Philips BTS7000/10, DS9830W/37, P9XBLK/10, CSS7235Y/12, B5/12 Quick start guide

Philips BTS7000/10, DS9830W/37, P9XBLK/10, CSS7235Y/12, B5/12 Quick start guide
Obsessed with sound
Obsessed with sound
Our sound heritage
Creating the future of sound
Radio goes global
Making tracks in recording history
The birth of portable audio
The CD revolution
Connecting audio
Fidelio heralds a new era
Fidelio defined
Fidelio sound
Golden Ears
19 Fidelio design
Philips Fidelio Headphones
Obsessed with sound
Philips Fidelio Audio
Sound towers
Philips Fidelio Home cinema sound
SoundSphere DesignLine
Awards and recognition
The journey continues
Philips Golden Ears challenge
In the world of audio, Philips is an innovator best known and regarded for defining the standards
of sound and how it is experienced, through the tests of time and changing trends. Since our
introduction of groundbreaking products – from the portable radio and compact disc to wireless
speakers – it has been our quest to enhance how the world enjoys their favorite music.
The launch of our premium Fidelio range is part of our steadfast obsession with sound: in all its
rich authenticity, just as the artist intended. Join us on our ongoing sound journey as we share our
philosophy and introduce you to the people behind it.
Our sound heritage
Creating the future of sound
Philips’ quest to revolutionize sound and how it is experienced began in
the early days of radio.
In 1923, we produced the Miniwatt radio valve – a smaller, more powerful
and energy efficient solution to its current counterpart. It allowed radio
listeners to replace their headphones with a loudspeaker. For the first time,
music could be enjoyed as a shared experience. This was just one of many
innovations to establish Philips as an important leader in audio history.
The Miniwatt’s packaging proudly bore the iconic Philips shield logo,
featuring distinctive waves and stars that reflected the significance of
sound within the company. Together, they symbolized radio waves and
the evening sky because, at the time, families would gather around the
radio set after dinner to listen to news and shows. These were cherished
moments that created lasting memories.
Chapel Radio, 1931.
This iconic radio set was nicknamed ‘The Little Chapel’.
Speech by Dutch Queen Wihelmina and Princess Juliana
via a Philips short-wave transmitter, 1927.
Radio goes global
In 1927, Philips’ next major innovation was the ‘penthode’ – a fiveelectrode radio valve. This high-power electron tube minimized signal
distortion and was the first step toward the sound purity Philips has
always strived for.
That year, the Dutch Queen and Princess addressed compatriots in
the East and West Indies using a Philips short-wave transmitter in a
laboratory setup, generating national acclaim. Encouraged, Philips set
up N.V. Philips Omroep Holland-Indie, a world broadcasting service,
which was greatly received.
This first-of-its-kind transmitter was more effective than any short-wave
station and was heralded as the world’s most powerful short-wave
transmitter. To demonstrate the sensation of radio’s ‘Voice of the Giant’
to the masses, Philips set up amplifiers with numerous loudspeakers at
public events, creating quite a stir.
Philips next developed a compact domestic radio set with a built-in
loudspeaker, which soon found its way into homes all around the world.
By 1932, we produced our one millionth radio set and our hundred
millionth radio valve in 1933. This secured our position as Europe’s
biggest radio valve manufacturer and the world leader in radio sets.
Anton Philips, co-founder of Royal Philips N.V., with the
one millionth radio set sold in 1932.
With its long range, the ‘Voice’ of the Giant’ caused a tremendous stir.
Making tracks in recording history
Philips’ illustrious recording history began in 1942 with the
in Europe. In 1972, GPG became PolyGram and Polydor
acquisition of Hollandsche Decca Distributie (HDD), exclusive
Records and acquired renowned American and British
distributor of Decca Records and a gramophone producer.
labels, including MGM Records and Decca. The 70s disco
By 1950, the company’s record production and recording
craze marked Polygram’s peak, thanks to multi-million selling
businesses were consolidated under Philips Phonografische
records and soundtracks.
Industrie (PPI).
For a time, it was the world’s biggest record company,
PPI played a significant role by introducing the long-playing
bolstered by acquisitions of famous labels including Motown.
vinyl (LP) record to Europe. In 1962, PPI merged with
In 1998, it was sold to Seagram to become Universal Music.
Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft (DGG) – owner of
Today, reissues of music under Polydor Records keeps this
Polydor Records – to form GPG, the largest record company
legend alive.
Philips Phonografische Industrie (PPI) and gramophone records, 1950s.
Brochure image introducing the first ‘pocket-sized’ compact cassette tape recorder, 1963.
The world’s first compact cassette recorder, 1963.
CD-100 – The world’s first CD player, 1982 (Invented by Philips in
Streamium MC-i250 – The world’s first wireless broadband internet
micro Hi-Fi system, 2003.
The birth of portable audio
The CD revolution
Connecting audio
After World War II, Philips manufactured tape recorders for
companies recognized its potential. Philips decided to license
With the compact cassette at the peak of its popularity,
standard for digital audio discs. From 1980, both companies
Hot on the heels of the compact disc came the Philips
magnetic sound and playback. However, the loose reels
the cassette format for free, establishing itself as the founder
Philips was ready to unveil yet another groundbreaking
granted manufacturing rights to several producers, thus
FW-i1000 – the world’s first integrated audio device
made tape-threading a fiddly task, restricting them for
of portable audio and a new format that became the world
audio innovation.
boosting the prospects of this new standard.
connecting to over a thousand internet radio stations.
professional use only.
standard for decades.
