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All Pierce custom – most commercial All Pierce custom – All Pierce custom
most commercial All Pierce custom – most commercial
Waterous, Hale or
Darley Midship
(500 – 2,000 gpm)
PTO (250 – 1,000 gpm)
Waterous, Hale or
Darley Midship
(500 – 2,000 gpm)
PTO (250 – 1,000 gpm)
Waterous, Hale or
Darley Midship
(500 – 2,000 gpm)
PTO (250 – 1,000 gpm)
Waterous, Hale or
Darley (500 – 2,000 gpm)
26" 26"
500–1,000 gallons 500–1,000 gallons
500–1,075 gallons
500–1,500 gallons HEAVY-DUTY RESCUE PUMPER
Up to 192 cubic ft.
Up to 280 cubic ft.
Up to 435 cubic ft.
Up to 475 cubic ft.
(with hatch compartments)
500 lb. 800 lb. WEIGHT RATINGS
800 lb. (depending on product configuration)
500 lb.
10 years
10 years
10 years
10 years
Up to 12 years
Up to 12 years
Up to 12 years
Up to 12 years
* See your Pierce representative for warranty details.
Ask your Pierce representative to give you all the details or visit:
Pierce Manufacturing Inc., An Oshkosh Corporation Company
P.O. Box 2017, Appleton WI 54912-2017 USA
Specifications, descriptions and illustrative material in this literature are as accurate as known at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice.
Illustrations may include optional equipment and accessories and may not include all standard equipment. All measurements are nominal values.
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P-0028-PMPBR 8/09
Not all custom chassis pictured are available for sale, but are
representations of the pumper body offerings available at Pierce.
Please see your local Pierce representative for custom chassis options.
Perform like no other when everything is on the line.
When you get called into action, the stakes are high. Lives. Homes. Businesses. You want every possible advantage.
You don’t just want a fire truck. You want a firefighting partner that’s utterly dependable and fully capable, that never
gets in your way, and that practically knows what you need and when you need it.
What looks like a detail in the factory can make a huge difference at the scene. If it can make your rig perform
better, we’ve addressed it: design, materials and manufacturing. Every aspect of quality, fit and finish.
Because we’ve engineered in performance from the start, we don’t need to compensate for poor design with
thicker, heavier stock. We insist on welding our bodies. It requires a highly skilled work force, but the results speak
for themselves. This commitment is as big as a chassis and as focused as a single bolt: We don’t use oversized
rivets or other assembly line-type fasteners because they can compromise your performance.
What does this attention to quality mean? In engineer talk, it means tensile load limits and endurance load limits that
set industry standards. In English, it means rigs that can perform in the crunch and over the long haul.
And once we design it, we test it. And then we test it some more – because we know that you test it on every run.
We throw everything we can at it – strain gauges, modal analysis, brittle-lacquer, on- and off-road testing and tilt
tables. Even the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Grounds. So you’re ready for every battle.
From frame to finish, every component doesn’t simply perform. It performs for you.
In addition to less wear and tear, the pumphouse frame prevents
valve control rods from binding, keeps perfect alignment on the
controls and prevents sagging.
Formed and welded bodies.
We build them this way for increased longevity, space-enhancements
and because it allows for flexible, customized designs.
If space is at a premium for you, just say no to extrusions.
Ten-ton rated tow bars.
Pierce® Pumpers feature a
tow bar rated at an impressive
Rubber isolators for shock absorption.
10 tons. We put it at the back
Rubber isolators provide an even more stable
of the tailboard, so you don’t
body with enough flex to absorb more shock and
have to crawl on your belly to
vibration. So your rig and the equipment stored
get to it. Plus, it’s designed
inside last even longer.
so you can tie off loads and
stabilize them, without the
LAteral frame extensions for support.
worry of a rope chafing and
Lateral frame extensions are built off of the chassis frame rails,
busting in the middle of a rescue.
the strongest part of the truck. They put support where support
performs best, under compartments. That’s why, even after
years of use, Pierce® doors don’t sag. Bottom line: You can
carry more, with more confidence.
There are two keys to endurance:
Taking punishment. And avoiding it.
Doors that perform.
