"Best of all was the Kudos, which combined a pretty neutral tonal

"Best of all was the Kudos, which combined a pretty neutral tonal
Cardea C1
The C1 is our entry level Cardea loudspeaker but its build quality and
performance is far ahead of what anyone would consider to be entry level. The
12 litre, reflex ported cabinet is constructed from 18mm high density MDF
specifically chosen for its acoustic properties and beautifully finished with real
wood veneer. Both of the drivers are neatly rebated into the cabinet and the
grille is mounted via magnets to maintain a clean appearance.
The main driver is an 18cm unit manufactured with a cast chassis for high
stability and a coated paper cone; this offers high power handling with a clean
bass response and very smooth frequency response. The tweeter unit is a
25mm fabric dome unit more usually found in significantly more expensive
designs and has a superb quality of treble. It provides excellent integration with
the main driver and this allows a low order crossover to be used for minimal
electrical interaction with the signal.
"Best of all was the Kudos, which
combined a pretty neutral tonal
balance with good clarity."
"Its more neutral tonal balance
and fine grasp of dynamics make
it a musically rewarding partner,
The C1 is a solid and dynamic loudspeaker with an open and accurate
midrange and a subtly detailed treble. It maintains a very stable stereo image
and will play at surprisingly high levels without compression, or distortion. In
addition the easy 8 ohm impedance means that the loudspeaker will work well
with a wide range of valve and solid state amplifiers.
Loudspeaker of the Year, Silver
Hi-Fi Choice Awards '08
"This delightful speaker ably
demonstrates the advantages of
a high-quality standmount, with
fine voicing and well controlled
box effects"
Main driver:
Kudos 18cm unit with coated paper cone and 39mm
voice coil
Kudos 25mm soft dome
8 ohms
350mm x 200mm x 270mm (hwd)
Frequency response:
40Hz – 25 kHz “AIRR” (Average In Room Response)
Hi-Fi Choice, March '08
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