ReliOn | Model H-0565-0 | User's Manual | ReliOn Model H-0565-0 User's Manual

Model H-0565-0
Operation Instructions
Filling the Water Tank
1. Make sure there is water in the water tank.
2. Water level must be adequate in the base in order for the unit to produce
mist. This unit does not have an automatic shut off.
3. Switch is in the “OFF” position, plug cord into a 120 volt AC wall outlet.
4. Slide to “ON” position. Indicator will illuminate when power is on.
5. Set mist intensity control. Slide control to the right to increase mist
output, slide to the left to decrease mist output.
6. Allow a few minutes for water to fill the reservoir to produce mist. It may
take up to thirty minutes to saturate if you are using a new
demineralization cartridge for mist to appear.
7. Turn off, reduce mist intensity, or open door to room if indoor relative
humidity is above 50% or condensation forms on the wall or windows.
8. Make sure the power is off when moving the unit or refilling the water
tank. The fan will continue to operate even if the water tank is empty.
9. In case of high temperature or filtration malfunction, this product may
produce a sour or amino acid smell. If this occurs please rinse the filter
with distilled water or replace the filter.
10. If you have any questions or comments, call toll-free 1-866-872-7442.
Remove mist nozzle from the water tank. Turn tank upside down after
removing it from the base. Open tank by turning cap counterclockwise.
Rinse and wipe clean.
Fill the water tank with cool tap water and replace the cap. Turn upside
down to check for leaks. If leaks appear, remove cap and re-tighten. Be
sure the rubber tank ring is properly placed to minimize leaks. Use of very
cold water may temporarily hinder mist output. Filling humidifier with hot
or warm water could cause damage to the unit. To reduce lime or calcium
deposit in your unit, it is recommended to use the Kaz Demineralization
Cartridge (Model DC-51). Distilled water may be used to reduce mineral
deposits. Keep base and nebulizer clean for more effective mist output.
Replace water tank on the base and reposition the mist nozzle on the tank.
If white dust occurs due to hard/soft water, please change to distilled
 Cord should be placed out of foot traffic and away from heated surfaces.
Check cord before every use. DO NOT use unit if cord is damaged.
 To prevent fire, shock or personal injury, DO NOT use an extension cord.
 Medication and water treatments should not be added to water or ANY
part of humidifier.
 Mist nozzle should not be covered.
 Placing unit in direct sunlight or high temperature area is not
 DO NOT overfill water tank or immerse the unit into water.
 Condensation on walls, floor and furniture might occur if unit is left
unattended in a closed room.
 DO NOT direct mist nozzle towards walls, furniture, or children.
 Place unit on non-metallic waterproof surfaces and away from water
sensitive furniture.
 Touching the ultrasonic nebulizer while plugged in could result in burns.
 For product service, call toll-free 1-866-872-7442.
 If operated without water in water tank, it will cause damage to machine.
 Unit is made for indoor use only.
 Humidifier should be unplugged if being cleaned or not in use.
 DO NOT tilt or move humidifier while in use.
 DO NOT use near water.
 Wrapping the cord around the unit for storage is not recommended.
The warranty for the Reli-On Ultrasonic Humidifier
complies with Wal-Mart’s warranty.
You have ninety days to return the unit if it is not working
to your satisfaction. Please keep your box and receipt.
Cleaning Instructions
For best results, clean your humidifier at least once a week.
To begin:
Turn off and unplug humidifier
Empty water in tank and base of humidifier
Remove filter cartridge
MODEL H-0565-0
Owner’s Manual
To clean base:
Mix two tablespoons white vinegar to two cups of water.
With a soft cloth and/or a cotton ball, dip into the solution, wiping the
entire base area, being very careful not to damage any components. Be
sure to clean the transducer- located at the bottom of the base; it is a little
round silver disk. Be very careful not to damage transducer.
Next with a soft cloth or a cotton ball dip into plain water (you are
basically rinsing) wiping base and transducer being very carefully not to
damage any components
Set aside to dry
To clean tank:
Mix two tablespoons of bleach to 1 gallon of water. (The tank is a
two gallon tank so fill the tank half way then add the bleach).
Put approximately 2 cups of the solution in the tank.
Shake the tank. Dump out solution.
Put approximately 2 cups of plain water in tank.
Shake the tank. Dump out water.
Take soft dry cloth (you can actually reach up into tank) and dry entire
Do this once a week.
For best results, replace the filter every 45 uses or 240 hours. The Kaz
Demineralization Cartridge (Model DC-51) can be purchased at WalMart.
If you have trouble removing the tank cap, try adding liquid soap around the
cap in order to loosen it.
Read and save these instructions for best results.
Model H-0565-0 Series
For product service, call our toll-free costumer service line at 1-866-872-7442
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