In 1974, a Philips research team in Eindhoven developed a
1983 saw the Big Bang of the digital audio revolution, as
Following this was our Streamium MC-i250 – the world’s
first wireless broadband internet micro Hi-Fi system and
In 1963, we presented the world’s first compact cassette
In 1966, the first cassette albums were released under the
20cm optical audio disc with sound quality far superior to
CD players and discs were widely released in key markets.
recorder in Berlin’s International Radio Exhibition. Not only
Philips-owned Mercury label. Soon after, we launched the
the large yet fragile vinyl record. What we ultimately revealed
CDs became more affordable, revolutionizing the record
was this revolutionary product conveniently small, it encased
first car radio/cassette and a portable radio-cassette player.
to the world in 1979 was an 11.5cm ‘Compact Disc’. The
industry and how people enjoyed music at home. Improved
Offering unlimited access to multiple online music services
both tape reels in plastic, overcoming the issue with loose
By the 1970s, the compact cassette was the most popular
team’s objectives: music reproduction of an unprecedented
sound quality, durable materials and ability to skip whole
and streaming of digital music from multiple devices
reels. Although originally conceived for dictation, record
format for pre-recorded music.
quality sans interference and noise; and resilience to light
tracks instantly, propelled the success of the CD and firmly
on a home network, the MC-i250 was the first of many
fingerprints, dust and scratches – were successfully achieved.
established Philips’ reputation as the undisputed global
Streamium products that provided integrated home
As international standardization was key to its success, Philips
leader in audio.
entertainment functions. ‘Don’t dream it, stream it!’ was its
collaborated with Sony to establish the global Red Book
Compact discs at their peak – CD factory in Hannover, 1985.
cooperation with Sony).
forerunner of the wireless speakers that we enjoy today.
apt and catchy slogan.
‘Chapel Radio’
Digital Compact
Streamium Wireless Broadband
Radio Receiver
Cassette Recorder
Cassette Recorder
Internet Micro Hi-Fi System
Surround On Demand Speaker
Philetta Radio
Super Audio CD Player
CD Player
Primo Docking Speaker
Fidelio heralds a new era
Building on solid audio credentials, Philips next created the
range features premium products – from wireless audio to
Fidelio range and began the next chapter in our illustrious
headphones and home cinema systems – all characterized
sound journey.
by unparalleled sound quality, craftsmanship and leading
edge connected functionality.
Specially designed for discerning music lovers, the range
is based on the premise that if you truly love sound, every
The Fidelio is a testament to our continual obsession with
detail matters. Whether it’s your favorite song or movie
sound and our unwavering commitment to deliver meaningful
soundtrack, you should experience sound and all its
innovations to our consumers.
nuances exactly as the artist intended. The comprehensive
Fidelio defined
Fidelio sound
Golden Ears
With obsession comes bold creativity, and this is what drives
Working closely with our product designers and marketing
At the heart and soul of Philips’ audio division are cross-
Today, we have fifty Golden Ear specialists – stationed in
Philips’ acoustic engineers to think beyond the boundaries
teams, our engineers consider important factors beyond
functional specialists and expert engineers, wholly
four audio innovation sites worldwide – trained to precisely
of current technologies to conceive new products and
technological feasibility, taking into account consumers’
committed to creating and refining Fidelio’s signature sound.
detect subtle nuances in sound. They define a listening
refine experiences.
expectations and interactions. This is to ensure our new
concepts reflect the Fidelio values of best-in-class sound,
Our ability to tune in to the needs and aspirations of our
consumers is fundamental to the success of our product
iconic design and intuitive connectivity, before allowing ideas
to blossom into full development.
development. This in-depth understanding is the cornerstone
standard through stringent tests and measurements to ensure
No measuring equipment can replace the sensitivity of
the human ear. That is why Philips has its own panel of
distinguished sound professionals to test all our products
and proprietary solutions. Their lineage began in the late 70s
our product outperforms others in a similar price range.
Based on their recommendations, a functional prototype is
developed with components and design optimized to best
meet consumers’ desires and budgets.
of our sound engineering philosophy, which is to deliver
Through extensive research and development, we have
when Philips was developing the revolutionary compact disc
sound as it is meant to be heard. Our passion for innovation
clearly defined Fidelio’s unique sound: natural and dynamic;
digital audio format. After years of experience, this notable
Prior to launch, our product must pass the final Golden Ear
is as strong today as ever. Our ambition is simple: to be the
true to each sound recording; clear and detailed yet rich and
team has earned the respected ‘Golden Ears’ title.
blind preference test against competitor products. Only
best in sound.
warm, and surprisingly powerful for the product’s size. To
then is it released to enrich the listening experiences of
complement its distinct sound experience, Fidelio design is
our consumers.
qualitative and advanced, exceptional in its balance of style
and performance, with exquisite attention to detail.
