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Compact appliances
Type / model numbers
WKes 653
Wine storage cabinet GrandCru
Max. No. of Bordeaux bottles 0.75 Ltr ¹
Total gross / net capacity
Energy efficiency class
Energy consum. in 365 days / 24 h ²
Noise level
Climate rating
Voltage / Connection rating
56 / 38 litre
75 / 0.205 kWh
40 dB(A)
220-240V~ / 1.0 A
Insulated glazed door ³
Side walls
Interior light
permanently switchable / dimmable
Type of control
Temperature display
Child lock function
Fault: warning signal
Door open: warning signal
Temperature zones
Temperature range
Air humidity
Activated FreshAir charcoal filter
Storage shelves / Rails
Shelf material
Presentation boxes
Drawer for accessories
Wall mounting
Height / Width / Depth in cm
1 These models are only bound for storing wine.
Maximum DIN norm bordeaux bottles capacity (0.75 l)
as per norm NF H 35 -124 (H: 300.5 mm, Ø 76.1 mm)
ZKes 453
CMes 502
Compact refrigerator
43 / 39 litre
45 / 42 litre
107 / 0.293 kWh
35 dB(A)
220-240V~ / 0.5 A
162 / 0.443 kWh
40 dB(A)
220-240V~ / 0.5 A
with stainless steel frame / SmartSteel
stainless steel with SmartSteel
LCD display
internal digital
visual and audible
+5°C to +20°C
with stainless steel frame / SmartSteel
stainless steel with SmartSteel
LCD display
internal digital
visual and audible
+16°C to +20°C
68 % to 75 %
Spanish cedar wood
with stainless steel frame / SmartSteel
stainless steel with SmartSteel
61.2 / 42.5 / 47.8
61.2 / 42.5 / 47.8
61.2 / 42.5 / 45
Activated FreshAir charcoal filter
Underside cover for wall mounting
Clip-on labelling system
Activated FreshAir charcoal filter
Underside cover for wall mounting
wooden shelf
2 With +25 °C ambient temperature, switched-off interior light
and +12 °C interior temperature.
Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 1060 /2010
+2°C to +10°C
zinced rails
3 Door hinges: right / not reversible
Subject to modification. Current data see
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Design and Lifestyle
Wine storage cabinet WKes 653
For savouring
wine at its best
he temperature at which wine is served is key for savouring it
at its best. Storing wine at temperatures that are too high or too
low impairs its flavour. The new WKes 653 wine storage cabinet in
elegant stainless steel with glazed door has a compact footprint,
measuring just 61 cm in height by 42 cm in width, yet it stores
a selection of up to 12 Bordeaux bottles (standard size 0.75 l) at
perfect drinking temperature. The cabinet provides a focal point
in any environment, with the option to wall mount or position it on
furniture, the most coveted wines in your collection can always be
in sight and ready to hand for serving. And so that your wine is
always presented in the best light, this compact appliance comes
with LED lighting with dimmer function and separate switch.
Wine storage cabinet WKes 653
The ideal storage temperature for storing wine for prolonged periods is +8°C to +12°C. White wine to be
For ideal presentation of your best wine, the
emit minimal heat and no UV radiation, the wine
The practical drawer is used for storing wine accessories or for wine accompaniments, such as chocolate
kept on hand at serving temperature should ideally be stored at a temperature below +10°C and red wine
WKes 653 features LED lighting with dimmer
can be showcased bathed in light forlengthy
or candies, for serving at the right temperature to elevate the wine tasting experience.
function and separate switch. As the LEDs
periods, without compromising its quality.
at up to +18°C. With this in mind the touch electronic control system allows the temperature to be set
to the exact degree required between +5°C and +20°C.
It is possible even for wine in closed bottles to suffer damage due to air exchange via corks. The WKes 653
The doors made of insulating safety glass are
wine cabinet incorporates a replaceable Activated FreshAir charcoal filter to ensure there is only clean
coated and give perfect protection against
the air in the interior.
UV radiation.
The WKes 653 can also be wall-mounted as an attractive eye-catcher with convenient access for serving.
Humidor ZKes 453
The perfect
climate for your
o provide perfect enjoyment, cigars mature for some time
after production in special climate chambers at humidity of
68 % to 75 %. Maintaining this humidity and keeping to a storage
temperature of +16 °C to +20 °C is essential for preserving
the quality or for aging cigars. Storing cigars in conditions of
insufficient humidity is detrimental to their aroma and quality. If
the humidity is too high there is a risk of mould forming on the
precious tobacco leaves. Liebherr’s new humidor provides the
perfect climatic conditions for storing or aging cigars over a
long period. A high-quality touch electronic control system in
conjunction with humidity sensors ensures accurate compliance
with the temperature and humidity required.
Humidor ZKes 453
The precision electronic control system allows the temperature to be set within a range of +16°C to
The integrated water tank is filled with one litre
humidity is kept exactly to the level selected.
Liebherr’s humidor has LED lighting, with dimmer function, incorporated in the glass door. As the
+20°C.The humidity can also be set between 68% and 75%. The temperature alarm alerts the user to any
of distilled water. Humidity sensors regulate
A visual display tells the user in good time
LEDs emit virtually no heat, the cigars can be showcased bathed in light for lengthy periods, without
irregularities within the interior.
the water requirement and ensure that the
when water has to be replenished.
compromising their quality.
The two presentation boxes, varying in height and the two wooden shelves are crafted from Spanish cedar
The presentation boxes are ideal for storing
presentation purposes.
The humidor can also be wall-mounted as an attractive eye-catcher and for convenient access.
loose cigars and can easily be removed for
CMes 502
The cool idea
for any room
cool idea for every room in your home; Liebherr’s CMes 502
is the innovative appliance for making your refrigerated
storage requirements truly convenient. In the living room, for
example, the CMes 502 will keep drinks ready for serving to
your guests at just the right drinking temperature. In your home
office area you’ll always have mineral water etc ready to hand,
and in the bathroom the compact CMes 502 is ideal for storing
top-quality cosmetic products.
While having a small footprint, the CMes 502
For an attractive presentation the CMes 502 is
The interior in silver finish is strikingly elegant
provides ample storage capacity, providing
equipped with a separately controllable, dimmable
and can be adapted to suit personal requirements
effortless storage of up to 60 cans of drink or
LED lighting. It is fit flush to finish in the ceiling
at any time, with removable grid shelves.
27 0.5-litre bottles.
thus space-saving.
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