NEO AQUARIUM -The King of Crustaceans

NEO AQUARIUM -The King of Crustaceans
-The King of Crustaceans【Ver1.03】
Hardware Requirements
Supported OS
Windows 200/XP/Vista /7
Direct X
DirectX 9.0c or above required
※If the program does not start download and install the
package liked below
DirectX November 2008
IntelPentium4 3GHz or above recommended
1GB or above
DirectX9.0c supported card
Graphics card VRAM 256MB
Vertex Pixel Shader 2.0 or above
Gamepad support
■Game Summary
NEO AQUARIUM is a 3D action
shooting game where players are able
to take control of underwater sea
creatures that have had their dormat
powers awakened turning them into the
ultimate warriors of the sea.
■Game Modes
Mode where you battle a new enemy
each round while progressing the Story.
Unlocked after completing the STORY
MODE on the Normal difficulty setting.
Mode where you can battle freely by
selecting specific characters and
difficulty settings.
Battle with other players online.
Create your own NEO AQUARIUM by
using parts unlocked in STORY MODE.
■Flow of the Battles
Each character has its own individual
After picking your character and
selecting [START BATTLE]
the NEO AQUARIUMs for each
character will link. If you select
practice you will start without linking
the stages.
If you select [Practice] then after the
game starts your opponent will be
absent from the field.
You can summon your opponent and
start the battle by passing through the
gate or selecting
[Connect to NEO AQUARIUM] from the
Menu(Space button).
Your opponent’s info is displayed in
the top right corner of the screen.
Attack your opponent and reduce their
LIFE to 0 to win the battle.
■Combat HUD
If this falls to 0 your character will perish.
As this gauge fills your attack power will increase. It is also necessary for using Skills.
Your current max POW (solid black area) will recover naturally at a rate dependant on the water quality.
③Growth Limit
This area will increase as you destroy and absorb organic matter such as your enemy’s appendages or other
small animals. The next time you Shed your shell the POW gauge will increase to fill the new maximum limit.
You can unleash your special abilities by holding the Skill button until the color of the gauge changes.
You can only charge to a level equal to the amount that your POW gauge has built up.
Each skill is color coded as the following levels: Lvl 1 Skill as Blue, Lvl 2 as Green, and Lvl 3 as Red.
For creatures who have Pincers, it is possible to carry objects up to the limit of this gauge.
Displays when a Skill is used. The effects from the Skill will continue until the SKILL Gauge depletes.
⑦Water Current
This displays the direction the water is flowing. Lighter characters will be affected by the currents when they
Also, changes in the water quality will be spread through the stage by way of the currents.
Water currents are created by Melee Atacks and explosions.
⑧Water Quality
By destroying objects and creatures with homing shots or other attacks, the amount of organic matter in the water
increases which causes the oxygen levels to be reduced by the biodegradation of aerobic bacteria.
If the Oxygen count falls below 1.0 then the recharge rate of the POW gauge decreases.
The amounts for organic matter and Oxygen levels will return to their standard values of 1.0 over time.
Also, as certain characters can create water currents through their melee attacks, it is possible to prevent organic
contamination by stirring the water.
The water temperature has no effect on the gameplay.
Gamepad Normal press(Tap)
Long press(Hold)
■Basic Controls
Move character in the direction pressed.
Turn the camera in the direction
Switch Lock-on Target
your character is facing.
・While locked on the camera will center on your target.
Grab(When possible)※
Release(While you are Shed Shell
holding something)
■Attack Buttons
X (□)
Normal Shot
Homing Shot
Melee Attack
Skill Charge
Sphere of Influence
■Command Combos
Press Z
Press X
Ranged Attack
holding C
holding R
Press X
Press Y
Melee Attack
holding C
holding R
Hold Shift and reach the top of the stage facing
upwards, then release the Shift button and
Loop(Air Somersault)
quickly press it once more.
■Other Features
Rotate the camera(Hold both buttons to reset)
Adjust the camera distance(Hold both buttons to reset)
Adjust the vertical camera position(Hold both buttons to
Toggle the control overlay display (Images below for
Change camera(While watching replays)
Toggle the UI display
Transition to edit mode
※「Grab/Release」is only possible for creatures with pincers and similar appendages
For the Gamepad overlay the layout is based on the XBOX 360 Controller
If you press F1 during gameplay you will turn on the Control Overlay
★During Edit Mode(F3)
You can customize the look of [NEO AQUARIUM] stages
Controlling with a mouse
Left Mouse
UI selection(※)/Place object Select and move Objects
Right Mouse Switch between Object
Rotate Camera/Rotate Object(while
placement mode
Change Camera position/Object
Scaling(while selected)
Mouse Wheel Camera zoom
①Switch selection mode:From the left side(Animal/Plant-life/Terrain)//By dragging the mouse you will select the appropriate object.
