S-Series Combines Brochure

S-Series Combines Brochure
S-Series Combines
S550, S660, S670, S680, S690
S-Series Combines
Moving a 100-year
tradition into the future
John Deere has been manufacturing harvesting equipment for over
100 years, and over those years we've come to recognise that nothing
is so good it can't be improved. When it came time to design the new
combine, we made sure to listen closely to what you had to say. Thanks
to your feedback and a dedication to quality, we are introducing some
of the smartest and most powerful machines we've ever built.
More of everything is here
What can you expect from the new S-Series combines? Expect a new
Class 9 machine to give you more horsepower than anything in the
industry. Expect a larger cleaning shoe that delivers up to 15% more
capacity. Need more? How about a 400-bushel grain tank on the S680
and S690 models, and a cab that doesn't let function get in the way of
comfort and convenience.
Now that you have more power, take advantage of it – introducing
the new 616C and 618C Corn Heads and the new 635FD and 640FD
HydraFlex™ Drapers. All are designed to capitalise off of the new
machines' enhanced performance and capacity, giving you solid, stable
results with every pass.
You've picked a great time to look at the new John Deere S-Series
Combines. It's the start of a new harvesting era. You just have to turn
the page to become a part of it.
Five Stars – The John Deere S-Series line up features five new machines including the
S550, S660, S670, S680 and the S690 the industry's most powerful Class 9 machine.
S-Series Combines
All-new S-Series Combines .......................................... 4-5
Cab and Controls ....................................................... 6-9
600C Corn Heads / StalkMaster™ ............................. 10-11
635FD / 640FD HydraFlex™ Draper .......................... 12-13
600D Draper ...........................................................14-15
600R / 600F / 615P Platforms ..................................16-17
Feederhouse / Lateral tilt ........................................18-19
TriStream Bullet Rotor ............................................ 20-21
Cleaning Systems .....................................................22-23
Grain Handling ....................................................... 24-25
Residue Management ............................................. 26-27
Engines .................................................................. 28-29
ProDrive™ / Drives ....................................................30-31
T670 Small Grain Combine .......................................32-33
GreenStar™ Guidance / Documentation ................... 34-35
Service / Maintenance ............................................ 36-37
Specifications / Tyres ............................................. 38-39
S-Series Combines Form Meets Function
NEW premium cab
■ Even more space and comfort
■ Easy-to-use harvesting controls
■ Advanced technology
See page 6-9
Anything else isn't this –
Meet the new S-Series
When you build something this big, powerful and
smart, you're going to turn a few heads. Underneath
the bold new lines of the new S-Series Combine, lies
a harvesting system like no other. Engineered to give
you more power and productivity, these machines
push the limits and extend the boundaries to give
you maximum uptime. From the header to the residue
system, we carefully designed every new feature to
deliver balanced and consistent performance.
AutoTrac™ RowSense™
■ Maintain efficiency through
changing conditions
■ Reduce grain loss
■ Improve performance
See page 34-35
NEW header line-up
■ Full range for all crops and conditions
■ Larger, up to 18 rows or 40 feet (12 m)
■ Matched capacity
■ Stable performance
See page 10-17
Improved feederhouse
NEW larger cleaning shoe
■ Higher lift capacity
■ 30% larger chaffer
■ Faster response times
■ 18% larger sieve
See page 18-19
■ Reduces tailings/returns
See page 22-23
NEW larger grain tank
NEW Active Tailings system
■ 400-bushel (14,100 L) capacity
■ Higher total machine capacity
■ Higher harvesting efficiency
■ Cleaner grain sample
See page 24-25
See page 22-23
S-Series Combines Form Meets Function
High-speed unloading
■ 3.8-bushel/sec (135-L/sec) unload rate, fills cart in seconds
■ Enclosed gear case for quick and quiet engagement
■ 26-foot auger for easy unloading
See page 24-25
Most advanced threshing concept:
The TriStream and Variable Stream Rotor
■ Better straw quality
■ Higher separator capacity
■ Improved material handling
See page 20-21
NEW transmission options
■ Mechanical-shift transmission
■ PBST push-button shift transmission
■ Exclusive ProDrive™ automatic transmission
See page 30-31
Flexible residue management
■ Choose from two packages
■ More options
■ Wider, smoother spreading
See page 26-27
IT4 PowerTech engine
■ Automatic diesel oxidation and particulates filtering system
■ Functions in a passive or active cleaning mode without interruption
See page 28-29
S-Series Combines Cab and Controls
Room with a view
Step inside the new S-Series Premium cab and see what
you've been missing. The view from your seat is almost
a full 180 degrees, so you see more. Next go ahead and
stretch out, you've got 30% more space than you had
with our previous cab. Feel familiar? That's because the
S-Series Combines use the same layout and controls as
your other John Deere equipment.
Generous on room, convenience, and comfort, the
new cab is designed to keep you alert, relaxed, and
productive. All the controls are logical, ergonomic, and
easy to read at-a-glance. And the 'soft touch' switches
let you fine-tune your machine's performance to your
Together with the
tinted safety glass we
installed a generous
sunshade to prevent
fatigue and errors.
Plenty of power
Charge your phone,
MP3 player and all
your other devices
while you work.
A/C comfort
The New air
conditioning system
helps you stay cool
with increased blower
capacity and improved
S-Series Combines Cab and Controls
Premium sound. Let's say you want to listen to
some music and stay connected. The premium
package provides full mp3 support and
BlueTooth® functionality. Advanced features like
Push-to-Talk and a fully synchronised phone book
keep you in touch.
Comfort zone. The air suspension premium seat
adjusts four ways to fit you perfectly. Lumbar
adjustment gives you just the right amount of
back support. There's even an optional heated
More storage. Harvest time means long days
in the field, which means you're working and
eating on-the-go. Luckily the new S-Series cab
features 30% more space than our previous cab.
There's also more storage that allows you to work
comfortably and an integrated refrigerator keeps
your refreshments cold all day.
S-Series Combines Cab and Controls
Mobile office
A lot happens here. From this seat you run your business,
harvest your fields, and spend most of your days. You
need your cab to be comfortable, convenient, intuitive,
logical, and if it can keep your lunch and drink cold during
an all-day harvest, even better.
