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The Truth About LED Lighting
Let Yourself Go!
LED technology can
let your lighting creativity
run free.
Almost any application you can imagine
can be created by Gemini One Five Luminaires.
Perform magic with
white or colored LEDs.
Eliminate large obtrusive
fixtures. Create dramatically different sources of
light that disappear from
Gemini One Five
brings designs to life
with custom-made, highpower LED lighting systems. Standard products
are available as well.
Color and white-light LEDs like the ones above and
below can be used in a range of applications, including decorative, accent and task lighting.
Did you know?
The power supply, more than the
LED or fixture, determines lighting
system efficiency, reliability and
flexibility over time.
Three Success Factors
The first two factors
are selecting the correct
LED and designing the
fixture to remove heat.
There are a multitude of LEDs on the
market to select from, including low power LEDs
of 100 ma and less and
high power LEDs of
350ma and up.
LEDs always look
their best on Day 1,
but LEDs from different
manufacturers will vary
quite a bit over time.
Independent testing
confirms whether the
LED manufacturer’s extrapolated performance
data are accurate or
not. Only time will tell
since the half-light of an
LED—50,000 hours—is
5.7 years when run
A Take-Charge Driver
Gets Behind the Wheel
The most important
success factor, however,
is properly powering the
LEDs to ensure optimum performance and
long life. LEDs are current-driven devices and
should be powered by a
driver that regulates current, not voltage, which
compensates for field
conditions and the LED’s
changing electrical
properties. It’s similar to
cruise control in an automobile that maintains a
constant speed over hills
and valleys.
There are other
ways to power LEDs,
but using a driver rewards you with a lighting
system that showcases
your capabilities.
Some Like It Hot. Not!
In many cases, however, the driver is the
weak link because it’s
usually an afterthought.
It can introduce inefficiencies that impair performance and shorten
system life.
In fact, the efficiency
of some drivers is as
low as 20 percent. This
oversight adds up to four
additional watts of power
consumption for every
watt of LEDs.
Gemini One Five
partners with Semper Fi
Power Supply to deliver
drivers that:
• Perform reliably, they
are warranted for up to
10 years.
• Perform safely due to
low voltage and low
current output, and
thermal, short circuit
and overload circuit
• Power LEDs up to
1000 ma, 350ma is the
• Optimize system efficiency (up to 95 percent).
• Extend LED life
(50,000 hour half-light).
• Dim to adjust color and
intensity (integral, 0-10
volt, PWM or SF-120
Gemini One Five Luminaires
Gemini One Five integrates Luxeon® High Power LEDs into all standard
luminaires. High Power
LEDs generate sufficient
lumen output to make
LEDs a suitable choice for
task and accent lighting
applications, and make
dimming feasible.
LED lighting is based
on solid state technology.
There are no lamps to replace, so Gemini One Five
modularizes its designs,
allowing LED modules to
be swapped out without replacing the entire fixture.
A Match Made in…
Luxeon sorts its LEDs
into ‘bin codes’ before shipping to identify by performance characteristics because batches vary quite
a bit. Gemini One Five
performs additional binning
to ensure that LEDs are
matched for optimal uniformity.
Gemini One Five also
incorporates a one-week
“burn-in” to stress and
weed-out components that
would fail prematurely.
LEDs are not a panacea. They will not replace
all lighting technologies
because of cost, but whitelight LEDs can be the
proper choice for many
lighting projects.
While colored light
catches the eye and is fun
and artistic, white light is
functional and mainstream.
Whether using white
or colored LEDs, Gemini
One Five LED drivers
are warranted for 10
years when powered by a
Semper Fi Power Supply.
Power Supplies can be
specified for use with any
input voltage/frequency
around the world.
Electronics are
susceptible to power
quality issues over time.
Semper Fi transformers
serve as a big filter
that increases both life
expectancy and efficiency.
Supply Specifics
• Overload, open, thermal,
and short circuit protection are standard.
• Drivers are set at 350
ma or optional 700 ma or
1,000 ma settings.
• Coils are covered by
Semper Fi’s 25-year
• Drivers are warranted for
five or 10 years.
• Battery back up options
are available.
• Drivers and power supplies are Indoor/Outdoor/
IC rated.
• Are suitable for retrofit
and new construction
• Power Supplies can be
built for use with any
input voltage/frequency
around the world.
Semper Fi Power Supply
low voltage transformer
LED Fact or Fiction?
Do LEDs really last
100,000 hours?
So everyone says, but
plan on LEDs to produce
half of their rated light
output, or half-light, after
50,000 hours.
Can LEDs be integrated
into existing fixtures?