Fidelio design
At Philips, acoustic design and product design are inextricably linked.
Both collaborate symbiotically throughout the development process
– from concept to production. Each product’s design and acoustics
undergo continuous refinement and countless prototyping tests
throughout the entire process.
Our design and audio engineering teams work interdependently to
define new sound and design concepts to ensure form and function are
optimized and harmonized. This is part of our tireless commitment to
achieve the perfect balance of sound performance and style, so we can
create the best listening and aesthetic experiences through exceptional
audio products.
The Fidelio range personifies our obsession with sound and our quest
to innovate breakthrough products for music lovers the world over.
Its iconic design is a form of acoustic expression that is distinctive
yet timeless, using authentic materials and impeccable detailing to
convey unique character and engage in a meaningful way. The Fidelio
experience is meticulously considered through every aspect and facet,
from engineering right up to finishing.
Philips Fidelio
Philips Fidelio headphones adhere to a simple
‘form follows function’ design philosophy, while
focusing on unique functions for exceptional sound.
Fueled by new developments in driver technology
and demands for personalization, our headphones
are designed for music lovers who are passionate
about the finer details in audio quality and style.
Every component is carefully selected to meet
our exacting standards and single-minded goal of
delivering the most comfortable, enjoyable listening
experience at home and on the go.
Philips Fidelio NC1 noise cancelling headphones
Hear nothing but first-class sound with the Philips Fidelio NC1
High definition 40mm neodymium drivers deliver
headphones. Our innovative active noise cancellation (ANC)
uncompromised Fidelio sound marked by rich bass, natural
feature eliminates ambient noise, leaving you only with pure,
mid-range and clear highs. This dynamic reproduction
unadulterated sound that Fidelio is known for.
remains meticulously intact thanks to ANC, no matter
what environment you’re in. Your sound journey doesn’t
Our advanced feed-forward and feed-backward ANC
solution features four microphones implemented inside
and outside the ear cans. The feed-forward ANC (external
end even if the battery runs out – unlike other noise
cancellation headphones; the Fidelio NC1 keeps delivering
high fidelity sound.
mic) covers a wider bandwidth of frequencies, while the
feed-backward ANC (internal mic) provides fortified noise
Smart features like a mic with in-line control lets you switch
cancellation. This combination ensures reliable noise
easily from music to phone calls. With ANC on, enjoy
cancellation over a wider frequency range and to a deeper
crystal clear conversations wherever you are. Ergonomically
extent for music enjoyment even in noisy environments.
designed memory foam ear cushions ensure long-wearing
comfort, while its lightweight, compact and foldable
construction plus stylish carrying case make the Fidelio NC1
your perfect travel companion for every journey.
Philips Fidelio X2 headphones
The Philips Fidelio X2 headphones meld impeccably clear
The Fidelio X2’s layered construction is designed for
and detailed sound with true comfort in an iconic design.
durability and uncompromised sound. Double-layered ear
Immerse yourself in your very own personal concert
shells reduce resonance and vibration to deliver flawless
right at home.
sound. Specifically tilted at fifteen degrees with a selfadjustable hammock and airy 3D mesh, your ears are in
Its open-back architecture eliminates air pressure buildup, which greatly enhances sound transparency and
smoothens extended high frequencies. High-powered 50mm
neodymium drivers faithfully reproduce the dynamics of your
for pure comfort. We had your ultimate comfort in mind
when we enlarged the Fidelio X2’s headband, and added a
precisely machined external hinge system encased in genuine
calf leather.
favorite music, while the Layered Motion Control’s multilayered diaphragm absorbs any exaggerated frequencies
Adapting our technology to your lifestyle needs, the Fidelio
to allow balanced and pristine details to shine through.
X2 now comes with a 3m low-impedance woven cable that’s
Complementing the refined highs is Fidelio’s sound signature
Kevlar reinforced and detachable for low handling noise and
of richly warm and natural sound.
tangle-free convenience. Its 3.5mm jack and included adaptor
also give you more flexibility with your smart devices, taking
your Fidelio sound enjoyment to a whole new level.
Philips Fidelio M2BT headphones
The Philips Fidelio M2BT’s acoustically sealed cushions
Two microphones, one for voice and another that measures
deliver every note and nuance just as the artist originally
ambient noise, adjust the sound for optimal call quality. You
intended, while its controlled internal chamber eliminates
can switch easily between music and calls just by using the
sound leakage, even at higher volumes. High-powered 40mm
intuitive controls on the ear shell. NFC technology lets you
neodymium drivers reproduce all the dynamics of your
wirelessly pair the M2BT with your music device with just a tap.
favorite music, delivering rich bass, natural mid-range and
clear highs that make up Fidelio’s meticulously engineered
sound signature.