Even our doors are designed to perform. Ultimately,
they’re not doors but shields protecting your most
valuable equipment. You can choose from the strongest,
automotive-style lap doors with extra heavy duty quarter-
Slammed. Smacked. And then smacked some more. It’s another routine run. You have to take the heat. And your pumper
inch diameter hinge pins and dual gaskets for a tighter fit
body has to take a pounding.
and double protection. That’s where you get that ploomb
That’s why we developed lateral frame extensions featuring 3/8” thick steel supports bolted directly to the chassis frame
rails with 5/8” diameter bolts. We then use a floating substructure featuring neoprene elastomer isolators arranged in a
3-point mount that reduce torsional stress and road shock from being transferred to the body. In others words, less
wrenching. Less smacking. And it’s only from Pierce.
sound that lets you know you’ve got a Pierce. Or we offer
smooth-as-glass roll-up doors that stay out of your way and
come with a lifetime warranty. They’re designed and built
exclusively for Pierce and feature a 3-inch maximum size
roller to not interfere with compartment storage. And we
can paint them to perfectly match the body color.
Cookie-cutter design is great for cookies.
You – and your community – demand
something more.
offer a wide range of popular commercial chassis
including Kenworth, International, Freightliner and others
to meet your department’s needs. This configuration
includes a medium body, Pierce® hydraulic ladder rack
and double pan doors.
A pumper is one of the most important investments you, your department and your community will ever make. Let’s face it,
10 years from now, when other decisions are long forgotten, the pumper you choose needs to remain an important part of
your firefighting arsenal.
That’s why the first question we ask isn’t “what can we do?” It’s “what do you need?” A short body for tight turning in the city?
A medium body to accommodate extra gear? A long body to haul a lot of water in the country? You spec. We deliver.
No one offers you more configurations in more sizes with a wider choice of materials than Pierce. We build aluminum and
stainless or galvaneal bodies in six lengths and literally thousands of configurations.
In fact, you can spec just about anything but the kitchen sink. Come to think of it, if you really need that sink, let’s talk.
This pumper features an enclosed top-mount pump
panel, full-depth lower rear extended compartments,
and our hydraulic ladder rack on a long body with
roll-up doors.
short-body pumper features large rear storage
compartments with hinged/lap doors.
pumper configuration has a long body with extended
compartments, enclosed ladder storage, full-height
and full-depth compartments on the driver’s side and
standard-depth compartments on the passenger’s side.
medium-length body features a side-mount pump
panel with a walkway, special low crosslays, front
suction and a low hosebed.
capabilities of water alone. That’s why we’ve developed and
Pump Systems: Customized. Optimized.
Maximized. For performance when you
need it most.
delivered more of them than anybody else.
The Pierce Husky™ Foam System delivers serious knockdown
capacity without drawing serious amps – needlessly straining
your rig’s electrical systems. And the Husky system handles
foam viscosities for Class A and B fires, from Alcohol Resistant
AFFF to Class A foams. Plus all Husky Foam Systems allow for
From the controls to the caps, we’ve maximized the performance of every component that directs and delivers the water or
auxiliary foam pickup so you have the ability to run multiple
foam. That’s why we custom engineer and build pump houses and integrated pump panels to your exact specifications with
types of foam at a moment’s notice. It’s easy to operate and
virtually unlimited plumbing options to meet the needs of your department. And our Control Zone™ pump panel provides an
automatically adjust foam output to the proper percentage.
unsurpassed level of user-friendly operation.
And our Husky 30 System uses a metering valve and can run
multiple discharges simultaneously.
The Hercules™ Compressed Air Foam System drills
firepower right to the source. It’s up to four times more
effective than water. And in addition to its tremendous
knockdown capabilities, it can lay down a long-lasting
protective blanket that helps protect firefighters. Its 30%
Pump Systems
increase in range keeps you farther from the fire. It lasts
longer, and adheres better than conventional foams. And a
hose that is 50% lighter means less work and less fatigue.
Of course, other foam systems are also available.
10S stainless steel pipe maximizes performance.
Pierce uses 10S stainless steel pipe wherever possible for
greater inside diameter, more flow and less friction loss.
Maybe more importantly, our “belled end” fittings allow
welded joints that are stronger and less prone to leakage
than threaded pipe fittings.
Control Zone™ maximizes control.
VLH Caps maximize safety.
Whether your needs call for side control or top mount,
Our exclusive VLH ® caps are self-venting to help reduce
our Control Zone™ organized pump panel simplifies your
firefighter injuries caused by inadvertent pressure release.
process and saves you valuable seconds with color coding,
Grooves perpendicular to the thread allow excess pressure
standardized knobs, and controls grouped by job, where you
to escape as the cap is loosened. Even if the line is charged
expect them to be. When you’ve got no time, this needs to
to 250 psi, the pressure will dissipate faster than you can
be a no-brainer. And, it needs to fit the way you work.
unscrew the cap. Of course, bleeder valves are your first line
Foam systems maximize knockout.