LEDs must evacuate their
heat, otherwise they will
produce less than rated
light output and could fail
prematurely. There’s a correlation between fixture
cost and degree of heat
Do LEDs produce high
lumens per watt?
Lumen output is increasing, but current technology achieves higher
output by driving the LED
harder, requiring materials that can handle heat
and/or additional heat
White LEDs go through a
one-week “burn in” to ensure they are matched and
will not fail prematurely in
the field.
Heat affects LED
performance, so driving
LEDs harder increases the
complexity and cost of the
entire system. There are
no “cheap” solutions. This
is why Gemini One Five
has standardized on the
most reliable LED on the
market for lighting products—350ma, 1.5 watt.
ensure proper performance
and reliability over time.
Because LED beams
are cool, heat isn’t
a problem.
The beam of light is
cool, but the LED unit generates considerable heat
so must be heatsinked to
LEDs are highly efficient
due to their low power
Yes, when powered
Call 800-660-2320 with
additional questions.
A Comprehensive
Package Of LED Benefits
Which Are Right for Your Projects?
• Rugged: no filament,
good for extreme
• Powerful: generates
impressive lumens per
• Safe: operates on low
voltage and low current.
• Long lived: offers 50,000
hour half-light.
• Styling opportunities:
allows design flexibility.
• Small size: broadens
design possibilities, think
outside the box.
• No UV: won’t fade colors
or valuables.
• Cool beam: eliminates
fire hazard, safe for
children, pets and
• Environmentally
friendly: no mercury, no
disposable lamp issues,
offers solar powered
• No maintenance: no
relamping costs, ideal for
inconvenient locations.
• Directional beam:
projects more light onto
targeted surface so
requires less energy and
saves money.
• Saturated colors and
intensities: catches
the eye, sets the mood,
eliminates filters and their
inherent light losses, paint
with light.
• Warm (3000K), cool
(5000K+) and RGB
white light available:
help make LEDs suitable
for residential and
commercial task and
accent lighting.
There’s more...
The initial cost of LED
lighting is higher than incandescent lighting.
But the life-cycle cost
of an LED lighting system,
which includes initial cost,
energy consumption and
maintenance, is lower than
incandescent lighting. LED
lighting can be the proper
choice for lighting projects.
The following comparison shows the cost advantage of LEDs over low voltage incandescent lighting.
Based on operating
10 hours/day, 365 days a
year at $0.16 kWh, a 4.5
watt Gemini One Five Lu-
minaire costs $2.63 a year
to operate. A 12 volt, 20
watt ESX lamp dimmed at
10 volts costs $8.76 a year
to operate under the same
A 4.5 watt Gemini One
Five Luminaire using a 10
degree beam spread produces 20 foot-candles at 9
to 10 feet.
The 20 watt, 12 degree, 5000 hour rated lamp
dimmed to 10 volts produces 18 foot-candles at 9
to 10 feet off the surface.
High Power LEDs
make wide-spread application of LED lighting
• Instant on: even in cold
ambient temperatures.
• Full range dimming:
saves energy, lengthens
lamp life, sets mood.
• DC powered: compatible
with solar and battery
• No EMI emissions: won’t
affect sensitive electronic
Model PK LED shows that proper design helps manage
heat that is safe to the touch and prolongs LED life.
Capitalize on White Light LEDs
Functional, white-light
LEDs can be appropriate
for many lighting projects.
LEDs are available in:
• Warm White (3000K).
• Cool White (5000K+).
• RGB (Red, Green, Blue).
Red, Green and Blue
all have different half lights,
so you will need to adjust each color over time
to maintain the desired
white light.
Easily Control Color
And Intensity
Because High Power
LEDs generate so much
light, there may be occasions when you want to
dim. Besides setting mood,
dimming will extend LED
life since they will run cooler, thus minimizing the affects of damaging heat on
performance and half-light.
Dim to adjust color and
intensity with integral, 0-10
volt, PWM or SF-120 DIM
All standard drivers incorporate an integral dimmer to independently adjust light output from an individual driver, even when
wired to other drivers.
Analog 0-10 volt and
Digital PWM dimming are
standard on all remote
(RPK) drivers.
Standard dimmers
require the SF-120-DIM
interface that is used in
conjunction with your favorite dimmer and all RPK
(remote) drivers.
Gemini One Five Luminaires recommends that
you contact Semper Fi
Power if you need a power
supply to current- or voltage-drive other manufacturers’ LEDs.
Drive for Success
What do you want to know about applying
LED lighting to a project? Call Gemini One
Five Luminaires at 800-660-2320 or visit
www.geminionefive.com for answers you
can trust.
Gemini One Five Luminaires, 800-660-2320 [email protected] www.geminionefive.com
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