Philips AJ 3630/04 User's manual

Philips AJ 3630/04 User's manual
AJ 3630 Clock Radio
г °
| Declaración de conformidad con normas
El que suscribe, en nombre y representación de:
Consumer Electronics Factory
Philips Hong Kong Ltd.
Declara, bajo su propia responsabilidad, que el
equipo: Radio reloj
fabricado por: Consumer Electronics Factory
en: Far East
marca: Philips
modelo: AJ 3630
Objeto de esta declaración, cumple con la
normativa siguiente: Reglamento sobre
Perturbaciones Radioeléctricas,
Real Decreto 138/1989, Anexo V.
Hecho en: Hong Kong, 01-07-1993
Nombre: K.B. Wong
Cargo: Product Safety Officer
\— 7
+ м
@= México
Verifique que el voltaje de ali
sea el requerido para suaparato — |
Para evitar el riesgo de choque eléctrico, no quite la tapa.
En caso de requerir servicio, dirijase al persona! calificado.
Es necesario que lea cuidadosamente su
instructivo de manejo.
Typeskylt findes pá undersiden af apparaten.
aD Typeskylt finnes pá apparatens underside.
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ке сы ее ce TT A A RE о — чт w =
@ TIME - to set time
@) ALARM 1 - to set alarm time 1
(3) 4- fast forward
— OFF - alarm is switched off
— 1-to wake by radio at alarm time 1
— 2-to wake by buzzer at alarm time 2
— 1+2-to wake at both alarm time 1 and
alarmtime 2
(6) RADIO switch:
— ON -radio is switched on
— OFF - radio is switched off
(6) ¥ - slow backward
(7) ALARM 2 to set alarm time 2
SLUMBER - to slumber/set slumber time
(9) ALARM RESET - to switch off the alarm for
24 hours
— to switch off the alarm temporarily
— to switch off slumber function
Gÿ Clock display
— shows the time
— ALARM and PM indicators (PM indicator not all
1 VOLUME - to adjust sound level
@3® Nightlight
BAND SWITCH - for waveband selection
(GS NIGHTLIGHT ON/OFF - to switch the
nightlight on and off
NIGHTLIGHT HI/LO - to adjust the brightness
of the nightlight
á TUNING - for station selection
e Check if the mains voltage as shown on the
type plate on the base of the set corresponds to
your local mains supply.
If it does not, consult your dealer or service
— Âs soon as you insert the mains plug into the
wall socket, the figures on the display will blink.
This means that you must set the correct time.
This apparatus is fitted with an approved
moulded 13 Amp plug To change a fuse In this
type of plug proceed as follows
e Remove fuse cover and fuse
e Fx new fuse which should be a BS1362 5A,
A.S.T À. or BSi approved type
e Refit the fuse cover.
if the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket
outlets, it should be cut off and an appropriate
plug fitted in its place If the mains plug
contains a fuse, this should have a value of 5A.
If a plug without a fuse is used, the fuse at the
distribution board shouid not be greater than
The severed plug must be disposed of to avoid
a possible shock hazard should it be inserted
into a 13A socket elsewhere
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in
accordance with the following code.
As these colours may not correspond with the
colour markings identifying the terminals in your
plug, proceed as follows:
e The BLUE wire must be connected to the
terminal which is marked with the letter "N"
or coloured BLACK.
e The BROWN wire must be connected to the
terminal which is marked with the letter "L” or
coloured RED
e Do not connect erther wire to the earth
terminal in the plug which is marked by the
letter "E" or by the safety earth symbol or
coloured green or green-and-yellow.
* Before replacing the plug cover, make certain
that the cordgrip is clamped over the sheath
of the lead — not simply over the two wires
Switching on the radio
e Set the RADIO switch (5 to ON. The radio will |
now come on.
e Select the waveband with the BAND switch @.
e Select the required station with the TUNING
knob G3).
* Adjust the sound level with the VOLUME
control 42.
Switching off the radio
e Set the RADIO switch © to OFF (see also
— The AM aerial 1s built into the appliance. You
may have to adjust the position of the clock
radio slightly for better reception.
— For FM reception there 1s an aernal wire built in
into the power cord. You should adjust the
power cord slightly to obtain optimum reception.
Clock display
— The clock display shows the time. The display
also indicates whether you have switched on
the alarm. If alarm 1 1s on, then ALARM 13%
lights up in the display. For alarm 2 ALARM 24
lights up in the display and for the dual alarm
both light up.
Setting the time
e Keep TIME button (1) pressed and set the
correct time as follows.
— Fast forward with the 4 button (3).