Behind the creation
From its aluminum hinge system to internally integrated
cables and a headband crafted with rib-woven fibers, every
detail of the Fidelio M2BT is the result of our passion to
The Fidelio M2BT features seamless Bluetooth® 4.0
bring you an unmistakable and unforgettable Fidelio sound
statements. Inspired by luxury design and aviation
connectivity with high definition sound for music enjoyment
experience – always.
architecture – from time-pieces to aerofoil – and starring
anywhere. Indulge in superb comfort on the go, thanks to its
real leather with finely handcrafted stitches, our Fidelio
lightweight yet robust construction and memory foam ear-
Fidelio headphones make distinct but always authentic
headphones feel personalized while articulating a
uniquely premium listening experience. With Fidelio, it’s
pads with breathable materials that disperse pressure and
all about harmonizing the finest details: comfort that’s
heat build-up. The Fidelio M2BT is so comfortable to wear,
lightweight yet enduring, and sound that’s immaculately
you may forget that you have them on.
nuanced yet unforgettably dynamic.
Philips Fidelio
Today’s consumers enjoy their large music collection
freely and conveniently through wireless streaming.
Whether using their portable devices or integrated
sound systems, they demand superior sound quality,
minus any hassles. When it comes to our Fidelio
audio systems and listening experiences, there is
simply no exception to ‘exceptional’.
Philips Fidelio sound towers
The stately Philips Fidelio sound towers is designed to create
impact – in every sense of the word.
High fidelity floor standing speakers
Fidelio sound towers are impeccably crafted. The solid walls
are finished with high-gloss piano lacquer and aluminum.
Each cabinet is seamlessly treated from the inside, to create
Its sleek and compact form factor delivers amazingly wide,
an optimal wave propagation environment for high fidelity
room-filling and immersive sound. No more bulky separates
audio production.
and messy cables to fuss over or add clutter to your home.
State-of-the-art technologies like Bluetooth® with aptX®,
dual lightning and 30-pin docking, plus CD and tuner are
included in the speakers’ stylishly small footprint.
The floor-standing speakers are designed to deliver optimal
acoustic volume for a rich yet pristine sound experience.
They combine the mid-range accuracy of a traditional 2-way
speaker form factor with dynamic bass extensions to support
Our sound towers give you the best of both worlds: chic
the lower end of the sonic spectrum, making them optimally
simplicity that complements any décor, and meticulously
tuned for exquisite music reproduction.
engineered sound quality – without compromise. Our
sound engineers and designers selected wood as a key
material for the design language. An ideal acoustic material,
wood is unique in its ability to combine advanced acoustic
performance with stylish authenticity. Its stiff properties
reduce the vibrations that interfere with crystal clear sound
reproduction, while its easily shapeable characteristics make
it ideal for creating a striking form factor that would enhance
any modern home.
To push the innovation envelope further, we made sure that
such amazing sound stays that way even when streamed
across devices. Bluetooth® sound transmission is common
in today’s sound systems but is often criticized for enabling
average sound quality. To achieve high fidelity wireless
transmission, our engineers equipped the sound towers with
aptX® wireless technology and AAC, understanding all too
well that speaker performance is sometimes limited by the
quality of the source. The codecs allow you to enjoy high
quality music content on the latest smartphones, tablets and
other devices.
While standard Bluetooth® audio uses SBC codec built for
basic audio transmission, our sound towers rely on advanced
aptX® codec to support the dynamically pristine yet
powerful sound that Philips Fidelio consumers have come to
appreciate and expect.
“In terms of delivering quality sound,
sound towers are the full package.
No matter which of the many source
options you choose, the music you
hear captures all the emotion of the
original performance.”
Matthew Dore, Sound & Acoustics Innovation Engineer
Philips Fidelio E2 wireless stereo speakers
Compact and refined design
Our speaker cloth selection process was an arduous one
The Philips Fidelio E2 wireless stereo speakers are specially
designed for music lovers who demand great style and
versatility, without any compromise on sound quality. The
simple yet stunning E2 delivers high-fidelity wireless playback
from smart devices as well as room-filling crystal clear sound
that went through many months, hundreds of samples and
dozens of suppliers. The final chosen cloth is crafted using
a specific ‘knit and brush’ technique, lending it a distinctly
luxurious and qualitative feel that complements the Fidelio
on the goal of achieving astounding sound. To do this within
the Fidelio E2’s svelte frame, we used 19mm soft dome
tweeters for clear and natural sound, and paired them with
4-inch woofers for dynamic, thudding bass. Every detail
was carefully considered, right down to the specialized
speaker cloth.
to sound, design, and connectivity,
we always face interesting challenges
E2’s stylish and elegant form.
when creating Fidelio products.
The speaker cloth not only looks and feels plush but is also
Intense collaboration was required
from their home entertainment system.
In developing our Fidelio products, we keep our eye firmly
“With our no-compromise approach
acoustically transparent, keeping sound from each speaker
superbly natural and clear. Supporting these qualities are
a host of advanced digital audio technologies engineered
to enhance every detail of the listening experience. For
example, Class-D amplifiers with built-in DAC provides highly
efficient audio amplification, with compact SMPS (SwitchMode-Power-Supply) powering the whole system. Our
sound engineers put in place a complete digital architecture
to efficiently deliver premium audio quality that Fidelio is
for the Fidelio E2, to finally select
a speaker cloth that satisfied our
demanding standards of both
aesthetics and acoustics.”
Matthew Dore, Sound & Acoustics Innovation Engineer
renowned for.