Slimline cornerpost and cornerpost display
See more of the fields outside. We went to great lengths
to eliminate as many obstructions as possible. We
narrowed the cornerposts, put all the primary combine
information where you can read it easily, widened the
angle of the front windshield, and tinted the glass. The
results are a near total 180-degrees of visibility.
Roomy instructor seat
Dedicated training seat flips up and converts to a field
office with space for a laptop.
Tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel
Adjusts to fit your operators in seconds.
Storage compartment
This handy compartment provides ample room to
store two 1.5 litre bottles and your lunch.
Twin cup holders
Out of the way, but within easy reach.
S-Series Combines Cab and Controls
Take command
With CommandArm™, a CommandCenter Display,
and a digital cornerpost display, the S-Series gives
you control over all operations with less effort.
CommandArm console:
The CommandArm console makes it easy and
convenient to stay productive. Controls are
user friendly and fast to locate.
• Hotkeys for common harvesting
adjustments, transmission and HillMaster
• Air conditioning controls
• Radio controls
• Light controls
Multi-function control handle:
Fits your hand perfectly to give you
smooth hydrostatic speed control. It
also controls unloading operations,
AutoTrac resume, header functions, and
emergency stop.
Display options
See what you need to see, and more
Digital Cornerpost display
The well-appointed displays
are easy to read and give you
complete information on
your combine's performance.
At-a-glance, get a quick
overview of forward speed,
engine rpm, and alerts. The
new power meter shows you
the amount of power used.
GreenStar™ 3 CommandCenter
Display puts vital machine and
crop information within reach,
making it easy for you to make
quick adjustments. Supports
GreenStar applications such
as AutoTrac™ and AutoTrac™
RowSense™ from one panel.
GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display
You can swap out the
GreenStar 3 Display for a
larger 2630 Display. Run all
your GreenStar solutions
including documentation and
guidance. It supports video
functionality and includes a
USB port for data transfer.
We’ve also located controls for
lights, wipers, radio, cab climate,
and mirrors on the overhead
console…out of the way, but
always within reach.
S-Series Combines 600C Corn Heads
Beat the clock with the
New 616C and 618C
16 and 18 rows deliver a more productive harvest
We knew we couldn't come to market with the most
powerful combine and not deliver front-end equipment
that could keep up with it. Introducing the new 616C Corn
Head with 16 rows and 618C Corn Head featuring 18 rows.
Built ready, these corn heads offer more rows, and perform
exceptionally well at higher harvesting speeds, which means
you can get done a whole lot sooner.
Excels in every condition
More acres, higher yields, and hybrids with tougher
stalks are real challenges at harvest. That's why the 600C
components are robust enough to chop through the
toughest, thickest crop with ease.
Smooth handling and less loss. High-performance
gathering chains, stalk rolls auger, feederhouse, and trough
promote smooth crop flow and help to make sure every
kernel makes it inside the combine. The results: fewer
tossed ears, less ear shelling, and less trash fed through the
Higher capacity feeding. The optional CommandTouch
Multi-Speed feederhouse drive provides higher capacity
feeding in the heaviest yielding corn. The reliable PowerShift
transmission delivers up to 42% more torque capacity that
enables you to operate the corn head in five speed ranges.
Push one button and you can control the speed from the cab.
S-Series Combines StalkMaster™ Chopping Corn Heads
Tapered shaft and locking retention nut
improve retention and ensure optimal
material transport. Stalks are drawn through
with a gentle touch and then finely and
consistently chopped by the StalkMaster
chopper. The 600 Series corn heads can also
be tailored with stalk rolls designed to match
your harvesting needs.
Straight fluted. Crimping action leaves the
stalk mostly intact.
Opposing Knife. Standard with StalkMaster
to maximise stalk processing.
Intermeshing Knife. Medium stalk
processing uses less power.
Improved slip clutch protection.
A heavy-duty slip clutch design
protects both the row unit
gearcase and the StalkMaster
lower chopping
unit gearcase. If
the clutch slips, the
operator will know
Lift assist row unit deck
shields make it easy to
access the maintenance
points. Finish quickly
so you can resume
600C StalkMaster™
Chopping Corn Heads
The StalkMaster Corn Head Chopping System lets
you size and chop corn stalks while harvesting,
eliminating second-pass operations and saving time,
fuel, labor, and additional tractor operating costs.
StalkMaster is available on the 606C, 608C, 616C and
the 618C corn heads.
Easy disconnect.
The gearcase on the
StalkMaster row
units now features a
chopping disconnect.
Each row unit has a
convenient shifting
lever on the right side
of the gearcase to turn
the function on or off.
Improved Height Sensing. To improve
ground-following capabilities and
increase harvesting speeds, we relocated
the height sensors on all 600 Series Corn
Heads to the outer points and positioned
them forward 7 inches (177 mm).
S-Series Combines 635FD and 640FD Drapers
The New 635FD and
640FD – Flexibility
meets high-performance
More feet and flexibility to get you more
How can you make sure you don't leave profit in the field?
Get to know the true full-width flexible cutterbar – the
new 635FD and 640FD HydraFlex Drapers™. Both the 35-ft
and 40-ft, 600FDs flex 7.5 inches (190 mm) across the
full width of the cutterbar allowing the draper to hug the
ground, reaching more beans with every pass. Better still,
the exclusive HydraFlex floatation system allows you to
change the amount of weight of the cutterbar, riding on
the ground, to match soft or hard soil conditions while
you cut.
16-Inch (406 mm) High-Capacity Feed Drum. A large feed drum
with tapered ends and gathering finger, delivers the crop from the
centre feed belt into the feederhouse for smooth, uninterrupted
crop flow. Engage the feederhouse reverse switch on the armrest
and you can easily reverse the reel, feed drum, and centre feed belt
from the comfort of your cab.
S-Series Combines 635FD and 640FD Drapers
High-speed harvest without compromise
Not only do the 600FDs flex,
they are ready to move. Pair
them up with the powerful
new S-Series combines
and you're looking at a
powerhouse of harvesting
potential. Now you can cut
lower, move faster, and get
the job done sooner, without
sacrificing quality.
