Philips BT5275/41 User manual

Philips BT5275/41 User manual
When using an electrical appliance, basic safety
precautions should always be followed, including
the following:
Read all instructions before using this
To reduce the risk of electric shock:
Do not reach for a Timmer that has fallen
into water. Unplug immediately.
Use Trimmer only in dry condition. Do not
use while bathing or in a shower.
Do not submerge Trimmer in water.
Do not place or store Trimmer where it can
fall or be pulled into a tub or sink. Do not
place in or drop into water or other liquid.
5. Always unplug this Trimmer from the
electrical outlet immediately after using,
except when Trimmer is (re)charging.
6. Unplug and remove power supply cord from
Trimmer before cleaning.
7. When discarding Trimmer, unplug Trimmer
before removing rechargeable battery. See
Battery Removal instructions.
8. The batteries used in this device may present
a fire or chemical burn hazard if mistreated.
Do not disassemble, heat above 100°C
(212°F) or incinerate.
To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric
shock or injury to persons:
ld MB =
1. Close supervision is necessary when
this appliance is used by, on, or near children
or invalids.
2. Use this Trimmer for its intended household
use as described in this manual. Do not use
attachments not recommended by Philips
Electronics North America Corporation.
3. Never operate this Trimmer if it has a
damaged cord or plug. if it is not worki
properly, if it has been dropped, damaged,
or dropped into water while plugged in. For
assistance call 1-800-243-3050.
4. Trimmer can be rinsed under running tap
water. Do not operate Trimmer until fully
5. Keep the Trimmer, cord and any attachments
away from heated surfaces.
6. Never drop or insert any object into any
7. Do not operate, charge or plug in Trimmer
outdoors or where aerosol (spray) products
are being used or where oxygen is being
8. Always check cutters, cutting unit and comb
before using the Trimmer. Do not use the
Trimmer if cutters, cutting unit or comb are
damaged, as injury may occur.
9. Always attach plug to Trimmer first, then
to outlet. To disconnect, turn onfoff switch
to “OFF” position, then remove plug from
10. To prevent possible damage to the cord, do
not wrap cord around the Trimmer.
11. Never put Trimmer in direct sunlight or store
ar a temperature above 140°F
12. This Trimmer is for use on human hair
(beard, moustache and sideburns) only. Do
not use this Trimmer for any other
13. Always store your Trimmer, attachments and
power plug in a moisture-free area. Make
sure the cord is disconnected from the
14. Only use the power plug and other
accessories supplied with the appliance.
IMPORTANT: The power plug contains
a transformer. Do not cut off the power
plug to replace it with another plug as this
will cause a hazardous condition.
Congratulations on your purchase and welcome
to Philips Norelco!
To fully benefit from the support that Philips
Morelco offers, register your product at
Dual-sided Trimmer
Length Serting
Zoom Wheel
On/Off Button
Battery Light
Socket for App
liance Plug
Detail Trimmer
Trimming Com
Trimming Com
Appliance Plug
Cleaning Brush
b Guiding Groove
Full Two-Year YWarranty
45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
This symbol indicates that
the Trimmer can be rinsed
under running tap water.
Put lt To The Test
Like many new products, your Philips Norelco
Perfect Precision Beard Trimmer may take a little
getting used to. If you are using an electric Trimmer
for the first time, or if you've been using a different
brand, take the time to acquaint yourself with your
new Tnmmer
Your Tr immer features a unique dual-sided
trimmer for ultimate versatility with à high-
performance trimmer on one end and a detail
trimmer on the other 50 you can create the exact
look vou want every time,
Throw your scissors away and put your new
Trimmer to the test We guarantee precise,
professional results or Philips Norelco will refund
you the full purchase price as long as the request
is received within 45 days of purchase.
Charge the Trimmer fully before you start using it
for the first time or after a long period of non-use.
Charge Indications
Low Battery
» When the battery is almost empty, the battery
light blinks orange (fig. 1).
» When you turn off the Trimmer, the battery
light continues to blink orange for a few
b The battery light will blink orange more
rapidly if the battery is empty and you press
the ON/OFF button.
bP When you start charging, the battery light
blinks orange and white alternately (fig. 2).
) After approximately 3 minutes the battery light
blinks white only. The battery now has enough
energy for one cordless trimming session
(fig. 3).
b When the battery is fully charged, the battery
light lights up white (fig. 4).
To Charge/Recharge
» Charging, recharging, or using the Trimmer at
temperatures below 40°F or higher than 95°F
adversely affects lifespan of the battery.
b If che appliance is subjected to a major change
in temperature, pressure or humidity, let the
Trimmer acclimatize for 30 minutes before
» Continuously recharging Trimmer will reduce
lifespan of battery.
EB Be certain Trimmer is OFF
E Insert the appliance plug directly into the
Trimmer (fig. 5) and plug the adaptor into any
120¥ AC outlet. Use only the cord provided.
