Model RN-240/422 Data Sheet
Production, August 2006
Bluetooth TM 2.0 (EDR) Serial Adapter
Roving Networks, a leading developer of wireless intelligent network appliances,
introduces the FireFly Bluetooth serial adapter. This device gives any RS232 or 422 serial
port Bluetooth capabilities.
True Plug-and-play
Smaller than a business card, FireFly easily attaches
to RS232 or 422 serial ports via DB9 male or female
connector. Often no software configuration is needed,
just plug it on and start connecting!
Tri-mode Operation
Three connection modes are available:
• Slave Mode- Bluetooth clients, such as Palm/Pocket PC PDA’s, laptops, scanners, cellphones directly
connect to FireFly via Bluetooth Serial Port Profile, creating a Virtual COM port on the client.
•Instant Cable -matched pair of FireFlys link to each other for a wireless cable replacement.
•Master Modes- FireFly can automatically (or manually via software control codes) discover and
connect to other Bluetooth SPP devices in master mode. FireFly can also trigger on incoming data and
auto disconnect when data transfer is complete to minimize power.
Features and Specifications
•Bluetooth Specification 2.0 (with EDR high data rate) compliant, also compatible with 1.1/1.2.
• DB9 male (or female) with onboard jumpers swap DCE/DTE eliminates need for crossover cables.
• Built in regulator, can be powered from any 4 to 12VDC source, accepts power from DB Pin 9.
• Settings can be easily changed with AT commands via serial port and remotely over Bluetooth.
• Baudrates from 1200 to 464K pbs, and non-standard values, defaults to 9600 or 115200.
• High Power (Class 1) 100Meter Bluetooth™ radio with integrated Antenna.
• Advanced Trigger mode connects/disconnects upon sensing incoming data.
• 3 LEDs, Transmit/Received data, Power/Connection Status, Configuring mode.
• Low power operation, Sniff mode capable (1-10ma standby, 30-50ma connected)
• Small form factor: 3.0” X 1.3” X 0.9”
Ordering numbers: RS232 = RN-240M (male) RN-240F (female), RS422 = RN-422M
Roving Networks Incorporated
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Los Gatos, CA 95030
Telephone: (408) 395-6539
Facsimile: (603)-843-7550
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