Keep an eye on what matters.
We designed the new 600FDs
with swept back rear panels
which allow you an unobstructed
view across the full width of the
head. You can see the crop as it's
cut, laid head first on the side
draper belts, delivered to the
centre belt, and fed smoothly
into the combine.
Draper Belt Protection System. Integrated into the
HydraFlex draper platform, this system minimises side belt
damage should slippage occur. How does it work? Speed
sensors monitor the speed of the idler rollers and if any
major slippage happens, the belts shut off and a warning
is displayed on the CommandCenter™ Display.
Two-Piece Reel. We equipped the 640FD with
two reels. The two-piece reel features a fivecylinder lift system that provides a consistently
level reel height across the full width of the
cutterbar. This allows even feeding of the crop
unto the draper belts.
S-Series Combines 600D Draper Platforms
Tough conditions
won't stop you
Perfect harvesting conditions rarely occur,
that's why many of you go with the 600D Draper
Platform from John Deere. The entire line works
fast even in tough wet conditions.
Designed to perform. The dual-knife drive
system, with a built-in drive line protection
system, provides years of trouble-free
operation. Perma-Glide divider points are
designed to minimise outer divider plugging.
Performance features also include taller belt
cleats, wider belts, and a larger, 16-inch (406
mm) feed drum. You can even add an optional
auxiliary top auger to keep bushy crops moving
into the feederhouse. With a complete draper
line that includes sizes from 25’ (7.6 m) to
40' (12 M), you’ll have the widest selection of
draper heads for the widest range of crops and
1. Cutterbar Tilt. A centre-mounted hydraulic cylinder lets you tilt the cutterbar from the
convenience of the cab. You get the optimum cutting angle and the lowest possible cutting height.
2. 16-inch (40.6 cm) feed drum. Four inches (101mm) larger than previous models, this drum is sized to provide
better feeding in high-volume and high-yielding crops.
3. Timed Dual Knife Drive System. You’ll appreciate the smooth, vibration-free cutting performance you get
from the shaft-driven in-line dual knife drive system. Standard on the 630D, 635D and 640D.
S-Series Combines 600D Draper Platforms
HydraFloat™ suspension system. No more cutterbar bulldozing
in soft soil! This exclusive hydraulic height-sensing system lets
you increase the hydraulic pressure so the cutterbar will float over
the ground. Adjustments are made in the cab. Because there’s
no manual float spring tension to adjust, no stopping is required.
With the low, 1.5-inch (38 mm) cut height, this system is a winner
in down, tangled crop.
Integrated road transport. Equip your 630D, 635D or 640D
with this optional transport system for absolute convenience.
Converting from field to transport mode takes only minutes and
requires no tools!
One-inch (25 mm) draper belt cleats. Exclusive 1-inch (25 mm)
tall belt cleats move heavy, down, damp crop efficiently. In
addition, the belt speed is now 20-percent faster for more
consistent, even feeding.
Reel resume and reverse. With reel resume, you can store two
reel positions so you’ll always match field conditions. And for the
occasion that your draper gets too big a bite, a single button lets
you reverse the reel, centre feed drum, and centre belt to remove
material without stepping out of the cab.
For rice harvesting. If you’re using the 625D in rice, opt for
the large, 25-foot (7.6 m) steel tine reel. It has a 54-inch (137 cm)
diameter with eight bats to ensure excellent crop contact for
optimised cutting and feeding.
S-Series Combines 600 Series HydraFlex™ and Auger Platforms
Bring-it-on capacity!
What’s in front of your combine has just as much effect
on productivity as what’s inside your combine. So we
designed the 600 Series Rigid and HydraFlex™ Platforms
to match the high capacity of the S-Series Combines and
equipped them with a range of performance-boosting
features, including:
Single-point hookup. All John Deere headers and
platforms feature single-point hookup of electrical and
hydraulic connections, as well as latchpin engagement.
Double-cut knives with heavy-duty drive. Four-inch
(101 mm) double-cut knives give you cutting capacity and
harvesting speed, while the epicyclic drive offers reliable,
smooth performance.
HydraFlex technology. With HydraFlex, you can control
how much of the cutterbar’s weight is on the ground
without affecting the ultra low cutting height of this
header. Custom cutters, you can dial up the pressure to
maximum, locking the cutterbar into the rigid position,
thus giving you one platform you can use for wheat and
Exclusive HydraFlex Platforms give you unmatched flexibility to run faster and cut cleaner over uneven
ground. Float arms with hydraulic cylinders give you six inches (152 mm) of float, even when changing
pressure to match harvest conditions. In-cab controls let you make adjustments, or run on “automatic.” For
rigid operation, simply use the maximum pressure, or use mechanical lock-out brackets.
S-Series Combines 600 Series HydraFlex™ and Rigid Platforms
Segmented skid shoes
(available on HydraFlex
platforms) provide more
flexibility for ground-hugging
harvests so you can reduce field
losses in down or tangled crops.
Header height sensing (HHS)
helps maintain consistent offground cut height in uneven
ground. HHS is standard on
HydraFlex platforms, optional
on rigid platforms.
The heavy-duty epicyclic knife
drive increases drive capacity
and improves reliability. The
straight-line oscillation makes
the drive run smooth.
The 26-inch (660 mm) diameter auger,
with its 5-inch (127 mm) flighting,
takes in a thick crop mat. Plus, long,
retractable fingers running in-line the
full width of the auger aggressively
grab crop material once it’s cut. Result:
smooth, high-volume crop feeding –
even at faster ground speeds.
The stone dam (Flex only) helps deflect
rocks, minimising damage, while
helping hold material on the platform.
Stainless steel deck plates provide
a smooth transition between the
cutterbar and auger. A short stone dam
is standard on all HydraFlex platforms;
a tall stone dam is available for rocky,
uneven fields and no-till soybeans.
Smooth performance in windrows
No matter how rough the field or how thick the windrows, the 615P Belt Pick-Up gives
you smooth, complete gathering of windrowed grain, thanks to a variety of exclusive
features and innovations.