Keyboard and Gamepad controls
Default(No object
While an object is selected
■Basic controls
Move the pointer in the
Move selected objects
direction pressed
B (○)
Select target
Y (△)
Change selection mode
X (□)
Set object
Store selected object
Rotate selected
Change selected object
Enlarge selected
Store the object
Rotate Camera
Rotate Camera
Display Menu
Quit Edit Mode
■Ran ged Atta cks [Z]
Each creature has two kinds of ranged attacks. One is produced by tapping the fire button
and the other by holding the button down.
●Normal Shot(Tap Button) Fires direct shots repeatedly at the target under the reticule.
You can change targets by pressing the directional buttons.
●Homing Shot (Hold button)
Fires a projectile with homing capabilities.
Also, while the enemy is within a certain distance the attacks will automatically lock onto it.
(Pressing [Ctrl] will release the lock-on)
While locked on a compass will display showing the direction of your target
■Melee Attacks [X repeatedly]
Normal melee attacks can reflect normal bullets so they are useful for defense as well as
Also, for characters with pincers and such, using a melee attack at point blank range will
allow you to capture an enemy for a short time allowing you to swing them around.
■Skills [Hold X]
By holding down the melee attack button your SKILL Gauge will start to fill up.
It is split into three different levels: Blue(Lvl 1), Green(Lvl 2), and Red(Lvl 3)
Once the gauge fills up past Lvl 1 letting go of the button will launch the special ability
corresponding to the max SKILL level charged.
Also, when the skill is activated all of the enemy projectiles in the area will be destroyed.
However, each skill level requires a certain amount of POW to launch. You cannot charge up
your SKILL gauge past your current POW level.
■Grab - Release [S]
For characters with pincers and such a white diamond marker will appear near objects that
you can pick up.
If you press the grab button at this time you will pick up the target.
Any of the characters which can Capture objects and enemies will have a CARRY Guage.
If they have a free pincer they can carry objects up to the amount shown on their CARRY
●Release [S]
While holding an object, if you press the button once more in an empty area then you will drop
the object you are carrying.
■Molting [Hold S]
Allows you to shed your creature’s skin and regenerate destroyed body parts.
When you are attacked and take damage your appendages will be destroyed one by one. If
you lose too many of you legs then your movement speed and turning speed will drop
drastically. So make sure to shed your shell when you need to!
After shedding your shell the POW gauge will increase up to the growth line.
However, shedding your shell uses up your POW gauge so caution is advised.
Also if all of your appendages are destroyed then you will automatically shed your shell.
■Option [C]
There are also other objects in the environment besides your character which you can
The other small animals in the waters(such as jellyfish and sea anemones) can be influenced
by the players from the start of the battle.
They are designated by the (◆) mark with red standing for enemy allied units, and blue
standing for units allied with you.
●Sphere of Influence(Press (C) button)
While pressing this button, a sphere will open in the area around you.
Any organisms inside this sphere will become your ally.
●Breakaway Ranged Options(+[Z])
By pressing the [Z] while holding down [C] the body part normally used for ranged attacks
will break away from your main body.
The separated part will attack automatically while you are using long ranged attacks.
●Breakaway Melee Options(+[X])
By pressing the [X] while holding down [C] the body part normally used for melee attacks will
break away from your main body.
The separated part will attack automatically while you are using melee attacks.
Spiny Lobster
A very agile and powerful fighter.
It’s weak points are low durability and a low CARRY guage.
Normal Shot: Twin Eye Laser
Homing Shot: Homing Fins
Melee Attack: Leg Slicer
Skill Lv 1: Beam Spike
Skill Lv 2: Internal Force Spark
Skill Lv 3: Multi-Eye Laser
[Abdominal Segment]: The released parts maintain the same turning angle as when
released and continue to patrol the area.
[Legs] : By firing with X, the parts will home in on your locked target. If you are
not locked on they will gather around your body.
A good starting character for learning the controls.
Snow Crab
A fighter that boasts high attack power and strong defensive ability.
Because of its wide body it is difficult to dodge attacks.
Normal Shot: Carapace Vulcan
Homing Shot: Homing Claw
Melee Attack: Swift Scissors
Skill Lv 1: Beam Scissors
Skill Lv 2: Directional Leg Laser
Skill Lv 3: Zwei ClusterBomb
[Legs] The parts gather around your character
[Pincers]: The parts will close in on the target.
