922 0 V E HI C U L A R
O p era t or
• User adjustable variable speed control
from 1/2 ft/sec up to 2 ft/sec
• Special anti-tailgating and partial open
features help to reduce unauthorized
vehicle access
• Selectable loop function (stop or reverse),
and ports for plug-in loop detectors
simplify wiring and make installation
• Direct driven limit switches for precise
gate control
• 5-year limited warranty
partial open
open gate short distance for cars
or open fully for trucks
variable speed
motor drive
limit switches
direct driven and easily adjustable
large gates
up to 2000 Lbs
Access Control Solutions
O p era t or
9220 2 HP
Optional Heavy Duty Pedestal
16” W x 35.5” H x 16” D (40.6cm W x 90.17cm H x 40.6cm D)
Optional Pedestal: 31.5” W x 12” H x 16.5” D (80cm W x 30.5cm H x 41.9cm D)
#60 chain
Class of Max Gate MINI GATE Max Gate MOTOR operation Length *
Weight *
100 Ft 20 Ft
2000 Lbs. 2 HP
(30.4 m)
(6.1 m)
(907 kg)
continuous duty
AC motor
Input 1-PHASE
208 VAC / 1ø, 11.7A
230 VAC / 1ø, 11.5A
208 VAC / 3ø, 6.6A
230 VAC / 3ø, 6.2A
460 VAC / 3ø, 3.1A
* Assumes gate is on level ground, in good condition with properly adjusted hardware. Other external factors may affect the performance of the gate operator.
Technical Features
Primary reduction is provided by a 40:1 gear running
in a continuous oil bath
Fail-secure operator. Electrical interlock prevents gate
from starting during manual operation
Environmental: 10ºF to 140ºF (-12°C to 62°C)
Operator is shipped with chain brackets, hardware and
20-feet of #60 chain
Slow start / slow stop
Thermostatically controlled heater kit recommended
for colder environments
Adjustable partial open limit
Shipping weight approximately 225 Lbs (102 kg)
Depending on model and options selected
Adjustable solid state speed control, 1/2 to 2 Ft./sec
Housing is G90 galvanized steel painted charcoal grey
with stainless steel access door
Selectable stop/reverse loop function
Anti-tailgating feature
Solid-state motor relays
Heavy duty mounting pedestal is recommeded for
gates weighing over 1500 Lbs. and is required if chain
tray is used
Power boost start circuit
Direct driven limit switches for precise gate control
Built-in power and reset switches
Two 115 VAC convenience outlets
Chain tray kit (p/n 2601-270) is available in 10-ft lengths
and is recommended on gates exceeding 20-ft in length
Ports for plug-in open and reverse loop detectors
(DKS loop detectors only)
Red/Green traffic signal provides a visual indication when
the gate is safe & it is OK for traffic to proceed
Optional Gate Tracker reporting provides operator data
to a companion DKS access control system
(models 1833, 1835, 1837 and 1838)
Non-contact (photocells) and contact (sensing edges)
secondary entrapment prevention devices
This vehicular slide gate operator is designed for Class
III and IV applications only and should never be used in
applications serving the general public such as apartment
complexes, gated communities, residential applications,
parking garages, etc.
External obstruction sensing devices must be used with
these operators
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