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Actiontec Electronics, Inc.
LG - Washers
Over 30 million broadband devices sold
Develops products for the largest
broadband providers in North America
Awarded over 75 major industry awards
in the last two years
“Optimized for Ultrabooks and Notebooks
with 4th Gen Intel Core Processors”
Product Messaging
Today many of the best devices for
downloading and streaming digital
content have small screens. ScreenBeam
Pro lets you beam your laptop, smart
phone or tablet screen to your HDTV. It
supports 4th generation Intel WiDi
features for a more seamless and
enjoyable video experience.
Works with:
Intel Ultrabooks or laptops with Intel WiDi
3.5 and higher
Wi-Fi Certified Miracast devices
Note: For a complete list of compatible
devices, see:
Beam your Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet Screen to your HDTV
Key Selling Points
Key Selling Points
Key Differentiator – A More Enjoyable
Viewing Experience
Only ScreenBeam Pro supports Intel Gen 4
features available on the latest Ultrabooks and
select notebooks. That means reduced
latency, 3D support, USB over IP for wire-free
peripheral connections - and more enjoyment.
Up to 1080p HD Video
ScreenBeam Pro supports up to full 1080p HD
video, as would a fast HDMI cable.
Surf and Share from the Couch
View downloaded or streaming video that is
currently viewed on notebooks/ Ultrabooks,
smartphones, or tablets. Share pictures or
music with a group. Play protected Blu-ray and
online media content.
No Wi-Fi Network Needed
Compatible devices set up an independent,
direct link with ScreenBeam Pro. There is
minimal interference between your existing WiFi and your WiDi or Miracast signal.
Extended Mode
Extend your device screen for multi-tasking and
entertainment. Write emails or browse the
Web during a video broadcast.
Benefit to the Customer
Reduced Latency
Signal is beamed from your mobile
device to the big screen faster than
any product on the market.
AV Quality
Up to 1080p
Exceptional video and 5.1 surround
sound support to fully take
advantage of HD digital content.
Dedicated Connection
Broader Device Support
“The sound and picture of your video are in perfect sync. Wireless
gaming on a big screen becomes a reality.”
“You can get full HD throughout your entire movie watching
Creates a dedicated wireless display
“There is minimal interference between ScreenBeam Pro and your
connection to your HDTV that does
Wi-Fi network.”
not require an existing Wi-Fi network.
Works with a broader range of
laptops, Ultrabooks, smartphones
and tablets.
“Most people have multiple laptops and devices in the home. With
ScreenBeam more of them can work together to deliver the
enjoyment of wireless display.”
About Wi-Fi Certified Miracast
Technical Specifications
The Wi-Fi Certified Miracast standard enables easy sharing of
displayed content across a very wide range of products to
ensure device interoperability. Wi-Fi Certified Miracast devices
must meet strict criteria:
Key Features
Wireless display
Supports Intel WiDi 4.x features:
3D Support (half res)
Low delay mode
A/V interface: HDM
Video: Up to full 1080p HD
Audio: Up to 5.1 surround
Wireless: 802.11a/b/g/n
Wireless Security: WPA2, WPS PIN pairing, AES 128-bit
Content Protection: HDCP2.x and UltraViolet
1 year limited
Ease of Use: Miracast devices include Wi-Fi Protected Setup™
and support for device and service discovery
Content Protections: Miracast devices provide effective,
industry-supported content protection mechanisms
Optimized Experience: Miracast enables dynamic adaptation
to changing conditions to deliver the best possible experience
Security Protections: Miracast devices have the latest WPA2
security mechanisms
Catalog Number: SBWD100A-01
Model Number: SBWD100A
MSRP: $69.99 US
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