Clear Audio Built-in Bluetooth and GPS option

Clear Audio Built-in Bluetooth and GPS option
Clear Audio
Built-in Bluetooth and GPS option
Analogue and Digital Auto Detect
Compatible with analogue conventional and digital conventional
modes. Allows PD485 to simultaneously monitor analogue and
digital modes and automatically respond in each mode.
Extremely easy migration to digital from analogue.
RRS allows the PD485 to communicate with Smart Dispatch
and SmartOne, so that the dispatcher can check if the radio is
on or offline.
The PD485 can provide radio enable/disable, remote monitor
and priority interrupt as optional features.
In direct mode, you can have two voice calls simultaneously,
because of the two timeslots from DMR TDMA technology.
This feature can be used to increase the radio capacity at no
extra cost, without the need for additional frequency licenses.
Basic end-to-end Encryption has your voice and data
transmission secured.
Emergency Alarm can be sent to other radios via the one
touch programmable button, establishing an emergency call
in a specific group. Improves your emergency response time.
This virtual trunking feature allocates a free timeslot for urgent
communications. This effectively enhances frequency efficiency
and allows you to communicate in a timely manner in
emergency situations
Ensures the real time is displayed on the menu and
Roam from each repeater site to have a non-stop voice
The built-in GPS module and GPS antenna are designed for
outdoor positioning, making it the ideal tool to support
location based requirements.
Built-in Bluetooth supports PD485 wireless audio accessories
and other Bluetooth transmissions.
The PD485 is compliant with Mil-STD-810 G and IP54.
This feature allows you to activate the radio microphone at
speaking volume, so that you do not need to press the PTT.
With RRS, the PD485 can be accessed by dispatch applications for effective
radio fleet management. Whether it's voice dispatching, SDS messaging or
location based services, the PD485 is ideal for team communications.
Clear digital voice processors and powerful audio output ensures you receive
your transmission even in noisy environments. Use the wireless earpiece or
other audio accessories to improve your operating experience.
Privacy in any voice or data communication is essential for security teams.
Emergency call, priority interrupt and remote monitor functions provide a
reliable communication system to support security staff who always need
to remain alert and connected.
Flexible to program through the front panel and built to military
standards, achieving IP54 rating for water and dust ingress protection,
the PD485 is ready for your next adventure.
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