HP StorageWorks 2000 Modular Smart Array Family Overview

HP StorageWorks 2000 Modular Smart Array Family Overview
HP StorageWorks 2000 Modular Smart Array
Family Overview
The HP StorageWorks 2000 Modular Smart Array family affordably brings the
latest in efficient consolidated storage array technology to the entry-level segment
with 4Gb fibre channel and 1Gb iSCSI connectivity matched with the newest
SAS and SATA drive technology.
The HP StorageWorks 2000 Modular Smart Array (MSA2000) family is a new generation of HP
storage arrays specifically designed for entry-level customers featuring the very latest in
functionality and technology at highly affordable price points.
The MSA2000 family comes in either a 4Gb Fibre Channel model called MSA2000fc or an
iSCSI GbE model called MSA2000i. Its 2U base model is a storage area network (SAN) solution
designed for small to medium size deployments or remote locations. It is available either as a
basic single controller model for low initial cost with the ability to upgrade later or a model with
dual controller standard. The MSA2000fc also offers the option of a high performance model
with dual enhanced controllers for the most demanding entry-level situations. Each model comes
standard with twelve drive bays able to simultaneously accommodate 3.5-inch enterprise-class
SAS drives and archival-class SATA drives. Additional capacity can easily be added when
needed by attaching up to three drive enclosures.
The MSA2000 offers many distinct features such as the ability to mix SAS and SATA RAID sets
(volumes) within the same enclosure greatly increases the flexibility and economy of assigning
mission-critical data and archival data to the proper drive type. The wide variety of RAID levels
supported assures the user of just the right level of performance and protection demanded by his
application. The capability of implementing controller-based snapshots and clones affordably
brings enterprise-class functionality into smaller departments, remote locations, and small by
growing companies.
The HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array offerings deliver simple and affordable storage
technology to meet today's demanding and growing IT needs. These storage solutions offer
excellent price/performance and availability features for direct attach environments, small
clusters, workgroups and entry-level SAN environments. Each solution is designed to be easy to
deploy, secure, with low management costs, while driving rapid return on investment.
Key Features
Highly efficient consolidation and sharing of storage geared to departmental and small to
medium business requirements.
Grows as the storage demands increase – up to 48 drives and 19TB SAS or 36TB SATA
Supports up to 16 hosts with iSCSI GbE
Supports up to 64 hosts with 4Gb Fibre Channel
Supports up to 256 LUNs and LUN sizes up to 16TB
Optional controller-based snapshot and clone capability for increased data protection
Flexibility in drives (MSA2000 family-specific )
Enterprise-class SAS or archival-class SATA drives as the need and budget dictate
Dual-ported SAS drives for enterprise needs
Large capacity SATA drives for inexpensive archival storage
Able to mix SAS and SATA drives within the same drive enclosure
Cost efficient plus high-availability choices
Choose either single (future upgradeable) or dual controller array models
Choice of low cost single I/O or high-availability dual I/O drive enclosure models.
Technical Specifications
HP StorageWorks MSA 2012i
HP StorageWorks MSA 2012fc
HP StorageWorks MSA 2212fc
Product Type
Controller type
Chassis Configuration
Disk Architecture
Max Drives per Chassis
Total Capacity
Total Disks
Max Number of Chassis
Software Options
Standard iSCSI controller
FC SAN Array
Standard FC controller
Enhanced FC controller
12 drives
9TB/36TB (without and with expansion trays)
12/48 (without and with expansion trays)
4 (1 Base and 3 disk enclosures)
MSA Snapshot and MSA Volume Copy Software
All iSCSI compliant initiators
2 or 4Gb Fibre Channel
External Ports
2/4 iSCSI (Gigabit Ethernet)
(Single/Dual Controller)
2/4 FC (Single/Dual Controller) – also for direct connect
Max Number of Drives
Drive Options
3GB SATA-II 500GB 7200 RPM
3GB SATA-II 750GB 7200 RPM
Levels Supported
Cache Memory
Cache Backup
Volumes per System
RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50
1GB per controller
Battery-free protection with super capacitors
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