VistaScan Combi View - efficiency without compromise

VistaScan Combi View - efficiency without compromise
VistaScan Combi View efficiency without compromise
The image plate scanner with a touchscreen for all formats
Image plate technology - a
With the versatile VistaScan Combi View, Dürr Dental is clearly signpos
In addition to the tried-and-trusted technology and high image quality of the
VistaScan systems, the VistaScan Combi View also offers numerous functions
which considerably improve the convenience, efficiency and eliability of the
application. This gives the surgery team the confidence that they can rely on
their equipment.
The greyscale gradation
of the VistaScan image
Analogue film
plate enables depiction
on a par with that of film
Competitors (14 bit)
VistaScan (16 bit)
Plate scanner
The effective image resolution of X-ray systems in comparison:
The VistaScan systems from Dürr Dental achieve the highest
resolution when compared with the competition.
The new standard
for intraoral and extraoral formats
The VistaScan Combi View
The benefits at a glance:
With innovative and practical solutions, Dürr Dental has been
▪ Highest image quality
shaping the field of dental imaging for almost five decades.
▪ High-resolution touchscreen
In the field of digital X-rays with image plates in particular,
▪ ScanManager for optimum surgery workflow
Dürr Dental technology offers images of the highest resolution
▪ For all intraoral and extraoral formats
currently possible. Therefore, it meets the needs of all diagnostic
▪ Table-mounted or (optional) wall-mounted
▪ PC connection via WLAN/LAN
▪ Work possible even without a PC
The VistaScan Combi View image plate scanner enables the
intuitive, efficient and time-saving digitisation of image plates
for both intraoral and extraoral formats. Amongst other things,
its large touchscreen and easy-to-use user interface contribute
to this. Thanks to the integrated wireless LAN functionality, the
device is exceptionally flexible.
This makes image plate diagnostics for dentists quicker, more
reliable and more convenient with the VistaScan Combi View.
The universal scanner for
intraoral and extraoral formats
The VistaScan Combi View enables the scanning
of all intraoral and extraoral image plate formats. Handling is as easy as for analogue film.
ScanManager - for even more
efficient work
You can send scan jobs to the scanner from
any work station. You then select and start the
required job on the scanner by touching the
screen. Afterwards, the image is automatically
sent to the requesting PC. There‘s no need to
wait around near the device.
Stand-alone mode
The VistaScan Combi View can also work
independently, you can still scan and save
X-ray images even if the IT network is down.
The images are stored temporarily in the
internal memory and are transferred to the
database later on. If necessary, the images
can be displayed on the high-resolution screen.
*A comparative study of image quality and radiation exposure for dental radiographs produced using a charge-coupled device and a phosphor plate system. School of Dentistry, Cardiff University, 2009
Convenient touchscreen
The 4,3“ high resolution touchscreen can display 16.7 million
colours and provides excellent image quality. The preview
function for the scanned image allows X-ray results to be
quickly checked.
Intuitive controls - optimum workflow
The convenient user interface enables the easy operation of
the VistaScan Combi View - by hand or with the provided
stylus. In addition to other functions, it provides lots of information to support the workflow. Preset scan modes enable
quick and reliable scanning.
Image han
better !*
Excellent image quality
Thanks to PCS technology, the
VistaScan Combi View can reliably
detect D1 caries lesions and endo
instruments up to ISO 06.
Wi-Fi functionality
The integrated wireless functionality allows the VistaScan Combi
View to be easily integrated into an existing network and positioned in a space-saving fashion thanks to a wall-mounted installation option. Naturally, there is also a LAN interface.
A great feeling of efficiency
and reliability
The easy switch from film to image plates
Dürr Dental‘s image plate technology makes it unbelievably easy to
The thin, flexible plate offers clear advantages for both the surgery
switch to a digital workflow. This is thanks to the wide range of for-
team and the patients: It is easier to position and sits more comfor-
mats the VistaScan Combi View allows you to process on a single
tably in the patient‘s mouth. Once the image has been taken, it
device. Since the X-ray process and image formats do not differ from
appears on the monitor in just a few seconds. Thanks to an integra-
those for analogue film, there‘s not really anything new to learn.
ted re-setting function, the durable image plate is then immediately
Even for panoramic or cephalometric X-rays, you simply replace the
ready to be used again.
X-ray film with an image plate.
Optimum workflow
The level of detection of details achieved by the
VistaScan image plates is superior to that of
X-ray film and other image plate systems.
This provides dentists with a sound basis for
making reliable diagnosis. The Dürr Dental
imaging software provides help in this regard and
ensures ergonomic work processes. The VistaScan
Combi View can even be used with other common
software if necessary.
Intraoral from S0 to S4
In intraoral mode, up to four image plates can
be read in at the same time. The easy feeding
system ensures simple handling and durable
image quality.
VistaScan Combi View | 06
a new dimension in X-rays
ting the future of imageplate scanners.
Top detection of details for
diagnostic support
Digital filters for reliable diagnostics: The Dürr Dental
imaging software optimises all images automatically
then saves them. Diagnosis-supporting filters can also
be used to adjust the contrast and sharpness of images.
This enables a more detailed diagnosis. The zoom
function allows the operator to convincingly explain
early-stage apical processes to patients.
VistaScan Combi View | 07
All data, facts and accessories
VistaScan Combi View
4.3" touchscreen, 800 x 480 pixels,
16.7 million colours
Plate sizes
0 to 4
Intraoral formats (cm)
2 x 3 / 2 x 4 / 3 x 4 / 2.7 x 5.4 / 5.7 x 7.5
Panorama formats (cm)
12.7 x 30.5 / 15 x 30
Ceph formats (cm)
18 x 24 / 20 x 24
With VistaScan Omni View: 24 x 30
Effective resolution (lp/mm)
22 (1100 dpi)
Theoretical resolution (lp/mm)
40 (2000 dpi)
Greyscale (bits)
16 (65,536)
Weight (kg)/mounting
24/table-mounted; optionally, wall-mounted
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
720 x 380 x 380
LAN, Wireless
Image plate holder system
Image plate cleaning cloth
Thanks to their deburred and rounded edges,
Perfectly tailored for a digital workflow with
Dirt on image plates shows up in the images and
image plate holders from Dürr Dental offer
an image plate or sensor. Can also be used
reduces lifetime. VistaScan image plate cleaning
optimum protection for the image plate. Holders
in the traditional manner.
wipes can be used to clean the image plates
are available for all areas of application and
when necessary. They also have a disinfecting
help users to create really precise radiographs.
effect. Your benefit: Long-lasting, optimum image
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