Philips SCF294/02 User's Manual

Philips SCF294/02 User's Manual
Twin Electronic Breast
Personal comfort and control
Instantly learns and continues your pumping rhythm
With ISIS iQ DUO, you enjoy the efficiency of double electric pumping and a relaxed
pumping experience, because you are completely in control. And when you are relaxed and
comfortable, your body naturally produces more milk, faster.
Benefits and Features:
• Pumps more milk faster
• Advanced iQ technology-for a personalized pumping experience
• Patented Let-down Massage Cushion
• Control at your fingertips
• Infinitely variable speed, vacuum and rhythm – no pre-sets
• Quiet, effortless and portable
Twin Electronic Breast Pump
Product highlights
What is Included
• Voltage: 100 - 240 V
Country of Origin
• England
ISIS iQ DUO Twin Electronic Breast Pump: 1 pcs
Breast milk container (4oz/125ml): 2 pcs
Extra soft, newborn flow nipple: 2 pcs
Cool pack: 4 pcs
Bottle stand/funnel cover: 4 pcs
Thinsulate™ carrier: 2 pcs
Manual pump parts for when power is not available:
Spare parts: 1 pcs
Microfiber travel bag: 1 pcs
Nipple travel pack: 2 pcs
Power cord: 1 pcs
Breast milk container (9oz/260ml): 2 pcs
Pumps more milk faster
Double pumping has been shown to improve milk
production. ISIS iQ DUO is the only breast pump designed
to maintain the same level of vacuum and control for both
pumps, which helps to ensure effective use.
Advanced iQ technology
Electronic memory learns and continues your personal
pumping rhythm at the touch of a button.
Patented Let-down Massage Cushion
Five, soft petal massagers gently flex in and out working in
tandem with the reliable vacuum. This is intended to help
stimulate a fast, natural milk flow.
Intuitive control handle
Everything that controls the pump is at your fingertips and
close to the breast, which means you can make
adjustments instantly and intuitively- no need to reach
Infinitely variable control
Enjoy complete control over speed, vacuum and pattern –
you can even set the pump to match your baby’s own
suckling action.
Issue date 2008-03-26
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