Converting Files in Adobe Media Encoder

Converting Files in Adobe Media Encoder
Converting Files in Adobe Media Encoder
(turning .mod into .mov)
1) Insert SD card into computer via a card reader.
2) Make a folder in your external hard drive to put your soon-to-be
converted .mov files
2) Open the program Media Encoder in the Applications folder
3) In Media Encoder, go to Preferences, in the General section, look
under Output, click on the “browse” button next to “specify output file
destination” and select the folder that you just made in your External
Hard drive
4) Drag the MOD files from the SD card into the Queue in Adobe
Media Encoder. The Queue is the large window on the left.
*you can click on “arrange to view” by “kind” and then all the MOD files will
appear together so that you can shift select all and drag all of them into the
Queue at the same time.
4) Uncheck the little box titled: “Auto encode watch folders” at the top
5) Under Format choose Quicktime from the drop down menu.
6) The Output should be the folder you had selected in Preferences.
7) Press the green play button to begin converting.
8) Now each .mod file should become an .mov file with the same
name. Now you can edit the .mov files in Final Cut Pro
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