Philips AJ3916/79 User manual

Philips AJ3916/79 User manual
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Quick start
Thanks for buying Philips AJ3916 series CD clock radio.
Our Quick Start guides you through just some of the features on the set.
Please read our instruction booklet to really rise & shine!
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Setting the Clock/Alarm time
1. Press and hold MODE or ALARM 1/ ALARM 2 until clock digit for hour flashes.
2. Press repeatedly, or hold down ∞/ § to adjust the hours.
3. Press MODE or corresponding ALARM 1/ ALARM 2 to confirm the hour setting, and the
clock digits for minute flashes.
4. Press repeatedly, or hold down ∞ / § to adjust the minutes.
5. Press MODE or corresponding ALARM 1/ ALARM 2 to confirm the minute setting.
For ALARM only – Selecting the Alarm mode
6. Press SOURCE repeatedly to select the desired alarm sound among Sound of nature, CD, Radio
or a buzzer.
3. Ways to switch off the alarm
• To activate ‘Alarm Reset’ during the alarm call, press SLEEP.
• To activate ‘Alarm Repeat’ during the alarm call, press REPEAT ALARM/BRIGHTNESS
• To deactivate the alarm completely, press once corresponding ALARM 1 or ALARM 2 untill
CD playback
This CD clock radio supports audio discs including CD-R (CD-recordable), CD-RW (CD-rewritable).
1. Press STANDBY-ON to switch on from clock mode.
2. If CD is not selected, press SOURCE once or more to select it.
3. Lift the CD door to open.
4. Insert a CD with printed side facing up, and close the CD door.
5. Press ); to start playback.
6. To stop playback, press 9.
Press repeatedly SOURCE to select FM or MW.
Press and hold PROG until the frequency in the display starts running.
➜ Available stations are programmed (MW or FM). After all stations are stored.
To listen to a preset or autostore station
Press the PRESET +/- buttons once or more until the desired preset station is displayed.
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