bizhub C300
Office system bizhub C300
bizhub C300
The integrated office
Office system bizhub C300
effective workflow
Particularly suitable for the small company or large department
the bizhub C300 offers a modern integrated office technology
platform to maximise the efficiency of the workgroup.
It will provide effective accessible centralisation, sharing of
know-how and information in the workgroup with excellent
print performance.
Colleagues will enjoy the intuitive ease-of-access,
both over the large touch screen panel and via
the web browser. Excellent document creation is
available to all. Documents can be combined at
will, independent of their format, and are further
enhanced by the range of automatic functionality.
In fact, the bizhub C300 is so easy to use that
everyone effectively becomes an expert.
The bizhub C300 also achieves full office
functionality. The Box functionality supports
archiving, the comprehensive scanning
facilities, the sharing of job settings, the
printing capability and paper handling is also
just what is needed for the modern effective
office. It includes high definition monochrome
and high quality colour printing combined with
mixmedia, special print media and the
embedded finishing.
Savings abound. In comparison with multiple
stand-alones the bizhub C300 is an investment
with very good returns and could bring
running costs down significantly.
The ease of operation, the extensive office
functionality and the flexible excellent printing
and finishing release an enormous amount of
staff time for their true high-level roles.
The bizhub C300 integrated office is the economic
key to synergy, quality and success.
Office system bizhub C300
Play it easy!
Be effective!
The common bizhub family platform is amazingly straightforward to use
and, of course, immediately transferable to other devices in the bizhub range –
a notable benefit when upgrading or extending the bizhub capacity.
The large touch screen panel features an
intuitive, user-friendly programming approach
and the PageScope Web Connection
facilitates the complete range of monitoring
and set-up functions via the web browser
The bizhub C300 incorporates a welcome
range of automatic functionality including:
· auto colour recognition – only colour pages
are printed in the colour mode
· auto paper selection – to suite the copy or
print size
· auto tray switch – in the event of any empty
· auto zooming – maximises the print size to
suite the page size
thereby further supporting the ease of use
and improving the efficiency of the printing.
Job programmes for copying, printing and
scanning can be saved and recalled at the
touch of a button, for example for the
immediate repeat of a job. The sharing of
job settings makes life very easy and
straightforward e.g. a scan to eMail
programme for newsletters can use the
already created settings for the document
and the addressees. Once again the easy
functioning of the integrated office is
The PageScope Workware gives all users
an easy overview and administration of their
documents and possess the power to
combine documents whatever their format
e.g. complicated reports with graphics, tables
and text are child’s play.
Maintenance is no sooner said than done.
The user simply opens the front panel and
exchanges the cartridges as required.
Wheel away the old!
Achieve office functionality
Without office integration an array of rudimentary devices
are necessary to perform the various tasks and the
operation is both limited and costly. With the bizhub C300
office functionality the handling of communication through
various document types, varied distribution patterns and
print production becomes flexible. In addition productivity
levels increase considerably.
The bizhub C300 offers integrated internal
and external digital management and
communication including comprehensive
scanning flexibility and analogue/digital
transmission by fax. The Box functionality
is the pivot for this all-round capability and
accessibility to each of the up to 1,000 boxes
can be defined.
As the Boxes can store copy, print, scan and
fax files, comparable to being on a network
drive, users enjoy ideal control, for instance,
sharing and archiving documents and
reprinting and sending files.
That is ideal functionality.
The bizhub C300’s combination of high
resolution monochrome and high quality
colour copying and printing is a must for the
modern office and, in addition, there is a
whole range of finishing possibilities:
Mixmedia is available at page level within
any job. Colour pages can be inserted as
required e.g. for impressive handouts.
What was previously impossible or only
achievable with many manual operations or
with distracting out-sourcing is accessible to
all with the bizhub C300 integrated office
Scanning takes on a new dimension with the
bizhub C300. Supported by the address
book, which can store up to 2,100 addresses,
scanning to customer eMail, FTP, Box or a
personal PC is easy. Formats PDF, JPG and
TIFF are available, as well as the special
bonus of compact PDF. The speed of up to
65 originals a minute and the automatic
document feeder, which enables double-sided
scanning are certainly welcome.
In comparison, the rudimentary desktop
scanner has little to offer. Yet again the
advantages of office functionality become
two sided
offset sorting
Office system bizhub C300
Better Productivity
and further savings
Improvements in productivity and reductions in costs are always
goals and it is even more desirable when they go hand in hand.
The investment in new office technology can improve workflows
and achieve both. The bizhub C300 represents a very good return
on investment and the reasons are compelling.