Start with the belts themselves. Four, 44.5-inch (1130 mm) rubber belts provide
improved performance over designs using more belts – you’ll see tighter tracking, plus
reduced seed loss. Connectors between the belts increase drive capacity, even in tough
conditions, without the need for a centre support on the drive rollers. Belts are driven
by dual hydraulic motors, not a mechanical/hydraulic combination, for fewer moving
parts and increased reliability.
The exclusive FieldGlide™ suspension features an adjustable air spring
and heavy duty hydraulic shock design to dampen movement during
field operation and transport, allowing you to increase harvesting
speed without bouncing the platform over windrowed crop. No tools
required – simply set the air springs quickly and easily; once set, the air
springs don’t need adjustment during the season.
S-Series Combines CommandTouch Feeding
Appetite for more!
The S660, S670, S680, and S690 Combines have a unique
feederhouse design that gives you more than enough
capacity to take full advantage of the extra productivity
you get with these machines. Add to that a new durable
frame and now you can handle the increased width and
weight of the larger heads with ease and confidence.
The new feederhouse on the S-Series provides large
areas of clearance for high volumes of crop to flow
uninterrupted, without hesitation. It's all about matched
Speaking of crop flow, you can expect better engagement
of crop, earlier, plus a smooth transition from corn head
or platform to the feederhouse chain. The 5-speed
feederhouse drives deliver high-torque slip clutch and
135-hp reverser, for more matched capacity.
S-Series Combines CommandTouch Feeding
sure s
oint en
Pivot p ent down
pre ssu
■ High capacity feederhouse. A proven productivity boost for your John Deere S-Series Combine.
■ 5-Speed Feederhouse Drive. The durable high-torque slip clutch ensures peak performance
and a long life cycle.
■ Better visibility. The long feederhouse design gives you a full view of the header and the height-ofcut without having to lean forward. You can also see the stubble height behind the header.
■ Feederhouse reverser. The robust 135-hp reverser makes light work of stubborn plugs.
■ Single-lever multi-coupler. Hooking up headers doesn't get much easier than this.
■ Easy adjustments. The front plate can be adjusted fore and aft to compensate for different tyre
sizes, crops, and conditions, ensuring easy transition from the header every time.
Lateral tilt feederhouse – Take Control of Header Tilt
Harvest more grain at faster speeds – in any terrain. The lateral tilt feederhouse is a self-leveling
system that allows the feederhouse and header to tilt 4 degrees side-to-side, hugging the hills.
Sensors on all platforms and corn heads detect changes in the terrain and signal the lateral tilt
controller. Tilt response is instantaneous.
The benefit? More consistency without bulldozing or gouging. And because you can harvest faster
on sloping terrain, you stay productive.
S-Series Combines TriStream and Variable Stream Rotor
Smooth operation TriStream™ Rotor
The best of both worlds…high capacity and
gentle threshing. That's why the TriStream
is a favorite among corn, soybean and smallgrain growers.
TriStream Rotor Technology reduces the force
required to move material through the combine by
as much as 20 percent. This easier, smoother crop
flow reduces the potential for rotor 'growling' at high
feedrates, even in damp conditions. This is especially
beneficial when harvesting early or late in the day, or
any time conditions impair crop flow.
2 Heavy-duty vanes on the top cover of the STS
module help propel the crop rearward through the
threshing and separating system. Unlike conventional
rotaries, STS module vanes never need adjustment.
The TriStream rotor features
a slightly tapered front nose,
which dramatically reduces
the 'growling' that often
comes with thick crops and
heavy rotor loads. The spiral
vanes surrounding the rotor,
guide the crop material
through the feeding and
threshing area, reducing
hesitation and improving
1 The ‘rifling’ grooves on the elements allow the bullet-shaped
rotor to move large volumes of crop material through the rotor
more efficiently, the same way rifling in the barrel of a gun allows a
bullet to move more efficiently. Rifled elements ‘grip’ crop material,
providing a pulling action to help even the crop flow, allowing the
rotor to deliver better threshing performance.
3 Separator tines feature
high-strength materials, a short
breakpoint design, and a wearresistant coating for increased
life. (Optional).
S-Series Combines TriStream and Variable Stream Rotor
Dual-range separator-drive
gives you a wide range of speeds
to match conditions. High range
provides 380 to 1,000 rpm;
low range offers 210 to 550
rpm. Shift one lever to change
New Variable Stream Rotor
Building on the proven performance of our TriStream rotor, we've
added another opportunity for our small grain and rice operators
- the new Variable Stream rotor. It too delivers high capacity and
smooth performance.
Now you can harvest close
to the ground without worry
thanks to a true stone trap. It
helps catch rocks before they
reach the threshing module.
Flip one lever for fast and easy
Extended-wear separating
package includes factoryinstalled extended-wear
concaves, extended-wear
threshing elements and
separator tines, and extendedwear rotor top covers.
The John Deere S-Series module
features a conical design.
This gives the crop mat room
to expand as it travels through
the separator module, reducing
the chances for roping – and
lowering power requirements.
The pull-and-release action
frees trapped grain in the crop
mat, boosting grain savings
The longer, more tapered front cone design make this rotor wellsuited for rice, where conditions are damp, wet, or extremely green.
The rotor is also recommended for small grains where straw is tough.
The Variable Stream rotor also features remote adjustable top cover
transport vanes. The vane angle can be adjusted to reduce the stress
on straw material as it flows around the rotor, increasing the quality
of the straw.
S-Series Combines High Capacity Cleaning
High-capacity cleaning
with easy in-cab
Adding cutting capacity doesn’t do much good if
your cleaning system is overloaded. To make
sure your S-Series can keep up with faster
harvest speeds and higher-yielding crops, the
new shoe features a large one-piece chaffer
and larger sieve to deliver up to a 15% increase
in cleaning capacity over the previous system.
Tailings are low too.
The chaffer has 30% more louver area and the sieve
has 18% more louver area. The unique, multi-level
design is also less sensitive to slopes. The result is
a high-performance cleaning system that handles
slopes and hills, while still delivering consistent
But when you do need to adjust the sieve settings,
you can make them electronically in moments from
the comfort of your cab.
Four conveyor augers move
material onto the shoe steadily
and evenly, even on hillsides or
when going up or down hills.
