Set the TIME SET switch @) to RUN.
e Set the TIME SET switch @ to ALARM,
e Set the correct alarmtime using the MINUTE (3)
and HOUR (1) buttons.
e Set the TIME SET switch () to RUN.
The clock radio can wake you up in 2 ways
Wake by radio
e [Make sure the volume of the radio 1s loud
enough to wake you.
e Set ALARM switch (6 to RADIO.
e You will be vwoken by the radio at the set alarm
Wake by buzzer and radio
* Set ALARM switch (6) to BUZZER.
e At the set alarm time you will be woken up by
the buzzer and the radio.
- еее но = a mam
E LN AE cm
You can switch off the alarm in 3 ways:
Switching off the alarm for 9 minutes
* Press the REPEAT ALARM button ©. With this
switch you temporarily switch off the alarm. After
nine minutes the alarm (radio or buzzer) will sound
again. If you press the REPEAT ALARM button
again, the same will happen again. If the REPEAT
ALARM button (5 is not pressed again, the alarm
Will switch itself off after 1 hour and 59 minutes.
The following day the alarm signal will sound
again at the set alarm time.
Switching off the alarm for 24 hours
* Press the ALARM RESET button O). The alarm is
now switched off for 24 hours and will sound
again the next day at the same time.
Switching off the alarm completely
* Set the ALARM switch © to OFF On the display
the ALARM indicator will disappear and the
alarm will be switched off. If you wish to be
woken the following day again, you must reset
the ALARM switch to RADIO or BUZZER before
going to sleep.
The clock radio has a built-in slumber function.
This function enables you to listen to the radio
before you fall asleep. You will not have to switch
off the clock radio yourself. This will take place
Slumber time
The time you listen to the radio before you fall
asleep is called the slumber time. The slumber
time is 59 minutes.
If you wish to slumber, carry out the following:
* Make sure the TIME SET switch @ is set to RUN.
* Press the RADIO ON button ®. The display will
show a slumber time of 59 minutes..
Slumber off
You can switch off the radio before the slumber
time has elapsed:
* Press the RADIO OFF button 4 and the radio
Will be switched off.
—If the TIME SET switch () is in position TIME or
ALARM, the slumber function will not work.
— The slumber function does not affect the alarm.
———ме стоке nr A E
—As soon as a power failure occurs, the complete
clock radio will be switched off.
— As soon as the power supply returns, the numbers
on the display start to flash. This indicates that you
must set the correct time on the clock.
— You can insert a 9 Volts pack battery (type 6F22)
in the clock radio. Should there be a power
failure, the clock will continue to function. You
will not see this, however, because the battery
does not illuminate the clock display. As soon as
the power is switched on again, the display will
indicate the correct time.
To be perfectly clear: Alarm, radio and display do
not work on battery.
* Before inserting the battery, connect the power
plug to the wall outlet.
* Place the battery in the compartment on the
bottom of the clock radio (see diagram).
— Replace the battery once a year. It cannot be
stated precisely how long the battery will last.
This depends completely on how often and for
how long the power supply fails. This varies from
country to country or even region to region.
—|f you do not intend to use the clock radio for a
long time, it is recommended to remove the plug
from the wall socket. In addition to this, it is
advisable to remove the battery from the clock
radio. This will prevent any danger of leakage and
the clock radio will not be damaged.
— Fingerprints, dust and dirt on the clock radio
should be removed using a clean and damp soft
cloth or chamois leather. When cleaning do not
use any products containing abrasive agents or
solvents (benzine, thinner, alcohol etc.). These
might affect the housing.
— Rain, dampness and extreme heat may damage
the clock radio. For this reason it should not be
placed in full sun or close to heating elements for
any period of time.
This product complies with the radio interference
requirements of the European Community.
The type-plate is located on the bottom of the
clock radio.
— = о == —— - = a --—
a ee ww aw oe
A A o CLA ест A ое mp LA A EE
GE) Guarantee and Service valid for Australia
The benefits given to the purchaser by this warranty are in addition to
all other rights and remedies, which, under the Trade Practices Act or
other Commonwealth or State law, the purchaser or owner has in
respect of the product.
The Philips product carries the following warranties:
— C-seres HiFi-systems 12 months.
— Compact Disc Players: 12 months.
— Home Audio Systems: & months.
~ Clock radios, portable radios, cassette recorders, cassette players
and radio recorders: 90 days.
Any defect in materials or workmanship occurring within the specified
period from the date of delivery, will be rectified free of charge by the
retailer from vshom this product was purchased.
Note: Please retain your purchase docket to assist prompt service.
Conditions of this warranty
1. All claims for warranty service must be made to the retailer from
whom this product vsas purchased. All transport charges incurred in
connection vith warranty service or replacement will ba paid by the
2. These warranties do not cover batteries and extend only to defects
in materials or workmanship occurnng under normal use of the
product where operated in accordance vith our instructions.
Philips Consumer Products Division
Technology Park
Figtree Drive, Australia Centre
Homebush 2140
New South Wales
Garantia para Brasil
Este aparelho é garantido pela Philips do Brasil Ltda e a Píulips da
Amazónia S.A. Indústria E'etrónica, por um período superior ao
estabelecido por ler, Porém, para que a garantia tenha validade, é
imprescindivel que, além deste certificado, seja apresentada a nota
fiscal de compra do produro.
