Technical Note FW 6.30 Intelligent Tracking

Technical Note FW 6.30 Intelligent Tracking
Bosch Security Systems
Technical Note
FW 6.30 Intelligent Tracking
August 18th, 2016
FW 6.30 Intelligent Tracking
Never lose track of an object of interest! Intelligent Tracking automatically zooms in to and
follows a selected Intelligent Video Analytics object as far as possible with the camera. For
AUTODOME / MIC IP 7000, this means automatically steering the camera to zoom in to the
object and follow it. For a FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000, Intelligent Tracking is available
in the Virtual PTZ video and steers the dewarped cut-out. For DINION / FLEXIDOME IP
7000 / 8000 cameras, Intelligent Tracking can steer a region of interest (ROI) stream.
Automatically get close-up shots of suspects for viewing and recording
Automatically track the suspect even outside the current preposition to see and
document what he is doing
Ease of use: Steer the camera for the operator
FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000:
Ease of use: Steer the virtual PTZ camera for the operator to obtain the optimal and already
dewarped video of the object of interest. By recording the full resolution in parallel, no detail
is lost.
DINION / FLEXIDOME IP 7000 / 8000:
Oftentimes, operators watch several cameras at once on a screen, leaving SD resolution or less for each single camera
video. By using Intelligent Tracking to automatically zoom in, a close up of the suspect can automatically be shown in this
small resolution, to allow the operator to faster decide on incidents. Furthermore, the motion of the ROI will aid in focusing
the attention of the operator. By recording the full resolution in parallel, no detail is lost.
Intelligent Tracking Overview
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Intelligent Video Analytics is needed to start the Intelligent Tracking
MOTION+ and Intelligent Video Analytics FLOW cannot start the Intelligent Tracking
Intelligent Tracking may be confused if more than one object moves through the field of view.
Intelligent Tracking may be confused by motion in the background like wind in trees or moving water. If possible, mask
out these areas.
If a suspect is followed with Intelligent Tracking, another suspect may pass through undetected through the
areas currently not covered by the cameras field of view.
If the camera needs to significantly zoom in on a faraway suspect, the object may be lost while zooming.
Motion towards the camera, especially with a low perspective, may appear too small to properly follow.
Will not work on water.
Visualization of Intelligent Tracking status
Intelligent Tracking active, waiting for object to follow
Icon blinking
Intelligent Tracking active and following object with blue outline
Blue object outline
Blue rhomb at last
Intelligent Tracking active, object is lost but still waiting for reappearance
object position
Intelligent Tracking active, object is lost
Comparison: Intelligent tracking on moving cameras (AUTDOME / MIC) and fixed cameras (DINION / FLEXIDOME)
DINION / FLEXIDOME 7000 / 8000
Camera pan / tilt / zooms to follow
Region of interest (ROI) is used to
What does Intelligent Tracking do?
Follow selected object
selected object
follow selected object
Zooming via
Optical zoom
Digital zoom
Which Streams?
All streams
2nd stream if ROI
No ROI streams available
FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000: Via
video “Virtual PTZ”, all streams
Optical flow based tracking algorithm
Based on Intelligent Video Analytics
metadata from full camera field of view
How to start Intelligent Tracking?
Live Page -> Intelligent Tracking
Auto: Follows any Intelligent Video Analytics alarm object. In case of SilentVCA follows any Intelligent Video
Analytics object. This mode is most useful for scenarios where no motion is expected in the scene.
Click: User clicks on any object tracked by Intelligent Video Analytics to start Intelligent Tracking of this object.
This mode is most useful for scenarios where normal scene activity is expected.
How to enable Intelligent Video Analytics?
SilentVCA: Intelligent Video
VCA -> VCAConfiguration
Analytics metadata with default
Active by default outside prepositions
VCA -> VCAConfiguration
configuration and without alarms
Video Analytics Alarms
Define at least one preposition and
Choose a single profile, or switch
assign it to the video analytics profile. Set
between up to two profiles via
VCA -> Analysis type to Intelligent Video
scheduling or event-trigger. Set VCA ->
Analytics. The video analytics will start as
Analysis type to Intelligent Video
soon as the corresponding prepositions
are reached.
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What happens when object stops or is lost?
(1) Adjustment of ROI for better
PTZ Settings -> Tracking zoom-out limit
Wait for reappearing object:
Object still tracked for VCA -> Metadata
PTZ Settings -> Tracking idle time
Generation -> Stopped object time
(2b) Case object lost
Wait for reappearing object:
(3) Wait some more
PTZ Settings -> Tracking idle time
PTZ Settings -> Inactivity period
10 sec
(4) Go back to
PTZ Settings -> Inactivity
Preposition if set in / for recording,
(2a) Case object stopped
full zoom out else
What happens when Intelligent Tracking already follows an object and a new (alarm) object is detected?
Intelligent Tracking will continue following the object and ignore any new objects.
How to stop Intelligent Tracking?
Live Page -> Intelligent Tracking -> Off
Manually steer camera / ROI
How to suppress Intelligent Tracking locally?
Virtual Masks
VCA Masks
How to remove the Intelligent Tracking option from the Live Page?
LIVE Functions –> Intelligent Tracking
Stream types DINION / FLEXIOME
ROI (Region of Interest)
Zoom / move manually or via Intelligent Tracking in the overall image. When
recording a ROI stream, it can be configured which preposition should be used
and moved back to after Intelligent Tracking stops.
Dual ROI
Two independent ROI streams. Configure / open via two browser windows /
All others
Unchangeable field of view.
tabs. Only the first ROI stream will be recorded.
DINION / FLEXIDOME IP 7000 / 8000:
Select ROI stream for Intelligent Tracking
AUTODOME / MIC IP 7000 / 8000:
No ROI stream available.
Intelligent Tracking pan / tilt / zooms the whole camera.
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FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000:
E-PTZ video for Intelligent Tracking
For an explanation of Intelligent Video Analytics technology, see the corresponding tech notes, e.g. Intrusion Detection FW
6.30 and Counting FW 6.30.
On AUTODOME / MIC, where the whole camera pan / tilts / zooms, the field of view of the camera changes during
Intelligent Tracking. Therefore the base technology “background subtraction” from Intelligent Video Analytics cannot be
used. The object detection and following is based on clustering motion of the same direction:
Intelligent Tracking on AUTODOME / MIC
detects and follows objects by clustering
motion of same direction
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Moving background also
generates motion cluster,
leading to errors.
Non-moving objects cannot be
detected at all. Close objects with
same motion direction merge.
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