Philips 8 711500 817525 36 GuideLight User's manual

Philips 8 711500 817525 36 GuideLight User's manual
Guide your way without disturbing others. The GuideLight is a portable LED lamp with a soft
glow that’s bright enough to guide people in the dark. It is ideal for use at night when you only need light
for orientation. Intense normal light takes time to get used to, hurts your eyes, and may even wake up
others. A motion sensor automatically turns it on when it’s needed, and it switches itself off after a short
while. The shape is easy to hold and light to carry, making it great for traveling like camping holidays.
GuideLight is rechargeable, and automatically charges while stored on its charger base.
8 711500 817525 36
on charger base
for instant orientation
when there is no electricity
time or when back on the charger
Home Lighting Accessories 2008
Packaging includes:
1 GuideLight
+ integrated adapter
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