№ Ап adaptor plug may be necessary for
cord usage in some foreign countries. Use
an attachment plug adaptor of the proper
configuration for power outlet.
The Battery Light will blink to indicate the
Trimmer is charging.
Ple will take approximately 1 hour to fully
charge the Trimmer for a cordless trimming
time of up to 60 minutes.
NOTE: After the Trimmer is fully charged año still
connected to the outlet, the Battery | ight will
remain lt for 30 minutes and then turn off
Disconnect the cord and unplug from
electrical outlet.
Optimize the working life of the battery
b After the Trimmer has been charged for
the first time, do not recharge the Trimmer
between trimming sessions. Continue using it
until the battery is completely empty.
b Do not charge for more than 24 hours.
PH Do not keep cord permanently plugged in.
b Discharge/run down the battery completely
twice à year by letting the motor run until it
b If the Trimmer hasn't been used for a long
period of time, it must be recharged for one
full hour.
Corded Trimming
№ Trimmer does not recharge during corded
LE Connect cord provided to Trimmer and plug
Trimmer into electrical outlet.
Press the ON/OFF button to begin trimming
(fig. 6).
ER Turn Trimmer OFF and unplug.
Cordless Trimming
EB Charge according to directions. Unplug
Trimmer from outlet and remove cord.
FA Press the ON/OFF burton to begin trimming.
EJ If the charge runs low while trimming, the
Battery Light will blink orange.
EJ If the charge runs out while trimming simply
connect cord provided to Trimmer and outlet
to continue trimming.
EN Turn Trimmer OFF and unplug.
P Use this Trimmer for its intended household
use as described in this manual.
P Trimming is easier when skin and hair are dry.
P Always comb the beard and/or moustache with
a fine comb before you start trimming.
b If you are trimming for the first time, be
careful. Do not move the Trimmer too fast.
Make smooth and gentle movements.
Trimming with the Comb
P The Comb must be on Trimmer to use the
Zoom Wheel.
KE Slide the comb into the guiding grooves on
both sides of the Trimmer. You will hear a
‘click’ (fig. 7).
The comb will not fit onto the Trimmer when the
|! Те! | nt of
Trimmer Turn the trimming head and then slide
the comb onto the appliance (fig.
FA Turn the Zoom Wheel to the desired
trimming length setting. The setting selected
is shown on the front of the appliance
(fig. 9).
DP You can select a length from 1/64 in/0.4mm to
13/32 in/10mm.
BP If you are trimming for the first time, start by
using the comb at the maximum trimming
length setting (13/32 in/10mm) to prevent
accidentally trimming hairs too short. As you
become familiar with the settings, adjust Zoom
Wheel to desired trimming length. Zoom
Wheel will “click” into position at each setting.
Press the ON/OFF button to turn Trimmer
ON (fig. 6).
EN To trim in the most effective way, move the
Trimmer against the direction of hair growth.
Make sure the surface of the comb always
stays in contact with the skin (fig. 10).
in || hai Г I H
same direction. you may want to try different
optimuna results,
EN If cut hairs have accumulated in the comb,
turn Trimmer off, remove the comb and
blow and/or shake the hair cut of the comb.
The selected trimming length setting will
not change when you do this.
Trimming Without a Comb
Remove comb if you are:
Defining hair lines
b Trimming nape of neck
PH Removing single, unwanted hairs
EB Be certain Trimmer is in the OFF position.
EA Remove the comb by pulling it off the
Trimmer (fig. 11).
Mever pull at the flexible top of the comb. Always
pull at the sides.
Turn the dual-sided trimming head to the
desired position (fig. 12).
— Use the wader 1.25 inJ/32mm side for
trimming and contouring (fig. 13).
— Use the narrow 0.6 inS15mm side for more
precise styling and contouring (fig. 14).
Press the ON/OFF button to turn Trimmer
ON (fig. 6).
El Make well-controlled movements, Touch the
hair lightly with the Trimmer.
TIP: For a comfortable trim close to your skin, place
the flat side of the trimming head against your skin
and make strokes in the desired direction.
b Clean the Trimmer after each use.
» Always switch Trimmer OFF, unplug and remove
power supply cord from Trimmer before
» Do not use abrasive cleaning agents, scourers,
compressed air or aggressive liquids such as
alcohol, gasoline or acetone to clean the
Trimmer and attachments.
№ Never clean, replace or remove Trimmer comb
with motor ON.
b Do not apply pressure to cutters.
b Do not touch cuttérs with hard objects as this
may damage them.
b Use a soft, dry cloth to clean Trimmer handle.
During Use:
b If cut hairs have accumulated in the comb, turn
Trimmer off, pull the comb off Trimmer and
remove hairs by shaking and/or blowing or
using the cleaning brush provided.
After Each Use:
EN Make sure the Trimmer is switched OFF
Disconnect Trimmer from the electrical
Remove the comb and rinse under warm
tap water (fig. 15) or clean with the supplied
Clean the trimming head under warm tap
water (fig. 16) or use the brush supplied.