And we don’t forget what’s flowing through those pumps.
Foam systems that help you perform way beyond the
of defense. But it’s good to have a built-in safety backup.
Every Pierce cap and adapter is a VLH safety valve.
A rescue pumper isn’t about specs.
It’s about situations.
When Pierce designs a rescue pumper, every feature, every square foot of space, has to help you do your job better.
This means increased storage so you can carry that one new rescue tool that might prove crucial when you’re responding
to a multi-car pile-up on the Interstate. That’s why our rescue pumpers offer full-depth compartments over the entire height
of the compartment. Because we rely on strength rather than bulk, we can provide bigger storage spaces and create custom
compartment sizes, each with up to 800 lbs. of carrying capacity. And a multitude of storage options let you get to your
equipment without skipping a beat.
BELOW: This heavy-duty rescue pumper configuration features storage for hydraulic tools, slide-out tool boards,
a ladder/equipment storage deck, an oil absorbent hopper and air bag storage.
Rescue Pumpers/HDRPs
And for the most extreme
situations of all: Pierce HeavyDuty Rescue Pumpers.
Some situations demand all that you’ve got and virtually
everything you can carry.
That’s what Pierce® Heavy-Duty Rescue Pumpers are all about.
At 101 inches wide, they’re specifically designed for the most
extreme situations. When a life is on the line and it feels like
the world is on your shoulders, you’ll appreciate that these
top-of-the-line rigs can carry all your gear and more. Each
comes with up to 435 cubic feet of equipment storage.
And with tank sizes of between 500 and 1,000 gallons, our
HDRP can carry plenty of firepower with them.
Pick your custom chassis. And pick your options. We’ve got
what you’ll need. Just tell us what you want and we’ll come
to the rescue.
Bigger tank. Better handling.
Easier access.
One run and you’ll see why the ­­Pierce® Rear-Mount Rescue Pumper makes other rear mount designs obsolete.
It all begins with one ingenious feat of engineering: a lower drive train. By making the drive train lower than other rear-mount
designs, Pierce makes your job a whole lot easier and safer. Lower chassis cross members give you greater tank capacity,
and a lower center of gravity delivers better handling. It brings the hosebeds within easy reach and made the pump controls and
discharge outlets more accessible.
The Pierce Rear-Mount also delivers as much storage space as a traditional side mount pumper in a more compact package.
That means you can work your way through traffic and get closer to the scene, faster.
The Pierce Rear-Mount Rescue Pumper. Engineered from the ground up to let you perform at the highest level.
REAR-MOUNT Rescue Pumpers
Beast of Burden.
And beneath it all is a quarter inch of flooring and substructure
At the core of this Rescue Pumper is a 100% welded body
that allows for 800 lb. compartment load ratings.
that will stand up to years of service. The spacious Pierce®
Rear-Mount can haul more gear than any other comparable
Controls Exactly Where You Expect Them to Be.
model because its lateral frame extensions are built directly
The exclusive Pierce Control Zone™ pump panel puts the
off of the chassis frame rails–the strongest part of the truck.
rear-mounted pump controls precisely where you expect
This puts the support directly under the compartments that
them to be. The knobs are standardized, grouped by job
will carry your gear.
and color coded to simplify operation and save time.
And you’ve never seen compartment interiors like these in
You get walk-up access to the
a fire truck. They’re big, clean and uncluttered. Strip lighting
illuminates the full interior of each compartment, wiring is
pump panel, and unobstructed
fully enclosed and shelf tracks are recessed to maximize
sight lines when you’re at the
storage space. Even breaker boxes, battery conditioners
scene. And because the controls
and generator controls are recessed to provide unobstructed
are now at the rear, both sides
compartment interiors and more usable space.
are freed up to give your crews
At the same time, the brushed interior surface of the
more storage space.
compartments minimizes clean-up and maintenance.
The Heart of a Champion.
• Pump access panel is located directly under the operator’s Unlike other rear mount designs, the Pierce® rig fully encloses
panel for easy access to the foam pump.
the powerful pump in a separate high-strength frame that
• Large rear access door to easily reach most discharge valves
absorbs the torque and stresses that the pump generates.
This reduces wear and tear on the body and compartments.
• Valve service tags are attached to the valves for
easy identification.