Improved fan performance
The fan ensures peak performance
and clean grain sample. A steep
pressure curve delivers high
pressure with less volume loss.
About 30% of the air goes to the
front chaffer at high speed; the
rest goes to the rear chaffer
and sieve.
The high-inertia shoe drive, now standard
on S-Series Combines, provides smooth,
consistent power delivery with less belt
2-stage pre-cleaning
The fixed front chaffer helps thin
the crop mat; the raised front
chaffer pre-cleans up to 40% of
the free grain before it reaches the
main chaffer.
Extended design for more
The huge rear chaffer and bigger
sieve are specially designed
to handle the threshing and
separating performance of the
new S-Series.
S-Series Combines Active Tailings System
Active Tailings System
Touch Set
Higher capacity with a gentle touch. If you run a large combine and work a lot of acres, then you'll appreciate
the new Active Tailings System on the S680 and S690 models. By handling returns that might normally go back
to the separator, consuming its performance, it distributes the grain and material back onto the return pan, not
to the threshing area, and increases the total capacity of your machine. Better still, it's easy to adjust. Our Active
Tailings System uses less aggressive concave settings than the ones in your separator – and handles sensitive
crops gently, maintaining the integrity of your grain quality.
With the selection of a crop and the touch of a button or
screen, the TouchSet automatic combine adjust allows
you to fine-tune the threshing rotor rpm, cleaning fan
rpm, concave clearance, main chaffer opening, and sieve
opening all from the armrest console in the cab, while
you're moving.
Active tailings return system
threshes the material without
reintroducing it back into the
It comes pre-loaded with a number of factory settings,
plus you can store one customised setting for each crop
setting and a number of personal settings can also be
stored for specialty crops like sunflowers, that aren't
already pre-loaded.
Once material is threshed it
distributes the material evenly
across the return pan
So you don’t have to climb back into the cab, ground level
adjustment of the cleaning system is standard equipment on all
S-Series Combines.
The tailings auger conveys
the tailings material to the
active tailings return system
for threshing
S-Series Combines Quality Handling
Grain handling capacity
that keeps you running
High yields, tough schedules, and the new Cleaning
System. Together, these factors necessitate a clean grain
handling system that can keep up with your harvesting
pace. Here’s how the S-Series Combines deliver:
400-bushel grain tank - the largest factory-installed
grain tank in the industry – Our S690 machines boast
a 115-bushel per minute capacity, in order to attain
matched capacity with available front-end equipment. .
Fast delivery – 105 seconds (that’s 3.8 bushels/second)
is all it takes to empty the 400-bushel grain tank that's
standard on the S680 and S690.
Better handling – The 26-foot (7.9 m) unloading auger
pairs ideally with the 40-ft platforms and corn heads,
making unloading on-the-go a stress-free operation.
Today’s wider, centred platforms require a longer unloading auger. Our optional
26-foot auger keeps in-field unloading easy for both the combine driver and the grain
cart operator. To ensure reliability, we redesigned both the auger and the support
structure. A cast unloading auger turret brace helps carry the increased load and
torque found with this larger auger. Plus, we added extra steel to the grain tank,
thicker floor sheets, and more support on the right-hand side of the combine.
S-Series Combines Quality Handling
Push to fold
The John Deere 22.5-foot
(6.9 m) folding unloading
auger shortens the length of
the combine by approximately
8-ft. (2.5 m) making it easier for
you to transport and store your
The 300 bu (10,600L) and 400 bu (14,100L) grain
tanks on the S-Series combines are available with
power-fold extension/covers as an option. Stay in
your seat, push a button and the grain tank fountain
auger and grain sample trough folds automatically.
There's no need to enter the grain tank.
The moisture sensor has been
redesigned and is now mounted
on the clean grain elevator on all
S-Series Combines. The system
uses an improved method for
more accurate results.
S-Series Combines Residue Management
Chop, drop, size and
spread: with the S-Series
residue handling
Chopped, dropped or fine-cut…the S-Series Combines
feature residue handling systems and options that are
designed to take care of your residue management needs.
The S-Series combines feature a fine-cut chopper. The
chopper blades, along with unique air shrouds in the
chopper housing, give an ultra-fine cut while generating a
strong blast of air for more even residue distribution.
They also feature a manually adjustable vane tailboard
design, perfect for spreading residue in widths to 30 feet
(9.14 m). This system is easy to swing up and out of the
way for windrowing.
To better manage residue distribution with wider
platforms, the PowerCast™ tailboard spreads residue 30-ft
(9.14 m) and wider. This feature spreads residue evenly,
which helps you get even crop emergence in the future,
especially in no-till fields.
S-Series Combines Residue Management
Enhanced residue disposal
The high-speed chopper’s 12 deep deflector fins can be positioned to
control distribution width of crop residue. (Spread can be adjusted up
to 30 feet, depending upon conditions.)
The Advanced PowerCast™ tailboard and straw chopper is an option of the
premium residue system that gives you additional residue management
flexibility. The Advanced PowerCast tailboard contains two hydraulicallydriven enclosed discs and a centre divider that moves back and forth in a
pendulum motion. A straw chopper, overshot beater, and straw chute
complete the premium residue system.
With the new premium residue system you can:
• Chop straw and chaff, and then spread both by making adjustments
within the cab
• Form a straw windrow while chopping and spreading
Chopper blades feature large surface wings with long lasting, wearresistant material. The wings are positioned to generate maximum
airflow to the outer edges of the chopper, giving you a more consistent
spread pattern. Fewer blades make for reduced power requirements
and lower replacement costs.
• Form a straw and chaff windrow without chopping material
• In-cab shroud adjustment for wind
• At the touch of a button swap
the shroud position to match
wind direction
S-Series Combines PowerTech™ Plus Engines
More power where
you need it
From the increased feeding capacity of the
CommandTouch™ feederhouse to the stalk
processing ability of the 600C StalkMaster™
Chopping Corn Heads, the new S-Series Combines
give you the features that fit the way you farm.
But where does all the power come from?
Take a look at the 13.5L PowerTech™ PSX engine
on the S680 and S690. This hard-working
powerhouse is the finest engine we've ever built.
