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Nora Jane Struthers & the Party Line
Party Line Technical Rider
updated 5/20/15
Nora Jane and the Party Line request that each venue provide a complete sound system sufficient for
producing high quality sound and a sound engineer who is familiar with the room and the sound
system, and who is skilled at mixing acoustic instruments. The Party Line requests the following
components to ensure a high quality show:
24+channel mixer w/phantom power (positioned at the front of the house)
2 main speakers (powered) + subwoofers
5 stage monitors (with separate mixes)
11 boom stands (or adequate # to accommodate mic needs for stage setup)
5 Vocal Mics (Beta 58s or 58s or equal quality)
1 Instrument Mic (Beta 57s or 57s or equal quality)
7 Drum Mics (for toms)
Drum riser, if available (at least 7’ x 7’ x 6”)
Complete input list
1. Kick
2. Snare
3. Hi Hat
4. Overhead L
5. Overhead R
6. Rack Tom
7. Floor Tom
8. Bass XLR
9. (SR) Elec. Gtr amp mic
10. (SR) Gtr DI (+48V)
11. (₵) Elec. Gtr amp mic
12. (₵) Gtr DI
13. (SL) Banjo DI
14. (SL) Fiddle DI (+48V)
15. (SL) Steel amp mic
16. (SL) Percussion mic (57)
17. (₵) Vox Nora Jane
18. (SL) Vox Joe Stand
19. (SL) Vox Joe Seated
20. Vox Brian Bass
21. Vox Drew Drums
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