Philips SCF276/01 Datasheet

Philips SCF276/01 Datasheet
Philips AVENT
24 Hour Steam Steriliser
Keeps contents sterile night and day
Add or remove items at any time
The easiest way to sterilise is with the Philips AVENT 24 Hour Steriliser. It keeps contents
sterile for 24 hours and the digital display tells you when it is time to re-sterilise. Includes
2 AVENT Feeding Bottles and handy accessories.
Automatic 24 hour sterilisation
• Sterile contents, even if you open the lid
Easy to use
• Just add water once a day
Keeps you informed
• Advanced digital display and sound alerts
• Contents are sterile and ready to use in approx. 6 min.
Large capacity
• Holds up to six Philips AVENT Bottles
24 Hour Steam Steriliser
Keeps contents sterile
Just add water once a day
Sterile contents in 6 minutes
This advanced steriliser makes sure you always
have a sterile bottle at hand by keeping
contents sterile for 24 hours. It will
automatically re-sterilise the contents every 6
hours. With the handy pause button you can
also add or remove items at any time and the
24 Hour Steriliser will automatically re-sterilise
the contents.
Aside from its advanced functionality, the 24
Hour Steriliser is simple and straightforward to
use. Just add water, load the steriliser with
your bottles, breast pump, or accessories, and
select the mode. Mode 1 lets you run a single
sterilising cycle, which is useful when you want
to take all the items out in one go. Mode 2 is
for 24 hour sterilising, which is very convenient
when you want to leave the items in the
steriliser overnight or when you want to take
out only one bottle for every feed. No matter
what your routine will be, this steriliser will
make the daily sterilising chore easier.
The advantage of steam sterilisation is that it is
much quicker (and safer) than the traditional
method of boiling bottles in a pan on the stove.
The 24 Hour Steriliser takes as little as 6
minutes to sterilise a full load of 6 bottles,
teats, and dome caps.
Advanced digital display
Natural steam sterilisation
Holds up to six bottles
The display and sound alerts tell you when
sterilisation is complete and how long items
will remain sterile. The display also lets you
know when you have filled the steriliser with
too little or too much water, so you can always
be sure that sterilising has been completed
accurately and reliably.
Sterilising is all about protecting your baby
from particularly harmful milk bacteria until his
immune system is strong enough. The Philips
AVENT Steriliser uses the hospital method of
steam sterilisation, which is quick, easy, and
efficient, with no chemicals involved.
The steriliser has a smart design that takes up
little space in your kitchen, yet still fits six
Philips AVENT Bottles or two Philips AVENT
Breast Pumps. The two baskets inside can clip
together to form a dishwasher basket, which
makes pre-cleaning of smaller items like
soothers and teats much easier.
Practical Parenting Award
Every year Practical Parenting magazine
rates baby products in every baby
Finalist in the 2009 Practical Parenting
Prima Baby & Pregnancy Readers
Prima Baby asks its readers to vote on the
best baby products in the market.
Voted as 'Best Buy' by Prima Baby readers
24 Hour Steam Steriliser
Weight and dimensions
• Dimensions: 320 (H), 230 (W), 230 (L) mm
• Weight: 1.47 kg
Country of origin
• Bottle and nipple brush: 1 pcs
• Extra soft Newborn Flow Nipple: 2 pcs
• Extra Durable Feeding Bottle: 125ml/4oz, 260ml/
• England
• Voltage: 220-240 V
What is included
Development stages
• Tongs: 1 pcs
• Newborn Pacifier: 1 pcs
• Measuring jug: 1 pcs
• Stages: 0 - 6 months
Issue date 2014-03-14
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