These days, most consumers have a vast array of devices
that could benefit from better sound. That is why the
Fidelio E2 is thoughtfully packed with all the connectivity
options any modern music lover would need: Bluetooth®
connectivity with aptX® technology and AAC for CD quality
wireless streaming from compatible devices, NFC (Near Field
Communication) for simple Bluetooth® pairing, and HDMI
(with ARC), Digital in, optical in and analog in for connecting
TVs, PCs, game consoles and other devices. This wide variety
of connection options is cleverly housed in the Fidelio E2’s
compact and refined wood-finished design that will tastefully
enhance any home that it graces.
Philips Fidelio SoundSphere wireless speakers
Philips Fidelio SoundSphere wireless speakers provide both
The speaker features Airplay, which seamlessly plays music
high fidelity sound and hassle-free access to all your music
over your home Wi-Fi network from iTunes on Mac and PC,
from iTunes and Spotify. The speakers exemplify perfection –
iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The Spotify Connect feature
and our obsession with sound – through our constant striving
allows music to be selected on the Spotify app which is then
for uncompromised excellence in acoustic engineering and
streamed directly to the SoundSphere speakers from the
exceptional craftsmanship.
cloud. Playback is not interrupted by other activities on the
mobile device, and battery drain is minimized.
The SoundSphere owes its stunning sound quality to the
patented positioning of its tweeters and the woofer. We
The SoundSphere’s superb performance and striking design
took great effort in selecting high quality components and
are the result of a 7-year research program by our audio
materials as well as tuning the loudspeakers in extreme
experts. The speakers offer true audiophile performance and
acoustic environments, to guarantee richly detailed and
a unique Hi-Fi experience.
dynamic sound – in any circumstance.
Behind the creation
Since the first MCi900 in 2008 to our latest DS9830W, the
Philips Fidelio SoundSphere range epitomizes constant
evolution in sound innovation and design.
As testament to Philips’ far-reaching vision, the newest
creation is an incarnation of our earliest concept –
SoundSphere in its purest form. Although each
generation has seen enhancements in acoustic concepts
and features, nothing has really changed. We are still
delivering the most engaging listening experiences
possible, fueled by our obsession with sound.
“ Fidelio SoundSphere speakers
feature unique tweeters. Released
from the traditional speaker boxes,
the tweeters are free to deliver sound
in all directions. The outcome is very
natural sound, with a deeper and
wider sound stage.”
Benoît Burette, Sound & Acoustics Innovation Engineer
SoundSphere technology
Each SoundSphere speaker features a high-frequency
Cradling the tweeter below is the low-frequency transducer
transducer – the tweeter – precisely suspended outside the
– or woofer – that is angled in a patented position. Together
speaker box. The tweeter’s acoustic radiation is unimpeded
with rigorous crossover engineering, the interference
by any physical structures, which enlarges the sweet spot
between the transducers is minimized to ensure the delivery
for ideal listening. Its position is based on the acoustic
of distinctly natural sound.
principle that if a driver is mounted onto a large (and usually
flat) front baffle, its directivity increases. Conversely, if the
tweeter‘s faceplate dimensions are minimized, the differences
perceived in sound when the listener moves are smaller. This
architecture transforms the tweeter, up to high frequencies,
into a point source that emits spherical sound waves, which
are essentially the holy grail of acoustics.
One challenge was to define the best position for the tweeter
in combination with the woofer, avoiding early reflections
on the tweeter cabinet. Our solution was to make the
tweeter cabinet and arm as thin as possible so it would be
acoustically transparent to the woofer’s sound waves. The
result is the delivery of finely balanced and highly detailed
sound in any room.
Philips Fidelio wireless portable speaker P9X
The Philips Fidelio P9X wireless portable speaker delivers
materials, including robust aircraft grade aluminum for the
perfectly on every Fidelio proposition, from its timeless
front grille, the Fidelio P9X’s appeal lies in its stunning form
durable design to its clear and immersive sound signature.
that promises full functionality as well as wireless freedom.
A stand at the back of each speaker allows you to customize
Conceptualized as a stretched mono block form factor
that conveys understated sophistication, the speakers are
your listening enjoyment simply by positioning the pair at
different angles.
Portable speaker sound technology
The Fidelio P9X is equipped with a total of eight high
efficiency transducers: two high-power 2-inch woofers,
1 3/4 -inch soft dome tweeter and one large area passive
radiator per channel. The use of soft dome tweeters ensures
incredibly detailed and precise high frequencies, resulting
in an immense spatial soundstage. The woofers and passive
designed to create a wide stereo soundstage indoors or
radiator technology work in combination to deliver vivid mid-
outdoors. Finely crafted using real wood and premium
and low-ranges, accompanied with deep and tight bass.
Our engineers also combined a high performance amplifier
with the high efficiency transducers to create dynamic sound
that comfortably retains its impact at all listening levels.
Concurrently, an optimized crossover filter ensures that
sound remains as natural as possible in different acoustic
environments – from small rooms to open spaces, and from
soft listening levels to maximum volume. Whatever your
preferred music genre and volume levels, and wherever you
choose to enjoy your music, the Fidelio P9X is engineered to
exceed all expectations.