This character moves in a sideways pattern so it controls very differently from
other characters. It would be best to try this character after mastering other
simpler characters.
Frog Crab
This fighter excels in mobility and defensive ability. It combines the ability to
capture with the ability to move underground.
Normal Shot: Tall Eye Laser
Homing Shot: Twin Homing Claw
Melee Attack: Crisis Spanner
Skill Lv1: Sun on The Horizon
Skill Lv2 : Eye Projections
Skill Lv3: Rising Dawn
[Leg] The parts gather around your character.
[Pincers]: The parts close in on your target.
During the Lvl 1 Skill [Sun on The Horizon] you are able to move underground.
Hold X during the skill to burrow underground.
Hermit Crab
This character has low mobility as a result of its low number of appendages.
However it’s shell helps to make up for this.
The shell will actually absorb normal attacks from behind so it is very useful for
Normal Shot: Water Jet
Homing Normal Shot: Homing Claw ZX
Melee Attack: Shield & Spear
Skill Lv 1 : Perfect Defense
Skill Lv 2: Bernoulli Organism
Skill Lv 3: Hermit Typhoon
[Leg]: The Parts gather around your character.
[Pincers] The parts will close in on your target.
If your shell is destroyed then using a Lvl 1 or Lvl 2 skill will summon a new
Conch from underground. The left hand and right hand melee attacks each have
different properties.
Corn Barnacle
A special character that moves by reproducing itself.
Each of the new Barnacles have their own offensive ability and can attack
together. Depending on the situation this character claims the highest attack
power in the game.
Normal Shot: Cirral Leg Arrow
Homing Shot: Homing Shield Spears
Melee Attack: Cirral Leg Slash
Skill Lv 1: Cirral Long Range Beam
Skill Lv 2 : Barnacle Bill Rave
Skill Lv 3: Barnacle Volcano
[Cyprix Larva]: Will create an adult barnacle when it touches a surface.
[Barnacle Self Destruct]: Will cause the older barnacle clone to explode.
Notes: Breeding type
This character cannot move normally through the movement keys.
By pressing [Shift] you will create a larva which can move a limited distance.
The last barnacle created is considered to be the main body.
However it is hard to tell which is which from a distance, so when battling this
character pressing [Ctrl] will lock you onto the main body.
The character takes extra damage while in the Larva state.
During start-up an error regarding the following files appears: [d3dx9_31.dll]
[dinput.dll ][dsound.dll ]
Install the following DirectX update
DirectX Runtime November 2008
Q. The game's performance is very low.
The framerate is displayed in the top right corner of the screen.
The framerate should normally be around 29.9 FPS.
If the FPS is dropping below 20 then your PC specs are too low,
so you should start up the [custom.exe] application in the game's folder.
If you change the resolution, shader level, and Anti-aliasing setting then the
performance should increase.
Q. When the game goes fullscreen the screen goes completely black.
There are certain resolutions where the game will not support full screen
display(depending on your settings).
Press Esc to exit and change your resolution settings.
※ About the custom.exe application
Special Boot-up
>Display Mode
・During the Display Mode it is not possible to change any settings or exit the
program with the controller.
・After leaving the game idle at the Title screen for 30 seconds, a demo will start
with CPU characters battling each other.
・After 90 seconds without any input the game will return to the Title screen.
Press the Esc menu to quit this mode.
Q The polygon models are not displaying.
There is most likely a problem with your Shader compatibility.
A Try setting the Shader Level to [0: Shader OFF] by starting up the [custom.exe]
The program gets flagged by my Anti-virus software.
As the game uses Keyboard Hooks and other settings sometimes it does get
flagged as a virus, however there is no virus or malicious software so you can
allow the process with no problem.
I would like to return to defaul settings.
You can do so by deleting the [custom.cfg] file.
Additional Info
Official Page
Copyright Owners
<Red King Crab CG model>
<Diver CG model>
Senses Circuit
<Sound Effects>
The Matchmakers 2nd
Sea Font Hourai
ORADANO Mincho Uchida Akira
Kouzan Ink Brush Font Aoyagi Kouzan
Used Ogg Vorbis for the Sound Work.
Ogg Vorbis Copyright(c) 2001,Xiphophorus
Game Physics were created using BulletPhysics Library.
Used Mersenne Twister for random number generation.
Mersenne Twister: A random number generator (since 1997/10)
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