Philips RFX6500 User manual

Philips RFX6500 User manual
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Philips Pronto
RF extender
Extended range, reliable control
Easy to install RF extender for Pronto and ProntoPro guarantees virtually interferencefree operation in multi-room configurations or non-line-of-sight environments.
Single control solution for any device, any brand
• Optional IR extension module controls hidden equipment
• Radio frequency works through walls and from other rooms
Quick and easy set-up
• Adjustable antenna to reliably position RF extender
• Indicator detecting interference sources to an RF signal
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RF extender
Technical specifications
• IR emitter connectors: 4
• Connector: 2.5 mm Blaster- Receiver connector
Infrared Capabilities
• IR emitter connectors: 4
• Transmitting LEDs: 4
RF Capabilities
Adresses (ID's): 16
Channels: 4
Communication: 1-way
Frequency (MHz): 418
• Error indication
Product highlights
• Mains power: 120V (+/-10/-15%)/60Hz
• Master carton quantity: 1
• Master carton weight: 0.84 kg
• Product dimension (WxDxH) inch: 4.5" x 3.2" x
• Product weight (lb): 0.132
• Temperature range (operation): 32°F to 122°F
• AC/DC Adaptor: 12V DC 400mA
• Dual IR emitter wires: 4
• Printed User Guide
IR extension module
An infrared extension module allows you to control
traditional infrared equipment over a radio frequency
Radio frequency
A radio technology that allows you to control
components not in direct line-of-sight, such as through
walls or other obstacles. There are two types of RF used
in remote controls: RF to component, and RF to infrared.
Adjustable antenna
A separate adjustable antenna determines the most
reliable position of an RF extender and therefore
enables virtually interference-free operation of multiroom systems or devices in concealed environments.
The antenna has a built-in interference indicator that
blinks when detecting an other RF device or other
interference source (e.g. microwave oven). The harder
the indicator blinks, the less reliable the position of the
RF interference indicator
An interference indicator is a red blinking light that
indicates the presence of interference sources in the
home, that can interfere with the operation of an RF
extender. The indicator is built into an antenna, and
starts blinking as soon as the antenna picks up
interference from RF devices, besides the RF extender,
or other sources e.g microwave oven. The harder the
light blinks, the less reliable the antenna is positioned,
therefore, the less reliable the RF extender will work.
Date of issue 2006-06-15
Version: 1.0
12 NC: 9082 100 80125
UPC: 0 37849 96655 6
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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