Keysight N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer

Keysight N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer
Keysight N9320B
RF Spectrum Analyzer
All the essentials of a Keysight spectrum analyzer
with a price/performance that's easy to afford
Keysight N9320B Spectrum Analyzer – Built to Perform,
Priced for you to Compete
Regardless of whether your application is electronics’ manufacture, bench repair, R&D projects, or RF
related education, you need a spectrum analyzer that is equipped with the essential functionality and
required performance at an affordable price. The Keysight Technologies, Inc. N9320B is designed to be
the right answer for you.
Spectrum analysis from 9 kHz to
3 GHz:
–– Measurement speed:
Minimum non-zero span
sweep time: 10 ms
–– RBW:
10 Hz to 1 MHz in 1-3-10
–– DANL:
–148 dBm with preamp
Robust measurement features
for characterizing your product
–– Built-in power measurements:
Channel power, OBW, ACP,
–– Built-in power meter function
with Keysight U2000 series
power sensor support
–– Optional tracking generator
and preamplifier
–– Remote control PC software
Power measurement and automated test programming features
–– The accuracy of frequency selective power measurements when characterizing your products is very important. With a newly featured digital
IF, the N9320B enables dramatic improvements in power measurement
–– Power meter functionality is also built-in with Keysight Technologies, Inc.
U2000 series power sensor support for highly accurate RF and MW power
–– The built-in 1-button power measurement suite offers channel power, ACP,
OBW, SEM and TOI measurements.
–– For automated test programming, the N9320B provides industy standard
SCPI language support and flexible connectivity choices with USB, LAN
and GPIB. Plus,SCPI code compatibility with Keysight ESA-L series for
easy instrument replacement.
Engineered for the best spectrum visibility
In your R&D, QA or university research lab, you want to know as much measurement detail as possible about your products and designs. The N9320B offers the
best-in-class spectrum visibility. The 10 Hz minimum RBW distinguishes closely
spaced signals easily, the –148 dBm DANL reveals low level signals clearly, and
combined with the 4 trace display and 12 markers allows you to easily identify
and compare signal details.
Integrated solution for the modern RF teaching lab
One of the best ways to improve students’ learning efficiency for RF related curriculums is to combine lectures with hands-on labs. The N9320B is an excellent
price-performance fit for educational purposes. Whether you wish to combine
the N9320B analyzer with the Keysight N9310A RF signal generator for basic RF
concept labs, or enhance your RF circuit labs with the N9320B and its optional
RF training kit (option code: N9320B-TR1), you will find adopting Keysight’s RF
education solution efficient and effective.
Keysight N9320B Spectrum Analyzer –
Built to Perform, Priced for you to Compete (continued)
1. 6.5-inch high resolution screen provides vivid spectral view from any angle
2. Logically arranged function keys and soft keys provides intuitive access for each operational step
3. USB interface offers convenient data storage via USB flash disk
4. Tracking generator output enables frequency response measurement
5. Cal Out (50 MHz, –10 dBm)
6. Probe power for high impedance RF probes
7. RF input (N type, female)
What’s New on N9320B?
New features
AM/FM demodulation
ASK/FSK demodulation
EMI filter
Power meter function
Offers modulation data, including carrier power, modulation rate, AM
depth or FM deviation, SINAD and carrier frequency offset
Provides four displaymodes: symbol, waveform, ASK/FSK error and eye
Provides 200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz and 1 MHz RBW bandwidth (6 dB down)
When connection with a Keysight U2000 series USB power senser,
the N9320B can be used as a power meter for high accuracy power
SCPI command compatibility for Able to distinguish and interpret Keysight ESA-L SCPI commands,
Keysight ESA-L series
reducing programming effort for ESA-L replacement with N9320B
LAN interface
Provides LAN connection for auto test or remote control
GPIB interface
Privides GPIB connection for automated test
RF training kit
Special for educational purposes. The RF training kit consists of a
transceiver trainer, control panel software and lab sheets
Remote control PC
Controls the spectrum scans and transfers data between N9320B and a
Option number
Standard feature
Standard feature
Standard feature
Standard feature
Keysight N9320B Spectrum Analyzer –
Built to Perform, Priced for you to Compete (continued)
1. GPIB interface
5. Frequency reference input
2. USB interface
6. Security Kensington lock
3. VGA display connector
7. TTL trigger signal input
4. Frequency reference output
8. LAN port
3U height easily fits
into your test racks
Rack mountable
Remote control PC software
Electronics Manufacturing
When you need faster and more cost effective RF analysis tools for testing today’s consumer electronics
products and components – look no further!