The secret to its impressive power lies in the
dual turbochargers (1 fixed, 1 variable geometry)
and high-pressure common rail system. The
high capacity cleaning system and air-to-air
aftercooling also improve engine performance.
You'll also appreciate the power boost that lasts
up to five minutes during unloading. Simply put,
this is one tough, super-efficient, engine that
won't let you down.
Interim Tier 4 made simple. The new PowerTech
PSX is so advanced, it meets emission
regulations. No need for urea either, only diesel
is required.
The 9.0L PowerTech PSX Engine delivers higher
performance for the S660 and S670. This engine
features automatic fuel priming, fuel filter
change indicator, water-in-fuel sensor and more.
Consistency = More Control
The Isochronous Governor on the
new S-Series combines keeps drives
operating at a constant speed,
enhancing your combine's overall
capacity and efficiency. In tough, wet or
dry conditions, the shoe and separator
operate at a more consistent speed,
delivering a more uniform separation
and cleaning of the crop.
• Consistent engine speed equals
better durability
• Consistent engine speed equals
better hydro control with
constant pump speed
S-Series Combines PowerTech™ PSX Engines
PowerTech™ PSX Engine: Designed and built for dependability
and durability
1 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) cools and
mixes measured amounts of cooled exhaust gas
with incoming fresh air to lower peak combustion
temperatures, thereby reducing NOx.
2 The series turbochargers deliver more boost
pressure which increases the performance.
3 4-valve cylinder head provides excellent
airflow resulting in greater low-speed torque and
better transient response time.
4 High-Pressure CommonRail (HPCR) fuel
systems provide variable CommonRail pressure,
multiple injections and higher injection pressure
with 2000 bar.
5 Low-friction, single-piece steel piston
improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, and
increases durability.
6 Directed top liner cooling contributes to
improved oil control and increased durability.
7 John Deere electronic engine controls: faster
engine control unit (ECU) manages both, engine
and exhaust filter.
S-Series Combines Drives and Axles
The right transmission for you
ProDrive: Automatic efficiency
Seamless shifting. When ground conditions change, ProDrive lets you smoothly
shift between two speed ranges with the push of a button. You’ll no longer have
to stop to shift when going up or down hills or exiting fields.
Speed Selection. Set one speed for normal harvesting, the other for faster field
work or transport. Then select any speed in either range by using the hydrostatic
control handle on your CommandArm™ console.
More torque. With power to spare, ProDrive makes light work of tough
conditions. It delivers 64% more torque at a harvesting speed of 5 mph.
Push Button Shift Transmission
The ProDrive™ Ground Drive System
Get more precise, more consistent control of your ground speed throughout the travel range of the hydro
handle. ProDrive lets you switch between two infinitely variable speed ranges with the push of a button.
Using the CommandTouch™ armrest console, set the first range for typical harvesting speeds, and the
second for transport.
Another benefit ProDrive delivers: An
electro-hydraulic differential lock with a
4-pinion differential for greater traction
in muddy harvesting conditions.
Shifting made easy. Our all new three-speed Push Button Shift Transmission
makes shifting easy. Simply bring your machine to a standstill, select the gear you
need by pressing one of three buttons on the arm rest and let the combine do the
rest. Our Push Button Shift Transmission applies the hand brake automatically to
ensure seamless shifting.
Comfort and control. Our all-new Push Button Shift Transmission makes
operation easier with features like the automatic park brake. As soon as you pull
the hydro level to the neutral position, the park brake is applied giving you more
comfort and control and helping you through those long working days.
S-Series Combines Drives and Axles
The heavy-duty final drive is
designed and manufactured with
a massive, ductile iron housing
that provides high load-carrying
capability. The single-piece, diequenched ring gear provides high
strength and long wear life. The
final drive provides the capacity to
handle larger high-flotation tyres
options as well as wide draper
platforms or large corn heads.
The hydrostatic system includes a
variable displacement pump gear
driven from the main engine gear
case and a variable displacement
motor located on the ProDrive™
Transmission. This provides
an infinite speed range in each
gear and eliminates ground belts,
reducing maintenance.
This heavy-duty rear-axle spindle,
standard on S-Series Combines,
offers tremendous load-carrying
capacity. It lets you go with larger
steering tyres without the extra
expense of 4-wheel drive. All
S-Series Corn Combines feature
adjustable rear axles that let you
adjust tyres tread from 120- to
152-inch centres (305-cm 386-cm)
in 4-inch (102-mm) increments...
ideal for ridge-tillage operations.
Two-speed 4-wheel-drive lets you switch between torque ranges. In slow-speed mode, the high-torque rear
assist is ideal for tough conditions. Use high-speed mode for low-torque performance and faster ground speeds.
All S-Series Combines feature a high-strength axle built from a one-piece rectangular tube welded
to the separator uprights. Its load-carrying ability and durability are far superior to the bolt-together
designs found on other combines.
T-Series Combines T670 Small Grain Combine
T670 Combine: Quality from start
to finish
If producing high-quality straw for baling is as important as the grain, look no further
than the T670 Small Grain Combine. We engineered this Class 7 combine to provide
straw quality that’s second to none, even in tough, high-yielding crop.
We accomplished this by pairing conventional threshing technology with the Tangential
Tine Separator. This approach uses a tangentially mounted separator and a large
wrap concave to give thorough separation, yet with fewer opportunities for grain and
straw damage. From the threshing system back, the T670 uses straw walkers to gently
separate grain from the crop mat.
Aside from a different threshing and separation system, you’ll find that the T670
provides you the same excellent field performance you’ve come to expect from its
S-Series cousins. Likewise, the cab controls are comfortable and easy-to-use.
The T670 pairs perfectly with the 600 Series HydraFlex™ and Rigid Platforms, the 615P
Belt Pickup Platform, and the high-capacity 600D Series Draper Platforms. Simply
choose the platform that best complements your operation.
Engine Power. The 9.0L PowerTech™ PSX
Engine found on the T670 provides 373 hp
(278 kW) at rated speed for tremendous
productivity, even in heavy crop. You’ll also
appreciate the 7-percent Power Bulge and
33 hp (24 kW) Unloading Boost.