The Fidelio P9X also comes with the latest wireless
technology so you can easily stream your music from your
smartphone, tablet, laptop or other Bluetooth®-enabled
device. With NFC technology for one-touch pairing with
NFC-enabled devices, you can stream high quality music via
Bluetooth® from the Fidelio P9x in an instant – anywhere.
“ When it comes to providing great
sound from compact forms, there can
be no compromise on component
quality. Every element must be
carefully tuned to work together to
deliver on the Fidelio promise.”
Matthew Dore, Sound & Acoustics Innovation Engineer
Philips Fidelio
Home cinema
The Philips Fidelio home cinema range brings movies to
life in your living room by surrounding you with Crystal
Clear Sound from every angle. It boasts premium Fidelio
design credentials and combines integrated connectivity
features with advanced technologies for best-in-class
sound quality. The Surround on Demand features
innovative design for discreet entertainment solutions to
suit today’s modern living spaces.
Philips Fidelio B5 wireless surround soundbar speaker
The hit successes of our Fidelio soundbar HTL9100 and its
As part of our pursuit of sound excellence, the Fidelio B5
sibling, the Fidelio E5 wireless surround cinema speakers,
features several sound innovations. Its main bar houses a
have paved the way for our newest Fidelio family member,
larger 3-inch woofer with satellite speakers delivering lower
the Fidelio B5 wireless surround soundbar speaker. Solidly
distortion level and higher dynamic range. We also added a
rooted in our innovative Surround on Demand concept and
premium audiophile quality ‘Ferro-Fluid’ cooled soft dome
combining true surround sound with unwired freedom and
tweeter crafted with premium audiophile quality materials,
flexibility, our Fidelio B5 is the ultimate soundbar experience
which imbues every sound detail with astounding clarity. Its
that will push the boundaries of sound enjoyment in the
sturdy but lightweight characteristics allow it to reproduce
home beyond cutting edge.
smoother and more natural high frequencies.
Behind the creation
Fidelio Surround on Demand came about when we
innovated a way to discreetly tuck two fully wireless
battery powered speakers into a sleek soundbar design.
Plus, the side speakers could be easily freed and
transformed into powerful rear surround sound speakers.
This intriguing offering of versatility with real surround
sound is further enhanced with our latest Fidelio B5
wireless surround soundbar speaker, taking freedom of
enjoyment and uncompromised sound to a whole new level.
“Continuing Philips’ game-changing
Surround on Demand concept, the
Fidelio B5 automatically calibrates its
surround speakers to your listening
environment, immersing you in
the sweetest spot – always. Plus,
Bluetooth®-enabled speakers can
be freed to use in any room, offering
innovative versatility.”
Lee Kheng Wee, Sound & Acoustics Innovation Engineer
Spatial calibration for perfectly immersive sound
The Fidelio B5 is endowed with an advanced spatial
The Fidelio B5’s satellite speakers feature an independent
calibration function developed by our Innovation Lab. This
Bluetooth® module with volume control function, making
innovative feature further enhances the essence of Surround
them truly independent, thus allowing greater control of
on Demand by detecting the listeners’ sitting zone and
your sound enjoyment wherever you want it. The wireless
speakers’ placement and calibrating the surround speakers
subwoofer also enables flexible placement anywhere in the
to deliver the best immersive surround experience, all this via
room. Separate Bluetooth® pairing allows each speaker to
the touch of a button.
deliver Fidelio quality sound wherever it’s placed. Whatever
your mood or mode for entertainment, the Fidelio B5 lets
Smart positional sensors in the speakers ensure delivery of a
balanced sound field, wherever they are placed. A dedicated
you switch, mix and match for the best TV, music or movie
experience in the comfort of your home.
channel in each speaker delivers fully immersive and detailed
surround sound – just like in the movies. Clear dialogue, an
With other systems, such versatility usually compromises
important attribute for cinema sound, is not compromised.
on sound quality. However, our proven success with
Fidelio B5 uses a proprietary sound algorithm to extract
Fidelio Surround on Demand products, combined with our
dialogue content in the movies and faithfully reproduces
commitment to sound perfection, has added not just one
them back to the soundbar speaker.
but several new dimensions to the home cinema surround
sound experience.
Philips Fidelio E5 wireless surround cinema speakers
At Philips, we firmly believe that there is no tradeoff between
Essentially, the Fidelio E5 combines the finest qualities of
aesthetics and acoustics; design plays a significant role in
a high performance music system with a state-of-the-art
enhancing sound quality. As such, the Fidelio E5 perfectly
home cinema speaker set. It is an extension of our successful
integrates beautiful form, intuitive function and amazing
Surround on Demand concept, which was first introduced to
sound. Its stunning square profile features soft edges,
the market as the Fidelio soundbar HTL9100.