1. A Philips de Brasil Ltda. e a Philips da Amazonia $ A_ Indústria
Eletrónica asseguram ao proprietário consumidor deste aparelho a
garantía de 180 dias (30 dias legal mais 90 adicional) contados a
partir da data de entrega do produto, conforme expresso na nota
fiscal de compra que passa a fazer parte deste certificado
2. Esta garantia perderá cua validade se:
A. Odefeito apresentedo for ocasionado por use indevido eu em
desacordo com a seu manual de instrucdes
B. O produto for alterado, violado, ajustado ou consertado por
pessoa nao autorize da pela Philips
C. O preduto for ligado a fonte de energía (rede elétnca, pilhas,
bateria, etc.) de características diferentes das recomendadas no
manuel de instrugoes e/ou no produto
D. O número de série que identifica o produto estwer de alguma
forma adulterado ou rasurado.
3. Estéo exclufdos desta carantia defeitos decorrentes do
descumprimento do menual de instruçées do produto, de casos
fortuitos ou de forga maior, bem como aqueles causados por
agentes da natureza e acidentes.
4. Excluem-se igualmente desta garantra os defeitos decorrentes do
uso dos produtos em servicos náo doméstico/residencial regular ou
em desacordo com o u<o recomendado
5. Nos municipos onde náo exista oficina autorizada de servico Philips,
as despesas de transpcrte do aparelho e/ou do técnico autorizado
correm por conta do sr. consumidor requerente do servigo
Philips do Brasil Ltda. e Philips da Amazánia S.A. Indústria
Para informaçdes adiciona-s sobre o produto ou para eventual
necessidade de utilizaçäo da rede de oficinas autorizadas, ligue para 0
centro de informagáo ao consumidor
E. 0800-123123 (discagemn direta gratuita) ou escreva para a caixa
postal: 21462 cep 04698-970 - Säo Paulo
o mem aa ——
Cm 0 eg 00 ет еже к ———
Ee rr ———— Tn —
@ New Zealand
Ge México
@2) Guarantee and Service for New Zealand
Thank-you for purchasing this quality Pmilips product.
Philips New Zealand Ltd guarantees this product against defective
components and faulty v-orkmanship for a period of 12 months. Any
defect in materials or v-orkmanship occumng vathmn 12 months from
the date of purchase subject to the following conditions will be
rectified free of charge by the retailer from whom this product was
1. The product must have been purchased in New Zealand. As proof of
purchase, retain the orginal sales docket indicating the date of
2. The guarantee applies only to faults caused by defective compo-
nents, or faulty v-orkmanstip on the part of the manufacturer.
3. The guarantee does not cover failures caused by misuse, neglect,
normal vsear and tear, accidental breakage, use on the incorrect
voltage, use contrary to operating instructions, or unauthorised
modification to the product or repair by an unauthorised technician.
4, Reasonable evidence (in the form of a sales docket) must be
supplied to indicate that the product vvas purchased no more than
12 months prior to the date of your claim
5. Inthe event of a failure, Philips shall be under na liability for any
injury, or any loss or damage caused to property or products other
than the product under guarantee.
This guarantee does not prejudice your rights under common law and
statote, and 1s in addition to the normal responsibihties of the retailer
and Philips
How to claim
Should your Philips product fail vithin the guarantee period, please
return at to the retailer from vhom it vas purchased. In most cases the
retailer vill be able to satisfactorily repair or replace the product.
However, should the retailer not be able to conclude the matter satis-
factonly, orf you have ether difficulties claiming under this guarantee,
please contact
The Guarantee Controller
Philips New Zealand Ltd.
229 PO. Box 41.021
“TY (09) 84 94 160
fax (09) 84 97 858
Garantia para México 1
Este aparato está fabricado con materiales de alta calidad y ha sido
cuidadosamente verificado. Philips, por lo tanto, da a usted una
garantía de 12 meses a partir de su fecha de compra.
La garantiá ampara la reposición de las piezas defectuosas debidas a
fallas en su montaje o en los materiales, incluyendo la mano de obra
necesaria para su reemplazo en nuestras Sucursales o talleres autori-
En caso de fallas en su aparato le rogamos se sirva poner en contacto
con su distribuidor.
Esta garantía no cubrirá las averías que resulten como consecuencia de
una instalación incorrecta del aparato, manifiesto maitrato o uso in-
adecuado del mismo.
Philips se obliga a reparar y devolver a usted su aparato en un plazo no
mayor de 30 días hábiles contados a partir de la fecha de haber ingre-
sado su aparato a uno de nuestros talleres.
Con la presentacion de la factura o remisión de su aparato podrá hacer
efectiva la garantía.
Si usted tiene alguna duda o pregunta que no le pueda solucionar su
distribuidor, por favor ponerse en contacto con:
Oficinas Centrales de Servicio,
Av. Coyoacán No. 1051,
Col, del Valle,
03100 México, D.F.
E 5-75-20-22 0 5-75-01-00
3140 105 20133 Printed in Hong Kong TCtext YS0793/02
- = = =; - + _— -_ "mA — - - -——
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