T-Series Combines T670 Small Grain Combine
Premium Residue Management. You choose: Get
either long straw for baling or fine-cut chopping.
Chaff from the cleaning shoe can be spread
separately from the chopper or incorporated into a
windrow. Need to switch your approach when you
move to a different field? No problem. The changeover requires no tools.
Tangential Tine Separator Drum.
An innovative over-and-under slat
tine separator drum technology
is gentle but effective in small
Straw Walker Separation. The
T670 uses six long straw walkers
to gently separate grain from
the crop mat. Seven aggressive
steps move the material, but
with minimal horsepower use.
S-Series Combines AutoTrac™ RowSense
Automate your corn harvest with
AutoTrac™ RowSense™
To get every dollar from every hour and every
acre, consider some of the options available from
John Deere Ag Management Solutions.
The biggest opportunity for corn growers is the
availability of AutoTrac RowSense. It delivers the
accuracy and efficiency you expect from AutoTrac
even if you’re harvesting in down corn, around
terraces, or on pivots. Fusing GPS data from the
StarFire receiver with mechanical feeler data
gathered from the row sensors (installed on the row
units), AutoTrac RowSense lets you harvest handsfree in down corn, around terraces, or on pivots.
With our satellite-based hands-free AutoTrac
system, every pass matches the full cutting width of your corn head. This helps
reduce overlap - even if you are harvesting at night.
When harvesting in other crops, add ease and convenience by using AutoTrac.
Both it and AutoTrac RowSense are scalable to the level of accuracy your operation
demands. And because all S-Series Combines now come AutoTrac Ready, you can
take advantage of guidance efficiencies with little set up.
Keep track of what you’re harvesting with the standard Harvest Monitor – view
yield and moisture readings on-the-go. Add Harvest Doc™, and record yield,
moisture, and production details, as well as create maps and reports to help with
next year’s planning.
GreenStar™ guidance. Whether it’s you in the cab or a less-skilled
operator, a GreenStar 3 guidance system delivers a quick payback.
Choose the level of accuracy you need, from 10 inches (25 cm) pass-topass, 4 inches (10.6 cm) pass-to-pass or to one-inch (25 mm) accuracy
with the RTK system. To make it even easier, all S-Series Combines come
AutoTrac Ready for the best integration in the industry.
Documentation. Keeping detailed records is a snap! Every S-Series
Combine comes equipped with GreenStar Harvest Monitor – see the
crop’s yield and moisture measurements as it’s harvested. Information
is readily displayed right on the CommandCenter™. Capture and store
harvest data with Harvest Doc on your GreenStar™ 3 2630, then
download data later into Apex™ Farm Management Software for
future planning.
S-Series Combines JDLink
Your combine is calling – JDLink™
Looking for real-time answers to the challenges that matter most? Ask your
dealer about JDLink. This advanced, web-based telematics solutions comes
standard on the new S-Series. Activate the system with your dealer and
begin receiving the information you've been looking for, such as:
• Machine location – see which machines are in the field and where
JDLink Ultimate
Boost productivity while
protecting your machines
from theft and misuse. The
diagnostic capabilities keep
your harvesting operations
running smoothly and at peak
• Location tracking – keep track of where and in which fields your
machines have been running in and what they've harvested
• Geofencing – protect machines against misuse and theft
• Maintenance planning – stay informed of when the next maintenance
check is due and the best way to manage it
• Fuel consumption – view how much fuel your operators are using in
different operations
• Machine hours – keep track
of how long your machines
are running
• Operator training –
encourage and reward
efficient performance
With your permission, your
dealer can remotely access
your machine from his
dealership, monitoring trouble
codes and diagnostics, as well
as updating software. No lost
time. Instead your dealer can
respond quickly to your needs
and keep you harvesting.
S-Series Combines Service and Maintenance
Put service and maintenance on an
express route
Brisk harvesting speeds are just the beginning with an S-Series Combine. You’ll
also breeze through your service and maintenance schedules.
Start with accessibility. It’s excellent. Lift the side-shields, and you’ll see why.
Thanks to gas struts, the shields virtually lift on their own. No heavy lifting.
Service and maintenance points are easy to locate, too, thanks to the uncluttered
layout on the left side of the machine. Everything for the separator and cleaning
shoe is in view. Access to the tailings and clean-grain elevators is on the right-hand
side of the machine.
Greasing an S-Series Combine is a simple task, thanks to convenient lube banks.
Or choose the automatic grease option. Plus, there are no daily lube points. In
fact, the shortest lube interval is 50 hours. That means you can spend less time
prepping your combine, and more time harvesting.
Invest in John Deere equipment and enjoy the benefits of a professional
and knowledgeable staff that is always willing to lend you a helping hand.
From the time you first walk into our store, until we deliver that new
combine to your farm, we’re there for you year after year.
70 Series Combines Service and Maintenance
The John Deere Dealership
Promise: Standard with every
piece of equipment we sell
In each of our John Deere Dealerships, you’ll find a
committed staff of sales, service and parts technicians,
all dedicated to keeping your S-Series Combine running
smooth and strong throughout the entire harvest
The John Deere Dealership Promise: Standard with
every piece of equipment we sell.
Engine air scoop pulls cleaner
air through the radiator,
reducing the load on aircleaning components and
helping maintain a cleaner
cooling system.
Air filter replacement is
a breeze. Filters can be
conveniently reached while
standing on the rear deck.
You can’t see it and you can’t order it, but the John
Deere dealership promise comes with your combine to
keep it running smoothly all season long. Take a look:
We promise to support your combine with a powerful
dealer network that stretches across all of Australia and
New Zealand.
Unobstructed access to
common service check points
makes daily oil and coolant level
checks quick and easy.
We promise to have trained parts and service
technicians who can help you achieve high up-time and
low maintenance costs.
We promise to diagnose and speed needed repairs
through the use of the latest computer technology.
We promise tremendous parts support through both our
in-stock parts inventory, as well as with JDParts.com.
Ground-level battery box
makes for easier jumping,
and quicker connection or
disconnection of battery cables.