Surround on Demand technology
The Fidelio E5 lets you enjoy your favorite music in stereo
mode, but when you want to watch a movie and have a real
immersive experience, just undock the top parts of the speaker
and place them anywhere behind you. This transformation to
a rear surround channel gives you a true 5.1 surround sound
“ Fidelio Surround on Demand
represents a breakthrough in
surround sound. Users want choice
experience without the clutter of cables and wires.
and the Fidelio E5 gives them
from the speaker and radiate around the cabinet. Its refined
The top part of each speaker becomes a fully independent
profile also gains much more acoustic volume within its
flexibility to enjoy superior audio and
wireless speaker that reconfigures itself automatically so that
controlled dimensions.
any action comes dynamically to life, immersing you in the
minimizing disturbance on the sound waves as they emanate
Through close collaboration between design, acoustics and
thrill of your favorite blockbuster.
engineering, we ensured that the Fidelio E5’s entire design –
When the speakers are reconnected and in stereo mode,
that is, its size, components and structure – delivers best-in-
they automatically readjust and deliver full volume power
class listening experience while enhancing any home interior.
for high fidelity sound. When having a party, just detach
surround sound, when and how they
want it in their living space.”
Lee Kheng Wee, Sound & Acoustics Innovation Engineer
the speakers and position them at different corners of the
room to spread the sound evenly throughout the space. The
subwoofer makes use of a down-firing driver to form a tower
shape that minimizes the footprint without compromising on
sound performance.
Authentic leather handles on top of the satellite speakers
make them easy to grip and move around. The spring-loaded
mechanism under the handle can be retracted, leaving
the design clean and seamless. When you put the satellite
speakers back, there are subtle metal guides to help you along.
Immersive sound from a slim design
This slim beauty measures just 40mm in height, with a sleek
glass top on which the TV sits – transforming it into a pure
work of art. The metal grille wraps around the front, lending
a distinct style edge that will spruce up any TV design and
home décor. Our designers carefully selected authentic
materials, reflecting Fidelio’s design language as well as its
sound signature.
Enjoying your favorite movies and music has never been
easier. Smart features like HDMI input, Bluetooth® aptX®
and NFC, transforms the Fidelio XS1 into a total home
entertainment system. We designed its similarly stylematched 220W subwoofer with a slim form factor and packed
it with two 6.5-inch drivers and a double bass port to deliver
powerful and deep sound. With its sleek profile and stand,
the subwoofer is designed for clutter- and hassle-free
flexibility, allowing you to place it anywhere in the room –
near or behind the TV or sofa, or even below the sofa.
Designed as the perfect companion to your TV and an ideal
style fit for any home, the Fidelio XS1 is superbly easy to set
up. Just place your TV on top of the system, connect a single
Philips Fidelio XS1 SoundStage speaker
Inspired by the growing demand for a below-the-TV sound
high definition quality DSP. Fidelio XS1 offers the most
system, we developed the Fidelio XS1 SoundStage speaker,
versatile sound configuration in this soundstage market
which – as its name suggests – creates an impressive
segment. With its dedicated center speakers, the Fidelio XS1
stage for truly immersive sound from a super slim and
promises to enhance voice clarity to cinema-quality level.
elegant design.
The side speakers are precisely angled at ninety degrees and
positioned vertically to the front speaker. This, combined
The beauty of the Fidelio XS1 lies in its simplicity, which is
backed by a rich heritage in sound innovation and design.
A total of six custom designed slim speakers fills up the
front and sides of this Fidelio XS1. This sleek 5.1 system is
powered by proprietary Class D amplifiers and an advanced
with post-processing surround sound algorithms, delivers
superb spatial effect while enlarging the sound stage for a full
and dynamic cinematic experience around the TV.
cable, and you are now all set for a powerful and dynamic
sound experience.
“ Beauty fronts innovation in the Fidelio
XS1 with its bevy of elegantly compact
loudspeakers featuring dedicated
channels that deliver superior voice
clarity and full surround sound with
unlimited dynamic range. Hear and
see it to believe it!”
Lee Kheng Wee, Sound & Acoustics Innovation Engineer
Philips Fidelio SoundSphere DesignLine
SoundSphere DesignLine technology
Fidelio SoundSphere DesignLine was conceived to closely
Fidelio SoundSphere DesignLine is a Philips flagship home
The chrome finishing used for the neck allows the product
cinema speaker system designed to provide a pure sound
to blend perfectly with any interior design. Contrast this
ideal speaker that generates all frequencies from a single
experience for consumers. This entails having the perfect
with the black speaker grille that greatly emphasizes the
position in space.
balance between performance and style, with well-
floating tweeter, which is what gives the SoundSphere its
defined acoustic properties – all beautifully packaged in a
unique design character. In fact, the speakers are designed
distinctive design. Three key elements that set the Fidelio
to look stunning from every angle.
SoundSphere DesignLine apart are its timeless design;
honesty and authenticity of its selected materials – like
real wood, metals and finishing, and the premium quality
and harmony of all its composite forms and fine details.
recreate the acoustic holy grail of a point source: a theoretical
Its tweeters are strategically positioned 1.1 meters above
the floor, which is the optimal seated ear level. The 6.5”
subwoofer is encased in a conical sphere, producing tight
The design and acoustics engineering are explicitly linked.
and powerful bass. Precise audio crossover engineering and
Its elegantly rounded form is not just the result of design,
careful positioning of the tweeter and subwoofer greatly
it actually serves to enhance sound performance. Without
minimizes interference.
any straight surfaces, it radiates all the sound waves evenly
around the speaker to reproduce better audio signals and
The free-floating dedicated tweeters above the speaker box
deliver truly natural, deep and wide sound image. Sound
a far superior sound enjoyment experience. The selection
is allowed to radiate more freely and effectively in a room
of genuine wood for the cabinet and metal for the tweeter
without possible interferences from the speaker box and
housing – both inert materials, which are dense and
between the speaker drivers.
solid – makes for good sound dampening. This removes
any coloration in sound reproduction, so the listener can
appreciate clear yet natural audio.