— Slow backward with the Y button ©.
e Release the TIME button (>. The correct time
appears in the display.
(| PL |
Eo def |
—_ @& ALARM
ysi buy
Alarm time
If you wish to use the alarm, then you should first
of all set the alarm time. The alarm time is the
time when you wish to be woken up. You may
set two different alarm times. This can be useful
if, for example, you need to be woken at a
different time during the week than at the
Note: With alarm 1 you will always be woken by
the radio and with alarm 2 by the buzzer.
Setting alarm time 1
e Press ALARM 1 button ©).
— The display will now show alarm time 1:
e Keep ALARM 1-button 2) pressed and set the
required alarm time with the Y 6) and 4)
* Release ALARM 1 button (2). The display will
now show the current time.
e You can check alarm time 1 by simply pressing
ALARM 1 button O).
Setting alarm time 2
* Press ALARM 2 button (3).
— The display will now show alarm time 2:
* Keep ALARM 2-button (3) pressed and set the
required alarm time with the Y (6) and 46)
* Release ALARM 2 button (3).
— The display will now show the current time.
* You can check alarm time 2 by simply pressing
ALARM 2 button (7).
Switching on alarm 1
e Set the ALARM switch (4) to 1.
— On the display ALARM 13% will light up.
— At the set alarm time 1 you will be woken by the
Switching on alarm 2
* Set the ALARM switch (3) to 2.
— On the display ALARM 23 will light up.
— At the set alarm time 2 you will be woken by the
Switching on alarm 1+2
— The clock radio can also wake you at two
different alarm times on the same day.
— On the display ALARM 13% and ALARM 2:% will
light up.
* Set the ALARM switch @) to 1+2.
— You will be woken at alarm time 1 by the radio
and at alarm time 2 by the buzzer.
You can switch off the alarm in three ways:
Switching off the alarm for 7 minutes
With this switch you temporarily switch off the
— After 7 minutes the alarm (radio, or buzzer) will
sound again.
again, the same will happen.
pressed again, the alarm will switch itself off
after 59 minutes. The following day the alarm
signal will sound again at the set alarm time.
Switching off the alarm for 24 hours
* Press the ALARM RESET button O).
— The alarm is now switched off for 24 hours and
will sound again the next day at the same time.
Switching off the alarm completely
e Set the ALARM switch @ to OFF.
— On the display the ALARM indicators will
disappear and the alarm is now switched off.
* |f you wish to be awakened the following day
again, you must reset the ALARM (3) switch to
1, 2 or 1+2 before going to sleep.
a MPA TA = = -
— The clock radio has a built-in slumber function.
With this function you can continue to listen to
the radio while falling asleep. You do not need
to switch off the radio yourself. This happens
automatically. The period during which you
continue to listen to the radio is called the
slumber time. You can set this yourself. The
maximum slumber time is 59 minutes.
Slumber time
e |f you wish to slumber for 59 minutes, you
should simply press the SLUMBER button (9).
— As long as you press the button, the display will
show a slumber time of 59 minutes.
E Li
e |f you wish to slumber for less than 59 minutes,
then keep SLUMBER button (8) depressed.
~The display will now slowly begin to count down
from 59 to 00 minutes.
As soon as the required slumber time is
reached, release the button.
Slumber off
You can switch off the radio before the slumber
time has elapsed:
the radio is switched off.
~The slumber function will not operate If
RADIO switch :5) 1s ON, because the radio
will then simply stay on
~The slumber function has no influence on the
alarm setting.
- During slumbering the radio 1s often on very
low. Bear this in mind if you wish to be
woken the next day, as you will perhaps
sleep through the sound of the radio.
e Press the NIGHTLIGHT ON/OFF button & to |
switch the nightlight on and off. |
— When this button is in the OFF position the |
nightlight will also light up when the alarm
sounds. When the alarm stops the nightlight
goes out.
e Press the NIGHTLIGHT HI/LO button ús to
select the desired brightness of the nightlight.
Power breakdown
— As soon as the power fails, the whole appliance
will be switched off.
— When the power returns, the figures on the
display will begin to blink. The clock radio is
thereby indicating that you must set the correct
time and alarm time.
e You may fit a 9 volt battery in the clock radio. If the
power then fails, the clock will in any case
continue to operate. This will not however be
visible, because the battery does not power the
lighting of the clock display. As soon as the power
returns the display will show the correct time.
To be perfectly clear: Alarm, radio and display do
not operate on the battery.
e Insert the battery into the compartment in the
base of the appliance (see illustration).
