Instruction sheet 522 621
Instruction sheet 522 621
Function generator S12 (522 621)
1 Hollow socket for plug-in power supply
2 Frequency adjustment knob
3 Frequency-range selector switch
4 Output-voltage adjustment knob
5 4-mm safety sockets
6 Signal-form selector switch
Technical data
The function generator S12 supplies sinusoidal, triangular and
square wave voltages with adjustable amplitude and frequency. It supplies currents up to 1 A.
All over frequency range:
Frequency ranges:
0.05 Hz ... 20 kHz
0.1 Hz, 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz,
1 kHz und 2 kHz.
Investigation of mechanical oscillations by electromagnetic
and electromotive excitation of springs, cables and strings.
Investigation audio-frequency oscillations and waves by connecting a loudspeaker.
Investigating characteristics of current and voltage over time in
alternating current circuits (transformer characteristics, inductive and capacitive reactance, apparent and real power)
Frequency and signal dependent experiments on electrical and
electronic components.
Range of adjustment:
Signal form:
Distortion factor (sinusoidal):
Pulse duty factor (squarely):
Rise time (squarely):
Output voltage amplitude:
0.5-10.5 × frequency range
sinusoidal, symmetric triangular, squarely
< 3% bei 1 KHz
2 µs
0-6 V
output current:
Determination of Cp/CV with the gas-elastic resonance apparatus (371 07)
Max. output power:
2 W an 8 Ω
short-circuit proof
switch-off by means of an
electronic thermic protection
safety device; switches on
again automatically after a
short cooling-down period
Supply voltage:
4 mm safety sockets
12 V AC
16 cm x 12 cm x 7 cm
0,5 kg
Scope of supply
1 Function generator S12
1 Plug-in power supply 230 V / 12 V (562 791)
1 Plug-in power supply 115 V / 12 V (562 792)
Safety note
• Do not connect any external voltage to output.
- Connect plug in power supply to the hollow socket.
- Set the desired signal form and frequency.
- Adjust frequency and output voltage.
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