We have optimized the N9320B
to meet your needs in
performance and cost
Best-in-class performance ensures your test station is operating quickly without compromising quality
–– 10 ms minimum, non-zero
span sweep time
–– ± 1.5 dB overall amplitude
accuracy, typical ± 0.5 dB
–– 10 Hz minimum resolution
–– Sensitivity is –148 dBm
DANL with preamplifier
–– Multiple language user
interface improves easeof-use and reduces training
time by utilizing your local
Accelerate time to market
while simultaneously
reducing costs.
Regardless of whether you are manufacturing a wireless mouse, keyboards,
GPS devices, or RF components such as mixers, filters or amplifiers, you need
to measure their RF characteristics to insure they work properly within their
design parameters like frequency bandwidth and output power range. Too little
RF power may decrease the wireless operating distance, while too much power
can drain batteries quickly, reducing operation time and cause excessive heat in
the device.
In today’s competitive world, you need to verify your product’s RF performance
fast and accurately as well as lower your cost of ownership. The affordable
N9320B is designed to help achieve all these goals. So, why not take a closer
look at the N9320B spectrum analyzer?
Boost productivity by decreasing test time
The throughput rate of a test station is generally one of the key factors limiting
the productivity of a manufacturing line. You almost always want to test your
products in the shortest possible time. The sweep time of a spectrum analyzer
is often the most important performance specification contributing to your RF
analysis test time. The N9320B analyzer provides you with 10 ms non-zero span
sweep time, the fastest in its class.
Testing and validating your products with confidence
The N9320B equipped with a new digital IF section tests your product with
improved frequency and amplitude accuracy and stability. It provides essential
information for your products’ performance and characteristics with increased
Simplify Common Measurement Tasks
When you find yourself having repeatedly to make the same type of complex
measurement or measurement sequence, it is useful to know that some
shortcuts are available. That's what we have provided for you in the N9320B
spectrum analyzer.
The N9320B spectrum analyzer continues the Keysight tradition that test equipment should be easy to set up and simple to use. Those familiar with other
Keysight spectrum analyzers will find a similar user interface in the N9320B,
allowing for a shorter learning curve and easier operation.
One button auto-tuning allows you to quickly find and accurately analyze the
highest level signal anywhere in the analyzer’s frequency range. Centering this
signal on the screen, the analyzer simultaneously optimizes the frequency span,
resolution and video bandwidths, auto-scales the amplitude, sets a marker on
the signal peak and displays the measurement results.
Power measurements made easy using the one-button
measurement suite
You will find that the one-button power measurement suite shortens routine
test set up time by simplifying the keypad/menu selection.
Selecting these one-button routines directly from the softkey menu also helps
ensure accuracy and repeatability of the test set up and measurement no matter
who presses the button.
One of the most fundamental measurements performed by spectrum analyzers
is the frequency domain measurement of RF power. However, detailed analysis
of a signal often requires standards-defined spectral masks or more complex
power/bandwidth/detector measurement combinations.
Channel power
Precise, rapid integrated channel power with computed power spectral density
utilizing the RMS average detector.
Occupied bandwidth
Selecting the percentage of the signal’s power to be measured places markers
at the upper and lower frequencies of the waveform representing the bandwidth
utilized by that percentage of power.
Adjacent channel power (ACP)
Fast, accurate simultaneous filtered RMS power measurement of a carrier
relative to its leakage in up to six offset bands or channels.
Simplify Common Measurement Tasks (continued)
Bench repair
An effective, professional
bench repair tool
Most bench repair tasks
demand fast, cost effective
test solutions. Being small and
lightweight, the N9320B spectrum analyzer is as functional
and indispensable in low-cost
bench repair applications as it
is for field troubleshooting.
Detecting low signal levels
while simultaneously resolving
closely spaced frequencies is
a fundamental requirement for
RF testing. Employing one of
the best combinations of sensitivity and narrow resolution
bandwidths (RBW) ensures
that an N9320B spectrum
analyzer will readily handle
these tasks.