The bizhub C300 is the complete office
package yielding investment dividends. In
comparison with multiple rudimentary,
stand-alone workplaces it gives considerable
space-saving and unmatched quality and
flexibility. The bizhub C300 brings running
costs down and makes budgetary sense.
Cost savings also come from the considerable
amount of time which staff save. Through the
digital Box functionality, which facilitates the
Compact PDF
The compact format reduces
the data size of documents.
This saves much time, particularly when sending large files
to external addresses.
Encrypted PDF
This security function has various
options available including the
recipient being prevented from
opening the document.
ideal workflow situation, the scanning facility
is fast and effortless and job settings can be
shared, both saving much time.
Ease-of-use and easy document creation also
make their contribution. The finishing, from
stapling to booklet production, eliminates
substantial manual work and also
out-sourcing, both of which were previously
unnecessary consumers of staff time.
Staff are freed to concentrate on their
essential roles.
The bizhub C300 promotes increased productivity
and generates all-round cost savings both directly
and with the saving of staff time.
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at a glance
* Summer 2006
Technical specifications
Copier specifications
Copying process
Electrostatic laser copy
Tandem, indirect
Print functions
Direct print of PCL, PS, TIFF and PDF files
Mixmedia and mixplex
Job programming ”Easy Set“
Toner system
Simitri® polymerised toner
Scanner specifications
Copy/print speed A4
Colour up to 30 ppm
Mono up to 30 ppm
Scan speed
Colour up to 50 opm (300 dpi via DF)
Mono up to 65 opm (300 dpi via DF)
Copy/print speed A3
Colour up to 17 ppm
Mono up to 17 ppm
Scan resolution
Max.: 600 x 600 dpi
1st copy/print time
Colour 8.5 sec. (A4)
Mono 6.5 sec. (A4)
Warm-up time
Approx. 72 sec.
Copy resolution
600 x 600 dpi
256 gradations
1–999, interruption mode
Original format
25–400% in 0.1% steps
Copy functions
Chapter mode, cover and page insertion
Proof copy
Adjustment test print
Gloss mode
Digital art
Job recall
Job setting memory
Poster mode
Printer Specifications
Print resolution
Equivalent to 1,800 x 600 dpi
Controller CPU
PowerPC 750FX @ 600 MHz 64 BIT
Page description language
PCL 6c (PCL 5c + XL2.1)
PostScript 3
Operating systems
Windows 98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/XP64
Macintosh 9.x/10.x
Server NT4.0/2000/2003
Scan modes
Network TWAIN scan
File formats
Encrypted PDF
System hard disc
40 GB
10-Base-T / 100-Base-TX Ethernet
Parallel IEEE 1284 (optional)
USB 2.0 (optional)
Automatic document feeder
Up to 100 originals
Paper size
A6–A3 full bleed
Customised paper sizes
Banner paper max. 1,200 x 297 mm
Paper weight
60–256 g/m2
Paper input capacity
Standard: 850 sheets
Max.: 3,350 sheets
Paper output capacity
Up to 1,200 sheets
Scan destinations
2,100 (single + group), LDAP support
Automatic duplexing
A5–A3 full bleed
60–256 g/m2
Scan functions
Annotation (text/time/date) for PDF
Up to 300 job programs
Finishing modes (optional)
Offset, group, sort, staple, punch,
centre-fold, booklet, mailbin sort
Fax specifications (optional)
Power consumption
220-240 V / 50/60Hz
Less than 1.5 KW (system)
Fax standard
Super G3
Fax resolution
Max.: 600 x 600 dpi (ultra-fine)
Fax compression
Fax modem
Up to 33.6 Kbps
Fax back-up memory
128 MB
Fax destinations
1,000 (single + group)
Fax functions
Time shift
Receipt to confidential box
Receipt to eMail, FTP, SMB
System specifications
System memory
1,024 MB
System dimensions (W x D x H mm)
650 x 748 x 771
System weight
Approx. 100 kg
System features
ISO 15408 EAL3
Up to 1,000 User Accounts
Active Directory support
(user name + password)
User function access definition
PageScope NetCare
PageScope Data Administrator
PageScope Box Operator
PageScope JobSpooler
PageScope Workware (Trial)
Direct Print Utility
Print Status Notifier
All specifications relating to paper capacity refer to A4-size paper of 80 g/m2 quality.
All specifications relating to scanning, copying or printing speeds refer to A4-size paper that is scanned, copied or printed crosswise in multipage, simplex mode.
Some of the product illustrations contain optional accessories.
Konica Minolta does not warrant that any prices or specifications mentioned will be error-free.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks, of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
All other brand and product names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.
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