S-Series Combines Specifications
John Deere 6-cyl. 6.8 L
John Deere 6 cyl. 9.0 L
John Deere 6-cyl. 9.0 L
John Deere 6-cyl 13.5 L
John Deere 6-cyl 13.5 L
Displacement (L/cu. in.)
Fuel Capacity (L/gal.)
Air-to-Air Aftercooler
Air-to-Air Aftercooler
Air-to-Air Aftercooler
Air-to-Air Aftercooler
Air-to-Air Aftercooler
Rated Speed (rpm)
Rated Power (kW/hp)
Power Boost @ Rated Speed (kW/hp) - IT4
Rated Power @ -100 rpm Rated Speed (kW/hp) -IT4
Peak Power @ -200 rpm Rated Speed (kW/hp) - IT4
Power Boost @ Rated Speed (kW/hp) ---NON-IT4
Rated Power @ -100 rpm Rated Speed (kW/hp) ---NON-IT4
Peak Power @ -200 rpm Rated Speed (kW/hp) ---NON-IT4
Drive Type
Fixed or Variable
Fixed or Variable
Fixed or Variable or MultiSpeed
Fixed or MultiSpeed
Fixed or MultiSpeed
Conveyor Chain Slat Type
Cast Iron
Cast Iron
Cast Iron
Cast Iron
Width (mm/in.)
Length (mm/in.)
“Feed Accelerator, Stone Trap (FAST)”
Separator Type
Rotor Length (mm/in.)
Rotor Diameter (mm/in.)
Rotor Speed Range (rpm)
Concave Area (m2/in.22)
Separating Area (m2/in.2)
Discharge Grate Area (m2/in.2)
Front Chaffer (m2/in.2)
Front Chaffer Extension (m2/in.2)
Chaffer (m2/in.2)
Sieve Area (m2/in.2)
Total Cleaning Area (m2/in.2)
Cleaning Fan Speed (rpm)
Grain Tank Size (L/bu.)
Unloading Auger Length (m/ft.)
4.7/15.5, 5.6/18.5, or 6.5/21.5
6.5/21.5, 6.9/22.5, or 7.9/26
6.9/22.5 or 7.9/26
6.9/22.5 or 7.9/26
6.9/22.5 or 7.9/26
Unloading Rate (L/sec. / bu/sec.)
77 / 2.2
77/2.2 or 120/3.3
Specifications and design subject to change without notice.
S-Series Combines Tyres
Platforms 25', 30', 36' and 615 Belt pick-up
Drive Fixed
Conveyor Under shot-slat
Width 65.6-in (1664mm)
Length Fixed speed 78-in (1981mm)
Fixed Speed 520 rpm
Reverser Mechanical-hydraulic; std.
Cylinder/Rotor Dia. Width 26-in x 66-in (660mm
x 1670mm)
Cylinder/Rotor Speed Range-Dual 240 to 990
Concave Area 1937 sq in (1.25 m2)
Concave bars 13
Rasp Bars 10
Over-shot beater diameter 15.7-in (400mm)
Over-shot beater speed 31.2 ft/sec (9.5 m/sec)
Beater Grate Area 775 sq in (0.5 m2)
Tine separator diameter 26-in (660mm)
800/65R32 in. 800/70R38
30.5x32 in.
800/70R32 900/60R32 900/65R32 76x50x32
R1, R1W
R1, R2
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
30 in. Row
Very Good
.95m2 (1470
.70m (1150 sq.in.)
Very Good
New .69m2
.91m2 (1208
(1078) sq.in.) sq.in.)
Very Good
.83m2 (1342
1.25m2 (1930
Very Good
.86m2 (1400
.99m2 (1560
1.06m2 (1680 1.42m2 (2200
Field Rutting
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Stubble Wear
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good
Tine separator speed 49.2 to 98.4 ft/sec (15 to
30 m/sec)
Separator Type 6 Walker
Separator Length 128-in (3.25m)
Separating Area 13,578 sq in (8.76 m2)
Pre-Cleaner 1,999.5 sq in (1.29m2)
Chaffer/Extension Area 1.999.5 in (1.29m2)
Sieve Area 2,805 sq in (1.81 m2)
Total Cleaning Area 7,719 sq in (4.98 m2)
Cleaning Fan Speed 750-1,600 rpm
Type 6090HZ003D
Displacement 548 cu. in (9.0 L)
Cooling Air-to-Air Aftercooler
Rated Speed 2200
373 hp (278 kW)
With Power Boost 393 hp (293 kW)
Grain Tank Size 300 bu. (10,600 L)
Unloading Auger Length 23.5 ft (7.1 m)
Unloading Rate 2.2 bu/sec (77.5L L/sec)
Unloading Discharge Height 14-ft 1-in (4.31 m)
Fuel Capacity 211.3 gal (800 L)
A 900/65R32 R2 radial
tyres option is available on
a universal rim that can be
dished in or out without
axle spacers.
Whether you need to curb compaction, reduce rutting,
or simply want greater traction when tackling muddy
fields, John Deere offers you multiple flotation choices.
You’re sure to find a flotation system that will fit your
operation and your budget.
Transport Height (in the field position) 12-ft
9-in (3.96 m)
Specifications and design subject to change without notice.
A new name.
A familiar face.
Introducing John Deere Financial: The logical choice for financing.
Even though our name is new, the way we live up to it isn’t. The same things you’ve
always counted on for your equipment financing needs are still here. And even
though our name is changing, you can still count on some things that will never
change — our commitment, service, support and philosophy of knowing you, as you.
That’s the John Deere Financial difference.
In Australia: www.JohnDeereFinancial.com.au
New Zealand: www.JohnDeereFinancial.co.nz
This literature has been compiled for worldwide circulation. While general information, pictures and descriptions are provided,
some illustrations and text may include finance, credit, insurance, product options and accessories NOT AVAILABLE in all countries
or regions, and in some countries products and accessories may require modifications or additions to ensure compliance with
the local regulations of those countries. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER FOR DETAILS. John Deere reserves the right
to change specifications, design and price of products described in the literature without notice. John Deere, the leaping deer
symbol, and John Deere's green and yellow trade dress are the trademarks of Deere & Company.
CP6718 (02-12)
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