Radio Shack 31-5021 User's Manual

Radio Shack 31-5021 User's Manual
Audio/Video Receiver
Refer to your Owner’s Manual for complete instructions.
Connecting A/V Components
• Use a video cable to connect MONITOR OUT
on this receiver to a TV’s VIDEO IN
(as shown in the diagram.)
• You can use either a coaxial or an optical
cable to connect a DVD player to this
receiver as shown in the diagram.
• In order to save time connecting your
system for surround sound, use the
receiver’s default settings.
Placing the Speakers
Connecting Speakers
Ω to 16 Ω.
• Place the center speaker directly above or below the TV so
that the sound of the center channel is localized at the TV.
• If possible, place the surround speakers slightly above ear
• Try to place all the speakers at an equal distance from the
listening position.
The remote requires two AA batteries (not supplied).
Dispose of old batteries promptly and properly.
Do not burn or bury batteries.
Use only fresh batteries of the required size and recommended type.
Do not mix old and new batteries, different types of batteries (standard,
alkaline, or rechargeable), or rechargeable batteries of different capacities.
• If you do not plan to use the remote for several months, remove the
batteries. Batteries can leak chemicals that can destroy electronic parts.
RadioShack Corporation
Fort Worth, Texas 76102
• The receiver will work with just two stereo speakers (FRONT), but
using at least three speakers (2 FRONT and a CENTER) is
recommended, and a complete setup of six speakers (as shown) is
• Make sure you connect the speaker on the right to the RIGHT
terminal and the speaker on the left to the LEFT terminal.
• Make sure to match the positive and negative (+/-) terminals on
the receiver to the (+/-) on the speaker.
• If you are not using a subwoofer, change the front speaker setting
to large. (See “Speaker Setting” on page 34 of your Owner’s
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