* Replace the battery once a year. It cannot be
stated precisely how long the battery wili last. This
depends completely on how often and for how
long the power fails. This may vary from country
to country or even region to region.
e |f you will not be using the appliance for any
length of time, then it is advisable to remove the
battery from the appliance, to avoid the
possibility of leakage and consequently damage
to the appliance.
— If you do not intend to use the clock radio for a
long time, it is better to remove the plug from the
wall socket. In addition to this, it is advisable to
remove the battery from the clock radio. This will
prevent any danger of leakage and the clock radio
will not be damaged.
— Fingerprints, dust and dirt on the clock radio
should be removed using a clean and damp soft _
cloth or chamois leather. When cleaning do not
use any products wich contain abrasive agents
or solvents (benzine, thinner, alcohol etc.).
These might affect the housing.
— Rain, dampness and extreme heat may damage
the clock radio. For this reason it should not be
placed in full sun or close to heating elements
for any period of time.
The type plate is located on the base of the set.
This product complies with the radio interference
requirements of the European Community
— No sound
- The volume is not set to the
proper level
— The setting of the ALARM
Switch 4) 1s incorrect
* Turn VOLUME 42 to adjust
the sound level.
e Set the ALARM switch ®
- Broadcast cannot be received.
— Insufficient antenna input
e Rotate the set for best
—1n FM mode cracklng sounds
occur from time to time
{especially in weak signal
- Nosse from other electrical
equipment with thermostats
* Adjust the power cord for
best reception
~ In AM mode continuous
cracking and hiss noises
- These noises are caused by
hghtning, fluorescent lamps,
motors or engines,
thermostats and other
electrical equipment
~The set ıs used near a TV,
computer and so on
e Rotate the set for best
* Use the set apart from TY,
computer and so on
— The alarm does not function
- The alarm is not set.
— The current time 1s not correct
e Set the alarm time
e Set the correct time
New Zealand (>
Guarantee and Service valid for Australia
The benefits given to the purchaser by this
warranty are in addition to all other rights and
remedies, which, under the Trade Practices Act or
other Commonwealth or State law, the purchaser
or owner has in respect of the product.
The Philips product carries the following
— C-series HiFi-systems 12 months.
— Compact Disc Players: 12 months.
— Home Audio Systems: 6 months.
— Clock radios, portable radios, cassette
recorders, cassette players and radio recorders:
90 days.
Any defect in materials or workmanship occurring
within the specified period from the date of
delivery, will be rectified free of charge by the
retailer from whom this product was purchased.
Note: Please retain your purchase docket to
assist prompt service.
Conditions of this warranty
1. All claims for warranty service must be made to
the retailer from whom this product was
purchased. All transport charges incurred in
connection with warranty service or
replacement will be paid by the purchaser.
2. These warranties do not cover batteries and
extend only to defects in materials or
workmanship occurring under normal use of
the product where operated in accordance with
our instructions.
Philips Consumer Products Division,
Technology Park,
Figtree Drive, Australia Centre,
Homebush 2140,
New South Wales
es SES EE ae EPA = —
' 1
Guarantee and Service for New Zwaland
Thank-you for purchasing this quality Philips
Philips New Zealand Ltd guarantees this product
against defective components and faulty
workmanship for a period of 12 months. Any
defect in materials or workmanship occurring
within 12 months from the date of purchase
subject to the following conditions will be
rectified free of charge by the retailer from whom
this product was purchased.
1. The product must have been purchased in New
Zealand. As proof of purchase, retain the
original sales docket.
2. The guarantee applies only to faults caused by
defective components, or faulty workmanship
on the part of the manufacturer.
3. The guarantee does not cover failures caused
by misuse, neglect, normal wear and tear,
accidental breakage, use on the incorrect
voltage, use contrary to operating instructions,
or unauthorised modification to the product or
repair by an unauthorised technician.
4. Reasonable evidence (in the form of a sales
docket) must be supplied to indicate that the
product was purchased no more than 12
months prior to the date of your claim.
5. In the event of a failure, Philips shall be under
no liability for any injury, or any loss or damage
caused to property or products other than the
product under guarantee.
This guarantee does not prejudice your rights
under common law and statute, and is in addition
to the normal responsibilities of the retailer and
How to claim
Should your Philips product fail within the
guarantee period, please return it to the retailer
from whom it was purchased. In most cases the
retailer will be able to satisfactorily repair or
replace the product.
However, should the retailer not be able to
conclude the matter satisfactorily, or if you have
other difficulties claiming under this guarantee,
please contact
The Guarantee Controller,
Philips New Zealand Ltd.
4 Р.О. Вох 41.021
(09) 84 94 160
fax (09) 84 97 858
3140 105 2044 2
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