Allow Trimmer to air dry thoroughly.
NOTE: The Trimmer does not need any lubrication
Cleaning Trimming Head Connector
y Clean the Trimming Head Connector
every 3 months.
EN Make sure the Trimmer is switched OFF
Disconnect Trimmer from the electrical
EX Remove the comb (fig. 11).
Pull trimming head off of the Trimmer
(fig. 17).
Clean trimming head connector with the
supplied brush (fig. 18).
EH Clean inside of trimming head with the
supplied brush (fig. 19).
IA Press trimming head back on Trimmer.
This Trimmer has no other user-serviceable
parts, For assistance call 1-800-243-3050,
For assistance, visit our website:
or call toll free 1-800-243-3050
Online information is available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.
» Be sure Trimmer is turned OFF. Remove cord
from outlet and Trimmer before storing in a
safe, dry location where it will not be crushed,
banged, or subject to damage.
№ Ро пог wrap cord around Trimmer when
b Store cord in a safe location where it will not
be cut or damaged.
№ Ос not place or store Trimmer where
it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink, water
or other liquid.
Battery Removal
b This Philips Norelco Trimmer contains a
rechargeable Lithium-lon battery which must
be disposed of properly (fig. 20).
b Battery may only be removed when Trimmer
is to be discarded.
b For assistance, visit our website,
ili or call toll free
EB Unplug electrical cord from outlet and
Trimmer before dismantling Trimmer.
Allow Trimmer to run until the battery is
El Turn Trimmer OFF and remove comb and
cutting unit from Trimmer.
Remove any screws in the back or front of
the Trimmer.
El Remove the back and/or back panel with a
[A If necessary, remove any additional screws
and/or parts until you see the printed circuit
board with the rechargeable battery.
If necessary, cut the wires to separate the
printed circuit board and the rechargeable
battery from the appliance.
very sharp.
El Do not attempt to replace batteries, Insulate
battery ends by covering with tape and/or
place batteries in a small plastic bag.
El Discard your Trimmer. Do not attempt to
plug electrical cord into the outlet or
recharge the Trimmer after the batteries have
been removed.
UN Contact your local town or city officials
for battery disposal information or call
1-800-8-BAT TERY or for
battery drop-off locations.
Perfect Precision
Beard Trimmer
Always here to help you
Register your product and get support at
4222 002 8412 à
Full Two-Year Warranty
Pralips Electrormes Morth Amenca Corporation warrants each new Philips
Morelco product, Model BTS27S (except cutters and comb) against
defects in matenals oF worlomandep for à penod ol ha years incrr the
date 0! purchase, and apreés to mpur or replace amy defectre product
without charge.
IMPORTANT: This varanty docs not cover damage resulting from
oder mese or abuse, lack of reasonable cre, the ior of any
attachment nel provided veth the product or loss of parts ey Seh
the product to amy but the specified voltage * Use of unauthonzed
replacement parts wall void this warranty
ri order to Оба warranty Service, SIMON go 1o veni:
norelco or сай 1-800-243-0560 for assistance, it 6 suggested that for
vour protéction vou retum shipments of product by rsured mad
reurance prepad. Damage occurring during shipment à not covered by
thé warranty, MOTE: No other warranty, written or oral, 8 authored
by Philips Electronics Morth Amenca Conporation, This warranty grecs
you ESG kepal ngs, and you may абс) hips other nghts wach vary
from state to state Some states do not alza the excluson or imitation
of incidental or conseguential damages, so the above exclusion and
imitations may rot apply to you
“Read enclosed rstructions caefulh:
Manufactured for:
Prahipé Corumer Léestyle
A Drsvon of Philips Electronics North America Corporation
FC) Box 10313. Stamford, CT 06304
This swnnbcd oon the parcschuct’s resmeplade mess © b
me sled by Underwriters’ Laboralones, Inc
Freee à à Hegihered reader of Phil Eiectrorecs
Parte America Dora
PHILIPS 8 à Hegióred brademark 2 Exruciohgos Mabe MW
E 2014 Pralips Electronics North Amenca Conporation AÑ Rights Reserved
If you are not fully satisfied with your Philips Norelco
Trimmer send the product back and we'll refund you
the full purchase price.
The Trimmer must be shipped prepaid by
insured mail, insurance prepaid, have the
original sales receipt, indicating purchase price
date of purchase, and the money-back
arantee return authorization form enclosed.
We cannot be responsible for lost mail.
The Trimmer must be postmarked no later
than 45 days after the date of purchase.
Philips Norelco reserves the right to verify
the purchase price of the product and limit
refunds not to exceed suggested retail price,
To obtain money-back guarantee return
authorization form, call 1-800-243-3050 for
Delivery of refund check will occur 6-8 weeks
AFTER receipt of returned product.
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