SoundSphere DesignLine creates a wider and deeper
soundstage from non-directional sound waves radiating in
free space. Its immersive sound possesses exceptional threedimensional quality, so that every instrument can be clearly
discerned. SoundSphere technology also sends off sound
waves freely, which fills the room with life-like acoustics,
generating a much wider sweet spot than regular speaker
boxes. You can enjoy natural three-dimensional sound no
matter where you sit in the room.
The SoundSphere DesignLine experience is marked by
unprecedented high-definition sound with detailed bass,
uncolored midrange, clean highs and believable vocals –
exactly how music should sound as if it was performed live
right in front of you.
“ Fidelio SoundSphere DesignLine
dares to be different. Its technological
breakthroughs allow it to deliver
sound like a single source while
creating a wide and deep
soundstage. It is certain to make a
Lee Kheng Wee, Sound & Acoustics Innovation Engineer
Awards and recognition
We believe that good design must meet consumer needs
and also enrich lives. Yearly, we win prestigious awards
iF Awards
and accolades for our efforts – from product design and
Fidelio E5 wireless surround cinema speakers CSS7235
Fidelio A9 wireless Hi-Fi speakers AW9000
Fidelio SoundCurve wireless speaker DS8800W
sound quality to technical innovation and environmental
Fidelio headphones L2
Fidelio A5 wireless Hi-Fi speaker AW5000
ESee HD camcorder CAM300
Fidelio P9X wireless portable speaker P9XBLK
Fidelio A3 wireless Hi-Fi speaker AW3000
Soundbar home theater HTS7111
sustainability. Recognition motivates us to excel; but really,
Fidelio P8 wireless portable speaker P8BLK
Fidelio headphones M1
Hi-Fi headphones SHP8000
Fidelio headphones S2
SoundShooter wireless portable speaker SBT30
striving for perfection is already in our DNA.
BR-1X wireless portable speaker SB5200
Soundbar home cinema speakers CSS5123
In.Sight wireless home monitor M120
SHOQBOX wireless portable speaker SB7220
M1X-DJ DJ sound system DS8900
InRange Bluetooth® smart leash AEA1000
DOT splash proof wireless portable speaker SB2000B
Blu-ray player BDP9700
The Fidelio M1
headphones won the
coveted iF and Red
Dot awards in 2013.
Red Dot Awards
Fidelio E5 wireless surround cinema speakers CSS7235
Hi-Fi Stereo headphones SHP9500
Fidelio A9 wireless Hi-Fi speakers AW9000
Fidelio headphones L2
M1X-DJ DJ sound system DS8900
Fidelio wireless Hi-Fi speakers A3000 / A5000
Fidelio Bluetooth® headphones M1BTBL
SoundStage Blu-ray home theatre HTB4150B
Fidelio M1 headphones
Fidelio P9X wireless portable speaker P9XBLK
SoundStage speaker HTL4110B
Fidelio X1 headphones
Fidelio P8 wireless portable speaker P8BLK
DOT wireless portable speaker SB2000
Mira cordless design phone M550
BR-1X wireless portable speaker SB5100/ 5200
WeCall Bluetooth® conference speaker AECS7000
The journey continues
Philips continues to set new innovation standards with our
Fidelio range, delivering the best sound performance through
CES Awards
distinctive design and intuitive experiences. These values
Fidelio E5 wireless surround cinema speakers CSS7235
Fidelio A3 wireless Hi-Fi speaker AW3000
Fidelio SoundRing wireless speaker DS3881
Fidelio E2 wireless studio speakers BTS7000
Fidelio SoundBar speaker HTL9100
GoGEAR Connect3 SA3CNT
Fidelio Bluetooth® headphones M1BTBL
SHOQBOX wireless portable speaker SB7220
In-car dual-screen display for iPhone PV7000i
Blu-ray TV base speaker HTB3525B
Party machine FWP3200D
BR-1X wireless portable speaker SB5200
Soundbar speaker HTL2160
WeCall Bluetooth® conference speaker AECS7000
The CRASH headphones SHO9207
underpin everything we do and every product we create.
From headphones, wireless or wired audio to home cinema
or portable speakers, each product delivers Fidelio’s
ActionFit headphones SHQ5200
unmistakable ‘live’ listening experience. From our Golden Ears
In.Sight wireless baby monitor B120
Fidelio E5 was
awarded EISA Home
to yours, we hope you are as delighted as we have been in
Theater Innovation of
the year 2014 – 2015
EISA Awards
European HT Innovation
European HT Innovation
Wireless Speakers
Fidelio E5
Fidelio HTL9100
Fidelio A9
bringing sound perfection to reality.
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designed to develop and test your listening skills. We know
that we are not alone in this obsession with sound, which is
why we are inviting you to take our Golden Ears challenge.
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