middlebury fire department

middlebury fire department
Ladder #1 Replacement Specification Sheet
1. 6-person, 10 - 12” FULL TILT Raised Custom Crew Cab.
2. Cummins ISX-15, 500HP (non-chip) Engine or approved equal by same
3. Allison EVS 4000 Transmission or approved equal by same manufacturer.
4. Galvanized Corrosion Protection on Frame Rails or approved equal.
5. White over Red Paint on Cab.
6. Cab to be air conditioned.
7. Driver Controlled Power Divider/ Inter Axle Differential Lock (both axles).
8. Jacobs Engine Brake.
9. Standard Front Suspension.
10. Tires to be Michellin, Rear Tires to be a Mud and Snow Block Tread style, Front
tires to be Block Tread.
11. Aluminum Wheels with Center Hub and Lug Nut Trim Covers (Alcoa).
12. ON-SPOT 6 Chain style truck chains.
13. Officer & Crew cab seats HO BOSTROM SCBA Mount Seats.
14. Drivers seat, air ride.
15. Radio Power & David Clark in cab communications. Apparatus manufacturer shall
provide 12V power both in the cab and at the turntable control pedestal for radio
equipment to be installed by radio vendor. Apparatus manufacturer will also
install radio antennae and run cable to the cab radio location. Additionally, the
apparatus manufacturer shall run power and/or communication wire for an in cab
communications system. Radio vendor will provide wire and locations for cables to
be run. Radio vendor will provide and install all radio and in cab communication
16. Provide a headset hanger in a convenient location near each riding position.
17. Front License Plate on hinged plate below bumper
18. Kussmell Auto Eject Shoreline located on driver’s side of cab between driver and
crew cab doors, w/battery conditioner and 120 volt, air compressor
19. 120 volt, Double Duplex Receptacle mounted in cab powered from shoreline and
20. Master battery disconnect (driver accessible).
21. Extended front bumper with covered center hosewell (16” extension or minimum
needed to fully tilt cab without hitting pedestal mounted Federal Q2B Siren on
bumper extension)
22. 4 Streamlight Vulcan LED handlights model #44451 (2 each mounted in crew cab
outboard of the forward facing seats by doors)
23. Federal Q2B Siren Pedestal Mounted on Left Side of Front Bumper Extension
(controlled by foot switch on driver’s position only)
24. Electronic Siren w/speaker recessed in right side of front bumper (local control
25. Air Horn controlled by Steering Wheel center button and Lanyard Pull Accessible
to Officer’s Seating position w/horns mounted through front bumper (1 each side)
26. Opticom Signal Light
27. Auxiliary (Stirrup) steps at each cab door
28. “Compartment Door Open” warning light in cab
29. LED Headlights, Driving, Scene, Warning, Compartment and Emergency Lighting
30. Dome/Step Lights. Dome lights to be red/white 2 part both red and white portions
controlled locally. Additionally, the white portion of the dome lights and the cab
step lights to operate with the cab doors.
31. Power operated West Coast type mirrors with round convex mirror below.
32. 2 LED Brow mounted combination spot/flood scene lights 12V Whelen or FRC
controlled from a switch located at the driver’s position
33. 2 LED cab side mounted scene lights Whelen or FRC, operated by either front or
crew cab doors on the respective sides or by a switch located at the driver’s
34. Manual “Off” forward facing white warning light override switch located at driver’s
35. All lighting to be controlled by switches at driver’s position, not solely from a
multiplex virtual display.
36. Deep Mud/Snow switch to override ATC system.
37. 2 Sets of Wheel Chocks and mounting brackets with 1 set each mounted on Left
and Right Side of Cab
38. Minimum 105’ Heavy Duty Rear mounted Steel Aerial Ladder
39. Ladder painted Grey
40. Ladder Rung Lighting BLUE LED
41. Turntable to Tip Communications FRC
42. Minimum 500# ladder load rating
43. Ladder Extension markings on Left Outboard Side of Base Section of Aerial Ladder
to be visible from the operator’s control station
44. Ladder Controls 3 separate controls (electric/hydraulic) w/ladder tip creeper
45. 1- 16’ Roof Ladder w/folding hooks on both ends stored behind sign board on right
side of base section of Aerial Ladder
46. Pre-piped waterway, pin-able for both rescue or water tower operation to the 3rd
or fly sections of the ladder
47. Akron Electrically Controlled Nozzle, remotely controlled both at the fly section
and at the turntable pedestal control station
48. Flowmeter
49. Ladder Load Indicator
50. LED Ladder Tracking and Tip Lighting 120/240V from Generator. Tracking lights to
be Spot lights, Tip lights to be Flood. Lights to be adjustable both Left/Right and
51. 120V weather proof receptacle mounted at tip 20amp rated household 15amp
straight blade type.
52. 2 ½” gated discharge at tip (NST)
53. Rescue/repelling eyes at tip
54. Small water tight Tool storage box mounted to fly section at tip
55. Tools mounted on fly section of Aerial ladder 1- flat head axe w/ fiberglass handle
and 1-6’ New York style steel handle Roof Hook w/ butt end.
56. Apparatus Body constructed of Stainless Steel
57. Apparatus Body painted red to match cab
58. Roll Up Compartment Doors – Unpainted Gortite or Hannsen NOT ROM
59. Pac-Trac mounting plates/tool boards in high side compartments
60. Roll out trays on Low side compartments 250# rated
61. Dri Dek on compartment floors/roll out trays
62. 2 LED Scene Flood Lights 12V mounted to body above compartments on each side
of apparatus operated from a switch in cab Left/Right side scene lights switched
separately. Fixed mount, non-telescoping, non-removable
63. LED compartment lighting
64. Minimum 8,000W Onan Hydraulic Generator or approved equal
65. 2 electric cord reels (1 left side, 1 right side) ceiling mounted in the transverse
compartment with junction boxes w/3 120v 20amp rated household type straight
blade duplex receptacles and 1 240v L6-20 twist lock receptacle on each reel
66. Extendable Cord Guides for the cord reels
67. SCBA spare bottle/fire extinguisher storage in apparatus wheel well dead space, 2
each side minimum
68. New Ground Ladders ISO Compliment in torque box storage area 1- 35’ 3 section
extension, 1-28’ 2 section extension, 1- 24’ 2 section extension, 2- 14’ Roof, 1-14’ 2
section (fresno) narrow extension, 1- 10’ folding attic and room for a 17’ Little
Giant folding ladder)
69. Back Up Camera
70. Warn XD9000i winch receiver style mountable on all 4 sides of apparatus with
Class III receivers fastened to Vehicle Frame/Subframe members, 12V Electrical
Connection to match MFD current apparatus (winch to be stored in a side
71. Traffic Advisor (Arrow Sick) on Rear of Apparatus (Power Arc)
72. Rear Door may be Double swing doors
73. Rear Chevron to be Red and White
74. Provide 1 set of Black Rubber Reflector corner markers at rear corners of
75. 2 LED Rear Scene Flood Lights to be switched: 1) when apparatus is placed in
reverse, 2) by a switch located on the rear of the apparatus and 3) by a switch
located in the cab
76. 1 Inspection Trip for 4 personnel each
77. Bid Bond (Required by Town of Middlebury, include bond rating)
78. Performance Bond (required by Town of Middlebury)
79. FOB: 5 Seymour Street, Middlebury VT, October 1, 2017
80. $20,000.00 Tool Mounting Allowance
81. Licensed/Bonded Auto Dealer, apparatus to be delivered with a temporary
registration to allow members of the Middlebury Fire Department to use/drive the
truck immediately upon delivery.
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