Spectrum emission mask (SEM)
The spectrumemission mask (SEM) is a set of complex limit lines forming a
mask for out-of-channel emissions measurement. The SEM is defined relatively
to in-channel power. You can set the parameters of the main channel, out of
channel frequency bands and the limit lines. Included is Pass/Fail testing for the
overall spectrum emission mask and each individual out-of- channel frequency
Of course, you retain the flexibility to tailor each measurement task to your
specific needs when necessary. And you’ll find it easy to distinguish between
signals having large level differences since the N9320B has one of the widest
dynamic ranges for an analyzer in its price range.
High accuracy power measurements
The N9320B now supports high accuracy, USB plug-and-play power measurements as standard when connected to a Keysight U2000 series USB power
sensor. Make true average power measurements for all signal types with wide
dynamic range up to 18 GHz with just the push of a button. The Keysight U2000
series USB power sensors require no external power supplies and with internal
zeroing eliminate the need for external calibration. Without the need for additional boxes, the user can easily set up, calibrate and control the power sensor
via the analyzer’s USB port. Two display modes are available: either the meter or
the chart mode to log power measurements over time.
The combination of spectrum analyzer
and power meter
Simplify Common Measurement Tasks (continued)
EMI filters now available (Option EMF)
One of the criticalsteps for product development in order to sell electronic
products on the commercial market, is theymust pass EMC (Electro Magnetic
Compatibility) requirements. Waiting until the end of the development cycle to
find out whether or not a product passes regulatory agency requirements can be
an expensive gamble. Failing topass can result in costly redesign, delays while
waiting for additional EMC compliance testing and results and apostponement
to your product introduction.
N9320B offers limit line for pass/fail
The detailed metrics provides you with the
complete understanding of the AM signal
Therefore, it is important to perform EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference)
pre-compliance (Electro Magnetic Interference) pre-compliance tests to find
potential EMC problems during the product development phase,where they
can be more easily corrected, and prior to sending your product to a regulatory
agency or EMC test facility for final verification. Pre-compliance measurements
are intended to give you an approximation of the EMI performance of your
products. This can provide you with higher confidence in passing regulatory
agency requirements.
Now, the N9320B provides you with optional CISPR EMI filters (–6 dB), covering
resolution bandwidths 200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz and 1 MHz for enhancing precompliance measurements. Installing option EMF enables EMI pre-compliance
measurements in CISPR-specified bandwidths and these tests can bemadeusing
the N9320B’s positive peak detector in a simple and fast way.
AM/FM demodulation analysis (Option AMA)
The detailed metrics provides you with
the complete understanding of the FM
When you aremakingmodulation depth or frequency deviation measurements for
AM or FM devices, the N9320B with its optional AM/FM modulation analysis
shows the metrics you need, including carrier power,modulation rate, AM
depth/FM deviation, SINAD and carrier frequency offset. User definable limits
provide Pass/Fail indicators for carrier power, AM modulation index or FM
deviation, and carrier frequency offset. The user can save the waveforms with
metrics for reporting as wellas the set-up parameters for future measurements
or analysis.
Besides the AM/FM demodulation analysis (option AMA), the N9320B provides
AM/FM tune and listen in spectrum analysis mode as a standard function.
ASK/FSK demodulation analysis (Option DMA)
The FSK demodulation metrics with
waveform view
Optional ASK/FSKmodulation analysis is now available. Amplitude Shift Keying
(ASK) is used in RFID and optical systems. Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) is
used inmany applications including cordless phone, paging systems and RFID.
N9320B with option DMA supports four display modes: Symbol, Waveform,
ASK/FSK Error, and Eye Diagram. Included is Pass/Fail testing for carrier
power, ASK modulation depth/FSK frequency deviation. The metrics you need
are shown, including carrier power, ASK/FSK error, ASK depth/FSK frequency
deviation, and ASK index etc. For reports and future measurements the waveform with metrics and setup parameters can be saved.
When it comes to receiving the best return from your R&D equipment budget, turn to Keysight’s new
generation of low-cost analyzers and sources.