In addition, the 6”-diameter discharge manifold reduces the
• Use of split-shaft drives in place of marginal
likelihood of flow-robbing pressure drops, and the welded
transmission PTO driven pumps
stainless steel piping–which is backed by a 10-year warranty–
offers the ultimate in strength and corrosion resistance.
To keep your rig in front-line condition, the Pierce RearMount Pumper is also designed with your maintenance
department in mind:
• Drain valves are located on th­­­e operator’s panel, not on the underbody where they can interfere with the angle
of departure.
1 2 The Beauty is in the Details.
Popular Options:
Pierce engineers listened to what firefighters wanted in a
rear-mount and the result is a rig that is a pure extension
of your crew. Every detail is thought through so they can
focus all of their attention on the task at hand.
3 4 1
Enclosed storage that protects ground ladders from 2
Wrap-around tail lights and flush mounted LED marker 3
A rear ladder in place of steps to provide safer the elements.
lights to make the vehicle more visible.
access to the hosebed.
Removable unpainted fender liners made of
brushed stainless steel for greater durability
and easy maintenance.
Speedlay hose storage system provides for easier and faster
hose access.
2 Exclusive Husky ™ Foam Systems and Hercules™ CAFS are
available for superior knockdown capability.
Underbody cribbing compartments to make use of every
available square inch.
4 500 lb. rated floor mounted slide-out trays and 500 lb. rated 3/16” aluminum shelves for versatile tool storage.
Larger fender compartments for SCBA bottles, wheel chocks, rope bags or fire extinguishers.­­
Monitor can be programmed to retract into hatch compartment for out-of-the-way storage.
1 2
Storage space is another term for
response capability.
If you can carry it, you can use it. If you can access it, quickly and easily, you can use it more effectively.
For example, you can store your ladders where you want them stored based on the way you use them. On top, on the side or
enclosed. And don’t forget our awesome hydraulic ladder rack, which presents the ladder down to chest level, where you can
grab and go. It saves time while helping prevent injuries from having to climb up on top of your rig. Just as important, our
unique twin actuator design frees up compartment space.
Tell us what gear you want to store, and where you want to
Your choice of compartment types is almost unlimited.
store it and we’ll map out a location for every single item.
Transverse rear compartments give you more flexibility for
Exhaust fans. Jaws of Life. You name it.
storing large equipment. And a full-height rear compartment
Tell us what kind of trays and tool boards and shelving you
want. Working with departments like yours over the years,
we’ve developed just about every choice imaginable. Sliding
trays for efficient storage. Tilting trays for easier access.
Tell us where your high traffic areas are. We can put on
is one reason you can take it all with you. You can also specify
crib compartments and hatch compartments to make use of
every available square inch. Top to bottom, front to back.
We both know that storage is only partly about creating space.
It’s also about saving time.
diamond plate hosebed covers that can take the weight
and are easy to maintain.
Talk about strength: Our sliding trays carry a weight rating of
Lower left photo:
250 or 500 pounds. Our slides feature ball-bearing rollers for
This layout features a full-depth front compartment and
smoothness. And our integral latches snap into the locked
standard-depth rear compartments, which still allows for up
position like a bank vault.
to a 1,000 gallon water tank.
Performance is about the little things.
At Pierce, we make a big deal about little things.
Consider paint. The difference between a Pierce® paint job and others might not be apparent right away. Until you start
seeing some bubbles, corrosion or peeling on those other units. By then it’s a big problem that isn’t going to easily go away.
Here’s how we cut the chances of corrosion way down: First we fit all components and drill holes before painting to ensure
a proper fit. Then we remove those same components so every millimeter of surface area is exposed. Only then do we
Pierce Dealer Sales and Service Network
prime and paint the surfaces. Rust can’t get a foothold. Some may call this a little over-the-top. We call it doing it right.
But it isn’t just about painting. It’s about pride. We can mix your unique color and create your department’s signature look.
Visiting firefighters have been known to spend untold hours at our in-house graphics studio, searching through our library
of past work and checking out the latest designs.
From off-the-line shine to down-the-road service,
the difference is in the details.
Ultimately, your choice is often about the people and the company that stand behind your pumper. Pierce has the broadest
support network and the most knowledgeable reps in the industry. You can tap into their extensive expertise on everything
from storage configuration to service agreements. This network means that you protect your investment from the first
design meetings to routine preventative maintenance and repairs that will be performed years down the road.
From the pump to the paint, from the chassis to the chrome, we’ve got a great team eager to build you a great pumper.
And when you first set your eyes on your new Pierce rig, we can guarantee one thing: You’ll be pumping pure adrenaline.
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