Additional features that
make spectrum analysis
–– Four traces and up to 12
markers allowoptimum
flexibility for complex
troubleshooting in multi-signal
–– Marker table lists the frequency and amplitude matrix from
all active markers, including
delta markers
–– Frequency counter offers
more accurate frequency
–– USB flash memory stick
support provides quick save or
recall of measurement data
Limited on your R&D budget?
You'll find an N9320B spectrum
analyzer equally versatile for budget
sensitive R&D applications. It is also
suitable for RF design verification or
when initiating a low cost project for
product enhancements and extensions.
Wherever you deploy your engineering resources, they will find operating
an N9320B spectrum analyzer easy
to use.
Scale indictor for quick vertical axis
Narrow RBW clearly distinguishes two
close-in signals
Easy to distinguish low level signal
The FSK demodulation metrics with
symbol view
The low displayed average noise floor
and narrow resolution bandwidths
provide optimum spectral visibility
and resolution of small signals.
Teacher’s special:
Display projection
When you are ready to show
frequency domain phenomena to
your students or even the instrument
operation, you may want to display
the instrument screen in a larger
format for all the students in the
lab or classroom to observe. The
N9320B supports VGA output and
can display the instrument’s screen
on a larger monitor or video projector
Affordable, fast support
Buying test equipment from
Keysight’s new low-cost series puts
you in touch with top-line service and
support should you need it. So, you
can be confident that you are making
the right choice for the right price.
Whether you are mentoring your graduate students for completion of an
important research project, or leading under-graduates in hands-on experiments
in your campus electronics lab, using Keysight test equipment in your
educational institution guarantees you are upholding the highest standards
for the future of tomorrow's engineers.
Learning how to use test instrumentation, and understanding how RF signals
interact are fundamental to the study of electronics. Spectrum analysis is
essential to RF circuit design. It sheds an intuitive light on signal interactions
and mixing processes for students.
The combination of the affordable price and performance in the N9320B
spectrum analyzer, part of the low-cost test equipment series from Keysight
Technologies, means that you do not need to limit students access to
professional RF equipment in the classroom.
Now you have the opportunity to put Keysight’s renowned quality and precision
into every student’s hands. Help your students and trainees gain the edge.
There is no longer a need to compromise on the performance of their test
Educators hold Keysight test equipment in the highest esteem. Therefore, you
can be confident of upholding high standards in the classroom and insure your
students will have confidence in their experimental results. In addition, they will
be able to focus more time on RF circuit experimentation and signal analysis
exercises, because Keysight spectrum analyzer operation is straightforward.
You’ll find the N9320B has sufficient performance for many basic research
projects, where you need an inexpensive, fast, high-quality, general-purpose
RF signal analyzer.
Education (continued)
Typical RF teaching lab solution
–– N9320B: RF spectrum analyzer
–– N9310A: RF signal generator
–– N9320B-TR1: RF training kit
RF education solution from Keysight
One of the best ways to improve your students’ learning efficiency for RF
related curriculums is to combine teaching with hands-on labs. We also suspect
you may want to save precious instructor time by leveraging an RF teaching
lab that’s already well designed and yet inexpensive. The N9320B spectrum
analyzer and its educational kit (Ordering code: N9320B-TR1), together with
Keysight’s basic signal generator N9310A offer a new and systematic RF teaching environment for you and your students. You can design or deploy almost any
RF circuit experiment for your students, from transmitters and receivers to key
individual RF components, such as mixers, amplifier and filters.
The RF training kit consists of two boards. One acts as a TX circuit, another one
acts as a RX circuit. The major RF components on each board can be separately
used as standalone components. We designed the flexibility into the kit and
you’ll find using Keysight’s RF education solution convenient, time saving and
cost effective.
When you talk about the concept of frequency domain, carrier frequency and
its harmonics or frequency selective power measurements, you can use the
N9320B spectrum analyzer and N9310A RF signal generator as the basic configuration in your RF/microwave lab.
When you need to communicate the features of a typical RF circuit, such as
the TX and RX paths, and how they deliver signals, simply use the RF training
kit and its courseware to design an effective hands-on lab for your students.
When your students need to take a closer look at those RF components, such
as mixer, filters and amplifiers, the RF training kit allows you to separately utilize
its individual components.
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